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psyarxiv Engineering Psychology Bicycle helmet wearing is associated with closer overtaking by drivers: A response to Olivier and Walter, 2013
engrxiv Engineering Numerical Modelling of Seabed Impact Effects on Chain and Small Diameter Mooring Cables
biorxiv Identifying (un)controllable dynamical behavior in complex networks
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Bayesian Meta-analysis of fMRI Image Data
arxiv Social and Information Networks SMERC: Social media event response clustering using textual and temporal information
arxiv Machine Learning A General Method for Amortizing Variational Filtering
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Contrast sensitivities in the Gaia Data Release 2
arxiv Differential Geometry Intrinsic Differentiability and Intrinsic Regular Surfaces in Carnot Groups
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Imprints of local lightcone projection effects on the galaxy bispectrum IV: Second-order vector and tensor contributions
arxiv Algebraic Topology A Cartan-Eilenberg spectral sequence for a non-normal extension
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics XUV Radiation from A-stars: Implications for Ultra-hot Jupiters
arxiv Optimization and Control Higher-Order Cone Programming
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Fourier restriction implies maximal and variational Fourier restriction
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Racetrack Potentials and the de Sitter Swampland Conjectures
arxiv Statistical Finance New fat-tail normality test based on conditional second moments with applications to finance
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Identifying atypical change at the individual level from childhood to adolescence
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Repetition Blindness and Retrieval-Time Effects of Full- vs. Partial-Report Following the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) of Letters in Words
biorxiv Statistically consistent divide-and-conquer pipelines for phylogeny estimation using NJMerge
biorxiv Quantified ensemble 3D surface features modeled as a window on centric diatom valve morphogenesis
socarxiv Education Learning to stay employable
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Rebuilding Syria After The War: Lessons From The German Model (WWII).
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Landscape as a Concept of Space
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Measuring Modernist Novelty
biorxiv ABC-transporter activity and eicosanoid-signaling are required for germ cell migration a basal chordate
biorxiv Scleraxis Lineage Cells Contribute to Organized Bridging Tissue During Tendon Healing, and Identifies Subpopulations of Resident Tendon Cells
biorxiv LINGO3 interacts with Trefoil factor 2 to enforce mucosal barrier integrity and drive tissue repair during colitis
biorxiv A dual function of FGF signaling in Xenopus left-right axis formation
biorxiv A Scube2-Shh feedback loop links morphogen release to morphogen signaling to enable scale invariant patterning of the ventral neural tube
biorxiv TFF3 is a ligand for LINGO2 that de-represses EGFR to control disease outcome during colitis and gastrointestinal nematode infection
biorxiv Chromatin Compaction by Small RNAs and the Nuclear RNAi Machinery in C. elegans
biorxiv Precisely control mitochondrial membrane potential with light to manipulate cell fate decisions
biorxiv Single-cell RNA-seq of the Developing Cardiac Outflow Tract Reveals Convergent Development of the Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells at the Base of the Great Arteries
biorxiv CAT tails drive on- and off-ribosome degradation of stalled polypeptides
biorxiv Culling less fit neurons protects against amyloid-β induced brain damage and cognitive and motor decline
biorxiv Neuropilin 1 mediates epicardial activation and revascularization in the regenerating zebrafish heart
eartharxiv Education Earth Science is Ready for Preprints: The First Year of EarthArXiv
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Overcoming bottlenecks for in vitro synthesis and initial structural insight of ice nucleating protein InaZ
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences "Outrage: good or bad?" Is the wrong question
biorxiv Genomics Genomic data reveal similar genetic differentiation between species with vastly different dispersal capabilities and life histories
biorxiv Biochemistry A Primase-Induced Conformational Switch Controls the Stability of the Bacterial Replisome
biorxiv Neuroscience Dynamic threat processing
biorxiv Biophysics Lamina and Heterochromatin Direct Chromosome Organisation in Senescence and Progeria
biorxiv Biophysics Heparin-induced tau filaments are polymorphic and differ from those in Alzheimer's and Pick's disease
biorxiv Biophysics Single particle cryo-EM reconstruction of 52 kDa streptavidin at 3.2 Angstrom resolution
biorxiv Epidemiology Genetic Diversity and Coexistence of Babesia in Ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) from Northeastern
biorxiv Microbiology Biliary microbiota and bile acids composition in cholelithiasis
biorxiv Impact of a Patient-Derived Hepatitis C Viral RNA Genome with a Mutated MicroRNA Binding Site
biorxiv Plant biology From spatio-temporal morphogenetic gradients to rhythmic patterning at the shoot apex
psyarxiv Psychiatry Cross sectional analysis of depression and stress in medical students
lawarxiv Law Constitutional Law—Do Black Lives Matter to the Constitution?
biorxiv Neuroscience RIM-BP2 primes synaptic vesicles via recruitment of Munc13-1 at hippocampal mossy fiber synapses
biorxiv Bioinformatics Ensembles from ordered and disordered proteins reveal similar structural constraints during evolution
biorxiv Immunology Global transcriptional regulation of innate immunity in C. elegans
biorxiv Systems Biology The strength of protein-protein interactions controls the information capacity and dynamical response of signaling networks
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Reaction to norm transgressions and Islamization threat in culturally tight and loose contexts: A case study of Germany vs. Russia
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Structural priming is determined by global syntax rather than internal phrasal structure: Evidence from young and older adults
biorxiv Immunology How a well-adapting immune system remembers
lawarxiv Law Black, White, and Blue: Bias, Profiling, and Policing in the Age of Black Lives Matter
biorxiv Neuroscience Evaluation of the 3D fractal dimension as a marker of structural brain complexity in multiple-acquisition MRI
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Information synergy: adding unambiguous quality information rescues social information use in ants
biorxiv Neuroscience "I hear with my little ear something...": Enhanced performance of absolute pitch musicians in an interleaved melody recognition test
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Non-conscious perception of facial expression with continuous flash suppression: A signal detection analysis- v02
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A data-driven model of women's facial attractiveness reliably outperforms theory-driven models
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Central Symptoms Predict Post-Treatment Outcomes and Clinical Impairment in Anorexia Nervosa: A Network Analysis in a Randomized-Controlled Trial
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Sea floor bedforms and their influence on slope accommodation
biorxiv Neuroscience Neural correlates of learning pure tones versus natural sounds in the auditory cortex
biorxiv Neuroscience Target-specific co-transmission of acetylcholine and GABA from a subset of cortical VIP+ interneurons
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The hidden giant: discovery of an enormous Galactic dwarf satellite in Gaia DR2
arxiv Methodology The Augmented Synthetic Control Method
arxiv Machine Learning Langevin-gradient parallel tempering for Bayesian neural learning
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Effective field theory of magnetohydrodynamics from generalized global symmetries
arxiv Superconductivity Josephson critical currents in annular superconductors with Pearl vortices
arxiv Applications The doctrinal paradox: ROC analysis in a probabilistic framework
arxiv Functional Analysis Stone-Weierstraß Theorems for Riesz Ideals of Continuous Functions
arxiv Geometric Topology The Torsion Generating Set Of The Mapping Class Groups Of Non-orientable Surfaces
arxiv Computation and Language CQASUMM: Building References for Community Question Answering Summarization Corpora
arxiv Combinatorics Triangular Ladders $P_{d,2}$ are $e$-positive
arxiv Quantum Physics Non-markovianity and bound states in quantum walks with a phase impurity
arxiv Accelerator Physics Hydraulic-Assist Driver for Compact Insertion Devices
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Laboratory Probes of the Neutron-Matter Equation of State
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Polarization of stars with debris disks: comparing observations with models
arxiv Machine Learning When doWords Matter? Understanding the Impact of Lexical Choice on Audience Perception using Individual Treatment Effect Estimation
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Nonconforming Schwarz-Spectral Element Methods For Incompressible Flow
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology An Application of Rubi: Series Expansion of the Quark Mass Renormalization Group Equation
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Focusing on the Big Picture: Insights into a Systems Approach to Deep Learning for Satellite Imagery
arxiv Rings and Algebras Left Brace With The Operation $\ast$ Associative Is A Two-sided Brace
arxiv Social and Information Networks Segue: Overviewing Evolution Patterns of Egocentric Networks by Interactive Construction of Spatial Layouts
arxiv Artificial Intelligence TED: Teaching AI to Explain its Decisions
arxiv Computation and Language Multi-encoder multi-resolution framework for end-to-end speech recognition
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics An Adaptive Optics Survey of Stellar Variability at the Galactic Center
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Gaussian states for the variational study of (1+1)-dimensional lattice gauge models
arxiv Cryptography and Security Efficient Public Blockchain Client for Lightweight Users
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Chiral Rings for Surface Operators in 4d and 5d SQCD
arxiv Combinatorics The Erd\H{os}-Ko-Rado property of trees of depth two
arxiv Computation and Language Stream attention-based multi-array end-to-end speech recognition
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Parameter estimation for black hole echo signals and their statistical significance
arxiv Optimization and Control Algorithmic models of human behavior and stochastic optimization
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Chiral and Geometric Anomalies in Finite Systems
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Deep Learning versus Classical Regression for Brain Tumor Patient Survival Prediction
arxiv Probability Nonexistence of Bigeodesics in Integrable Models of Last Passage Percolation
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Quantum-inspired low-rank stochastic regression with logarithmic dependence on the dimension
arxiv Representation Theory The Hilbert Series of the Irreducible Quotient of the Polynomial Representation of the Rational Cherednik Algebra of Type $A_{n-1}$ in Characteristic $p$ for $p|n-1$
arxiv Machine Learning Boosting Model Performance through Differentially Private Model Aggregation
arxiv Information Theory Online Timely Status Updates with Erasures for Energy Harvesting Sensors
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory One-form superfluids and magnetohydrodynamics
arxiv Analysis of PDEs A proof of the Krylov-Safonov theorem without localization
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Weyl Asymptotics for Perturbations of Morse Potential and Connections to the Riemann Zeta Function
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Spectacular HST observations of the Coma galaxy D100 and star formation in its ram pressure stripped tail
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics A Proof of Concept on Constraining the Foreground Spectrum for Global 21 cm Cosmology through Projection-induced Polarimetry
arxiv Machine Learning Learning and Generalization in Overparameterized Neural Networks, Going Beyond Two Layers
arxiv Numerical Analysis Linear dependence of bivariate Minimal Support and LR B-splines over LR-meshes
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Phonon-induced giant linear-in-$T$ resistivity in magic angle twisted bilayer graphene: Ordinary strangeness
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory 6D SCFTs and the Classification of Homomorphisms $Γ_{ADE} \rightarrow E_8$
biorxiv Activation of rod input in a in a model of retinal degeneration reverses retinal remodeling and induces formation of normal synapses, circuitry and visual signaling in the adult retina
biorxiv Genomics Long-read viral metagenomics enables capture of abundant and microdiverse viral populations and their niche-defining genomic islands
biorxiv Bioinformatics Transcriptionally induced enhancers in the macrophage immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Any way the brain blows? The nature of decision noise in random exploration
biorxiv Genetics Comparative architectures of direct and social genetic effects from the genome-wide association study of 170 phenotypes in outbred laboratory mice
biorxiv Bioinformatics MetaGxData: Clinically Annotated Breast, Ovarian and Pancreatic Cancer Datasets and their Use in Generating a Multi-Cancer Gene Signature
biorxiv Microbiology Oxidative pathways of deoxyribose and deoxyribonate catabolism
biorxiv Biophysics Oncogenic G12D mutation alters local conformations and dynamics of K-Ras
biorxiv Epidemiology Identifying the diagnostic value of microRNA-421 in gastric cancer patients: a meta-analysis
engrxiv Engineering Fabrication of Multi-material 3D Structures by the Integration of Direct Laser Writing and MEMS Stencil Patterning
biorxiv Bioinformatics Triple layered QSAR Studies on Substituted 1,2,4-Trioxanes as potential antimalarial agents: Superiority of the Quantitative Pharmacophore-Based Alignment, Over Common Substructure based Alignment
biorxiv Neuroscience Non-monotonic regulation of gene expression, neural progenitor fate and brain growth by the chromatin remodeller CHD8
biorxiv Neuroscience Sources of path integration error in young and aging humans
biorxiv Developmental Biology Reevaluation of the Role of ERK3 in Perinatal Survival and Post-Natal Growth Using New Genetically-Engineered Mouse Models
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition The Bayesian Superorganism I: collective probability estimation
biorxiv Genetics Bipolar multiplex families have an increased burden of common risk variants for psychiatric disorders
biorxiv Biochemistry Polycomb Cbx2 Condensates Assemble through Phase Separation
biorxiv Genetics The role of glycaemic, lipid, blood pressure and obesity risk factors as mediators of the effect of height on Coronary Artery Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Mendelian Randomisation Study.
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Developing Future Biologists: creating and assessing a portable short course to engage underrepresented undergraduate students in developmental biology
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Memory in trait macroevolution
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Fuller and the Folk: The Inner Morality of Law Revisited
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Teleological generics
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Lessons from a “failed” replication: The importance of taking action in exploration
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Forensic psychology and correctional psychology: Distinct but related subfields of psychological science and practice
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Moral Psychology of Sex Robots: an experimental study -- How Pathogen Disgust is associated with interhuman sex but not interandroid sex
lawarxiv Law The Varieties of Constitutional Change
engrxiv Engineering Using Drive-by Health Monitoring to Detect Bridge Damage Considering Environmental and Operational Effects
eartharxiv Medicine and Health Sciences Simulated environmental photo- and auto-oxidation of ambrein
biorxiv Developmental Biology Maintenance of spatial gene expression by Polycomb-mediated repression after formation of a vertebrate body plan
biorxiv Genomics Diagnostic outcomes of exome gene panel sequencing in patients with unusual syndromic cleft lip/palate phenotypes
biorxiv Neuroscience Psychiatric risk gene NT5C2 regulates protein translation in human neural progenitor cells
biorxiv Ecology Predictability of intraspecific size variation in extant planktonic foraminifera
biorxiv Cancer Biology Computational metabolism modeling predicts risk of distant relapse-free survival in breast cancer patients
biorxiv Genetics Testing for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium in Structured Populations using NGS Data
biorxiv Ecology Habitat fragmentation compromises on the population dynamic of the globally near-threatened Straight-billed Reedhaunter (Limnoctites rectirostris)
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Physical linkage and mate preference generate linkage disequilibrium for behavioral isolation in two parapatric crickets
biorxiv Bioinformatics Proteogenomic annotation of the Chinese hamster reveals extensive novel translation events and endogenous retroviral elements
biorxiv Cell Biology Filament formation by the translation factor eIF2B regulates protein synthesis in starved cells
biorxiv Pathology Digital ischemia: Etiologies and long-term follow up. A cohort study of 323 patients
biorxiv Plant biology WUSCHEL acts as a rheostat on the auxin pathway to maintain apical stem cells in Arabidopsis
biorxiv Microbiology Comparative genomic analysis of the emerging pathogen Streptococcus pseudopneumoniae: novel insights into virulence determinants and identification of a novel species-specific molecular marker
biorxiv Neuroscience Contextual interference effect is independent of retroactive inhibition but variable practice is not always beneficial
biorxiv Neuroscience Healthy ageing reduces the precision of episodic memory retrieval
biorxiv Genomics Peripheral blood DNA methylation differences in twin pairs discordant for Alzheimer's disease
biorxiv Bioinformatics Sketching Algorithms for Genomic Data Analysis and Querying in a Secure Enclave
socarxiv Arts and Humanities An Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society: Opportunities, Risks, Principles, and Recommendations
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Bereit für Bologna? Test- und notenbasierte Erfolgsprognose im Masterstudium (preprint)
biorxiv Molecular biology An integrative study on ribonucleoprotein condensates identifies scaffolding RNAs and reveals a new player in Fragile X-associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome
biorxiv Microbiology Comparative genomics and phylogeny of sequenced IncHI plasmids
biorxiv Systems Biology A Bayesian framework for the analysis of systems biology models of the brain
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Commitments by the biopharmaceutical industry to clinical trials transparency: the evolving environment
biorxiv Neuroscience Joint Modeling of Reaction Times and Choice Improves Parameter Identifiability in Reinforcement Learning Models
biorxiv Plant biology Yield potential definition of the chilling requirement reveals likely underestimation of the risk of climate change on winter chill accumulation
biorxiv Genetics Biobank-wide association scan identifies risk factors for late-onset Alzheimer's disease and endophenotypes
biorxiv Genetics A Novel Root-Knot Nematode Resistance QTL on Chromosome Vu01 in Cowpea
biorxiv Neuroscience Dissociation of fear initiation and maintenance by breathing-driven prefrontal oscillations
biorxiv Molecular biology Direct binding of Cdt2 to PCNA is important for targeting the CRL4Cdt2 E3 ligase activity to Cdt1
biorxiv Genomics Rational reprogramming of cellular states by combinatorial perturbation
biorxiv Neuroscience Long-term exposure to PFE-360 in the AAV-α-synuclein rat model: findings and implications
biorxiv Genomics Unbiased genome-scale identification of cis-regulatory modules in the human genome by GRAMc
biorxiv Bioinformatics Sparse Binary Relation Representations for Genome Graph Annotation
biorxiv Genetics A comprehensive study of metabolite genetics reveals strong pleiotropy and heterogeneity across time and context
biorxiv Cell Biology Adaptive reorganization of the cytoplasm upon stress in budding yeast
biorxiv Bioengineering Polymerization Kinetics Stability, Volumetric Changes, Apatite Precipitation, Strontium Release and Fatigue of Novel Bone Composites for Vertebroplasty
biorxiv Epidemiology Associations between impulsivity, risk behavior and HIV, HBV, HCV and syphilis seroprevalence among female prisoners in Indonesia: A cross-sectional study
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Measuring hospital spatial wingspan by using a discrete choice model with utility-threshold
biorxiv Epidemiology Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis-associated Thyroid Swelling among Adolescents Presenting with Benign Goiter in Lahore, Pakistan
biorxiv Neuroscience TAK-071, a muscarinic M1 receptor positive allosteric modulator, attenuates scopolamine-induced quantitative electroencephalogram power spectral changes in cynomolgus monkeys
biorxiv Developmental Biology Body composition and growth in full-term small for gestational age and large for gestational age Swedish infants assessed with air displacement plethysmography at birth and at 3-4 months of age.
biorxiv Neuroscience Lateral ventricle volume trajectories predict response inhibition in older age - a longitudinal brain imaging and machine learning approach
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Trust in scientists and rates of noncompliance with a fisheries rule in the Brazilian Pantanal
biorxiv Neuroscience Short-term fasting selectively influences impulsivity in healthy individuals
biorxiv Molecular biology Identification of proteins involved in Trypanosoma brucei DNA replication fork dynamics using nascent DNA proteomics
biorxiv Physiology Extraordinary Fast-Twitch Fiber Abundance Elite Weightlifters
biorxiv Ecology SpitWorm, an herbivorous robot: Mechanical leaf wounding with simultaneous application of salivary components
biorxiv Physiology Ischemic Preconditioning and Left Ventricular Dysfunction: A Novel Mechanism & Model for Pulseless Electrical Activity
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The developing bodily self: Posture constrains embodiment in children and adults
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Chronology and phenomenology of the 1982 and 2015 Wolf volcano eruptions, Galápagos Archipelago
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Teleological generics
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics A Small Scale Study of the Weathering Rates of Marble Gravestones Dated from 1958-1962
biorxiv Physiology Amino Acids Changes and Muscle Damage During the 400 km Ultra Trail Gobi Race
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Lecture capture as an element of the digital resource landscape - a qualitative study of flipped and non-flipped classrooms
biorxiv Neuroscience A diversity of transcriptional responses to reduced dopamine in SNc and VTA in a mouse Tyrosine hydroxylase KO model of Parkinson's Disease
biorxiv Neuroscience Simultaneous mesoscopic and two-photon imaging of neuronal activity in cortical circuits
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Bayesian analysis of subjective ranking data using Thurstonian Models: Tutorial, novel methods, and an open-source library
biorxiv Neuroscience Transformation of event representations along middle temporal gyrus
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Evolutionary Models of Amino Acid Substitutions Based on the Tertiary Structure of their Neighborhoods
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Increased Interactivity and Improvements to the GigaScience Database, GigaDB.
biorxiv Genomics Variability in the Analgesic Response to Ibuprofen Following Third-Molar Extraction is Associated with Differences in Activation of the Cyclooxygenase Pathway
biorxiv Physiology The Effect of Oral Tactile Sensitivity on Texture Perception and Mastication Behavior in Humans
biorxiv Bioinformatics Sparse variable and covariance selection for high-dimensional seemingly unrelated Bayesian regression
biorxiv Bioinformatics Embracing the dropouts in single-cell RNA-seq data
biorxiv Genomics Single-nuclei RNA-seq on human retinal tissue provides improved transcriptome profiling.
biorxiv Systems Biology Bayesian estimation for stochastic gene expression using multifidelity models
biorxiv Immunology ImmuneRegulation: A web-based tool for identifying human immune regulatory elements
biorxiv Genetics Composition of the Survival Motor Neuron (SMN) complex in Drosophila melanogaster
biorxiv Bioinformatics Matrix linear models for high-throughput chemical genetic screens
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Income Mobility, Income Inequality and Mortality in the U.S.
arxiv Quantitative Methods Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging maps neural damage in the EAE model of multiple sclerosis
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Satyam: Democratizing Groundtruth for Machine Vision
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Higgs Inflation and the Refined dS Conjecture
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Extended hydrodynamic description for nonequilibrium atom-surface interactions
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Inferences of $H_0$ in presence of a non-standard recombination
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Observational determination of the galaxy bias from cosmic variance with a random pointing survey: Clustering of z~2 galaxies from Hubble's BoRG survey
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology LHC constraints and potential on resonant monotop production
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Low-mass halo perturbations in strong gravitational lenses at redshift z$\sim$0.5 are consistent with CDM
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Resolving on 100 pc scales the UV-continuum in Lyman-$α$ emitters between redshift 2 to 3 with gravitational lensing
arxiv Quantum Physics Digitizing Gauge Fields: Lattice Monte Carlo Results for Future Quantum Computers
arxiv Quantum Physics Benchmarking high fidelity single-shot readout of semiconductor qubits
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Spur and the Gap in GD-1: Dynamical evidence for a dark substructure in the Milky Way halo
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Dirac fermion duality and the parity anomaly
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Rate of cluster decomposition via Fermat point
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Non-comoving baryons and cold dark matter in cosmic voids
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies How to measure galaxy star-formation histories I: Parametric models
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Super-Earths in the TW Hya disc
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies How to measure galaxy star formation histories II: Nonparametric models
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Quasar Accretion Disk Sizes from Continuum Reverberation Mapping in the DES Standard Star Fields
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Deep Learning Applied to the Asteroseismic Modeling of Stars with Coherent Oscillation Modes
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Black hole growth through hierarchical black hole mergers in dense star clusters: implications for gravitational wave detections
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A population of luminous accreting black holes with hidden mergers
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Federated Byzantine Quorum Systems (Extended Version)
arxiv Optimization and Control Voronoi Partition-based Scenario Reduction for Fast Sampling-based Stochastic Reachability Computation of LTI Systems
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Extending holomorphic forms from the regular locus of a complex space to a resolution of singularities
arxiv Computational Physics Electronic Excitations in Complex Molecular Environments: Many-Body Green's Functions Theory in VOTCA-XTP
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Growth rate in inhomogeneous interacting vacuum models
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Evolution of star-forming dwarf galaxies in different environments
arxiv Number Theory From Polya fields to Polya groups, (II) non-galoisian number fields
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Dual infrared limits of 6d $\cal N$=(2,0) theory
arxiv Plasma Physics How does turbulence penetrate stable regions?
