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arxiv Machine Learning Effect of Activation Functions on the Training of Overparametrized Neural Nets
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Exponential Attractor for Hindmarsh-Rose Equations in Neurodynamics
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Pixel space convolution for cosmic microwave background experiments
arxiv Image and Video Processing Automatic detection and diagnosis of sacroiliitis in CT scans as incidental findings
arxiv Accelerator Physics Further searches of the Higgs scalar sector at the ESS
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Stars at High Spatial Resolution
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Resolvable Designs for Speeding up Distributed Computing
arxiv Image and Video Processing Are Quantitative Features of Lung Nodules Reproducible at Different CT Acquisition and Reconstruction Parameters?
arxiv Category Theory The homotopy theory of coherently commutative monoidal quasi-categories
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Progressive Cross-camera Soft-label Learning for Semi-supervised Person Re-identification
arxiv Quantum Physics The finite size effect of asymmetric sending or not sending twin-field quantum key distribution with two-way communication
arxiv Functional Analysis Additive Local Multiplications and zero-preserving maps on $C(X)$
arxiv Computation and Language Towards Making the Most of BERT in Neural Machine Translation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology A new parton model for the soft interactions at high energies: two channel approximation
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Bypass Enhancement RGB Stream Model for Pedestrian Action Recognition of Autonomous Vehicles
arxiv Dynamical Systems On volume preserving almost Anosov flows
arxiv Logic Bootstraps, nets, and hierarchies
arxiv Logic Lifting recursive counterexamples to higher-order arithmetic
arxiv Commutative Algebra Edge rings of bipartite graphs with linear resolutions
arxiv Computation and Language Transformer-based Automatic Post-Editing with a Context-Aware Encoding Approach for Multi-Source Inputs
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology The role of cosmological constant in f(R, G) gravity
arxiv Combinatorics Calculation Rules and Cancellation Rules for Strong Hom-Schemes
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Hubble Legacy Field GOODS-S Photometric Catalog
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Einstein-Vlasov Calculations of Structure Formation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Formation of Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies from Passive Evolution in the RomulusC Galaxy Cluster Simulation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Forbidden frozen-in dark matter
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Linear in Temperature Resistivity and Associated Mysteries
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Bound states in the continuum of higher-order topological insulators
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Analytic Solutions to Compact Binary Inspirals With Leading Order Spin-Orbit Contribution Using The Dynamical Renormalization Group
arxiv Optimization and Control Stochastic Polynomial Optimization
arxiv Dynamical Systems The Ellis semigroup of bijective substitutions
arxiv Computation and Language Improving Multi-Word Entity Recognition for Biomedical Texts
arxiv Functional Analysis Higher Rank Numerical Ranges of Jordan-Like Matrices
arxiv Biomolecules Using schematic models to understand the microscopic basis for inverted solubility in $γ$D-crystallin
arxiv History and Overview How many ways to color the map of America?
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Annihilation of Dipolar Dark Matter to Photons
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory One-loop determinants for black holes in 4d gauged supergravity
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Inflation in generalized unimodular gravity
arxiv Image and Video Processing Fast Sub-millimeter Diffusion MRI using gSlider-SMS and SNR-Enhancing Joint Reconstruction
arxiv Machine Learning Convergence Behaviour of Some Gradient-Based Methods on Bilinear Games
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Distributed Backup Placement in One Round and its Applications to Maximum Matching Approximation and Self-Stabilization
arxiv Geometric Topology Cosmetic $n$-tangle replacements on fibered knots
arxiv Quantum Physics Dissipative generators, divisible dynamical maps and Kadison-Schwarz inequality
arxiv Materials Science Intermolecular coupling and fluxional behavior of hydrogen in phase IV
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Connections between resonance and nonlinearity in swimming performance of a flexible heaving plate
arxiv Mathematical Physics From Short-Range to Contact Interactions in the 1d Bose Gas
arxiv Computational Geometry Homotopy height, grid-major height and graph-drawing height
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology The two-harmonic approximation for gravitational waveforms from precessing binaries
arxiv Mathematical Physics Large n limit for the product of two coupled random matrices
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Measurement of the 3He Spin-Structure Functions and of Neutron (3He) Spin-Dependent Sum Rules at 0.035<Q^2<0.24 GeV^2
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Threshold Effects in Heavy Quarkonium Spectroscopy and Decays
arxiv Quantitative Methods A simulation model for longitudinal HIV viral load and mother-to-child-transmission in pregnant and postpartum women
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics The interplay of electron-photon and cavity-environment coupling on the electron transport through a quantum dot system
arxiv Information Theory Generalized Gaussian Multiterminal Source Coding in the High-Resolution Regime
arxiv Econometrics Injectivity and the Law of Demand
arxiv Space Physics Automated classification of plasma regions using 3D particle energy distribution
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Switchable phonon diodes using nonlinear topological Maxwell lattices
arxiv Image and Video Processing Video Compression With Rate-Distortion Autoencoders
arxiv History and Overview Exploration of another Sol Lewitt puzzle from Barry Cipra
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On a Fractional Schrödinger equation in the presence of Harmonic potential
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Excitation of Tumbling in Phobos and Deimos
arxiv Chemical Physics Density functional analysis: The theory of density-corrected DFT
arxiv Quantum Physics Exponential enhancement of multi-photon entanglement rate via quantum interference buffering
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Conservation of the Flux of Energy in Extra-Galactic Jets
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation with High- and Low-level Consistency
arxiv Machine Learning Trustable and Automated Machine Learning Running with Blockchain and Its Applications
arxiv Statistics Theory On identifiability and consistency of the nugget in Gaussian spatial process models
arxiv Persistent Surveillance With Energy-Constrained UAVs and Mobile Charging Stations
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Spacetime and Universal Soft Modes --- Black Holes and Beyond
arxiv Nuclear Theory Nucleon-to-Resonance Form Factors at Large Photon Virtualities
arxiv Image and Video Processing Skin Lesion Segmentation and Classification for ISIC 2018 by Combining Deep CNN and Handcrafted Features
arxiv Computation and Language Simple and Effective Noisy Channel Modeling for Neural Machine Translation
arxiv Optimization and Control Strong Structural Controllability of Signed Networks
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Microparticle transport networks with holographic optical tweezers and cavitation bubbles
arxiv Materials Science Point group symmetry of cadmium arsenide thin films determined by convergent beam electron diffraction
arxiv Superconductivity New method of soft modes investigation by Little-Parks effect
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Disagreeing about Crocs and socks: Creating profoundly ambiguous color displays
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Applications of Linear Defeasible Logic: combining resource consumption and exceptions to energy management and business processes
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Boundary-to-bulk maps for AdS causal wedges and RG flow
arxiv Computation and Language Abductive Commonsense Reasoning
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Emergence of Linear Particle Accelerator and Anomalous Photon-induced Near-field Electron Microscopy in a Strong Coupling Regime
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Conformal Gravity and Transformations in the Symmetric Teleparallel Framework
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Behaviour of flexible superhydrophobic striped surfaces during (electro-)wetting of a sessile drop
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing State-of-the-art Speech Recognition using EEG and Towards Decoding of Speech Spectrum From EEG
arxiv Machine Learning Heuristic Dynamic Programming for Adaptive Virtual Synchronous Generators
arxiv Applications A Bayesian Joint Model for Spatial Point Processes with Application to Basketball Shot Chart
arxiv Dynamical Systems Kronecker factors for periodic point free homeomorphisms
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Simulations of starspot anomalies within TESS exoplanetary transit light curves -- I. The detection limits of starspot anomalies in TESS light curves
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Walls for $G$-Hilb via Reid's recipe
arxiv Symplectic Geometry Bourgeois contact structures: tightness, fillability and applications
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition DeepHuMS: Deep Human Motion Signature for 3D Skeletal Sequences
arxiv Machine Learning Examining the Use of Temporal-Difference Incremental Delta-Bar-Delta for Real-World Predictive Knowledge Architectures
arxiv Statistics Theory Isotonic regression discontinuity designs
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Upper bounds for Fourier decay rates of fractal measures
arxiv Materials Science Hole polaron assisted oxygen ion migration in Li$_2$MnO$_3$
arxiv Signal Processing Power Adaptation for Distributed Detection in Energy Harvesting WSNs with Finite-Capacity Battery
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Perspectives on the dynamics in loop effective black hole interior
arxiv Computation and Language Debiasing Personal Identities in Toxicity Classification
arxiv Computation and Language Building a Massive Corpus for Named Entity Recognition using Free Open Data Sources
arxiv Cryptography and Security Similarity-based Android Malware Detection Using Hamming Distance of Static Binary Features
arxiv Computation and Language BioFLAIR: Pretrained Pooled Contextualized Embeddings for Biomedical Sequence Labeling Tasks
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Ptychographic modulation engine (PME): a low-cost DIY microscope add-on for coherent super-resolution imaging
arxiv Computation and Language Entity-aware ELMo: Learning Contextual Entity Representation for Entity Disambiguation
arxiv Computation and Language On the Robustness of Projection Neural Networks For Efficient Text Representation: An Empirical Study
arxiv Image and Video Processing Learning Sub-Sampling and Signal Recovery with Applications in Ultrasound Imaging
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics The impact of the observed baryon distribution in haloes on the total matter power spectrum
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Blow-up solutions to 3D Euler are hydrodynamically unstable
arxiv Optimization and Control Experimental performance of graph neural networks on random instances of max-cut
arxiv Statistical Mechanics The fourth law of thermodynamics: steepest entropy ascent
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Constraining the vertical distribution of coastal dust aerosol using OCO-2 O2 A-band measurements
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Discretely-constrained deep network for weakly supervised segmentation
arxiv Numerical Analysis On boundedness and growth of unsteady solutions under the double porosity/permeability model
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Unconventional topological Hall effect in high-topological-number skyrmion crystals
arxiv Mathematical Physics Arctic curve of the free-fermion six-vertex model with reflecting end boundary condition
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum-Optical set-up for the Monty Hall problem and a secure communication protocol
arxiv Geometric Topology Lower and Upper Bounds for Positive Bases of Skein Algebras
arxiv Logic Cardinal invariants of Haar null and Haar meager sets
arxiv Dynamical Systems Saddle-Node Bifurcation and Homoclinic Persistence in AFM with Periodic Forcing
arxiv Applied Physics Evaluation of 3D gold nanodendrite layers obtained by templated galvanic displacement reactions for SERS sensing and heterogeneous catalysis
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Probing Massive Black Hole Binary Populations with LISA
arxiv Computers and Society Natural Language Processing of Clinical Notes on Chronic Diseases: Systematic Review
arxiv Quantum Physics Tripartite realism-based quantum nonlocality
arxiv Image and Video Processing MimickNet, Matching Clinical Post-Processing Under Realistic Black-Box Constraints
arxiv Machine Learning Using Wasserstein-2 regularization to ensure fair decisions with Neural-Network classifiers
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Dusty clumps in circumbinary discs
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics OPTICAM: A triple-camera optical system designed to explore the fastest timescales in Astronomy
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition TASED-Net: Temporally-Aggregating Spatial Encoder-Decoder Network for Video Saliency Detection
arxiv Machine Learning M-BERT: Injecting Multimodal Information in the BERT Structure
arxiv Numerical Analysis Analysis of the spectral symbol function for spectral approximation of a differential operator
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Neural network for phase diagrams of polymer-containing liquid mixtures
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Task Bench: A Parameterized Benchmark for Evaluating Parallel Runtime Performance
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Poisson vertex algebras in supersymmetric field theories
arxiv Machine Learning Multitask and Transfer Learning for Autotuning Exascale Applications
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Deep inelastic scattering from string/gauge duality with soft IR cutoff and exponentially small Bjorken parameter
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Structured Coupled Generative Adversarial Networks for Unsupervised Monocular Depth Estimation
arxiv Applied Physics Immobilization of water drops on hydrophobic surfaces by contact line pinning at non-lithographically generated polymer microfiber rings
arxiv Differential Geometry Laplacian algebras, manifold submetries and the Inverse Invariant Theory Problem
arxiv Dynamical Systems Invariant synchrony subspaces of sets of matrices
arxiv Information Theory Efficient Flicker-Free FEC Codes using Knuth's Balancing Algorithm for VLC
arxiv Programming Languages Modular Verification of Heap Reachability Properties in Separation Logic
arxiv Analysis of PDEs The Direct and Generalized Linear Sampling Methods for Maxwell's Equations
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On the inverse scattering from anisotropic periodic layers and transmission eigenvalues
arxiv Chemical Physics Stimulated X-ray Raman and Absorption Spectroscopy of Iron-Sulfur Dimers
arxiv Computation and Language Quoref: A Reading Comprehension Dataset with Questions Requiring Coreferential Reasoning
arxiv Signal Processing Reinforcement Learning-Enabled Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks in Dynamic Underground Environments
arxiv Rings and Algebras Products of Ideals in Leavitt Path Algebras
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Cross-Domain Adaptation for Animal Pose Estimation
arxiv Materials Science Spin Seebeck effect in the layered ferromagnetic insulators CrSiTe$_3$ and CrGeTe$_3$
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Autonomous navigation of shape-shifting microswimmers
arxiv Quantum Gases Dynamics of Hot Bose-Einstein Condensates: stochastic Ehrenfest relations for number and energy damping
arxiv Methodology A Model of a Randomized Experiment with an Application to the PROWESS Clinical Trial
arxiv Methodology Counting Defiers
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics A Novel Scheme for Dark Matter Annihilation Feedback in Cosmological Simulations
arxiv Complex Variables Univalent Polynomials and Hubbard Trees
arxiv Machine Learning Linear Stochastic Bandits Under Safety Constraints
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Diversity of kilonova light curves
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory A toolkit for twisted chiral superfields
arxiv An Analytical Probabilistic Expression for Modeling Sum of Spatial-dependent Wind Power Output
arxiv Machine Learning Kernel Sketching yields Kernel JL
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Mixed High-Order Attention Network for Person Re-Identification
arxiv Rings and Algebras Partial generalized crossed products and a seven-term exact sequence
arxiv Computational Physics Metallic liquid H3O in a thin-shell zone inside Uranus and Neptune
arxiv Robotics Decentralized Multi-Floor Exploration by a Swarm of Miniature Robots Teaming with Wall-Climbing Units
arxiv Machine Learning A deep-learning-based surrogate model for data assimilation in dynamic subsurface flow problems
arxiv Econometrics Testing the Drift-Diffusion Model
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Cooperative Autoencoder for Population-BasedRegularization of CNN Image Registration
arxiv Geometric Topology Holonomy Lie algebra of a fiber-type arrangement
arxiv Representation Theory Finite irreducible conformal modules over the extended Block type Lie conformal algebra $\mathfrak{B}(α,β,p)$
arxiv Computation and Language Named Entity Recognition for Nepali Language
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Machine learning magnetic parameters from spin configurations
arxiv Materials Science Optimizing phonon scattering by tuning surface-interdiffusion-driven intermixing to break the random-alloy limit of thermal conductivity
arxiv Group Theory Flag-tranitive block designs and finite exceptional simple groups of Lie type
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Transferable Contrastive Network for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics The Kepler Peas in a Pod Pattern is Astrophysical
arxiv Numerical Analysis An efficient implementation of mass conserving characteristic-based schemes in 2D and 3D
arxiv Signal Processing Bayesian Spatial Field Reconstruction with Unknown Distortions in Sensor Networks
arxiv Materials Science Two-Dimensional Tc-based Ferromagnetic Semiconductors with High Curie Temperatures and Large Kerr Rotation Angles
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Universal fluctuations in the bulk of Rayleigh-Bénard turbulence
arxiv Computation and Language Pushing the Limits of Low-Resource Morphological Inflection
arxiv Programming Languages Bidirectional Typing
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Tag2Pix: Line Art Colorization Using Text Tag With SECat and Changing Loss
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Recurrent U-net: Deep learning to predict daily summertime ozone in the United States
arxiv Complex Variables Holomorphic family of strongly pseudoconvex domains in a Kähler manifold
arxiv Secure State Estimation and Control for Cyber Security of AC Microgrids
arxiv Complex Variables Second main theorem for holomorphic curves into algebraic varieties intersecting moving hypersurfaces targets
arxiv Programming Languages Memory-Efficient Object-Oriented Programming on GPUs
arxiv Computers and Society Impact of Urban Micromobility Technology on Pedestrian and Rider Safety: A Field Study Using Pedestrian Crowd-Sensing
arxiv Plasma Physics Entanglement Fidelity Ratio for Elastic Collisions in Non-Ideal Two-Temperature Dense Plasma
arxiv Computation and Language Sketch-Driven Regular Expression Generation from Natural Language and Examples
arxiv Robotics AGDC: Automatic Garbage Detection and Collection
arxiv Mathematical Finance Linear Stochastic Dividend Model
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Organization of fast and slow chromatin revealed by single-nucleosome dynamics
arxiv Computation and Language Reasoning Over Paragraph Effects in Situations
arxiv Applied Physics Deep sub micron normally off AlGaN/GaN MOSFET on silicon with VTH > 5V and On Current > 0.5 A/mm
arxiv Computation and Language Few-Shot Dialogue Generation Without Annotated Data: A Transfer Learning Approach
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Distributed Edge Partitioning for Trillion-edge Graphs
arxiv Optics Correlative Study of Enhanced Excitonic Emission in ZnO Coated with Al Nanoparticles using Electron and Laser Excitation
arxiv Information Theory Edge Computing-Enabled Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition daBNN: A Super Fast Inference Framework for Binary Neural Networks on ARM devices
arxiv Computation and Language Dually Interactive Matching Network for Personalized Response Selection in Retrieval-Based Chatbots
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning Deep Representations by Mutual Information for Person Re-identification
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition The Angel is in the Priors: Improving GAN based Image and Sequence Inpainting with Better Noise and Structural Priors
arxiv Analysis of PDEs The Hartree-Fock equations in modulation spaces
arxiv Sound Sub-Spectrogram Segmentation for Environmental Sound Classification via Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network and Score Level Fusion
arxiv Machine Learning Generating Random Parameters in Feedforward Neural Networks with Random Hidden Nodes: Drawbacks of the Standard Method and How to Improve It
arxiv Information Theory A Unified Framework for Constructing Centralized Coded Caching Schemes
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena The Mechanism of Electron Injection and Acceleration in Trans-Relativistic Reconnection
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Differentiable Learning-to-Group Channels viaGroupable Convolutional Neural Networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition See Clearer at Night: Towards Robust Nighttime Semantic Segmentation through Day-Night Image Conversion
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Spin geometric-phases in hopping magnetoconductance and spin currents
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Recent Results on Charmonia- and Bottomonia-like Particles at Belle
arxiv Statistics Theory Regularization of linear ill-posed problems involving multiplication operators
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Emergent Snake Magnetic Domains in Canted Kagome Ice
arxiv Methodology Selection of Exponential-Family Random Graph Models via Held-Out Predictive Evaluation (HOPE)
arxiv Medical Physics Incorporating human and learned domain knowledge into training deep neural networks: A differentiable dose volume histogram and adversarial inspired framework for generating Pareto optimal dose distributions in radiation therapy
arxiv Numerical Analysis Hermite Interpolation and data processing errors on Riemannian matrix manifolds
arxiv Rings and Algebras The Injective Spectrum of a Right Noetherian Ring I: Injective Spectra and Krull Dimension
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Zero-Shot Crowd Behavior Recognition
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Investigation of the Power Consumption of the PETsys TOFPET2 ASIC
arxiv Combinatorics Multiset Dimensions of Trees
arxiv Category Theory The Injective Spectrum of a Right Noetherian Ring II: Sheaves and Torsion Theories
arxiv Probability Brownian Loops, Layering Fields and Imaginary Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Unique continuation for a non bi-Laplacian fourth order elliptic operator
arxiv Optics Fresnel drag in space-time modulated metamaterials
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition GODS: Generalized One-class Discriminative Subspaces for Anomaly Detection
arxiv Machine Learning Regression on imperfect class labels derived by unsupervised clustering
arxiv Applied Physics Influence of annealing temperature on the structural, topographical and optical properties of sol gel derived ZnO thin films
arxiv Image and Video Processing Multi-step Cascaded Networks for Brain Tumor Segmentation
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Geometric local $\varepsilon$-factors in higher dimensions
arxiv Information Theory Polar Codes: Analysis and Construction Based on Polar Spectrum
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Properties of solar Rossby waves from normal mode coupling and characterizing its systematics
arxiv Machine Learning Federated Learning with Additional Mechanisms on Clients to Reduce Communication Costs
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Homogenization of linear parabolic equations with three spatial and three temporal scales for certain matchings between the microscopic scales
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Iterated $φ^4$ Kinks
arxiv Econometrics Forward-Selected Panel Data Approach for Program Evaluation
arxiv Information Theory Distilling On-Device Intelligence at the Network Edge
arxiv Statistics Theory Stochastic Comparisons of Series and Parallel Systems with Topp-Leone Generated Family of Distributions
arxiv Cryptography and Security All About Phishing: Exploring User Research through a Systematic Literature Review
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Occlusion-shared and Feature-separated Network for Occlusion Relationship Reasoning
arxiv Software Engineering Challenges in Survey Research
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Efficient and Accurate Arbitrary-Shaped Text Detection with Pixel Aggregation Network
arxiv Cryptography and Security Evaluating User Perception of Multi-Factor Authentication: A Systematic Review
arxiv Cryptography and Security MFA is a Waste of Time! Understanding Negative Connotation Towards MFA Applications via User Generated Content
arxiv Quantum Physics Controlling single-photon scattering in a rectangular waveguide by a V-type three-level emitter
arxiv Chemical Physics An sp-hybridized molecular carbon allotrope, cyclo[18]carbon
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture On-Demand Routing for Urban VANETs using Cooperating UAVs
arxiv Probability On the optimality of double barrier strategies for Lévy processes
arxiv Artificial Intelligence The Regularization of Small Sub-Constraint Satisfaction Problems
arxiv Computation and Language BERT-Based Multi-Head Selection for Joint Entity-Relation Extraction
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Inner Edge of Habitable Zones for Earth-sized Planets with Various Surface Water Distributions
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies EZOA -- A catalogue of EBHIS HI detected galaxies in the northern Zone of Avoidance
arxiv Image and Video Processing Variational Multi-Task MRI Reconstruction: Joint Reconstruction, Registration and Super-Resolution
arxiv Optimization and Control A reflected forward-backward splitting method for monotone inclusions involving Lipschitzian operators
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Context-Aware Emotion Recognition Networks
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Design and experimental demonstration of a laser modulation system for future gravitational-wave detectors
arxiv Machine Learning Attending to Future Tokens For Bidirectional Sequence Generation
arxiv Superconductivity Electromagnetic proximity effect controlled by spin-triplet correlations in superconducting spin-valve structures
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Yano's conjecture
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The aromatic Universe
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter $θ$-curves in proteins
arxiv Logic Generalisations of Stationarity, Closed and Unboundedness, and of Jensen's $\Box$
arxiv Rings and Algebras Sum-Essential Graphs of Modules
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Evaluation of nearby young moving groups based on unsupervised machine learning
arxiv Populations and Evolution Evolution of cooperation in networks: well-connected cooperators can enhance cooperation but are counteracted by Trojan horses
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Linearly polarised Transverse Momentum Dependent Parton Distribution Function at NNLO in QCD
arxiv Computation and Language Incorporating Word and Subword Units in Unsupervised Machine Translation Using Language Model Rescoring
arxiv Image and Video Processing Empirical Bayesian Mixture Models for Medical Image Translation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Effects of fluctuations and color-neutrality in a finite volume
arxiv Information Retrieval Do Co-purchases Reveal Preferences? Explainable Recommendation with Attribute Networks
arxiv Physics and Society Topological universality of on-demand ride-sharing efficiency
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Efficient Online String Matching Based on Characters Distance Text Sampling
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Electron Impact Excitation of S III: an Assessment
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition FSGAN: Subject Agnostic Face Swapping and Reenactment
arxiv Materials Science Vibrational signatures of diamondoid dimers with large intramolecular London dispersion interactions
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Joule-Thomson Cooling in Graphene
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Habitability of galaxies and application of merger trees in astrobiology
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing stdgpu: Efficient STL-like Data Structures on the GPU
arxiv Probability Weighted Lépingle inequality
arxiv Space Physics Summary of the plenary sessions at European Space Weather Week 15: space weather users and service providers working together now and in the future
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Polyakov linear-sigma model in mean-field approximation and optimized perturbation theory
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Path-Sensitive Atomic Commit: Local Coordination Avoidance for Distributed Transactions (Technical Report)
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons The emergence of one-dimensional channels in marginal-angle twisted bilayer graphene
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Controlling the transport of active matter in disorderd lattices of asymmetrical obstacles
arxiv Numerical Analysis Algorithms and Complexity for Functions on General Domains
arxiv Computational Geometry Parallel Computation of Alpha Complex for Biomolecules
arxiv Cryptography and Security Toward an Attribute-Based Digital Identity Modeling for Privacy Preservation
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Analysis of Intelligent Vehicular Relaying in Urban 5G+ Millimeter-Wave Cellular Deployments
arxiv Computation and Language How Sequence-to-Sequence Models Perceive Language Styles?
