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#1. The timing mega-study: comparing a range of experiment generators, both lab-based and online
David Bridges, Alain Pitiot, Michael R. MacAskill, Jonathan Peirce
Many researchers in the behavioral sciences depend on research software that presents stimuli, and records response times, with sub-millisecond precision. There are a large number of software packages with which to conduct these behavioural experiments and measure response times and performance of participants. Very little information is available, however, on what timing performance they achieve in practice. Here we report a wide-ranging study looking at the precision and accuracy of visual and auditory stimulus timing and response times, measured with a Black Box Toolkit. We compared a range of popular packages: PsychoPy, E-Prime®, NBS Presentation®, Psychophysics Toolbox, OpenSesame, Expyriment, Gorilla, jsPsych, Lab.js and Testable. Where possible, the packages were tested on Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu, and in a range of browsers for the online studies, to try to identify common patterns in performance. Among the lab-based experiments, Psychtoolbox, PsychoPy, Presentation and E-Prime provided the best timing, all with mean...
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psychopy: Finally out. Out timing mega-study: comparing a range of experiment generators, both lab-based and online You can now see the preprint and view the data Audio, visual and response timing, on many packages, OSs and browsers 1/4
richardhuskey: How accurate are response time latencies for major experimental software packages? Maybe you already know for the one or two packages you use in your lab. But now we all know for most of the packages! H/T to @jake_fisherfor sharing this w/me
ralfer: A very important milestone for the studies of timing in psych/neuro experiments. Should we now maybe close the discussion of online experiments (and also Psychtoolbox vs PsychoPy)?
aczeszum: PsychoPy == Psychtoolbox Online < Lab-based experiments The timing mega-study: comparing a range of experiment generators, both lab-based and online via @OSFramework
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