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Atmospheric Muons Measured with IceCube
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Spiral Fermi Surfaces in Quasicrystals and Twisted Bilayer Graphene: Signatures in Quantum Oscillations
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Stovepiping and Malicious Software: A Critical Review of AGI Containment
arxiv Artificial Intelligence How Do Fairness Definitions Fare? Examining Public Attitudes Towards Algorithmic Definitions of Fairness
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Extending the hydrodynamical description of heavy-ion collisions to the "outer edge" of the fireball
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Common Envelope Evolution of Massive Stars
arxiv Systems and Control A Primal Decomposition Method with Suboptimality Bounds for Distributed Mixed-Integer Linear Programming
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Rotating AdS black holes in Maxwell-$f(T)$ gravity
arxiv Signal Processing Plug-In Stochastic Gradient Method
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Late-time Cosmic Acceleration from Compactification
arxiv Information Retrieval SpeedReader: Reader Mode Made Fast and Private
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Suppression of Low-mass Galaxy Formation around Quasars at z~2-3
arxiv Combinatorics New Tribonacci Recurrence Relations and Addition Formulas
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Increased dose rate precision in combined $α$ and $β$ counting in the $μ$Dose system - a probabilistic approach to data analysis
arxiv Medical Physics A concept study on real-time adaptive radiation therapy optimization
arxiv Machine Learning On the Statistical and Information-theoretic Characteristics of Deep Network Representations
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Light Cone Black Holes
arxiv Operator Algebras A decomposition of the Schur block product on matrices of operators
arxiv Computers and Society A Novel Study of the Relation Between Students Navigational Behavior on Blackboard and their Learning Performance in an Undergraduate Networking Course
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Electron quantum metamaterials in van der Waals heterostructures
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Galaxy inclination and the IRX-beta relation: Effects on UV star-formation rate measurements at intermediate to high redshifts
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Analysis of quantum effects inside spherical charged black holes
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Semiclassical cosmology with back reaction: the Friedmann-Schrodinger equation and inflation
arxiv Populations and Evolution Cost and benefits of CRISPR spacer acquisition
arxiv Geometric Topology Two parameters bt-algebra and invariants for links and tied links
arxiv Superconductivity Temperature-filling phase diagram of the two-dimensional Holstein model in the thermodynamic limit by self-consistent Migdal approximation
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Biaxial Nematics of Hard Cuboids in an External Field
arxiv Programming Languages Embracing the Laws of Physics: Three Reversible Models of Computation
arxiv Machine Learning Practical Bayesian Learning of Neural Networks via Adaptive Subgradient Methods
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Gender Effect on Face Recognition for a Large Longitudinal Database
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Effective Capacity in Wireless Networks: A Comprehensive Survey
arxiv Commutative Algebra The Frobenius exponent of Cartier subalgebras
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Implementation of the conjugate gradient algorithm on FPGA devices
arxiv Probability Comparison of partition functions in a space-time random environment
arxiv Cryptography and Security New CleverHans Feature: Better Adversarial Robustness Evaluations with Attack Bundling
arxiv Metric Geometry Inner products for Convex Bodies
arxiv Applications Variational Bayesian hierarchical regression for data analysis
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Boundary dynamics in gravitational theories
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology From micro to macro and back: probing near-horizon quantum structures with gravitational waves
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Machine Learning Characterization of Structural Defects in Amorphous Packings of Dimers and Ellipses
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Can Deep Learning Outperform Modern Commercial CT Image Reconstruction Methods?
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition NEMGAN: Noise Engineered Mode-matching GAN
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Singular Limits for Plasmas with Thermalised Electrons
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies PS1-13cbe: The Rapid "Turn on" of a Seyfert 1
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Deep Learning Predicts Hip Fracture using Confounding Patient and Healthcare Variables
arxiv Classical Physics A New Perspective on Newton's Law of Cooling in Frame of Newly Defined Fractional Conformable Derivative
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Maslov's concept of phase transition from Bose-Einstein to Fermi-Dirac distribution. Results of interdisciplinary workshop in MSU
arxiv Logic On the free frontal implicative semilattice extension of a frontal Hilbert algebra
arxiv Dynamical Systems Critical velocity in kink-defect interaction models: rigorous results
arxiv Machine Learning A Comparison of Lattice-free Discriminative Training Criteria for Purely Sequence-Trained Neural Network Acoustic Models
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Magnetoelastics of High Field Phenomena in Antiferromagnets UO2 and CeRhIn5
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Systematical study of pulsar light curves with special relativistic effects
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Observing the simulations: Applying ZDI to 3D non-potential magnetic field simulations
arxiv Robotics Learning Latent Space Dynamics for Tactile Servoing
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Ultracontractivity and Gaussian bounds for evolution families associated with non-autonomous forms
arxiv Optimization and Control Maximizing Diversity of Opinion in Social Networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Validating Hyperspectral Image Segmentation
arxiv Geometric Topology Geography of Genus 2 Lefschetz fibrations
arxiv Materials Science Landau quantization in coupled Weyl points: a case study of semimetal NbP
arxiv Theoretical Economics Incentivising Participation in Liquid Democracy with Breadth First Delegation
arxiv Machine Learning Benchmarking Deep Sequential Models on Volatility Predictions for Financial Time Series
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): The sSFR-M* relation part I - $σ_{\mathrm{sSFR}}$-M* as a function of sample, SFR indicator and environment
arxiv Multimedia Performance Comparison of Contemporary DNN Watermarking Techniques
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Application of an Equilibrium Phase (EP) Spray Model to Multi-component Gasoline Direct Injection
arxiv Complex Variables A Modified Morrey-Kohn-Hörmander Identity and Applications
arxiv Cryptography and Security An Internet-Scale Feasibility Study of BGP Poisoning as a Security Primitive
arxiv Machine Learning Fast determinantal point processes via distortion-free intermediate sampling
arxiv Trading and Market Microstructure Optimal trading using signals
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Magnetic properties of the itinerant A-type antiferromagnet CaCo2P2 studied by 59Co and 31P NMR
arxiv Econometrics Estimation of Structural Break Point in Linear Regression Models
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning Energy Based Inpainting for Optical Flow
arxiv Quantum Physics Witnessing quantum memory in non-Markovian processes
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Signatures of magnetic reconnection at the footpoints of fan shape jets on a light bridge driven by photospheric convective motions
arxiv Probability Symmetries of the Quaternionic Ginibre Ensemble
arxiv Cryptography and Security EPDA: Enhancing Privacy-Preserving Data Authentication for Mobile Crowd Sensing
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Radio Galaxy Zoo: Observational evidence for environment as the cause of radio source asymmetry
arxiv Cryptography and Security VDAS: Verifiable Data Aggregation Scheme for Internet of Things
arxiv Machine Learning Detecting Backdoor Attacks on Deep Neural Networks by Activation Clustering
arxiv Computation and Language Incorporating Relevant Knowledge in Context Modeling and Response Generation
arxiv Cryptography and Security MDBV: Monitoring Data Batch Verification for Survivability of Internet of Vehicles
arxiv Combinatorics New bounds on the maximum size of Sperner partition systems
arxiv Multimedia Provably Secure Steganography on Generative Media
arxiv Machine Learning Universal Hard-label Black-Box Perturbations: Breaking Security-Through-Obscurity Defenses
arxiv Physics and Society Close and ordinary social contacts: how important are they in promoting large-scale contagion?
arxiv Statistics Theory A Note on the comparison of Nearest Neighbor Gaussian Process (NNGP) based models
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Semantic and Contrast-Aware Saliency
arxiv Nuclear Theory New Results for the p7Be-->8Bgamma Astrophysical S-factor from 10 keV to 5 MeV and Reactions Rate from 0.01 to 10 T9
arxiv Materials Science Half Excitonic Insulator: A Single-Spin Bose-Einstein Condensate
arxiv Machine Learning Securing Behavior-based Opinion Spam Detection
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Machine learning Applied to Star-Galaxy-QSO Classification and Stellar Effective Temperature Regression
arxiv Cryptography and Security Mutual Heterogeneous Signcryption Schemes for 5G Network Slicings
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Analysis of Fleet Modularity in an Artificial Intelligence-Based Attacker-Defender Game
arxiv Performance Spatter: A Benchmark Suite for Evaluating Sparse Access Patterns
arxiv Machine Learning Density estimation for shift-invariant multidimensional distributions
arxiv Methodology A Fundamental Measure of Treatment Effect Heterogeneity
arxiv Nuclear Theory New results for radiative 3He(2H,gamma)5Li capture at astrophysical energy and its possible role in accumulation of 6Li at the BBN
arxiv Combinatorics Inducibility of directed paths
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Adaptive Task Allocation for Mobile Edge Learning
arxiv Biological Physics Bilateral Control of Two Finger Joints Using Functional Electrical Stimulation
arxiv Computation Ball: An R package for detecting distribution difference and association in metric spaces
arxiv Machine Learning Imagining an Engineer: On GAN-Based Data Augmentation Perpetuating Biases
arxiv Software Engineering DeepSaucer: Unified Environment for Verifying Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Logic On the definability of mad families of vector spaces
arxiv Computation and Language Neural sequence labeling for Vietnamese POS Tagging and NER
arxiv Signal Processing A new insight into the secondary path modeling problem in active noise control
arxiv Symplectic Geometry The rigid-flexible value for symplectic embeddings of four-dimensional ellipsoids into polydiscs
arxiv Dynamical Systems Feedback Integrators for Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems
arxiv Software Engineering Influence of Technical and Social Factors for Introducing Bugs
arxiv Robotics Imitation Learning for Object Manipulation Based on Position/Force Information Using Bilateral Control
arxiv Machine Learning EA-LSTM: Evolutionary Attention-based LSTM for Time Series Prediction
arxiv Machine Learning RSA: Byzantine-Robust Stochastic Aggregation Methods for Distributed Learning from Heterogeneous Datasets
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Typeface Completion with Generative Adversarial Networks
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Towards Instance-Optimal Private Query Release
arxiv Robotics PAC: A Novel Self-Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for Micro Aerial Vehicles
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Inertial force, Hawking Temperature and Quantum Statistics
arxiv Trading and Market Microstructure Endogeneous Dynamics of Intraday Liquidity
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Energy-Efficient Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing with Edge-Cloud Collaboration
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition M2M-GAN: Many-to-Many Generative Adversarial Transfer Learning for Person Re-Identification
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Dimension drop for harmonic measure on Ahlfors regular boundaries
arxiv Algebraic Geometry New p-adic hypergeometric functions concerning with syntomic regulators
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Multiple Ultralight Axionic Wave Dark Matter and Astronomical Structures
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Information Capsule and Information Delocalization by Entanglement in Multiple-qubit Systems
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Fully Automated System for Sizing Nasal PAP Masks Using Facial Photographs
arxiv Computational Physics Artificial neural networks for density-functional optimizations in fermionic systems
arxiv Systems and Control Nonlinear Modal Decoupling Based Power System Transient Stability Analysis
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum radiation from a shaken two-level atom in vacuum
arxiv Signal Processing Codeword Position Index based Sparse Code Multiple Access System
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Probing the Inner Disk Emission of the Herbig Ae Stars HD 163296 and HD 190073
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Symmetry breaking states in the half-filled two-orbital Hubbard model with crystalline electric field
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Addition-deletion theorem for free hyperplane arrangements and combinatorics
arxiv Biological Physics A Null-model Exhibiting Synchronized Dynamics in Uncoupled Oscillators
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Theoretically Guaranteed Deep Optimization Framework for Robust Compressive Sensing MRI
arxiv Chemical Physics Rutile TiO2 Bulk Structural and Vibrational Properties: A DFT Study on the Importance of Pseudopotentials
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Neutron scattering cross section of diamond nanoparticle
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Time-resolved x-ray microscopy for materials science
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Finding high-redshift strong lenses in DES using convolutional neural networks
arxiv Atomic Physics Ionization-excitation of helium-like ions at Compton scattering
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Variable-step-length algorithms for a random walk: hitting probability and computation performance
arxiv Cryptography and Security On isodual double polycirculant codes
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Can We Use Speaker Recognition Technology to Attack Itself? Enhancing Mimicry Attacks Using Automatic Target Speaker Selection
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Anomaly in anomalous Nernst effect at low temperature for C1b-type NiMnSb half-Heusler alloy thin film
arxiv Optics Rigorous analytical formula for freeform singlet lens design free of spherical aberration
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Oxygen Electromigration and Energy Band Reconstruction Induced by Electrolyte Field Effect at Oxide Interfaces
arxiv Physics and Society Tetradic motif profiles of horizontal visibility graphs
arxiv Signal Processing Feature Analysis for Classification of Physical Actions using surface EMG Data
arxiv Computation and Language Encoding Implicit Relation Requirements for Relation Extraction: A Joint Inference Approach
arxiv Dynamical Systems Unstable entropies and Dimension Theory of Partially Hyperbolic Systems
arxiv Representation Theory The equivalence of two discretenesses of triangulated categories
arxiv Atomic Physics Compact single-pass laser frequency conversion to 852.3 nm and 780.2 nm based on PPMgO:LN bulk crystals and single-frequency diode-laser-seeded fiber amplifiers
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Design of pin-fin heat sink for the platform inertial navigation system by surrogate assisted techniques
arxiv Combinatorics On complexity of cyclic coverings of graphs
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Topological quantum states of matter in iron-based superconductors: From concepts to material realization
arxiv Combinatorics On rationality of generating function for the number of spanning trees in circulant graphs
arxiv Machine Learning Gradient Descent Finds Global Minima of Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Optimization and Control A Sufficient Condition for Small-Signal Stability and Construction of Robust Stability Region
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Modified Born-Infeld-dilaton-axion coupling in supersymmetry
arxiv Combinatorics Homomorphism bounds of signed bipartite $K_4$-minor-free graphs and edge-colorings of $2k$-regular $K_4$-minor-free multigraphs
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Run-and-tumble particle in one-dimensional confining potential: Steady state, relaxation and first passage properties
arxiv Social and Information Networks Football and Beer - a Social Media Analysis on Twitter in Context of the FIFA Football World Cup 2018
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Teleparallel gravity (TEGR) as a gauge theory: Translation or Cartan connection?
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Static and sliding contact of rough surfaces: effect of asperity-scale properties and long-range elastic interactions
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Kinematics of the Broad-line Region of 3C 273 from a Ten-year Reverberation Mapping Campaign
arxiv Numerical Analysis The trouble with tensor ring decompositions
arxiv Software Engineering EASYFLOW: Keep Ethereum Away From Overflow
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Neural Stain Normalization and Unsupervised Classification of Cell Nuclei in Histopathological Breast Cancer Images
arxiv Operator Algebras Invariant projections for operators that are free over the diagonal
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Dalitz Plot Analysis of the Decay $ω\rightarrow π^{+}π^{-}π^{0}$
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition RoarNet: A Robust 3D Object Detection based on RegiOn Approximation Refinement
arxiv Multiagent Systems The Price of Governance: A Middle Ground Solution to Coordination in Organizational Control
arxiv Econometrics How does stock market volatility react to oil shocks?
