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biorxiv Plant biology Ancient BED-domain-containing immune receptor from wild barley confers widely effective resistance to leaf rust
biorxiv Genomics Strategies for cellular deconvolution in human brain RNA sequencing data
biorxiv Genomics Three genomes of Osteoglossidae shed light on ancient teleost evolution
biorxiv Genetics Heritable endogenization of an RNA virus in a mammalian species
biorxiv Neuroscience Complete connectomic reconstruction of olfactory projection neurons in the fly brain
biorxiv Bioinformatics MQ: Tool for HR-AM Based Quantitative Analysis for Direct MS Workflow
biorxiv Cancer Biology Neutralizing PD-L1 and PD-L2 Enhances the Efficacy of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Ovarian Cancer.
biorxiv Microbiology A simple, cheap, and robust protocol for the identification of mating type in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Taking the Bait: Interrogation questions about hypothetical evidence may inflate perceptions of guilt
biorxiv Immunology T cell responses induced by attenuated flavivirus vaccination are specific and show limited cross-reactivity with other flavivirus species.
biorxiv Neuroscience Reinforcement meta-learning optimizes visuomotor learning
biorxiv Biophysics Compartmentalization of enhanced biomolecular interactions for high-throughput drug screening in test tubes
biorxiv Neuroscience New plasmon-polariton model of the saltatory conduction
biorxiv Microbiology Phages actively challenge niche communities in the Antarctic soils
biorxiv Microbiology Phosphorylation Dependent Assembly of a 14-3-3 Mediated Signaling Complex During Red Blood Cell Invasion by Plasmodium falciparum Merozoites
biorxiv Cell Biology Endogenous itaconate is not required for particulate matter-induced NRF2 expression or inflammatory response
biorxiv Developmental Biology Dissecting endothelial to haematopoietic stem cell transition by single-cell transcriptomic and functional analyses
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Sensitivity of Radiocarbon Sum Calibration
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Impact of palm oil sustainability certification on village well-being and poverty in Indonesia
engrxiv Engineering Explorative study on adaptive facades with superelastic antagonistic actuation
biorxiv Cell Biology Computational estimates of mechanical constraints on cell migration through extracellular matrix
biorxiv Cell Biology Automated screening by 3D light-sheet microscopy with high spatial and temporal resolution reveals mitotic phenotypes
biorxiv Cell Biology Human AKTIP interacts with ESCRT proteins and functions at the midbody in cytokinesis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Young Positive Schema Questionnaire (YPSQ): German Validation, Domain Structure, and Network Analysis in Patients and Matched Controls
psyarxiv Neuroscience The timing mega-study: comparing a range of experiment generators, both lab-based and online
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Did you see it? Robust individual variance in the prioritization of contents to conscious awareness
biorxiv Cell Biology Super-Beacons: open-source probes with spontaneous tunable blinking compatible with live-cell super-resolution microscopy
biorxiv Genomics Super-resolution visualization of distinct stalled and broken replication fork structures
lawarxiv Law Metapher in Gerichtssprache
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Changing the Future: An Initial Test of Future Specificity Training (FeST)
biorxiv Systems Biology Multi-faceted deregulation of gene expression and protein synthesis with age
biorxiv Bioinformatics NetMix: A network-structured mixture model for reduced-bias estimation of altered subnetworks
biorxiv Genetics Cross-Cancer Evaluation of Polygenic Risk Scores for 17 Cancer Types in Two Large Cohorts
biorxiv Neuroscience Three major dimensions of human brain cortical ageing in relation to cognitive decline across the 8th decade of life.
biorxiv Neuroscience A role for the Fem-1 gene of Drosophila melanogaster in adult courtship
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Potential short-term earthquake forecasting by farm-animal monitoring
biorxiv Plant biology Design of a biosensor for direct visualisation of auxin
biorxiv Physiology DNA damage and macrophage infiltration in the ovaries of the long-lived GH deficient Ames Dwarf and the short-lived bGH transgenic mice
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Set-size effects in change detection depend on failures of retrieval and/or comparison and not on perception, encoding or storage
biorxiv Neuroscience Cerebello-Thalamic Spike Transfer via Temporal Coding and Cortical Adaptation
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology On the origin and evolution of RNA editing in metazoans
biorxiv Bioengineering Anisotropic mineralized collagen scaffolds accelerate osteogenic response in a glycosaminoglycan-dependent fashion
biorxiv Microbiology A Refined View of Airway Microbiome in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at Species and Strain-levels
biorxiv Genomics Surveying Brain Tumor Heterogeneity by Single-Cell RNA Sequencing of Multi-sector Biopsies
biorxiv Microbiology Exploring the remarkable diversity of Escherichia coli Phages in the Danish Wastewater Environment, Including 91 Novel Phage Species
biorxiv Bioengineering Connecting secretome to hematopoietic stem cell phenotype shifts in an engineered bone marrow niche
biorxiv Genetics Intratumor Heterogeneity and Evolution of Colorectal Cancer
biorxiv Microbiology Modeling SIV kinetics supports that cytotoxic response drives natural control and unravels heterogeneous populations of infected cells
biorxiv Molecular biology Diagnostic of begomoviruses in complex infections –a case study
biorxiv Bioengineering Registration-free Distortion Correction of Diffusion Weighted MRI
biorxiv Systems Biology Dual Proteome-scale Networks Reveal Cell-specific Remodeling of the Human Interactome
biorxiv Systems Biology A mathematical model for simulating the transmission of Wuhan novel Coronavirus
biorxiv Genomics BREM-SC: A Bayesian Random Effects Mixture Model for Joint Clustering Single Cell Multi-omics Data
biorxiv Microbiology The Requirement For US28 During Cytomegalovirus Latency Is Independent Of US27 And US29 Gene Expression
biorxiv Neuroscience AAV Ablates Neurogenesis in the Adult Murine Hippocampus
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Schematic memories develop quickly, but are not expressed unless necessary
arxiv Machine Learning Curriculum Labeling: Self-paced Pseudo-Labeling for Semi-Supervised Learning
arxiv Statistics Theory Testing proportional hazards for specified covariates
arxiv General Economics Examining the correlation of the level of wage inequality with labor market institutions
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology White dwarf cooling via gravity portals
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Elements of Scheduling
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology II. A GR Source Term $T^{μν}$ For Dark Matter
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction User-in-the-loop Adaptive Intent Detection for Instructable Digital Assistant
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Green's function methods for single molecule junctions
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Sausage & Mash: the dual origin of the Galactic thick disc and halo from the gas-rich Gaia-Enceladus-Sausage merger
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Searching for AGN and Pulsar Candidates in 4FGL Unassociated Sources Using Machine Learning
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A Submillimeter Perspective on the GOODS Fields (SUPER GOODS). IV. The Submillimeter Properties of X-ray Sources in the CDF-S
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Positive feedback at the disc-halo interface
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Random singlet state in Ba$_5$CuIr$_3$O$_{12}$ single crystals
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Quasi-periodic behaviour in the optical and γ-ray light curves of blazars 3C 66A and B2 1633+38
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies On the Absence of High-Redshift AGNs: Little Growth in the Supermassive Black Hole Population at High Redshifts
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics A limit on Planck-scale froth with ESPRESSO
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The significant effects of stellar mass estimation on galaxy pair fractions
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics The Clustering of DESI-like Luminous Red Galaxies Using Photometric Redshifts
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena A dispersion excess from pulsar wind nebulae and supernova remnants: Implications for pulsars and FRBs
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The `Red Supergiant Problem': the upper luminosity boundary of type-II supernova progenitors
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Reionization with galaxies and active galactic nuclei
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Supersymmetric Flux Compactifications and Calabi-Yau Modularity
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Relationship Between the Turbulence-Driving-Length and the Length-Scale of Density Structures in Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Spontaneously broken boosts and the Goldstone continuum
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The high redshift SFR-M* relation is sensitive to the employed star formation rate and stellar mass indicators: Towards addressing the tension between observations and simulations
arxiv Optimization and Control Risk Directed Importance Sampling in Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming with Hidden Markov Models for Grid Level Energy Storage
arxiv Methodology Nonparametric inference for interventional effects with multiple mediators
arxiv Differential Geometry Codimension One Homology of Noncompact Spaces with Nonnegative N-Bakry Èmery ricci Curvature
arxiv Information Theory An Efficient Algorithm for Designing Optimal CRCs for Tail-Biting Convolutional Codes
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Discovery of long-period magnetic field oscillations and motions in isolated sunspots
arxiv Quantum Physics Effect of imperfect homodyne visibility on multi-spatial-mode two-mode squeezing measurements
arxiv Functional Analysis Compactly Supported Quasi-tight Multiframelets with High Balancing Orders and Compact Framelet Transforms
arxiv Machine Learning Extracting more from boosted decision trees: A high energy physics case study
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Post-Volcanic Aerosol Altitude and Particle Size Measurements Basing on Twilight Sky Polarimetry
arxiv Information Theory Low Complexity Algorithms for Transmission of Short Blocks over the BSC with Full Feedback
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics A spectroscopic, photometric, polarimetric and radio study of the eclipsing polar UZ Fornacis: the first simultaneous SALT and MeerKAT observations
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Electromagnetic precursors to gravitational wave events: Numerical simulations of flaring in pre-merger binary neutron star magnetospheres
arxiv Chemical Physics Additives Influence the Phase Behavior of Calcium Car-bonate Solution by a Cooperative Ion-association Process
arxiv Chemical Physics Morphology preserving solid-to-solid transformation of minerals mediated by a self-assembled temperature responsive polymer membrane: calcite to hydroxyapatite
arxiv Chemical Physics Hybrid gold single crystals incorporating amino acids
arxiv Chemical Physics Synthesis of calcium carbonate in trace water environments
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Dark sector-photon interactions in proton-beam experiments
arxiv Quantum Gases Tricritical physics in two-dimensional $p$-wave superfluids
arxiv Discrete Mathematics Tourneys and the Fast Generation and Obfuscation of Closed Knight's Tours
arxiv History and Overview Métastabilité d'EDP stochastiques et déterminants de Fredholm
arxiv Superconductivity Electrodynamics of highly spin-polarized tunnel Josephson junctions
arxiv Software Engineering Expecting the Unexpected: Developing Autonomous-System Design Principles for Reacting to Unpredicted Events and Conditions
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Parker Solar Probe In-Situ Observations of Magnetic Reconnection Exhausts During Encounter 1
arxiv Methodology Double score matching estimators of average and quantile treatment effects
arxiv General Topology Intersections of compactly many open sets are open
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena The Low Effective Spin of Binary Black Holes and Implications for Individual Gravitational-Wave Events
arxiv Econometrics Recovering Network Structure from Aggregated Relational Data using Penalized Regression
arxiv Combinatorics Extending drawings of complete graphs into arrangements of pseudocircles
arxiv Probability Average Waiting Times in the Two-Class M/G/1 Delayed Accumulating Priority Queue
arxiv Numerical Analysis A global-local approach for hydraulic phase-field fracture in poroelastic media
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Nodal cooperation equilibrium analysis in multihop wireless ad hoc networks with a reputation system
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Increasing the robustness of DNNs against image corruptions by playing the Game of Noise
arxiv Machine Learning Understanding the Power of Persistence Pairing via Permutation Test
arxiv Materials Science Anomalous Phonon-mode Dependence in Polarized Raman Spectroscopy of Topological Weyl Semimetal TaP
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Dynamical Classification of Trans-Neptunian Objects Detected by the Dark Energy Survey
arxiv Number Theory The ‡-Euclidean Algorithm: Applications to Number Theory and Geometry
arxiv Materials Science Tuning Penta-Graphene Electronic Properties Through Engineered Line Defects
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Thermodynamic criticality of d-dimensional charged AdS black holes surrounded by quintessence with a cloud of strings background
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Mirror principle and the red-giant bump: the battle of entropy in low-mass stars
arxiv Materials Science Formation and Attosecond Carrier Dynamics of a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in K/MoS2
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Tracking of Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Comparative Study
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction ArguLens: Anatomy of Community Opinions On Usability Issues Using Argumentation Models
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Canonical analysis of field theories in the presence of boundaries: Maxwell+Pontryagin
arxiv Chemical Physics Comment on: An alternative approach for the determination of mean free paths of electron scattering in liquid water based on experimental data
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena The Deepest Radio Observations of Nearby Type IA Supernovae: Constraining Progenitor Types and Optimizing Future Surveys
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Travel Time and Tunnel Ionization Times of Atoms
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Temporally Anticorrelated Subdiffusion in Water Nanofilms on Silica Suggests Near-Surface Viscoelasticity
arxiv Dynamical Systems Geodesic flows and the mother of all continued fractions
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Why Do Competitive Markets Converge to First-Price Auctions?
arxiv Cryptography and Security Social Engineering Resistant 2FA
arxiv Combinatorics Harmonic differential forms for pseudo-reflection groups I. Semi-invariants
arxiv Cryptography and Security Securing Wireless Sensor Networks Against Denial-of-Sleep Attacks Using RSA Cryptography Algorithm and Interlock Protocol
arxiv Number Theory Freeness alone is insufficient for Manin-Peyre
arxiv Quantum Physics Optimizing the Optimizer: Decomposition Techniques for Quantum Annealing
arxiv Computational Physics On the Application of Numerical Methods to Hallen's Equation: The Case of a Lossy Medium
arxiv Machine Learning Fourier Transform Approach to Machine Learning III: Fourier Classification
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Existence analysis of a stationary compressible fluid model for heat-conducting and chemically reacting mixtures
arxiv Numerical Analysis L1 data fitting for robust reconstruction in magnetic particle imaging: quantitative evaluation on Open MPI dataset
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Analysis methods to search for transient events in ground-based Very High Energy gamma-ray astronomy
arxiv Information Theory Constrained Functional Value under General Convexity Conditions with Applications to Distributed Simulation
arxiv Artificial Intelligence A Critical Look at the Applicability of Markov Logic Networks for Music Signal Analysis
arxiv Nuclear Experiment First direct measurement of $^{22}$Mg($α$,p)$^{25}$Al and implications for X-ray burst model-observation comparisons
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Nucleon form factors from basis light front quantization
arxiv Machine Learning Fairness Measures for Regression via Probabilistic Classification
arxiv Materials Science Carbon Schwarzites Behavior Under Ballistic Impacts
arxiv Representation Theory Kostant principal filtration and paths in weight lattices
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies H$α$ kinematics of the isolated interacting galaxy pair KPG 486 (NGC 6090)
arxiv Populations and Evolution Non-binary universal tree-based networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition On- Device Information Extraction from Screenshots in form of tags
arxiv Numerical Analysis Uniqueness criteria in multi-energy CT
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Gravitational AdS to dS phase transition in Einstein-Maxwell-Gauss-Bonnet gravity
arxiv Optimization and Control On the Well-Posedness of Dynamical Flow Networks With Feedback-Controlled Outflows
arxiv Differential Geometry Singularity formation of complete Ricci flow solutions
arxiv Machine Learning Code-Bridged Classifier (CBC): A Low or Negative Overhead Defense for Making a CNN Classifier Robust Against Adversarial Attacks
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology General parametrization of black holes: the only parameters that matter
arxiv Applied Physics Plasmonic FET Terahertz Spectrometer
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Gravitational waves or deconfined quarks: what causes the premature collapse of neutron stars born in short gamma-ray bursts?
