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#1. Exploring midwives’ understanding of respectful and non-abusive maternal care in Kumasi, Ghana: Qualitative Inquiry
Dzomeku Veronica Millicent, Bonsu Adwoa Bemah, Nakua Kweku Emmanuel, Pascal Agbadi, Lori R. Jody, Donkor Peter
Background Various aspects of disrespect and abusive maternity care have received scholarly attention because of frequent reports of the phenomenon in most healthcare facilities globally, especially in low- and middle-income countries. However, the perspectives of skilled providers on respectful maternal care have not been extensively studied. Midwives’ knowledge of respectful maternity care is critical in designing any interventive measures to address the menace of disrespect and abuse in maternity care. Therefore, the present study sought to explore the views of midwives on respectful maternity care at a Teaching Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana. Methods Phenomenological qualitative research design was employed in the study. Data were generated through individual in-depth interviews, which were audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim. Data saturation was reached with fifteen midwives. Open Code 4.03 was used to manage and analyse the data. Findings The midwives’ understanding of respectful maternity care was comprised of the following...
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biorxivpreprint: Exploring midwives understanding of respectful and non-abusive maternal care in Kumasi, Ghana: Qualitative Inquiry #bioRxiv
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