arxiv Machine Learning Skeptical Deep Learning with Distribution Correction
arxiv Artificial Intelligence A Very Brief and Critical Discussion on AutoML
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory On the Inducibility of Stackelberg Equilibrium for Security Games
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Higgs and Coulomb Branch Descriptions of the Volume of the Vortex Moduli Space
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Changing the Image Memorability: From Basic Photo Editing to GANs
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter A mesoscale study of creep in a microgel using the acoustic radiation force
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Convex order for convolution polynomials of Borel measures
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Pion condensation in a soft-wall AdS/QCD model
arxiv Quantum Physics QUBO formulation for ReLU-type functions
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Image-Level Attentional Context Modeling Using Nested-Graph Neural Networks
arxiv Optimization and Control Deterministic and stochastic inexact regularization algorithms for nonconvex ptimization with optimal complexity
arxiv Information Theory Information Theoretic Bounds Based Channel Quantization Design for Emerging Memories
arxiv Chemical Physics Anharmonic Vibrational Eigenfunctions and Infrared Spectra from Semiclassical Molecular Dynamics
arxiv Chemical Physics A quantum mechanical insight into SN2 reactions: Semiclassical initial value representation calculations of vibrational features of the Cl$^-$--CH$_3$Cl pre-reaction complex with the VENUS suite of codes
arxiv Spectral Theory Eigenfunctions with infinitely many isolated critical points
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Minimizing and Computing the Inverse Geodesic Length on Trees
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Modeling the Variability of Active Galactic Nuclei by Infinite Mixture of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck(OU) Processes
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Fractional electron transfer kinetics and a quantum breaking of ergodicity
arxiv Numerical Analysis Multilevel Schwarz preconditioners for singularly perturbed symmetric reaction-diffusion systems
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Progress on the nature of the QCD thermal transition as a function of quark flavors and masses
arxiv Computational Complexity Unique End of Potential Line
arxiv Nuclear Theory Revisiting the $_Λ^3$H lifetime
arxiv Rings and Algebras Lie polynomials in an algebra defined by a linearly twisted commutation relation
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Bounds for global solutions of a reaction diffusion system with the Robin boundary conditions
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The Hyades tidal tails revealed by Gaia DR2
arxiv Systems and Control Computation Load Balancing Real-Time Model Predictive Control in Urban Traffic Networks
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Indications for infrared conformal behaviour of SU(2) gauge theory with $N_f = 3/2$ flavours of adjoint fermions
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition An Average of the Human Ear Canal: Recovering Acoustical Properties via Shape Analysis
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Weak Decays of Doubly-Heavy Tetraquarks ${b\bar c}{q\bar q}$
arxiv Machine Learning MD-GAN: Multi-Discriminator Generative Adversarial Networks for Distributed Datasets
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Experimental and numerical investigation of reactive species transport around a small rising bubble
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Precision of the ENDGame: Mixed-precision arithmetic in the iterative solver of the Unified Model
arxiv Machine Learning Sample-Efficient Policy Learning based on Completely Behavior Cloning
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Conjugate spinor field equation for massless spin-$\frac{3}{2}$ field in de Sitter space-time
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Inner bars also buckle. The MUSE TIMER view of the double-barred galaxy NGC 1291
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Initial Mass Function Variations Cannot Explain the Ionizing Spectrum of Low Metallicity Starbursts
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Electromagnetic modes and resonances of two-dimensional bodies
arxiv Probability The invariance principle and the large deviation for the biased random walk on $\mathbb{Z}^d$
arxiv History and Philosophy of Physics What we cannot learn from analogue experiments
arxiv Applications An external validation of Thais' cardiovascular 10-year risk assessment in the southern Thailand
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Swampland criteria for a dark-energy dominated universe, ensuing from Gaussian process and H(z) data analysis
arxiv Machine Learning Targeting Solutions in Bayesian Multi-Objective Optimization: Sequential and Parallel Versions
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Limit of p-Laplacian Obstacle problems
arxiv Optimization and Control Non-convex Lasso-kind approach to compressed sensing for finite-valued signals
arxiv Computation and Language Multimodal Grounding for Sequence-to-Sequence Speech Recognition
arxiv Computation and Language Learning Semantic Representations for Novel Words: Leveraging Both Form and Context
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Classification of gravitational-wave glitches via dictionary learning
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Suggesting Cooking Recipes Through Simulation and Bayesian Optimization
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Implication of family non-universal $Z'$ model to rare exclusive $b \to s(l\bar l,ν\barν)$ transitions
arxiv Functional Analysis Generalized Lebesgue points for Hajł asz functions
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Quasi-Perfect Stackelberg Equilibrium
arxiv Functional Analysis Embedding Properties of sets with finite box-counting dimension
arxiv Computation and Language Long Short-Term Memory with Dynamic Skip Connections
arxiv Nuclear Theory A first sketch: Construction of model defect priors inspired by dynamic time warping
arxiv Computation and Language Multimodal One-Shot Learning of Speech and Images
arxiv Category Theory A cohomology theory for Lie 2-algebras
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Silicon Photomultipliers in Particle and Nuclear Physics
arxiv Quantum Physics Engineering Photon Delocalization in a Rabi Dimer with a Dissipative Bath
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Cross and Learn: Cross-Modal Self-Supervision
arxiv Logic Iterability for (transfinite) stacks
arxiv Optics Microwave-induced orbital angular momentum transfer
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Parallel processing area extraction and data transfer number reduction for automatic GPU offloading of IoT applications
arxiv Machine Learning Exploiting Capacity of Sewer System Using Unsupervised Learning Algorithms Combined with Dimensionality Reduction
arxiv Combinatorics On arithmetic index in the generalized Thue-Morse word
arxiv Quantum Physics Creation of superposition of arbitrary states encoded in two three-dimensional cavities
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Delta-map method to remove CMB foregrounds with spatially varying spectra
arxiv Number Theory Hecke eigenform and double Eisenstein series
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction An Empirical Evaluation On Vibrotactile Feedback For Wristband System
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Towards a 229Th-based nuclear clock
arxiv Number Theory On the number of fully weighted zero-sum subsequences
arxiv Dynamical Systems Nilpotent Jacobians and Almost Global Stability
arxiv Combinatorics Graded Betti numbers of balanced simplicial complexes
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Some Remarks on Pohozaev-Type Identities
arxiv Emerging Technologies Breaking Landauer's Limit\\Using Quantum-dot Cellular Automata
arxiv Machine Learning Performance Guarantees for Homomorphisms Beyond Markov Decision Processes
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Simulation of neutron production in hadron-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus interactions in Geant4
arxiv Machine Learning Deep Ensemble Bayesian Active Learning : Addressing the Mode Collapse issue in Monte Carlo dropout via Ensembles
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Variable single-axis magnetic-field generator using permanent magnets
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Interpretation of the phase functions measured by the OSIRIS instrument for Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
arxiv Geophysics Propagation of pendulum waves under deep-seated cord charge blasting in blocky rock mass
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter High-order elastic multipoles as colloidal atoms
arxiv Nuclear Theory Semiclassical and quantum shell-structure calculations of the moment of inertia
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Semiclassical Boltzmann transport theory of few-layer black phosphorous in various phases
arxiv Robotics Robust, Compliant Assembly via Optimal Belief Space Planning
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Honeycomb-lattice Minnaert bubbles
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Stratified Constructive Disjunction and Negation in Constraint Programming
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Microwave cavity detected spin blockade in a few electron double quantum dot
arxiv Atomic Physics Theoretical investigation of the HgF radical towards laser cooling and eEDM measurement
arxiv Machine Learning Evidence Transfer for Improving Clustering Tasks Using External Categorical Evidence
arxiv Cell Behavior Field induced cell proliferation and death in a thick epithelium
arxiv Medical Physics Unsupervised Learnable Sinogram Inpainting Network (SIN) for Limited Angle CT reconstruction
arxiv General Topology All Parovichenko spaces are soft-Parovichenko
arxiv Classical Physics Influence of soil plug on pipe ramming process
arxiv Number Theory The subsums of zero-sum free sequences in finite cyclic groups
arxiv Fluid Dynamics A mechanism for damage spread by ultrasound-induced linear defects in soft materials
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Generalized Dirac oscillator in cosmic string space-time
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory A novel approach to the computation of one-loop three- and four-point functions. II - The complex mass case
arxiv Probability On Conditional Correlations
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Gaia Data Release 2: All-sky classification of high-amplitude pulsating stars
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Constraints on the diffuse photon flux with energies above $10^{18}$ eV using the surface detector of the Telescope Array experiment
arxiv Robotics Toward Autonomous Rotation-Aware Unmanned Aerial Grasping
arxiv Applied Physics Interaction of Love waves with coupled cavity modes in a 2D holey phononic crystal
arxiv Combinatorics Central limit theorems for patterns in multiset permutations and set partitions
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Reducing Message Collisions in Sensing-based Semi-Persistent Scheduling (SPS) by Using Reselection Lookaheads in Cellular V2X
arxiv Computation and Language A Hierarchical Framework for Relation Extraction with Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Cullen's Stability Principle and Weak Solutions of the Free-surface Semi-geostrophic Equations
arxiv Materials Science Synthesis and systematic optical investigation of selective area droplet epitaxy of InAs/InP quantum dots assisted by block copolymer lithography
arxiv Optics Nonlocal homogenization of PT-symmetric multilayered structures
arxiv Metric Geometry Computer geometry: Rep-tiles with a hole
arxiv Applications Post-randomization Biomarker Effect Modification in an HIV Vaccine Clinical Trial
arxiv Trading and Market Microstructure Risk-Neutral Pricing and Hedging of In-Play Football Bets
arxiv Numerical Analysis A Generalized-Jacobi-Function Spectral Method for Space-Time Fractional Reaction-Diffusion Equations with Viscosity Terms
arxiv Information Theory Vector Gaussian CEO Problem Under Logarithmic Loss and Applications
arxiv Cryptography and Security RadIoT: Radio Communications Intrusion Detection for IoT - A Protocol Independent Approach
arxiv Information Theory Resolving a Feedback Bottleneck of Multi-Antenna Coded Caching
arxiv Statistics Theory Sequential Subspace Changepoint Detection
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Zeros of the Wigner Distribution and the Short-Time Fourier Transform
arxiv Superconductivity Spinning superconductors and ferromagnets
arxiv Computers and Society Modeling Rape Reporting Delays Using Spatial, Temporal and Social Features
arxiv K-Theory and Homology Hermitian $K$-theory, Dedekind $ζ$-functions, and quadratic forms over rings of integers in number fields
arxiv Superconductivity Time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau model for light-induced superconductivity in the cuprate LESCO
arxiv Dynamical Systems Decidability, arithmetic subsequences and eigenvalues of morphic subshifts
arxiv Genomics The long non-coding RNA HOTAIR is transcriptionally activated by HOXA9 and is an independent prognostic marker in patients with malignant glioma
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Unwrapping phase fluctuations in one dimension
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Matrix Recovery with Implicitly Low-Rank Data
arxiv Information Theory Broadcasting on Random Directed Acyclic Graphs
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Boundary regularity for quasilinear elliptic equations with general Dirichlet boundary data
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies New GTC Spectroscopic Data and a Statistical Study to Better Constrain the Redshift of the BL Lac RGB J2243+203
arxiv Number Theory Sup-norm of Hecke-Laplace Eigenforms on $S^3$
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Exclusive Top Threshold Matching at Lepton Colliders
arxiv Optimization and Control Attitude and Angular Velocity Tracking for a Rigid Body using Geometric Methods on the Two-Sphere (Stability Proof)
arxiv Genomics Imprinting control regions (ICRs) are marked by mono-allelic bivalent chromatin when transcriptionally inactive
arxiv Applied Physics N-polar AlN buffer growth by MOVPE for transistor applications
arxiv Genomics An annotated list of bivalent chromatin regions in human ES cells: a new tool for cancer epigenetic research
arxiv Applied Physics Dating glacier ice of the last millennium by quantum technology
arxiv Systems and Control On contraction analysis for hybrid systems
arxiv General Mathematics An alternative method for solving the Gaussian integral
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Higgs and Coulomb branches from vertex operator algebras
arxiv Nuclear Theory Elliptic flow fluctuations in central collisions of spherical and deformed nuclei
arxiv Materials Science Giant Exchange Bias in the Single-layered Ruddlesden-Popper Perovskite SrLaCo0.5Mn0.5O4
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Magnetic-oscillation mechanism for understanding periodic or quasi-periodic modulation of the timing residuals from pulsars
arxiv Machine Learning A Convergence Theory for Deep Learning via Over-Parameterization
arxiv Machine Learning Deep Compression of Sum-Product Networks on Tensor Networks
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Dark matter as scalaron in $f(R)$ gravity models
arxiv General Mathematics A neutral relation between metallic structure and almost quadratic φ-structure
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms A Complexity Dichotomy for Critical Values of the b-Chromatic Number of Graphs
arxiv Quantum Physics The Gibbs Paradox and the Physical Criteria for the Indistinguishability of Identical Particles
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Collaboratively Learning the Best Option on Graphs, Using Bounded Local Memory
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Monte Carlo, fitting and Machine Learning for Tau leptons
arxiv Information Retrieval Looking Deeper into Deep Learning Model: Attribution-based Explanations of TextCNN
arxiv Mathematical Physics The interrelation of the special double confluent Heun equation and the equation of RSJ model of Josephson junction revisited
arxiv Group Theory On a question of Dixon and Rahnamai Barghi
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Enhanced lifetimes of spin chains coupled to chiral edge states
arxiv Cryptography and Security Science Hackathons for Cyberphysical System Security Research: Putting CPS testbed platforms to good use
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum computational finance: quantum algorithm for portfolio optimization
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics ALMA detections of the youngest protostars in Ophiuchus
arxiv Medical Physics Quantitative phase and polarisation endoscopy applied to detection of early oesophageal tumourigenesis
arxiv Nuclear Theory From the liquid drop model to lattice QCD
arxiv Applied Physics Controlled integration of selected detectors and emitters in photonic integrated circuits
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing A Methodology for Automatic Selection of Activation Functions to Design Hybrid Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Vehicular Networks: Taming the Age of Information Tail
arxiv Optimization and Control Robust Asynchronous Stochastic Gradient-Push: Asymptotically Optimal and Network-Independent Performance for Strongly Convex Functions
arxiv Metric Geometry On a relation between packing and covering densities of convex bodies
arxiv Robotics Imprecise dynamic walking with time-projection control
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Powerful mechanical-driven outflows in the central parsecs of the Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nucleus ESO428-G14
arxiv Optimization and Control Strongly unimodal systems
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Role of initial conditions in the dynamics of quantum glassy systems
arxiv Quantum Physics Thermometry in the quantum regime: Recent theoretical progress
arxiv Plasma Physics One-fluid relativistic magnetohydrodynamics equations for a two-fluid plasma with the Landau-Lifshitz radiation reaction force
arxiv Plasma Physics Probing fully non-perturbative QED with electron-laser collisions
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Superconducting nanowire single-photon detector with integrated impedance-matching taper
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Heavy-Quark Symmetry Partners of the Pc(4450) Pentaquark
arxiv Category Theory Cartesian closed exact completions in topology
arxiv Chaotic Dynamics Dynamical characterization of stochastic bifurcations in a random logistic map
arxiv Physics and Society Insights into Bootstrap Percolation: Its Equivalence with k-core Percolation and the Giant Component
arxiv Information Theory Uncertainty relations and sparse signal recovery
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Metastability and layer dynamics for the hyperbolic relaxation of the Cahn-Hilliard equation
arxiv Atomic Physics Formation of RbCs dimers using an elliptically polarized laser pulse
arxiv Functional Analysis Banach Contraction Principle in Cone Modular Spaces With Banach Algebra
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Identify, locate and separate: Audio-visual object extraction in large video collections using weak supervision
arxiv Quantum Physics Two-dimensional topological quantum walks in the momentum space of structured light
arxiv Quantum Physics Benchmarking Gate Fidelities in a Si/SiGe Two-Qubit Device
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Optical orientation with linearly polarized light in transition metal dichalcogenides
arxiv Quantum Algebra Spectral geometry of functional metrics on noncommutative tori
arxiv Quantum Physics Bounds on Capacity and Power of Quantum Batteries
arxiv Machine Learning Reachability-based safe learning for optimal control problem
arxiv Algebraic Topology Homotopy theory with marked additive categories
arxiv Number Theory Identities of Cycle Integrals of Weak Maass Forms
arxiv Differential Geometry Index and first Betti number of f-minimal hypersurfaces: general ambients
arxiv Computational Complexity The layer complexity of Arthur-Merlin-like communication
arxiv Materials Science Influence of temperature on the displacement threshold energy in graphene
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors nEDM experiment at PSI: data-taking strategy and sensitivity of the dataset
arxiv Dynamical Systems Symbolic dynamics and semigroup theory
arxiv Combinatorics An output-sensitive polynomial Time Algorithm to partition a Sequence of Integers into Subsets with equal Sums
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies CHANG-ES XII: A LOFAR and VLA view of the edge-on star-forming galay NGC 3556
arxiv Numerical Analysis Singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion problems with discontinuities in the initial and/or the boundary data
arxiv Machine Learning A generic framework for privacy preserving deep learning
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Piezospectroscopic measurement of high-frequency vibrations in a pulse-tube cryostat
arxiv Number Theory Effective equidistribution of primitive rational points on expanding horospheres
arxiv Group Theory Structural aspects of twin and pure twin groups
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The Near-Ultraviolet Continuum Radiation in the Impulsive Phase of HF/GF-Type dMe Flares I: Data
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Convolutional neural networks in phase space and inverse problems
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Zeeman spectroscopy of excitons and hybridization of electronic states in few-layer WSe$_2$, MoSe$_2$ and MoTe$_2$
arxiv Quantitative Methods Dose finding for new vaccines: the role for immunostimulation/immunodynamic modelling
arxiv Quantum Physics Recurrence of optical squeezing: witness of nonclassicality in optomechanics
arxiv Machine Learning Adversarial Uncertainty Quantification in Physics-Informed Neural Networks
arxiv Accelerator Physics Commissioning and Operation of FAST Electron Linac at Fermilab
arxiv Artificial Intelligence An Overview of Computational Approaches for Analyzing Interpretation
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Measuring the Expansion and Age of the Nova Shell IPHASXJ210204.7+471015
arxiv Algebraic Topology A Whitehead theorem for periodic homotopy groups
arxiv Optimization and Control The control set of a linear control system on the two dimensional solvable Lie group
arxiv Information Theory Representation-Oblivious Error Correction by Natural Redundancy
arxiv Numerical Analysis The discrete cosine transform on triangles
arxiv Dynamical Systems Dynamics on Hyperspaces
arxiv Mathematical Software A Search for Good Pseudo-random Number Generators : Survey and Empirical Studies
arxiv Computational Geometry Push-pull direct modeling of solid CAD models
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms An estimation of the greedy algorithm's accuracy for a set cover problem instance
arxiv Pattern Formation and Solitons The biological frontier of pattern formation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Peccei-Quinn symmetry from a hidden gauge group structure
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Quasinormal modes of magnetic black branes at finite 't Hooft coupling
arxiv Optics Two-Dimensional hybrid perovskites sustaining strong polariton interactions at room temperature
arxiv General Topology Counting the Number of Quasiplatonic Topological Actions of the Cyclic Group on Surfaces
arxiv Operator Algebras Some notes on the universal C*-algebra of a contraction
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Nonradial normalized solutions for nonlinear scalar field equations
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Splenomegaly Segmentation on Multi-modal MRI using Deep Convolutional Networks
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Topological d+s wave superconductors in a multi-orbital quadratic band touching system
arxiv Hardware Architecture A Microprocessor implemented in 65nm CMOS with Configurable and Bit-scalable Accelerator for Programmable In-memory Computing
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Joint Acoustic and Class Inference for Weakly Supervised Sound Event Detection
arxiv Social and Information Networks Understanding and Predicting Links in Graphs: A Persistent Homology Perspective
arxiv Mathematical Physics Painlevé equations from Nakajima-Yoshioka blow-up relations
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Heat, Work and Energy Currents in the Boundary-Driven XXZ Spin Chain
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Polynomial-time Approximation Scheme for Minimum k-cut in Planar and Minor-free Graphs
arxiv Operator Algebras Extension of projection mappings
arxiv Pattern Formation and Solitons Effective diffusion coefficients in reaction-diffusion systems with anomalous transport
arxiv Probability Cusp Universality for Random Matrices II: The Real Symmetric Case
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Noise-induced distortion of nonequilibrium oscillator mean limit cycle
arxiv Superconductivity Engineering Quantum Interference
arxiv Statistics Theory Bernstein-von Mises theorems and uncertainty quantification for linear inverse problems
arxiv Combinatorics Pure $\mathcal{O}$-sequences arising from $2$-dimensional PS ear-decomposable simplicial complexes
arxiv Machine Learning Automated Multi-Label Classification based on ML-Plan
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology A model for a dark matter core at the galactic center
arxiv Discrete Mathematics A note on simultaneous representation problem for interval and circular-arc graphs
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory On convexity and solution concepts in cooperative interval games
arxiv Machine Learning Block Belief Propagation for Parameter Learning in Markov Random Fields
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Two Party Distribution Testing: Communication and Security
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Open minimal strings and open Gelfand-Dickey hierarchies
arxiv Information Theory Benefits of Coded Placement for Networks with Heterogeneous Cache Sizes
arxiv Differential Geometry Homogeneous almost Kähler manifolds and the Chern-Einstein equation
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum computation of molecular vibrations
arxiv Differential Geometry Min-max theory for networks of constant geodesic curvature
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Investigating the noise residuals around the gravitational wave event GW150914
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Detecting Radio-AGN signatures in Red geysers
arxiv Populations and Evolution The Evolution of Gene Dominance through the Baldwin Effect
lawarxiv Law How Constitutional Norms Break Down
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences To attract or to repel, that is the question (for the visual cortex)
biorxiv Developmental Biology X Chromosome Dosage Modulates Multiple Molecular and Cellular Properties of Mouse Pluripotent Stem Cells Independently of Global DNA Methylation Levels
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Building a local community of practice in scientific programming for Life Scientists
biorxiv Developmental Biology Analysis of sea star larval regeneration reveals conserved processes of whole-body regeneration across the metazoa
biorxiv Genetics A mutation-independent approach via transcriptional upregulation of a disease modifier gene rescues muscular dystrophy in vivo.
biorxiv Genomics Substructured population growth in the Ashkenazi Jews inferred with Approximate Bayesian Computation
biorxiv Molecular biology Coordinated demethylation of H3K9 and H3K27 is required for rapid inflammatory responses of endothelial cells
biorxiv Bioengineering Discover Stable Expression Hot Spot in Genome of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Using Lentivirus based Random Integration Method
biorxiv Microbiology Rapid, seamless generation of recombinant poxviruses using host-range and visual selection
biorxiv Bioinformatics A case study on the detailed reproducibility of a human cell atlas project
biorxiv Bioinformatics An Analysis of Characterized Plant Sesquiterpene Synthases
biorxiv Microbiology Evolutionary dynamics of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii circulating in Chilean hospitals
biorxiv Immunology Penaeidins are a novel family of antiviral effectors against WSSV in shrimp
biorxiv Genetics Inter-generational Consequences for Growing C. elegans in Liquid
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Population genetic structure of the bank vole Myodes glareolus within its glacial refugium in peninsular Italy
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Untangling the Evolutionary History of European Bison (Bison bonasus)
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Implementasi Komitmen Organisasional Terhadap Kepuasan Kerja Pegawai
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship
socarxiv Arts and Humanities The art of not being legible: Invented writing systems as technologies of resistance in mainland Southeast Asia
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences An alternative framework for a textbook analysis of the money multiplier
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Phylogenomics, biogeography, and evolution in the American palm genus Brahea
biorxiv Neuroscience Potassium channel regulators are differentially expressed in hippocampi of Ts65Dn and Tc1 Down syndrome mouse models
biorxiv Genetics An atlas of polygenic risk score associations to highlight putative causal relationships across the human phenome
biorxiv Neuroscience Boundary effects of expectation in human pain perception
biorxiv Microbiology The cyclic nitroxide antioxidant 4-methoxy-TEMPO decreases mycobacterial burden in vivo through host and bacterial targets
biorxiv Genomics Refining interaction search through signed iterative Random Forests
biorxiv Genetics Determinants of QTL mapping power in the realized Collaborative Cross
biorxiv Neuroscience Gradients of connectivity distance in the cerebral cortex of the macaque monkey
biorxiv Physiology FishResp: R Package and GUI Application for Analysis of Aquatic Respirometry Data
biorxiv Microbiology Core components of endosomal mRNA transport are evolutionarily conserved in fungi
biorxiv Immunology Skin inflammation driven by differentiation of quiescent tissue-resident ILCs into a spectrum of pathogenic effectors
biorxiv Biophysics Cryo-EM structure of the receptor-activated TRPC5 ion channel at 2.9 angstrom resolution
biorxiv Systems Biology Lineage tracing on transcriptional landscapes links state to fate during differentiation
biorxiv Neuroscience Rapid task-dependent tuning of the mouse olfactory bulb
biorxiv Neuroscience Negative mood induction effects on problem solving task in women with eating disorders: a multi-method examination
biorxiv Plant biology Spatiotemporal expression of FRIGIDA modulate flowering time in Arabidopsis thaliana
biorxiv Plant biology A simple method to co-purify genomic DNA, RNA, and proteins for functional studies
biorxiv Genomics First Draft Genome of a Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Burseraceae reveals commercially-promising genes involved in terpenic oleoresins synthesis
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Towards feedback control of the cell-cycle across a population of yeast cells
biorxiv Genomics Transcription-factor centric genome mining strategy for discovery of diverse unprecedented RiPP gene clusters
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Patterns and mechanisms of diminishing returns from beneficial mutations
biorxiv Bioinformatics Predicting trait regulators by identifying co-localization of DNA binding and GWAS variants in regulatory regions
biorxiv Genomics High-resolution mapping of regulatory element interactions and genome architecture using ARC-C
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Meaning of Aggression Varies Across Culture: Testing the Measurement Invariance of the Refined Aggression Questionnaire in samples from Spain, the US, and Hong Kong
biorxiv Cell Biology Germline deletion reveals a non-essential role of the atypical MAPK6/ERK3
engrxiv Engineering Potential of Neural Networks for Structural Damage Localization
engrxiv Engineering Influence of insulation defects on the thermal performance of walls. An experimental and numerical investigation
biorxiv Neuroscience Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis in mice induced by active immunization with conformationally-stabilized holoreceptors
biorxiv Cancer Biology Ribosomal protein imbalance launches a C/EBP-based program to preserve tissue integrity
biorxiv Cancer Biology Chemically-induced Neurite-like Outgrowth Reveals Multicellular Network Function in Patient-derived Glioblastoma Cells
biorxiv Ecology Community rescue in experimental phytoplankton communities facing severe herbicide pollution.
biorxiv Systems Biology Assessing key decisions for transcriptomic data integration in biochemical networks
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Mission statements of Latin-American firms: content analysis, readability, and their effect on financial performance
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Values of the Russian elite and the problems of the country with the eyes of the Media
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Part(y) of Speech: Partisan Divides in Stylistic Framing
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Rapid and accurate estimates of streamflow depletion caused by groundwater pumping using analytical depletion functions
biorxiv Microbiology Comparing DNA, RNA and protein levels for measuring microbial activity in nitrogen-amended soils
biorxiv Genetics Genetic analysis reveals novel roles for mei-MCMs during meiotic recombination in Drosophila
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Process-symptom-bridges in psychotherapy: an idiographic network approach
socarxiv Education Highlighting the potential of peer-led workshops in training early career researchers for conducting research with Indigenous communities
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Underlying Public Attitude toward the Ideal Role of Government in Socio-Economic Intervention in Thirty-Years of Evidence from the ISSP
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Retos y aciertos de los fondos concursables para investigación: el caso de Costa Rica 2006-2016
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Automated Street Network Analysis for Urban Planners with OSMnx
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Educational assortative mating – a micro-educational approach
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Fathers’ and Mothers’ Time with Children Before and During the Great Recession in Spain, 2002-2010
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Development of an Online Construct-Informed Situational Judgment Test for Screening Applicants for Initial Teacher Education
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Selecting Teachers and Prospective Teachers: A Meta-Analysis
biorxiv Systems Biology Cell-Type Selective Markers Represented in Whole-Kidney RNA-Seq Data
biorxiv Bioinformatics Continuous embeddings of DNA sequencing reads, and application to metagenomics
biorxiv Cell Biology Kinesin-Binding Protein (KBP) buffers the activity of Kif18A and Kif15 in mitosis to ensure accurate chromosome segregation
biorxiv Molecular biology Phase separation and nucleosome compaction are governed by the same domain of Polycomb Repressive Complex 1
biorxiv Bioinformatics ChIPulate : A comprehensive ChIP-seq simulation pipeline
biorxiv Immunology Nano immunoconjugates crossing blood-brain barrier activate local brain tumor immune system for glioma treatment
biorxiv Bioinformatics Inference of Differential Gene Regulatory Networks Based on Gene Expression and Genetic Perturbation Data
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Consequences of breed formation on patterns of genomic diversity and differentiation: the case of highly diverse peripheral Iberian cattle
biorxiv Microbiology The discovery of three new hare lagoviruses reveals unexplored viral diversity in this genus
biorxiv Genomics Widespread conservation of chromatin accessibility patterns and transcription factor binding in human and chimpanzee induced pluripotent stem cells
biorxiv Zoology Subspecies and sexual craniofacial size and shape variations in Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata)
biorxiv Biochemistry Atomic view into Plasmodium actin polymerization, ATP hydrolysis, and phosphate release
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology The evolutionary advantage of cultural memory on heterogeneous contact networks
biorxiv Neuroscience Restoring memory by optogenetic synchronization of hippocampal oscillations in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model
biorxiv Cancer Biology Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals a dynamic stromal niche within the evolving tumour microenvironment
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Behavioral evolution drives hindbrain diversification among Lake Malawi cichlid fish
biorxiv Cancer Biology Activation of dopamine receptor 2 (DRD2) prompts transcriptomic and metabolic plasticity in glioblastoma
biorxiv Biochemistry Structure, dynamics and roX2-lncRNA binding of tandem double-stranded RNA binding domains dsRBD1,2 of Drosophila helicase Maleless
biorxiv Molecular biology Dynamics of age-related catastrophic mitotic failures and recovery in yeast
biorxiv Ecology High-Resolution, Long-Term Trends in Relative Abundance from Spatial Modeling of Continent-Wide Bird Counts
biorxiv Microbiology Prolonged Antibiotic Treatment Generates a Fluoroquinolone Resistant Gut Microbiome and Collateral Multi-Drug Resistance
biorxiv Genomics Extensive mitochondrial population structure and haplotype-specific phenotypic variation in the Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Multiple Duration Priors Within and Across the Senses
biorxiv Bioinformatics PhenotypeXpression: sub-classification of disease states using public gene expression data and literature
biorxiv Neuroscience Development of the Linguistic Evaluation of Prefrontal Synthesis (LEPS) test for children with language delay
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology A phylogenomic framework, evolutionary timeline, and genomic resources for comparative studies of decapod crustaceans
biorxiv Physiology Comparative Transcriptome and Methylome Analysis in Human Skeletal Muscle Anabolism, Hypertrophy and Epigenetic Memory.