arxiv Machine Learning An adversarial learning framework for preserving users' anonymity in face-based emotion recognition
arxiv Optics Guided-mode resonance filter extended-cavity diode laser
arxiv Machine Learning Better Boosting with Bandits for Online Learning
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Hybrid phenomenology in a chiral approach
arxiv Quantum Physics Microwave--Optical entanglement in a Strongly Coupled Electro-Optomechanical System
arxiv Cryptography and Security Performance Evaluation of Multiparty Authentication in 5G IIoT Environments
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Simulating Star Clusters Across Cosmic Time: II. Escape Fraction of Ionizing Photons from Molecular Clouds
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Chaos in a Rydberg Atom System
arxiv Databases Efficient Bitruss Decomposition for Large-scale Bipartite Graphs
arxiv Representation Theory Gelfand-Tsetlin modules for gl(n,m)
arxiv Numerical Analysis A high-order integral equation-based solver for the time-dependent Schrodinger equation
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics A Family of Phase Masks For Broadband Coronagraphy Example of the Wrapped Vortex Phase Mask Theory and Laboratory demonstration
arxiv Plasma Physics Magnetic field amplification in a laser-irradiated thin foil by return current electrons carrying orbital angular momentum
arxiv Machine Learning Learning Stable Deep Dynamics Models
arxiv Plasma Physics Generation of focusing ion beams by magnetized electron sheath acceleration
arxiv Econometrics Distributional synthetic controls
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Halo Counts-in-cells for Cosmological Models with Different Dark Energy
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Atomistic origins of continuum dislocation dynamics
arxiv Chemical Physics Diatomic rovibronic transitions as potential probes for proton-to-electron mass ratio across cosmological time
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Automatic Discovery of Political Meme Genres with Diverse Appearances
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Multi-line single point coronal magnetometry
arxiv K-Theory and Homology The Fourier-Mukai transform in K-theory
arxiv Methodology Approximate Bayesian Bootstrap Procedures to Estimate Multilevel Treatment Effects in Observational Studies with Application to Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Regimens
arxiv Information Theory Chebyshev Inertial Landweber Algorithm for Linear Inverse Problems
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Spatio-Temporal Ranked-Attention Networks for Video Captioning
arxiv Mathematical Physics Coupling constant dependence for the Schrödinger equation with an inverse-square potential
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology A Simple Three-Dimensional Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Detector
arxiv Machine Learning ADAMT: A Stochastic Optimization with Trend Correction Scheme
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Note on all-order Landau-level structures of the Heisenberg-Euler effective actions for QED and QCD
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Depth-profile study of $^{210}$Pb in the surface of an NaI(Tl) crystal
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Layer-Magnetization-Tuned Topological Phases in Mn$_2$Bi$_2$Te$_5$ Films
arxiv Logic Varieties of Regular Pseudocomplemented de Morgan Algebras
arxiv Genomics A guided network propagation approach to identify disease genes that combines prior and new information
arxiv Optimization and Control Robust Traffic Control Using a First Order Macroscopic Traffic Flow Model
arxiv Machine Learning Graph Inference Learning for Semi-supervised Classification
arxiv Logic Sequent Calculi without Polarities for the Unity of Logic
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing FRaZ: A Generic High-Fidelity Fixed-Ratio Lossy Compression Framework for Scientific Floating-point Data
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Higher order curvature flows of plane curves with generalised Neumann boundary conditions
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The radial acceleration relation in galaxy clusters
arxiv Optics Second Harmonic Generation in Gallium Phosphide Nano-Waveguides
arxiv Commutative Algebra On the weak Lefschetz property for almost complete intersections generated by uniform powers of general linear forms
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning to Augment Expressions for Few-shot Fine-grained Facial Expression Recognition
arxiv Machine Learning A Derivative-Free Method for Solving Elliptic Partial Differential Equations with Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Chemical Physics Wettability and surface energy of parylene F
arxiv Quantum Physics Enhanced pair production in frequency modulated Sauter potential wells
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Bouncing compact objects I: Quantum extension of the Oppenheimer-Snyder collapse
arxiv Optics Nonlinearity in the Lorentz Oscillator Model
arxiv Logic Implication Zroupoids and Birkhoff Systems
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Interpreting Galaxy Deblender GAN from the Discriminator's Perspective
arxiv Complex Variables Interpolation and Sampling in Analytic Tent Spaces
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Bouncing compact objects II: Effective theory of a pulsating Planck star
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum decoherence by Coulomb interaction
arxiv Differential Geometry The geometry of positively curved Kähler metrics on tube domains
arxiv Robotics A Reliable Gravity Compensation Control Strategy for dVRK Robotic Arms With Nonlinear Disturbance Forces
arxiv Functional Analysis Gagliardo-Nirenberg, Trudinger-Moser and Morrey inequalities on Dirichlet spaces
arxiv Commutative Algebra On the sets of lengths of Puiseux monoids generated by multiple geometric sequences
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms A New Fairness Model based on User's Objective for Multi-user Multi-processor Online Scheduling
arxiv Chemical Physics Selective C-C Coupling by Spatially Confined Dimeric Metal Centers
arxiv Materials Science Monolayer 2H-CrS$_2$ with intrinsic defect as a highly active catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
arxiv Number Theory On Integer Sequences Associated To Two Distinct Sums
arxiv Programming Languages Proceedings 16th Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages and Systems
arxiv Dynamical Systems Two New Normals Forms for Polynomial Endomorphisms of the Projective Line with Applications to Postcritically Finite Maps
arxiv Functional Analysis On the stability of the Lions-Peetre method of real interpolation with functional parameter
arxiv Theoretical Economics Comparing School Choice and College Admission Mechanisms By Their Immunity to Strategic Admissions
arxiv Differential Geometry Spectra of the Rarita-Schwinger operator on some symmetric spaces
arxiv Methodology Optimal Crossover Designs for Generalized Linear Models
arxiv Computational Geometry Lower bounds for the maximum number of runners that cause loneliness, and its application to Isolation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Precision predictions for $B \rightarrow ρτν_τ$ and $B \rightarrow ωτν_τ$ in the SM and beyond
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition FPCR-Net: Feature Pyramidal Correlation and Residual Reconstruction for Semi-supervised Optical Flow Estimation
arxiv Algebraic Topology Persistence and Stability of the $\mathbb{A}_n$ Quiver
arxiv Quantum Gases Floquet eigenspectra of a nonlinear two-mode system under periodic driving: the emergence of "ring" structures
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter A new method for measurement and quantification of tracer diffusion in nanoconfined liquids
arxiv Robotics Spatiotemporal Camera-LiDAR Calibration: A Targetless and Structureless Approach
arxiv Optimization and Control A proximal MM method for the zero-norm regularized PLQ composite optimization problem
arxiv Quantum Physics Experimental quantum polarimetry using heralded single photons
arxiv Machine Learning DNNs as Layers of Cooperating Classifiers
arxiv Functional Analysis Hyper-positive definite functions II: A complete study of branching-Toeplitz operators
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies MAGMO: Polarimetry of 1720-MHz OH Masers towards Southern Star Forming Regions
arxiv Optimization and Control Model Predictive Control of Discrete-Continuous Energy Systems via Generalized Disjunctive Programming
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture SRPerf: a Performance Evaluation Framework for IPv6 Segment Routing
arxiv Superconductivity Theory of Higgs Modes in $d$-Wave Superconductors
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Dynamic Phase Transition in the Contact Process with Spatial Disorder: Griffths Phase and Complex Persistence Exponents
arxiv Optimization and Control Frequency- and Time-Limited Balanced Truncation for Large-Scale Second-Order Systems
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Structural properties of additive binary hard-sphere mixtures
arxiv Differential Geometry Exponential contraction in Wasserstein distance on static and evolving manifolds
arxiv Mathematical Physics On Random Matrices Arising in Deep Neural Networks. Gaussian Case
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Ab-initio Theory of Fourier-transformed Quasiparticle Interference Maps and Application to the Topological Insulator Bi$_2$Te$_3$
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Visual Simplified Characters' Emotion Emulator Implementing OCC Model
arxiv Materials Science Symmetry-enforced three-dimensional Dirac phononic crystals
arxiv Quantum Physics Dynamical blockade in a single mode bosonic system
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Status of direct and indirect dark matter searches
arxiv Methodology Communication-Efficient Distributed Estimator for Generalized Linear Models with a Diverging Number of Covariates
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On the conservation of energy in two-dimensional incompressible flows
arxiv Materials Science Dissociated dislocation-mediated carbon transport and diffusion in austenitic iron
arxiv Functional Analysis Daugavet- and Delta-points in absolute sums of Banach spaces
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Inducing Magnetic Phase Transitions in Monolayer CrI$_3$ via Lattice Deformations
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Two-pion scattering amplitude from Bethe-Salpeter wave function at the interaction boundary
arxiv Superconductivity Fallacies on pairing symmetry and intrinsic electronic Raman spectrum in high-Tc cuprate superconductors
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Resonance Line Polarization in Spherically Symmetric Moving Media: a Parametric Study
arxiv Machine Learning FedVision: An Online Visual Object Detection Platform Powered by Federated Learning
arxiv Cryptography and Security Low-Cost Anti-Copying 2D Barcode by Exploiting Channel Noise Characteristics
arxiv Logic A Note on Computable Embeddings for Ordinals and Their Reverses
arxiv Materials Science Discovering topological surface states of Dirac points
arxiv Computation and Language Multi-step Joint-Modality Attention Network for Scene-Aware Dialogue System
arxiv Differential Geometry The area minimizing problem in conformal cones
arxiv Methodology Causal models for dynamical systems
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Registration made easy -- standalone orthopedic navigation with HoloLens
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Unique continuation property and Poincaré inequality for higher order fractional Laplacians with applications in inverse problems
arxiv Numerical Analysis Incomplete selected inversion for linear-scaling electronic structure calculations
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Neural coincidence detection strategies during perception of multi-pitch musical tones
arxiv Analysis of PDEs An explicit formula of continuant polynomials for periodic parameters
arxiv Optics Enhanced spectral resolution for broadband coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Manifolds with two projective bundle structures
arxiv Machine Learning GraphLIME: Local Interpretable Model Explanations for Graph Neural Networks
arxiv Materials Science Fermi Level Controlled Ultrafast Demagnetization Mechanism in Half-Metallic Heusler Alloy
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Concentration phenomena in a diffusive aggregation model
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Hybrid-functional electronic structure of multilayer graphene
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Coulomb-Nuclear Interference:the Latest Modification
arxiv Group Theory Left $3$-Engel elements in groups of exponent $60$
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Chemical evolution of the Galactic bulge as traced by microlensed dwarf and subgiant stars. VII. Lithium
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Dynamics and Spreading Speed of a Reaction-Diffusion System with Advection Modeling West Nile Virus
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Fragmentation favoured in discs around higher mass stars
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Massive discs around low-mass stars
arxiv Optics Reflectivity of Finite 3D GaAs Photonic Band Gap Crystals
arxiv Optics Absorption of waves in correlated disordered media and its maximization using hyperuniformity
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Are The Homogeneous Holographic Viscoelastic Models Quasicrystals ?
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction EEG Wheelchair for People of Determination
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Relativistic antifragility
arxiv Optimization and Control A generalized Bellman-Ford Algorithm for Application in Symbolic Optimal Control
arxiv Machine Learning Sideways: Depth-Parallel Training of Video Models
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Constraining EDM and MDM lepton dimension five interactions in the electroweak sector
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Inclusive probability of particle creation on classical backgrounds
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Strong-Separation Logic
arxiv Image and Video Processing Detection Method Based on Automatic Visual Shape Clustering for Pin-Missing Defect in Transmission Lines
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Microgels at interfaces behave as 2D elastic particles featuring reentrant melting
arxiv Cryptography and Security Performance of Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques for Physical Layer Authentication
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The effects of surface fossil magnetic fields on massive star evolution: II. Implementation of magnetic braking in MESA and implications for the evolution of surface rotation in OB stars
arxiv Numerical Analysis Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Abel Integral Equations: An $ hp $-Version Collocation Approach
arxiv Computational Physics Modal characterization of thermal emitters using the Method of Moments
arxiv Information Theory Duplication with transposition distance to the root for $q$-ary strings
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Boundary regularity for manifold constrained $p(x)$-harmonic maps
arxiv Physics and Society Optimal Learning Dynamics of Multi Agents in Restless Multiarmed Bandit Game
arxiv Optics Orbital-angular-momentum-based experimental test of Hardy's paradox for multisetting and multidimensional systems
arxiv Machine Learning Data-Driven Permanent Magnet Temperature Estimation in Synchronous Motors with Supervised Machine Learning
arxiv Information Theory Data-Driven Ensembles for Deep and Hard-Decision Hybrid Decoding
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics On the emergence mechanism of carrot sprites
arxiv Computation Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods, a survey with some frequent misunderstandings
arxiv Complex Variables On Petrenko's deviations and second order differential equations
arxiv Quantum Physics Active reset of a radiative cascade for superequilibrium entangled photon generation
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Two-Phase Object-Based Deep Learning for Multi-temporal SAR Image Change Detection
arxiv Quantum Physics Experimental creation of Multi-Photon High-Dimensional Layered Quantum States
arxiv Differential Geometry The Ambrose-Singer Theorem for general homogeneous manifolds with applications to symplectic geometry
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Temporal and spectral fingerprints of ultrafast all-coherent spin switching
arxiv Computation Multifidelity Approximate Bayesian Computation with Sequential Monte Carlo Parameter Sampling
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Perfect one-dimensional chiral states in biased twisted bilayer graphene
arxiv Optimization and Control Benchmarking within a DEA framework: setting the closest targets and identifying peer groups with the most similar performances
arxiv Representation Theory Comparison of Bushnell-Kutzko and Yu's constructions of supercuspidal representations
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Reflective scattering at the LHC and two--scale structure of a proton
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Entropies and The First Laws of Black Hole Thermodynamics in Einstein-aether-Maxwell Theory
arxiv Functional Analysis Weighted Laws of Large Numbers and Weighted One-Sided ergodic Hilbert Transforms on Vector Valued $L_p$-spaces
arxiv Machine Learning Deep Neural Networks with Trainable Activations and Controlled Lipschitz Constant
arxiv Algebraic Geometry On the Prym map for cyclic covers of genus two curves
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition SieveNet: A Unified Framework for Robust Image-Based Virtual Try-On
arxiv Functional Analysis Generalized Dobrushin Ergodicity Coefficient and Uniform Ergodicities of Markov Operators
arxiv Signal Processing Designing unimodular sequence with good auto-correlation properties via Block Majorization-Minimization method
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Compounding the Performance Improvements of Assembled Techniques in a Convolutional Neural Network
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Atmospheric circulation of tidally locked gas giants with increasing rotation and implications for white-dwarf-brown-dwarf systems
arxiv Machine Learning Bayesian inference of dynamics from partial and noisy observations using data assimilation and machine learning
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Dynamic Byzantine Reliable Broadcast [Technical Report]
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Pumping lemmas for weighted automata
arxiv Representation Theory Green correspondence and relative projectivity for pairs of adjoint functors between triangulated categories
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Time evolution of entanglement negativity across a defect
arxiv Trading and Market Microstructure Corporate Governance, Noise Trading and Liquidity of Stocks
arxiv Applied Physics An interlayer with low solubility for lithium enhances tolerance to dendrite growth in solid state electrolytes
arxiv Materials Science Fingerprinting defects in diamond: Partitioning the vibrational spectrum
arxiv Information Theory Point-line incidence on Grassmannians and majority logic decoding of Grassmann codes
arxiv Materials Science Methods of electron transport in ab initio theory of spin stiffness
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Review: deep learning on 3D point clouds
arxiv Econometrics Entropy Balancing for Continuous Treatments
arxiv Signal Processing Epileptic Seizure Classification with Symmetric and Hybrid Bilinear Models
arxiv Applied Physics Magnetic, magnetoelastic and corrosion resistant properties of (Fe-Ni) based metallic glasses for structural health monitoring applications
arxiv Biological Physics Imaging human blood cells in vivo with oblique back-illumination capillaroscopy
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Rapid multi-component phase-split calculations using volume functions and reduction methods
arxiv Computation and Language RobBERT: a Dutch RoBERTa-based Language Model
arxiv Signal Processing Cellular-Connected Wireless Virtual Reality: Requirements, Challenges, and Solutions
arxiv Signal Processing Edge-enabled V2X Service Placement for Intelligent Transportation Systems
arxiv General Physics Statistical and strict momentum conservation
arxiv Probability Longest increasing paths with Lipschitz constraints
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Predicting the Physical Dynamics of Unseen 3D Objects
arxiv General Physics Magnets in an electric field: hidden forces and momentum conservation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Quest for Dual and Binary Supermassive Black Holes: A Multi-Messenger View
arxiv Nuclear Theory Tidal Deformation of Neutron Stars from Microscopic Models of Nuclear Dynamics
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Quark mass effects in two-loop Higgs amplitudes
arxiv Signal Processing Overly Optimistic Prediction Results on Imbalanced Data: Flaws and Benefits of Applying Over-sampling
arxiv Optimization and Control On Shape Calculus with Elliptic PDE Constraints in Classical Function Spaces
arxiv Quantum Physics J-matrix method of scattering in one dimension: The relativistic theory
arxiv General Physics Thermodynamics in $f(R,\mathcal{L})$ Theories
arxiv Combinatorics Distinguishing simple groups
arxiv Nuclear Experiment First search for $2\varepsilon$ and $\varepsilonβ^+$ decay of $^{174}$Hf
arxiv Complex Variables On the closest to zero roots and the second quotients of Taylor coefficients of entire functions from the Laguerre-Pólya I class
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Vision Meets Drones: Past, Present and Future
arxiv Computational Physics Surface waves from flexural and compressional resonances of beams
arxiv Quantum Physics How fast do quantum walks mix?