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Modeling of rigidity dependent CORSIKA simulations for GRAPES-3
arxiv Functional Analysis Noncommutative partial convexity via $Γ$-convexity
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Singular asymptotics for solutions of the inhomogeneous Painlevé II equation
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics The Search for Living Worlds and the Connection to Our Cosmic Origins
arxiv Differential Geometry The Heintze-Karcher inequality for sets of finite perimeter and bounded mean curvature
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Integral cohomology of quotients via toric geometry
arxiv Number Theory $\boldsymbol{S}$-adic sequences. A bridge between dynamics, arithmetic, and geometry
arxiv Methodology Bayesian design and analysis of external pilot trials for complex interventions
arxiv Dynamical Systems Evolutionary Understanding of the Conditions Leading to Estimation of Behavioral Properties through System Dynamics
arxiv Computation and Language Densely Connected Graph Convolutional Networks for Graph-to-Sequence Learning
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena The determination capability of potential neutrinos from gravitational wave sources and contributions of extra detector at the future reactor neutrino experiment
arxiv Image and Video Processing Multi-Domain Adaptation in Brain MRI through Paired Consistency and Adversarial Learning
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Nonlinear QED in an ultrastrong rotating electric field: Signatures of the momentum-dependent effective mass
arxiv Superconductivity Pressure-induced enhancement of two-dimensionality in LaO1-xFxBi(Se/S)2 superconductors
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Taub-NUT from the Dirac monopole
arxiv Rings and Algebras Pirashvili's conjecture on the Leibniz homology for Lie algebras
arxiv Logic in Computer Science How to Win First-Order Safety Games
arxiv Multimedia Adaptive Embedding Pattern for Grayscale-Invariance Reversible Data Hiding
arxiv Computational Complexity LaserTank is NP-complete
arxiv Materials Science Non-Trivial Topological Phase in the Sn_{1-x}In_xTe Superconductor
arxiv Machine Learning N2D:(Not Too) Deep clustering via clustering the local manifold of an autoencoded embedding
arxiv Computation and Language Simplify the Usage of Lexicon in Chinese NER
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Quantum geometry from higher gauge theory
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Critical phenomena in gravitational collapse with two competing massless matter fields
arxiv Machine Learning AI Predicts Independent Construction Safety Outcomes from Universal Attributes
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Evolution of electronic and magnetic properties in a series of iridate double perovskites Pr$_{2-x}$Sr$_x$MgIrO$_6$ ($x$ = 0, 0.5, 1.0)
arxiv Materials Science Scaling Analysis of Anomalous Hall Resistivity in the Co$_{2}$TiAl Heusler Alloy
arxiv Differential Geometry Diagram involutions and homogeneous Ricci-flat metrics
arxiv Social and Information Networks Higher-Order Visualization of Causal Structures in Dynamics Graphs
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Nulling at short wavelengths: theoretical performance constraints and a demonstration of faint companion detection inside the diffraction limit with a rotating-baseline interferometer
arxiv Machine Learning The Partial Response Network
arxiv Logic in Computer Science A Gentzen-style monadic translation of Gödel's System T
arxiv Number Theory Congruences in Hermitian Jacobi and Hermitian modular forms
arxiv Quantum Physics A Reinforcement Learning approach for Quantum State Engineering
arxiv Machine Learning Iterative Neural Networks with Bounded Weights
arxiv Combinatorics Turán Problems for Vertex Disjoint Cliques in Multi-partite Hypergraphs
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Cosmological Relaxation of Higgs Mass Before and After LHC and Naturalness
arxiv Nuclear Experiment One-proton and one-neutron knockout reactions from $N = Z = 28$ $^{56}$Ni to the $A = 55$ mirror pair $^{55}$Co and $^{55}$Ni
arxiv Software Engineering FAIR and Open Computer Science Research Software
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Ballistic Supercavitating Nano Swimmer Driven by Single Gaussian Beam Optical Pushing and Pulling Forces
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Higher Connectivity of Tropicalizations
arxiv Chaotic Dynamics High dimensional chaotic systems which behave like random walks in state space
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena AMON: TeV Gamma and Neutrino Coincidence Alerts from HAWC and IceCube subthreshold data
arxiv Signal Processing Multiple-type Transmission Multiple-type Reception Framework on Molecular Communication
arxiv Physics and Society Homophily on social networks changes evolutionary advantage in competitive information diffusion
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Ten years of All-sky Neutrino Point-Source Searches
arxiv Cryptography and Security The Next 700 Policy Miners: A Universal Method for Building Policy Miners
arxiv Optimization and Control Stability Results for the Continuity Equation
arxiv Populations and Evolution Turbulent coherent structures and early life below the Kolmogorov scale
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Pseudo-task Regularization for ConvNet Transfer Learning
arxiv Functional Analysis A Theorem of Roe and Strichartz on homogeneous trees
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Reentrant Pinning, Dynamic Row Reduction, and Skyrmion Accumulation for Driven Skyrmions in Inhomogeneous Pinning Arrays
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs On the union of essentially distinct $δ$-tubes
arxiv Numerical Analysis An algorithm for real and complex rational minimax approximation
arxiv Quantum Physics Effects of uniform acceleration on quantum states and vacuum entanglement in relativistic quantum information
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Exploring Properties of Icosoku by Constraint Satisfaction Approach
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Astrophysics and cosmology with a deci-hertz gravitational-wave detector: TianGO
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Non-uniqueness of weak solutions to 2D hypoviscous Navier-Stokes equations
arxiv Computation and Language Bidirectional Context-Aware Hierarchical Attention Network for Document Understanding
arxiv Statistical Mechanics The one-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang and Kuramoto-Sivashinsky universality class: limit distributions
arxiv Machine Learning Variational Fusion for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Shape Optimization of Rotating Electric Machines using Isogeometric Analysis and Harmonic Stator-Rotor Coupling
arxiv Optimization and Control Safe global optimization of expensive noisy black-box functions in the $δ$-Lipschitz framework
arxiv Classical Physics Conjugated equilibrium solutions for the $2$--body problem in the two dimensional sphere $\mathbb{M}^2_R$ for equal masses
arxiv Machine Learning Model-based Lookahead Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Medical Physics Towards automated symptoms assessment in mental health
arxiv History and Overview A Recreational Application of Two Integer Sequences and the Generalized Repetitious Number Puzzle
arxiv Computation and Language Automatically Identifying Comparator Groups on Twitter for Digital Epidemiology of Pregnancy Outcomes
arxiv Numerical Analysis Optimality properties of Galerkin and Petrov-Galerkin methods for linear matrix equations
arxiv Superconductivity Multiple solutions for the equilibrium populations in BCS superconductors
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice A Fluctuation Theory of Topological Susceptibility
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Multiparticle Dynamics on the Triangular Lattice in Interacting Media
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Probabilistic Saturations and Alt's Problem
arxiv Machine Learning Double-Coupling Learning for Multi-Task Data Stream Classification
arxiv Machine Learning ScarletNAS: Bridging the Gap Between Scalability and Fairness in Neural Architecture Search
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology The physical origin of the cosmological constant: continuum limit and the analogy with the Casimir effect
arxiv Computation and Language Tackling Online Abuse: A Survey of Automated Abuse Detection Methods
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Regarding the universality of long range order irrespective of the probability distribution
arxiv Complex Variables Entire functions with prescribed singular values
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Dispersion in an array of buildings in stable and convective atmospheric conditions
arxiv Complex Variables Slices of Parameter Space for Meromorphic Maps with Two Asymptotic Values
arxiv Methodology Pearson Distance is not a Distance
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Signatures of noncommutativity in bar detectors of gravitational waves
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Gaia Parallax of Milky Way Globular Clusters -- A Solution of Mixture Model
arxiv Materials Science A case study of bilayered spin-$1/2$ square lattice compound [VO(HCOO)$_2\cdot$(H$_2$O)]
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Multi-waveband detection of quasi-periodic pulsations in a stellar flare on EK Draconis observed by XMM-Newton
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Slicing conditions for axisymmetric gravitational collapse of Brill waves
arxiv Information Theory PHY Research Is Sick but Curable: An Empirical Analysis
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory A proposal for nonabelian (0,2) mirrors
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Needles in Haystacks: On Classifying Tiny Objects in Large Images
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Some hemivariational inequalities in the Euclidean space
arxiv Computation and Language Few-shot Text Classification with Distributional Signatures
arxiv Machine Learning Performing Deep Recurrent Double Q-Learning for Atari Games
arxiv Spectral Theory On the eigenvalues of the Robin Laplacian with a complex parameter
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Thermomagnetic Ettingshausen-Nernst effect in tachocline, magnetic reconnection phenomenon in lower layers, axion mechanism of solar luminosity variations, coronal heating problem solution and mechanism of DM spike variations around BH
arxiv Computational Physics A Shift Selection Strategy for Parallel Shift-Invert Spectrum Slicing in Symmetric Self-Consistent Eigenvalue Computation
arxiv Combinatorics A finitary structure theorem for vertex-transitive graphs of polynomial growth
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Neutrino, Electroweak and Nuclear Physics from COHERENT Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering with Refined Quenching Factor
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Nice Guys Check Twice
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction A Projection-based Augmented Reality for Elderly People with Dementia
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Robust Principal Component Analysis for Background Estimation of Particle Image Velocimetry Data
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Statistical analysis on X-ray flares from the nucleus and HST-1 knot in the M87 jet
arxiv Databases AutoER: Automated Entity Resolution using Generative Modelling
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Cosmological Inference using Gravitational Wave Standard Sirens: A Mock Data Challenge
arxiv Combinatorics Minimum Coprime Labelings of Generalized Petersen and Prism Graphs
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Recover and Identify: A Generative Dual Model for Cross-Resolution Person Re-Identification
arxiv Geometric Topology Braidoids
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Spin angular momentum of the electron: one-loop studies
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Itinerant ferromagnetism and intrinsic anomalous Hall effect in amorphous iron-germanium
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Astrometric planet search around southern ultracool dwarfs IV. Relative motion of the FORS2/VLT CCD chips
arxiv Physics and Society Generalized group-based epidemic model for spreading processes on networks: GgroupEM
arxiv Number Theory Lower bounds in the polynomial Szemerédi theorem
arxiv Numerical Analysis Low-rank approximation in the Frobenius norm by column and row subset selection
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics A gravitational-wave measurement of the Hubble constant following the second observing run of Advanced LIGO and Virgo
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Electromagnetic angular momentum of the electron: one-loop studies
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Adversarial point perturbations on 3D objects
arxiv Quantum Physics Improvements on "Secure multi-party quantum summation based on quantum Fourier transform"
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Graviton Propagator in a 2-Parameter Family of de Sitter Breaking Gauges
arxiv Machine Learning Convex geometry of the Coding problem for error constrained Dictionary Learning
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unicoder-VL: A Universal Encoder for Vision and Language by Cross-modal Pre-training
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology A Practical and Consistent Parametrization of Dark Matter Self-Interactions
arxiv Emerging Technologies Covert Computation in Self-Assembled Circuits
arxiv Social and Information Networks A Survey on Computational Politics
arxiv Optimal scheduling strategy for networked estimation with energy harvesting
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology QCD Axion on Hilltop by Phase Shift of $π$
arxiv Combinatorics Antimagic orientations of graphs with large maximum degree
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Studying Cosmic-ray Interactions in Giant Molecular Clouds with the HAWC Gamma-ray Observatory
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Configurational entropy and instability of tachyonic braneworld
arxiv Machine Learning An Exploratory Analysis of the Latent Structure of Process Data via Action Sequence Autoencoder
arxiv Quantum Physics Number-Theoretic Characterizations of Some Restricted Clifford+T Circuits
arxiv Machine Learning NUQSGD: Improved Communication Efficiency for Data-parallel SGD via Nonuniform Quantization
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Topotaxis of active Brownian particles
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Anchor Tasks: Inexpensive, Shared, and Aligned Tasks for Domain Adaptation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A young and obscured AGN embedded in the giant radio galaxy Mrk 1498
biorxiv Tunable self-cleaving ribozymes for modulating gene expression in eukaryotic systems
engrxiv Engineering Bus holding control of running buses in time windows
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences How aesthetic features convey the concept of brand premiumness
biorxiv deSAMBA: fast and accurate classification of metagenomics long reads with sparse approximate matches
biorxiv Genetic modifiers of risk and age at onset in GBA associated Parkinson disease and Lewy body dementia
biorxiv Ancestral hybridisation facilitated species diversification in the Lake Malawi cichlid fish adaptive radiation
biorxiv Exploring the microbial diversity in oil-contaminated mangrove sediments using 16S rRNA metagenomics
biorxiv Does meiotic drive alter male mate preference?
biorxiv Assessing digital phenotyping to enhance genetic studies of human diseases
biorxiv Assessment of computational methods for the analysis of single-cell ATAC-seq data
biorxiv Genetic analysis of seed and pod traits in a set of Recombinant Inbred Lines (RILs) in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
biorxiv Characterization of the gut microbiota in the Anjak (Schizocypris altidorsalis), a native fish species of Iran
socarxiv Arts and Humanities "BUPOLO" Movement
biorxiv Leptin promotes expression of EMT-related transcription factors and invasion in a Src and FAK-dependent pathway in MCF10A mammary epithelial cells
biorxiv Sirolimus plus nintedanib treats vascular pathology in HHT mouse models
biorxiv Mitochondrial protein interaction landscape of SS-31
biorxiv Optogenetic control of protein binding using light-switchable nanobodies
biorxiv Two forms of Opa1 cooperate to complete fusion of the mitochondrial inner-membrane
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Assessing the evidentiary value of secondary data analyses: A commentary on Gangestad, Dinh, Grebe, Del Giudice, and Thompson (2019)
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Characterizing speech rhythm using spectral coherence analysis of jaw kinematics and speech temporal envelope: A proof of concept
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Functionaries: Institutional Theory without Institutions
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Best Practices for Electronically Activated Recorder (EAR) Research: A Practical Guide to Coding and Processing EAR Data
psyarxiv Neuroscience Searching for rewards in graph-structured spaces
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Review paper: The 10th March 1970 Mw 5.0 Calingiri surface rupturing earthquake, Australia
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Review paper: The 2nd June 1979 Mw 6.1 Cadoux surface rupturing earthquake, Australia
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Review paper: The 30th March 1968 Mw 5.7 Marryat Creek surface rupturing earthquake, Australia
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Review paper: The 14th October 1968 Mw 6.6 Meckering surface rupturing earthquake, Australia
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Review paper: The 20th May 2016 Mw 6.1 Petermann surface rupturing earthquake, Australia
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Review paper: The 23rd March 2012 Mw 5.2 Pukatja surface rupturing earthquake, Australia
engrxiv Engineering Boosting the Bounds of Symbolic QED for Effective Pre-Silicon Verification of Processor Cores
biorxiv Biochemistry Cryo-EM structures of alpha-synuclein fibrils with the H50Q hereditary mutation reveal new polymorphs
biorxiv Biochemistry Quantitative profiling of 1-Carbon Metabolites, Amino Acids and Precursors, and Plasmalogens in human plasma using Ultra-High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry and robotic compound extraction
biorxiv Biophysics A Transient Intermediate Populated in Prion Folding Leads to Domain Swapping
biorxiv Ecology Modelling geospatial distributions of the triatomine vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi in Latin America
biorxiv Biochemistry Structural complementarity facilitates E7820-mediated degradation of RBM39 by DCAF15
biorxiv Developmental Biology Role of the imprinted allele of the p57Kip2 gene in mouse neocortical development
biorxiv Cell Biology S. pombe DNA translocases Rrp1 and Rrp2 have distinct roles at centromeres and telomeres that ensure genome stability.
biorxiv Developmental Biology A negative autoregulation network motif is required for synchronized Myxococcus xanthus development
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Tasks for aligning human and machine planning
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Real-Time High-Rate GNSS Displacements: Performance Demonstration During the 2019 Ridgecrest, CA Earthquakes
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Early Paleocene Paleoceanography and Export Productivity in the Chicxulub Crater
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Grain-Size and Discharge Controls on Submarine-Fan Depositional Patterns From Forward Stratigraphic Models
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Frozen fringe explains sediment freeze-on during Heinrich events
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences An Excel-Based Simulator Game for Teaching Development Economics
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Unexpected differences in the pharmacokinetics of N-acetyl DL-leucine enantiomers after oral dosing and their clinical relevance
biorxiv Genetics Penetrance of Parkinson's disease in LRRK2 p.G2019S carriers is modified by a polygenic risk score
biorxiv Neuroscience A role of oligodendrocytes in information processing independent of conduction velocity
biorxiv Genetics The euchromatic histone mark H3K36me3 preserves heterochromatin through sequestration of an acetyltransferase complex in fission yeast
biorxiv Cancer Biology KLF4 acts as a tumor suppressor in human B-cells and patients' B-cell leukemias growing in mice
biorxiv Neuroscience Context-Dependent and Dynamic Functional Influence of Corticothalamic Pathways to First- and Higher-order Visual Thalamus
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Considering founding and variable genomes is critical in studying polyploid evolution
biorxiv Developmental Biology Hingepoints and neural folds reveal conserved features of primary neurulation in the zebrafish forebrain
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Exploiting epistasis to perturb the evolution of antibiotic resistance
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition How squirrels protect their caches: Location, conspicuousness during caching, and proximity to kin influence cache lifespan
biorxiv Cell Biology The basal level of gene expression associated with chromatin loosening shapes Waddington landscapes and controls cell differentiation
biorxiv Biochemistry Formate induces a metabolic switch in nucleotide and energy metabolism
biorxiv Microbiology An amino-terminal threonine/serine motif is necessary for activity of the Crp/Fnr homolog, MrpC, and for Myxococcus xanthus developmental robustness
biorxiv Biochemistry Crystal structure of the TbBILBO1 N-terminal domain reveals a ubiquitin fold with a long rigid loop for the binding of its partner
biorxiv Developmental Biology Head Mesoderm Tissue Growth, Dynamics and Neural Crest Cell Migration
biorxiv Microbiology Global H-NS counter-silencing by LuxR activates quorum sensing gene expression
biorxiv Bioengineering Motor improvement estimation and task adaptation for personalized robot-aided therapy: a feasibility study
biorxiv Genetics Meta-analysis of problematic alcohol use in 435,563 individuals identifies 29 risk variants and yields insights into biology, pleiotropy and causality
biorxiv Optogenetic inhibition of Delta reveals digital Notch signaling output during tissue differentiation
biorxiv Cancer Biology CXCR4 allows T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia to escape from JAK1/2 and BCL2 inhibition through CNS infiltration
biorxiv Plant biology Characterizing allele-by-environment interactions using maize introgression lines
biorxiv Neuroscience ADAMTS-family protease MIG-17 regulates synaptic allometry by modifying the extracellular matrix and modulating glia morphology during growth
biorxiv Systems Biology A personalised approach for identifying disease-relevant pathways in heterogeneous diseases
biorxiv Neuroscience Modeling and treating GRIN2A developmental and epileptic encephalopathy in mice
biorxiv Genomics PuMA: a papillomavirus genome annotation tool
biorxiv Neuroscience Caffeine boosts preparatory attention for reward-related stimulus information
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Xanthomonas sontii sp. nov., a non-pathogenic bacterium isolated from healthy basmati rice (Oryza sativa) seeds from India
biorxiv Neuroscience Expression profiling of the mature C. elegans nervous system by single-cell RNA-Sequencing
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Extended hormone-phenotypes shape the structure, stability, and assortment of social networks
biorxiv Genetics The paltry power of priors versus populations
biorxiv Neuroscience Release of stem cells from quiescence reveals multiple gliogenic domains in the adult brain
biorxiv Bioinformatics Retinal Vessels Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks in Fundus Images
biorxiv Neuroscience The Safety and Efficacy of Transdermal Auricular Vagal Nerve Stimulation Earbud Electrodes for Modulating Autonomic Arousal, Attention, Sensory Gating, and Cortical Brain Plasticity in Humans.