biorxiv Biochemistry Rickettsia Sca2 Recruits Two Actin Subunits for Nucleation but Lacks WH2 Domains
biorxiv Neuroscience Suppression and facilitation of motion perception in humans
biorxiv Ecology Recent trends in Tricolored Blackbird colony size: analysis of the 2008 through 2017 Triennial Statewide Surveys
biorxiv Neuroscience Evidence for allocentric boundary and goal direction information in the human entorhinal cortex and subiculum
biorxiv Physiology Female variation in allocation of steroid hormones, antioxidants and fatty acids: a multilevel analysis in a wild passerine bird
biorxiv Microbiology A mutant bacteriophage evolved to infect resistant bacteria gained a broader host range
biorxiv Immunology Aged insulin resistant macrophages reveal dysregulated cholesterol biosynthesis, a pro-inflammatory profile and reduced foam cell formation capacity
biorxiv Developmental Biology Modular co-option of cardiopharyngeal genes during non-embryonic myogenesis
biorxiv Neuroscience Ultra-high field MRI reveals mood-related circuit disturbances in depression: A systematic comparison between 3-Tesla and 7-Tesla
biorxiv Cancer Biology Interleukin-8/CXCR2 signaling regulates therapy-induced plasticity and enhances tumorigenicity in glioblastoma
biorxiv Neuroscience A SENtence Supramodal Areas AtlaS (SENSAAS) based on multiple task-induced activation mapping and graph analysis of intrinsic connectivity in 144 healthy right-handers
biorxiv Bioinformatics Tissue-Specific Enrichment Analysis (TSEA) to decode tissue specificity
biorxiv Plant biology Two bifunctional inositol pyrophosphate kinases/phosphatases control plant phosphate homeostasis.
biorxiv Immunology The Effect of Proportion and Degree of Resistance of CD4+ Lymphocytes on in vivo HIV dynamics
biorxiv Neuroscience A Modified Hodgkin-Huxley model to Show the Effect of Motor Cortex Stimulation on the Trigeminal Neuralgia Network
biorxiv Molecular biology Differential binding cell-SELEX: method for identification of cell specific aptamers using high throughput sequencing
biorxiv Cell Biology Cardioprotection by the mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPRmt) is mediated by activating transcription factor 5 (ATF5)
biorxiv Biochemistry The pro-oncogenic adaptor CIN85 inhibits hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase-2
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Linking Branch Lengths Across Loci Provides the Best Fit for Phylogenetic Inference
biorxiv Bioengineering Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells Grown In Neurogenic Media Differentiate Into Endothelial Cells And Promote Neovasculogenesis In The Mouse Brain.
biorxiv Bioinformatics Reannotation of the ribonucleotide reductase in a cyanophage reveals life history strategies within the virioplankton
biorxiv Bioinformatics A New Method to Correct for Habitat Filtering in Microbial Correlation Networks
biorxiv Neuroscience A Neurophysiological Measure of Reward Sensitivity and its Limited Association with Anhedonia in Adolescents and Young Adults
biorxiv Biophysics Dynamic Graphical Models of Molecular Kinetics
biorxiv Bioengineering Mesenchymal stem cell derived exosomes enhance lymphangiogenesis via exosomal transfer of Ang-2/Tie2
biorxiv Genetics Chromosome-wide evolution and sex determination in a nematode with three sexes
biorxiv Biochemistry Global analysis of methionine oxidation provides a census of folding stabilities for the human proteome
biorxiv Genomics Nanopore native RNA sequencing of a human poly(A) transcriptome
biorxiv Physiology Tamoxifen improves glucose tolerance in a delivery, sex, and strain-dependent manner in mice
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology A key role for UV sex chromosomes in the regulation of parthenogenesis in the brown alga Ectocarpus
biorxiv Neuroscience The orexin-1 receptor antagonist SB-334867 reduces motivation, but not inhibitory control, in a rat stop signal task
biorxiv Biophysics Filamentous aggregates are fragmented by the proteasome holoenzyme
biorxiv Bioinformatics Novel autoregulatory cases of alternative splicing coupled with nonsense-mediated mRNA decay
biorxiv Biophysics Red muscle activity in bluegill sunfish Lepomis macrochirus during forward accelerations
biorxiv Microbiology Shifts in microbial transcription patterns prior to onset of Necrotizing enterocolitis may indicate low oxygen levels in the gut
biorxiv Systems Biology Metastable regimes and tipping points of biochemical networks with potential applications in precision medicine
biorxiv Ecology Ensemble projections of global ocean animal biomass with climate change
biorxiv Bioinformatics Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein TCTP as Peptide Vaccine against Schistosoma japonicum: an Immunoinformatics Approach
biorxiv Neuroscience Memory trace superimposition impairs recall in a mouse model of AD
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Early and persistent supershear rupture of the 2018 Mw 7.5 Palu earthquake
biorxiv Cell Biology Impact of chromosome fusions on 3D genome organization and gene expression in budding yeast
biorxiv Neuroscience Confidence as a diagnostic tool for perceptual aftereffects
biorxiv Biophysics Field induced cell proliferation and death in a thick epithelium
biorxiv Epidemiology Prawn aquaculture as a method for schistosomiasis control and poverty alleviation: a win-win approach to address a critical infectious disease of poverty
biorxiv Epidemiology The association between low-density lipoprotein cholesterol predicted by HMGCR genetic variants and breast cancer risk may be mediated by body mass index
biorxiv Epidemiology The association between weight at birth and breast cancer risk revisited using Mendelian randomisation
biorxiv Clinical Trials Integrating water, sanitation, handwashing, and nutrition interventions to reduce child soil-transmitted helminth and Giardia infections: a cluster-randomized controlled trial in rural Kenya
biorxiv Epidemiology Predicting the fundamental thermal niche of crop pests and diseases in a changing world: a case study on citrus greening
biorxiv Clinical Trials A Double-Blind Pilot Dosing Study of Low Field Magnetic Stimulation (LFMS) for Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD)
biorxiv Epidemiology A proof of concept for a syndromic surveillance system based on routine ambulance records in the South-West of England, for the influenza season 2016/17.
biorxiv Cell Biology Mitotic phosphorylation by Nek6 and Nek7 reduces microtubule affinity of EML4 to alter spindle dynamics and promote chromosome congression
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Perceptual dissociations among views of objects, scenes, and reachable spaces
psyarxiv Life Sciences Categorical phoneme labeling in poor readers does not depend on stimulus duration
biorxiv Spatial epidemiology of gestational age and birth weight in Switzerland: Census-based linkage study
biorxiv Levels of histidine-rich glycoprotein in human blood predict accelerated aging
biorxiv Characterization of proprioceptive system dynamics in behaving Drosophila larvae using high-speed volumetric microscopy
biorxiv Prevalence of Soil Transmitted Helminthes (STHs) Among Pupils of Community Primary Schools in Nkpor and Mgbodohia, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria.
biorxiv Modeling the relative role of human mobility, land-use and climate factors on dengue outbreak emergence in Sri Lanka
biorxiv Neuroscience Michigan Neural Distinctiveness (MiND) project: Investigating the scope, causes, and consequences of age-related neural dedifferentiation
biorxiv Neuroscience Perceptron learning and classification in a modeled cortical pyramidal cell
biorxiv Proprioceptive neurons of larval Drosophila melanogaster show direction selective activity requiring the mechanosensory channel TMC.
biorxiv Neuroscience The DeepTune framework for modeling and characterizing neurons in visual cortex area V4
biorxiv Neuroscience Post-decisional sense of confidence shapes speed-accuracy tradeoff for subsequent choices
biorxiv Genetics Immune gene diversity in archaic and present-day humans
biorxiv Neuroscience Autism sensory dysfunction in an evolutionarily conserved system
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Sources of cognitive conflict and their relevance to Theory of Mind proficiency in healthy ageing. A preregistered study.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Identifying and evaluating ontologies related to human behaviour change interventions: a scoping review
biorxiv Cell Biology Adult Canine Intestinal Derived Organoids: A Novel In Vitro System for Translational Research in Comparative Gastroenterology
biorxiv Cell Biology Melatonin attenuates mitochondrial and metabolic dysfunction caused by leptin deficiency
biorxiv Epidemiology National Population and Cost Implications of Treatment with Icosapentyl Ethyl in the United States: An Assessment Based on the REDUCE-IT trial
biorxiv Epidemiology A dynamic neural network model for real-time prediction of the Zika epidemic in the Americas
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Defining Habit in Psychology
biorxiv Cell Biology The innate immune sensor Toll-like receptor 2 controls the senescence-associated secretory phenotype.
biorxiv Cancer Biology Systems-level properties of EGFR/Ras/ERK signalling amplify local signals to generate gene expression plasticity
biorxiv Cell Biology PRMT1-mediated methylation of the Large Drosha Complex regulates microRNA biogenesis
sportrxiv Sport and Exercise Science Physical activity removes the negative impact of adverse childhood experiences and depression on functional dependence
socarxiv Law К вопросу рассмотрения природы института международной ипотеки как особого вида кредитования: проблемные аспекты, пути их устранения и тенденция развития
socarxiv Arts and Humanities UnPlastic My Food: Plastics in Take-Away Packaging, Consumer Behaviors and Eco-Packaging Possibilities
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Operation of an Informal Market: Bolgatanga's Goat Market
socarxiv Arts and Humanities A different use of tropical forest products: Carving and painting of palm seeds by the Panamanian Emberá
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Widespread population decline in South America correlates with mid-Holocene climate change
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Brexit, CANZUK, and the Legacy of Empire
psyarxiv Life Sciences The Grasp Cell Hypothesis: near-miss effect points to common neural machinery for controllable objects and concepts in posterior parietal cortex
biorxiv Biochemistry The distinct biochemical property enables thymidylate kinase as a drug target and participates in pyrimidine drug sensitivity in Candida albicans
biorxiv Neuroscience Prefrontal cortex creates novel navigation sequences from hippocampal place-cell replay with spatial reward propagation
biorxiv Ecology Characterization and Variation of the Rhizosphere Fungal Community Structure of Cultivated Tetraploid Cotton
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Increased levels of bass over time in popular music recordings and their relation to loudness
psyarxiv Neuroscience The importance of stimulus variability when studying face processing using Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation: A novel ‘Mixed-Emotions’ paradigm
psyarxiv Neuroscience The Grasp Cell Hypothesis: Near-miss effect points to a common neurological machinery in posterior parietal cortex for controllable objects and concepts
biorxiv Ecology Anywhere but here: local conditions alone drive dispersal in Daphnia
biorxiv Cell Biology Identification and characterization of genes encoding the nuclear envelope LINC complex in the monocot species Zea mays.
biorxiv Neuroscience Performance of semi-automated hippocampal subfield segmentation methods across ages in a pediatric sampl
biorxiv Cancer Biology Share, but unequally: A plausible mechanism for emergence and maintenance of intratumor heterogeneity
biorxiv Bioengineering Stability-normalised walking speed: a new approach for human gait perturbation research
biorxiv Microbiology The Transcriptional landscape of Streptococcus pneumoniae TIGR4 reveals a complex operon architecture and abundant riboregulation critical for growth and virulence
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Orbital Magnetization in Solids: Boundary contributions as a non-Hermitian effect
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Low-dispersion low-loss dielectric gratings for efficient ultrafast laser pulse compression at high average powers
arxiv Statistical Finance Reframing the S\&P500 Network of Stocks along the \nth{21} Century
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms An Optimal Approximation for Submodular Maximization under a Matroid Constraint in the Adaptive Complexity Model
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies CIGALE: a python Code Investigating GALaxy Emission
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Constraints on the existence of dark matter haloes by the M81 group and the Hickson compact groups of galaxies
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Flux unwinding in the lattice Schwinger model
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Complexity and the bulk volume, a new York time story
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena LSST Target-of-Opportunity Observations of Gravitational Wave Events: Essential and Efficient
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Tracing the formation of the Milky Way through ultra metal-poor stars
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics SOFIA Community Science I: HAWC+ Polarimetry of 30 Doradus
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Variations on the Vev Flip-Flop: Instantaneous Freeze-out and Decaying Dark Matter
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics An automated search for transiting exocomets
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Kosterlitz-Thouless scaling at many-body localization phase transitions
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Dust Polarization Toward Embedded Protostars in Ophiuchus with ALMA. II. IRAS 16293-2422
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Spin Hall effect in 2D metallic delafossite PtCoO$_2$ and vicinity topology
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Massive star winds and HMXB donors
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Evolution of Molecular Gas Fraction Traced by the CO Tully-Fisher Relation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Testing Feedback Regulated Star Formation in Gas Rich, Turbulent Disk Galaxies
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Astrophysical Quantum Matter: Spinless charged particles on a magnetic dipole sphere
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Physics and geometry of knots-quivers correspondence
arxiv Nuclear Theory Recent developments for the optical model of nuclei
arxiv Quantum Physics Magic state distillation with punctured polar codes
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Minimal Purifications, Wormhole Geometries, and the Complexity=Action Proposal
arxiv Statistical Mechanics An Extension of ETH to Non-Equilibrium Steady States
arxiv Machine Learning Blockwise Parallel Decoding for Deep Autoregressive Models
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory A post-quantum theory of classical gravity?
arxiv Operator Algebras Singular subgroups in $\tilde{A}_2$-groups and their von Neumann algebras
arxiv Quantum Physics Mixing as a quantitative measure of entanglement
arxiv Artificial Intelligence On the Complexity of Reconnaissance Blind Chess
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition ColorUNet: A convolutional classification approach to colorization
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A panchromatic spatially resolved study of the inner 500 pc of NGC 1052 - I: Stellar population
arxiv Software Engineering Classification of cyber-physical production systems applications: Proposition of an analysis framework
arxiv Chemical Physics How reactant polarization can be used to change the effect of interference on reactive collisions
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Do all identically conserved geometric tensors come from actions? A status report
arxiv Optimization and Control Best approximations of non-linear mappings: Method of optimal injections
arxiv Computational Complexity Approximability of the Eight-vertex Model
arxiv Classical Physics On the Structure of Linear Dislocation Field Theory
arxiv Operator Algebras Non-linear positive maps between $C^*$-algebras
arxiv Optimization and Control Global Optimality in Distributed Low-rank Matrix Factorization
arxiv Social and Information Networks Who Let The Trolls Out? Towards Understanding State-Sponsored Trolls
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Capacity Value of Interconnection Between Two Systems
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Density and velocity profiles around cosmic voids
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Quantum Nonlinear Ferroic Optical Hall Effect
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Cancellation exponents in isotropic turbulence and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
arxiv Differential Geometry Removability of a codimension four singular set for solutions of a yang mills higgs equation with small energy
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Strategic Availability and Cost Effective UAV-based Flying Access Networks: S-Modular Game Analysis
arxiv Complex Variables Intermediate Hankel operators on the Fock space
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics WIRC+Pol: a low-resolution near-infrared spectropolarimeter
arxiv Differential Geometry On finite energy monopoles on $\mathbb{C}\times Σ$
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Surface waves over currents and uneven bottom
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Probing AdS/QCD backgrounds with semi-classical strings
arxiv Statistics Theory Asymptotic conditional inference via a Steining of selection probabilities
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Abundance of entire solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations by the variational method
arxiv Atomic Physics Low-energy electron scattering from atomic Th, Pa, U, Np and Pu: Negative ion formation
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Moving Contact Lines: Linking Molecular Dynamics and Continuum-Scale Modeling
arxiv Statistical Finance Multi-channel discourse as an indicator for Bitcoin price and volume movements
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum compilation and circuit optimisation via energy dissipation
arxiv Dynamical Systems Quasiperiodic orbits in Siegel disks/balls and the Babylonian problem
arxiv Machine Learning Time Series Classification to Improve Poultry Welfare
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Stability of equilibria for a Hartree equation for random fields
arxiv Machine Learning DragonPaint: Rule based bootstrapping for small data with an application to cartoon coloring
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Higher order corrected thermodynamics and statistics of Kerr-Newman-Godel black hole
arxiv Computers and Society Offline Behaviors of Online Friends
arxiv Machine Learning Poisson Multi-Bernoulli Mapping Using Gibbs Sampling
arxiv Mathematical Physics Spectral aspects of the Berezin transform
arxiv Combinatorics Incidence dimension and 2-packing number in graphs
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Forensic Discrimination between Traditional and Compressive Imaging Systems
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Election with Bribed Voter Uncertainty: Hardness and Approximation Algorithm
arxiv Robotics Estimating Achievable Range of Ground Robots Operating on Single Battery Discharge for Operational Efficacy Amelioration
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A catalogue of nuclear stellar velocity dispersions of nearby galaxies from H$α$ STIS spectra to constrain supermassive black hole masses
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The Role of Convection in Determining the Ejection Efficiency of Common Envelope Interactions
arxiv Molecular Networks Role of self-loop in cell-cycle network of budding yeast
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Contrastive Explanation: A Structural-Model Approach
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Beta Function Quintessence Cosmological Parameters and Fundamental Constants II: Exponential and Logarithmic Dark Energy Potentials
arxiv Cryptography and Security Shining Light On Shadow Stacks
arxiv Machine Learning SRP: Efficient class-aware embedding learning for large-scale data via supervised random projections
arxiv Formal Languages and Automata Theory Decision Procedures for Path Feasibility of String-Manipulating Programs with Complex Operations
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics On the weak field approximation for CaII 8542 A
arxiv Computation and Language Attention Fusion Networks: Combining Behavior and E-mail Content to Improve Customer Support
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Edge states in a two-dimensional non-symmorphic semimetal
arxiv Statistical Mechanics The mode-coupling crossover of glasses is a localization transition
arxiv Accelerator Physics Opportunities in Machine Learning for Particle Accelerators
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Automatic Thresholding of SIFT Descriptors
arxiv Populations and Evolution MAD roots for large trees
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum data classification by dissipation
arxiv Logic in Computer Science SAT-based Explicit LTLf Satisfiability Checking
arxiv Populations and Evolution How Many Subpopulations is Too Many? Exponential Lower Bounds for Inferring Population Histories
arxiv Populations and Evolution Computation of life expectancy from incomplete data
arxiv Statistics Theory On How Well Generative Adversarial Networks Learn Densities: Nonparametric and Parametric Results
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction At a Glance: Pixel Approximate Entropy as a Measure of Line Chart Complexity
arxiv Complex Variables Martin Function of a Fuchsian Group and Character Automorphic Subspaces of the Hardy Space in the Upper Half Plane
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Renormalization Group Properties of Scalar Field Theory Using Gradient Flow
arxiv Mathematical Physics Fox H-kernel and $θ$-deformation of the Cauchy two-matrix model and Bures ensemble
arxiv Mathematical Physics The Symmetric Representation of the Generalized Rigid Body Equations and Symplectic Reduction
arxiv Group Theory On the group of a rational maximal bifix code
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum-classical correspondence via coherent state in integrable field theory
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Thermodynamic relations among isotropic material properties in conditions of plane shear stress
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Solving Jigsaw Puzzles By The Graph Connection Laplacian
arxiv Computation and Language Towards Fluent Translations from Disfluent Speech
arxiv Quantum Physics Efficient semiquantum key distribution
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Clean and Convenient Tessellations for Number Counting Jastrow Factors
arxiv Applications Accounting for Skill in Nonlinear Trend, Variability, and Autocorrelation Facilitates Better Multi-Model Projections
arxiv Signal Processing Kinetic Euclidean Distance Matrices
arxiv Cryptography and Security Ad-versarial: Defeating Perceptual Ad-Blocking
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Performance of Johnson-Lindenstrauss Transform for k-Means and k-Medians Clustering
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Correlation Filter Selection for Visual Tracking Using Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Cryptography and Security Private Continual Release of Real-Valued Data Streams
arxiv Materials Science Mg$_{3+δ}$Sb$_x$Bi$_{2-x}$ family: A promising substitute for the start-of-art n-type thermoelectric materials near room temperature
arxiv Computation and Language Confusion2Vec: Towards Enriching Vector Space Word Representations with Representational Ambiguities
arxiv Rings and Algebras Some answers to certain questions established by Jose Adem concerning nonsingular bilinear maps
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Existence, uniqueness, and regularity results for elliptic equations with drift terms in critical weak spaces
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Sculpting the Valley in the Radius Distribution of Small Exoplanets as a by-product of Planet Formation: The Core-Powered Mass-Loss Mechanism
arxiv Quantum Physics Demonstration of vector magnetic field sensing by simultaneous control of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond using multi-frequency microwave pulses
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms An Efficient Algorithm for High-Dimensional Log-Concave Maximum Likelihood
arxiv Machine Learning Robustness of Conditional GANs to Noisy Labels
arxiv Signal Processing Reconstruction-Cognizant Graph Sampling using Gershgorin Disc Alignment
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Shock Waves and Energy Dissipation in Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Deep Semantic Instance Segmentation of Tree-like Structures Using Synthetic Data
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Bosons falling into a black hole: A superfluid analogue
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Evidence of enhanced magnetism in cool, polluted white dwarfs
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Removal of Spectro-Polarimetric Fringes by 2D PCA
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology The interplay of hadronic amplitudes and Coulomb phase in LHC measurements at 13 $\rm TeV$
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Entanglement in Simple Spin Networks with Boundary
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Facial Landmark Detection for Manga Images
arxiv Optimization and Control Differential Games Based on Invariant Generation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Inflationary perturbation spectrum in extended effective field theory of inflation