arxiv Nuclear Theory Systematic behavior of the fusion barrier parameters for heavy ion pairs [MSs Thesis]
arxiv Mathematical Software Awkward Arrays in Python, C++, and Numba
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On the unboundedness of the ratio of species and resources for the diffusive logistic equation
arxiv Machine Learning Cyber Attack Detection thanks to Machine Learning Algorithms
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Comment on "The Kiselev black hole is neither perfect fluid, nor is it quintessence"
arxiv Information Theory DNA-Based Storage: Models and Fundamental Limits
arxiv General Topology Families of retractions and families of closed subsets on compact spaces
arxiv Materials Science A library of ab initio Raman spectra for automated identification of 2D materials
arxiv Analysis of PDEs A new glance to the Alt-Caffarelli-Friedman monotonicity formula
arxiv Numerical Analysis An elliptic local problem with exponential decay of the resonance error for numerical homogenization
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Grover's Algorithm and Many-Valued Quantum Logic
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Quantitative Estimates for Homogenization of Nonlinear Elliptic Operators in Perforated Domains
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Assessing and improving on current semi-analytical models for cosmic defect network evolution
arxiv Numerical Analysis About Three Dimensional Double-Sided Dirichlet and Neumann Boundary Value Problems for the Laplacian
arxiv Information Theory On the Capacity of Private Monomial Computation
arxiv Number Theory Distribution of root numbers of Hecke characters attached to some elliptic curves
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Fast Compliance Checking with General Vocabularies
arxiv Signal Processing Wine quality rapid detection using a compact electronic nose system: application focused on spoilage thresholds by acetic acid
arxiv Robotics Robust 2 1/2D Visual Servoing of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot Thanks to Trajectory Tracking
arxiv Machine Learning Universal Adversarial Attack on Attention and the Resulting Dataset DAmageNet
arxiv Geometric Topology Torsion Generators of the Twist Subgroup
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Effects of Electromagnetic Field on the Structure and Evolution of Self-gravitating Dissipative Systems Via Structure Scalars
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Energy Efficient Cloud-Fog Architecture
arxiv Differential Geometry On the Kahler-Ricci flow on Fano manifolds
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Rationality of inner twisted flags of type $A_n$
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Shifting velocity of temperature extremes under climate change
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors A magneto-gravitational trap foe precision studies of gravitational quantum states
arxiv Quantum Physics Detecting dynamical quantum phase transition via out-of-time-order correlations in a solid-state quantum simulator
arxiv Classical Physics Effective model for elastic waves propagating in a substrate supporting a dense array of plates/beams with flexural resonances
arxiv Optics Tunable nanophotonics enabled by chalcogenide phase-change materials
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Closed-form Saint-Venant solutions in the Koiter theory of shells
arxiv Integrated Supervised Adaptive Control for the More Electric Aircraft
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Efficient Facial Feature Learning with Wide Ensemble-based Convolutional Neural Networks
arxiv Algebraic Geometry The Kodaira problem for Kähler spaces with vanishing first Chern class
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Inhibited Coagulation of Micron-size Dust Due to the Electrostatic Barrier
arxiv Combinatorics Parking functions on directed stars and orientation reversal with an extension to general directed trees
arxiv Image and Video Processing DeepSUM++: Non-local Deep Neural Network for Super-Resolution of Unregistered Multitemporal Images
arxiv Numerical Analysis A Coarsening Algorithm on Adaptive Red-Green-Blue Refined Meshes
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology New Physics solutions for $b\rightarrow c\,τ\,\barν$ anomalies after Moriond 2019
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Second-order topological insulator in breathing square lattice of magnetic vortices
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology QCD parameters and f_{B_c} from heavy quark sum rules
arxiv Robotics Tethered Aerial Visual Assistance
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Preservation of Equations by Monoidal Monads
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Non-thermal desorption of complex organic molecules: Cosmic-ray sputtering of CH3OH embedded in CO2 ice
arxiv Computation and Language A Hybrid Solution to Learn Turn-Taking in Multi-Party Service-based Chat Groups
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Online Convex Optimization for Caching Networks
arxiv Quantum Physics Application of adiabatic passage in Rydberg atomic ensembles for quantum information processing
arxiv Dynamical Systems Eventual hyperbolic dimension of entire functions and Poincaré functions of polynomials
arxiv Computation and Language Modality-Balanced Models for Visual Dialogue
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Searching for kinematic evidence of Keplerian disks around Class 0 protostars with CALYPSO
arxiv Physics and Society Communicability in the World Trade Network -- A new perspective for community detection
arxiv Numerical Analysis A new reproducing kernel approach for nonlinear fractional three-point boundary value problems
arxiv Databases Generative Datalog with Continuous Distributions
arxiv Group Theory Finiteness of $z$-classes in reductive groups
arxiv Quantum Physics Parallelity of mixed quantum ensembles
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Semiclassical estimates for pseudodifferential operators and the Muskat problem in the unstable regime
arxiv Social and Information Networks Rumor Detection on Social Media with Bi-Directional Graph Convolutional Networks
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics COBRaS: The e-MERLIN 21 cm Legacy survey of Cygnus OB2
arxiv Chemical Physics MAP: an MP2 accuracy predictor for weak interactions from adiabatic connection theory
arxiv Materials Science Exhaustive List of Topological Hourglass Band Crossings in 230 Space Groups
arxiv Materials Science Thermal spin transport and spin in thermoelectrics
arxiv Combinatorics On Covering Numbers, Young Diagrams, and the Local Dimension of Posets
arxiv Geometric Topology The Borsuk-Ulam theorem for closed 3-dimensional manifolds having Nil Geometry
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics On the Dissipation Rate of Temperature Fluctuations in Stably Stratified Flows
arxiv Machine Learning Approximating Activation Functions
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Dynamic core-periphery structure of information sharing networks in the entorhinal cortex and the hippocampus
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition BigEarthNet Deep Learning Models with A New Class-Nomenclature for Remote Sensing Image Understanding
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Gravity waves in parity-violating Copernican Universes
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Calculation of the $K_L-K_S$ mass difference for physical quark masses
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology A comprehensive analysis of weak transition form factors for doubly heavy baryons in the light front approach
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics The paradox of youth for ALMA planet candidates
arxiv ESO architectures in the trajectory tracking ADR controller for a mechanical system: a comparison
arxiv Complex Variables On non-separated zero sequences of solutions of a linear differential equation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A Virgo Environmental Survey Tracing Ionised Gas Emission (VESTIGE).VI. Environmental quenching on HII region scales
arxiv Logic Minimal bad sequences are necessary for a uniform Kruskal theorem
arxiv Computation and Language A Common Semantic Space for Monolingual and Cross-Lingual Meta-Embeddings
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Resonances in non-axisymmetric gravitational potentials
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Prospects for New Physics from gauge Left-Right-Colour-Family Grand Unification
arxiv Applications GSSMD: New metric for robust and interpretable assay quality assessment and hit selection
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Mukai duality and roofs of projective bundles
arxiv Machine Learning Generalization of Change-Point Detection in Time Series Data Based on Direct Density Ratio Estimation
arxiv Applied Physics Enhanced radiative efficiency in GaN nanowires grown on sputtered TiN$_{\boldsymbol{\mathsf{x}}}$
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Search for the double-beta decay of 82Se to the excited states of 82Kr with NEMO-3
arxiv Biological Physics A hydrodynamic instability drives protein droplet formation on microtubules to nucleate branches
arxiv Materials Science Novel Porous Aluminum Nitride Monolayer Structures A First-principles Study
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The PIPER Survey: I. An Initial Look at the Intergalactic Globular Cluster Population in the Perseus Cluster
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Latency-Aware Differentiable Neural Architecture Search
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Information geometry of scaling expansions of non-exponentially growing confifiguration spaces
arxiv Quantum Gases Supersolid Stripes Enhanced by Correlations in a Raman Spin-Orbit-Coupled System
arxiv Representation Theory Decomposition matrices for groups of Lie type in non-defining characteristic
arxiv Materials Science Magnetic anisotropy in Cr$_2$GeC investigated by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism and \textit{ab initio} calculations
arxiv Sound Supervised Speaker Embedding De-Mixing in Two-Speaker Environment
arxiv Representation Theory The Surjectivity of the Evaluation Map of the Affine Super Yangian
arxiv Information Theory Robust Generalization via $α$-Mutual Information
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The ALMA-PILS survey: Inventory of complex organic molecules towards IRAS 16293-2422 A
arxiv Algebraic Geometry A finiteness theorem for holonomic DQ-modules on Poisson manifolds
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Spectral Stability Estimates of Neumann Divergence Form Elliptic Operators
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Consistency of Proof-of-Stake Blockchains with Concurrent Honest Slot Leaders
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition GraphBGS: Background Subtraction via Recovery of Graph Signals
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory RR charge calculation for D brane in B field
arxiv Quantum Physics Dynamics of the mean-field interacting quantum kicked rotor
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Counting difficult tree pairs with respect to the rotation distance problem
arxiv Neurons and Cognition A technical critique of the free energy principle as presented in "Life as we know it"
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Subjective Annotation for a Frame Interpolation Benchmark using Artifact Amplification
arxiv Geophysics A symmetric formula of transformed elasticity tensor in PML domain for elastic wave problem
arxiv Group Theory On the asymmetry of stars at infinity
arxiv Mathematical Finance The sub-fractional CEV model
arxiv Geophysics From constant to variable density inverse extended Born modelling
arxiv Geophysics Practical data-driven flood forecasting based on dynamical systems theory: Case studies from Japan
arxiv Quantitative Methods Free-ranging dogs do not distinguish between barks without context
arxiv Geophysics SeismiQB -- a novel framework for deep learning with seismic data
arxiv Quantum Physics Experimental passive state preparation for continuous variable quantum communications
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Chiral effective Lagrangian for heavy-light mesons from QCD
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Beam energy dependence of net-$Λ$ fluctuations measured by the STAR experiment at RHIC
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture IPPO: A Privacy-Aware Architecture for Decentralized Data-sharing
arxiv Atomic Physics Electronic bridge excitation in highly charged Th-229 ions
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms An efficient sampling algorithm for difficult tree pairs
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction InChorus: Designing Consistent Multimodal Interactions for Data Visualization on Tablet Devices
arxiv Optimization and Control Solution of the unconditional extremum problem for a liner-fractional integral functional on a set of probability measures and its application in the theory of optimal control of semi-Markov processes
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Derivation of a refined 6-parameter shell model: Descent from the three-dimensional Cosserat elasticity using a method of classical shell theory
arxiv Software Engineering Eye of the Mind: Image Processing for Social Coding
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition TailorGAN: Making User-Defined Fashion Designs
arxiv Dynamical Systems Analytic Classification of Germs of Parabolic Antoholomorphic Diffeomorphisms of Codimension k
arxiv Optics A Brillouin Laser Optical Atomic Clock
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Detection of Fe I in the atmosphere of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-121b, and a new likelihood-based approach for Doppler-resolved spectroscopy
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Are the Carriers of Diffuse Interstellar Bands and Extended Red Emission the same?
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Universality classes of spin transport in one-dimensional isotropic magnets: the onset of logarithmic anomalies
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Domain wall induced spin-polarized flat bands in antiferromagnetic topological insulators
arxiv Image and Video Processing Sinogram super-resolution and denoising convolutional neural network (SRCN) for limited data photoacoustic tomography
arxiv Representation Theory Addendum and Erratum: Mapping cones for morphisms involving a band complex in the bounded derived category of a gentle algebra
arxiv Computational Geometry On Visibility Graphs of Convex Fans and Terrains
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory A Novel Methodology for designing Policies in Mobile Crowdsensing Systems
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Strong solutions to the Stefan problem with Gibbs-Thomson correction and boundary contact
arxiv Probability Log-concavity and log-convexity of moments of averages of i.i.d. random variables
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Combining PRNU and noiseprint for robust and efficient device source identification
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Many-body Electronic Structure of NdNiO$_2$ and CaCuO$_2$
arxiv Quantum Physics Globe-hopping
arxiv Cryptography and Security Scaling VANET Security Through Cooperative Message Verification
arxiv Geophysics A workflow for seismic imaging with quantified uncertainty
arxiv Trading and Market Microstructure Trading on the Floor after Sweeping the Book
arxiv Differential Geometry Towards geometric integration of rough differential forms
arxiv Probability Crossing estimates from metric graph and discrete GFF
arxiv Machine Learning Exact Information Bottleneck with Invertible Neural Networks: Getting the Best of Discriminative and Generative Modeling
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology On gauge invariance of transverse momentum dependent distributions at small x
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Two new outbursts and transient hard X-rays from 1E 1048.1$-$5937
arxiv Applications Coarsened mixtures of hierarchical skew normal kernels for flow cytometry analyses
arxiv Information Theory Design and Analysis of Online Fountain Codes for Intermediate Performance
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Action Complexity for Semi-Classical Black Holes
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena A dynamic black hole corona in an active galaxy through X-ray reverberation mapping
arxiv Number Theory A new class of $p$-adic Lipschitz functions and multidimensional Hensel's Lemma
arxiv Optimization and Control Robust Two Echelon Vehicle and Drone Routing for Post Disaster Humanitarian Operations
arxiv Applications Neglecting Uncertainties Leads to Suboptimal Decisions About Home-Owners Flood Risk Management
arxiv Mathematical Physics Rational indices for quantum ground state sectors
arxiv Signal Processing Multiple Ray Received Power Modeling for mmWave Indoor and Outdoor Scenarios
arxiv Combinatorics Diagonal form of the Varchenko matrices for oriented matroids
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Non-Stationary Saturation of Inhomogeneously Broadened EPR Lines
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction A Study of Mental Maps in Immersive Network Visualization
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Plato Dialogue System: A Flexible Conversational AI Research Platform
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Optimal Control via Magnus Expansion: The Non-Commutative Polynomial Optimization Problem
arxiv Methodology Unit Testing for MCMC and other Monte Carlo Methods
arxiv Multimedia Low Latency Volumetric Video Edge Cloud Streaming
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory 1/N Expansion for Horava-Lifshitz like four-fermion models
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Passively parallel regularized stokeslets
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Application of peaks theory to the abundance of primordial black holes
arxiv Spectral Theory Companion unit lower Hessenberg matrices
arxiv Machine Learning Learning Sparse Classifiers: Continuous and Mixed Integer Optimization Perspectives
arxiv Machine Learning Gradient descent with momentum --- to accelerate or to super-accelerate?
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Sign Flip Triangulations of the Amplituhedron
arxiv Optimization and Control Scaled Projected-Directions Methods with Application to Transmission Tomography
arxiv Emerging Technologies A back-end, CMOS compatible ferroelectric Field Effect Transistor for synaptic weights
arxiv Cryptography and Security LASCA: Learning Assisted Side Channel Delay Analysis for Hardware Trojan Detection
arxiv Methodology Bayesian Inference for Big Spatial Data Using Non-stationary Spectral Simulation
arxiv Algebraic Topology On the Smith classes, the van Kampen obstruction and embeddability of $[3]*K$
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unsupervised Learning of Camera Pose with Compositional Re-estimation
biorxiv Neuroscience Integration of New Information in Memory: New Insights from a Complementary Learning Systems Perspective
biorxiv Immunology Construction, characterization, and immunization of nanoparticles that display a diverse array of influenza HA trimers
biorxiv Neuroscience The uptake of tau amyloid fibrils is facilitated by the cellular prion protein and hampers prion propagation in cultured cells
biorxiv Biophysics Nuclear Plasticity Increases Susceptibility to Damage During Confined Migration
biorxiv Neuroscience Splicing of the SynGAP Carboxyl-Terminus Enables Isoform-Specific Tuning of NMDA Receptor Signaling Linked to Cognitive Function
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The racialized glass escalator and safety net: Wages and job quality in “meds and eds” among working-class men
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Can we learn from our mistakes? A case study of problems in implementing evidence-based mental health policy.
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Limits to the detraditionalization of intimacy: Contraceptive use at first intercourse in Italy, 1950-2006
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Noisy is better than rare: Comprehenders compromise subject-verb agreement to form more probable linguistic structures
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Prejudice at First Sight? First Impressions of Refugees are More Strongly Influenced by Targets’ and Perceivers’ Individual Characteristics Than by Sheer Group Affiliation
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Developmental relations between ADHD symptoms and bullying perpetration and victimisation in adolescence
lawarxiv Law Hypertext device for forensic text in courtroom context
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Support from a TMS/MEP study for a direct link between positive/negative stimuli and approach/avoidance tendencies
biorxiv Cancer Biology Finding new cancer epigenetic and genetic biomarkers from cell-free DNA by combining SALP-seq and machine learning:esophageal cancer as an example
biorxiv Bioengineering Multimodal magnetic resonance imaging predicts regional amyloid-β burden in the brain
biorxiv High-Throughput Functional Evaluation of BRCA2 Variants of Unknown Significance
biorxiv Systems Biology A Simultaneous Methylome and Proteome Quantitative Workflow for Complex Samples
biorxiv Bioengineering Multidimensional hydrogel models reveal endothelial network angiocrine signals increase glioblastoma proliferation, invasion, and temozolomide resistance
biorxiv Neuroscience Visuo-proprioceptive control of the hand in older adults
biorxiv Biochemistry Skd3 (human CLPB) is a potent mitochondrial protein disaggregase that is inactivated by 3-methylglutaconic aciduria-linked mutations
biorxiv Neuroscience Selective Postnatal Excitation of Neocortical Pyramidal Neurons Results in Distinctive Behavioral and Circuit Deficits in Adulthood
biorxiv Neuroscience A role for reward sensitivity in the serotonergic modulation of impulsivity
biorxiv Plant biology Hydroxyl carlactone derivatives are predominant strigolactones in Arabidopsis
biorxiv Genomics Cancer-specific CTCF binding facilitates oncogenic transcriptional dysregulation
biorxiv Cancer Biology Limiting Self-Renewal of the Basal Compartment Induces Differentiation and Alters Evolution of Mammary Tumors
biorxiv Neuroscience Modular slowing of resting-state dynamic Functional Connectivity as a marker of cognitive dysfunction induced by sleep deprivation
biorxiv Developmental Biology The TMJ disc is a common ancestral feature in all mammals, as evidenced by the presence of a rudimentary disc during monotreme development.
biorxiv Plant biology Accurate And Versatile 3D Segmentation Of Plant Tissues At Cellular Resolution
biorxiv Bioinformatics Robust Classification of Immune Subtypes in Cancer
biorxiv Elucidating the complex organization of neural micro-domains in the locust Schistocerca gregaria using dMRI
biorxiv Ecology Allometric scaling strengthens the relationship between eDNA particle concentration and organism abundance in nature
biorxiv Bioinformatics Metalign: Efficient alignment-based metagenomic profiling via containment min hash
biorxiv Cancer Biology Mechanical-control of cell proliferation increases resistance to chemotherapeutic agents
biorxiv Neuroscience Individual deviations from normative models of brain structure in a large cross-sectional schizophrenia cohort
biorxiv Zoology Feral pigeon populations: their gene pool and links with local domestic breeds
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Efficient inference, potential, and limitations of site-specific substitution model
biorxiv Microbiology Competitive exclusion of uropathogenic E. coli biofilm by Salmonella through matrix inhibition
biorxiv Bioengineering Harmonic-Balance Circuit Analysis for Electro-Neural Interfaces
biorxiv Neuroscience Intra-striatal AAV2.retro administration leads to extensive retrograde transport in the rhesus macaque brain: implications for disease modeling and therapeutic development
biorxiv Systems Biology Murine Staphylococcus aureus chronic infection is cured by theory-driven therapy
biorxiv Neuroscience The optoretinogram reveals how human photoreceptors deform in response to light
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Rigor and Transparency Index, a new metric of quality for assessing biological and medical science methods.
biorxiv Developmental Biology A Reaction-Diffusion Network model predicts a dual role of Cactus/IκB to regulate Dorsal/NFκB nuclear translocation in Drosophila
biorxiv Cell Biology Coupling of dynamic microtubules to F-actin by Fmn2 regulates chemotaxis of neuronal growth cones
biorxiv Cancer Biology Hotspots of aberrant enhancer activity in fibrolamellar carcinoma reveal molecular mechanisms of oncogenesis and intrinsic drug resistance
biorxiv Biochemistry Primordial emergence of a nucleic acid binding protein via phase separation and statistical ornithine to arginine conversion
biorxiv Neuroscience Classification of emotions based on functional connectivity patterns of the human brain
biorxiv Biophysics Deciphering the regulatory genome of Escherichia coli, one hundred promoters at a time
biorxiv Genetics Studies of human twins reveal genetic variation that affects dietary fat perception
biorxiv Immunology Laser-facilitated epicutaneous immunotherapy with hypoallergenic beta-glucan neoglycoconjugates suppresses lung inflammation and avoids local side effects in a mouse model of allergic asthma
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Measuring social networks in primates: wearable sensors vs. direct observations
biorxiv Cell Biology The mouse Balbiani body maintains primordial follicle quiescence via RNA storage
biorxiv Systems Biology Network Insights into Improving Drug Target Inference Algorithms
biorxiv Neuroscience Balance between inhibitory cell types is necessary for flexible frequency switching in adult mouse visual cortex
biorxiv Developmental Biology Life trajectories towards suicide: developmental role and specificities of adolescence
biorxiv Plant biology ER-Anchored Transcription Factors bZIP17 and bZIP60 Regulate Triterpene Saponin Biosynthesis in Medicago truncatula
biorxiv Bioinformatics Multifaceted Analysis of Training and Testing Convolutional Neural Networks for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction
biorxiv Neuroscience Completion and augmentation of connectomic datasets in dementia and Alzheimer's Disease using Virtual Patient Cohorts
biorxiv Bioinformatics A randomized parallel algorithm for efficiently finding near-optimal universal hitting sets
biorxiv Developmental Biology Kctd15 regulates nephron segment development by repressing Tfap2a activity
biorxiv Neuroscience The human and mouse synaptome architecture of excitatory synapses show conserved features.