biorxiv Microbiology A Nanoemulsion as an Effective Treatment Against Human Pathogenic Fungi
biorxiv Immunology Time-resolved single-cell transcriptomics uncovers dynamics of cardiac neutrophil diversity in murine myocardial infarction
biorxiv Molecular biology Rad51 Interaction Analysis Reveals a Functional Interplay Among Recombination Auxiliary Factors
biorxiv Microbiology Metagenomic characterization of creek sediment microbial communities from a major agricultural region in Salinas, California
biorxiv Biophysics Nucleated transcriptional condensates amplify gene expression
biorxiv Biophysics Organization of fast and slow chromatin revealed by single-nucleosome dynamics
sportrxiv Sport and Exercise Science Physical activity, mental and personal wellbeing, social isolation, and perceptions of academic attainment and employability in university students: Pooled analysis of the Scottish and British Active Students Surveys
biorxiv Molecular biology Acute feeding disorder after oral RNAi exposure results in efficient pest control
biorxiv Genomics LincRNA sequences are biased to counteract their translation
biorxiv Microbiology The Signature Microbiota Driving Rumen Function Shifts in Goat Kids Introduced Solid Diet Regimes
biorxiv Ecology Modelling the effects of leaky predator-exclusion fences and their surrounding halo
biorxiv Immunology Comparative analysis reveals adaptive evolution of bat IFITMs and a novel antiviral determinant
biorxiv Genomics Population genomic SNPs from epigenetic RADs: gaining genetic and epigenetic data from a single established next-generation sequencing approach
biorxiv Bioinformatics Gene prediction in heterogeneous cancer tissues and establishment of Least Absolute Shrinking and Selection Operator model of lung squamous cell carcinoma.
biorxiv Immunology Activation-induced deaminase is critical for the establishment of DNA methylation patterns prior to the germinal center reaction
psyarxiv Neuroscience Neuronal Causes and Behavioural Effects: a Review on Logical, Methodological, and Technical Issues With Respect to Causal Explanations of Behaviour in Neuroscience
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Longitudinal Associations between Civic Engagement and Interpersonal Needs among College Students during the 2018 Midterm Elections
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Ricerca preliminare sulla valutazione Italiana dell'Internet Disorder Scale – Short Form (IDS9-SF)
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Geomagnetic field absence influences adult body weight of a migratory insect, potentially through appetite regulation
biorxiv Biophysics Investigating dual Ca2+ modulation of the ryanodine receptor 1 by molecular dynamics simulation
biorxiv Molecular biology Developmental dynamics are a proxy for selective pressures on alternatively polyadenylated isoforms
biorxiv Bioinformatics Group Similarity Constraint Functional Brain Network Estimation for Mild Congititive Impairment Classification
biorxiv Genetics Impact of serum calcium levels on local and total body bone mineral density: A Mendelian randomization study and an age stratum analysis
biorxiv Microbiology Entry by multiple picornaviruses is dependent on a pathway that includes TNK2, WASL and NCK1
biorxiv Ecology Megacities as drivers of national outbreaks: the role of holiday travel in the spread of infectious diseases
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Evolved differences in cis and trans regulation between the maternal and zygotic mRNA complements in the Drosophila embryo
biorxiv Interpretable factor models of single-cell RNA-seq via variational autoencoders
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Geometric purity, kinematic scaling and dynamic optimality in drawing movements beyond ellipses
biorxiv Bioinformatics Query Combinators: Domain Specific Query Languages for Medical Research
biorxiv Cell Biology mTOR dependent transformed human cells have a distinct set of essential genes from bcr-abl transformed cells
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Reply to Knox and Mummolo: Critique of Johnson et al. (2019)
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences van Doeselaar, McLean, Meeus, Denissen, &amp; Klimstra (2019)
biorxiv Developmental Biology CytoCensus: mapping cell identity and division in tissues and organs using machine learning
biorxiv Plant biology A modular cloning toolkit for genome editing in plants
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences GGP Technical Case &amp; E-Needs
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Back to the Future - Changing Job Profiles in the Digital Age
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Polarization of Nationalist Cleavages and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Quality or quantity? A multi-study analysis of emotion regulation skills deficits associated with Borderline Personality Disorder
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The effect of public surveillance cameras on crime clearance rates
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Can p-values be meaningfully interpreted without random sampling?
biorxiv Bioinformatics Telomere-to-telomere assembly of a complete human X chromosome
biorxiv Bioengineering Photobiomodulation Does Not Influence Maturation and Leads to Mild Improvements in Functional Healing of Mouse Achilles Tendons
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Asymmetrical diversification of the receptor-ligand interaction controlling self-incompatibility in Arabidopsis
biorxiv Chromosomal Mcm2-7 distribution is a primary driver of genome replication timing in budding yeast, fission yeast and mouse
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The rapid emergence of auditory object representations in cortex reflect central acoustic attributes
biorxiv Broad spectrum antibiotic-degrading metallo-β-lactamases are phylogenetically diverse and widespread in the environment.
biorxiv N-terminal autoprocessing and acetylation of MARTX Makes-Caterpillars Floppy-like effector is stimulated by ADP-Ribosylation Factor 1 in advance of Golgi fragmentation
biorxiv Cargo and Cell Specific Differences in Extracellular Vesicle Populations Identified by Multiplexed Immunofluorescent Analysis
biorxiv TGFβ regulation of perilacunar/canalicular remodeling is sexually dimorphic
biorxiv Diversification of CORVET tethers facilitates transport complexity in Tetrahymena thermophila
biorxiv Rhapsody: Pathogenicity prediction of human missense variants based on protein sequence, structure and dynamics
biorxiv The Structural Basis of Indisulam-Mediated Recruitment of RBM39 to the DCAF15-DDB1-DDA1 E3 Ligase Complex
biorxiv The McdAB Carboxysome Positioning System is Widespread Among β-cyanobacteria
biorxiv Cryo-EM structure of the human Mixed Lineage Leukemia-1 complex bound to the nucleosome
biorxiv Readthrough errors purge deleterious cryptic sequences, facilitating the birth of coding sequences
biorxiv Humans Use Future Thinking to Exert Social Control
biorxiv Screening and identification of MicroRNAs expressed in perirenal adipose tissue during rabbit growth
biorxiv A Hedgehog-FGF signaling axis patterns anterior mesoderm during gastrulation
psyarxiv Neuroscience Borderline Personality Disorder classification based on brain network centrality during emotion regulation
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The effect of social preference on academic diligence in adolescence
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Maladaptive Perfectionism, Disguised Distress, and Help Seeking in the Culture of “Saving Face”: Links to Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms among Asian Youth
biorxiv Microbiology Quantitative trait loci (QTL) underlying phenotypic variation in bioethanol-related processes in Neurospora crassa.
biorxiv Ecology Tritrophic interactions involving a dioecious fig tree, its fig pollinating wasp and fig nematodes
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education State of pedestrian road safety in Uganda: are interventions failing or absent?
biorxiv Biophysics Fish larvae tackle the complex fluid-structure interactions of undulatory swimming with simple actuation
biorxiv Molecular biology Transcriptome-based Analysis of Tomato Genotypes Resistant to Bacterial spot (Xanthomonas perforans) Race T4
biorxiv Molecular biology Tandem Requirement for Full Renal D1R and D5R Activity
biorxiv Ecology The impact of Hurricane Michael on longleaf pine habitats in Florida
biorxiv Zoology Regulation of amino acid and nucleotide metabolism by crustacean hyperglycemic hormone in the muscle and hepatopancreas of the crayfish Procambarus clarkii
biorxiv Microbiology Evidence for influenza B virus hemagglutinin adaptation to the human host: high cleavability, acid-stability and preference for cool temperature
biorxiv Ecology A Maxent modelling with a geospatial approach for the Habitat suitability of Flamingos in an Evanescing Ramsar site (Sambhar Lake, India) over the changing climatic scenarios
biorxiv Microbiology Molecular assays to detect the presence and viability of Phytophthora ramorum and Grosmannia clavigera
sportrxiv Rehabilitation and Therapy Effectiveness of Structured Physical Activity (PA) Interventions through the evaluation of PA levels, Adoption, Retention, Maintenance and Adherence Rates – A Systematic Review
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Learning While Deciding in Groups
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Group Decision-Making
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Deceptive Communication in Group Contexts
arxiv Methodology False Discovery Rate for Functional Data
arxiv Quantum Physics Critical look at the time-energy uncertainty relations
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Measuring dynamical masses from gas kinematics in simulated high-redshift galaxies
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics New Limits on Charged Dark Matter from Large-Scale Coherent Magnetic Fields
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics High mass and halo resolution from fast low resolution simulations
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Smooth equations of state for high-accuracy simulations of neutron star binaries
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Living with Neighbors. I. Observational Clues to Hydrodynamic Impact of Neighboring Galaxies on Star Formation
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Searching for High-Energy Neutrino Emission from TeV Pulsar Wind Nebulae
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Non-Abelian chiral spin liquid on a simple non-Archimedean lattice
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Global Symmetry and Maximal Chaos
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Changes in the solar rotation over two solar cycles
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Many-Body Localization Landscape
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice A curious behavior of three-dimensional lattice Dirac operators coupled to monopole background
arxiv Image and Video Processing Joint phase reconstruction and magnitude segmentation from velocity-encoded MRI data
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Towards a generic implementation of matrix-element maximisation as a classifier in particle physics
arxiv Machine Learning Optimizing Ensemble Weights and Hyperparameters of Machine Learning Models for Regression Problems
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory de Sitter Vacua in the String Landscape
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Emergent Spatial Structure and Entanglement Localization in Floquet Conformal Field Theory
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena A Catalog of Astrophysical Neutrino Candidates for IceCube
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Prospects and Limitations for Constraining Light Relics with Primordial Abundance Measurements
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Flow correlation as a measure of phase transition: results from a new hydrodynamic code
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 3D Human Pose Estimation under limited supervision using Metric Learning
arxiv Programming Languages Undecidability of $D_{<:}$ and Its Decidable Fragments
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Low-energy effective field theory below the electroweak scale: matching at one loop
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Ulam-Hyers stabilities of mild solutions of the fractional nonlinear abstract Cauchy problem
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Data-Driven Correction Reduced Order Models for the Quasi-Geostrophic Equations: A Numerical Investigation
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Cartilage-binding antibodies induce pain through immune complex-mediated activation of neurons
arxiv Dynamical Systems C0-Stability for actions implies shadowing property
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Exciton-polaritons in multilayer WSe$_2$ in a planar microcavity
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Oblique Shock Breakout from a Uniform Density Medium
arxiv Algebraic Topology The fibre of the degree $3$ map, Anick spaces and the double suspension
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics On the contamination of the global 21~cm signal from polarized foregrounds
arxiv Machine Learning Predicting Eating Events in Free Living Individuals -- A Technical Report
arxiv Differential Geometry New classes of projectively related Finsler metrics of constant flag curvature
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Reexamining $f(R,T)$ gravity
arxiv Molecular Networks Cooperative metabolic resource allocation in spatially-structured systems
arxiv Signal Processing Angular Resolution of Closely-Spaced Targets with Antenna Arrays
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Strong decays of the latest LHCb pentaquark candidates in hadronic molecule pictures
arxiv Cryptography and Security Network Reconnaissance and Vulnerability Excavation of Secure DDS Systems
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conv-MCD: A Plug-and-Play Multi-task Module for Medical Image Segmentation
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Schwarzschild phase without a black hole
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Volterra-series approach to stochastic nonlinear dynamics: linear response of the Van der Pol oscillator driven by white noise
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs New Kakeya estimates using Gromov's algebraic lemma
arxiv Logic Properties of the connective implication in effect algebras
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The optically-selected 1.4-GHz quasar luminosity function below 1 mJy
arxiv Image and Video Processing Recognition of Ischaemia and Infection in Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Dataset and Techniques
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment JEDI-net: a jet identification algorithm based on interaction networks
arxiv Methodology A grouped, selectively weighted false discovery rate procedure
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology $b \overline b$ Kinematic Correlations in Cold Nuclear Matter
arxiv Group Theory The conjugacy growth of the soluble Baumslag-Solitar groups
arxiv Differential Geometry On Strominger Kähler-like manifolds with degenerate torsion
arxiv Optimization and Control On Separating Points for Ensemble Controllability
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Dual Adversarial Inference for Text-to-Image Synthesis
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Highlights of Galactic Physics with VERITAS
arxiv Functional Analysis Some Gruss type inequalities for Frechet differentiable mappings
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Density Effects on the Post-shock Turbulence Structure and Dynamics
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Quenched Dynamics of Artificial Spin Ice: Coarsening versus Kibble-Zurek
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Modelling Mg II During Solar Flares, I: Partial Frequency Redistribution, Opacity, and Coronal Irradiation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Numerical solution for tachyon vacuum in the Schnabl gauge
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Dimesoatom breakup in the Coulomb field
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Interacting Agegraphic Dark Energy Model in DGP Braneworld Cosmology: Dynamical System Approach
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Families of stable bundles on the fibres of the hyperkähler twistor projection
arxiv Logic Adjoining only the things you want: a survey of Strong Chang's Conjecture and related topics
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics First resolved observations of a highly asymmetric debris disc around HD 160305 with VLT/SPHERE
arxiv Logic Towers and clubs
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Quantum Cosmology with many fluids and the choice of cosmological time
arxiv Applications Robust parametric modeling of Alzheimer's disease progression
arxiv Machine Learning Mixed pooling of seasonality in time series pallet forecasting
arxiv Applications A hierarchical model for estimating exposure-response curves from multiple studies
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Evaluating Empathy in Artificial Agents
arxiv Materials Science Uncharacteristic second order martensitic transformation in metals via epitaxial stress fields
arxiv Image and Video Processing Graph Convolutional Networks for Coronary Artery Segmentation in Cardiac CT Angiography
arxiv Computation and Language Raw-to-End Name Entity Recognition in Social Media
arxiv Computational Geometry On Strict (Outer-)Confluent Graphs
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Measuring the ionisation fraction in a jet from a massive protostar
arxiv UAV Surveillance Under Visibility and Dwell-Time Constraints: A Sampling-Based Approach
arxiv Machine Learning From Crystallized Adaptivity to Fluid Adaptivity in Deep Reinforcement Learning -- Insights from Biological Systems on Adaptive Flexibility
arxiv Machine Learning Multimodal Emotion Recognition Using Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Random sequential adsorption of spheres on a cylinder
arxiv Quantum Physics Experimental quantum repeater without quantum memory
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics A 3-Dimensional Likelihood analysis method for detecting extended sources in VERITAS
arxiv Number Theory Epsilon factors of symplectic type characters in the wild case
arxiv Cryptography and Security Large-Scale-Exploit of GitHub Repository Metadata and Preventive Measures
arxiv Statistics Theory The generalization error of random features regression: Precise asymptotics and double descent curve
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics The NANOGrav Program for Gravitational Waves and Fundamental Physics
arxiv Machine Learning Sequential Computer Experimental Design for Estimating an Extreme Probability or Quantile
arxiv Functional Analysis Moments of the weighted Cantor measures
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Desalination due to Electrical Image Forces
arxiv Plasma Physics An introduction to symmetries in stellarators
arxiv Computational Complexity Placing quantified variants of 3-SAT and Not-All-Equal 3-SAT in the polynomial hierarchy
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Metallicity has followed local gravitational potential of galaxies since z=3
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Exploring galaxy dark matter halos across redshifts with strong quasar absorbers
arxiv Atomic Physics Observation of Dynamical Fermionization
arxiv Machine Learning End-to-End Learning from Complex Multigraphs with Latent Graph Convolutional Networks
arxiv Cryptography and Security Systematization of Knowledge and Implementation: Short Identity-Based Signatures
arxiv Optics Non-reciprocity using quadrature-phase time-varying slab resonators
arxiv Statistics Theory Robust One-Bit Recovery via ReLU Generative Networks: Improved Statistical Rates and Global Landscape Analysis
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Search for Very-High-Energy (E $>$ 100 GeV) Emission from Geminga Supernova by VERITAS
arxiv Populations and Evolution Laboratory biases hinder Eco-Evo-Devo integration: hints from the microworld
arxiv Geometric Topology The relative $\mathcal{L}$-invariant of a compact $4$-manifold
arxiv Machine Learning Uplift Modeling for Multiple Treatments with Cost Optimization
arxiv Chemical Physics Phenomenological Arrhenius Analyses in Plasmon-Enhanced Catalysis
arxiv Numerical Analysis Stability of explicit Runge-Kutta methods for high order finite element approximation of linear parabolic equations
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Properties of the Interstellar Medium along Sight Lines to Nearby Planet Hosting Stars
arxiv Machine Learning Maximum Relevance and Minimum Redundancy Feature Selection Methods for a Marketing Machine Learning Platform
arxiv Machine Learning Resonant Machine Learning Based on Complex Growth Transform Dynamical Systems
arxiv Computation and Language Multi-Task Self-Supervised Learning for Disfluency Detection
arxiv Applied Physics Macroscopic electron-hole distribution in silicon and cubic silicon carbide
arxiv Robotics Comparing Metrics for Robustness Against External Perturbations in Dynamic Trajectory Optimization
arxiv Logic On homeomorphisms of Cantor space that induce only the trivial Turing automorphism
arxiv Geometric Topology Gordian complexes of knots and virtual knots given by region crossing changes and arc shift moves
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing MOEA/D with Uniformly Randomly Adaptive Weights
arxiv Nuclear Theory Toward an accurate strongly-coupled many-body theory within the equation of motion framework
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Secure Coded Cooperative Computation at the Heterogeneous Edge against Byzantine Attacks
arxiv Computation Robust estimation of the mean with bounded relative standard deviation
arxiv Machine Learning HONEM: Network Embedding Using Higher-Order Patterns in Sequential Data
arxiv Analysis of Various Transformer Structures for High Frequency Isolation Applications
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition SFSegNet: Parse Freehand Sketches using Deep Fully Convolutional Networks
biorxiv Developmental Biology The transcription factor E2A drives neural differentiation in pluripotent cells
arxiv Algebraic Geometry 15-nodal quartic surfaces. Part II: The automorphism group
arxiv Computation and Language Towards Knowledge-Based Recommender Dialog System
arxiv Spectral Theory Explicit Krein Resolvent Identities for Singular Sturm-Liouville Operators with Applications to Bessel Operators
arxiv Superconductivity Lifshitz Transition and Nontrivial H-Doping Effect in Cr-based Superconductor KCr$_3$As$_3$H$_x$
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Molecular envelope around the HII region RCW 120
arxiv Metric Geometry Envelope Polyhedra
arxiv Computational Physics Cascaded Lattice Boltzmann Modeling and Simulations of Three-Dimensional Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows
arxiv Optics Multimode Lasing in Wave-Chaotic Semiconductor Microlasers
arxiv Plasma Physics Treatment of Advanced Divertor Configurations in the Flux-Coordinate Independent turbulence code GRILLIX
arxiv Software Engineering How does Object-Oriented Code Refactoring Influence Software Quality? Research Landscape and Challenges
arxiv Materials Science Four-phonon scattering diminishes the optical phonon contribution and isotope effect to thermal conductivity of III-V semiconductors
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Improved measurements of the absolute branching fractions of the inclusive decays $D^{+(0)}\toφX$
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Shield Synthesis for Real: Enforcing Safety in Cyber-Physical Systems
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Neutrinos from Primordial Black Hole Evaporation
arxiv Number Theory An analogue of a formula for Chebotarev Densities
arxiv Pricing of Securities Risk-neutral option pricing under GARCH intensity model
arxiv Optimization and Control On the behaviour of the Douglas-Rachford algorithm for minimizing a convex function subject to a linear constraint
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unpaired Cross-lingual Image Caption Generation with Self-Supervised Rewards
arxiv Computation and Language Towards End-to-End Learning for Efficient Dialogue Agent by Modeling Looking-ahead Ability
arxiv Social and Information Networks When Your Friends Become Sellers: An Empirical Study of Social Commerce Site Beidian
arxiv Differential Geometry On the long-time behavior of immortal Ricci flows
arxiv Graphics Algebraic Representations for Volumetric Frame Fields
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Relativistic interpretation and cosmological signature of Milgrom's acceleration
arxiv Metric Geometry The conic geometry of rectangles inscribed in lines
arxiv Nuclear Theory Probing $ΩΩ$ and $pΩ$ dibaryons with femtoscopic correlations in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms "LOADS of Space": Local Order Agnosticism and Bit Flip Efficient Data Structure Codes
arxiv Computation and Language XCMRC: Evaluating Cross-lingual Machine Reading Comprehension
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Collective Excitations of Quantum Anomalous Hall Ferromagnets in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
arxiv Image and Video Processing Multimodal Volume-Aware Detection and Segmentation for Brain Metastases Radiosurgery
arxiv Risk Management Modelling Crypto Asset Price Dynamics, Optimal Crypto Portfolio, and Crypto Option Valuation
arxiv Algebraic Geometry A toy model for the Drinfeld-Lafforgue shtuka construction
arxiv Materials Science Investigation of Ionic and Anomalous Magnetic Behavior in CrSe$_2$ Using $^8$Li $β$-NMR
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Two-Point Statistics of Coherent Structure in Turbulent Flow
arxiv Information Theory Generalized Haar condition-based phaseless random sampling for compactly supported functions in shift-invariant spaces
arxiv Nuclear Theory Ab Initio Treatment of Collective Correlations and the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay of $^{48}$Ca
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition PS^2-Net: A Locally and Globally Aware Network for Point-Based Semantic Segmentation
arxiv Computation and Language Feature-Less End-to-End Nested Term Extraction
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Neutrino Telescope in Lake Baikal: Present and Future
arxiv Methodology With Malice Towards None: Assessing Uncertainty via Equalized Coverage
arxiv Machine Learning Domain-adversarial Network Alignment
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Search for cascade events with Baikal-GVD
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Nonlocal Gravitomagnetism
arxiv Chemical Physics Exact quantum dynamics background of dispersion interactions: case study for CH$_4\cdot$Ar in full (12) dimensions
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Connected Fair Allocation of Indivisible Goods
arxiv Machine Learning Sex Trafficking Detection with Ordinal Regression Neural Networks
arxiv Machine Learning Temporal Collaborative Ranking Via Personalized Transformer
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning Trajectory Dependencies for Human Motion Prediction
arxiv Multiagent Systems Massive Multi-Agent Data-Driven Simulations of the GitHub Ecosystem
arxiv Superconductivity CuIr2Te4: A Quasi-Two-Dimensional Ternary Telluride Chalcogenide Superconductor
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Steering between Level Repulsion and Attraction: Beyond Single-Tone Driven Cavity Magnon-Polaritons
arxiv Algebraic Topology On the homotopy theory of equivariant colored operads
arxiv Computation and Language Multi-class Hierarchical Question Classification for Multiple Choice Science Exams