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition RGB-D SLAM in Dynamic Environments Using Points Correlations
arxiv Medical Physics Advanced machine learning informatics modeling using clinical and radiological imaging metrics for characterizing breast tumor characteristics with the OncotypeDX gene array
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Magnetic loops above a small flux-emerging region observed by IRIS, Hinode and SDO
arxiv Information Theory Secrecy Outage Analysis for Cooperative NOMA Systems with Relay Selection Scheme
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Cascade and Intermittency of the Sea Surface Temperature in the Oceanic System
arxiv Classical Physics Exact and Numerically Stable Expressions for Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko Beam Modes
arxiv Cryptography and Security BPDS: A Blockchain based Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing for Electronic Medical Records
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Stochastic Matching with Few Queries: New Algorithms and Tools
arxiv Optics Multi-microjoule GaSe-based mid-infrared optical parametric amplifier with an ultra-broad idler spectrum covering 4.2-16 μm
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Energy Partition between Ion and Electron of Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection
arxiv Numerical Analysis On Wielandt-Mirsky's conjecture for matrix polynomials
arxiv Applied Physics Systematic design and realization of double-negative acoustic metamaterials by topology optimization
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Temperature dependence of side-jump contribution to anomalous and spin Hall conductivities
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Non-Abelian Braiding of Chiral Majorana Fermions by Quantum Dots
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Sensitivity enhancement for a light axion dark matter search with magnetic material
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Expected intermediate mass black holes in the Virgo cluster. II. Late-type galaxies
arxiv Machine Learning Knowledge Transfer via Distillation of Activation Boundaries Formed by Hidden Neurons
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics The arbitrariness of potentials in interacting quintessence models
arxiv Quantum Physics Periodicity for the Fourier quantum walk on regular graphs
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition High Speed Tracking With A Fourier Domain Kernelized Correlation Filter
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Reynolds' Limit Formula for Dorodnitzyn's Atmospheric Boundary Layer in Convective Conditions
arxiv Cryptography and Security An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Incentive Scheme without TTP in Participatory Sensing Network
arxiv Cryptography and Security An Efficient Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Internet of Vehicles
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Relativistic supernova ejecta colliding with a circumstellar medium: an application to the low-luminosity GRB 171205A
arxiv Cryptography and Security Phantom Device Attack: Uncovering the Security Implications of the Interactions among Devices, IoT Cloud, and Mobile Apps
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Short Term Load Forecasting Using Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Cryptography and Security vFAC: Fine-Grained Access Control with Versatility for Cloud Storage
arxiv Quantum Physics Reference-Frame-Independent Quantum Key Distribution Using Fewer States
arxiv Computation and Language Evaluating the Complementarity of Taxonomic Relation Extraction Methods Across Different Languages
arxiv Cryptography and Security A Traceable Concurrent Data Anonymous Transmission Scheme for Heterogeneous VANETs
arxiv Operator Algebras Nevanlinna-Pick Families and Singular Rational Varieties
arxiv Quantum Algebra On transitive action on quiver varieties
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Global Navier-Stokes flows for non-decaying initial data with slowly decaying oscillation
arxiv Machine Learning Efficient Identification of Approximate Best Configuration of Training in Large Datasets
arxiv Neurons and Cognition On the Subspace Invariance of Population Responses
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Model Selection for Generalized Zero-shot Learning
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Theoretical Predictions of Colors and Metallicity of the Intra-Cluster Light
arxiv Optimization and Control (Near) Optimal Parallelism Bound for Fully Asynchronous Coordinate Descent with Linear Speedup
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Phonetic-attention scoring for deep speaker features in speaker verification
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Lepton Angular Distributions of Fixed-target Drell-Yan Experiments in Perturbative QCD and a Geometric Approach
arxiv Geometric Topology Categorical Chern character and braid groups
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Gaussian-Constrained training for speaker verification
arxiv Machine Learning Bias and Generalization in Deep Generative Models: An Empirical Study
arxiv Systems and Control Using Passivity Theory to Interpret the Dissipating Energy Flow Method
arxiv Complex Variables General concavity of minimal $L^{2}$ integrals related to multiplier ideal sheaves
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Mass distribution in 36.2 MeV alpha induced fission of 232Th
arxiv Quantum Physics Polaron picture of the two-photon quantum Rabi model
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Calibration Wizard: A Guidance System for Camera Calibration
arxiv Cryptography and Security YODA: Enabling computationally intensive contracts on blockchains with Byzantine and Selfish nodes
arxiv Geometric Topology A sufficient condition for a 2-dimensional orbifold to be good
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Stability conditions on threefolds with nef tangent bundles
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Ordinal Regression using Noisy Pairwise Comparisons for Body Mass Index Range Estimation
arxiv Information Theory Hardware-Constrained Millimeter Wave Systems for 5G: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions
arxiv Machine Learning An Optimal Transport View on Generalization
arxiv Sound Learning Disentangled Representations for Timber and Pitch in Music Audio
arxiv Optimization and Control A two-stage stochastic approach for the asset protection problem during escaped wildfires with uncertain timing of a wind change
arxiv Computation and Language Information Flow in Pregroup Models of Natural Language
arxiv Computation and Language Applying Distributional Compositional Categorical Models of Meaning to Language Translation
arxiv Information Retrieval Quantum Semantic Correlations in Hate and Non-Hate Speeches
arxiv Computation and Language Classical Copying versus Quantum Entanglement in Natural Language: The Case of VP-ellipsis
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Towards Compositional Distributional Discourse Analysis
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Approximate Neighbor Counting in Radio Networks
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology The dynamical FIMP Dark Matter and gravitational waves from phase transition in the scotogenic model
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Retinex-based Image Enhancement Scheme with Noise Aware Shadow-up Function
arxiv Applied Physics Determination of bimolecular recombination constants in organic double-injection devices using impedance spectroscopy
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Bootstrapping the simplest correlator in planar N = 4 SYM at all loops
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Inflation with Spooky Correlations
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Discovery of an X-ray nebula in the field of millisecond pulsar PSR J1911-1114
arxiv Mathematical Physics Combinatorial expressions for the tau functions of $q$-Painlevé V and III equations
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Radiative $B$ Decays at Belle
arxiv Statistics Theory A New Count Regression Model including Gauss Hypergeometric Function with an application to model demand of health services
arxiv Plasma Physics The collisional relaxation rate of kappa-distributed plasma with multiple components
arxiv Information Theory Interference Exploitation Precoding for Multi-Level Modulations: Closed-Form Solutions
arxiv Cryptography and Security Security Risk Assessment in Internet of Things Systems
arxiv Computation and Language Doc2Im: document to image conversion through self-attentive embedding
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Light Fermionic WIMP Dark Matter with Light Scalar Mediator
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Who Do I Sound Like? Showcasing Speaker Recognition Technology by YouTube Voice Search
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Adiabatic Electroweak Baryogenesis Driven by an Axion-like Particle
arxiv Numerical Analysis Nonconforming Virtual Element Method for $2m$-th Order Partial Differential Equations in $\mathbb R^n$
arxiv Optics Optical-mechanical cooling of a charged resonator
arxiv Optics Rapid phase calibration and increased efficiency of a spatial light modulator using novel phase masks and an iterative algorithm
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Microwave absorption in a 2D topological insulators with a developed network of edge states
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies AKARI mid-infrared slit-less spectroscopic catalogue
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Nonlinear curvature elasticity of nematic liquid crystals
arxiv Systems and Control Dynamic Security Analysis of Power Systems by a Sampling-Based Algorithm
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Three-dimensional Magnetic Reconnection Triggering an X-class Confined Flare in Active Region 12192
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Holographic Complexity Growth in Horndeski Theory
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Towards a finite-time singularity of the Navier-Stokes equations
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing BAR: Bayesian Activity Recognition using variational inference
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics BRITE photometry of the massive post-RLOF system HD149404
arxiv Robotics Memory-based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Obstacle Avoidance in UAV with Limited Environment Knowledge
arxiv Digital Libraries h-index and its alternative: A Review
arxiv Optics Site-selective functionalization of plasmonic nanopores for enhanced fluorescence and Förster Resonance Energy Transfer
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Production of Z bosons and neutrinos in early universe
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Speaker-adaptive neural vocoders for statistical parametric speech synthesis systems
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Estimate of the Accretion Disk Size in the Gravitationally Lensed Quasar HE 0435-1223 using Microlensing Magnification Statistics
arxiv Representation Theory Oscillating multipliers on symmetric spaces and locally symmetric spaces
arxiv Optics Quasistatic oscillations in subwavelength particles: Can one observe energy eigenstates?
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Recent results on Central Exclusive Production with the STAR detector at RHIC
arxiv Information Theory Structured Turbo Compressed Sensing for Downlink Massive MIMO-OFDM Channel Estimation
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Detection of optical flickering from the symbiotic Mira-type binary star EF Aquilae
arxiv Differential Geometry Weakly PIC1 manifolds with maximal volume growth
arxiv Optics Photonic spin Hall effect mediated by bianisotropy
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Collective neutrino oscillations and detectabilities in failed supernovae
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Status and Prospects of the JSNS2 Experiment
arxiv Machine Learning Using Known Information to Accelerate HyperParameters Optimization Based on SMBO
arxiv Quantum Physics No relativistic probability current for any spin
arxiv Information Theory Fundamental Asymptotic Behavior of (Two-User) Distributed Massive MIMO
arxiv Computation and Language Discovering Power Laws in Entity Length
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Sharp endpoint L^p estimates for the Schrodinger groups
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On the Batchelor spectrum of passive scalar turbulent mixing
arxiv Materials Science The centrosymmetric Li2NaN material: an ideal topological semimetal with critical-type triply degenerate nodal points
arxiv Econometrics Nonparametric maximum likelihood methods for binary response models with random coefficients
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Multicomponent Power Density Spectra of Kepler AGNs, an instrumental artifact or a physical origin?
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Improving Multi-Person Pose Estimation using Label Correction
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Recent developments on direct $CP$ violation in the kaon system and connection to $K \to πν\barν$ measurements
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Exotic tetraquark states with $J^{PC}=0^{+-}$
arxiv Applications A global-local approach for detecting hotspots in multiple-response regression
arxiv Neurons and Cognition A spatially resolved network spike in model neuronal cultures reveals nucleation centers, circular traveling waves and drifting spiral waves
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics PynPoint: a modular pipeline architecture for processing and analysis of high-contrast imaging data
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Distributed Exact Weighted All-Pairs Shortest Paths in Near-Linear Time
arxiv Algebraic Topology The $mod2$ Steenrod and Dyer-Lashof algebras as quotients of a free algebra
arxiv Numerical Analysis Finite element method for spatial fractional PDEs on 3-D domains
arxiv Mathematical Physics Dirac operators on hypersurfaces as large mass limits
arxiv Physics and Society Modelling Opinion Dynamics in the Age of Algorithmic Personalisation
arxiv Applied Physics Wideband impedance measurement techniques in small complex cavities such as ear simulators and the human ear canal
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Repetitive Motion Estimation Network: Recover cardiac and respiratory signal from thoracic imaging
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Finite entanglement properties in the matrix product states of the one-dimensional Hubbard model
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Large fluctuations of the area under a constrained Brownian excursion
arxiv Digital Libraries System of Bibliometric Monitoring Sciences in Ukraine
arxiv Applied Physics Multilevel nonvolatile optoelectronic memory based on memristive plasmonic tunnel junctions
arxiv Optics Experimental Demonstration of 503.61-Gbit/s DMT over 10-km 7-Core Fiber with 1.5-μm SM-VCSEL for Optical Interconnects
arxiv Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems Complex dynamics in a vehicle platoon with nonlinear drag and ACC controllers
arxiv Dynamical Systems Almost complete and equable heteroclinic networks
arxiv Logic First-Order Model Theory of Free Projective Planes: Part I
arxiv Signal Processing Digital Radio-over-Multicore-Fiber System with Self-Homodyne Coherent Detection and Entropy Coding for Mobile Fronthaul
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture ACP: An End-to-End Transport Protocol for Delivering Fresh Updates in the Internet-of-Things
arxiv Materials Science Consequences of randomness: compositional contours in amorphous alloys
arxiv Artificial Intelligence On the Graded Acceptability of Arguments in Abstract and Instantiated Argumentation
arxiv Machine Learning Linear Memory Networks
arxiv Combinatorics Enumeration of lattice polytopes by their volume
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Geometric properties of the Fortuin-Kasteleyn representation of the Ising model
arxiv Applied Physics A Leaky-Wave Antenna With Controlled Radiation Using a Bianisotropic Huygens' Metasurface
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice A new method for suppressing excited-state contaminations on the nucleon form factors
arxiv Group Theory Research into the Group of Two-dimensional Magic Cube and its Cayley Graph Diameter
arxiv Applications On inverse product cannibalisation: a new Lotka-Volterra model for asymmetric competition in the ICTs
arxiv Complex Variables Proper holomorphic curves attached to domains
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Charged Wormhole Solutions in Einstein-Cartan gravity
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Multiplicity of negative-energy solutions for singular-superlinear Schrödinger equations with indefinite-sign potential
arxiv Numerical Analysis Near field linear sampling method for an inverse problem in an electromagnetic waveguide
arxiv Symplectic Geometry Contact Hamiltonian Systems
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Stability of white holes revisited
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Wicked metrics
arxiv Optics Orthogonality of Diffractive Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Statistical Mechanics The zeros of the partition function in NPT-ensemble
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Magnon dressing by orbital excitations in ferromagnetic planes of K$_2$CuF$_4$ and LaMnO$_3$
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Momentum-dependent power law measured in an interacting quantum wire beyond the Luttinger limit
arxiv Graphics Fast, High Precision Ray/Fiber Intersection using Tight, Disjoint Bounding Volumes
arxiv Information Theory Codes correcting restricted errors
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Meta-Learning for Multi-objective Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Machine Learning Spectral Simplicial Theory for Feature Selection and Applications to Genomics
arxiv Machine Learning Activation Functions: Comparison of trends in Practice and Research for Deep Learning
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Improved bounds for the dimensions of planar distance sets
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Hamiltonian approach to QCD at finite temperature
arxiv Complex Variables A quantum remark on biholomorphic mappings on the unit ball
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Active Learning using Deep Bayesian Networks for Surgical Workflow Analysis
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Design and production of the DESI fibre cables
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Prediction of laparoscopic procedure duration using unlabeled, multimodal sensor data
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Gapless 3D Topological Insulator Based on Partially Relaxed HgTe Film
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Nonequilibrium susceptibility in photoinduced Floquet states
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Dihedral Symmetries of Gauge Theories from Dual Calabi-Yau Threefolds
arxiv Information Retrieval Knowledge Tracing Machines: Factorization Machines for Knowledge Tracing
arxiv Medical Physics Wideband impedance measurement in the human ear canal; In vivo study on 32 subjects
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Bayesian Deep Learning for Exoplanet Atmospheric Retrieval
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Dedicated $Δ$E-E detector system for searching long lived heaviest nuclei deposited in scintillators
arxiv Machine Learning Transformative Machine Learning
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Study of timing evolution from non-variable to structured large-amplitude variability transition in GRS 1915+105 using AstroSat
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Poster: Parallel Implementation of the OMNeT++ INET Framework for V2X Communications
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Exploratory study of the off-shell properties of the weak vector bosons
arxiv Combinatorics The biclique covering number of grids
arxiv Quantum Physics Effects of coarsening measurement times on quantum violations of macrorealism for multilevel spin systems
arxiv Complex Variables On the first-order differential subordination and superordination results for $p$-valent functions
arxiv Computation and Language Untangling the GDPR Using ConRelMiner
arxiv Metric Geometry $L^q$-spectra of self-affine measures: closed forms, counterexamples, and split binomial sums
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Your Eyes Say You're Lying: An Eye Movement Pattern Analysis for Face Familiarity and Deceptive Cognition
arxiv Machine Learning A Survey on Data Collection for Machine Learning: a Big Data - AI Integration Perspective
arxiv Machine Learning ExGate: Externally Controlled Gating for Feature-based Attention in Artificial Neural Networks
arxiv Numerical Analysis Vlasov-Poisson system tackled by particle simulation utilising boundary element methods
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Investigation of DNA denaturation in Peyrard-Bishop-Dauxois model by molecular dynamics method
arxiv Differential Geometry (T)-structures on 2-dimensional F-manifolds: formal classification
arxiv Machine Learning A Factor Graph Approach to Automated Design of Bayesian Signal Processing Algorithms
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Moiré Intralayer Excitons in a MoSe$_2$/MoS$_2$ Heterostructure
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics High thermoelectric performance in the hexagonal bilayer structure consisting of light boron and phosphorus elements
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Quantifying Link Stability in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Subject to Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Mobility
arxiv Other Condensed Matter Applicability of the interface spring model for micromechanical analyses with interfacial imperfections to predict the modified exterior Eshelby tensor and effective modulus
arxiv Computers and Society A Parallel Patient Treatment Time Prediction Algorithm and its Applications in Hospital Queuing-Recommendation in a Big Data Environment
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Optical communication on CubeSats - Enabling the next era in space science
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Numerical study of barriers and valleys in the free-energy landscape of spin glasses
arxiv Computers and Society Credibility of Automatic Appraisal of Domain Names
arxiv Computers and Society Are the Dead Taking Over Facebook: A Big Data Approach to the Future of Death Online
arxiv Computers and Society Automated Remote Patient Monitoring: Data Sharing and Privacy Using Blockchain
arxiv Materials Science Liquid Epitaxial Growth of Two-dimensional Non-layer structured hybrid Perovskite
arxiv Computers and Society Decrypting Distributed Ledger Design - Taxonomy, Classification and Blockchain Community Evaluation
arxiv Computers and Society Quantitative analysis of approaches to group marking
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Predicted microlensing events by nearby very-low-mass objects: Pan-STARRS DR1 vs. Gaia DR2
arxiv Machine Learning Explaining Deep Learning Models - A Bayesian Non-parametric Approach
arxiv Computers and Society dAIrector: Automatic Story Beat Generation through Knowledge Synthesis
arxiv Computers and Society Blockchain for social good: a quantitative analysis
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Critical points of master functions and mKdV hierarchy of type $C^{(1)}_{n}$
arxiv Computers and Society A Study of Tourist Sequential Activity Patterns through Location Based Social Network (LBSN)
arxiv Combinatorics Dual Circumference and Collinear Sets
arxiv Popular Physics One flight over the quantum chromodynamics. Part Two: Quantum Mechanics
arxiv Differential Geometry A metric interpretation of the geodesic curvature in the Heisenberg group
arxiv Numerical Analysis A Robust Solver for a Second Order Mixed Finite Element Method for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation
arxiv Computers and Society Phenotyping Endometriosis through Mixed Membership Models of Self-Tracking Data
arxiv Combinatorics Every Collinear Set in a Planar Graph Is Free
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Explainable cardiac pathology classification on cine MRI with motion characterization by semi-supervised learning of apparent flow
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Parameter identification in a structured population model
arxiv Computers and Society Data Science as Political Action: Grounding Data Science in a Politics of Justice
arxiv Machine Learning Alpha-Pooling for Convolutional Neural Networks
arxiv Computers and Society Integrating Project Spatial Coordinates into Pavement Management Prioritization
arxiv Signal Processing Distributed Filtering for Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems with Biased Observations
arxiv Optimization and Control On Convex Envelopes and Regularization of Non-Convex Functionals without moving Global Minima
arxiv Combinatorics An Answer to a Question of Zeilberger and Zeilberger about Fractional Counting of Partitions
arxiv Differential Geometry Regularized mean curvature flow for invariant hypersurfaces in a Hilbert space and its application to gauge theory
arxiv Quantum Physics Enhanced collective Purcell effect of coupled quantum emitter systems
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Uniqueness for the inverse fixed angle scattering problem
arxiv Machine Learning Disentangling Latent Factors with Whitening
arxiv Probability Optimal control of a large dam with compound Poisson input and costs depending on water levels
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology General theory of Galilean gravity
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Microscopic Nuclei Classification, Segmentation and Detection with improved Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN) Approaches