lawarxiv Arts and Humanities Potensi dan Tantangan Linguistik Forensik di Indonesia
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Supporting Reflection In Design Process Using Color Psychology
biorxiv Neuroscience Variant-specific changes in persistent or resurgent Na+ current in SCN8A-EIEE13 iPSC-derived neurons
biorxiv Microbiology Evolution, geographic spreading, and demographic distribution of Enterovirus D68
biorxiv Genomics Transcription factors involved in stem cell maintenance are downstream of Slug/Snail2 and repressed by TGF-β in bronchial epithelial progenitors from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
biorxiv Physiology Asymmetrical myofiber architecture along the murine tibialis anterior suggests distinct functional regions
biorxiv Genetics Trans-ethnic and ancestry-specific blood-cell genetics in 746,667 individuals from 5 global populations
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The ability to predict actions of others from distributed cues is still developing in children
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Statistics for Multimodality: why, when, how – an invitation
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Finding the City in Sociology: Broadening and Deepening the Geographic Scope of the Urban and Inequality Literatures
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Urban Street Network Analysis in a Computational Notebook
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Estimating the Impact of ‘Humanizing’ Customer Service Chatbots
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Agent-Based Modeling, Scientific Reproducibility, and Taphonomy: A Successful Model Implementation Case Study
socarxiv Law Why has burglary declined in the United States? Evidence relating to the security hypothesis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences La persona del terapeuta: Validación española del Cuestionario de Evaluación del Estilo Personal del Terapeuta (EPT-C) [The person of the therapist: Spanish validation of the Personal Style of the Therapist Questionnaire (PST-Q)]
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Protocol for “Effects of policy on fertility: A systematic review of (quasi)experiments”
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Burglary and the Ideal Victim
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Antecedent of Customer Satisfaction and Its Impact on Customer Retention in Tourism as Hospitality Industry
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Mapping the risk terrain for crime using machine learning
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Mitigating Bias in Big Data for Transportation
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Do they all fail? A comparative analysis of performance-related pay systems in local governments
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
biorxiv Achieving stable dynamics in neural circuits
biorxiv Bioinformatics iterb-PPse: Identification of transcriptional terminators in bacterial by incorporating nucleotide properties into PseKNC
biorxiv Biophysics A computational model to unravel the function of amyloid-β peptide in contact with a phospholipid membrane
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Zero-determinant strategies under observation errors in repeated games
biorxiv Biochemistry Phytochemical screening, GC-MS profiling of invasive cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium)-insect-pathogen interaction and simulated volatile chemical signaling at Northeast China
biorxiv Bioinformatics Genome-wide co-expression distributions as a metric to prioritize genes of functional importance
biorxiv Neuroscience A standardized and reproducible method to measure decision-making in mice
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Infants relax in response to unfamiliar foreign lullabies
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Earthquake rupture tracking with six degree-of-freedom ground motion observations: a synthetic proof of concept
eartharxiv Life Sciences serac: a R package for ShortlivEd RAdionuclide Chronology of recent sediment cores
biorxiv Cancer Biology Estrogen attenuates the growth of human papillomavirus positive epithelial cells
biorxiv Neuroscience Identification of a novel population of peripheral sensory neuron that regulates blood pressure
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Post-translational covalent assembly of CAR and synNotch receptors for programmable antigen targeting
biorxiv Developmental Biology ATX expression from GFAP+ cells is essential for embryonic development
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Radula diversification promotes ecomorph divergence in an adaptive radiation of freshwater snails
biorxiv Ecology Invertebrate Community Associated with the Asexual Generation of Bassettia pallida Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae)
biorxiv Succinate can shuttle reducing power from the hypoxic retina to the O2-rich pigment epithelium.
biorxiv Microbiology Why most transporter mutations that cause antibiotic resistance are to efflux pumps rather than to import transporters
biorxiv Plant biology Gene expression in reproductive cell-types isolated in temporal sequence from meiosis to early seed initiation in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp)
biorxiv Microbiology Stability and dynamics of the human gut microbiome and its association with systemic immune traits
biorxiv Systems Biology Biases and Blind-Spots in Genome-Wide CRISPR Knockout Screens
biorxiv Neuroscience Control of Slc7a5 sensitivity by the voltage-sensing domain of Kv1 channels
biorxiv Cancer Biology Supraphysiological protection from replication stress does not extend mammalian lifespan
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Convergent genetic architecture underlies parallel pelvic reduction in genetically highly structured stickleback species
biorxiv Immunology Complement C5a impairs phagosomal maturation in the neutrophil through phosphoproteomic remodelling.
biorxiv Developmental Biology The npBAF to nBAF Chromatin Switch Regulates Cell Cycle Exit in the Developing Mammalian Cortex
biorxiv Neuroscience Religious Belief and Cognitive Conflict Sensitivity: A Preregistered fMRI Study
biorxiv Cell Biology Retromer retrieves the Wilson Disease protein, ATP7B from lysosomes in a copper-dependent mode
biorxiv Neuroscience Dynamic core-periphery structure of information sharing networks in entorhinal cortex and hippocampus
biorxiv Biochemistry PE5-PPE4-EspG3 trimer structure from mycobacterial ESX-3 secretion system gives insight into cognate substrate recognition by ESX systems
biorxiv Ecology The impact and implications of vehicle collisions on the endangered and endemic Zanzibar red colobus (Piliocolobus kirkii)
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Wing shape and environmental energy are associated with molecular evolutionary rates in a large avian radiation
biorxiv Neuroscience Fear conditioning prompts sparser representations of conditioned threat in primary visual cortex
biorxiv Genetics Non-essential function of KRAB zinc finger gene clusters in retrotransposon suppression
biorxiv Neuroscience Serum α-Klotho levels correlate with episodic memory changes related to cardiovascular exercise in older adults
biorxiv Biophysics Threshold illumination for non-invasive imaging of cells and tissues
biorxiv Immunology In silico characterization of mechanisms positioning costimulatory and checkpoint complexes in immune synapses
biorxiv Ecology Grassland irrigation and fertilisation alter vegetation height and vegetation within temperature and negatively affect orthopteran populations
biorxiv Relating the past with the present: Information integration and segregation during ongoing narrative processing
biorxiv Microbiology Isolation and complete genome sequencing of Pectobacterium phage Jarilo, representing a novel genus of bacteriophages within the subfamily Autographivirinae
biorxiv Neuroscience neuPrint: Analysis Tools for EM Connectomics
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Contrasting population structure and demographic history of cereal aphids in different environmental and agricultural landscapes
biorxiv Neuroscience Progesterone modulates theta oscillations in the frontal-parietal network
biorxiv Neuroscience Encoding of 3D Head Orienting Movements in Primary Visual Cortex
biorxiv Systems Biology Benchmarking kinetic models of Escherichia coli metabolism
biorxiv Bioinformatics Dynamical determinants of different spine movements and gait speeds in rotary and transverse gallops
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology The relationship between longevity and diet is genotype dependent and sensitive to desiccation
biorxiv Ecology Expected impacts of climate change on tree ferns distribution and diversity patterns in subtropical Atlantic Forest
biorxiv Biochemistry Accumulation of an unprecedented 5′-deoxyadenos-4′-yl radical unmasks the kinetics of the radical-mediated C-C bond formation step in MoaA catalysis
biorxiv Neuroscience Double-dissociation of frequency-specific contributions of dorso-lateral and dorso-medial prefrontal cortex to familiarity and recollective processes in the primate
biorxiv Molecular biology Development of Gene Editing Strategies for Human β-Globin (HBB) Gene Mutations
biorxiv Immunology Type-1 IFN primed monocytes in pathogenesis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
biorxiv Biochemistry Substrate-dependent accessibility changes in the Na+-dependent C4-dicarboxylate transporter, VcINDY, suggest differential substrate effects in a multistep mechanism.
biorxiv Neuroscience A Whole-Brain Regression Method to Identify Individual and Group Variations in Functional Connectivity
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Genome-wide search for parent-of-origin allele specific expression in Bombus terrestris.
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology The Deep(er) Roots of Eukaryotes and Akaryotes
biorxiv Cell Biology Maturation of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes for modeling hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
biorxiv Neuroscience Opposing forms of adaptation in mouse visual cortex are controlled by distinct inhibitory microcircuits and gated by locomotion
biorxiv Microbiology Early life stress causes persistent impacts on the microbiome of Atlantic salmon
biorxiv Immunology Multiplexed Single-cell Metabolic Profiles Organize the Spectrum of Human Cytotoxic T Cells
biorxiv Paleontology Late Holocene land vertebrate fauna from Cueva de los Nesofontes, Western Cuba: stratigraphy, last appearance dates, diversity and paleoecology
biorxiv Ecology Bumblebee worker body size affects new worker production in different resource environments
biorxiv Genetics Multiplex genetic engineering exploiting pyrimidine salvage pathway-based self-encoded selectable markers
biorxiv Neuroscience Dissociable neural systems support the learning and transfer of hierarchical control structure
biorxiv Biochemistry Two pectate lyases from Caldicellulosiruptor bescii with the same CALG domain had distinct properties on plant biomass degradation
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Dynamic longitudinal behavior in animals exposed to chronic social defeat stress
biorxiv Ecology The fungal collaboration gradient dominates the root economics space in plants
biorxiv Cancer Biology Novel ratio-metric features enable the identification of new driver genes across cancer types
biorxiv Biochemistry Ribosome association primes the stringent factor Rel for recruitment of deacylated tRNA to ribosomal A-site
biorxiv Cell Biology Mechanical Instability of Adherens Junctions Overrides Intrinsic Quiescence of Hair Follicle Stem Cells
biorxiv Bioinformatics DrawAlignR: An interactive tool for across run chromatogram alignment visualization
biorxiv Genomics Mixed Logistic Regression in Genome-Wide Association Studies
biorxiv Neuroscience Accelerated EM Connectome Reconstruction using 3D Visualization and Segmentation Graphs
biorxiv Immunology Morphological profiling of human T and NK lymphocytes identifies actin-mediated control of the immunological synapse
biorxiv Microbiology Expanded Phylogenetic Diversity and Metabolic Flexibility of Microbial Mercury Methylation
biorxiv Physiology Oxygen supply limits the heat tolerance of locusts during the first instar only
biorxiv Bioengineering Developing an endogenous quorum-sensing based CRISPRi circuit for autonomous and tunable dynamic regulation of multiple targets in industrial Streptomyces
psyarxiv Neuroscience How to do better N400 studies: reproducibility, consistency and adherence to research standards in the existing literature
biorxiv Methods for analysing lineage tracing datasets
biorxiv A gradient from long-term memory to novel cognition: graded transitions through default mode and executive cortex
biorxiv Genomics Activation of cryptic splicing in bovine WDR19 is associated with reduced semen quality and male fertility
biorxiv Salamander retinal ganglion cell responses to rich stimuli
biorxiv Shift of maternal gut microbiome of Tibetan antelope (Pantholops hodgsonii) during the perinatal period
biorxiv Hierarchical complexity of the macro-scale neonatal brain
biorxiv Cortical tracking of speech in noise accounts for reading strategies in children
biorxiv Neuroscience Fast estimation of L1-regularized linear models in the mass univariate setting
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology DCyFIR: a high-throughput CRISPR platform for multiplexed G protein-coupled receptor profiling and ligand discovery
biorxiv Ecology Enhancing georeferenced biodiversity inventories: automated information extraction from literature records reveal the gaps
biorxiv Bioinformatics A hierarchical clustering and data fusion approach for disease subtype discovery
biorxiv Molecular biology A bright and high-performance genetically encoded Ca2+ indicator based on mNeonGreen fluorescent protein
biorxiv Neuroscience An abstract language of thought for spatial sequences in humans
biorxiv Neuroscience The hippocampal formation as a hierarchical generative model supporting generative replay and continual learning
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Quantitative genetics of temperature performance curves of Neurospora crassa
biorxiv Biophysics Strong intracellular signal inactivation produces sharper and more robust signaling from cell membrane to nucleus
psyarxiv Psychiatry Integrating Structure and Function in Conceptualizing and Assessing Pathological Traits
biorxiv Systems Biology The Fes tyrosine kinase guides CD19 receptor fate in B-cells by shaping regulatory Src phosphorylation networks
biorxiv Neuroscience Dynamic Functional Connectivity between Order and Randomness and its Evolution across the Human Adult Lifespan
biorxiv Ecology Stoichiometric homeostasis of wetland vegetation along a nutrient gradient in a subtropical wetland. Understanding stoichiometric mechanisms of nutrient retention in wetland macrophytes.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Identity integration in people with acquired disabilities: A qualitative study
biorxiv Genetics Resolving mechanisms of immune-mediated disease in primary CD4 T cells
biorxiv Bioengineering Cyclodextrin polymer coatings resist protein fouling, mammalian cell adhesion, and bacterial attachment
biorxiv Biochemistry Impact of DNA sequences in the DNA duplex opening by the Rad4/XPC nucleotide excision repair complex
biorxiv Bioinformatics A hybrid spectral library combining DIA-MS data and a targeted virtual library substantially deepens the proteome coverage
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Impact of Default Options and Reinforcement Ratios on Food Choice
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics The architecture of an intrusion in magmatic mush
biorxiv Ecology Competitive approach of invasive cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium) with native weed species diversity in Northeast China
biorxiv Developmental Biology Pulmonary ductal coarctation and left pulmonary artery interruption; pathology and role of neural crest and second heart field during development
biorxiv Ecology Ecological patterns of root nodule diversity in cultivated and wild rooibos populations: a community prediction approach
biorxiv Bioinformatics Iterative Refinement of Cellular Identity from Single-Cell Data Using Online Learning
biorxiv Plant biology Norway spruce deploys tissue specific canonical responses to acclimate to the cold
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences What causes the word gap? Financial concerns may systematically suppress child-directed speech
biorxiv Biophysics Efficient approximations for stationary single-channel Ca2+ nanodomains across length scales
biorxiv Biophysics Fusion Pore Formation Observed During SNARE-Mediated Vesicle Fusion with Pore-Spanning Membranes
psyarxiv Neuroscience Effect of tDCS over the Right Inferior Parietal Lobule on Mind-Wandering Propensity
biorxiv Ecology Coalescence of rhizobial communities in soil interacts with fertilization and determines the assembly of rhizobia in root nodules
biorxiv Microbiology New virus isolates from Italian hydrothermal environments underscore the biogeographic pattern in archaeal virus communities
biorxiv Plant biology Computational modelling of cambium activity provides a regulatory framework for simulating radial plant growth
biorxiv Plant biology Enterobacter sp. SA187 mediates plant thermotolerance by chromatin modification of heat stress genes
biorxiv Biochemistry Structure of the Xylan O-Acetyltransferase AtXOAT1 Reveals Molecular Insight into Polysaccharide Acetylation in Plants
biorxiv Plant biology Rice NIN-LIKE PROTEIN 4 is a master regulator of nitrogen use efficiency
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Genetic interactions shaping evolutionary trajectories in an RNA virus population
biorxiv Bioinformatics Evolutionary context-integrated deep sequence modeling for protein engineering
biorxiv Microbiology Proteome specialization of anaerobic fungi during ruminal degradation of recalcitrant plant fiber
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences “Unhappiness is my lot”. Or is it? Depression in students who perform or study music as compared to students who do not.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Consent in body donation
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A direct and conceptual replication of post-loss speeding when gambling
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Surprise-induced Deafness: Unexpected Auditory Stimuli Capture Attention to the Detriment of Subsequent Detection
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Effect of sleep on memory for binding different types of visual information
engrxiv Engineering Multi-Objective Optimization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/GT Combined Heat and Power System: A comparison between Particle Swarm and Genetic Algorithms
engrxiv Engineering Effect of the Temperature on the product yield during the Pyrolysis of Guinea-Corn stalk
engrxiv Engineering Modeling and Miniaturization of the Thermoacoustically Driven IPTR to Encourage Sustainable Energy
biorxiv Cell Biology Transcytosis via the late endocytic pathway as a cell morphogenetic mechanism
biorxiv Developmental Biology Loss of Caveolin-1 and caveolae leads to increased cardiac cell stiffness and functional decline of the adult zebrafish heart
biorxiv Cell Biology Golgi SM protein Sly1 promotes productive trans-SNARE complex assembly through multiple mechanisms
biorxiv Cell Biology Counteracting Genome Instability by p53-dependent Mintosis
biorxiv Neuroscience Pterostilbene Protects Cochlea from Ototoxicity in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats by Inhibiting the Apoptosis
biorxiv Immunology Human MAIT cell cytolytic effector proteins synergize to overcome carbapenem resistance in Escherichia coli
biorxiv Ecology Spatio-temporal patterns of wildfires in the Niassa Reserve –Mozambique, using remote sensing data.