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Inferring prompt black-hole formation in neutron star mergers from gravitational-wave data
arxiv General Economics Why Finnish polytechnics reject top applicants
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Orbit design and thruster requirement for various constant-arm space mission concepts for gravitational-wave observation
arxiv Discrete Mathematics Tracking Paths in Planar Graphs
arxiv Representation Theory The Jordan-Hölder property and Grothendieck monoids of exact categories
arxiv Signal Processing On the Age of Information of Short-Packet Communications with Packet Management
arxiv Superconductivity Microscopic coexistence of superconductivity and charge order in organic superconductor $β''$-(BEDT-TTF)$_{4}$[(H$_3$O)Ga(C$_2$O$_4$)$_3$]$\cdot$C$_6$H$_5$NO$_2$
arxiv Algebraic Geometry On Certain Morphisms between Flag Varieties
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena The Baikal-GVD neutrino telescope: First results of multi-messenger studies
arxiv Machine Learning Mapping State Space using Landmarks for Universal Goal Reaching
arxiv Number Theory Tensor Operations on Group Schemes
arxiv Computation and Language What's Wrong with Hebrew NLP? And How to Make it Right
arxiv Geophysics Grain Deformation of Fractured Sandstone and Stokes Local-rotation of Material Line
arxiv Information Theory Ergodic Rate Analysis of Cooperative Ambient Backscatter Communication
arxiv Group Theory Generating pairs of projective special linear groups that fail to lift
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Asymptotic solutions of stratified shear flow with horizontal eddy coefficient of turbulent viscosity
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics The Baikal-GVD detector calibration
arxiv Cryptography and Security Towards usable automated detection of CPU architecture and endianness for arbitrary binary files and object code sequences
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Accelerated CNN Training Through Gradient Approximation
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Discarding the disc in a changing state AGN: the UV/X-ray relation in NGC 4151
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Transition between advection and inertial wave propagation in rotating turbulence
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Stable and convective boundary-layer flows in an urban array
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Transition to thermal equilibrium in a deformed crystal
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology The method of mixed events for higher cumulants of conserved charges
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Odd-frequency superconducting pairing in one-dimensional systems
arxiv Image and Video Processing Automated Rib Fracture Detection of Postmortem Computed Tomography Images Using Machine Learning Techniques
arxiv Differential Geometry Lagrangian submanifolds of the complex quadric as Gauss maps of hypersurfaces of spheres
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Effectiveness of Judicial Instructions on Eyewitness Evidence in Sensitizing Jurors to Suggestive Identification Procedures Captured on Video
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Emergent Gravity in a Holographic Universe
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Subtracting non-critical fluctuations in higher cumulants of conserved charges
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory "Old" Conformal Bootstrap on AdS: $O(N)$ symmetric scalar model
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Playing a Strategy Game with Knowledge-Based Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Probability On the anisotropic stable JCIR process
arxiv Machine Learning Adaptive Regularization of Labels
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Chaotic inflation with four-form couplings
arxiv Econometrics Nonparametric Identification of First-Price Auction with Unobserved Competition: A Density Discontinuity Framework
arxiv Optics Four-wave Mixing of Topological Edge Plasmons in Graphene Metasurfaces
arxiv Mathematical Physics Strong Scott Conjecture
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies CCD UBVRI photometry of the open cluster Berkeley 8
arxiv Image and Video Processing Bayesian Generative Models for Knowledge Transfer in MRI Semantic Segmentation Problems
arxiv Combinatorics Planar cubic graphs of small diameter
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics The nature of the diffuse light near cities detected in nighttime satellite imagery
arxiv Molecular Networks Algebraic Coarse-Graining of Biochemical Reaction Networks
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics CMB sky for an off-center observer in a local void I: framework for forecasts
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Relativistic polytrope from the collimation and acceleration profiles of the M87 jet at subparsec scales and thermodynamic evidence for the Blandford-Znajek mechanism
arxiv Superconductivity Studies on the origin of the interfacial superconductivity of Sb2Te3/Fe1+yTe heterostructures
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Step-like spectral distribution of photoelectrons at the percolation threshold in heavily $p$-doped GaAs
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Improved Mix-up with KL-Entropy for Learning From Noisy Labels
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Deep learning for Plankton and Coral Classification
arxiv Computation and Language A Multivariate Model for Representing Semantic Non-compositionality
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Relativistic Freeze-in
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Photovoltaic effect from the viewpoint of time-reversal symmetry
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Delving into the Historical Ca II K Archive from the Kodaikanal Observatory: the Potential of the Most Recent Digitised Series
arxiv Quantum Gases Engineered Nearest-Neighbour Interactions with Doubly Modulated Optical Lattices
arxiv Numerical Analysis Ensemble Kalman filter for multiscale inverse problems
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Thermodynamics of Cyclic Quantum Amplifiers
arxiv Space Physics Mars' plasma system. Scientific potential of coordinated multi-point missions: "The next generation" (A White Paper submitted to ESA's Voyage 2050 Call)
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Single-Shot Arbitrarily-Shaped Text Detector based on Context Attended Multi-Task Learning
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Faddeev-Jackiw Quantization of Christ-Lee Model
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Numerical determination of monopole scaling dimension in parity-invariant three-dimensional non-compact QED
arxiv Chemical Physics Natural orbital functional for multiplets
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Top-quark properties at ATLAS
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Sign conditions for the existence of at least one positive solution of a sparse polynomial system
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Theoretical ISM pressure and electron density diagnostics for local and high-redshift galaxies
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction SAX Navigator: Time Series Exploration through Hierarchical Clustering
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena First Double Cascade Tau Neutrino Candidates in IceCube and a New Measurement of the Flavor Composition
arxiv Populations and Evolution When very slow is too fast -- collapse of a predator-prey system
arxiv Number Theory Factorization of Dickson polynomials over Finite Fields
arxiv Representation Theory Dessins d'enfants and Brauer configuration algebras
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Development of a UV-transparent Lens Array for Enlarging the Effective Area of Multichannel SiPMs
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Field redefinition's help in constructing non-abelian gauge theories
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Time-Resolved Open-Circuit Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy for Quantitative Analysis of Piezoelectricity and Triboelectricity in Nanowires
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Distributed Rate Control in Downlink NOMA Networks with Reliability Constraints
arxiv Computation and Language A Multi-Type Multi-Span Network for Reading Comprehension that Requires Discrete Reasoning
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Photoinduced polarization enhancement in biased bilayer graphene in the Landau level regime
arxiv Quantum Physics Parametric effects in circuit quantum electrodynamics
arxiv Populations and Evolution Epidemic models on social networks -- with inference
arxiv General Economics Automation Impacts on China's Polarized Job Market
arxiv Computational Physics Cosmological N-body simulations: a challenge for scalable generative models
arxiv Nuclear Theory Impact of the initial fluctuations on the dissipative dynamics of interacting Fermi systems: a model case study
arxiv Optics Enhancing the speed and sensitivity of a nonlinear optical sensor with noise
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Quasi-local energy and ADM mass in pure Lovelock gravity
arxiv Probability Self-Exciting Multifractional Processes
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Magnetic proximity in a van der Waals heterostructure of magnetic insulator and graphene
arxiv Nuclear Theory Reaction Rate Of p14N --> 15Ogamma Capture To All Bound States In Potential Cluster Model
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Searching for Time-Dependent Neutrino Emission from Blazars with IceCube
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Uniform local Lipschitz continuity of eigenvalues with respect to the potential in $L^1[a,b]$
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Vector spaces as Kripke frames
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics A positioning system for Baikal-GVD
arxiv General Economics The inverted U-shaped effect of urban hotspots spatial compactness on urban economic growth
arxiv Statistics Theory Exponential two-armed bandit problem
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Bubbling solutions for a planar exponential nonlinear elliptic equation with a singular source
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors The inter-cluster time synchronization systems within the Baikal-GVD detector
arxiv Portfolio Management Mean-variance hedging of unit linked life insurance contracts in a jump-diffusion model
arxiv Programming Languages Toward Structured Proofs for Dynamic Logics
arxiv Representation Theory The Brauer indecomposability of Scott modules with semidihedral vertex
arxiv Numerical Analysis Substructured Two-level and Multilevel Domain Decomposition Methods
arxiv Algebraic Geometry The fundamental group of binoid varieties
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Sharp estimates for spreading speed of the Lotka-Volterra diffusion system with strong competition
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition To complete or to estimate, that is the question: A Multi-Task Approach to Depth Completion and Monocular Depth Estimation
arxiv Information Retrieval Hamming Sentence Embeddings for Information Retrieval
arxiv Machine Learning Improving Randomized Learning of Feedforward Neural Networks by Appropriate Generation of Random Parameters
arxiv Group Theory Brown's Criterium and classifying spaces for families
arxiv Social and Information Networks On Gossip-based Information Dissemination in Pervasive Recommender Systems
arxiv Applied Physics Observation of Highly Nonlinear Resistive Switching of Al2O3/TiO2-x Memristors at Cryogenic Temperature (1.5 K)
arxiv Robotics Sample-efficient Deep Reinforcement Learning with Imaginary Rollouts for Human-Robot Interaction
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Beyond Cartesian Representations for Local Descriptors
arxiv Algebraic Geometry The cubo-cubic transformation and K3 surfaces
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics End-to-end correlated subgap states in hybrid nanowires
arxiv Combinatorics A sharp threshold phenomenon in string graphs
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Conditional LSTM-GAN for Melody Generation from Lyrics
arxiv Robotics Learning Interactive Behaviors for Musculoskeletal Robots Using Bayesian Interaction Primitives
arxiv Sound Speaker Verification Using Simple Temporal Features and Pitch Synchronous Cepstral Coefficients
arxiv Voltage Instability Prediction Using a Deep Recurrent Neural Network
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Liquid-Hextic-Solid Phase Transition of a Hard-Core Lattice Gas with Third Neighbor Exclusion
arxiv Theoretical Economics Probabilistic Verification in Mechanism Design
arxiv Machine Learning Towards Automated Machine Learning: Evaluation and Comparison of AutoML Approaches and Tools
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Ricci Subtraction for Cosmological Coleman-Weinberg Potentials
arxiv History and Overview The strange properties of the infinite power tower
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Field-Theoretic Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relation -- General formulation exemplified with the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum resonances of kicked rotor in the position representation
arxiv Methodology A hypothesis test of feasibility for external pilot trials assessing recruitment, follow-up and adherence rates
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Beam Asymmetry $\mathbfΣ$ for the Photoproduction of $\mathbfη$ and $\mathbf{η^{\prime}}$ Mesons at $\mathbf{E_γ=8.8}$GeV
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Phase field crystal model for heterostructures
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Multiple topological Dirac cones in a mixed-valent Kondo semimetal: g-SmS
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum optics with single spins
arxiv Physics and Society Deep reinforcement learning in World-Earth system models to discover sustainable management strategies
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Non-stationary Statistics and Formation Jitter in Transient Photon Condensation
arxiv Machine Learning Distinction Maximization Loss: Fast, Scalable, Turnkey, and Native Neural Networks Out-of-Distribution Detection simply by Replacing the SoftMax Loss
arxiv Cryptography and Security Straggling for Covert Message Passing on Complete Graphs
arxiv Machine Learning Combining Prediction Intervals on Multi-Source Non-Disclosed Regression Datasets
arxiv Computers and Society Producers of Popular Science Web Videos. Between New Professionalism and Old Gender Issues
arxiv Probability Random surfaces and Liouville quantum gravity
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Heat rectification via a superconducting artificial atom
arxiv Numerical Analysis Mean-field limit and numerical analysis for Ensemble Kalman Inversion: linear setting
arxiv Dynamical Systems On the $ C^{8/3} $-Regularisation of Simultaneous Binary Collisions in the Collinear 4-Body Problem
arxiv Plasma Physics Kinetic simulations of fusion ignition with hot-spot ablator mix
arxiv Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems Time-dependent defects in integrable soliton equations
arxiv Functional Analysis Frequently dense harmonic functions and universal martingales on trees
arxiv Numerical Analysis Weak imposition of Signorini boundary conditions on the boundary element method
arxiv Computational Physics Fast Three-dimensional Opto-acoustic Simulation for Linear Array with Rectangular Elements
arxiv Numerical Analysis Space-Time Nonlinear Upscaling Framework Using Non-local Multi-continuum Approach
arxiv Differential Geometry Almost scalar-flat Kähler metrics on affine algebraic manifolds
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum preprocessing for security enhancement in classical two-party computation
arxiv Applied Physics Defect Physics of Pseudo-cubic Mixed Halide Lead Perovskites from First Principles
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter The bending energy of a semi-flexible polymer chain and the polygons of the polymer chain
arxiv Number Theory A New Class of Irreducible Polynomials
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Effective field theory and scalar extensions of the top quark sector
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Improved bounds for the Kakeya maximal conjecture in higher dimensions
arxiv Dynamical Systems Normal Forms for Manifolds of Normally Hyperbolic Singularities and Asymptotic Properties of Nearby Transitions
arxiv Combinatorics Singer difference sets and the projective norm graph
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Equivalence of Gibbons-Werner method to geodesics method in the study of gravitational lensing
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition FastPose: Towards Real-time Pose Estimation and Tracking via Scale-normalized Multi-task Networks
arxiv Number Theory On the $p$-adic properties of Stirling numbers of the first kind
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Rigidity of Bott-Samelson-Demazure-Hansen variety for $F_4$ and $G_2$
arxiv Information Retrieval Two-stage Federated Phenotyping and Patient Representation Learning
arxiv Combinatorics Clustered Variants of Hajós' Conjecture
arxiv Number Theory On the divisor problem with congruence conditions
arxiv Image and Video Processing Deep Slice Interpolation via Marginal Super-Resolution, Fusion and Refinement
arxiv Information Theory Diffusive Mobile MC with Absorbing Receivers: Stochastic Analysis and Applications
arxiv Machine Learning Learning Credible Deep Neural Networks with Rationale Regularization
arxiv Information Retrieval SHREWD: Semantic Hierarchy-based Relational Embeddings for Weakly-supervised Deep Hashing
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory A tale of two exponentiations in ${\cal N}=8$ supergravity
arxiv Information Retrieval Generative Question Refinement with Deep Reinforcement Learning in Retrieval-based QA System
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Rigidity of Bott-Samelson-Demazure-Hansen variety for $PSO(2n+1, \mathbb{C})$
arxiv Nuclear Theory Coupled Self-Consistent RPA Equations for Even and Odd Particle Numbers. Tests with Solvable Models
arxiv Statistics Theory Efficient Estimation of Pathwise Differentiable Target Parameters with the Undersmoothed Highly Adaptive Lasso
arxiv Information Retrieval FCNHSMRA_HRS: Improve the performance of the movie hybrid recommender system using resource allocation approach
arxiv Information Retrieval CUPCF: Combining Users Preferences in Collaborative Filtering for Better Recommendation
arxiv Geometric Topology A Gordian Pair of Links
arxiv Information Retrieval GraphSW: a training protocol based on stage-wise training for GNN-based Recommender Model
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition R3Det: Refined Single-Stage Detector with Feature Refinement for Rotating Object
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Experimental investigation of the turbulent cascade development by injection of single large-scale Fourier modes
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Exciting Pseudospin Dependent Edge States in Plasmonic Metasurfaces
arxiv Image and Video Processing Towards multi-sequence MR image recovery from undersampled k-space data
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics A VLT/FLAMES survey for massive binaries in Westerlund 1: VII. Cluster census
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Using failed supernovae to constrain the Galactic r-process element production
arxiv Numerical Analysis T-IFISS: a toolbox for adaptive FEM computation
arxiv Atomic Physics An atomic array optical clock with single-atom readout
arxiv Computation and Language Visualizing and Understanding the Effectiveness of BERT
arxiv Image and Video Processing A deep learning model for segmentation of geographic atrophy to study its long-term natural history
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Distribution of Dense Cores near HII Regions
arxiv Optics Controlling branching angle of waveguide splitters based on GRIN lenses
arxiv General Topology A remark on locally direct product subsets in a topological Cartesian space
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies An Improved Distance to NGC 4258 and its Implications for the Hubble Constant
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies [OII] emitters in MultiDark-Galaxies and DEEP2
arxiv Applications Learning Signal Subgraphs from Longitudinal Brain Networks with Symmetric Bilinear Logistic Regression
arxiv Quantum Physics Nearly Optimal Measurement Scheduling for Partial Tomography of Quantum States
arxiv Computers and Society A blockchain-based user-centric emission monitoring and trading system for multi-modal mobility
arxiv Robotics Distributed Path Planning for Executing Cooperative Tasks with Time Windows
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Sharp polynomial decay rates for the damped wave equation with Hölder-like damping
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Tracing Player Knowledge in a Parallel Programming Educational Game
arxiv Optics Universal momentum-to-real-space mapping of topological singularities
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics REBOUNDx: A Library for Adding Conservative and Dissipative Forces to Otherwise Symplectic N-body Integrations
arxiv Populations and Evolution Deep learning on butterfly phenotypes tests evolution's oldest mathematical model
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Simple, Reversible Gradient Seebeck Coefficient Measurement System for 300-600K
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena A Method for an Untriggered, Time-Dependent, Source-Stacking Search for Neutrino Flares
arxiv Quantum Physics Generation of quasi-rectangle-states of the vibrational motion of an ion
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Breakdown of intermediate one-half magnetization plateau of spin-1/2 Ising-Heisenberg and Heisenberg branched chains at triple and Kosterlitz-Thouless critical points
arxiv Machine Learning A Bayesian Choice Model for Eliminating Feedback Loops
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition IoU-balanced Loss Functions for Single-stage Object Detection
arxiv Analysis of PDEs An Improved Compact Embedding Theorem for Degenerate Sobolev Spaces
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons The nature of the two-peak structure in NiO valence band photoemission
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Detecting Gravitational Waves in Data with Non-Gaussian Noise
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Muon Identification Using Deep Neural Networks with the Muon Telescope Detector at STAR
arxiv Computation and Language SenseBERT: Driving Some Sense into BERT
arxiv Programming Languages Counting Immutable Beans: Reference Counting Optimized for Purely Functional Programming
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Spectroscopic Signatures of Nonlocal Interfacial Coupling in Superconducting FeSe/SrTiO3 Heterostructures
arxiv Image and Video Processing A Multimodal Vision Sensor for Autonomous Driving
arxiv Metric Geometry The maximum number of points in the cross-polytope that form a packing set of a scaled cross-polytope
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Almost optimal local well-posedness for the Maxwell-Klein-Gordon system with data in Fourier-Lebesgue spaces
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics IRC+10216 mass loss properties through the study of $λ$3mm emission: Large spatial scale distribution of SiO, SiS, and CS
arxiv Plasma Physics Electromagnetic full-$f$ gyrokinetics in the tokamak edge with discontinuous Galerkin methods
arxiv Probability Correlation function methods for a system of annihilating Brownian particles
arxiv Programming Languages CLOTHO: Directed Test Generation for Weakly Consistent Database Systems
arxiv Machine Learning PHYRE: A New Benchmark for Physical Reasoning
arxiv Information Theory Non-coherent Detection and Bit Error Rate for an Ambient Backscatter Link in Time-Selective Fading
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Driven quantum dot coupled to a fractional quantum Hall edge
arxiv Optimization and Control Distributionally Robust Optimization: A Review
biorxiv Genomics Disentangling the impact of environmental and phylogenetic constraints on prokaryotic strain diversity
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Measuring Perceptual Distance of Organismal Color Pattern using the Features of Deep Neural Networks
biorxiv Genetics Evaluating and improving heritability models using summary statistics
psyarxiv Neuroscience Integrating visuospatial perspective-taking and communicative demands in referential pointing
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Relative Importance of Individual Depressive Symptoms, Demographic Variables, and Socioeconomic Variables in Predicting Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Access
biorxiv Neuroscience Catecholaminergic axons in the neocortex of adult mice regrow following brain injury
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Stereotypic morality: The influence of group membership on moral foundations
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Implicit perceptual memory can increase or decrease with ageing
biorxiv Ecology Limited selection on leaf traits in Danish grasslands
biorxiv Genetics Post-translational epigenetics: PRMT7 regulates RNA-binding capacity and protein stability to control Leishmania parasite virulence
biorxiv Neuroscience Enduring consequences of perinatal fentanyl exposure in mice
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Parallel changes in gut microbiome composition and function in parallel local adaptation and speciation
biorxiv Microbiology Rapid Detection of Genetic Engineering, Structural Variation, and Antimicrobial Resistance Markers in Bacterial Biothreat Pathogens by Nanopore Sequencing
biorxiv Cancer Biology Integrin α6β4 is downregulated in mutant IDH1 oligodendrogliomas, promotes glioma growth, and associates with a worse outcome in glioma patients
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Reporter system architecture affects measurements of noncanonical amino acid incorporation efficiency and fidelity
biorxiv Bioinformatics Classifying T cell activity in autofluorescence intensity images with convolutional neural networks
biorxiv Genomics Gene copy number is associated with phytochemistry in Cannabis sativa
biorxiv Biophysics Bound-state diffusion due to binding to flexible polymers in a selective biofilter
biorxiv Bioinformatics Capturing medical practice with indication embeddings
biorxiv Developmental Biology IRBIT Directs Differentiation of Intestinal Stem Cell Progeny to Maintain Tissue Homeostasis
biorxiv Biophysics Simulations of proposed mechanisms of FtsZ-driven cell constriction
biorxiv Bioinformatics Chromosome-length haplotigs for yak and cattle from trio binning assembly of an F1 hybrid
biorxiv Genetics Common breast cancer risk loci predispose to distinct tumor subtypes
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Cooperation only for high rewards - a solvable task-based study on free-ranging dogs
biorxiv Neuroscience Response-related signals increase confidence but not metacognitive performance
biorxiv Microbiology Therapeutically Exploring Persister Metabolism In Bacteria
biorxiv Microbiology Extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing and non-ESBL-producing Escherichia coli isolates causing bacteremia in the Netherlands (2014 – 2016) differ in ST distribution, antimicrobial resistance gene and virulence gene content
biorxiv Neuroscience Prediction of a cell-type specific mouse mesoconnectome using gene expression data
biorxiv Immunology Berberine delays onset of collagen induced arthritis through T cell suppression.