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum non-Markovian processes break conditional past-future independence
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Discovery potential of light sterile neutrinos with displaced vertices
arxiv Machine Learning Optimized Hidden Markov Model based on Constrained Particle Swarm Optimization
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Analysis of Multilingual Sequence-to-Sequence speech recognition systems
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Over-spinning Kerr-Sen black holes with test fields
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Lower bounds of gradient's blow-up for the Lamé system with partially infinite coefficients
arxiv Numerical Analysis The Low Rank Approximations and Ritz Values in LSQR For Linear Discrete Ill-Posed Problems
arxiv Image and Video Processing High fidelity single-pixel imaging
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition CAAD 2018: Iterative Ensemble Adversarial Attack
arxiv Cryptography and Security TimeCrypt: A Scalable Private Time Series Data Store
arxiv Signal Processing Hardware-Efficient Structure of the Accelerating Module for Implementation of Convolutional Neural Network Basic Operation
arxiv History and Overview Simplifying and Refactoring Introductory Calculus
arxiv Numerical Analysis Differential Imaging of Local Perturbations in Anisotropic Periodic Media
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Non equilibrium anisotropic excitons in atomically thin ReS$_2$
arxiv Metric Geometry Congruent and non-congruent hyperball packings related to doubly truncated Coxeter orthoschemes in hyperbolic $3$-space
arxiv Functional Analysis A Generalized Multifractal Formalism for the Estimation of Nonconcave Multifractal Spectra
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Solar total and spectral irradiance reconstruction over the last 9000 years
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Magnetically-driven orbital-selective insulator-metal transition in double perovskite oxides
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Metrology with Linear Optics
arxiv General Topology A note on the Alster, Menger and D-type properties
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Asymptotics of the gradient of solutions to the perfect conductivity problem
arxiv Materials Science Single-Layer Ferromagnetic and Piezoelectric CoAsS with Pentagonal Structure
arxiv General Physics Tachyons as Dark Energy Quanta
arxiv Functional Analysis Functional inequalities for Feynman-Kac semigroups
arxiv Statistics Theory Optimal Designs for Minimax-Criteria in Random Coefficient Regression Models
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Feynman and Wheeler Scalar Field Propagators in the ADS/CFT Correspondence
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Coupling QCD-scale axion-like particles to gluons
biorxiv Biophysics Structural basis of hypoxic gene regulation by the Rv0081 transcription factor of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Orthogonal polynomials with ultra-exponential weight functions: an explicit solution to the Ditkin-Prudnikov problem
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Low scale type II seesaw: Present constraints and prospects for displaced vertex searches
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics WISE J064336.71-022315.4: A Thick Disk L8 Gaia DR2-Discovered Brown Dwarf at 13.9 Parsecs
biorxiv Bioengineering Human Nerve-on-a-Chip. Engineering 3D functional human peripheral nerve in vitro
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Multi-view Laplacian Eigenmaps Based on Bag-of-Neighbors For RGBD Human Emotion Recognition
arxiv Programming Languages A Program Logic for First-Order Encapsulated WebAssembly
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Unification of Flavor SU(3) Analyses of Heavy Hadron Weak Decays
biorxiv Microbiology Lipid analysis of CO2-rich subsurface aquifers suggests an autotrophy-based deep biosphere with lysolipids enriched in CPR bacteria
biorxiv Cancer Biology TGF-β Mediated Cell Adhesion Dynamics and Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in 3D and 2D Ovarian Cancer Models
biorxiv Genomics Global Quantitative Mapping of Enhancers in Rice Genome by STARR-seq
arxiv Biomolecules Distance-based Protein Folding Powered by Deep Learning
biorxiv Ecology Crops and the seed mass-seed output trade-off in plants
biorxiv Neuroscience Dietary self-control depends on the latency and rate of information accumulation
arxiv Software Engineering A holistic look at requirements engineering practices in the gaming industry
arxiv Materials Science Stacking and interlayer electron transport in MoS2
arxiv Computational Physics On short-range and long-range interactions in multi-resolution dimer models
arxiv Materials Science Giant anomalous Nernst effect in the magnetic Weyl semimetal Co3Sn2S2
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Speech Enhancement Based on Reducing the Detail Portion of Speech Spectrograms in Modulation Domain via Discrete Wavelet Transform
arxiv Probability Discrete splicing theorem for noise sensitivity of invasion percolation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Statistical study of uncertainties in the diffusion rate of species on interstellar ice and its impact on chemical model predictions
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Spectroscopic evidence of nematic fluctuations in LiFeAs
arxiv Probability A Noether theorem for random locations
arxiv Machine Learning Degree-$d$ Chow Parameters Robustly Determine Degree-$d$ PTFs (and Algorithmic Applications)
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Triple consistency loss for pairing distributions in GAN-based face synthesis
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Integrative Biological Simulation, Neuropsychology, and AI Safety
arxiv Robotics Testing SPARUS II AUV, an open platform for industrial, scientific and academic applications
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics The growth of the density fluctuations in the scale-invariant theory: one more challenge for dark matter
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Rotational Diversity in Multi-Cycle Assignment Problems
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Four-dimensional Traversable Wormholes and Bouncing Cosmologies in Vacuum
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Confirming the Detection of two WHIM Systems along the Line of Sight to 1ES 1553+113
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Emergence of non-trivial minimizers for the three-dimensional Ohta-Kawasaki energy
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Geometry and symmetries of null G-structures
arxiv Combinatorics On Hamilton cycles in Erdős-Rényi subgraphs of large graphs
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Explicit rationality of some cubic fourfolds
arxiv Programming Languages A True Positives Theorem for a Static Race Detector - Extended Version
arxiv Algebraic Geometry On holomorphic distributions on Fano Threefolds
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Current Signs of Dynamical Dark Energy
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Two estimates for the first Robin eigenvalue of the Finsler Laplacian with negative boundary parameter
arxiv Geophysics Statistical Extraction of Useful Concrete Creep Data from Imperfect Customary Tests
arxiv Machine Learning A simple yet effective baseline for non-attribute graph classification
arxiv Software Engineering Tools and Benchmarks for Automated Log Parsing
arxiv Graphics Massively Parallel Stackless Ray Tracing of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
arxiv Computation and Language Effective Subtree Encoding for Easy-First Dependency Parsing
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On optimal boundary control of Ericksen-Leslie system in dimension two
arxiv Geophysics Geodesic equations and their numerical solution in Cartesian coordinates on a triaxial ellipsoid
arxiv Information Retrieval Deep Neural Networks for Query Expansion using Word Embeddings
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Inequalities in approximation theory involving fractional smoothness in $L_p$, $0<p<1$
arxiv Machine Learning Learning from Demonstration in the Wild
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Microdroplets nucleation by dissolution of a multicomponent drop in a host liquid
arxiv Quantum Physics Spectral functions and negative density of states of a driven-dissipative nonlinear quantum resonator
arxiv Computation and Language Few-shot learning with attention-based sequence-to-sequence models
arxiv Probability Cutoff for the mean-field zero-range process with bounded monotone rates
arxiv Optimization and Control Orthogonal Trace-Sum Maximization: Applications, Local Algorithms, and Global Optimality
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Light-induced anomalous Hall effect in graphene
arxiv Applied Physics Rectifying properties in 90° rotated bilayer black phosphorus nanojunction: A first principle study
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Perturbative investigation of Wilson-line operators in Parton Physics
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Hunting Axion Dark Matter with Protoplanetary Disks
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Boundedness and decay for the Teukolsky system of spin $\pm2$ on Reissner-Nordström spacetime: the case $|Q| \ll M$
arxiv Combinatorics A Local Limit Theorem for Cliques in G(n,p)
arxiv Applied Physics MOVPE growth of N-polar AlN on 4H-SiC: effect of substrate miscut on layer quality
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Memorable Maps: A Framework for Re-defining Places in Visual Place Recognition
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Tritium beta decay with additional emission of new light bosons
arxiv Machine Learning A Geometric Perspective on the Transferability of Adversarial Directions
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Scalable Robust Kidney Exchange
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Reducing Autocorrelation Times in Lattice Simulations with Generative Adversarial Networks
arxiv Applied Physics MOVPE growth of nitrogen- and aluminum-polar AlN on 4H-SiC
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning Dense Stereo Matching for Digital Surface Models from Satellite Imagery
arxiv Numerical Analysis Iterative Filtering as a direct method for the decomposition of non-stationary signals
arxiv Machine Learning Iterative Classroom Teaching
arxiv Software Engineering Integrating Security in Resource-Constrained Cyber-Physical Systems
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Unveiling Swarm Intelligence with Network Science$-$the Metaphor Explained
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory A note on quasi-local energy
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Towards Connecting Experiences during Collocated Events through Data Mining and Visualization
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Adaptive Semantic Segmentation with a Strategic Curriculum of Proxy Labels
arxiv Logic Predicative well-ordering
arxiv Chemical Physics Random Phase Approximation in Projected Oscillator Orbitals
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Merits and constraints of low-${\bm K^2}$ experimental data for the proton radius determination
arxiv Rings and Algebras Using Steinberg algebras to classify simple modules over Leavitt path algebras
arxiv Number Theory On the Erdős Covering Problem: the density of the uncovered set
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Photon-ALP oscillations from a blazar to us up to 1000 TeV
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition An End-to-end Approach to Semantic Segmentation with 3D CNN and Posterior-CRF in Medical Images
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology A novel approach to the computation of one-loop three- and four-point functions. I - The real mass case
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Quasi-Local Energy of a Charged Rotating Object Described by the Kerr-Newman Metric
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Dyson equations for correlators of Wilson loops
arxiv Number Theory Mixed moment of $GL(2)$ and $GL(3)$ $L$-functions
arxiv Computation and Language Implicit Argument Prediction as Reading Comprehension
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Modular Architecture for StarCraft II with Deep Reinforcement Learning
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Topological strings, strips and quivers
arxiv Numerical Analysis Efficient Numerical Algorithms based on Difference Potentials for Chemotaxis Systems in 3D
arxiv Other Statistics Path Space Cochains and Population Time Series Analysis
arxiv Mathematical Software A Feature Complete SPIKE Banded Algorithm and Solver
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Solar Sources of Interplanetary Magnetic Clouds Leading to Helicity Prediction
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology $R_{D^{(*)}}$ in minimal leptoquark scenarios: impact of interference on the exclusion limits from the LHC data
arxiv Machine Learning Real-time Traffic Data Prediction with Basic Safety Messages using Kalman-Filter based Noise Reduction Model and Long Short-term Memory Neural Network
arxiv Robotics LAAIR: A Layered Architecture for Autonomous Interactive Robots
arxiv Atomic Physics Description of two-electron atoms with correct cusp conditions
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena The influence of the distribution of cosmic star formation at different metallicities on the properties of merging double compact objects
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction A Natural Language Interface with Relayed Acoustic Communications for Improved Command and Control of AUVs
arxiv Machine Learning Biologically-plausible learning algorithms can scale to large datasets
arxiv Machine Learning A Geometric Approach of Gradient Descent Algorithms in Neural Networks
arxiv Information Retrieval An Axiomatic Study of Query Terms Order in Ad-hoc Retrieval
arxiv Optimization and Control Dynamics and stationary configurations of heterogeneous foams
arxiv Machine Learning Intrinsic Geometric Vulnerability of High-Dimensional Artificial Intelligence
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Probing Psudoscalars with Pulsar Polarisation Data Sets
arxiv Social and Information Networks Scale-variant topological information for characterizing complex networks
arxiv Optics Magnetic-field controlled anomalous refraction in doped semiconductors
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Large-Scale Visual Active Learning with Deep Probabilistic Ensembles
arxiv Atomic Physics Interplay between electromagnetically induced transparency(EIT), absorption (EIA) and Autler-Townes (AT) splitting in N-type atomic system: An experiment and theory
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Labeling Bias in Galaxy Morphologies
arxiv Other Statistics Essential Collaboration Skills: The ASCCR Frame for Collaboration
arxiv Theoretical Economics Mechanism Design with Limited Commitment
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice $J/ψ$ -nucleon scattering in $P_{c}^{+}$ pentaquarks channel
arxiv Robotics Decidability in Robot Manipulation Planning
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Comment on the article "Anisotropies in the astrophysical gravitational-wave background: The impact of black hole distributions" by A.C. Jenkins et al. [arXiv:1810.13435]
arxiv Mathematical Physics The low-energy TQFT of the generalized double semion model
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Thermodynamics at Strong Coupling on Anisotropic Lattices
arxiv Programming Languages Quantitative Robustness Analysis of Quantum Programs (Extended Version)
arxiv Algebraic Geometry A version of Putinar's Positivstellensatz for cylinders
arxiv Number Theory Identities And Relations On The Hermite-based Tangent Polynomials
arxiv Theoretical Economics Constrained Information Design: Toolkit
arxiv Representation Theory Cellular Structure of Wreath Product Algebras
arxiv Physics and Society Social media cluster dynamics create resilient global hate highways
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Nonlinear Dimension Reduction via Outer Bi-Lipschitz Extensions
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms An O^*(2.619^k) algorithm for 4-path vertex cover
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics The Borg Cube Simulation: Cosmological Hydrodynamics with CRK-SPH
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Nonlocal black hole evaporation and quantum metric fluctuations via inhomogeneous vacuum density
arxiv Formal Languages and Automata Theory The ordinal generated by an ordinal grammar is computable
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Updated Results on the Galaxy-Halo Connection from Satellite Kinematics in SDSS
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Holographic Complexity for disentangled states
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Cross-comparative analysis of evacuation behavior after earthquakes using mobile phone data
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Stabilization and Destabilization of Semiflexible Polymers Induced by Spherical Confinement
arxiv Machine Learning Measuring the Effects of Data Parallelism on Neural Network Training
arxiv Image and Video Processing Deep BV: A Fully Automated System for Brain Ventricle Localization and Segmentation in 3D Ultrasound Images of Embryonic Mice
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Unraveling the structure of treelike networks from first-passage times of lazy random walkers
arxiv Materials Science Calculated magnetic exchange interactions in Dirac magnon material Cu3TeO6
arxiv Computation and Language Federated Learning for Mobile Keyboard Prediction
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Towards Lefschetz thimbles regularization of heavy-dense QCD
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Bisimilarity of Open Terms in Stream GSOS
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Compact numerical solutions to the two-dimensional repulsive Hubbard model obtained via non-unitary similarity transformations
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Homeopathic Dark Matter, or how diluted heavy substances produce high energy cosmic rays
arxiv Symplectic Geometry Symplectic cohomology rings of affine varieties in the topological limit
arxiv Plasma Physics On the Filamentation Instability in Degenerate Relativistic Plasmas
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Evolution of Hubble wedges in episodic protostellar outflows
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Communication and Information Theory of Single Action Potential Signals in Plants
arxiv Differential Geometry The transition function of $G_2$ over $S^6$
arxiv Atomic Physics New limits on Anomalous Spin-Spin Interactions
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory BRST invariant RG flows
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Meter- to Millimeter Emission from Cool Stellar Systems: Latest Results, Synergies Across the Spectrum, and Outlook for the Next Decade
arxiv Machine Learning GradiVeQ: Vector Quantization for Bandwidth-Efficient Gradient Aggregation in Distributed CNN Training
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Demonstrating Advantages of Neuromorphic Computation: A Pilot Study
arxiv Machine Learning Pipe-SGD: A Decentralized Pipelined SGD Framework for Distributed Deep Net Training
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Averaging versus Sampling in Collaborative Judgement
biorxiv Neuroscience Rapid Brain Responses to Familiar vs. Unfamiliar Music - an EEG and Pupillometry study
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Does women's interpersonal anxiety track changes in steroid hormone levels?
biorxiv Biophysics Consensus sequence design as a general strategy to create hyperstable, biologically active proteins
biorxiv Neuroscience Phasic norepinephrine is a neural interrupt signal for unexpected events in rapidly unfolding sensory sequences - evidence from pupillometry
biorxiv Neuroscience The Human Hippocampus Contributes to Egocentric Coding of Distance to a Local Landmark
biorxiv Immunology Electroporation characteristics of human primary T cells
biorxiv Bioinformatics OrthoFinder2: fast and accurate phylogenomic orthology analysis from gene sequences
biorxiv Bioinformatics LeafCutter vs. MAJIQ and comparing software in the fast-moving field of genomics
biorxiv Neuroscience Network remodeling induced by transcranial brain stimulation: A computational model of tDCS-triggered cell assembly formation
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Evolution of ovipositor length in Drosophila suzukii is driven by enhanced cell size expansion and anisotropic tissue reorganization
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Long-distance dispersal, ice sheet dynamics, and mountaintop isolation underlie the genetic structure of glacier ice worms
biorxiv Bioinformatics duphold: scalalable, depth-based annotation and curation of high-confidence structural variant calls.
biorxiv Genetics Genetic predisposition to hypouricemia on whole-exome sequencing analysis and its utilities in primary screening purposes
biorxiv Immunology Bile acid metabolites control Th17 and Treg cell differentiation
biorxiv Neuroscience Early detonation by sprouted mossy fibers enables aberrant dentate network activity
biorxiv Ecology Complex stopover and migratory behavior revealed using mechanistic movement models with environmentally driven dynamic parameters
biorxiv Neuroscience Bayesian computation through cortical latent dynamics
biorxiv Bioinformatics Ancestry-agnostic estimation of DNA sample contamination from sequence reads
biorxiv Cell Biology Enhanced cell-cell contact stability upon Fibroblast Growth factor Receptor/N-cadherin cross-talk
biorxiv Bioinformatics TriPepSVM - de novo prediction of RNA-binding proteins based on short amino acid motifs
biorxiv Genomics Expanding the CITE-seq tool-kit: Detection of proteins, transcriptomes, clonotypes and CRISPR perturbations with multiplexing, in a single assay
biorxiv Genetics Telomere length, arsenic exposure and risk of basal cell carcinoma of skin
biorxiv Ecology Improved spatial ecological sampling using open data and standardization: an example from malaria mosquito surveillance
biorxiv Plant biology Elucidating the genetic basis of biomass accumulation and radiation use efficiency in spring wheat and its role in yield potential
biorxiv Genetics A missense mutation of Ip3r1 in Dp2 mice leads to short-term mydriasis and unfolded protein response in the iris constrictor muscles
biorxiv Immunology The concerted action of E2-2 and HEB is critical for early lymphoid specification
biorxiv Neuroscience PARIS, an optogenetic method for functionally mapping gap junctions
biorxiv Bioinformatics Distance-based Protein Folding Powered by Deep Learning
biorxiv Bioinformatics Maximizing the quality of NMR automatic metabolite profiling by a machine learning based prediction of signal parameters
biorxiv Neuroscience SIMNETS: a computationally efficient and scalable framework for identifying networks of functionally similar neurons
biorxiv Immunology Overcoming non-small cell lung cancer radiation resistance by modulating the tumor-immune ecosystem
biorxiv Genomics Population genomic analyses reveal a highly differentiated genetic cluster of northern goshawks (Accipiter gentilis laingi) in Haida Gwaii
biorxiv Microbiology Intravenous colistin use for infections due to multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacilli in critically ill paediatric patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis
biorxiv Zoology A story of nasal horns: A new species of Iguana Laurenti, 1768 (Squamata, Iguanidae) in Saint Lucia, St Vincent &amp; the Grenadines, and Grenada (Southern Lesser Antilles) and its implications for the taxonomy of the genus Iguana
biorxiv Neuroscience Shank3 Modulates Sleep and Expression of Circadian Transcription Factors
biorxiv Plant biology Subdivision of light signalling networks contributes to cellular partitioning of C4 photosynthesis in maize
biorxiv Microbiology Conserved type VI secretion regulation in diverse Vibrio species by the regulatory proteins TfoX and TfoY
biorxiv Biochemistry Semi-in vitro Reconstitution of Roseocin, a Two-Component Lantibiotic from an Actinomycete
biorxiv Pathology Leafhopper Viral Pathogens: Ultrastructure of salivary gland infection of Taastrup-like virus in Psammotettix alienus Dahlbom; and a novel Rhabdovirus in Homalodisca vitripennis (Germar) Hemiptera: Cicadellidae]
biorxiv Molecular biology DNA replication initiator proteins facilitate CENPA loading on early replicating compact chromatin
biorxiv Ecology The role of substrate type, moisture and temperature on the vertical growth of terricolous lichens
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Desiccation Does Not Drastically Increase the Accessibility of Foreign DNA to the Nuclear Genomes: Evidence from the Frequency of Endosymbiotic DNA Transfer
biorxiv Neuroscience Brain neurosteroids are natural anxiolytics targeting α2 subunit γ-aminobutyric acid type-A receptors
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology A polyploid admixed origin of beer yeasts derived from European and Asian wine populations
biorxiv Neuroscience Unitization modulates recognition of within-domain and cross-domain associations: Evidence from event related potentials
biorxiv Cancer Biology Inhibition of the 60S ribosome biogenesis GTPase LSG1 causes endoplasmic reticular disruption and cellular senescence
biorxiv Molecular biology A unique No-Go Decay cleavage in mRNA exit-tunnel of ribosome produces 5′-OH ends phosphorylated by Rlg1
biorxiv Bioinformatics Accurate loop calling for 3D genomic data with cLoops
biorxiv Immunology Transcriptional regulatory networks that promote and restrict identities and functions of intestinal innate lymphoid cells
biorxiv Ecology Dams have varying impacts on fish communities across latitudes: A quantitative synthesis
biorxiv Genetics Deep Phenotyping Enhances Somatic Mutant Detection and Mosaic Pattern Recognition in the Zebrafish Skeleton
biorxiv Bioinformatics GenGraph: a python module for the simple generation and manipulation of genome graphs.