biorxiv Bioengineering Wheelchair user's voice: a pilot study in Indonesia
biorxiv Biochemistry Dissecting the nanoscale lipid profile of caveolae
biorxiv Ecology A decade of arbovirus emergence in the temperate southern cone of South America: dengue, Aedes aegypti and climate dynamics in Córdoba, Argentina
biorxiv Molecular biology A Cross-Sectional Study of the Prevalence and Risk Factors of Soil Transmitted Helminthes Infection and Stunting Among School-aged Children in Ibadan
biorxiv Cell Biology Core Role of TRPC6 in Regulating Airway Re-modelling in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
biorxiv Microbiology Serological evidence of exposure to Rift Valley, Dengue and Chikungunya Viruses among agropastoral communities in Manyara and Morogoro regions in Tanzania: A community Survey
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences On the Design of Interim Cognitive Diagnostic Computerized Adaptive Testing (CD-CAT) in Learning Context
eartharxiv Engineering A Multivariate Outlier Detection Approach for Water Footprint 1 Assessments in Shale Formations: Case Eagle Ford Play (Texas)
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition CDGAN: Cyclic Discriminative Generative Adversarial Networks for Image-to-Image Transformation
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Modeling and solving the multimodal car- and ride-sharing problem
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors A FLUKA study towards predicting hadron-specific damage due to high-energy hadrons in inorganic crystals for calorimetry
arxiv Machine Learning Outlier Detection Ensemble with Embedded Feature Selection
arxiv Computation and Language AggressionNet: Generalised Multi-Modal Deep Temporal and Sequential Learning for Aggression Identification
arxiv Sound Learning a Latent Space of Style-Aware Symbolic Music Representations by Adversarial Autoencoders
arxiv Computation and Language Stereotypical Bias Removal for Hate Speech Detection Task using Knowledge-based Generalizations
arxiv Quantum Gases Analogue spacetimes from nonrelativistic Goldstone modes in spinor condensates
arxiv Machine Learning Noise-tolerant, Reliable Active Classification with Comparison Queries
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Suppression of H2-cooling in protogalaxies aided by trapped Lyα cooling radiation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Probing the circumnuclear absorbing medium of the buried AGN in NGC 1068 through NuSTAR observations
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Equivalence between the in-in perturbation theories for quantum fields in Minkowski spacetime and in the Rindler wedge
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Correlation measures and the entanglement wedge cross-section after quantum quenches in two-dimensional conformal field theories
arxiv Quantum Physics Entanglement generation via power-of-SWAP operations between dynamic electron-spin qubits
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics The Subhalo Mass Function and Ultralight Bosonic Dark Matter
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A Complete Catalogue of Dusty Supernova Remnants
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Effects of matter density profiles on neutrino oscillations for T2HK and T2HKK
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies SDSS-IV MaNGA: global and local stellar population properties of elliptical galaxies and their assembly histories
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A SCUBA-2 850$μ$m Survey of Heavily Reddened Quasars at z~2
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies On the origin of low escape fractions of ionizing radiation from massive star-forming galaxies at high redshift
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Parton theory of ARPES spectra in anti-ferromagnetic Mott insulators
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The self-tuning of the cosmological constant and the holographic relaxion
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Kane-Mele with a twist: Quasicrystalline higher-order topological insulators with fractional mass kinks
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The GALEX Ultraviolet Virgo Cluster Survey (GUViCS) VIII. Diffuse dust in the Virgo intra-cluster space
arxiv Statistics Theory Optimal rates for independence testing via $U$-statistic permutation tests
arxiv Robotics The Penetration of Internet of Things in Robotics: Towards a Web of Robotic Things
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Non-archimedean quantum K-invariants
arxiv Dynamical Systems Invariance of entropy for maps isotopic to Anosov
arxiv Machine Learning Personalized Activity Recognition with Deep Triplet Embeddings
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Early Ultra-Violet observations of type IIn supernovae constrain the asphericity of their circumstellar material
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Super-resolution emulator of cosmological simulations using deep physical models
arxiv Applications Hierarchical Spatial Modeling of Monotone West Antarctic Snow Density Curves
arxiv Optics Single Molecule Nonlinearity in a Plasmonic Waveguide
arxiv Geometric Topology Minimality of the action on the universal circle of uniform foliations
arxiv Numerical Analysis Fast large-scale boundary element algorithms
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Flat histogram method comparison on 2D Ising Model
arxiv Cryptography and Security Scaling Blockchains to Support Electronic Health Record Systems for Hospitals
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Unboundedness of potential dependent Riesz transforms for totally irregular measures
arxiv Numerical Analysis Robust preconditioning of monolithically coupled multiphysics problems
arxiv Biological Physics Cell-Type-Specific Differences in KDEL Receptor Clustering in Mammalian Cells
arxiv Numerical Analysis Robust preconditioning for coupled Stokes-Darcy problems with the Darcy problem in primal form
arxiv Numerical Analysis Biorthogonal greedy algorithms in convex optimization
arxiv Numerical Analysis Random walk algorithm for the Dirichlet problem for parabolic integro-differential equation
arxiv Machine Learning Improving GANs for Speech Enhancement
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Quantum critical point in the itinerant ferromagnet Ni$_{1-x}$Rh$_x$
arxiv Quantitative Methods An evaluation of machine learning techniques to predict the outcome of children treated for Hodgkin-Lymphoma on the AHOD0031 trial: A report from the Children's Oncology Group
arxiv Combinatorics The Bhargava greedoid as a Gaussian elimination greedoid
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics VVV-WIT-01: highly obscured classical nova or protostellar collision?
arxiv Optimization and Control Accelerated Dual-Averaging Primal-Dual Method for Composite Convex Minimization
arxiv Functional Analysis Functional Calculus on Non-Homogeneous Operators on Nilpotent Groups
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Raman Response and Transport Properties of One-Dimensional van der Waals Tellurium Nanowires
arxiv Machine Learning Insertion-Deletion Transformer
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Ubiquitous impact of localised impurity states on the exchange coupling mechanism in magnetic topological insulators
arxiv Computational Physics Physics-Constrained Bayesian Neural Network for Fluid Flow Reconstruction with Sparse and Noisy Data
arxiv Numerical Analysis A parabolic local problem with exponential decay of the resonance error for numerical homogenization
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Signal to Noise Ratio optimization for extended sources with a new kind of MURA masks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A "Network Pruning Network" Approach to Deep Model Compression
arxiv Combinatorics A new recursion for Bressoud's polynomials
arxiv Combinatorics Nonassociativity of the Norton Algebras of some distance regular graphs
arxiv Quantitative Methods Segmentation with Residual Attention U-Net and an Edge-Enhancement Approach Preserves Cell Shape Features
arxiv Image and Video Processing Supervised Segmentation of Retinal Vessel Structures Using ANN
arxiv Complex Variables Asymptotic expansion of the variance of random zeros on complex manifolds
arxiv Quantitative Methods Substituting Gadolinium in Brain MRI Using DeepContrast
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Resolution of spin Hall and anisotropic magnetoresistance in Pt/EuO$_{1-x}$
arxiv Quantum Physics Exponential quantum communication reductions from generalizations of the Boolean Hidden Matching problem
arxiv Algebraic Geometry When is $\overline{M}_{0,n}(\mathbb{P}^1,1)$ a Mori dream space?
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Probing the Influence of a Tachocline in Simulated M-Dwarf Dynamos
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Thermophoresis in Liquids and its Connection to Equilibrium Quantities
arxiv Geometric Topology An infinite product on the Teichmüller space of the once-punctured torus
arxiv Computational Physics Efficient Discrete-Event Based Particle Tracking Simulation for High Energy Physics
arxiv Machine Learning Mode-Assisted Unsupervised Learning of Restricted Boltzmann Machines
arxiv Signal Processing An Attack-Resilient Pulse-Based Synchronization Strategy for General Connected Topologies
arxiv Optics Partial Coherence in modern optics: Emil Wolf's legacy in the 21st century
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory 1/8-BPS Couplings and Exceptional Automorphic Functions
arxiv Algebraic Topology The equivariant parametrized $h$-cobordism theorem, the non-manifold part
arxiv Computational Geometry Simplification of Indoor Space Footprints
arxiv Functional Analysis Fractional Orlicz-Sobolev embeddings
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning: A Survey
arxiv Machine Learning Newtonian Monte Carlo: single-site MCMC meets second-order gradient methods
arxiv Information Theory Notes on Communication and Computation in Secure Distributed Matrix Multiplication
arxiv History and Philosophy of Physics Foundations of Quantum Mechanics according to my teachers
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A survey for variable young stars with small telescopes: II -- Mapping a protoplanetary disk with stable structures at 0.15 AU
arxiv Machine Learning On Model Evaluation under Non-constant Class Imbalance
arxiv Machine Learning A C Code Generator for Fast Inference and Simple Deployment of Convolutional Neural Networks on Resource Constrained Systems
arxiv Machine Learning Consumer-Driven Explanations for Machine Learning Decisions: An Empirical Study of Robustness
arxiv Machine Learning Advbox: a toolbox to generate adversarial examples that fool neural networks
arxiv General Finance Ownership Structure Variation and Firm Efficiency
arxiv Accelerator Physics Novel Approaches to High-Power Proton Beams
arxiv Algebraic Topology Stable homotopy hypothesis in the Tamsamani model
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition VSEC-LDA: Boosting Topic Modeling with Embedded Vocabulary Selection
arxiv Atomic Physics Three-level rate equations in cold, disordered Rydberg gases
arxiv Power Cycling Test Bench for Accelerated Life Testing for Reliability Assessment of SiC-MOSFET in Extreme Offshore Environment
arxiv Databases Complete and Sufficient Spatial Domination of Multidimensional Rectangles
arxiv Information Theory The Error Probability of Maximum-Likelihood Decoding over Two Deletion Channels
arxiv Formal Languages and Automata Theory Compressing Permutation Groups into Grammars and Polytopes. A Graph Embedding Approach
arxiv Differential Geometry A higher rank rigidity theorem for convex real projective manifolds
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing GPU Tensor Cores for fast Arithmetic Reductions
arxiv Information Theory Queue-Aware Beam Scheduling for Half-Duplex mmWave Relay Networks
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Expected performances of the Characterising Exoplanet Satellite (CHEOPS) II. The CHEOPS simulator
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Preferential concentration in the particle-induced convective instability
arxiv Combinatorics Variations on twins in permutations
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Improvement of heavy-heavy and heavy-light currents with the Oktay-Kronfeld action
arxiv Machine Learning Distributed, partially collapsed MCMC for Bayesian Nonparametrics
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Boost-invariant description of polarization within hydrodynamics with spin
arxiv Operator Algebras The centre-quotient property and weak centrality for $C^*$-algebras
arxiv Chemical Physics Thermal Emission Spectroscopy of Single, Isolated Carbon Nanoparticles: Effects of Particle Size, Material, Charge, Excitation Wavelength, and Thermal History
arxiv Functional Analysis A Cameron-Storvick type theorem on $C_{a,b}^2[0,T]$ with applications
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Windows for cdgas
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Stellar Characterization of M-dwarfs from the APOGEE Survey: A Calibrator Sample for the M-dwarf Metallicities
arxiv Popular Physics Banjo Break Angle Tension Modulation as Parametric Oscillation
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Semisimple flat F-manifolds in higher genus
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Population synthesis of helium white dwarf--red giant star mergers and the formation of lithium-rich giants and carbon stars
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Revealing the Double Nucleus of NGC 4490
arxiv Methodology Sequential Selection for Accelerated Life Testing via Approximate Bayesian Inference
arxiv Quantum Physics Resilient Quantum Electron Microscopy
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies ALMA band 8 observations of DLA2233+131 at z=3.150
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Revisiting the detection rate for axion haloscopes
arxiv Optics Full field-of-view multi-targets imaging through scattering beyond 3D optical memory effect
arxiv Differential Geometry PSC cobordism of Bartnik data in high dimension
arxiv Probability A generalized Avikainen's estimate and its applications
arxiv Computation and Language Schema2QA: Answering Complex Queries on the Structured Web with a Neural Model
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology The Axion Mass from 5D Small Instantons
arxiv Materials Science Control of polymorphism during epitaxial growth of hyperferroelectric candidate LiZnSb on GaSb (111)B
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Two-temperature radiative hot accretion flow around neutron stars
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Synergetic Reconstruction from 2D Pose and 3D Motion for Wide-Space Multi-Person Video Motion Capture in the Wild
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Delving Deeper into the Decoder for Video Captioning
arxiv Nuclear Theory Can chiral EFT give us satisfaction?
arxiv Number Theory A classification of isogeny-torsion graphs of elliptic curves over $\mathbb{Q}$
arxiv Machine Learning Estimating Aggregate Properties In Relational Networks With Unobserved Data
arxiv Arbitrarily Strong Utility-Privacy Trade-off in Decentralized Linear Estimation
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Relative Logarithmic Cohomology and Nambu Structures of Maximal Degree
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Phases of QCD$_3$ with three families of fundamental flavours
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction OralCam: Enabling Self-Examination and Awareness ofOral Health Using a Smartphone Camera
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Polar jets of swimming bacteria condensed by a patterned liquid crystal
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies CO-Line and Radio Continuum Study of Elephant Trunks: The Pillars of Creation in M16
arxiv Machine Learning Cluster-based Zero-shot learning for multivariate data
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Shape fluctuations and optical transition of He$_{2}^{*}$ excimer tracers in superfluid $^4$He
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Hopf Bifurcation in Mean Field Explains Critical Avalanches in Excitation-Inhibition Balanced Neuronal Networks: A Mechanism for Multiscale Variability
arxiv Probability Wilson loop expectations in lattice gauge theories with finite gauge groups
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Global weak solutions for Landau-Lifshitz flows and heat flows associated to micromagnetic energy functional
arxiv Number Theory On generating functions in additive number theory, II: Lower-order terms and applications to PDEs
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Spontaneous Antisymmetric Spin Splitting in Noncollinear Antiferromagnets without Relying on Atomic Spin-Orbit Coupling
arxiv Combinatorics Turán numbers for hypergraph star forests
arxiv Combinatorics The largest (k, l)-sum free subsets
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Sequential decomposition of graphon mean field games
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Self-supervised visual feature learning with curriculum
arxiv Number Theory Highly Composite Polynomials and the maximum order of the Divisor Function in \mathbb{F}_q[t]
arxiv Machine Learning MIME: Mutual Information Minimisation Exploration
arxiv Mathematical Physics AFLT-type Selberg integrals
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena The Origins of X-ray Line Emissions in Circinus~X-1 at Very Low X-ray Flux
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Aging Halos: Implications of the Magnitude Gap on Conditional Statistics of Stellar and Gas Properties of Massive Halos
arxiv Probability An efficient weak Euler-Maruyama type approximation scheme of very high dimensional SDEs by orthogonal random variables
arxiv Number Theory A "Proto-Pellet's Formula" for the Möbius Function
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Calculating the Two-photon Contribution to $π^0 \rightarrow e^+ e^-$ Decay Amplitude
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition PDANet: Pyramid Density-aware Attention Net for Accurate Crowd Counting
arxiv Cryptography and Security Continuous-Time Analysis of the Bitcoin and Prism Backbone Protocols
arxiv Applied Physics Estimation of Rectifying Performance for Terahertz Wave in Newly Designed Fe/ZnO/MgO/Fe Magnetic Tunnel Junction
arxiv Computational Physics A Perspective on Regression and Bayesian Approaches for System Identification of Pattern Formation Dynamics
arxiv Machine Learning Multi-site fMRI Analysis Using Privacy-preserving Federated Learning and Domain Adaptation: ABIDE Results
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Study of Probability Density Function in The Presence of Self-Absorption in Molecular Clouds
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Orbital-collaborative Charge Density Wave in Monolayer VTe2
arxiv Robotics Predicting Target Feature Configuration of Non-stationary Objects for Grasping with Image-Based Visual Servoing
arxiv Image and Video Processing Combining Progressive Rethinking and Collaborative Learning: A Deep Framework for In-Loop Filtering
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory A Study of Incentive Compatibility and Stability Issues in Fractional Matchings
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Constraints on the velocity dispersion of Dark Matter from Cosmology and new bounds on scattering from the Cosmic Dawn
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition LE-HGR: A Lightweight and Efficient RGB-based Online Gesture Recognition Network for Embedded AR Devices
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Design of Trusted Market Platforms using Permissioned Blockchains and Game Theory
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Fluid property of QGP in presence of magnetic field
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology NJL model estimation of anisotropic electrical conductivity for quark matter in presence of magnetic field
arxiv Social and Information Networks Uncovering Coordinated Networks on Social Media
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Shape Deformation and Drag Variation of a Coupled Rigid-flexible System in a Flowing Soap Film
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Validity of NLFFF Optimization Reconstruction
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Rethinking Motion Representation: Residual Frames with 3D ConvNets for Better Action Recognition
arxiv Superconductivity Theory of driven Higgs oscillations and third-harmonic generation in unconventional superconductors
arxiv Emerging Technologies Generation and application of bursting dynamic behaviour in memristor neurons
arxiv Nuclear Theory An implementation of nuclear time-dependent density-functional theory and its application to the nuclear isovector electric dipole resonance
arxiv Machine Learning Human-like Time Series Summaries via Trend Utility Estimation
arxiv Commutative Algebra $ψ$-second submodules of a module
arxiv Databases Hardware-Conscious Stream Processing: A Survey
arxiv Social and Information Networks The Chameleon Attack: Manipulating Content Display in Online Social Media
arxiv Differential Geometry Transverse Hilbert schemes, bi-Hamiltonian systems, and hyperkähler geometry
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Optimization of Convolutional Neural Network Using the Linearly Decreasing Weight Particle Swarm Optimization
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Faster STR-EC-LCS Computation
arxiv Computation and Language AandP: Utilizing Prolog for converting between active sentence and passive sentence with three-steps conversion
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Probabilistic 3D Multi-Object Tracking for Autonomous Driving
arxiv Machine Learning Shifted and Squeezed 8-bit Floating Point format for Low-Precision Training of Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Geometric Topology Twisted signatures of fibered knots
arxiv Statistics Theory Weak Detection in the Spiked Wigner Model with General Rank
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Modeling the IRIS Lines During a Flare. I. The Blue-Wing Enhancement in the Mg II k Line
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology The weak equivalence principle with a quantum particle in a gravitational wave
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The physical properties of S0 galaxy PGC 26218: the origin of starburst and star formation
arxiv Optics Large-scale Ising Emulation with Four-Body Interaction and All-to-All Connection
arxiv Machine Learning Stream-Flow Forecasting of Small Rivers Based on LSTM
arxiv Quantum Gases Is there a Mott-glass phase in a one-dimensional disordered quantum fluid with linearly confining interactions?