biorxiv Genomics Polygenic Hyperlipidemias and Coronary Artery Disease Risk
biorxiv Genetics Haplotype genetic score analysis in 10,734 mother/infant pairs reveals complex maternal and fetal genetic effects underlying the associations between maternal phenotypes, birth outcomes and adult phenotypes
biorxiv Immunology Coordinated Postnatal Trajectories of T Cells and Microbiota in Preterm and Full- term Newborns
biorxiv Models of heterogeneous dopamine signaling in an insect learning and memory center
biorxiv Microbiology Effects of Topical Antimicrobial Formulations on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm in an In vivo Porcine Burn Wound Model
biorxiv Evaluation of 20 enset (Ensete ventricosum) landraces for response to Xanthomonas vasicola pv. musacearum infection
biorxiv Bioengineering A simple CPG-based model to generate human hip moment pattern in walking by generating stiffness and equilibrium point trajectories
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Ancestral reconstruction of sunflower karyotypes reveals dramatic chromosomal evolution
biorxiv Genetics A CRISPR-based method for measuring the essentiality of a gene
biorxiv Ecology Effects of forest management on the phenology of early-flowering understory herbs
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Phylogenetic weighting does little to improve the accuracy of evolutionary coupling analyses
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition DeepLabCut Analysis of Social Novelty Preference
biorxiv Physiology The Metabolic Effects of Angiopoietin-like protein 8 (ANGPLT8) are Differentially Regulated by Insulin and Glucose in Adipose Tissue and Liver and are Controlled by AMPK Signaling
biorxiv Biochemistry A DNA G-quadruplex/i-motif hybrid
biorxiv Neuroscience Sensitivity of the paired motor unit analysis for estimation of motoneuron excitability to commonly used constraints and filters
biorxiv Genetics Plasmodium vivax Malaria viewed through the lens of an eradicated European strain
biorxiv Neuroscience Single unit activity in marmoset posterior parietal cortex in a gap saccade task
biorxiv Bioinformatics Detecting Inversions with PCA in the Presence of Population Structure
biorxiv Molecular biology Cellular heterogeneity and lineage restriction during mouse digit tip regeneration at single cell resolution
biorxiv Bioengineering Size and mass prediction of almond kernels using machine learning image processing
biorxiv Neuroscience Cerebellar plasticity and associative memories are controlled by perineuronal nets
biorxiv Ecology Stabilization of extensive fine-scale diversity by spatio-temporal chaos
biorxiv Genomics Extreme genome selection towards complete antimicrobial resistance in a nosocomial strain of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia complex
biorxiv Neuroscience Shared neural codes for eye-gaze and valence
biorxiv Cell Biology Heterogeneous transcriptome response to DNA damage at single cell resolution.
biorxiv Wax ester production in nitrogen-rich conditions by metabolically engineered Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1
biorxiv RAS Internal Tandem Duplication Disrupts GAP-binding to Activate Oncogenic Signaling
engrxiv Engineering Computational Intelligence in Conversational UI, A BotLibre Case Study. A survey paper
engrxiv Engineering One Green Quantum Computing Tablet Per Child
biorxiv Low FoxO expression in Drosophila somatosensory neurons protects dendrite growth under nutrient restriction
biorxiv The abundance and diversity of West Nile virus mosquito vectors in two Regional Units of Greece during the onset of the 2018 transmission season
biorxiv Targeting MEK5 impairs non-homologous end-joining repair and sensitizes prostate cancer to DNA damaging agents
biorxiv Mutational signatures in upper tract urothelial carcinoma define etiologically distinct subtypes with prognostic relevance
biorxiv Genetic Background Dominates Fibrotic Aortic Remodeling During Angiotensin-Induced Hypertension in Mice
biorxiv Resting-state and task-based centrality of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex predict resilience to inhibitory repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation
biorxiv Pan-active imidazolopiperazine antimalarials target the Plasmodium falciparum intracellular secretory pathway
biorxiv Uncovering a hidden diversity: optimized protocols for the extraction of bacteriophages from soil
biorxiv Population-Level Disease Dynamics Reflect Individual Heterogeneities in Transmission
biorxiv Quantifying free behavior in an open field using k-motif approach
biorxiv Agency and responsibility over virtual movements controlled through different paradigms of brain-computer interface
biorxiv Monosynaptic tracing success depends critically on helper virus concentrations
biorxiv Multipotent radial glia progenitors and fate-restricted intermediate progenitors sequentially generate diverse cortical interneuron types
biorxiv Translational Regulation Promotes Oxidative Stress Resistance in the Human Fungal Pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans
biorxiv Regulatory kinase genetic interaction profiles differ between environmental conditions and cellular states
biorxiv Leptin resistance establishment in the ovary of diet-induced obese mice and its relationship with cumulus cells transcriptome
biorxiv MKPV (aka MuCPV) and related chapparvoviruses are nephro-tropic and encode novel accessory proteins p15 and NS2
biorxiv DNA unwinding mechanism of a eukaryotic replicative CMG helicase
biorxiv Analyzing combined eye-tracking/EEG experiments with (non)linear deconvolution models
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Unique transcriptional signatures of sleep loss across independently evolved cavefish populations
biorxiv Genetics M-GWAS for the gut microbiome in Chinese adults illuminates on complex diseases
biorxiv Ecology Population genomics of a bioluminescent symbiosis sheds light on symbiont transmission and specificity
biorxiv Ecology Contextualising UK moorland burning studies: geographical versus potential sponsorship-bias effects on research conclusions
biorxiv Placebo-induced pain reduction is associated with inverse network coupling at rest
biorxiv Ephrin-B1 blocks adult cardiomyocyte proliferation and heart regeneration
biorxiv Comparison of visceral adipose tissue DNA methylation and gene expression profiles in female adolescents with obesity
biorxiv The Secretomes of Painful Versus Nonpainful Human Schwannomatosis Tumor Cells Differentially Influence Sensory Neuron Gene Expression and Sensitivity
biorxiv Motor-mediated clustering at microtubule plus ends facilitates protein transfer to a bio-mimetic cortex
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Mutation accumulation in chromosomal inversions maintains wing pattern polymorphism in a butterfly
biorxiv Neuroscience Factors associated with opioid cessation: a machine learning approach
biorxiv New method for high-throughput measurements of viscosity in submicrometer-sized membrane systems
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Selection on mutators is not frequency-dependent
biorxiv Physiology BET proteins are required for transcriptional activation of the senescent beta cell secretome in Type 1 Diabetes
biorxiv Ecology Including variability in air temperature warming scenarios in a lake simulation model highlights uncertainty in predictions of cyanobacteria
biorxiv Microbiology Membrane fluidity controls peptidoglycan synthesis and MreB movement.
biorxiv Ecology PalaeoChip Arctic1.0: An optimised eDNA targeted enrichment approach to reconstructing past environments
biorxiv Cell Biology LUZP1 and the tumour suppressor EPLIN are negative regulators of primary cilia formation
biorxiv Biophysics Magnetic manipulation of axonal endosome transport in live neurons
biorxiv Ecology An integrated population model for estimating the relative effects of natural and anthropogenic factors on a threatened population of Pacific trout
biorxiv Microbiology Collective interactions augment influenza A virus replication in a host-dependent manner
biorxiv Genetics A RAD9-dependent cell cycle arrest in response to unresolved recombination intermediates in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Flies exploit predictable perspectives and backgrounds to enhance iridescent signal salience and mating success
biorxiv Genomics The chromosomal-level genome assembly and comprehensive transcriptomes of Chinese razor clam (Sinonovacula constricta) with deep-burrowing life style and broad-range salinity adaptation
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Using natural experimental studies to guide public health action: turning the evidence-based medicine paradigm on its head
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The 2017 French Riots and Trust in the Police. A quasi-experimental approach.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences EMERGING RECOMMENDATIONS FOR INITIAL AUTOMATED TARGET RECOGNITION (ATR) DISPLAY CONSIDERATIONS: Implications for Concept Development and Evaluation
biorxiv Molecular biology Probe-Seq enables transcriptional profiling of specific cell types from heterogeneous tissue by RNA-based isolation
biorxiv Bioinformatics Untangling the effects of cellular composition on coexpression analysis
biorxiv Plant biology An ethnobotanical study of the genus Elymus
biorxiv Molecular biology Emodin Attenuates Renal Interstitial Fibrosis via Regulation of TIMP1/MM9 Pathway in Rats
biorxiv Bioinformatics Mercator: An R Package for Visualization of Distance Matrices
biorxiv Bioinformatics MetaboShiny - interactive processing, analysis and identification of untargeted metabolomics data
biorxiv Synthetic Biology A quantitative method for proteome reallocation using minimal regulatory interventions
biorxiv Bioinformatics Simulating metagenomic stable isotope probing datasets with MetaSIPSim
biorxiv Cancer Biology Hexokinase 2 displacement from mitochondria-associated membranes prompts Ca2+-dependent death of cancer cells
biorxiv Bioinformatics Evolution of specialization in dynamic fluids
biorxiv Molecular biology ResQ, a release factor-dependent ribosome rescue factor in the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis
biorxiv Biophysics Volumetric Lissajous Confocal Microscopy
biorxiv Molecular biology Post-Transcriptional Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 (BMP2) Gene Regulation in Aorta
biorxiv Cancer Biology Feedback loops involving AMPK, ERK and TFEB in matrix detachment leads to non-genetic heterogeneity
biorxiv Plant biology Drought sensitivity of leaflet growth, biomass accumulation, and resource partitioning predicts yield in common bean
biorxiv Plant biology A peptide pair coordinates regular ovule initiation patterns with seed number and fruit size
biorxiv Biochemistry Structural control of regioselectivity in an unusual bacterial acyl-CoA dehydrogenase
biorxiv Bioinformatics The evaluation of RNA-Seq de novo assembly by PacBio long read sequencing
biorxiv Cancer Biology An integrative pan-cancer investigation reveals common genetic and transcriptional alterations of AMPK pathway genes as important predictors of clinical outcomes across major cancer types
biorxiv Systems Biology Genome-wide analysis of transcriptional bursting-induced noise in mammalian cells
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Potentiating antibiotic treatment using fitness-neutral gene expression perturbations
biorxiv Plant biology Multi-Dimensional Machine Learning Approaches for Fruit Shape Recognition and Phenotyping in Strawberry
biorxiv Molecular biology Post-transcriptional regulation of aortic calcification in KLOTHO deficient mice: impact of miR-145 and miR-378
biorxiv Systems Biology Perturbation-based gene regulatory network inference to unravel oncogenic mechanisms
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Design of a transcriptional biosensor for the portable, on-demand detection of cyanuric acid
engrxiv Engineering Consonant voicing and devoicing
engrxiv Engineering Personality In Conversational UI design.
biorxiv Plant biology Dynamic regulation of immunity through post-translational control of defense transcript splicing
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Evolution of p38 MAP Kinases in Drosophila
biorxiv Microbiology BiofilmQ, a software tool for quantitative image analysis of microbial biofilm communities
biorxiv Systems Biology SHIFT: speedy histological-to-immunofluorescent translation of whole slide images enabled by deep learning
biorxiv Bioinformatics EPIFANY - A method for efficient high-confidence protein inference
biorxiv Neuroscience Live-cell assays for cell stress responses reveal new patterns of cell signaling caused by mutations in rhodopsin, α-synuclein and TDP-43
biorxiv Molecular biology Detection and quantification of GPCR mRNA: An assessment and implications of data from high-content methods
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Phenomenological control as cold control
eartharxiv Life Sciences More than planetary-scale feedback self-regulation: A Biological-centred approach to the Gaia Hypothesis
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Variations in sub-daily precipitation at centennial scale
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Self-regulatory consequences of observing others making goal progress: A longitudinal field study in weight loss groups
psyarxiv Life Sciences Taste uncertainty explains developmental effects on susceptibility to peer influence in adolescence
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Knowledge of potential harms and benefits of tamoxifen among women considering uptake of breast cancer preventive therapy
biorxiv Developmental Biology A Canal-Associated Neuron cAMP signalling pathway that regulates C. elegans larval development
biorxiv Biophysics Chemotaxis and topotaxis add vectorially for amoeboid cell migration
biorxiv Cell Biology Lysine acetylation promotes PALB2 chromatin association to maintain genome stability
biorxiv Neuroscience Acoustic biomolecules enhance hemodynamic functional ultrasound imaging of neural activity
biorxiv Developmental Biology Single Cell RNAseq Reveals A Critical Role of Chloride Channels in Airway Development
biorxiv Biochemistry The effects of terminal tagging on homomeric interactions of the sigma 1 receptor
biorxiv Biochemistry Ctf4 organizes sister replisomes and Pol α into a replication factory
biorxiv Biochemistry Profilin and formin constitute a pacemaker system for robust actin filament growth
biorxiv Biophysics Intercellular communication controls agonist-induced calcium oscillations independently of gap junctions in smooth muscle cells.
biorxiv Neuroscience Modulation of sensory behavior and food choice by an enteric bacteria-produced neurotransmitter
biorxiv Biophysics Selectivity Filter Instability Dominates the Low Intrinsic Activity of the TWIK-1 K2P K+ Channel
biorxiv Developmental Biology A non-canonical role for p27Kip1 in restricting proliferation of corneal endothelial cells during development
biorxiv Neuroscience Progression from feature-specific brain activity to hippocampal spatial binding during episodic encoding
biorxiv Neuroscience mTORC1 and mTORC2 regulate distinct aspects of glutamatergic synaptic transmission.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Six Reasons to Consider Using R in Psychological Research
biorxiv Cell Biology CLIC4, a new component of the cytokinetic ring, regulates actin cytoskeleton dynamics during the anaphase-to-telophase transition
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Level of completion along continuum of care for maternal and child health services and factors associated with it among women in Arba Minch Zuria Woreda, Gamo Zone, Southern Ethiopia: a community based cross-sectional study
biorxiv Neuroscience Cholinergic-like neurons carrying PSEN1 E280A mutation from familial Alzheimer’s disease reveal intraneuronal Abeta42 accumulation, hyperphosphorylation of TAU, oxidative stress, apoptosis and Ca2+ flux dysregulation: Therapeutic implications
biorxiv Neuroscience Characterizing upper extremity motor behavior in the first week after stroke
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences How Economic Inequality Shapes Mobility Expectations and Behaviour in Disadvantaged Youth
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Effects of a Warm or Chilly Climate Toward Socioeconomic Diversity on Academic Motivation and Self-Concept
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Perceptions of Socioeconomic Mobility Influence Academic Persistence among Low Socioeconomic Status Students
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Identity-Specific Motivation: How Distinct Identities Direct Self-Regulation across Distinct Situations
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Individual Differences in Students’ Effort Source Beliefs Predict Their Judgments of Ability
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Commentaries on Translational Impact: Psychologically Wise Policies Targeting Inequality Require Acknowledgement of Scarcity Mindsets, Mobility Beliefs, and Class Privilege Justifications
socarxiv Arts and Humanities To Sow and to Reap: The An Ceathramh Gaelic Language Centre
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Determinants of Breast Self-Examination Practice among Women in Surabaya, Indonesia: An Application of the Health Belief Model
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing A Deep Evolutionary Approach to Bioinspired Classifier Optimisation for Brain-Machine Interaction
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Improved determination of the $β$-$\overlineν_e$ angular correlation coefficient $a$ in free neutron decay with the $a$SPECT spectrometer
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory A General Prescription for Semi-Classical Holography
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies An ATCA Survey of HI Absorption in the Magellanic Clouds I: HI Gas Temperature Measurements in the Small Magellanic Cloud
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory de Sitter Vacua from Ten Dimensions
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Measuring the Orbital Parameters of Radial Velocity Systems in Mean Motion Resonance---a Case Study of HD 200964
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Fuzzy Dark Matter Soliton Cores around Supermassive Black Holes
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons How to emulate quantum spin liquids and build topological qubits with available quantum hardware
arxiv Materials Science On the Planckian bound for heat diffusion in insulators
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Electronic properties of α-RuCl3 in proximity to graphene
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Predicting Ly$α$ Emission from Galaxies via Empirical Markers of Production and Escape in the KBSS
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Accretion History of AGN: A Newly Defined Population of Cold Quasars
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Jets, Bubbles, and Heat Pumps in Galaxy Clusters
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Ultralight dark matter detection with mechanical quantum sensors
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Completing the scalar and fermionic Universal One-Loop Effective Action
arxiv Nuclear Theory Dynamical Derivation of the Momentum Space Shell Structure for Quarkyonic Matter
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Collective modes near a Pomeranchuk instability
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory p-brane Newton--Cartan Geometry
arxiv Quantum Physics Entanglement Bounds on the Performance of Quantum Computing Architectures
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Two-zone emission modeling of PKS 1510-089 during the high state of 2015
arxiv Optics Towards infrared toroidal photodevices: A Review
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory GSO projections via SPT phases
arxiv Quantum Algebra Revisiting the Askey--Wilson algebra with the universal R-matrix of $U_q(sl(2))$
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Ultrafast dynamics of fractional particles in $α$-RuCl$_3$
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics NGC 1261: A time-series \emph{VI} study of its variable stars
arxiv Medical Physics Generation of abdominal synthetic CTs from 0.35T MR images using generative adversarial networks for MR-only liver radiotherapy
arxiv Combinatorics On Occupancy Moments and Bloom Filter Efficiency
arxiv Social and Information Networks How often should I access my online social networks?
