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#1. At the Zebra Crossing: Modelling Complex Decision Processes with Variable-Drift Diffusion Models
Oscar Giles, Gustav Markkula, Jami Pekkanen, Naoki Yokota, Naoto Matsunaga, Natasha Merat, Tatsuru Daimon
Drift diffusion (or evidence accumulation) models have found widespread use in the modelling of simple decision tasks. Extensions of these models, in which the model’s instantaneous drift rate is not fixed but instead allowed to vary over time as a function of a stream of perceptual inputs, have allowed these models to account for more complex sensorimotor decision tasks. However, many real-world tasks seemingly rely on a myriad of even more complex underlying processes. One interesting example is the task of deciding whether to cross a road with an approaching vehicle. This action decision seemingly depends on sensory information both about own affordances (whether one can make it across before the vehicle) and action intention of others (whether the vehicle is yielding to oneself). Here, we compared three extensions of a standard drift diffusion model, with regards to their ability to capture timing of pedestrian crossing decisions in a virtual reality environment. We find that a single variable-drift diffusion model (S-VDDM) in...
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markkula: Looking forward to presenting this at #cogsci2019 next week! Evidence accumulation/drift diffusion models with variable input/drift provide a nice mechanistic explanation for distributions of road crossing decisions in traffic.
SiliconEdge: RT @PsyArXivBot: At the Zebra Crossing: Modelling Complex Decision Processes with Variable-Drift Diffusion Models
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