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics First Results from MFOSC-P : Low Resolution Optical Spectroscopy of a Sample of M dwarfs within 100 parsecs
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction GUIComp: A GUI Design Assistant with Real-Time, Multi-Faceted Feedback
arxiv Sound SqueezeWave: Extremely Lightweight Vocoders for On-device Speech Synthesis
arxiv Number Theory Divisibility Properties of the Fourier Coefficients of (Mock) Modular Functions and Ramanujan
arxiv Computation and Language A Pilot Study on Multiple Choice Machine Reading Comprehension for Vietnamese Texts
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Diagnosis of bulk phase diagram of non-reciprocal topological lattices by impurity modes
arxiv Signal Processing Semi-Static Radio Frame Configuration for URLLC Deployments in 5G Macro TDD Networks
arxiv Computers and Society Candidate Software Process Flaws for the Boeing 737 Max MCAS Algorithm and Risks for a Proposed Upgrade
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning Spatiotemporal Features via Video and Text Pair Discrimination
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory How Good Is a Two-Party Election Game?
arxiv Dynamical Systems Periodic solutions of a semilinear Euler-Bernoulli beam equation with variable coefficients
arxiv Representation Theory The Dixmier-Malliavin Theorem and Bornological Vector Spaces
arxiv Materials Science A dual-phase cobalt alloy with a triple yielding phenomenon under compression test
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Speed Selection for Reaction Diffusion Equations in Heterogeneous Environments
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Optical Signature of a Crossover from Mott- to Slater-type Gap in Sr$_2$Ir$_{1-x}$Rh$_{x}$O$_{4}$
arxiv Atomic Physics Towards implementation of a magic optical-dipole trap for confining ground-state and Rydberg-state cesium cold atoms
arxiv Machine Learning Combining Offline Causal Inference and Online Bandit Learning for Data Driven Decisions
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Large flux-mediated coupling in hybrid electromechanical system with a transmon qubit
arxiv Mathematical Physics Modular Classes of Q-Manifolds, Part II: Riemannian Structures & Odd Killing Vectors Fields
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics The statistics of peaks of weakly non-Gaussian random fields: Effects of bispectrum in two- and three-dimensions
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Markerless Deep Learning-based 6 Degrees of Freedom PoseEstimation for with Mobile Robots using RGB Data
arxiv Applied Physics Exciton diffusion in two-dimensional metal-halide perovskites
arxiv Signal Processing Cross-Link Interference Suppression By Orthogonal Projector For 5G Dynamic TDD URLLC Systems
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Lattice QCD package GWU-code and QUDA with HIP
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Attack based DoS attack detection using multiple classifier
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Estimation of acoustic wave non-linearity in ultrasonic measurement systems
arxiv Applications Estimating and comparing adverse event probabilities in the presence of varying follow-up times and competing events
arxiv Numerical Analysis Entropy stable, positive DGSEM with sharp resolution of material interfaces for a $4\times4$ two-phase flow system: a legacy from three-point schemes
arxiv Information Theory Proof of Convergence for Correct-Decoding Exponent Computation
arxiv Optics Multi-node optical frequency dissemination with post automatic phase correction
arxiv Information Theory One-Bit Over-the-Air Aggregation for Communication-Efficient Federated Edge Learning: Design and Convergence Analysis
arxiv Computation and Language Comparing Rule-based, Feature-based and Deep Neural Methods for De-identification of Dutch Medical Records
arxiv Performance of Wireless Optical Communication With Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces and Random Obstacles
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology On the degrees of freedom of a black hole
arxiv Image and Video Processing Adaptive Direction-Guided Structure Tensor Total Variation
arxiv Group Theory Hopf-Galois structures on finite extensions with quasisimple Galois group
arxiv Quantum Physics Semantic Security for Quantum Wiretap Channels
arxiv Quantitative Methods Deep ICE: A Deep learning approach for MRI Intracranial Cavity Extraction
arxiv Differential Geometry A framework for geometric field theories and their classification in dimension one
arxiv Databases Query Results over Ongoing Databases that Remain Valid as Time Passes By (Extended Version)
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Gmunu: Toward multigrid based Einstein field equations solver for general-relativistic hydrodynamics simulations
arxiv Machine Learning Graph Attentional Autoencoder for Anticancer Hyperfood Prediction
arxiv Physics and Society Hamiltonian Modeling of Macro-Economic Urban Dynamics: Supporting Information
arxiv Machine Learning Scalable Hyperparameter Optimization with Lazy Gaussian Processes
arxiv Information Retrieval Document Network Projection in Pretrained Word Embedding Space
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Zero loci of Bernstein-Sato ideals -- II
arxiv Methodology Multiscale stick-breaking mixture models
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Broadening Label-based Argumentation Semantics with May-Must Scales
arxiv Optics Detectable Optical Signatures of QED Vacuum Nonlinearities using High-Intensity Laser Fields
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Inclusive spectra and Bose-Einstein correlations in small thermal quantum systems
arxiv Dynamical Systems Lorenz attractors and the modular surface
arxiv Cryptography and Security A Systems Thinking for Cybersecurity Modeling
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Topological Vertex/anti-Vertex and Supergroup Gauge Theory
arxiv Probability Moderate deviations for the self-normalized random walk in random scenery
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory On the Hydrodynamic Description of Holographic Viscoelastic Models
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Stellar age gradients and inside-out star formation quenching in galaxy bulges
arxiv Optimization and Control Centering ADMM for the Semidefinite Relaxation of the QAP
arxiv Optimization and Control Lifting to Passivity for $\mathcal{H}_2$-Gain-Scheduling Synthesis with Full Block Scalings
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Unbalanced Langmuir kinetics affects TASEP dynamical transitions: mean-field theory
arxiv Boundary stabilization of systems of high order PDEs arising from flexible robotics
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Stability analysis for semilinear parabolic problems in general unbounded domains
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition SketchDesc: Learning Local Sketch Descriptors for Multi-view Correspondence
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction A Technology-aided Multi-modal Training Approach to Assist Abdominal Palpation Training and its Assessment in Medical Education
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Ultra-deep imaging with amateur telescopes
arxiv Operating Systems On Schedulability Analysis of EDF Scheduling by Considering Suspension as Blocking
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Spinning and color properties of the active asteroid (6478) Gault
arxiv Rings and Algebras On singular equivalences of Morita type with level and Gorenstein algebras
arxiv Plasma Physics On the linear stability of anisotropic pressure equilibria with field-aligned incompressible flow
arxiv Mathematical Physics $W$-algebras via Lax type operators
arxiv Robotics Probabilistic 3D Multilabel Real-time Mapping for Multi-object Manipulation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Magnetic Fields Studies in the Next Decade: EAO Submillimetre Futures White Paper Series, 2019
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On a stochastic Camassa-Holm type equation with higher order nonlinearities
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition ScaIL: Classifier Weights Scaling for Class Incremental Learning
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Qualitative properties of bounded subsolutions of nonlinear PDEs
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Three-forms and Fayet-Iliopoulos terms in Supergravity: Scanning Planck mass and BPS domain walls
arxiv Algebraic Topology Iterative Desingularization
arxiv Machine Learning Smart Data based Ensemble for Imbalanced Big Data Classification
arxiv Distributed LQR-based observer design for large-scale multi-agent networks
arxiv Quantum Physics Backscatter and Spontaneous Four-Wave Mixing in Micro-Ring Resonators
arxiv Dynamical Systems Invariant Tori of a Two Dimensional Periodic System with the Linear-Cubic Unperturbed Part
arxiv Information Theory GMD-Based Hybrid Beamforming for Large Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO
arxiv Applications Nonparametric methods for detecting change in Multitemporal SAR/PolSAR Satellite Data
arxiv Numerical Analysis On Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Weighted ANOVA Spaces
arxiv Mathematical Physics Nonexistence of local conservation laws for the generalized Swift-Hohenberg equation
arxiv Combinatorics Universal arrays
arxiv Optimization and Control Some convergent results for Backtracking Gradient Descent method on Banach spaces
arxiv Quantum Physics Entangling levitated nanoparticles by coherent scattering
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Direct measurement of the [CI] luminosity to molecular gas mass conversion factor in high-redshift star-forming galaxies
arxiv Functional Analysis Direct and inverse problems for a periodic problem with non-local potential
arxiv Materials Science Strain Induced Relaxor-type Ferroelectricity Near Room Temperature in Delafossite CuCrO2
arxiv Quantum Physics Few-photon Transport in Fano-resonance waveguide geometries
arxiv Numerical Analysis Analysis of resolution of tomographic-type reconstruction from discrete data for a class of conormal distributions
arxiv Approximating Trajectory Constraints with Machine Learning -- Microgrid Islanding with Frequency Constraints
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Environmental processing in cluster core galaxies at z=1.7
arxiv Optics Walk-off controlled self-starting frequency combs in $χ^{(2)}$ optical microresonators
arxiv Category Theory Aspects of categorical recursion theory
arxiv Signal Processing RadioWeaves for efficient connectivity: analysis andimpact of constraints in actual deployments
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Emotional Avatars: The Interplay between Affect and Ownership of a Virtual Body
arxiv Numerical Analysis Optimal parameter for the SOR-like iteration method for solving the system of absolute value equations
arxiv Number Theory An explicit upper bound for Siegel zeros of imaginary quadratic fields
arxiv Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems On the relation between non-homogeneous fractional Burgers equations and time-dependent harmonic oscillator
arxiv Information Theory Cache-Aided Modulation for Heterogeneous Coded Caching over a Gaussian Broadcast Channel
arxiv Probability The e-property of asymptotically stable Markov-Feller operators
arxiv Formal Languages and Automata Theory A Categorical Framework for Learning Generalised Tree Automata
arxiv Information Theory Weight Enumerators for Number-Theoretic Codes and Cardinalities of Non-binary VT Codes
arxiv Mathematical Finance Quadratic Hedging and Optimization of Option Exercise Policies in Incomplete Markets and Discrete Time
arxiv Quantum Physics Robust Geometric Quantum Computation with Time-Optimal Control
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Unveiling Vela -- Variability of Interstellar Lines in the Direction of the Vela Supernova Remnant III. Na D and Ca II K
arxiv Computational Physics Investigating the use of field solvers for simulating classical systems
arxiv Chemical Physics Solid-electrolyte interphases (SEI) in nonaqueous aluminum-ion batteries
arxiv Dynamic state-space modeling and model-based control design for loop heat pipes
arxiv Differential Geometry Kahler-Einstein Metrics and Eigenvalue Gaps
arxiv Optimization and Control Stable and Robust LQR Design via Scenario Approach
arxiv Probability Slow-to-Start Traffic Model: Condensation, Saturation and Scaling Limits
arxiv Quantum Physics Double-port measurements for robust quantum optical metrology
arxiv Geophysics On Solving Groundwater Flow and Transport Models with Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioning
arxiv Applied Physics Real-space imaging of atomic-scale spin textures at nanometer distances
arxiv Computational Physics A sparse-grid probabilistic scheme for approximation of the runway probability of electrons in fusion tokamak simulation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Chiral magnetic effect for chiral fermion system
arxiv Probability Particle systems with coordination
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Grand Pleromal Transmutation : condensates via Konsishi anomaly, dimensional transmutation and ultraminimal GUTs
arxiv Functional Analysis Power bounded operators and the mean ergodic theorem for subsequences
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Cohomology with integral coefficients of stacks of shtukas
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Pure State Tomography via Variational Hybrid Quantum-Classical Method
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology The influence of spacetime curvature on quantum emission in optical analogues to gravity
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Vertical gas accretion impacts the carbon-to-oxygen ratio of gas giant atmospheres
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Optimal FPE for non-linear 1d-SDE. I: Additive Gaussian colored noise
arxiv Signal Processing Prefix-Free Code Distribution Matching for 5G New Radio
arxiv Performance Duet Benchmarking: Improving Measurement Accuracy in the Cloud
arxiv Superconductivity Uniaxial $c$-axis pressure effects on underdoped BaFe$_2$(As$_{0.72}$P$_{0.28}$)$_2$ superconductor
arxiv Plasma Physics Mapping the Electronic Structure of Warm Dense Nickel via Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
arxiv Storage Placement and Sizing in a Distribution Grid with high PV-Generation
arxiv Algebraic Topology Equivariant homotopy commutativity for $G=C_{pqr}$
arxiv Commutative Algebra Group Homomorphism Over a Polynomial Extension of a Local Ring at d + 1 Level
arxiv Applied Physics 3C-SiC grown on Si by using a Si$_{1-x}$Ge$_x$ buffer layer
arxiv Dynamical Systems Tame rational functions: Decompositions of iterates and orbit intersections
arxiv Machine Learning A Support Detection and Root Finding Approach for Learning High-dimensional Generalized Linear Models
arxiv Combinatorics Probabilistic values for simplicial complexes
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Tailoring magnetic order via atomically stacking 3d/5d electrons
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Solar System objects observed with TESS -- First data release: bright main-belt and Trojan asteroids from the Southern Survey
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Fermion-induced quantum critical point in Landau-Devonshire theory
arxiv Applied Physics Architected Porous Metals in Electrochemical Energy Storage
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Phenomenology of GUP stars
arxiv Probability Local moderate and precise large deviations via cluster expansions
arxiv Optics Single-photon transport in one-dimensional coupled-resonator waveguide with second order nonlinearity coupling to a nanocavity containing a two-level atom and Kerr nonlinearity
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Dynamics of cosmological inflation and predictions for reheating in the light of 2018 PLANCK results
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Two-Stream Meticulous Processing Network for Retinal Vessel Segmentation
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Disorder effects in the two-dimensional Lieb lattice and its extensions
arxiv Optics Unconventional photon blockade based on double second order nonlinear coupling system
arxiv General Physics Non-ambiguity quantum teleportation protocol
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Short-Term Temporal Convolutional Networks for Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition
arxiv Image and Video Processing Spinal Metastases Segmentation in MR Imaging using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
arxiv Image and Video Processing Diabetic Retinopathy detection by retinal image recognizing
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Two-phase flow simulations at 0-4 degrees inclination in an eccentric annulus
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Human Action Recognition and Assessment via Deep Neural Network Self-Organization
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Self-Learning AI Framework for Skin Lesion Image Segmentation and Classification
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Discoverability in Satellite Imagery: A Good Sentence is Worth a Thousand Pictures
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Multi-Layer Content Interaction Through Quaternion Product For Visual Question Answering
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Predicting population neural activity in the Algonauts challenge using end-to-end trained Siamese networks and group convolutions
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Wi2Vi: Generating Video Frames from WiFi CSI Samples
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Supervised and Unsupervised Learning of Parameterized Color Enhancement
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Adversarial Example Generation using Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition An Analytical Workflow for Clustering Forensic Images
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Does Time-Delay Feedback Matter to Small Target Motion Detection Against Complex Dynamic Environments?
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition End-to-End Pixel-Based Deep Active Inference for Body Perception and Action
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Translating multispectral imagery to nighttime imagery via conditional generative adversarial networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Application of Deep Learning in Generating Desired Design Options: Experiments Using Synthetic Training Dataset
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Irrotational Flows are Barotropic
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Embedding of FRPN in CNN architecture
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition TBC-Net: A real-time detector for infrared small target detection using semantic constraint
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Identifying Table Structure in Documents using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
arxiv Fluid Dynamics A theoretical study on a two-dimensional flap-type wavemaker
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Deep Learning Enabled Uncorrelated Space Observation Association
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Domain Independent Unsupervised Learning to grasp the Novel Objects
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition The Effect of Data Ordering in Image Classification
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition The problems with using STNs to align CNN feature maps
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Deep learning achieves perfect anomaly detection on 108,308 retinal images including unlearned diseases
arxiv Plasma Physics Giant isolated attosecond pulses from two-color laser plasma interactionsY. X. Zhang,
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs A remark on bilinear pseudo-differential operators with symbols in the Sjöstrand class
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition An Investigation of Feature-based Nonrigid Image Registration using Gaussian Process
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Establishing Human-Robot Trust through Music-Driven Robotic Emotion Prosody and Gesture
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Weakly Supervised Video Summarization by Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Ensemble based discriminative models for Visual Dialog Challenge 2018
arxiv Metric Geometry Spinors, lattices, and classification of integral Apollonian disk packings
arxiv Logic $σ$-Lacunary actions of Polish groups
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Filter Grafting for Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Quantum Physics Density Formalism for Quantum Theory
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Run-time Deep Model Multiplexing
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction "Why is 'Chicago' deceptive?" Towards Building Model-Driven Tutorials for Humans
arxiv Signal Processing On The Physical Quantitative Assessment of Model-Based PolSAR Decompositions
arxiv Machine Learning A Little Fog for a Large Turn
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Can the quasi-molecular mechanism of recombination decrease the Hubble tension?
arxiv Populations and Evolution Modelling pathogen spread in a healthcare network: indirect patient movements
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Show, Recall, and Tell: Image Captioning with Recall Mechanism
arxiv Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Fully Bayesian Unfolding with Regularization
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Assessing Robustness of Deep learning Methods in Dermatological Workflow
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Long-term Periodicities in North-South Asymmetry of Solar Activity and Alignments of the Giant Planets
arxiv Nuclear Theory Mapping QGP interaction through its temperature dependent degeneracy factor
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Towards precise and accurate Cepheid chemical abundances for 1$\%$ $\mbox{H}_0$ measurement: temperature determination
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Connective K-theory and Adams operations
arxiv Information Theory Quantum Private Information Retrieval from MDS-coded and Colluding Servers
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Triangle Singularities and Charmonium-like $XYZ$ States
arxiv Applications Analysis of Queue Length Prediction from Probe Vehicles Problem with Bunch Arrival Headways
arxiv Quantum Physics Bell violations with entangled and non-entangled optical fields
arxiv Machine Learning MixPath: A Unified Approach for One-shot Neural Architecture Search
arxiv Rings and Algebras Tropical linear representations of the Chinese monoid
arxiv Statistics Theory A piecewise deterministic Monte Carlo method for diffusion bridges
arxiv Nuclear Theory Asymptotic Derivation of the Simplified $P_N$ Equations for Nonclassical Transport with Anisotropic Scattering
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics International observational campaign of the 2014 eclipse of EE Cep
arxiv Optics Kerr-nonlinearity Enhanced Conventional Photon Blockade in Second-order-nonlinear System
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Effect of Inflow Turbulence on Premixed Combustion in a Cavity Flameholder
arxiv Materials Science Direct Measurement of the Electronic Structure and band gap nature of atomic-layer-thick 2H-MoTe2
arxiv Machine Learning Masking schemes for universal marginalisers
arxiv Materials Science Emergence of directionally-anisotropic mobility in a faceted $Σ$11 <110> tilt grain boundary in Cu
arxiv Model-based interfacing of large-scale metrology instruments
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena NuSTAR and Parkes observations of the transitional millisecond pulsar binary XSS J12270-4859 in the rotation-powered state
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics 3D maps of the Magellanic Clouds using Classical Cepheids
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Absolute neutrino mass and the Dirac/Majorana distinction from the weak interaction of aggregate matter
arxiv Nuclear Theory The Early Stages of Heavy Ion Collisions
arxiv Quantum Physics Experimental demonstration of a quantum receiver beating the standard quantum limit at the telecom wavelength
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Duality for outer $L^p_μ(\ell^r)$ spaces and relation to tent spaces
arxiv Applications Flow Rate Estimation From Probe Vehicle Data And Sample Size Requirements
arxiv Probability Almost-2-regular random graphs
arxiv Mathematical Finance Supermartingale deflators in the absence of a numéraire
arxiv Information Theory On the decoding of Barnes-Wall lattices
arxiv Computation and Language Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Multi-feature and Multi-lingual Fusion
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Primordial black holes and secondary gravitational waves from k/G inflation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Pseudo-Goldstone Dark Matter in gauged $B-L$ extended Standard Model
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory A meta analysis of tournaments and an evaluation of performance in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Search for invisible decay of a Higgs boson produced at the CEPC
arxiv Optics A metasurface doublet for compactly and widely zooming imaging
arxiv Numerical Analysis An adaptive finite element DtN method for the three-dimensional acoustic scattering problem
arxiv Optimization and Control Adaptive iterative singular value thresholding algorithm to low-rank matrix recovery
arxiv Materials Science Anisotropic character of the metal-to-metal transition in Pr4Ni$_3$O$_{10}$
arxiv Information Retrieval Assigning credit to scientific datasets using article citation networks
arxiv Machine Learning Elastic Consistency: A General Consistency Model for Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent
arxiv Social and Information Networks Hidden Community Detection on Two-layer Stochastic Models: a Theoretical Prospective
arxiv Mathematical Physics Consistency Proof for Multi-Time Schrodinger Equations with Particle Creation and Ultraviolet Cut-Off
arxiv Discrete Mathematics Generalized Fitch Graphs III: Symmetrized Fitch maps and Sets of Symmetric Binary Relations that are explained by Unrooted Edge-labeled Trees
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Continual Learning for Domain Adaptation in Chest X-ray Classification
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Road Network and Travel Time Extraction from Multiple Look Angles with SpaceNet Data
arxiv Nuclear Theory Quantified limits of the nuclear landscape
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Coronal Photopolarimetry with the LASCO-C2 Coronagraph over 24 Years [1996-2019] -- Application to the K/F Separation and to the Determination of the Electron Density
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Spectral evidence of an accretion disk in wind-fed X-ray pulsar Vela X-1 during an unusual spin-up period
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Precision Measurements in the Higgs Sector at ATLAS and CMS
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Recursion and worldsheet formulae for 6d superamplitudes
arxiv Signal Processing Control-Bounded Analog-to-Digital Conversion: Transfer Function Analysis, Proof of Concept, and Digital Filter Implementation
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Primordial Gravitational Waves from Galaxy Intrinsic Alignments
arxiv Group Theory The mimimally displaced set of an irreducible automorphism of $F_N$ is co-compact
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Poincaré and Hardy inequalities on homogeneous trees
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Quantum transport through a "charge" Kondo circuit: effects of weak repulsive interaction in Luttinger Liquid
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Simplicial complexes: higher-order spectral dimension and dynamics
arxiv Information Theory Optimality of Treating Inter-Cell Interference as Noise Under Finite Precision CSIT
arxiv Machine Learning MeliusNet: Can Binary Neural Networks Achieve MobileNet-level Accuracy?