arxiv Computation and Language Domain Adaptive Training BERT for Response Selection
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies On The Role of Supermassive Black Holes in Quenching Star Formation in Local Central Galaxies
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Dynamics of Riemann waves with sharp measure-controlled damping
arxiv Differential Geometry Blow-up phenomena for the constant scalar curvature and constant boundary mean curvature equation
arxiv Logic The logic of vague categories
arxiv Logic Modelling socio-political competition
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Dark CP Violation and Gauged Lepton/Baryon Number for Electroweak Baryogenesis
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Hilbert-Kunz Multiplicity of Fibers and Bertini Theorems
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Detecting non-unitary multiorbital superconductivity with Dirac points at finite energies
arxiv Differential Geometry The fundamental theorem for singular surfaces with limiting tangent planes
arxiv Methodology R-miss-tastic: a unified platform for missing values methods and workflows
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Early black-hole seeds in the first billion years
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Meeting QoS of Users in a Edge to Cloud Platform via Optimally Placing Services and Scheduling Tasks
arxiv Materials Science Self-Assembled Room Temperature Multiferroic BiFeO3-LiFe5O8 Nanocomposites
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Exponential Decay and Lack of Analyticity for the System of the Kirchhoff Love Plates and Membrane Like Electric Network Equation with Fractional Partial Damping
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A bayesian-like approach to derive chemical abundances in Type-2 Active Galactic Nuclei based on photoionization models
arxiv Symplectic Geometry The Legendrian Whitney trick
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Structure of Dark Molecular Gas in the Galaxy -- II. Physical State of "CO-Dark" Gas in the Perseus Arm
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology The dark geometry of a null extra dimension
arxiv Quantum Gases Scrambled Mean Field Approach to the Quantum Dynamics of Degenerate Bose Gases
arxiv Computation and Language Entertaining and Opinionated but Too Controlling: A Large-Scale User Study of an Open Domain Alexa Prize System
arxiv Number Theory Twelfth moment of Dirichlet L-functions to prime power moduli
arxiv Differential Geometry On the asymptotic geometry of finite-type $k$-surfaces in three-dimensional hyperbolic space
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Exhaustive Model Selection in $b \to s \ell \ell$ Decays: Pitting Cross-Validation against AIC$_c$
arxiv Molecular Networks Boolean constraint satisfaction problems for reaction networks
arxiv Mathematical Finance The implied Sharpe ratio
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Superfast amplification and superfast nonlinear saturation of perturbations as the mechanism of turbulence
arxiv Machine Learning Local Score Dependent Model Explanation for Time Dependent Covariates
arxiv Image and Video Processing Significance of Residual Learning and Boundary Weighted Loss in Ischaemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation
arxiv Combinatorics New Invariants for Permutations, Orders and Graphs
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition SP-NET: One Shot Fingerprint Singular-Point Detector
arxiv Probability Rerooting multi-type branching trees: the infinite spine case
arxiv Quantum Physics Inelastic scattering of photon pairs in qubit arrays with subradiant states
arxiv Applied Physics TCAD model for TeraFET detectors operating in a large dynamic range
arxiv Computational Physics Reaction coordinates and rate constants for liquid droplet nucleation: quantifying the interplay between driving force and memory
arxiv Statistics Theory Generalization Error Bounds for Deep Variational Inference
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing RTF-steered binaural MVDR beamforming incorporating multiple external microphones
arxiv Social and Information Networks Privacy Preserving Link Prediction with Latent Geometric Network Models
arxiv Probability Local convergence of random planar graphs
arxiv Optics Generative Multi-Functional Meta-Atom and Metasurface Design Networks
arxiv General Economics Forecasting U.S. Textile Comparative Advantage Using Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Models and Time Series Outlier Analysis
arxiv Functional Analysis A Tauberian theorem for ideal statistical convergence
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Tomographic analyses of the CMB lensing and galaxy clustering to probe the linear structure growth
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology On the nature of correlation between neutrino-SM CP phase and unitarity violating new physics parameters
arxiv Cryptography and Security Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS)
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Correlation of IceCube neutrinos with the 2MASS Redshift Survey
arxiv Materials Science Deep material network with cohesive layers: Multi-stage training and interfacial failure analysis
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Designing a new spatial light modulator for holographic photostimulation
arxiv Computational Physics Advances in electron backscatter diffraction
arxiv Quantum Physics The Faddeev-Yakubovsky symphony
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Searching for neutrino emission from hard X-ray sources with IceCube
arxiv Signal Processing Intelligent Reflecting Surface Enhanced MIMO Broadcasting for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Hyperon electromagnetic timelike elastic form factors at large $q^2$
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Rigidity for perimeter inequality under spherical symmetrisation
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Learning the best thermoelectric nanoscale heat engines through evolving network topology
arxiv Cryptography and Security Post-Incident Audits on Cyber Insurance Discounts
arxiv Quantum Physics Uncertainty relation for the position of an electron in a uniform magnetic field from quantum estimation theory
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Neutrino source searches and a realtime neutrino alert stream in the southern sky with IceCube starting tracks
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Note on the entanglement entropy of higher spins in four dimensions
arxiv Chaotic Dynamics An Extension of Discrete Lagrangian Descriptors for Unbounded Maps
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Magnetic structure and excitations of the topological semimetal YbMnBi$_2$
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Non-Abelian aether-like term in four dimensions
arxiv Materials Science Evolution of structure and magnetism across the metal-insulator transition in the pyrochlore iridate $($Nd$_{1-x}$Ca$_x)_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$
arxiv Quantitative Methods Multilevel and multifidelity uncertainty quantification for cardiovascular hemodynamics
arxiv Number Theory Pair correlation for Dedekind zeta functions of abelian extensions
arxiv Computation and Language Meta Reasoning over Knowledge Graphs
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The parity-preserving $U(1) \times U(1)$ massive QED$_3$: ultraviolet finiteness and no parity anomaly
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Invariant Measures for Nonlinear Conservation Laws Driven by Stochastic Forcing
arxiv Rings and Algebras Some open problems in the context of skew PBW extensions and semi-graded rings
arxiv Applied Physics Three-Oscillator Vibrational Band-Gap Renormalization and Band-Tailing in CsPbI$_3$ Perovskite Nanocrystals
arxiv Rings and Algebras Computation of point modules of finitely semi-graded rings
arxiv Mathematical Physics Quantum Systems at The Brink. Existence and Decay Rates of Bound States at Thresholds; Helium
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena The Next Generation of IceCube Realtime Neutrino Alerts
arxiv Information Theory Joint Precoding and Power Control in Small-Cell Networks With Proportional-Rate MISO-BC Backhaul
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Sign of viscous magnetoresistance in electron fluids
arxiv Information Theory Cross-Layer Scheduling and Beamforming in Smart Grid Powered Small-Cell Networks
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Thermal evolution of neo-neutron stars. I: envelopes, Eddington luminosity phase and implications for GW170817
arxiv Superconductivity Orbital transmutation and the electronic spectrum of FeSe in the nematic phase
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Existence and asymptotics of nonlinear Helmholtz eigenfunctions
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Determining wavenumbers for the incompressible Hall-magneto-hydrodynamics
arxiv Superconductivity Ground State Wave Function Overlap in Superconductors and Superfluids
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics The Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and smoothed particle hydrodynamics
arxiv Group Theory Finite extensions of AH-accessible groups
arxiv Computation and Language HyperKG: Hyperbolic Knowledge Graph Embeddings for Knowledge Base Completion
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Inferring the Presence of Tides in Detached White Dwarf Binaries
arxiv Quantum Physics Incorporating action and reaction into a particle interpretation for quantum mechanics -- Dirac case
arxiv Rings and Algebras Actions of Small Groups on Two-Dimensional Artin-Schelter Regular Algebras
arxiv Computation and Language Aspect and Opinion Terms Extraction Using Double Embeddings and Attention Mechanism for Indonesian Hotel Reviews
arxiv Computational Finance Accurate Finite Difference Scheme with Hermite Interpolation for Pricing American Put Options Using a Regime Switching Model
arxiv Physics and Society On community structure in complex networks: challenges and opportunities
arxiv Combinatorics 3-choosable planar graphs with some precolored vertices and no $5^{-}$-cycles normally adjacent to $8^{-}$-cycles
arxiv Robotics Control Of Mobile Robots Using Barrier Functions Under Temporal Logic Specifications
arxiv Methodology Least Squares Approximation for a Distributed System
arxiv Biological Physics Random walk on a lattice in the presence of obstacles: The short-time transient regime, anomalous diffusion and crowding
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Spatial Distributions of Sunspot Oscillation Modes at Different Temperatures
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Serverless Supercomputing: High Performance Function as a Service for Science
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena NuSTAR and XMM-Newton observations of SXP 59 during its 2017 giant outburst
arxiv Machine Learning Constrained Multi-Objective Optimization for Automated Machine Learning
arxiv Numerical Analysis An efficient and convergent finite element scheme for Cahn--Hilliard equations with dynamic boundary conditions
arxiv Computation and Language Architecture and evolution of semantic networks in mathematics texts
arxiv Quantum Physics Coherence of quantum Gaussian channels
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition FairFace: Face Attribute Dataset for Balanced Race, Gender, and Age
arxiv Quantum Physics Deterministic Coherence Distillation
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition HorNet: A Hierarchical Offshoot Recurrent Network for Improving Person Re-ID via Image Captioning
arxiv Functional Analysis On Expansive Mappings
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Cascade Sequence-to-Sequence Model for Chinese Mandarin Lip Reading
arxiv Group Theory Subgroups of the Group of Formal Power Series with the Big Powers Condition
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Towards Diverse and Accurate Image Captions via Reinforcing Determinantal Point Process
arxiv Cryptography and Security Aggregating Votes with Local Differential Privacy: Usefulness, Soundness vs. Indistinguishability
arxiv Logic in Computer Science On the Elementary Affine Lambda-Calculus with and Without Fixed Points
arxiv Computational Complexity Pointers in Recursion: Exploring the Tropics
arxiv Computational Complexity Type-two Iteration with Bounded Query Revision
arxiv Machine Learning Tensor-Train Parameterization for Ultra Dimensionality Reduction
arxiv Rings and Algebras On almost subnormal subgroups in division rings
arxiv Computation and Language Reasoning-Driven Question-Answering for Natural Language Understanding
arxiv Materials Science Photochemical Upconversion Theory: Importance of Triplet Energy Levels and Triplet Quenching
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Quantum Elliptic Calogero-Moser Systems from Gauge Origami
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 3-D Scene Graph: A Sparse and Semantic Representation of Physical Environments for Intelligent Agents
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Generalised Zero-Shot Learning with Domain Classification in a Joint Semantic and Visual Space
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Magnetic Skyrmion Field-Effect Transistors
arxiv Number Theory On odd deficient-perfect numbers with four distinct prime divisors
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Re-Pair In-Place
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Constraining the Formation of the Four Terrestrial Planets in the Solar System
arxiv Robotics Fog Robotics: A Summary, Challenges and Future Scope
arxiv Algebraic Geometry The Log Product Formula
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Fast Cartesian Tree Matching
arxiv Number Theory A Constructive Proof of Masser's Theorem
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Helium settling in F stars: constraining turbulent mixing using observed helium glitch signature
arxiv Information Theory Low-PAPR Multi-channel OOK Waveform for IEEE 802.11ba Wake-up Radio
arxiv Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems Modulation instability, rogue waves and spectral analysis for the sixth-order nonlinear Schrodinger equation
arxiv Computation and Language Reinforcement Learning Based Graph-to-Sequence Model for Natural Question Generation
arxiv Computation and Language Establishing Strong Baselines for the New Decade: Sequence Tagging, Syntactic and Semantic Parsing with BERT
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Detachment of fluid membrane from substrate and vesiculation
arxiv Analysis of PDEs 3-D axisymmetric transonic shock solutions of the full Euler system in divergent nozzles
arxiv Materials Science Microscopic toy model for magnetoelectric effect in polar Fe$_2$Mo$_3$O$_8$
arxiv Cryptography and Security Risk-Limiting Tallies
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Mild and classical solutions for fractional evolution differential equation
arxiv Algebraic Topology Morita Invariance of Equivariant Lusternik-Schnirelmann Category and Invariant Topological Complexity
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition VideoNavQA: Bridging the Gap between Visual and Embodied Question Answering
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unsupervised Out-of-Distribution Detection by Maximum Classifier Discrepancy
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Thermodynamics conditions of matter in the neutrino decoupling region during neutron star mergers
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Signal Development for Saturated Ultrafast Sensors with Impact Ionization Gain
arxiv Cryptography and Security Taking a Lesson from Quantum Particles for Statistical Data Privacy
arxiv Robotics Probabilistic Multimodal Modeling for Human-Robot Interaction Tasks
arxiv Nuclear Theory Hadronization using the Wigner function approach for a multiphase transport model
arxiv Methodology Large-dimensional Factor Analysis without Moment Constraints
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Quantitative bounds for critically bounded solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations
arxiv Statistical Finance Computational method for probability distribution on recursive relationships in financial applications
arxiv Cryptography and Security ClustCrypt: Privacy-Preserving Clustering of Unstructured Big Data in the Cloud
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Charged cosmological black holes: a thorough study of a family of solutions
arxiv Portfolio Management Can robust optimization offer improved portfolio performance?: An empirical study of Indian market
arxiv Mathematical Physics Linear Differential Equations for the Resolvents of the Classical Matrix Ensembles
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning Two-View Correspondences and Geometry Using Order-Aware Network
arxiv Differential Geometry Matrix composition via Rolling Cones
arxiv Combinatorics Distributive Mendelsohn triple systems and the Eisenstein integers
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics A model-independent determination of the Hubble constant from lensed quasars and supernovae using Gaussian process
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Faster Unsupervised Semantic Inpainting: A GAN Based Approach
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Reflection spectra of thick accretion disks
arxiv Machine Learning Thompson Sampling and Approximate Inference
arxiv Theoretical Economics Third person enforcement in a prisoner's dilemma game
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology The complete basis for pentaquark wave function in group theory approach
arxiv Quantum Gases Interaction Control of Ultracold Alkaline-Earth Atoms
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors First demonstration of a bubble-assisted Liquid Hole Multiplier operation in liquid argon
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics V348 And and V572 Per: Bright Triple Systems with Eccentric Eclipsing Binaries
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Correlation Clustering with Same-Cluster Queries Bounded by Optimal Cost
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Observation of Shubnikov-de Haas Oscillations, Non-trivial Berry Phase, Planar Hall and Anisotropic Magnetoresistance at the conducting interface of EuO-KTaO$_3$
arxiv Pattern Formation and Solitons A model field theory with $(ψ\ln ψ)^2$ potential: Kinks with super-exponential profiles
arxiv Machine Learning Harmonized Multimodal Learning with Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models
arxiv Applied Physics Focusing Surface Acoustic Wave Microcavities on GaAs
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Fully-resolved wave-structure interaction simulations of a submerged cylindrical point absorber with three degrees of freedom
arxiv Quantum Physics Towards Simultaneous Observation of Path and Interference of Single Photon in a Modified Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology A QCD analysis for nuclear PDFs at NNLO
arxiv Plasma Physics Effect of size and shape of a moving charged object on the propagation characteristics of precursor solitons
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Detectability of Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Multiband Gravitational Wave Astronomy
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Optical spectrum of distant OH/IR star V1648 Aql (IRAS 19386+0155)
arxiv Quantum Physics The role of coherence on two-particle quantum walks
arxiv Optics Metasurface interferometry towards quantum sensors
arxiv Differential Geometry Isolated singularities of flat metrics on Riemann surfaces
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Quasar Main Sequence: a line or a plane?
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Controlling Cost in Sandpile Models Through Local Adjustment of Drive
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Memory-Based Neighbourhood Embedding for Visual Recognition
arxiv Fluid Dynamics The non-homogeneous flow of a thixotropic fluid around a sphere
arxiv Applied Physics Addressing band-edge-property spatial variations and localized-state carrier trapping and recombination in solar cell numerical modeling
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Cylindrically symmetric $n$-dimensional (un)charged de Sitter and anti-de Sitter black holes in generic $f(T)$ gravity
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Multi-messenger Gravitational-Wave + High-Energy Neutrino Searches with LIGO, Virgo, and IceCube
arxiv Applied Physics Chemically-controlled self-assembly of hybrid plasmonic nanopores on graphene
arxiv Cryptography and Security Interpretable Encrypted Searchable Neural Networks
arxiv Optics Silicon metasurfaces for third harmonic geometric phase manipulation and multiplexed holography
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Stringy Black Hole Interiors
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Recent progress towards chemically-specific coarse-grained simulation models with consistent dynamical properties
arxiv Portfolio Management Is being `Robust' beneficial?: A perspective from the Indian market
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology The mass splitting among the isospin multiplets of light vector mesons
arxiv Cryptography and Security Stop the Open Data Bus, We Want to Get Off
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Benchmarking the Robustness of Semantic Segmentation Models
arxiv Machine Learning Visualizing Image Content to Explain Novel Image Discovery
arxiv Robotics Robust Translational Force Control of Multi-Rotor UAV for Precise Acceleration Tracking
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition AdvFaces: Adversarial Face Synthesis
arxiv Computation and Language FlexNER: A Flexible LSTM-CNN Stack Framework for Named Entity Recognition
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Probing the minigap in topological insulator-based Josephson junctions under radio frequency irradiation
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Rivalry of diffusion, external field and gravity in micro-convection of magnetic colloids
arxiv Cryptography and Security Side-Channel Aware Fuzzing
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Time-slicing spiral galaxies with SDSS-IV MaNGA
arxiv Combinatorics A Combinatorial Analysis Of Higher Order Generalised Geometric Polynomials: A Generalisation Of Barred Preferential Arrangements
arxiv Computational Geometry Sketched Representations and Orthogonal Planarity of Bounded Treewidth Graphs
arxiv Mathematical Physics Quantum Systems at The Brink. Existence and Decay Rates of Bound States at Thresholds; Atoms
arxiv Differential Geometry Mukai duality on K3 surfaces from the differential geometric perspective
arxiv Geometric Topology On the Kronheimer-Mrowka concordance invariant
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Numerical convergence of hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy formation: the abundance and internal structure of galaxies and their cold dark matter haloes
arxiv Image and Video Processing Histographs: Graphs in Histopathology
arxiv Cryptography and Security Complexity of universal access structures
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Coherence Witness with Untrusted Measurement Devices
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The chemical compositions of the 2 new HgMn stars HD 30085 and HD 30963. Comparison to $χ$ Lupi A, $ν$ Cap and HD 174567
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Person Re-identification in Aerial Imagery
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Asymptotic spreading of interacting species with multiple fronts I: A geometric optics approach
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Asymptotic spreading of interacting species with multiple fronts II: Exponentially decaying initial data
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Obstructed stable sheaves on elliptic surfaces -- Canonical singularities or not
arxiv Nuclear Theory Evolution of nuclear structure in and around Z=50 closed shell: Generalized Seniority in Cd, Sn and Te isotopes
arxiv Numerical Analysis Galerkin approximation of holomorphic eigenvalue problems: weak T-coercivity and T-compatibility
arxiv Information Theory Computing and Communicating Functions in Disorganized Wireless Networks
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Effects of string cloud on Gauss-Bonnet holographic superconductors
arxiv Functional Analysis Operator inequalities I. Models and ergodicity
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Differentiable Soft Quantization: Bridging Full-Precision and Low-Bit Neural Networks
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Three-dimensional Density Structure of a Solar Coronal Streamer Observed by SOHO/LASCO and STEREO/COR2 in Quadrature
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Imaging impurities at quantum Hall edges in graphene: Dissipation and resistance rings
arxiv Applied Physics Towards Topological Protection based millimetre wave devices
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Local and global applications of the Minimal Model Program for co-rank one foliations on threefolds
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Asymmetric accretion and thermal `mountains' in magnetized neutron star crusts
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter A Tuneable Magnetic Domain Wall Conduit Regulating Nanoparticle Diffusion
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Deep Generalized Max Pooling
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Hamiltonian formalism of the ghost free Tri(-multi)gravity theory
arxiv Physics Education Understanding CMB physics through the exploration of exotic cosmological models: a classroom study using CLASS
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Exploring the mass surface near the rare-earth abundance peak via precision mass measurements at JYFLTRAP
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Magnetic Hedgehog Lattices in Noncentrosymmetric Metals
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics The First Detection of 13C17O in a Protoplanetary Disk: a Robust Tracer of Disk Gas Mass
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Aluminum oxide phase transitions from cluster to nanoparticle
arxiv Quantum Physics Graph States as a Resource for Quantum Metrology
arxiv Optimization and Control Building Temperature Control: A Distributed Escort Dynamical Approach
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Optical Black-hole Analog Created by Topological Phase Transition with a Long-lived Horizon
arxiv Biological Physics Migration and accumulation of bacteria with chemotaxis and chemokinesis
arxiv Spectral Theory Eigenvalues of the Laplacian with density
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors A modular mini-pad photon detector prototype for RICH application at the Electron Ion Collider
arxiv Quantum Physics Strong unitary uncertainty relations
arxiv Computation and Language Fusion of Detected Objects in Text for Visual Question Answering
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Network Lifetime Maximization in Wireless Mesh Networks for Machine-to-Machine Communication
arxiv Biological Physics Thermodynamics of the S2-to-S3 State Transition of the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II
arxiv Differential Geometry Analytic Linear Lie rack Structures on Leibniz Algebras
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Nanodiamond photocathodes for MPGD-based single photon detectors at future EIC
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Towards Explainable AI Planning as a Service
arxiv Differential Geometry On Riemann-Poisson Lie groups
arxiv Number Theory Generalized Jacobi-Trudi determinants and evaluations of Schur multiple zeta values
arxiv Image and Video Processing Boosting Liver and Lesion Segmentation from CT Scans By Mask Mining
arxiv Optimization and Control Mean Field Game for Linear Quadratic Stochastic Recursive Systems
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Spectral properties of Neumann-Poincare operator and anomalous localized resonance in elasticity beyond quasi-static limit
arxiv Methodology Modelling columnarity of pyramidal cells in the human cerebral cortex
arxiv Combinatorics Equitable vertex arboricity of $d$-degenerate graphs
arxiv Computation and Language Reactive Multi-Stage Feature Fusion for Multimodal Dialogue Modeling
arxiv Optics Understanding the image contrast of material boundaries in IR nanoscopy reaching 5 nm spatial resolution
arxiv Combinatorics Equitable tree-$O(d)$-coloring of $d$-degenerate graphs
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Spin-orbital glass transition in a model frustrated pyrochlore magnet without quenched disorder
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Optical fingerprint of bright and dark localized excitonic states in atomically thin 2D materials
arxiv Combinatorics Light edges in 1-planar graphs of minimum degree 3
arxiv Quantum Physics General sending-or-not-sending twin field protocol for quantum key distribution with asymmetric source parameters
arxiv Category Theory Ideal categories of rings and ring of cones
arxiv Combinatorics Equitable partition of graphs into induced linear forests
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Effects of the Cornell-type potential on a position-dependent mass system in Kaluza-Klein theory
arxiv Cryptography and Security Cyber-Physical Systems Resilience: State of the Art, Research Issues and Future Trends
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Emission line properties of the most luminous AGN in massive galaxies at intermediate redshifts
arxiv Optics Motional Sideband Asymmetry of a Nanoparticle Optically Levitated in Free Space
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Analysis of granular rheology in a quasi-two-dimensional slow flow by means of discrete element method based simulations
arxiv Machine Learning AdaGCN: Adaboosting Graph Convolutional Networks into Deep Models
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Algorithms the min-max regret 0-1 Integer Linear Programming Problem with Interval Data
arxiv Differential Geometry On Cohomogeneity One Linear Actions On Pseudo-euclidean Space $\mathbb{R}^{p,q}$
arxiv Metric Geometry Cosmology of Plane Geometry
arxiv Machine Learning A Reproducible Comparison of RSSI Fingerprinting Localization Methods Using LoRaWAN
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Improved Hodgkin & Huxley-type model for action potentials in squid
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Components Loss for Neural Networks in Mask-Based Speech Enhancement
arxiv Dynamical Systems Knobbly but nice
arxiv Statistical Finance Modeling microstructure price dynamics with symmetric Hawkes and diffusion model using ultra-high-frequency stock data
arxiv Computational Physics Comparing quantum, molecular and continuum models for graphene at large deformations