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Genomic architecture and introgression shape a butterfly radiation
biorxiv Plant biology Cis-regulatory code for predicting plant cell-type specific high salinity response
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Punctuated evolution of myxoma virus: rapid and disjunct evolution of a recent viral lineage in Australia
biorxiv Neuroscience Oxytocin effects on the resting-state mentalizing brain network
biorxiv Bioengineering Murine bone properties and their relationship to gait during growth
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences DGN
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Predicting Numerical Comparison using Neural Networks and Electrophysiological Data
biorxiv Developmental Biology Efficient GFP-labeling and analysis of spermatogenic cells using the IRG transgene and flow cytometry
biorxiv Biochemistry A structure-based approach towards identification of inhibitory fragments for eleven-nineteen-leukemia protein (ENL) YEATS domain
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Cultural Selection Shapes Network Structure
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology A Two-Player Iterated Survival Game
biorxiv Genomics Improving recovery of member genomes from enrichment reactor microbial communities using MinION--based long read metagenomics
biorxiv Bioinformatics Pseudo-Symmetry and Conformational Plasticity in 7 Transmembrane Helix (7TMH) Proteins: Intragenic Duplication and Assembly of 3TMH or 4TMH Protodomains with Evolutionary Balance of Structural Constraints and Functional Divergence
biorxiv Cancer Biology The landscape of viral associations in human cancers
lawarxiv Law Election Interference: The Real Harm and The Only Solution
biorxiv A stable, high refractive index, switching buffer for super-resolution imaging
biorxiv New players in the regulatory network of Vibrio parahaemolyticus type VI secretion system 1
biorxiv GLaMST: Grow Lineages along Minimum Spanning Tree for B Cell Receptor Sequencing Data
biorxiv The Portal Project: a long-term study of a Chihuahuan desert ecosystem
biorxiv Protein synthesis rates and ribosome occupancies reveal determinants of translation elongation rates
biorxiv The innate immune DNA sensor cGAS is a negative regulator of DNA repair hence promotes genome instability and cell death
biorxiv Inferring the direction of rhythmic neural transmission via inter-regional phase-amplitude coupling (ir-PAC)
biorxiv Single cell transcriptomes reveal characteristics of miRNA in gene expression noise reduction
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Literary duel: Barclay vs. Keats in the context of the translation of a little-known poem
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Voting Power and the Public Good Index: Some Thoughts
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Google, Tell Me. Is He Gay?: Masculinity, Homophobia, and Gendered Anxieties in Google Search Queries about Sexuality
socarxiv Law Deportation Decisions: Judicial Decision-Making in an American Immigration Court
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Technological disruption in private housing markets: the case of Airbnb
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Adapting to a market economy: short-term benefits and long-term costs of cashmere wool production in the Aru Basin, Tibet
biorxiv Particulate Matter fractions and kitchen characteristics in Sri Lankan households using solid fuel and LPG
biorxiv Multimerization of Homo sapiens TRPA1 ion channel cytoplasmic domains
biorxiv Multi-modal Latent Factor Exploration of Atrophy, Cognitive and Tau Heterogeneity in Typical Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease
biorxiv Susceptibility of Spotted Doves (Streptopelia chinensis) to Experimental Infection with the SFTS Phlebovirus
biorxiv A New Method for Primary Culture of Mouse Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons
lawarxiv Law Judges on Demand: The Cognitive Case for Cameras in the Courtroom
eartharxiv Life Sciences Simulated environmental photo- and auto-oxidation of ambrein
biorxiv Experimental loss of generalist plants reveals alterations in plant-pollinator interactions and a constrained flexibility of foraging
biorxiv First Report of Recurrent Genomic Selection with Real Data in Popcorn and Genetic Gain Increases
biorxiv Evidence of a noncoding transcript of the RIPK2 gene overexpressed in head and neck tumor
biorxiv Evaluating DNA methylation age on the Illumina’s methylationEPIC BeadChip
biorxiv Homeostatic Controllers Compensating for Growth and Perturbations
biorxiv Abundance drives broad patterns of generalisation in plant-hummingbird pollination networks
biorxiv Heterogeneity of Incipient Atrophy Patterns in Parkinson’s Disease
biorxiv Cognitive functions and jugular venous reflux in severe mitral regurgitation
biorxiv Diversification in the microlepidopteran genus Mompha (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea: Momphidae) is explained more by tissue specificity than host plant family.
biorxiv BMN 250, a fusion of lysosomal alpha-N-acetylglucosaminidase with IGF2, exhibits different patterns of cellular uptake into critical cell types of Sanfilippo syndrome B disease pathogenesis.
biorxiv BldC delays entry into development to produce a sustained period of vegetative growth in Streptomyces venezuelae
biorxiv Dynamic modelling of hepatitis C transmission among people who inject drugs: A tool to support WHO elimination targets
biorxiv Prenatal exposure to household air pollution and adverse birth outcomes among newborns in Sri Lanka
biorxiv Patient reported distress can aid clinical decision making in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: analysis of the PROFILE cohort
lawarxiv Law The Varieties of Constitutional Change
biorxiv A new mechanism for ribosome rescue can recruit RF1 or RF2 to non-stop ribosomes
biorxiv Holobiont Evolution: Model for Vertical vs. Horizontal Microbial Colonization
psyarxiv Neuroscience Must replication attempts be battlegrounds?
psyarxiv Psychiatry Beliefs are multidimensional and vary in stability over time - psychometric properties of the Beliefs and Values Inventory (BVI)
engrxiv Engineering The impact of climatic extreme events on the feasibility of fully renewable power systems: a case study for Sweden
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics A Simple Model for Deglacial Meltwater Pulses
biorxiv The specificity of ParR binding determines the compatibility of conjugative plasmids in Clostridium perfringens
psyarxiv Neuroscience Reliability starts with the experimental tools employed
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Group Formation and Cooperation in Social Dilemmas: a Survey and Meta-Analytic Result
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Co-location of the downdip end of seismic locking and the continental shelf break
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Ambivalence, the Person and the Attitude Object: Individual Differences in the Experience of Mixed Feelings
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Another Paradox? A Comment on Lindley (1997)
biorxiv Genomics Transposon insertional mutagenesis in Saccharomyces uvarum reveals trans-acting effects influencing species dependent essential genes
biorxiv Bioinformatics An ensemble learning approach to auto-annotation for whole-brain C. elegans imaging
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics An investigation of multi-fault rupture scenarios using a variety of Coulomb stress modelling criteria: methods paper and full results
biorxiv Neuroscience Alpha oscillations and travelling waves: signatures of predictive coding?
arxiv Nuclear Theory Matrix Model of Strength Distribution: Extension and Phase Transition
arxiv Robotics Joint Point Cloud and Image Based Localization For Efficient Inspection in Mixed Reality
arxiv Optimization and Control On exponential convergence of SGD in non-convex over-parametrized learning
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Point2Sequence: Learning the Shape Representation of 3D Point Clouds with an Attention-based Sequence to Sequence Network
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Bidirectional Quaternion Long-Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks for Speech Recognition
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Self-interacting dark matter with a vector mediator: kinetic mixing with U(1)$_{(B-L)_3}$ gauge boson
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey - XI. The Covering Factor of Dust and Gas in Swift/BAT Active Galactic Nuclei
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The interplay of Self-Interacting Dark Matter and baryons in shaping the halo evolution
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Investigating the Covering Fraction Distribution of Swift/BAT AGN with X-ray and IR Observations
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Infinite Distance Networks in Field Space and Charge Orbits
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Measurement of the Triple Higgs Coupling at a HE-LHC
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics An optical transmission spectrum of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-33b. First indication of AlO in an exoplanet
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology The Hawking paradox and the Bekenstein resolution in higher-dimensional spacetimes
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Dynamical quantum phase transitions: a brief survey
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Angular power spectrum analysis on current and future high-energy neutrino data
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Blowup Equations for 6d SCFTs. I
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics On The Upper Bound of Neutrino Masses from Combined Cosmological Observations and Particle Physics Experiments
arxiv Machine Learning Deep Weighted Averaging Classifiers
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies SDSS-IV MaNGA PyMorph Photometric and Deep Learning Morphological Catalogs and implications for bulge properties and stellar angular momentum
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Coloured coannihilations: Dark matter phenomenology meets non-relativistic EFTs
arxiv Quantum Physics Exciting a Bound State in the Continuum through Multi-Photon Scattering plus Delayed Quantum Feedback
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Superconductivity from the Condensation of Topological Defects in a Quantum Spin-Hall Insulator
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Towards a full solution of the large N double-scaled SYK model
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies NuSTAR and Keck Observations of Heavily Obscured Quasars Selected by WISE
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Spectator Dark Matter
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Numerical simulations of AGN wind feedback on black hole accretion: probing down to scales within the sphere of influence
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Contribution of the core to the thermal evolution of sub-Neptunes
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Spatially Resolved Metal Loss from M31
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Cosmological constraints from the Hubble diagram of quasars at high redshifts
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice $\mathcal{O}(a)$ improved quark mass renormalization for a non-perturbative matching of HQET to three-flavor QCD
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Classification of crystalline topological insulators through K-theory
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Interacting Majorana Fermions
arxiv Biological Physics First study on iron complexes in blood and organ samples from thalassaemic and normal laboratory mice using Moessbauer spectroscopy
arxiv Algebraic Geometry A question about Belyi's Theorem
arxiv Statistics Theory Consistency of quasi-maximum likelihood for processes with asymMetric laplacian innovation
arxiv Machine Learning Online Off-policy Prediction
arxiv Machine Learning Training Generative Adversarial Networks with Weights
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Weighted Upper Edge Cover: Complexity and Approximability
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology On the nature of the Higgs boson
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Effective temperature and optimal work for levitated nanoparticles in high vacuum
arxiv Computation and Language Fast Neural Chinese Word Segmentation for Long Sentences
arxiv Algebraic Geometry On exterior powers of the tangent bundle on toric varieties
arxiv Optics $χ^{(2)}$ mid-infrared frequency comb generation and stabilization with few-cycle pulses
arxiv Computational Physics GPU Acceleration of an Established Solar MHD Code using OpenACC
arxiv Geometric Topology Lipschitz null-homotopy of mappings $S^3 \rightarrow S^2$
arxiv Quantum Physics Tuning quantum channels to maximize polarization entanglement for telecom photon pairs
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Embedded polarizing filters to separate diffuse and specular reflection
arxiv Computation A Variational Inference Algorithm for BKMR in the Cross-Sectional Setting
arxiv Probability Rate of convergence for the weighted Hermite variations of the fractional Brownian motion
arxiv Computation and Language Evaluating the Ability of LSTMs to Learn Context-Free Grammars
arxiv Statistics Theory Mixing Time of Metropolis-Hastings for Bayesian Community Detection
arxiv Quantum Gases Observation of stable stripes in a dipolar quantum gas
arxiv Algebraic Geometry On the Grothendieck ring of varieties in positive characteristic
arxiv Computers and Society Understanding the Role of Data-Centric Social Context in Personalized Mobile Applications
arxiv Machine Learning Multi-View Network Embedding Via Graph Factorization Clustering and Co-Regularized Multi-View Agreement
arxiv Machine Learning An Experiment with Bands and Dimensions in Classifiers
arxiv Optics Generalized Optical Signal Processing Based on Multi-Operator Metasurfaces Synthesized by Susceptibility Tensors
arxiv Machine Learning State Aggregation Learning from Markov Transition Data
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Optical properties of amorphous carbon dust around C-stars: new constraints from 2MASS and Gaia observations
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Perspective: (Beyond) spin transport in insulators
arxiv Optimization and Control Modelling the Hidden Flexibility of Clustered Unit Commitment
arxiv Quantum Physics Detuning-modulated composite pulses for high-fidelity robust quantum control
arxiv Quantum Physics Nonlinear dynamic interpretation of quantum spin
arxiv Machine Learning MixTrain: Scalable Training of Formally Robust Neural Networks
arxiv Graphics Printable Aggregate Elements
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Vehicle Tracking Using Surveillance with Multimodal Data Fusion
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning Bone Suppression from Dual Energy Chest X-rays using Adversarial Networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Identifying the Best Machine Learning Algorithms for Brain Tumor Segmentation, Progression Assessment, and Overall Survival Prediction in the BRATS Challenge
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Design and characterization of a novel toroidal split-ring resonator
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The complex sinh-Gordon model: form factors of descendant operators and current-current perturbations
arxiv Optics Spatial mode detection by frequency up-conversion
arxiv Chemical Physics Molecular Transformer for Chemical Reaction Prediction and Uncertainty Estimation
arxiv Superconductivity Improved Single-Crystal Growth of Sr$_2$RuO$_4$
arxiv Materials Science Optical properties of metamorphic type-I InAs$_{1-x}$Sb$_{x}$/Al$_{y}$In$_{1-y}$As quantum wells grown on GaAs for the mid-infrared spectral range
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A mixed signal architecture for convolutional neural networks
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Edge states and topological pumping in elastic lattices with periodically modulated coupling
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Characterizing Task Completion Latencies in Fog Computing
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Demystifying Neural Network Filter Pruning
arxiv Machine Learning Deep Probabilistic Ensembles: Approximate Variational Inference through KL Regularization
arxiv Computation and Language Building Corpora for Single-Channel Speech Separation Across Multiple Domains
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Computational Histological Staining and Destaining of Prostate Core Biopsy RGB Images with Generative Adversarial Neural Networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Distilling Critical Paths in Convolutional Neural Networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition DeepDPM: Dynamic Population Mapping via Deep Neural Network
arxiv Quantum Physics Nonlinear Dynamics Semi-classical Model of Quantum Spin
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons A Particle-Hole-Symmetric Model for a Paired Fractional Quantum Hall State in a Half-filled Landau Level
arxiv Dynamical Systems A random cocycle with non Hölder Lyapunov exponent
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Spherical photon orbits in the field of Kerr naked singularities
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Non-minimally coupled Scalar Dark Matter from Inflationary Fluctuations
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Visual Attention is Beyond One Single Saliency Map
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Finding and Following of Honeycombing Regions in Computed Tomography Lung Images by Deep Learning
arxiv Optimization and Control Planning Low-Carbon Campus Energy Hubs
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing OverSketch: Approximate Matrix Multiplication for the Cloud
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Volumetric Convolutional Neural Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation
arxiv Machine Learning Sparse and Smooth Signal Estimation: Convexification of L0 Formulations
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Quaternion Convolutional Neural Networks for Heterogeneous Image Processing
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Neural Rendering Model: Joint Generation and Prediction for Semi-Supervised Learning
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition When Not to Classify: Detection of Reverse Engineering Attacks on DNN Image Classifiers
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification of Microcirculation Images from Septic and Non-Septic Patients
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Super-ideal diodes at the Schottky-Mott limit in gated graphene-WSe$_2$ heterojunctions
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition MAMMO: A Deep Learning Solution for Facilitating Radiologist-Machine Collaboration in Breast Cancer Diagnosis
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Similarity Learning with Higher-Order Proximity for Brain Network Analysis
arxiv Statistics Theory Strong consistency of kernel estimator in a semiparametric regression model
arxiv Combinatorics An upper bound on the Wiener Index of a k-connected graph
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Quasi-incompressible Multi-species Ionic Fluid Models
arxiv Systems and Control Topological Semantics for Lumped Parameter Systems Modeling
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Band Selection from Hyperspectral Images Using Attention-based Convolutional Neural Networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Automated Diagnosis of Lymphoma with Digital Pathology Images Using Deep Learning
arxiv Statistics Theory Robust multiple-set linear canonical analysis based on minimum covariance determinant estimator
arxiv Mathematical Physics Hausdorff closed limits and the causal boundary of globally hyperbolic spacetimes with timelike boundary
arxiv Mathematical Physics Angular reduction in multiparticle matrix elements
arxiv Machine Learning CAB: Continuous Adaptive Blending Estimator for Policy Evaluation and Learning
arxiv Optimization and Control Gramian-Based Optimization for the Analysis and Control of Traffic Networks
arxiv Materials Science Electrically Tunable, High Curie Temperature 2D Ferromagnetism in Van der Waals Layered Crystals
arxiv Functional Analysis Partitions and deformed cumulants of type B with remarks on the Blitvi{ć} model
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms The Set-Maxima Problem in a Geometric Setting
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Ongoing Resurfacing of KBO Eris by Volatile Transport in Local, Collisional, Sublimation Atmosphere Regime
arxiv Chemical Physics Protein Hydration Waters are Susceptible to Unfavorable Perturbations
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Molecular ion abundances in the diffuse ISM : CF+, HCO+, HOC+, and C3H+
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Development of a SiPM-based readout-module for the characterization of various scintillator materials
arxiv Physics and Society Proactive On-call Scheduling during a Seasonal Epidemic
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Attention-Mechanism-based Tracking Method for Intelligent Internet of Vehicles
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Design and simplified calibration of a Mueller imaging polarimeter for material classification
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Comb-resolved spectroscopy with immersion grating in long-wave infrared
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Flow-Cut Gaps and Face Covers in Planar Graphs
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Support-Area Dependence of Vibration-Insensitive Optical Cavities
arxiv Combinatorics Finding Independent Transversals Efficiently
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Automatic Assessment of Full Left Ventricular Coverage in Cardiac Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Fisher-Discriminative 3D CNN
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Training Domain Specific Models for Energy-Efficient Object Detection
arxiv Robotics Evaluating Methods for End-User Creation of Robot Task Plans
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Optimal embeddings into Lorentz spaces for some vector differential operators via Gagliardo's lemma
arxiv Operator Algebras A second countable locally compact transitive groupoid without open range map
arxiv Machine Learning Quasi-Newton Optimization in Deep Q-Learning for Playing ATARI Games
arxiv Sound Reconstructing Speech Stimuli From Human Auditory Cortex Activity Using a WaveNet Approach
arxiv Geophysics Seismic Signal Denoising and Decomposition Using Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Artificial Intelligence ACE: An Actor Ensemble Algorithm for Continuous Control with Tree Search
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Quantum Particle Production Effects on Cosmic Expansion
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Solutions of nonlinear Sobolev-Burgers PDEs
arxiv Combinatorics The Sitting Closer to Friends than Enemies Problem in the Circumference
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment First Measurement of $ν_μ$ Charged-Current $π^{0}$ Production on Argon with a LArTPC
arxiv Computation and Language Proceedings of the 2018 Workshop on Compositional Approaches in Physics, NLP, and Social Sciences
arxiv Machine Learning Frank-Wolfe Algorithm for Exemplar Selection
arxiv Applied Physics Symmetric Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifier
arxiv Analysis of PDEs The Euler Equations in Planar Domains with Corners
arxiv Applied Physics Photonic Recurrent Ising Sampler
arxiv Analysis of PDEs The planning problem in Mean Field Games as regularized mass transport
arxiv Combinatorics Investigating First Returns: The Effect of Multicolored Vectors
arxiv Combinatorics The Relationship Between Pascal's Triangle and Random Walks
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Global well-posedness and asymptotic behavior in Besov-Morrey spaces for chemotaxis Navier-Stokes fluids
arxiv Category Theory Hypernormalisation, linear exponential monads and the Giry tricocycloid
arxiv Quantum Physics Resource-efficient analyzer of Bell and Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states of multiphoton systems
arxiv Rings and Algebras Polyadic Hopf algebras and quantum groups
arxiv Materials Science Ferroelectricity of (111) epitaxially strained SrTiO$_3$ from first principles
arxiv Computation and Language The RLLChatbot: a solution to the ConvAI Challenge
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics First assessment of the binary lens OGLE-2015_BLG-0232
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Dark Matter microphysics and 21 cm observations
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Leibniz type rule: $Ψ-$Hilfer fractional derivative
arxiv Quantum Gases Two-dimensional composite solitons in a spin-orbit-coupled Fermi gas in free space
arxiv Quantum Gases Expansion dynamics of a spherical Bose-Einstein condensate
arxiv Numerical Analysis Zernike Polynomials: Evaluation, Quadrature, and Interpolation
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture TCPlp: System Design and Analysis of Full-Scale TCP in Low-Power Networks
arxiv Machine Learning Scalable Bottom-up Subspace Clustering using FP-Trees for High Dimensional Data
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Tracking ultrafast photocurrents in the Weyl semimetal TaAs using THz emission spectroscopy
arxiv Combinatorics Combinatorics of cluster structures in Schubert varieties
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Static Data Structure Lower Bounds Imply Rigidity
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Analysis of the vector tetraquark states with P-waves between the diquarks and antidiquarks via the QCD sum rules
arxiv Econometrics Nonparametric Analysis of Finite Mixtures
arxiv Machine Learning Distributionally Robust Graphical Models
arxiv Applied Physics Phase change-photonic framework for terahertz wave control
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics The effect of microscopic scattering on the nonlinear transmission of terahertz fields through monolayer graphene
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Deep, multi-band photometry of low-mass stars to reveal young clusters: a blind study of the NGC 2264 region
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Atomistic S-matrix method for numerical simulation of phonon reflection, transmission and boundary scattering
arxiv Numerical Analysis On generalized prolate spheroidal functions
arxiv Quantum Physics Temporally correlated error tomography and mitigation in quantum computer
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing CNN-based MultiChannel End-to-End Speech Recognition for everyday home environments
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Learning acoustic word embeddings with phonetically associated triplet network
arxiv Probability Brownian winding fields
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena A 34.5 day quasi-periodic oscillation in gamma-ray emission from the blazar PKS 2247-131
arxiv Number Theory Modularity of two double covers of ${\mathbb P}^5$ branched along $12$ hyperplanes
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Style Separation and Synthesis via Generative Adversarial Networks
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture GNSS Time Synchronization in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks: Benefits and Feasibility
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Spherically symmetric static vacuum solutions in hybrid metric-Palatini gravity
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Cosmology with Phase 1 of the Square Kilometre Array; Red Book 2018: Technical specifications and performance forecasts
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition View Inter-Prediction GAN: Unsupervised Representation Learning for 3D Shapes by Learning Global Shape Memories to Support Local View Predictions
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Y^2Seq2Seq: Cross-Modal Representation Learning for 3D Shape and Text by Joint Reconstruction and Prediction of View and Word Sequences
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Component-based Attention for Large-scale Trademark Retrieval
arxiv Combinatorics On the degree pairs of a graph
arxiv Cryptography and Security A Method for Ontology-based Architecture Reconstruction of Computing Platforms
arxiv Optics Suspended mid-infrared waveguides for Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
arxiv Computation and Language The relationship between linguistic expression and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts: A longitudinal study of blog content
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Unitarizing SIMP scenario with dark vector resonances
arxiv Number Theory On the Archimedean Local Gamma Factors for Adjoint Representation of $\mathrm{GL}_3$, Part I
arxiv Geometric Topology A note on the complexity of h-cobordisms
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Configurational Mapping Significantly Increases the Efficiency of Solid-Solid Phase Coexistence Calculations via Molecular Dynamics: Determining the FCC-HCP Coexistence Line of Lennard-Jones Particles
arxiv Optics Coherent space-gated microscopy: a step towards deep-tissue phase imaging of biological cells
arxiv Machine Learning Bayesian State Estimation for Unobservable Distribution Systems via Deep Learning
arxiv Machine Learning Early Prediction of Acute Kidney Injury in Critical Care Setting Using Clinical Notes
arxiv Materials Science Linear magnetoresistance in the low-field limit in density-wave materials
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning to Steer by Mimicking Features from Heterogeneous Auxiliary Networks
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Weighted Matchings via Unweighted Augmentations
arxiv Mathematical Software Gravitational octree code performance evaluation on Volta GPU
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Point Spread Function of Hexagonally Segmented Telescopes by New Symmetrical Formulation
arxiv Mathematical Physics Higher rank classical analogs of the Askey-Wilson algebra from the $sl_N$ Onsager algebra
arxiv Signal Processing Signal Detection for Faster than Nyquist Transmission Based on Deep Learning
arxiv Computation and Language Learning to Compose Topic-Aware Mixture of Experts for Zero-Shot Video Captioning
arxiv Molecular Networks Stochastic approximation of high-molecular by bi-molecular reactions
arxiv Differential Geometry Geometry of bi-warped product submanifolds in Sasakian manifolds
arxiv Number Theory Some special property of Farey sequence
arxiv Robotics A Competitive Algorithm for Online Multi-Robot Exploration of a Translating Plume