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Quantum phase transition of fracton topological orders
arxiv Symplectic Geometry $C^0$-Stability of Topological Entropy for Contactomorphisms
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture A New Software Framework for Traffic Engineering: Path Cardinality and the Effect of Multipath on Residual Capacity
arxiv Quantum Physics Finite Key Analysis of the Extended B92 Protocol
arxiv Quantum Physics Navigating on Quantum Control Solution Subspaces
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics A public HARPS radial velocity database corrected for systematic errors
arxiv Combinatorics Asymptotic enumeration oflabelled 4-regular planar graphs
arxiv Number Theory On the local structure of the set of values of Euler's $\varphi$ function
arxiv Classical Physics Asymptotically exact theory of fiber-reinforced composite beams
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Euler characteristic number of the energy band and the reason for its non-integer values
arxiv Dynamical Systems Veech systems and spectral characterization of tameness with applications to Number Theory
arxiv Machine Learning Machine learning for total cloud cover prediction
arxiv Nuclear Experiment D-meson production in Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC
arxiv Materials Science Enhanced Operational Stability of Perovskite Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Leveraging Ionic Additives
arxiv Cryptography and Security SCAUL: Power Side-Channel Analysis with Unsupervised Learning
arxiv Artificial Intelligence On Expert Behaviors and Question Types for Efficient Query-Based Ontology Fault Localization
arxiv Representation Theory Some deformations of the fibred biset category
arxiv Computation and Language Lexical Sememe Prediction using Dictionary Definitions by Capturing Local Semantic Correspondence
arxiv Physics and Society Universal patterns of online news impact
arxiv Applied Physics Polarization Selective Modulation of the Supercavity Resonance from Friedrich-Wintgen Bound States in the Continuum
arxiv Physics Education Teaching labs for blind students: equipment to measure the thermal expansion coefficient of a metal. A case of study
arxiv Signal Processing A Unified Bayesian View on Spatially Informed Source Separation and Extraction based on Independent Vector Analysis
arxiv Materials Science Comparison of band-fitting and Wannier-based model construction for WSe$_2$
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Bulk detection of time-dependent topological transitions in quenched chiral models
arxiv Computers and Society FaceLift: A transparent deep learning framework to beautify urban scenes
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Improving geometric and dynamical constraints on cosmology with intrinsic alignments of galaxies
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics First-principles hyperfine tensors for electrons and holes in GaAs and silicon
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Isogeometric continuity constraints for multi-patch shells governed by fourth-order deformation and phase field models
arxiv Methodology The Widely Linear Complex Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process with Application to Polar Motion
arxiv Physics Education Beyond the magnetic field of a finite wire: a teaching approach using the superposition principle
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Delay Time Distributions of Type Ia Supernovae From Galaxy and Cosmic Star Formation Histories
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Harrison-Zel'dovich scale invariance and the exponential decrease of the "cosmological constant" in the super-early Universe
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Time dependence of reflected entropy in conformal field theory
arxiv Social and Information Networks #MeToo on Campus: Studying College Sexual Assault at Scale Using Data Reported on Social Media
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The accretion rates and mechanisms of Herbig Ae/Be stars
arxiv Materials Science Robust Topological Descriptors for Machine Learning Prediction of Guest Adsorption in Nanoporous Materials
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Upper limit on first-order electroweak phase transition strength
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Dynamical RG and Critical Phenomena in de Sitter Space
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Spectral action approach to higher derivative gravity
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Generalised Pattern Matching Revisited
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Reward Shaping for Reinforcement Learning with Omega-Regular Objectives
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Transverse Force Imaging
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Contextual Sense Making by Fusing Scene Classification, Detections, and Events in Full Motion Video
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Prospects for discovering supersymmetric long-lived particles with MoEDAL
arxiv Materials Science Evidence of standing spin-waves in a van der Waals magnetic material
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Common Operating Picture Framework Leveraging Data Fusion and Deep Learning
arxiv Quantum Physics Term Grouping and Travelling Salesperson for Digital Quantum Simulation
arxiv Superconductivity Berry Phase Enforced Spinor Pairing
arxiv Analysis of PDEs A System of Local/Nonlocal $p$-Laplacians: The Eigenvalue Problem and Its Asymptotic Limit as $p\to1$
arxiv Quantum Algebra Bosonic ghostbusting -- The bosonic ghost vertex algebra admits a logarithmic module category with rigid fusion
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Complex poles and spectral functions of Landau gauge QCD and QCD-like theories
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Robo-AO M Dwarf Multiplicity Survey: Catalog
arxiv Machine Learning Cross-conformal e-prediction
arxiv Information Theory A Better Bound Gives a Hundred Rounds: Enhanced Privacy Guarantees via $f$-Divergences
arxiv Statistical Mechanics "Heat Flowing from Cold to Hot without External Intervention" Demystified: Thermal-Transformer and Temperature Oscillator
arxiv Machine Learning Provable Benefit of Orthogonal Initialization in Optimizing Deep Linear Networks
arxiv Machine Learning Inferring Individual Level Causal Models from Graph-based Relational Time Series
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Adversarially Guided Self-Play for Adopting Social Conventions
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Derived categories and birationality
arxiv Social and Information Networks Knowledge Discovery from Social Media using Big Data provided Sentiment Analysis (SoMABiT)
arxiv Quantum Physics Optimal Two-Qubit Circuits for Universal Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation
arxiv Information Theory Latent-variable Private Information Retrieval
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Radial instability of trapping polytropic spheres
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Characterizing spin-one Kitaev quantum spin liquids
biorxiv Neuroscience Distinguishing the neural correlates of perceptual awareness and post-perceptual processing
biorxiv Genomics Novel phylogeny of angiosperms inferred from whole-genome microsynteny analysis
biorxiv Neuroscience Spectral-power associations reflect amplitude modulation and within-frequency interactions on the sub-second timescale and cross-frequency interactions on the seconds timescale
biorxiv Microbiology In vitro activities of the tetrazole SHR8008 compared to itraconazole and fluconazole against Candida and Cryptococcus species
biorxiv Microbiology Experimental Evolution in vivo to Identify Selective Pressures During Pneumococcal Colonization
biorxiv Biochemistry Cryo-EM structures of cardiac thin filaments reveal the 3D architecture of troponin.
biorxiv Bioinformatics Ancestral Haplotype Reconstruction in Endogamous Populations using Identity-By-Descent
biorxiv Plant biology Invitro-Propagation of Threatened African Sandalwood (Osyris lanceolata Hochst. &amp; Steud.) via Using IBA hormone
biorxiv Bioengineering One-stop Microfluidic Assembly of Human Brain Organoids to Model Prenatal Cannabis Exposure
biorxiv Developmental Biology The regulation of mammalian maternal-to-embryonic transition by Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E
biorxiv Neuroscience Regeneration in adult Drosophila brain
biorxiv Neuroscience The Mathematics Underlying Eeg Oscillations Propagation
biorxiv Cancer Biology WNT and inflammatory signaling distinguish human Fallopian tube epithelial cell populations
biorxiv Bioinformatics Expanding the utility of sequence comparisons using data from whole genomes
biorxiv Bioinformatics mosaicFlye: Resolving long mosaic repeats using long error-prone reads
biorxiv Genetics New complexities of SOS-induced untargeted mutagenesis in Escherichia coli as revealed by mutation accumulation and whole-genome sequencing
biorxiv Cancer Biology Deep Learning Modelling of Androgen Receptor Responses to Prostate Cancer Therapies
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Positive selection and fast turnover rate in tumor suppressor genes reveal how cetaceans resist cancer
biorxiv Microbiology Single-Cell Electrophysiological Measurements Reveal Bacterial Membrane Potential Dynamics during Extracellular Electron Transfer
biorxiv Cancer Biology EWS-FLI1 regulates and cooperates with core regulatory circuitry in Ewing sarcoma
biorxiv Microbial DNA on the move: sequencing based detection and analysis of transduced DNA in pure cultures and microbial communities
biorxiv Bioinformatics ipcoal: An interactive Python package for simulating and analyzing genealogies and sequences on a species tree or network
biorxiv Bioinformatics Identifying Causal Variants by Fine Mapping Across Multiple Studies
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Predictable Properties of Fitness Landscapes Induced by Adaptational Tradeoffs
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Cytotoxic Activity Of A New Isoform L-Amino Acid Oxidase (Balt-LAAO-II) From Bothrops alternatus (Urutu) Snake Venom In Human Leukemic HL60 Cells
biorxiv Neuroscience fMRI-guided white matter connectivity in fluid and crystallized cognitive abilities in healthy adults
biorxiv Bioengineering E. coli adhesion and biofilm formation on polydimethylsiloxane are independent of substrate stiffness
biorxiv Ecology Urban warming inverse contribution on risk of dengue transmission in the southeastern North America
biorxiv Genetics CluStrat: a structure informed clustering strategy for population stratification
biorxiv Ecology Macrofaunal Diversity and Community Structure of the DeSoto Canyon and Adjacent Slope
biorxiv Genetics A scalable method for estimating the regional polygenicity of complex traits
biorxiv Ecology Alfalfa leaf curl virus is efficiently acquired by its aphid vector Aphis craccivora but inefficiently transmitted
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education BioSkills Guide: Development and National Validation of a Tool for Interpreting the Vision and Change Core Competencies
biorxiv Bioengineering Programmable low-cost DNA-based platform for viral RNA detection
biorxiv Bioengineering Modular lipid nanoparticle platform technology for siRNA and lipophilic prodrug delivery
biorxiv Ecology Stability Analysis of Delayed Age-structured Resource Consumer Model of Population Dynamics with Saturated Intake Rate
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Using relative brain size to better understand trophic interactions and phenotypic plasticity of invasive lionfish (Pterois volitans)
biorxiv Functional interaction between Fanconi anemia and mTOR pathways during stalled replication fork recovery
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Looking ahead: When do you find the next item in foraging visual search?
biorxiv Bioengineering Genetically encoded split luciferase biosensors to measure endosome disruption in real time in live cells
biorxiv Genomics Simple and efficient measurement of transcription initiation and transcript levels with STRIPE-seq
biorxiv Genomics Estimating the rate of cell type degeneration from epigenetic sequencing of cell-free DNA
biorxiv Neuroscience De novo learning versus adaptation of continuous control in a manual tracking task
biorxiv Cancer Biology Transient Commensal Clonal Interactions Can Drive Tumor Metastasis
biorxiv Cell Biology Gatekeeper helix activates Golgi SM protein Sly1 and directly mediates close-range vesicle tethering
biorxiv Physiology Cold exposure distinctively modulates parathyroid and thyroid hormones in cold-acclimatized and non-acclimatized humans
biorxiv Bioinformatics Assessment of single cell RNA-seq statistical methods on microbiome data
biorxiv Microbiology A comparative 'omics approach to candidate pathogenicity factor discovery in the brain-eating amoeba Naegleria fowleri
biorxiv Neuroscience Modular and distinct PlexinA4/Farp2/Rac1 signaling controls dendrite morphogenesis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Construal level as a mediator of stress-induced bias in financial decision making
biorxiv Microbiology vRNA-vRNA interactions in influenza A virus HA vRNA packaging
biorxiv Biophysics Impact of nanoscale hindrances on the relationship between lipid packing and diffusion in model membranes
biorxiv Immunology Crystal structure of the giant panda MHC class I complex: first insights into the viral peptide presentation profile in the bear family
biorxiv Biophysics Optimized single molecule fluorescence sheds light on elusive enzymatic mechanisms
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Long weekend sleep is linked to stronger academic performance in male but not female pharmacy students
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Improvement of phycocyanobilin synthesis for genetically encoded phytochrome-based optogenetics.
biorxiv Genomics Is there a universal glycan alphabet?
biorxiv Biophysics C subunit of the ATP synthase is an amyloidogenic channel-forming peptide: possible implications in mitochondrial pathogenesis
biorxiv Neuroscience An overview of the quality assurance and quality control of magnetic resonance imaging data for the Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative (ONDRI): pipeline development and neuroinformatics
biorxiv Ecology Disentangling the effects of sampling scale and size on the shape of species abundance distributions
biorxiv Plant biology Maximum CO2 diffusion inside leaves is limited by the scaling of cell size and genome size
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Origin of perseveration in the trade-off between reward and complexity
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Creative Process as a Natural Science Phenomenon of Conflict Resolution: Identifying the Unconscious as the Atomistic Unit of Behavior
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Proximity to the July 4th Holiday Does not Affect Affective Polarization
biorxiv Bioinformatics IRESbase: a Comprehensive Database of Experimentally Validated Internal Ribosome Entry Sites
biorxiv Neuroscience Dietary Amino Acids Impact LRRK2-induced Neurodegeneration in Parkinson's Disease Models
biorxiv Systems Biology Integrating Lung Tissue and Lavage Proteomes Reveals Unique Pathways in Allergen-Challenged Mice
biorxiv Microbiology Improved bacterial recombineering by parallelized protein discovery
biorxiv Bioengineering Crowdsourcing digital health measures to predict Parkinson's disease severity: the Parkinson's Disease Digital Biomarker DREAM Challenge
biorxiv Immunology Nivolumab and Ipilimumab in Metastatic Melanoma Are Associated with Distinct Immune Landscape Changes and Response-Associated Immunophenotypes
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Utility of Vocal Synchrony Measure as an Indicator of Coregulation in Adult Attachment
lawarxiv Law Regulating the Information Society: Data Protection and Ireland's Internet Industry
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Rapid evolution of learning and reproduction in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster
psyarxiv Engineering Psychology What can the conjunction fallacy tell us about human reasoning?
biorxiv Cancer Biology Fusobacterium nucleatum host cell binding and invasion induces IL-8 and CXCL1 secretion that drives colorectal cancer cell migration
biorxiv Molecular biology Pathogens, endosymbionts, and blood-meal sources of host-seeking ticks in the fast-changing Maasai Mara wildlife ecosystem
biorxiv Ecology The distribution of functional N-cycle related genes and nitrogen in soil profiles fertilized with mineral and organic N fertilizer
biorxiv Molecular biology Post-transcriptional modulation of the SigF regulon in Mycobacterium smegmatis by the PhoH2 toxin-antitoxin.
biorxiv Cancer Biology Downregulation of both mismatch repair and non-homologous end-joining pathways in hypoxic brain tumour cell lines
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Memory is one representation not many: Evidence against wormholes in memory
biorxiv Neuroscience The gamma-Protocadherins regulate the survival of GABAergic interneurons during developmentally-regulated cell death.
biorxiv Developmental Biology Single-cell transcriptome maps of myeloid blood cell lineages in Drosophila
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Representation of Yorùbá Tones by a Talking Drum: An Acoustic Analysis
biorxiv Neuroscience Functional organization of three-dimensional orientation encoding within the visual cortex
biorxiv Genomics Genomic analyses provide insights into peach local adaptation and responses to climate change
biorxiv Biophysics RNA-dependent structures of the RNA-binding loop in the flavivirus NS3 helicase
biorxiv Bioinformatics A minimum reporting standard for multiple sequence alignments
biorxiv Neuroscience Temporal dynamics of GABA and Glx in the visual cortex
arxiv General Mathematics Two different scenarios when the Collatz Conjecture fails
arxiv Other Statistics Error control in the numerical posterior distribution in the Bayesian UQ analysis of a semilinear evolution PDE
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Scale-Invariant Dynamics of Galaxies, MOND, Dark Matter, and the Dwarf Spheroidals
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Chaos in the general relativistic Poynting-Robertson effect: Kerr equatorial plane
arxiv Information Retrieval Modeling Product Search Relevance in e-Commerce
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Degenerate Bogdanov-Takens bifurcations in a bulk viscous cosmology
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unifying Training and Inference for Panoptic Segmentation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A bound on the 12C/13C ratio in near-pristine gas with ESPRESSO
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Dynamical structure of small bulges reveals their early formation in ΛCDM paradigm
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Linking Macro, Meso, and Micro Scales in Multiphase AGN Feeding and Feedback
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Why $α_s$ Cannot be Determined from Hadronic Processes without Simultaneously Determining the Parton Distributions
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum simulation of Unruh-DeWitt detectors with nonlinear optics
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Pristine survey VIII: The metallicity distribution function of the Milky Way halo down to the extremely metal-poor regime
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A large, deep 3 deg$^2$ survey of H$α$, [OIII], and [OII] emitters from LAGER: constraining luminosity functions
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Anomaly Detection with Density Estimation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Holographic RG Flows for Kondo-like Impurities
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A redshift-dependent IRX-$β$ dust attenuation relation for TNG50 galaxies
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Which part of the stress-energy tensor gravitates?
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Bounds on secret neutrino interactions from high-energy astrophysical neutrinos
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology On the Sudakov form factor, and a factor of two
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Anomalous diffusion in particle-hole symmetric many-body localized systems
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Detection of Irregular, Sub-mm Opaque Structures in the Orion Molecular Clouds: Protostars within 10000 years of formation?