arxiv Methodology Borrowing of information across patient subgroups in a basket trial based on distributional discrepancy
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Topological flat band, Dirac fermions and quantum spin Hall phase in 2D Archimedean lattices
arxiv Rings and Algebras Quadratic Split Quaternion Polynomials: Factorization and Geometry
arxiv Image and Video Processing Segmentation of Multimodal Myocardial Images Using Shape-Transfer GAN
arxiv Analysis of PDEs A minimization problem involving a fractional Hardy-Sobolev type inequality
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Determination of isometric real-analytic metric and spectral invariants for elastic Dirichlet-to-Neumann map on Riemannian manifolds
arxiv Methodology Causal discovery in heavy-tailed models
arxiv Computation and Language Towards Optimisation of Collaborative Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Shape-Aware Complementary-Task Learning for Multi-Organ Segmentation
arxiv Probability Fluctuations of propagation front in catalytic branching walk
arxiv Mathematical Physics Soliton solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with defect conditions
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Accretion-Induced Collapse of Dark Matter Admixed White Dwarfs -- I: Formation of Low-mass Neutron Stars
arxiv Machine Learning Unsupervised Behavior Change Detection in Multidimensional Data Streams for Maritime Traffic Monitoring
arxiv Image and Video Processing D-UNet: a dimension-fusion U shape network for chronic stroke lesion segmentation
arxiv Pricing of Securities Performance of tail hedged portfolio with third moment variation swap
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Approximating Values of Generalized-Reachability Stochastic Games
arxiv Quantum Physics The operational advantages provided by non-classical teleportation
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction WiFi-based Real-time Breathing and Heart Rate Monitoring during Sleep
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Non-minimally coupled nonlinear spinor field in FRW cosmology
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Torus fibers and the weight filtration
arxiv Computation and Language X-WikiRE: A Large, Multilingual Resource for Relation Extraction asMachine Comprehension
arxiv Geometric Topology Geometric transition from hyperbolic to Anti-de Sitter structures in dimension four
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory DGLAP and BFKL equations in $\mathcal{N}=4$ SYM: from weak to strong coupling
arxiv Nuclear Theory Density-dependent van der Waals model under the GW170817 constraint
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Schur analysis of matricial Hausdorff moment sequences
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Fast Extragalactic X-ray Transients From Gamma Ray Bursts Viewed Far Off Axis
arxiv Computation and Language FlowDelta: Modeling Flow Information Gain in Reasoning for Conversational Machine Comprehension
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Charged accelerating black hole in $f(R)$ gravity
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Neutral iron line in the supernova remnant IC 443 and implications for MeV cosmic rays
arxiv Quantitative Methods In silico prediction of protein flexibility with local structure approach
arxiv Materials Science Role of higher-order phonon scattering in the zone-center optical phonon linewidth and the Lorenz oscillator model
arxiv Quantitative Methods Investigation of the impact of PTMs on the protein backbone conformation
arxiv Number Theory Bilateral Ramanujan-like series for $1/π^k$ and their congruences
arxiv Combinatorics Minimal Representations of Order Types by Geometric Graphs
arxiv New Results on Parameter Estimation via Dynamic Regressor Extension and Mixing: Continuous and Discrete-time Cases
arxiv Quantitative Methods A minimum set of stable blocks for rational design of polypeptide chains Running head: A set of stable blocks for protein rational design
arxiv Cryptography and Security Breaking the encryption scheme of the Moscow internet voting system
arxiv Group Theory Generalised shuffle groups
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics HAYDN -- High-precision AsteroseismologY of DeNse stellar fields (ESA Voyage 2050 White Paper)
arxiv Risk Management Dynamic Dependence Modeling in financial time series
arxiv Plasma Physics Short-scale quantum kinetic theory including spin-orbit interactions
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Spatially resolved signatures of bi-directional flows observed in inverted-Y shaped jets
arxiv Signal Processing Assessing Workers Perceived Risk During Construction Task Using A Wristband-Type Biosensor
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Lumley Decomposition of the Turbulent Round Jet Far-field. Part 1 -- Kinematics
arxiv Computation and Language Mastering emergent language: learning to guide in simulated navigation
arxiv Mathematical Physics A note about fractional Stefan problem
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Investigation of Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies as Obscured High-Energy Neutrino Source Candidates
arxiv Computation and Language MemeFaceGenerator: Adversarial Synthesis of Chinese Meme-face from Natural Sentences
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Quasi-periodic quantum thermal machines
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Response to 'Room Temperature, Quantum-Limited THz Heterodyne Detection? Not Yet'
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors J-PARC Neutrino Beamline Upgrade Technical Design Report
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition GreyReID: A Two-stream Deep Framework with RGB-grey Information for Person Re-identification
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Regularities in the spectrum of chaotic p-modes in rapidly rotating stars
arxiv Biological Physics Cardiac Mechano-Electrical Dynamical Instability
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Toward a Dempster-Shafer theory of concepts
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Directional TSDF: Modeling Surface Orientation for Coherent Meshes
arxiv Computation and Language SG-Net: Syntax-Guided Machine Reading Comprehension
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Radiative Decay of Bound Electron Pairs in Two-Dimensional Topological Insulators
arxiv Plasma Physics Impact of micro-scale stochastic Zonal Flows on the macro-scale V-RMHD modes
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Accretion-Induced Collapse of Dark Matter Admixed White Dwarfs -- II: Rotation and Gravitational-wave Signals
arxiv Plasma Physics Optimisation of Thin Plastic Foil Targets for Production of Laser-Generated Protons in the GeV Range
arxiv Optics Visible blue-to-red 10 GHz frequency comb via on-chip triple-sum frequency generation
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Semi-supervised Learning with Adaptive Neighborhood Graph Propagation Network
arxiv Quantum Physics A Software Simulator for Noisy Quantum Circuits
arxiv Optimization and Control The sum-of-squares hierarchy on the sphere, and applications in quantum information theory
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Aleph: Efficient Atomic Broadcast in Asynchronous Networks with Byzantine Nodes
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies AGN and starburst coexistence in the short GRB100628A host galaxy
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Criticality of Spin Systems with Weak Long-Range Interactions
arxiv Optimization and Control A Closed-Form Analytical Solution for Optimal Coordination of Connected and Automated Vehicles
arxiv Representation Theory On Reducible Verma Modules over Jacobi Algebra
arxiv Machine Learning Scalable Attentive Sentence-Pair Modeling via Distilled Sentence Embedding
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Search for neutrino emission in IceCube archival data from the direction of IceCube alert events
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Magnetic ground state of distorted 6H perovskite Ba$_3$CdIr$_2$O$_9$
arxiv Machine Learning Unconstrained Monotonic Neural Networks
arxiv Differential Geometry Some remarks on equivariant elliptic operators and their invariants
arxiv Materials Science Exploring the behavior of vanadium under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions
arxiv Nuclear Theory Single-Energy Partial Wave Analysis for $π^0$ Photoproduction on Proton with Fixed-$t$ Analyticity Imposed
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Tour of Convolutional Networks Guided by Linear Interpreters
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Abundant refractory sulfur in protoplanetary disks
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Search for high-energy neutrinos from AGN cores
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Linking the Solar System and Extrasolar Planetary Systems with Radar Astronomy: Infrastructure for "Ground Truth" Comparison
arxiv Optics Breach of symmetries in rotating arrays and metamaterials observed in their rest frame
arxiv Algebraic Geometry An Automorphic Classification of Real Cubic Curves
arxiv Complex Variables On Carleson measures induced by Beltrami coefficients being compatible with Fuchsian groups
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Chaos in the inert Oort cloud
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory On Hamiltonians for Kerov functions
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Relativistic reflection spectra of super-spinning black holes
arxiv Probability Randomly coupled differential equations with correlations
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Spin Structure of heavy-quark hybrids
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology New physics and tau $g-2$ using LHC heavy ion collisions
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics SkyLLH -- A generalized Python-based tool for log-likelihood analyses in multi-messenger astronomy
arxiv Sound Interleaved Multitask Learning for Audio Source Separation with Independent Databases
arxiv Complex Variables A general coefficient theorem for univalent functions
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Parity violating Friedmann Universes
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Once a MAN: Towards Multi-Target Attack via Learning Multi-Target Adversarial Network Once
arxiv Materials Science Phonon and Thermal Properties of Quasi-Two-Dimensional FePS3 and MnPS3 Antiferromagnetic Semiconductor Materials
arxiv Probability On discrete loop signatures and Markov loops topology
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction A Research Framework for Virtual Reality Neurosurgery Based on Open-Source Tools
arxiv Quantum Physics Operator approach in nonlinear stochastic open quantum physics
arxiv Combinatorics Exploring Projective Norm Graphs
arxiv Dual Heuristic Dynamic Programing Control of Grid-Connected Synchronverters
arxiv Social and Information Networks Temporal Analysis of Reddit Networks via Role Embeddings
arxiv Applied Physics Shaping of sessile magnetic drops due to electromagnetic stress
arxiv Atomic Physics Quantum trajectories in spin-exchange collisions reveal the nature of spin-noise correlations in multi-species alkali vapors
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition DAPAS : Denoising Autoencoder to Prevent Adversarial attack in Semantic Segmentation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Polarization fraction measurement in ZZ scattering using deep learning
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Radiation shielding composites using thermoplastic polymers mouldable at low temperature
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms (Learned) Frequency Estimation Algorithms under Zipfian Distribution
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Neural Network Predictive Controller for Grid-Connected Virtual Synchronous Generator
arxiv Risk Management Nonparametric modeling cash flows of insurance company
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Helical phase inflation and its observational constraints
arxiv Chaotic Dynamics Embedding and Approximation Theorems for Echo State Networks
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Why Should the Q-method be Integrated Into the Design Science Research? A Systematic Mapping Study
arxiv Computation and Language On The Evaluation of Machine Translation Systems Trained With Back-Translation
arxiv Quantum Physics Spin State Dynamics in a Bichromatic Microwave Field: Power Narrowing and Broadening of a Magnetic Resonance
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Tailoring the emission wavelength and s-p splitting in MOCVD-grown InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots emitting above 1.3 μm
arxiv Dynamical Systems Mean equicontinuity, almost automorphy and regularity
arxiv Materials Science Substrate effects on charged defects in two-dimensional materials
arxiv Optimization and Control A Survey of Recent Scalability Improvements for Semidefinite Programming with Applications in Machine Learning, Control, and Robotics
arxiv Quantum Gases Quantum anomaly and thermodynamics of one-dimensional fermions with antisymmetric two-body interactions
arxiv Pattern Formation and Solitons Pattern formation with pde2path -- a tutorial
arxiv Optics Topological Control of Extreme Waves
arxiv Applied Physics Role of electrostatic potential energy in carbon nanotube augmented cement paste matrix
arxiv Subcellular Processes Stability Analysis of a Bulk-Surface Reaction Model for Membrane-Protein Clustering
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena A new sample of X-ray selected Swift/SDSS faint blazars and blazar candidates
arxiv Signal Processing Wireless localization with diffusion maps
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Detecting 11K Classes: Large Scale Object Detection without Fine-Grained Bounding Boxes
arxiv Numerical Analysis Accuracy Controlled Structure-Preserving ${\cal H}^2$-Matrix-Matrix Product in Linear Complexity with Change of Cluster Bases
arxiv Computational Physics Quasi-Diabatic Scheme for Non-adiabatic On-the-fly Simulations
arxiv Combinatorics Maximally additively reducible subsets of the integers
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Two-Loop Scattering Amplitudes: Double-Forward Limit and Colour-Kinematics Duality
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Surface rotation and photometric activity for Kepler targets I. M and K main-sequence stars
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology A light CP-odd Higgs boson of the MSSM Higgs sector extended by dimension-six operators
arxiv Robotics Multi-Agent Manipulation via Locomotion using Hierarchical Sim2Real
arxiv Combinatorics Order plus size of $τ$-critical graphs
arxiv Quantum Physics Feynman Path Integral of a charged anisotropic HO in crossed electric and magnetic fields. Alternative calculational methods
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Exploiting semi-supervised training through a dropout regularization in end-to-end speech recognition
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Spectrophotometric templates for core collapse supernovae and their application in simulations of time-domain surveys
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Optical characterization of WISE selected blazar candidates
arxiv Optics Three-dimensional Near-field Anatomy Reveals Geometric Resonance of Hyperbolic Phonon Polariton Micro-Structures
arxiv Pattern Formation and Solitons Macroscopic oscillations locked and synchronized on fixed energy levels by two cooperating drives
arxiv Physics and Society Agent-based simulator of dynamic flood-people interactions
arxiv Quantum Algebra The finiteness conjecture for skein modules
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Sky Brightness Measurements and Ways to Mitigate Light Pollution in Kirksville, Missouri
arxiv Disturbance Decoupling and Instantaneous Fault Detection in Boolean Control Networks
arxiv Materials Science Computational Prediction of Structural, Electronic, Optical Properties and Phase Stability of Double Perovskites K2SnX6 (X = I, Br, Cl)
arxiv Applied Physics Interface Engineering in Hybrid Halide Perovskites Using Lewis Base and Graphene
arxiv Quantum Physics A Method of Determining Excited-States for Quantum Computation
arxiv Tissues and Organs Fractional Order Models of Arterial Windkessel as an Alternative in the Analysis of the Left Ventricular Afterload
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Epistemological approach in immersive virtual environments and the neurophysiology learning process
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Effect of the hair on deflection angle by asymptotically flat black holes in Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory
arxiv Optics On-axis diffraction-limited design of bi-parabolic singlet lenses
arxiv Information Theory Performance Characterization of Canonical Mobility Models in Drone Cellular Networks
arxiv PMU Data Feature Considerations for Realistic, Synthetic Data Generation
arxiv Numerical Analysis Efficient Parallel-in-Time Solution of Time-Periodic Problems Using a Multi-Harmonic Coarse Grid Correction
arxiv Probability Limit Theorems for the Length of the Longest Common Subsequence of Mallows Permutations
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Genus-2 Holographic Correlator on $AdS_5 \times S^5$ from Localization
arxiv Rings and Algebras Actions of quantum linear spaces on quantum algebras
arxiv Group Theory Simplicity of the automorphism groups of ordered homogeneous structures
arxiv Robotics Swimming locomotion of Soft Robotic Snakes
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum algorithm for estimating Renyi entropies of quantum states
arxiv Atomic Physics Near L-edge photoionization of triply charged iron ions
arxiv Computation and Language The lexical and grammatical sources of neg-raising inferences
arxiv Machine Learning Optimizing for Interpretability in Deep Neural Networks with Tree Regularization
arxiv Statistics Theory On rank estimators in increasing dimensions
arxiv Robotics Continuous Control for High-Dimensional State Spaces: An Interactive Learning Approach
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Few-Shot Learning with Global Class Representations
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Deformations and BBF form on non-Kahler holomorphically symplectic manifolds
arxiv Combinatorics Invariants of polynomials mod Frobenius powers
arxiv Atomic Physics Photon scattering from a cold, Gaussian atom cloud
arxiv Populations and Evolution Mobility restrictions for the control of epidemics: When do they work?
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Two-fluid simulations of waves in the solar chromosphere II. Propagation and damping of fast magneto-acoustic waves and shocks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition AutoCorrect: Deep Inductive Alignment of Noisy Geometric Annotations
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Measurement of angular and momentum distributions of charged particles within and around jets in Pb+Pb and $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}} = 5.02$ TeV with the ATLAS detector
arxiv Machine Learning Skill Transfer in Deep Reinforcement Learning under Morphological Heterogeneity
arxiv Differential Geometry Killing foliations, deformations and basic equivariant cohomology
arxiv Computation and Language Towards Debiasing Fact Verification Models
arxiv Discrete Mathematics The Power of the Weisfeiler-Leman Algorithm to Decompose Graphs
arxiv Geometric Topology Exotic Mazur manifolds and knot trace invariants
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics RF compressibility of topological surface and interface states in metal-hBN-Bi2Se3 capacitors
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter End-to-End Machine Learning for Experimental Physics: Using Simulated Data to Train a Neural Network for Object Detection in Video Microscopy
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences When scenes speak louder than words: Verbal encoding does not mediate the relationship between scene meaning and visual attention
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Rationale of Rationalization
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Contextual influences on the perception of pregnant women who use drugs: Information about women’s childhood trauma history reduces punitive attitudes
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The perceptual prediction paradox
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Anticipated Attack Slows Responses in a Cued Virtual Attack Emotional Sternberg Task
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences When Do Growth Mindset Interventions Work?
biorxiv Neuroscience Genetically encoded cell-death indicators (GEDI) to detect an early irreversible commitment to neurodegeneration
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Geomagnetic field intensity may be a cue for the regulation of insect migration
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Exponential-Family Random Graph Models for Multi-Layer Networks
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Income Inequality Across the Rural-Urban Continuum in the United States, 1970-2016
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics High-resolution terrestrial climate, bioclimate and vegetation for the last 120,000 years
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Unequal Protection Under the Law: Encoding Racial Disparities for Hispanics in the Case of Smith v. Georgia
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences How practitioners between bench and bedside evaluate biomedical translation
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Saiga horn user characteristics, motivations, and purchasing behaviour in Singapore
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Personality Research and Assessment in the Era of Machine Learning
biorxiv Bioinformatics Identifying and removing haplotypic duplication in primary genome assemblies
biorxiv Genetics Stress Resistance Screen in a Human Primary Cell Line Identifies Small Molecules that Affect Aging Pathways and Extend C. elegans’ Lifespan
biorxiv Ecology Are tropical reptiles really declining? A six-year survey of snakes in Drake Bay, Costa Rica, and the role of temperature, rain and light
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences When experts make inconsistent decisions
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Guide for Many Authors: Writing Manuscripts in Large Collaborations
biorxiv Neuroscience Directed robust generation of functional retinal ganglion cells from Muller glia
biorxiv Biophysics Molecular Mechanism of Action of Mitochondrial Therapeutic SS-31 (Elamipretide): Membrane Interactions and Effects on Surface Electrostatics
biorxiv Bioinformatics Predicting antigen-specificity of single T-cells based on TCR CDR3 regions
biorxiv Neuroscience Unexpected sound omissions are signaled in human posterior superior temporal gyrus: an intracranial study
biorxiv Cell Biology Spatial intra- and intercellular alignment of respiratory cilia and its relation to function
biorxiv Biophysics High-throughput multicolor 3D localization in live cells by depth-encoding imaging flow cytometry
biorxiv Biophysics Unit quaternion description of spatial rotation in 3D electron cryo-microscopy
biorxiv Neuroscience Kcnn3 as a target for treating aberrant behaviors in stressed, ethanol-dependent mice
biorxiv Cell Biology Single Cell Analysis Reveals Multiple Requirements for Zinc in the Mammalian Cell Cycle
biorxiv Developmental Biology Chytrid rhizoid morphogenesis is adaptive and resembles hyphal development in 'higher' fungi
biorxiv Biophysics Physical limit to concentration sensing in a changing environment
biorxiv Genomics Partial loss of CFIm25 causes aberrant alternative polyadenylation and learning deficits
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Effects of two seminal fluid proteins on post-mating behavior in the simultaneously hermaphroditic flatworm Macrostomum lignano
biorxiv Neuroscience Superior Colliculus to VTA pathway controls orienting behavior during conspecific interaction.
biorxiv Neuroscience Properties of decision-making tasks govern the tradeoff between model-based and model-free learning
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Correlation of Sorted Scores Rule
biorxiv Genetics The effect of liver enzymes on body composition: a Mendelian randomization study
sportrxiv Sport and Exercise Science Perceived Exertion and Performance Modulation: Effects of Caffeine Ingestion and Subject Expectation
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Kyiv in the Global Biblical World: Reflections of KTA Professors From the Second Half of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries
socarxiv Arts and Humanities “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Intellectual Space” as a Manifestation of Intercultural Communications (on the Basis of the Ukrainian Hierarchs’ Epistolary Legacy)
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Reading of Alexander Motyl’s Fall River Through the Lenses of Bordermemories
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Unpopular Protest: Mass Mobilization and Attitudes to Democracy in Post-Mubarak Egypt
psyarxiv Neuroscience Preregistration Is Hard, And Worthwhile
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Progradational Slope Architecture and Sediment Partitioning in the Outcropping Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Bone Spring Formation, Permian Basin, west Texas
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Automatic word count estimation from daylong child-centered recordings in various language environments using language-independent syllabification of speech
biorxiv Biochemistry Lecithin:Retinol Acyl Transferase (LRAT) induces the formation of lipid droplets
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Individual differences in pathogen disgust predict responses to trypophobic images
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Selection for altruistic defense in structured populations
biorxiv Genomics Single nucleus RNA sequencing maps acinar cell states in a human pancreas cell atlas
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Parallel genomic architecture underlies repeated sexual signal divergence in Hawaiian Laupala crickets
biorxiv Bioinformatics Improved detection of differentially represented DNA barcodes for high-throughput lineage phenomics
biorxiv Microbiology Identification of Escherichia coli ClpAP in regulating susceptibility to type VI secretion system-mediated attack by Agrobacterium tumefaciens
biorxiv Microbiology Combined efficacy of a novel antimicrobial cationic peptide polymer with conventional antibiotics to combat multi-drug resistant pathogens
biorxiv Biochemistry Casein kinase 1 dynamics underlie the PER2 circadian phosphoswitch
biorxiv Ecology Dissecting genetic and sex-specific host heterogeneity in pathogen transmission potential
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Density-dependent costs and benefits of male mating success in a wild insect
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Synteny-based analyses indicate that sequence divergence is not the dominant source of orphan genes
biorxiv Microbiology Station and train surface microbiomes of Mexico City's metro (subway/underground)
biorxiv Cell Biology Formation of talin-vinculin pre-complexes dictates maturation of nascent adhesions by accelerated force transmission and vinculin recruitment
biorxiv Microbiology Culture of salivary methanogens assisted by chemically produced hydrogen
biorxiv Plant biology How do three cytosolic glutamine synthetase isozymes of wheat perform N assimilation and translocation?
biorxiv Microbiology The Alkaliphilic side of Staphylococcus aureus
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Inferring putative ancient whole genome duplications in the 1000 Plants (1KP) initiative: access to gene family phylogenies and age distributions
biorxiv Ecology Diversity of responses of soil saprobic fungi to recurring heat events
biorxiv Neuroscience Cholesterol recognition motifs in the transmembrane domain of the tyrosine kinase receptor family: the case for TRKB
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Crystal structure of the M5 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor
biorxiv Neuroscience One-time learning and reverse salience signals with a Salience Affected Neural Network (SANN)
biorxiv Cell Biology Girdin is a component of the lateral polarity protein network restricting cell dissemination
biorxiv Genomics Genetic Associations in Four Decades of Multi-Environment Trials Reveal Agronomic Trait Evolution in Common Bean
biorxiv Microbiology Characterization of the mycobiome of the seagrass, Zostera marina, reveals putative associations with marine chytrids
biorxiv Bioinformatics Sequences Dimensionality-Reduction by K-mer Substring Space Sampling Enables Effective Resemblance- and Containment-Analysis for Large-Scale omics-data
biorxiv Plant biology Cell-surface receptors enable perception of extracellular cytokinins
biorxiv Microbiology Escherichia coli clonobiome: assessing the strains diversity in feces and urine by deep amplicon sequencing
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Bayesian Gaussian distributional regression models for more efficient norm estimation
biorxiv Cancer Biology Low rate of follow-up colonoscopy after positive results of colorectal cancer screening in a Chinese urban core district
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education What difference do retractions make? An estimate of the epistemic impact of retractions on recent meta-analyses.
biorxiv Microbiology Analysis of the lineage of Phytophthora infestans isolates using mating type assay, traditional markers, and next generation sequencing technologies
biorxiv Plant biology Pollen morphology of Polish species from the genus Rubus L. (Rosaceae) and its systematic importance
biorxiv Genetics Gains through selection for grain yield in a winter wheat breeding program
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Potential Utility of Routine Programmatic Data in Monitoring National and State-Level HIV Epidemic in Nigeria: Data Triangulation Analysis
biorxiv Microbiology A new technique for use in the study of the microbiome: An evaluation of a three-dimensional cell culture technique in maintaining the gastrointestinal microbiome of four Balb/c female mice and implications for future studies
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Study on thermal insulation of diagonal-braced wood frame wall
biorxiv Microbiology Computational search for UV radiation resistance strategies in Deinococcus swuensis isolated from Paramo ecosystems.
biorxiv Ecology Epicuticular wax lipid composition of endemic European Betula species and its application to chemotaxonomy and paleobotany
biorxiv Plant biology A report on the detection and management of a finding of PSTVd (Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid) in potato breeding material in Northern Ireland, UK.
