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#1. Network centrality, group density, and strength of social identification in college club sport teams
Scott A Graupensperger, Michael J. Panza, M. Blair Evans
Objective: With the underlying rationale that social identification is related to psychological health and well-being, we aimed to understand how social connections and group structure within college club sport teams relate to students’ perceptions of social identification. Method: We sampled 852 student-athletes from 35 intact same-sex college club sport teams. Using social network analyses derived from teammates’ reports of connections with one another (i.e., time spent outside of sport, and teammate friendships), we computed: outdegree centrality (i.e., self-reported connections with teammates), indegree centrality (i.e., nominations from others), and group-level density. Multilevel models were fit to test the relative effects of outdegree centrality, indegree centrality, and group-level team density on athletes’ social identification strength. Results: Outdegree centrality, indegree centrality, and team density were all positively related to the strength of athletes’ social identification with their sport team. Examining model...
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JJoSherwood: 📢Latest @SportRxiv pre-print from @Graup33, @MichaelPanza2 and @MBlairEvans "Network centrality, group density, and strength of social identification in college club sport teams" via @OSFramework
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