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Promising Accurate Prefix Boosting for sequence-to-sequence ASR
arxiv Computational Physics Deep Learning Accelerated Gold Nanocluster Synthesis
arxiv Functional Analysis Approximate Birkhoff-James orthogonality and smoothness in the space of bounded linear operators
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A Zone of Avoidance catalogue of 2MASS bright galaxies. I. Sample description and analysis
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Measurement of Quasielastic-Like Neutrino Scattering at $\left< E_ν \right> \sim 3.5$~ GeV on a Hydrocarbon Target
arxiv Computation and Language Improved Audio Embeddings by Adjacency-Based Clustering with Applications in Spoken Term Detection
arxiv Symplectic Geometry On an Extension of the Mean Index to a large subset of Linear Canonical Relations
arxiv Algebraic Geometry $ADE$ bundles over $ADE$ singular surfaces and flag varieties of $ADE$ type
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Embeddings from noncompact symmetric spaces to their compact duals
arxiv Nuclear Theory Microscopic description of the pygmy dipole resonance in neutron-rich Ca isotopes
arxiv Materials Science Atomic Structure of Polar Surface in SrTiO3
arxiv Nuclear Theory Linear response theory for Gogny interaction
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Uncertainty in Quantum Rule-Based Systems
arxiv Machine Learning YASENN: Explaining Neural Networks via Partitioning Activation Sequences
arxiv Machine Learning Median Binary-Connect Method and a Binary Convolutional Neural Nework for Word Recognition
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology The behavior of the structure function by using the effective exponent at low-x
arxiv Space Physics Low-Latitude Aurorae during the Extreme Space Weather Events in 1859
arxiv Programming Languages StkTokens: Enforcing Well-bracketed Control Flow and Stack Encapsulation using Linear Capabilities - Technical Report with Proofs and Details
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Context-based spectrum sharing in 5G wireless networks based on Radio Environment Maps
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Dark matter direct detection with spin-2 mediators
arxiv Robotics RoboTurk: A Crowdsourcing Platform for Robotic Skill Learning through Imitation
arxiv Social and Information Networks Modeling Dynamics of Social Network and Opinion at Individual Level
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Coarse graining as a representation change
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition GeoSay: A Geometric Saliency for Extracting Buildings in Remote Sensing Images
arxiv Analysis of PDEs BD Entropy and Bernis-Friedman Entropy
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Estimation of Relationship between Stimulation Current and Force Exerted during Isometric Contraction
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Amalgamating Knowledge towards Comprehensive Classification
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Deep Neural Networks for ECG-free Cardiac Phase and End-Diastolic Frame Detection on Coronary Angiographies
arxiv Machine Learning Multi-Task Graph Autoencoders
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Dark matter model favoured by reionization data: 7 keV sterile neutrino vs cold dark matter
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Thermodynamics for SU(2) pure gauge theory using gradient flow
arxiv Algebraic Topology Some computations of stable twisted homology for mapping class groups
arxiv Information Theory New Parameters on MDS Self-dual Codes over Finite Fields
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology The origin of the nucleon mass
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Image Smoothing via Unsupervised Learning
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition PaDNet: Pan-Density Crowd Counting
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Magnetization and energy dynamics in spin ladders: Evidence of diffusion in time, frequency, position, and momentum
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Stabilizing spin systems via symmetrically tailored RKKY interactions
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics "Atlas" of numerical solutions for star-disk magnetospheric interaction
arxiv Applications A Flexible Spatial Autoregressive Modelling Framework for Mixed Covariates of Multiple Data Types
arxiv Superconductivity Two-Fold-Symmetric Magnetoresistance in Single Crystals of Tetragonal BiCh2-Based Superconductor LaO0.5F0.5BiSSe
arxiv Optimization and Control Remarks on Nash equilibria in mean field game models with a major player
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Neutrino and $γ$-ray Emission from the Core of NGC1275 by Magnetic Reconnection: GRMHD Simulations and Radiative Transfer/Particle Calculations
arxiv Rings and Algebras The Lie Algebra of S-unitary Matrices and Quantum Channels
arxiv Machine Learning THORS: An Efficient Approach for Making Classifiers Cost-sensitive
arxiv Information Retrieval SocialGCN: An Efficient Graph Convolutional Network based Model for Social Recommendation
arxiv Space Physics First results from sonification and exploratory citizen science of magnetospheric ULF waves: Long-lasting decreasing-frequency poloidal field line resonances following geomagnetic storms
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Towards a Dual Representation of Lattice QCD
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The effects of rotation on wave-induced transport in stars: from weakly to strongly stratified radiative zones
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Giant spontaneous Hall effect in a nonmagnetic Weyl-Kondo semimetal
arxiv Information Retrieval Construction and Quality Evaluation of Heterogeneous Hierarchical Topic Models
arxiv Quantum Algebra Intertwiner spaces of quantum group subrepresentations
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory A new exact approach for the Bilevel Knapsack with Interdiction Constraints
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Numerical study of liquid flow and heat transfer in rectangular microchannel with longitudinal vortex generators
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Radio broadband visualization of global three-dimensional magneto-hydrodynamical simulations of spiral galaxies I. Faraday rotation at 8GHz
arxiv Probability Growth-fragmentation processes in Brownian motion indexed by the Brownian tree
arxiv Nuclear Theory Two-nucleon emitters within a pseudostate approach
arxiv Machine Learning Wasserstein Variational Gradient Descent: From Semi-Discrete Optimal Transport to Ensemble Variational Inference
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Overview of recent femtoscopy measurements with ALICE
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Radio broadband visualization of global three-dimensional magneto-hydrodynamical simulations of spiral galaxies II. Faraday Depolarization from 100MHz to 10GHz
arxiv Superconductivity Dominant role of processing temperature in electric field induced superconductivity in layered ZrNBr
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Directional Scattering Cancellation for an Electrically Large Dielectric Sphere
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Kinetic stabilization of 1D surface states near twin boundaries in noncentrosymmetric BiPd
arxiv Methodology Causaltoolbox---Estimator Stability for Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
arxiv Machine Learning Fused Gromov-Wasserstein distance for structured objects: theoretical foundations and mathematical properties
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Unification in Matching Logic
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice A Lattice Study of Renormalons in Asymptotically Free Sigma Models
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory E-string and model building on a typical F-theory geometry
arxiv Systems and Control Differentiation and Passivity for Control of Brayton-Moser Systems
arxiv Differential Geometry Rigidity of closed CSL submanifolds in the unit sphere
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Neural Image Compression for Gigapixel Histopathology Image Analysis
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Oxygen-rich Long Period Variables in the X-shooter Spectral Library
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena X-ray binaries with neutron stars at different accretion stages
arxiv Mathematical Physics Super-Lagrangian and variational principle for generalized continuity equations
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The magnetic field strength of the Faraday screen surrounding the radio galaxy Coma A
arxiv Analysis of PDEs An $L^\infty$ regularisation strategy to the inverse source identification problem for elliptic equations
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Reproducing kernel for elastic Herglotz functions
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Scalar perturbations and quasi-normal modes of a non-linear magnetic-charged black hole surrounded by quintessence
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction A Framework to build Games with a Purpose for Linked Data Refinement
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Thermophysical Modeling of Asteroid Surfaces using Ellipsoid Shape Models
arxiv Machine Learning Effects of Dataset properties on the training of GANs
arxiv Information Theory Entropy Rate of Time-Varying Wireless Networks
arxiv Atomic Physics Magnetic-enhanced modulation transfer spectroscopy and laser locking for 87Rb repump transition
arxiv Analysis of PDEs High-Energy Smoothing Estimates for Selfadjoint Operators
arxiv Robotics UWB/LiDAR Fusion For Cooperative Range-Only SLAM
arxiv Optics Background-free time-resolved coherent Raman spectroscopy (CSRS and CARS): heterodyne detection of low-energy vibrations and recognition of excited-state contributions
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena A detailed study of giant pulses from PSR B1937+21 using the Large European Array for Pulsars
arxiv Quantum Physics Dynamical Mechanism for Coherence in the Resonant System of Ion-solvated Water Molecules and Radiation
arxiv Functional Analysis Pointwise multipliers on weak Orlicz spaces
arxiv Information Theory Position filtering-based non-orthogonal multiple access in mobile scenarios
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Characteristic cycle and wild ramification for nearby cycles of étale sheaves
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Growing Critical: Self-Organized Criticality in a Developing Neural System
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Atlas of Cosmic ray-induced astrochemistry
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Doubly-heavy baryons, tetraquarks, and related topics
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies On the shape and completeness of the column density probability distribution function of molecular clouds
arxiv Numerical Analysis Binary recovery via phase field regularization for first traveltime tomography
arxiv Numerical Analysis Convergence of a finite volume scheme for the compressible Navier--Stokes system
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Dependence of five and six-loop estimated QCD corrections to the relation between pole and running masses of heavy quarks on the number of light flavours
arxiv Information Theory Deep Reinforcement Learning based Modulation and Coding Scheme Selection in Cognitive Heterogeneous Networks
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Spin torque nano-oscillators based on antiferromagnetic skyrmions
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Herschel-ATLAS : The spatial clustering of low and high redshift submillimetre galaxies
arxiv Materials Science Local atomic arrangement in LaCuAl3 and LaAuAl3 by NMR and density functional theory
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Baselines for Reinforcement Learning in Text Games
arxiv Operator Algebras Monotone Increment Processes, Classical Markov Processes and Loewner Chains
arxiv Medical Physics The effect of tissue physiological variability on transurethral ultrasound therapy of the prostate
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Exploring 5d BPS Spectra with Exponential Networks
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Hodge theory of cubic fourfolds, their Fano varieties, and associated K3 categories
arxiv Representation Theory A new canonical induction formula for $p$-permutation modules
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Weighted bounds for the compositions of rough singular integral operators
arxiv Optimization and Control In SDP relaxations, inaccurate solvers do robust optimization
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Deep Learning can Replicate Adaptive Traders in a Limit-Order-Book Financial Market
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Blockchain and human episodic memory
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Iterated local search and very large neighborhoods for the parallel-machines total tardiness problem
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing SCALE-Sim: Systolic CNN Accelerator
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing MGSim + MGMark: A Framework for Multi-GPU System Research
arxiv Computers and Society Player Availability Rating (PAR) - A Tool for Quantifying Skater Performance for NHL General Managers
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Using Stock Prices as Ground Truth in Sentiment Analysis to Generate Profitable Trading Signals
arxiv Computers and Society Certified Ethical Hacker v.10 Online Course - a Case Study
arxiv Differential Geometry Lie groupoids of mappings taking values in a Lie groupoid
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Holographic quantum information and (de)confinement
arxiv General Physics External Energy Paradigm For Black Holes
arxiv General Physics $q$-Deformed Einstein equations from entropic force
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On the existence and uniqueness of an inverse problem in epidemiology
arxiv Signal Processing Iterative Marginal Maximum Likelihood DOD and DOA Estimation for MIMO Radar in the Presence of SIRP Clutter
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Galaxies as fluctuations in cosmic stellar liquid
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Confronting SUSY SO(10) with updated Lattice and Neutrino Data
arxiv Physics and Society Power and Leadership: A Complex Systems Science Approach Part I - Representation and Dynamics
arxiv Nuclear Theory Temperature dependence of the volume and surface contributions to the nuclear symmetry energy within the coherent density fluctuation model
arxiv Information Theory Private Information Retrieval Schemes with Regenerating Codes
arxiv Differential Geometry A stochastic approach to counting problems
arxiv Physics Education Resource Letter RBAI-2: Research-based assessment instruments: Beyond physics topics
arxiv Probability Spatial and Temporal white noises under sublinear G-expectation
arxiv Computation and Language microNER: A Micro-Service for German Named Entity Recognition based on BiLSTM-CRF
arxiv Applied Physics The Effect of Thermal History on Microstructural Evolution, Cold-Work Refinement and α/\b{eta} Growth in Ti-6Al-4V Wire + Arc AM
arxiv Information Theory Joint Tx-Rx Beamforming and Power Allocation for 5G Millimeter-Wave Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (MmWave-NOMA) Networks
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Constraints on Compound Chondrule Formation from Laboratory High-Temperature Collisions
arxiv Computation and Language Transfer Learning from LDA to BiLSTM-CNN for Offensive Language Detection in Twitter
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Follow-up Timing of Three GMRT Pulsars
arxiv Information Theory User Fairness Non-orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) for 5G Millimeter-Wave Communications with Analog Beamforming
arxiv Rings and Algebras Cleft extensions of weak Hopf algebras
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition DOD-CNN: Doubly-injecting Object Information for Event Recognition
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment First measurement of the form factors in $D^+_{s}\rightarrow K^0 e^+ν_e$ and $D^+_{s}\rightarrow K^{*0} e^+ν_e$ decays
arxiv Analysis of PDEs The equivalent media generated by bubbles of high contrasts: Volumetric metamaterials and metasurfaces
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics APPROX -- Mutual approximations between the Galilean moons. The 2016-2018 observational campaign
arxiv Geophysics Solution of contact problems between rough body surfaces with non matching meshes using a parallel mortar method
arxiv Signal Processing Kernel Adaptive Filtering for Nonlinearity-Tolerant Optical Direct Detection Systems
arxiv Methodology Interpreting the Ising Model: The Input Matters
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum heating engine beating the Otto limit
arxiv Physics and Society Analysis of visitors' mobility patterns through random walk in the Louvre museum
arxiv Commutative Algebra Sharpness and semistar operations in Pruefer-like domains
arxiv Combinatorics DP-4-colorability of two classes of planar graphs
arxiv Multiagent Systems Flexible Representative Democracy: An Introduction with Binary Issues
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Unravelling the baffling mystery of the ultrahot wind phenomenon in white dwarfs
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Universal Spike Classifier
arxiv Nuclear Theory Phase transitions and Bose-Einstein condensation in alpha-nucleon matter
arxiv Number Theory Quantum variance for Eisenstein Series
arxiv Operator Algebras A note on existence of free Stein kernels
arxiv K-Theory and Homology (Co)homology of crossed products in weak contexts
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Emerging Applications of Reversible Data Hiding
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Imaging Dirac fermions flow though a circular Veselago lens
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Creating music based on quantitative data from variable stars
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Geometric Horizons in the Kastor-Traschen Multi Black Hole Solutions
arxiv Systems and Control Supervisor Obfuscation Against Actuator Enablement Attack
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms A Tight Analysis of Bethe Approximation for Permanent
arxiv Machine Learning Model Inconsistent but Correlated Noise: Multi-view Subspace Learning with Regularized Mixture of Gaussians
arxiv Optimization and Control On the acceleration of forward-backward splitting via an inexact Newton method
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Virtual Frame Technique: Ultrafast Imaging with Any Camera
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Every Testable (Infinite) Property of Bounded-Degree Graphs Contains an Infinite Hyperfinite Subproperty
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing On the use of DNN Autoencoder for Robust Speaker Recognition
arxiv Quantum Physics Astigmatic tomography of orbital angular momentum superpositions
arxiv Combinatorics On the Minimal Edge Density of $K_4$-free 6-critical Graphs
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field Influence on Magnetic Properties of NiFe/IrMn Thin Film Structures
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Multi-branch Convolutional Neural Network for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation
biorxiv Bioengineering Effect of the Crystal Size of Biogenic Hydroxyapatites on IR and Raman Spectra
biorxiv Genomics Draft genome assembly and population genetics of an agricultural pollinator, the solitary alkali bee (Halictidae: Nomia melanderi)
arxiv Biological Physics Deposition and Visualization of DNA Molecules on Graphene That is Obtained with the Aid of Mechanical Splitting on a Substrate with an Epoxy Sublayer
arxiv Databases Connecting Knowledge Compilation Classes and Width Parameters
arxiv Machine Learning Generative Adversarial Policy Networks for Behavioural Repertoire
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition SurReal: enhancing Surgical simulation Realism using style transfer
arxiv Mathematical Physics Interior-Boundary Conditions for Many-Body Dirac Operators and Codimension-1 Boundaries
arxiv Information Theory Scalable and Energy-Efficient Millimeter Massive MIMO Architectures: Reflect-Array and Transmit-Array Antennas
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Instance Retrieval at Fine-grained Level Using Multi-Attribute Recognition
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum network transfer and storage with compact localized states induced by local symmetries
arxiv Quantum Gases Vortex patterns in rotating dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate mixtures with squared optical lattices
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Kerr oscillators' evolution in \ps: Wigner current, symmetries, shear suppression and special states
arxiv Classical Physics Harmonic oscillator with general, power-law damping
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The RMS Survey: Ammonia mapping of the environment of young massive stellar objects II
arxiv Geophysics Simulation of crack induced nonlinear elasticity using the combined finite-discrete element method
arxiv Medical Physics Sample entropy of sEMG signals at different stages of rectal cancer treatment
arxiv Quantum Physics A Near-Perfect Chiral Single-Photon Interface: Isolation and Unidirectional Emission
arxiv Chaotic Dynamics Statistical complexity of the quasiperiodical damped systems
arxiv Computation and Language Compositional Language Understanding with Text-based Relational Reasoning
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology The inflationary universe in F(R) gravity with antisymmetric tensor fields and their suppression during the universe evolution
arxiv Logic Note on the definition of neutrosophic logic
arxiv Methodology Adaptive penalization in high-dimensional regression and classification with external covariates using variational Bayes
arxiv Computation Simulation-based inference methods for partially observed Markov model via the R package is2
arxiv Information Retrieval Instantly Deployable Expert Knowledge - Networks of Knowledge Engines
arxiv Computers and Society Reflective Diary for Professional Development of Novice Teachers
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The VLA-COSMOS 3 GHz Large Project: Star formation properties and radio luminosity functions of AGN with moderate-to-high radiative luminosities out to $z\sim6$
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies ALMA observations of massive molecular gas reservoirs in dusty early-type galaxies
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Nonlocal operators of Kolmogorov type and their extensions
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Phase-tunable thermal rectification in the topological SQUIPT
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Unraveling the Gluon Sivers Function in Hadronic Collisions at RHIC
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Quantitative modeling of superconducting planar resonators with improved field homogeneity for electron spin resonance
arxiv Mathematical Physics Bell polynomials and Brownian bridge in Spectral Gravity models on multifractal Robertson-Walker cosmologies
arxiv Signal Processing Bicoherence analysis of nonstationary and nonlinear processes
arxiv Representation Theory The Structure of Degenerate Principal Series Representations of Exceptional Groups of Type $E_6$ over $p$-adic Fields
arxiv Group Theory Acylindrical hyperbolicity and equations in graph products
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Failures of Halofit model for computation of Fisher Matrices
arxiv Complex Variables Generalizations of the higher dimensional Suita conjecture and its relation with a problem of Wiegerinck
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Mapping multi-valley Lifshitz transitions induced by field-effect doping in strained MoS2 nanolayers
arxiv Machine Learning Estimating Network Structure from Incomplete Event Data
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On global solutions to semilinear elliptic equations related to the one-phase free boundary problem
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Generalization of the Keller-Osserman theorem for higher order differential inequalities
arxiv Formal Languages and Automata Theory Reachability Analysis of Pushdown Systems with an Upper Stack
arxiv Quantum Physics Inconsistency between Thermodynamics and Probabilistic Quantum Processes
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Weak Coin Flipping
arxiv Materials Science Effects of dopants on the glass forming ability in Al-based metallic alloy
arxiv Machine Learning Un-normalized hypergraph p-Laplacian based semi-supervised learning methods
arxiv Quantum Physics Exact analytical solution of Quantum Discord for Generalized Werner-Like Non-X states
arxiv Numerical Analysis Geometric multigrid methods for Darcy-Forchheimer flow in fractured porous media
arxiv Differential Geometry CR-harmonic maps
arxiv Optics Special polarization characteristic features of a three-dimensional terahertz photonic crystal quantitatively evaluated by phase-differences with a FEM
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Gauge covariant approach to the electroweak interactions of mesons in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model with spin-1 states
arxiv Geophysics Identifying ground scatter and ionospheric scatter signals by using their fine structure at Ekaterinburg decameter coherent radar
arxiv Functional Analysis Invariant spaces under unitary representations of discrete groups
arxiv Computers and Society An exploration of algorithmic discrimination in data and classification
arxiv Combinatorics Infinite arc-transitive and highly-arc-transitive digraphs
arxiv Group Theory Group partitions of minimal size
arxiv Nuclear Theory Towards a novel energy density functional for beyond-mean-field calculations with pairing and deformation
arxiv Statistics Theory A note on the prediction error of principal component regression
arxiv Space Physics Multiple satellite analysis of the Earth's thermosphere and interplanetary magnetic field variations due to ICME/CIR events during 2003-2015
arxiv Computational Physics Grid-based quantum Monte-Carlo method for fermion systems
arxiv Classical Physics Basic observables for the accelerated electron and its field
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Interaction between gravitational radiation and electromagnetic radiation
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Parameterizing Dark Energy Models in a Bouncing Universe and Study of Finite Time Future Singularities
arxiv Probability Finite element approximation of non-Markovian random fields
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology 2-field model of dark energy with canonical and non-canonical kinetic terms
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Generalized Conformal Transformation and Inflationary Attractors
arxiv Computational Physics Acoustic scattering from a fluid cylinder with Willis constitutive properties
arxiv Number Theory Limit points of normalized prime gaps
arxiv Computers and Society Uploading Brain into Computer: Whom to Upload First?
arxiv Computers and Society DCLab: A Web-based System for Digital Logic Experiment Teaching
arxiv Quantum Physics Hypercube States for Sub-Planck Sensing
arxiv Computational Physics Mxdrfile: read and write Gromacs trajectories with Matlab
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Stochastic Quantization of Axial Vector Gauge Theories
arxiv Computers and Society Beyond the Leaderboard: Insight and Deployment Challenges to Address Research Problems
arxiv Number Theory An exponential Diophantine equation related to the difference between powers of two consecutive Balancing numbers
arxiv Machine Learning Toward Efficient Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Survival Prediction Using L-Perceptron
arxiv Dynamical Systems Equidistribution of non-pluripolar products associated with quasi-plurisubharmonic functions of finite energy
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Neutrino predictions from a left-right symmetric flavored extension of the standard model
arxiv Computational Complexity Maximum Distance Sub-Lattice Problem
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms $O(\log^2k/\log\log{k})$-Approximation Algorithm for Directed Steiner Tree: A Tight Quasi-Polynomial-Time Algorithm
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing High-quality speech coding with SampleRNN
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena A New Method to Classify Type IIP/IIL Supernovae Based on their Spectra
arxiv Quantum Physics Programmable four-photon graph states on a silicon chip
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Coloured refined topological vertices and parafermion conformal field theories
arxiv Complex Variables The extremal plurisubharmonic function of the torus
arxiv Robotics Learning Task Constraints from Demonstration for Hybrid Force/Position Control
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Resolution of the Sign Problem for a Frustrated Triplet of Spins
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Chaotic Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem: Effective Brownian Motion in Closed Quantum Systems
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Glycerol confined in zeolitic imidazolate frameworks: The temperature-dependent cooperativity length scale of glassy freezing
arxiv Digital Libraries Scale-free collaboration networks: An author name disambiguation perspective
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Branch and bound algorithm for the traveling salesman problem is not a direct type algorithm
arxiv Robotics A Holistic Visual Place Recognition Approach using Lightweight CNNs for Severe ViewPoint and Appearance Changes
arxiv Combinatorics Subtractive Magic and Antimagic Total Labeling for Basic Families of Graphs
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Indium as a high cooling power nuclear refrigerant for quantum nanoelectronics
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Computing the Value of Computation for Planning
arxiv Computation and Language IMS at the PolEval 2018: A Bulky Ensemble Depedency Parser meets 12 Simple Rules for Predicting Enhanced Dependencies in Polish
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory On the analytic structure of QCD propagators
arxiv Quantum Physics Room-temperature heralded vibrational state exhibiting sub-Poissonian statistics
arxiv Computation and Language Data Selection with Feature Decay Algorithms Using an Approximated Target Side
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Chemical equilibration in hadronic collisions