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Multi-modality Latent Interaction Network for Visual Question Answering
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Is the brain relativistic?
arxiv Logic in Computer Science The far side of the cube
arxiv Geometric Topology A simple algorithm to compute link polynomials defined by using skein relations
arxiv Robotics Deep Dexterous Grasping of Novel Objects from a Single View
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Two formalisms of stochastization of one-step models
arxiv Theoretical Economics Interactive coin offerings
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Peering into the Dark (Ages) with Low-Frequency Space Interferometers
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Super-resolution of Omnidirectional Images Using Adversarial Learning
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Quantum break in models of axion dark matter
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Higher-order topological phase without crystalline symmetry
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics In-Situ Scattering of Warm Jupiters and Implications for Dynamical Histories
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Integration-by-parts reductions of Feynman integrals using Singular and GPI-Space
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Spontaneous Conformal Symmetry Breaking in Fishnet CFT
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Generalised P and CP transformations in the 3-Higgs-doublet model
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Distinct properties of the radio burst emission from the magnetar XTE J1810-197
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Theory of the Phase Transition in Random Unitary Circuits with Measurements
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies How Galactic Environment affects the Dynamical State of Molecular Clouds and their Star Formation Efficiency
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons The Hubbard model on the honeycomb lattice: from static and dynamical mean-field theories to lattice quantum Monte Carlo simulations
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Type III Seesaw for Neutrino Masses in $U(1)_{B-L}$ Model with Multi-component Dark Matter
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Proposal for a new quantum theory of gravity III: Equations for quantum gravity, and the origin of spontaneous localisation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Euclid preparation: V. Predicted yield of redshift 7<z<9 quasars from the wide survey
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Dark Matter search with H.E.S.S. towards ultra-faint dwarf nearby DES satellites of the Milky Way
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Spectral weight in holography with momentum relaxation
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Parity-Violating Gravity and GW170817 in Non-Riemannian Cosmology
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Thermal conductance of one dimensional disordered harmonic chains
arxiv Algebraic Geometry The Dual Complex of a semi-log canonical Surface
arxiv Biological Physics Beyond local gradient-sensing: memory effects in bacterial chemotactic navigation
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Hunting for heavy Dark Matter in the Galactic Center with ground-based Cherenkov telescopes
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The First Maps of $κ_{d}$ -- the Dust Mass Absorption Coefficient -- in Nearby Galaxies, with DustPedia
arxiv Machine Learning Neural Text Generation with Unlikelihood Training
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Tropically planar graphs
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Multi-timescale Trajectory Prediction for Abnormal Human Activity Detection
arxiv Materials Science Exchange Bias and Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in the MnBi2Te4-CrI3 Heterostructure
arxiv Optics Nonlinear Spectroscopy and All-Optical Switching of Femtosecond Soliton Molecules
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Phases of $\mathbf{U(N_c)}$ QCD$_3$ from Type 0 Strings and Seiberg Duality
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Conformality loss, walking, and 4d complex CFTs at weak coupling
arxiv History and Philosophy of Physics Leibniz Equivalence, Newton Equivalence, and Substantivalism
arxiv Information Theory Classes of Full-Duplex Channels with Capacity Achieved Without Adaptation
arxiv Statistics Theory Identifying shifts between two regression curves
arxiv Discrete Mathematics Nonleaf Patterns in Trees: Protected Nodes and Fine Numbers
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology From Non-interacting to Interacting Picture of Thermodynamics and Transport Coefficients for Quark Gluon Plasma
arxiv Statistics Theory Elements of asymptotic theory with outer probability measures
arxiv Computation and Language LSTM vs. GRU vs. Bidirectional RNN for script generation
arxiv Trading and Market Microstructure Random walk model from the point of view of algorithmic trading
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics The Compton Spectrometer and Imager
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology From Non-interacting to Interacting Picture of Quark Gluon Plasma in presence of magnetic field and its fluid property
arxiv Theoretical Economics Fairness and efficiency for probabilistic allocations with endowments
arxiv Algebraic Geometry RationalMaps, a package for Macaulay2
arxiv Graphics Convolutional Humanoid Animation via Deformation
arxiv Machine Learning Feature Partitioning for Efficient Multi-Task Architectures
arxiv Geometric Topology On Reeb graphs induced from smooth functions on closed or open surfaces
arxiv Materials Science Temperature Effects in the thermal conductivity of aligned amorphous Polyethylene -- A molecular Dynamics study
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Why Does a Visual Question Have Different Answers?
arxiv History and Philosophy of Physics En busca de los efectos gravitacionales de Birkhoff: la ultracentrıfuga transelastica
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition AI Décor
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Repetitive Reprediction Deep Decipher for Semi-Supervised Learning
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition SkrGAN: Sketching-rendering Unconditional Generative Adversarial Networks for Medical Image Synthesis
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Enforcing Perceptual Consistency on Generative Adversarial Networks by Using the Normalised Laplacian Pyramid Distance
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition What's in the box? Explaining the black-box model through an evaluation of its interpretable features
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A fast multi-object tracking system using an object detector ensemble
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Earth as an Exoplanet: A Two-dimensional Alien Map
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Explaining Convolutional Neural Networks using Softmax Gradient Layer-wise Relevance Propagation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Brane annihilation in non-supersymmetric strings
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Action Recognition in Untrimmed Videos with Composite Self-Attention Two-Stream Framework
arxiv Robotics Learning to Detect Collisions for Continuum Manipulators without a Prior Model
arxiv Machine Learning Adversarial Neural Pruning
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Photolysis of Aromatic Hydrocarbons Adsorbed on the Surfaces of Cosmic Dust Grains
arxiv Optimization and Control Error Bounds and Singularity Degree in Semidefinite Programming
arxiv Physics and Society Generalised trophic levels and graph hierarchy
arxiv Other Condensed Matter Instability of a Vortex Ring due to Toroidal Normal Fluid Flow in Superfluid 4He
arxiv Materials Science Stability, efficiency, and mechanism of n-type doping by hydrogen adatoms in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides
arxiv Differential Geometry Asymptotic and exterior Dirichlet problems for the minimal surface equation in the Heisenberg group with a balanced metric
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Uncovering non-Fermi-liquid behavior in Hund metals: conformal field theory analysis of a SU(2) $\times$ SU(3) spin-orbital Kondo model
arxiv Representation Theory On Arthur's unitarity conjecture for split real groups
arxiv Computation and Language AmazonQA: A Review-Based Question Answering Task
arxiv Quantum Algebra On $q$-deformed real numbers
arxiv Software Engineering Methodological Issues in Observational Studies
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Droplets II: Internal Velocity Structures and Potential Rotational Motions in Coherent Cores
arxiv Quantum Physics Dark-State Optical Potential Barriers with Nanoscale Spacing
arxiv General Economics Wasserstein Index Generation Model: Automatic Generation of Time-series Index with Application to Economic Policy Uncertainty
arxiv Probability Collective marks and first passage times
arxiv Algebraic Geometry On the log-local principle for the toric boundary
arxiv Signal Processing Uncertainty Model Estimation in an Augmented Data Space for Robust State Estimation
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition MULAN: Multitask Universal Lesion Analysis Network for Joint Lesion Detection, Tagging, and Segmentation
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Two Dimensional Router: Design and Implementation
arxiv Logic Piece selection and cardinal arithmetic
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Prototyping Software Transceiver for the 5G New Radio Physical Uplink Shared Channel
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Electrified Cone Formation in Perfectly Conducting Viscous Liquids: Self-Similar Growth Irrespective of Reynolds Number
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Quasi-cosmological Traversable Wormholes in $f(R)$ Gravity
arxiv Chaotic Dynamics Aspects of Dynamical Simulations, Emphasizing Nosé and Nosé-Hoover Dynamics and the Compressible Baker Map
arxiv Category Theory Hausdorff coalgebras
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Efficient Contraction of Large Tensor Networks for Weighted Model Counting through Graph Decompositions
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Kicking gravitational wave detectors with recoiling black holes
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Apache Spark Accelerated Deep Learning Inference for Large Scale Satellite Image Analytics
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition An Unsupervised, Iterative N-Dimensional Point-Set Registration Algorithm
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition OD-GCN object detection by knowledge graph with GCN
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Detection of the Group of Traffic Signs with Central Slice Theorem
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Mass Estimation from Images using Deep Neural Network and Sparse Ground Truth
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Detecting semantic anomalies
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition NeuroMask: Explaining Predictions of Deep Neural Networks through Mask Learning
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Difficulty Classification of Mountainbike Downhill Trails utilizing Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Local Supports Global: Deep Camera Relocalization with Sequence Enhancement
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Deep Learning for Detecting Building Defects Using Convolutional Neural Networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Fine-Tuning Models Comparisons on Garbage Classification for Recyclability
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory On Quiver W-algebras and Defects from Gauge Origami
arxiv Combinatorics Chip-Firing Games and Critical Groups
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Challenge of Spatial Cognition for Deep Learning
arxiv Geometric Topology Cabling in terms of immersed curves
arxiv Symplectic Geometry Scale Calculus and M-Polyfolds -- An Introduction
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Directional bonding explains high conductance values of atomic contacts in bcc metals
arxiv Quantum Physics Landauer's Principle in a Quantum Szilard Engine Without Maxwell's Demon
arxiv Econometrics A zero interest rate Black-Derman-Toy model
arxiv Plasma Physics Bose-Einstein condensation in relativistic plasma
arxiv Probability On breadth-first constructions of scaling limits of random graphs and random unicellular maps
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Face Recognition in Unconstrained Conditions: A Systematic Review
arxiv Active Damping of Power Oscillations Following Frequency Changes in Low Inertia Power Systems
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Validation of Energy Conditions in Wormhole Geometry within Viable $f(R)$ Gravity
arxiv Comparison of coupled nonlinear oscillator models for the transient response of power generating stations connected to low inertia systems
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Physical Parameters for Stable $f(R)$ Models
arxiv Computational Complexity Cyclic Oritatami Systems Cannot Fold Infinite Fractal Curves
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Gravitational Radiation from Binaries: A Pedagogical Introduction
arxiv Stability Analysis of Reservoir Computers Dynamics via Lyapunov Functions
arxiv Signal Processing The Noise Collector for sparse recovery in high dimensions
arxiv Image and Video Processing The Channel Attention based Context Encoder Network for Inner Limiting Membrane Detection
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Cosmic acceleration via space-time-matter theory
arxiv Quantum Algebra Cyclotomic Expansion of Generalized Jones Polynomials
arxiv Quantum Physics Noise Resilience of Variational Quantum Compiling
arxiv Signal Processing Low-cost low-power in-vehicle occupant detection with mm-wave FMCW radar
arxiv General Mathematics Diagram of Representations of Universal Algebras
arxiv Superconductivity Superconducting materials: the w$hole$ story
arxiv Differential Geometry Positive scalar curvature on stratified spaces, I: the simply connected case
arxiv Metric Geometry On the Lipschitz dimension of Cheeger-Kleiner
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Point-Based Multi-View Stereo Network
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons An accelerated linear method for optimizing non-linear wavefunctions in variational Monte Carlo
arxiv Dynamical Systems Finiteness of homoclinic classes on sectional hyperbolic sets
arxiv Multiagent Systems A sub-modular receding horizon solution for mobile multi-agent persistent monitoring
arxiv Nuclear Theory Benchmark calculations of pure neutron matter with realistic nucleon-nucleon interactions
arxiv Methodology A Groupwise Approach for Inferring Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Causal Inference
arxiv Optics How Perfect are Perfect Vortex Beams?
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Elemental Abundances in M31: First Alpha and Iron Abundance Measurements in M31's Giant Stellar Stream
arxiv Numerical Analysis An energy consistent discretization of the nonhydrostatic equations in primitive variables
arxiv Dynamic Contract Design for Systemic Cyber Risk Management of Interdependent Enterprise Networks
arxiv Quantum Physics Effective state as compatibility between agents
arxiv Statistics Theory Sharp Guarantees for Solving Random Equations with One-Bit Information
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy Using Fast Scintillators and Digital Electronics
arxiv Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems Spectral and Dynamic Consequences of Network Specialization
arxiv Machine Learning Superstition in the Network: Deep Reinforcement Learning Plays Deceptive Games
arxiv Medical Physics DeepMCDose: A Deep Learning Method for Efficient Monte Carlo Beamlet Dose Calculation by Predictive Denoising in MR-Guided Radiotherapy
arxiv Combinatorics Quantitative combinatorial geometry for concave functions
arxiv Chemical Physics Dopant-free molecular hole transport material that mediates a 20% power conversion efficiency in a perovskite solar cell
arxiv Metric Geometry The Quasi-hyperbolicity Constant of a Metric Space
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning Target-oriented Dual Attention for Robust RGB-T Tracking
arxiv Differential Geometry Existence of $B^k_{α,β}$-Structures on $C^k$-Manifolds
arxiv Computational Physics Implementation of contact angles in the pseudopotential lattice Boltzmann simulations with curved boundaries
arxiv Materials Science Converting Faraday rotation into magnetization in europium chalcogenides
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology The relativistic Chapman-Enskog heat conduction law: stability, hyperbolicity and a link with divergence-type fluid theories
arxiv Information Theory Context-Aware Information Lapse for Timely Status Updates in Remote Control Systems
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Properties of the Center of Gravity as an Algorithm for Position Measurements
arxiv Algebraic Topology Cohomology of the classifying spaces of $U(n)$-gauge groups over the 2-sphere
arxiv Plasma Physics Exact Solov'ev equilibrium with an arbitrary boundary
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Quantifying the Propagation of Fast Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun to Interplanetary Space Combining Remote Sensing and Multi-Point in-situ Observations
arxiv Cryptography and Security Towards Security as a Service to Protect the Critical Resources of Mobile Computing Devices
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Multi-objective scheduling on two dedicated processors
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons The analytical description of a doped Mott insulator
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics The probability distribution of 3-D shapes of galaxy clusters from 2-D X-ray images
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Giant temperature dependence of the Mott gap size in 1T-TaS 2 : a molecular dynamics study
arxiv Optics Synthetic gauge field in a single optomechanical resonator
arxiv Machine Learning On the Convergence of AdaBound and its Connection to SGD
arxiv Geometric Topology Coarse density of subsets of $M_g$
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Hidden charm pentaquarks with color-octet substructure in QCD Sum Rules
arxiv Group Theory Algorithms detecting stability and Morseness for finitely generated groups
arxiv Probability Matrix-analytic solution of system of integral equations in three tandem servers
arxiv Statistics Theory The bias of isotonic regression
arxiv Machine Learning DL-PDE: Deep-learning based data-driven discovery of partial differential equations from discrete and noisy data
arxiv Databases Linking Graph Entities with Multiplicity and Provenance
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Industrial Control via Application Containers: Migrating from Bare-Metal to IAAS
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Few Labeled Atlases are Necessary for Deep-Learning-Based Segmentation
arxiv Dynamical Systems Convergence Behaviors of Directed Signed Networks With Nonidentical Topologies
arxiv Statistics Theory A Fast Spectral Algorithm for Mean Estimation with Sub-Gaussian Rates
arxiv Image and Video Processing Collaborative Multi-agent Learning for MR Knee Articular Cartilage Segmentation
arxiv Machine Learning Comparison theorems on large-margin learning
arxiv Machine Learning Einconv: Exploring Unexplored Tensor Decompositions for Convolutional Neural Networks
arxiv Multimedia Exploiting Multi-domain Visual Information for Fake News Detection
arxiv Machine Learning On Defending Against Label Flipping Attacks on Malware Detection Systems
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Effect of morphological asymmetry between leading and following sunspots on the prediction of solar cycle activity
arxiv Quantum Physics Charged particle tracking with quantum annealing-inspired optimization
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Dynamical Quantum Phase Transition of the Quantum $N$-state Potts Chain with Quenched Disorder
arxiv Logic Polarized relations at singulars over successors
arxiv Computational Complexity Proceedings Third Joint Workshop on Developments in Implicit Computational complExity and Foundational & Practical Aspects of Resource Analysis
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Evidence of structural evolution in Sr2RhO4 studied by time-resolved optical reflectivity spectroscopy
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum adiabatic machine learning with zooming
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Time-space noncommutativity and Casimir effect
arxiv Quantum Gases Tight-Binding Kondo Model and Spin-Exchange Collision Rate of Alkaline-Earth Atoms in a Mixed-Dimensional Optical Lattice
arxiv Medical Physics Probing Tissue Microarchitecture of the Baby Brain via Spherical Mean Spectrum Imaging
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Reinforcement Learning based Interconnection Routing for Adaptive Traffic Optimization
arxiv Computation and Language Understanding Spatial Language in Radiology: Representation Framework, Annotation, and Spatial Relation Extraction from Chest X-ray Reports using Deep Learning
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Private Rank Aggregation under Local Differential Privacy
arxiv Mathematical Physics Stationary solutions to the two-dimensional Broadwell model
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The CARMA-NRO Orion Survey: Core Emergence and Kinematics in the Orion A Cloud
arxiv Optimization and Control A Generic Solver for Unconstrained Control Problems with Integral Functional Objectives
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Resolving a controversy about adhesion in sliding contacts
arxiv Performance uPredict: A User-Level Profiler-Based Predictive Framework for Single VM Applications in Multi-Tenant Clouds
arxiv Optics Realization of complex conjugate media using pseudo-Hermiticity
arxiv Applied Physics Investigating the real-time dissolution of a compositionally complex alloy using inline ICP and correlation with XPS
arxiv Machine Learning Regional Tree Regularization for Interpretability in Black Box Models
arxiv Quantum Gases Frustrated orbital Feshbach resonances in a Fermi gas
arxiv Dynamical Systems Symmetry reduction of the 3-body problem in $\mathbb{R}^4$
arxiv Dynamical Systems Robustness in Power-law Kinetic Systems with Reactant-determined Interactions
arxiv Numerical Analysis An Auxiliary Space Preconditioner for Fractional Laplacian of Negative Order
arxiv Functional Analysis Numerical radius inequalities for linear operators and operator matrices
arxiv Algebraic Topology Sheaf homology of hyperplane arrangements, Boolean covers and exterior powers
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Frame-to-Frame Aggregation of Active Regions in Web Videos for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
arxiv Cryptography and Security A Simple and Intuitive Algorithm for Preventing Directory Traversal Attacks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Boosted GAN with Semantically Interpretable Information for Image Inpainting
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Geometric Distortion Calibration with Photo-lithographic Pinhole Masks for High-Precision Astrometry
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Homogeneously derived transit timings for 17 exoplanets and reassessed TTV trends for WASP-12 and WASP-4
arxiv Applied Physics On-chip label-free biosensing based on active whispering gallery mode resonators pumped by a light-emitting diode
arxiv Cryptography and Security A Survey on Ethereum Systems Security: Vulnerabilities, Attacks and Defenses
arxiv Quantum Physics Entanglement balance of quantum $(e,2e)$ scattering processes
arxiv Databases On the Complexity of Checking Transactional Consistency
arxiv Probability Growth of Common Friends in a Preferential Attachment Model
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing A Scalable, Portable, and Memory-Efficient Lock-Free FIFO Queue
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Interpolated Convolutional Networks for 3D Point Cloud Understanding
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Co-evolution of Nuclear Rings, Bars and the Central Intensity Ratio of their Host Galaxies
arxiv Operator Algebras Fourier transform, Schrödinger representation, and Heisenberg modules
arxiv Quantum Physics Experimental nonlocal measurement of a product observable
arxiv Applied Physics Site selective synthesis of in situ Ni filled multiwalled carbon nanotubes using Ni(salen) as a catalyst source
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Beyond the Inverted Index
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture ConfigTron: Tackling network diversity with heterogeneous configurations
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Three Branches: Detecting Actions With Richer Features
arxiv Graphics SDM-NET: Deep Generative Network for Structured Deformable Mesh
arxiv Functional Analysis Projecting onto Helson matrices in Schatten classes
arxiv Optimization and Control A proximal DC approach for quadratic assignment problem
arxiv Optics CPA-laser effect and exceptional points in PT-symmetric multilayer structures
arxiv Combinatorics 4-Connected Triangulations on Few Lines
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics On the Origin of Solar Torsional Oscillations and Extended Solar Cycle
arxiv Quantum Physics Continuous-variable Quantum Key Distribution with Rateless Reconciliation Protocol
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Effect of gravitational wave on shadow of a Schwarzschild black hole
arxiv Differential Geometry Remarks on natural differential operators with tensor fields
arxiv Numerical Analysis THINC-scaling scheme that unifies VOF and level set methods
arxiv Computation and Language Incorporating Relation Knowledge into Commonsense Reading Comprehension with Multi-task Learning
arxiv Computation and Language Offensive Language and Hate Speech Detection for Danish
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Propagator from Nonperturbative Worldline Dynamics
arxiv Complex Variables Computation of conformal invariants
arxiv Representation Theory The category of weight modules for symplectic oscillator Lie algebras
arxiv Mathematical Physics Diffusion equations from master equations -- A discrete geometric approach
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Phase structure of the 1+1 dimensional massive Thirring model from matrix product states
arxiv Machine Learning Icebreaker: Element-wise Active Information Acquisition with Bayesian Deep Latent Gaussian Model
arxiv Machine Learning Assessing the Impact of Blood Pressure on Cardiac Function Using Interpretable Biomarkers and Variational Autoencoders
arxiv Quantum Physics Beating the repeaterless bound with adaptive measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Differential equations for the recurrence coefficients limits for multiple orthogonal polynomials from a Nevai class
arxiv Signal Processing Random Pilot and Data Access for Massive MIMO Spatially Correlated Rayleigh Fading Channels
arxiv Medical Physics Combining Deep Learning and 3D Contrast Source Inversion in MR-based Electrical Properties Tomography
arxiv Mathematical Physics Solution of the self-dual $Φ^4$ QFT-model on four-dimensional Moyal space
arxiv Differential Geometry On certain classes of $Sp(2,R)$ symmetric $G_2$ structures
arxiv Rings and Algebras Reduction of matrices over simple Ore domains
arxiv Programming Languages Type-Directed Program Synthesis and Constraint Generation for Accelerator Library Portability
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Superlattice design for optimal thermoelectric generator performance
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Ensemble age inversions for large spectroscopic surveys
arxiv Optics Nanoparticles manipulation in 3D nanotips excited with plasmonic vortex
arxiv Probability Integration by parts formula for killed processes: A point of view from approximation theory
arxiv Combinatorics Existence of non-Cayley Haar graphs
arxiv Quantum Physics Wave-Particle duality in Single-Photon Entanglement
arxiv Statistics Theory Principal symmetric space analysis
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics RKKY coupling in Weyl semimetal thin films
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The Sub-mm Variability of IRC+10216 and $o$ Ceti
arxiv Numerical Analysis Reinterpretation and Extension of Entropy Correction Terms for Residual Distribution and Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Anomalous electrical magnetochiral effect by chiral spin fluctuation
arxiv Robotics Loop Closure Detection in Closed Environments
arxiv Group Theory Co-uniform and hollow S-acts over monoids
arxiv Information Theory On Steane-Enlargement of Quantum Codes from Cartesian Product Point Sets
arxiv Materials Science Electronic correlations and flattened band in magnetic Weyl semimetal Co3Sn2S2
arxiv Machine Learning Null Space Analysis for Class-Specific Discriminant Learning
arxiv Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems A Systematic Analysis of the Properties of the Generalised Painlevé--Ince Equation
arxiv Robotics Cataglyphis ant navigation strategies solve the global localization problem in robots with binary sensors
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors In-Silico Optimisation of Tileable SiPM Based Monolithic Scintillator Detectors for SPECT Applications
arxiv General Topology On the lattice of weak topologies on the bicyclic monoid with adjoined zero
arxiv Computation and Language EASSE: Easier Automatic Sentence Simplification Evaluation
arxiv Image and Video Processing Incorporating Task-Specific Structural Knowledge into CNNs for Brain Midline Shift Detection
arxiv Risk Management Forecast Encompassing Tests for the Expected Shortfall
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Lack of close-in, massive planets of main-sequence A-type stars from Kepler
arxiv Optics An Analytical and Rigorous Method for Analysis of an Array of Magnetically-Biased Graphene Ribbons
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Momentum space approach to crossing symmetric CFT correlators II: General spacetime dimension
arxiv Machine Learning Competitive Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning with Counterfactual Thinking
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Enhanced Performance and Privacy via Resolver-Less DNS
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The Nearby Evolved Stars Survey: I. JCMT/SCUBA-2 Sub-millimetre detection of the detached shell of U Antliae
arxiv Algebraic Geometry A remark on algebraic cycles on cubic fourfolds