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Aspects of Conformal Supergravity
arxiv Quantum Physics Non-Markovian super-superradiance in a linear chain of up to 100 qubits
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology R-Parity Violation and Direct Stau Pair Production at the LHC
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Simulation Assisted Likelihood-free Anomaly Detection
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies CHAOS IV: Gas-Phase Abundance Trends From The First Four CHAOS Galaxies
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The ALMaQUEST Survey: II. What drives central starbursts at z~0?
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics The Observational Anatomy of Externally Photoevaporating Planet-Forming Discs I: Atomic Carbon
arxiv Optimization and Control Total Deep Variation for Linear Inverse Problems
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A smile I could recognise in a thousand: Automatic identification of identity from dental radiography
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Observations of Protoplanetary Disk Structures
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Wave-packet propagation in a finite topological insulator and the spectral localizer index
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture A Content-Based Deep Intrusion Detection System
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Displaced orbits and electric-magnetic black hole binaries
arxiv Combinatorics Interval structures in the Bruhat and weak orders
arxiv Machine Learning PoPS: Policy Pruning and Shrinking for Deep Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Quantum Physics A Paul Trap with Sectored Ring Electrodes for Experiments with Two-Dimensional Ion Crystals
arxiv Machine Learning Assurance Monitoring of Cyber-Physical Systems with Machine Learning Components
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Weighted Completion Time Minimization for Unrelated Machines via Iterative Fair Contention Resolution
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Neural Arithmetic Units
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Emerging Disentanglement in Auto-Encoder Based Unsupervised Image Content Transfer
arxiv Number Theory Walking to infinity on gaussian lines
arxiv Applied Physics Electric generation from drops impacting onto charged surfaces
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena NuSTAR Observations and multi-wavelength modeling of the high-redshift BL Lac Object 4FGL J2146.5-1344
arxiv Signal Processing Beam-space Multiplexing: Practice, Theory, and Trends-From 4G TD-LTE, 5G, to 6G and Beyond
arxiv Image and Video Processing Methodologies for Successful Segmentation of HRTEM Images via Neural Network
arxiv History and Philosophy of Physics Biographical Memoir of Stirling Colgate
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology A universal framework for t-channel dark matter models
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics A unified theory of cataclysmic variables from self-consistent numerical simulations
arxiv Machine Learning Unsupervised Learning of the Set of Local Maxima
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unifying Deep Local and Global Features for Efficient Image Search
arxiv Machine Learning Unsupervised Pool-Based Active Learning for Linear Regression
arxiv Atomic and Molecular Clusters Photoelectron circular dichroism in the multiphoton ionization by short laser pulses: III. Photoionization of fenchone in different regimes
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Peter Pan Disks: Long-lived Accretion Disks Around Young M Stars
arxiv Computation and Language Robust Speaker Recognition Using Speech Enhancement And Attention Model
arxiv Algebraic Topology Homotopy Theory of Non-singular Simplicial Sets
arxiv Computation Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Swindles
arxiv Methodology Sparse Covariance Estimation in Logit Mixture Models
arxiv Computation FunMC: A functional API for building Markov Chains
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Single Image Depth Estimation Trained via Depth from Defocus Cues
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics An accurate, extensive, and practical line list of methane for the HITEMP database
arxiv Applied Physics Guided Mode Resonances in Flexible 2D THz Photonic Crystals
arxiv Applied Physics Numerical modeling of active thermo-plasmonics experiments
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Landau-Hall States and Berezin-Toeplitz Quantization of Matrix Algebras
arxiv Physics and Society Stochastic and mixed flower graphs: takane no hana
arxiv Signal Processing Graph Fourier Transform: A Stable Approximation
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Phase-consistent dynamic mode decomposition from multiple overlapping spatial domains
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Derivation of Fitts' law from the Task Dynamics model of speech production
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Single-charge occupation in ambipolar quantum dots
arxiv Computers and Society Robot Rights? Let's Talk about Human Welfare Instead
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies [CI](1-0) and [CI](2-1) in resolved local galaxies
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Limits on Mode Coherence in Pulsating DA White Dwarfs Due to a Non-static Convection Zone
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition DeepFactors: Real-Time Probabilistic Dense Monocular SLAM
arxiv Machine Learning On Iterative Neural Network Pruning, Reinitialization, and the Similarity of Masks
arxiv Combinatorics Strong coloring 2-regular graphs: Cycle restrictions and partial colorings
arxiv Quantum Physics Integrated optical control and enhanced coherence of ion qubits via multi-wavelength photonics
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Tight Static Lower Bounds for Non-Adaptive Data Structures
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Magnetic Field Induced Spin Liquids in S=1 Kitaev Honeycomb Model
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Fermionic CFTs and classifying algebras
arxiv Statistics Theory Large sample autocovariance matrices of linear processes with heavy tails
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Spike Train Cumulants for Linear-Nonlinear Poisson Cascade Models
arxiv Image and Video Processing Hippocampus Segmentation on Epilepsy and Alzheimer's Disease Studies with Multiple Convolutional Neural Networks
arxiv Programming Languages Gillian: Compositional Symbolic Execution for All
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Recognizing Video Events with Varying Rhythms
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Non-Intrusive Parametric Model Order Reduction With Error Correction Modeling for Changing Well Locations Using a Machine Learning Framework
arxiv Applied Physics A floating top-plate electrowetting-on-dielectric system
arxiv Applied Physics Plasmonic Titanium Nitride via Atomic Layer Deposition: A Low-Temperature Route
arxiv Mathematical Physics Quantum Walk and Dressed Photon
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Generative Adversarial Network Rooms in Generative Graph Grammar Dungeons for The Legend of Zelda
arxiv Geometric Topology Orientable rigid cusp types covered by hyperbolic knot complements
arxiv Dynamical Systems Superintegrable Bertrand magnetic geodesic flows
arxiv Computers and Society Social and Governance Implications of Improved Data Efficiency
arxiv Applied Physics Light extraction from CVD-grown <400> single crystal diamond nanopillars. Selective charge state manipulations with 0V SF6 plasma
arxiv Machine Learning Understanding Generalization in Deep Learning via Tensor Methods
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Sample Selection Approach for Universal Domain Adaptation
arxiv Numerical Analysis Hermite-Discontinuous Galerkin Overset Grid Methods for the Scalar Wave Equation
arxiv Differential Geometry Curvature bounds for regularized riemannian metrics
arxiv Nuclear Theory Heavy Quarks Embedded in Glasma
arxiv Nuclear Experiment First glimpse of the $N=82$ shell closure below $Z=50$ from masses of neutron-rich cadmium isotopes and isomers
arxiv Image and Video Processing Microvascular Dynamics from 4D Microscopy Using Temporal Segmentation
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena STARE2: Detecting Fast Radio Bursts in the Milky Way
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Efficient Coding in the Economics of Human Brain Connectomics
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Charmed Baryon Weak Decays with Vector Mesons
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Automated Anonymisation of Visual and Audio Data in Classroom Studies
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Inner-Heliosphere Signatures of Ion-Scale Dissipation and Nonlinear Interaction
arxiv Cryptography and Security Incentive Analysis of Bitcoin-NG, Revisited
arxiv Information Theory Scaling Laws of Dense Multi-Antenna Cellular Networks
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons The Curious Magnetic Properties of Orbital Chern Insulators
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Terahertz response of gadolinium gallium garnet (GGG) and gadolinium scandium gallium garnet (SGGG)
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Proposal Learning for Semi-Supervised Object Detection
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Monte Carlo Game Solver
arxiv Functional Analysis On the operator Aczél inequality and its reverse
arxiv Commutative Algebra Residual Intersections and Linear Powers
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Scaling and higher twist in the nucleon Compton amplitude
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Energy Efficient Virtual Machines Placement over Cloud-Fog Network Architecture
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Constraints on a special running vacuum model
arxiv Mathematical Physics On the absence of stationary currents
arxiv Symplectic Geometry Relative growth rate and contact Banach-Mazur distance
arxiv General Economics How social interactions matter when distance dies?
arxiv Mathematical Physics New R-matrices with non-additive spectral parameters and integrable models of strongly correlated fermions
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Lightweight 3D Human Pose Estimation Network Training Using Teacher-Student Learning
arxiv Rings and Algebras Cohomological invariants of algebraic operads, I
arxiv Methodology A linear noise approximation for stochastic epidemic models fit to partially observed incidence counts
arxiv Optics Microring resonator-coupled photoluminescence from silicon W~centers
arxiv Information Theory Entangled Polynomial Codes for Secure, Private, and Batch Distributed Matrix Multiplication: Breaking the ''Cubic'' Barrier
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Axion Dark Matter Search around 6.7 $μ$eV
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Generalised Emergent Dark Energy Model: Confronting $Λ$ and PEDE
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Nodal elliptic curves on K3 surfaces
arxiv Materials Science Enhanced Carrier Transport by Transition Metal Doping in WS2 Field Effect Transistors
arxiv Probability The parabolic Anderson model on a Galton-Watson tree
arxiv Constraining Counterexamples in Hybrid System Falsification: Penalty-Based Approaches
arxiv Combinatorics Game of Pure Chance with Restricted Boundary
arxiv Chemical Physics Utilizing Essential Symmetry Breaking in Auxiliary-Field Quantum Monte Carlo: Application to the Spin Gaps of the C$_{36}$ Fullerene and an Iron Porphyrin Model Complex
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Possible interpretation of the newly observed $Ω_b$ states
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Kernels of polarizations of abelian varieties over finite fields
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology $D^*Dρ$ and $B^*Bρ$ strong couplings in light-cone sum rules
arxiv Machine Learning Resolving learning rates adaptively by locating Stochastic Non-Negative Associated Gradient Projection Points using line searches
arxiv Number Theory Partial Gaussian sums and the Pólya--Vinogradov inequality for primitive characters
arxiv Subcellular Processes The Nonequilibrium Mechanism of Noise Enhancer synergizing with Activator in HIV Latency Reactivation
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Resonance interaction between two entangled gravitational polarizable objects
arxiv Information Theory Non-Uniform Windowed Decoding For Multi-Dimensional Spatially-Coupled LDPC Codes
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing A Memory Augmented Architecture for Continuous Speaker Identification in Meetings
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning multiview 3D point cloud registration
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Parameterized Complexity Analysis of Randomized Search Heuristics
arxiv Dynamical Systems Holder Continuity of Absolutely Continuous Spectral Measure for Multi-frequency Schrodinger Operators
arxiv Quantum Physics Experimental Detection of the Quantum Phases of a Three-Dimensional Topological Insulator on a Spin Quantum Simulator
arxiv Optics Topological quantum optical states in quasiperiodic cold atomic chains
arxiv Mathematical Finance Rational Kernel on Pricing Models of Inflation Derivatives
arxiv Plasma Physics On the temperature of the solar wind
arxiv Methodology Valid p-Values and Expectations of p-Values Revisited
arxiv Other Quantitative Biology Enhancing rigor and reproducibility by improving software availability, usability, and archival stability
arxiv Functional Analysis Extension of frames and bases -- II
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Logarithmic behaviour of connected correlation function in CFT
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition The Synthinel-1 dataset: a collection of high resolution synthetic overhead imagery for building segmentation
arxiv Materials Science Prediction of Ternary Fluorooxoborates with Coplanar Triangle Units [BOxF3-x]x- From First-Principles
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Circular Proofs in First-Order Linear Logic with Least and Greatest Fixed Points
arxiv Biological Physics Physical and Behavioral Adaptations to Prevent Overheating of the Living Wings of Butterflies
arxiv Information Theory Achievable DoF Regions of Three-User MIMO Broadcast Channel with Delayed CSIT
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Tunable acoustic wave rectification in anisotropic magnets
arxiv Computation and Language Parallel Machine Translation with Disentangled Context Transformer
arxiv Image and Video Processing Deep learning based Driver Distraction and Drowsiness Detection
arxiv Combinatorics On number of pendants in local antimagic chromatic number
arxiv Computation and Language A Knowledge-Enhanced Pretraining Model for Commonsense Story Generation
arxiv Machine Learning Graph-Bert: Only Attention is Needed for Learning Graph Representations
arxiv Quantum Physics Direct Measurements of Collisional Dynamics in Cold Atom Triads
arxiv Machine Learning Theoretical Interpretation of Learned Step Size in Deep-Unfolded Gradient Descent
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Doping and temperature evolution of pseudogap and spin-spin correlations in the two-dimensional Hubbard model
arxiv Materials Science Anisotropic behavior of TiB2 nanoparticles reinforced 2024Al composites rolling sheet
arxiv Nuclear Theory Low-lying level structure of $Λ$ hypernuclei and spin dependence of $ΛN$ interaction with antisymmetrized molecular dynamics
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture On the Power of Randomization for Scheduling Real-Time Traffic in Wireless Networks
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Novel analytical methods based on Faber polynomials for the shape recovery of a conductivity inclusion
arxiv Classical Physics Bifurcation of elastic solids with sliding interfaces
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction CheXplain: Enabling Physicians to Explore and UnderstandData-Driven, AI-Enabled Medical Imaging Analysis
arxiv Materials Science Machine learning analysis of tunnel magnetoresistance of magnetic tunnel junctions with disordered MgAl2O4
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics DESHIMA on ASTE: On-sky Responsivity Calibration of the Integrated Superconducting Spectrometer
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Relevance Prediction from Eye-movements Using Semi-interpretable Convolutional Neural Networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Extending Class Activation Mapping Using Gaussian Receptive Field
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Generation of Solenoidal Modes and Magnetic Fields in Turbulence Driven by Compressive Driving
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Reconstruction of Rough Conductivities from Boundary Measurements
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Decay of Turbulence in Fluids with Polytropic Equations of State
arxiv Databases An Efficient and Wear-Leveling-Aware Frequent-Pattern Mining on Non-Volatile Memory
arxiv Quantitative Methods OpenHI2 -- Open source histopathological image platform
arxiv Applied Physics Ohmic contacts on n-type and p-type cubic silicon carbide (3C-SiC) grown on silicon
arxiv Applied Physics A phase-field model for the evaporation of thin film mixtures
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Pose-Assisted Multi-Camera Collaboration for Active Object Tracking
arxiv Probability Spanning trees, cycle-rooted spanning forests on discretizations of flat surfaces and analytic torsion
arxiv Physics and Society The Great Divide: Drivers of Polarization in the US Public
arxiv Rings and Algebras Object-unital groupoid graded rings
arxiv Terrain estimation via vehicle vibration measurement and cubature Kalman filtering
arxiv Machine Learning ShapeVis: High-dimensional Data Visualization at Scale
arxiv Physics and Society Preferential attachment: a multi-attribute growth process generating scale-free networks of different topologies
arxiv Machine Learning Invertible Generative Modeling using Linear Rational Splines
arxiv Information Theory Network Information Theoretic Security
arxiv Plasma Physics Dust-Ion-Acoustic Waves in unmagnetized 4-component plasma
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Teddy: A System for Interactive Review Analysis
arxiv Machine Learning Physics Informed Deep Learning for Transport in Porous Media. Buckley Leverett Problem
arxiv Physics and Society How directed is a directed network?
arxiv Dynamical Systems Nondense orbits on homogeneous spaces and applications to geometry and number theory
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology A revisit of rotating black hole shadow with astrometric observables
arxiv Information Theory Internet of Things-Enabled Overlay Satellite-Terrestrial Networks in the Presence of Interference
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Final state of instabilities in Born-Infeld black holes
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Search for the $HH \rightarrow b \bar{b} b \bar{b}$ process via vector-boson fusion production using proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV with the ATLAS detector
arxiv Optics Broadband infrared spectroscopy of condensed phases with two intra-pulse difference-frequency-generation frequency combs
arxiv Algebraic Topology On the cohomology of arrangements of subtori
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Thermal Radiation in Rayleigh-Bénard Convection Experiments
arxiv Quantum Physics Brachistochronic Non-Adiabatic Holonomic Quantum Control
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics On the possibility of Baryon Acoustic Oscillation measurements at redshift $z>7.6$ with WFIRST
arxiv Mathematical Physics Toda shock waves: justification of asymptotics
arxiv Applied Physics Space charge limited photocurrents and transient currents in CdZnTe radiation detectors
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Poincaré duality for $L^p$ cohomology on subanalytic singular spaces
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology A note on the gravitational wave energy spectrum of parabolic and hyperbolic encounters
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs A Characterization of One-component Inner Functions
arxiv Materials Science From first- to second-order phase transitions in the hybrid improper ferroelectric through entropy stabilisation
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Corona-Australis DANCe. I. Revisiting the census of stars with Gaia-DR2 data
arxiv Combinatorics Faces of root polytopes
arxiv Quantum Physics Mermin Polynomials for Entanglement Evaluation in Grover's algorithm and Quantum Fourier Transform
arxiv Superconductivity Polymorphism and superconductivity in the V-Nb-Mo-Al-Ga high-entropy alloys
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Evolution of valence-specific spin states and local distortions in La$_{2-x}$Sr$_x$CoO$_4$
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology TeV gravity searches
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory On the Computational Complexity of Decision Problems about Multi-Player Nash Equilibria
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Uncertainty-Aware Multi-Shot Knowledge Distillation for Image-Based Object Re-Identification
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Domain-Liftability of Relational Marginal Polytopes
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The odderon and BKP states in the Quantum Chromodynamics
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Evaluating image matching methods for book cover identification
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Everybody's Talkin': Let Me Talk as You Want
arxiv Optimization and Control Randomized Bregman Coordinate Descent Methods for Non-Lipschitz Optimization
arxiv Numerical Analysis Stability equivalence among stochastic differential equations and stochastic differential equations with piecewise continuous arguments and corresponding Euler-Maruyama methods
arxiv Statistics Theory Detecting Changes in the Second Moment Structure of High-Dimensional Sensor-Type Data in a $K$-Sample Setting
arxiv Machine Learning Learning a Single Neuron with Gradient Methods
arxiv Atomic Physics An atomic Fabry-Perot interferometer using a pulsed interacting Bose-Einstein condensate
arxiv Machine Learning A Formal Approach to Explainability
arxiv Artificial Intelligence SMT + ILP
arxiv Machine Learning SEERL: Sample Efficient Ensemble Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Atomic Physics A mid-infrared magneto-optical trap of metastable strontium for an optical lattice clock
arxiv Cryptography and Security Cumulative Message Authentication Codes for Resource-Constrained Networks
arxiv Quantum Physics Temperature: The ignored factor in quantum mechanics
arxiv Nuclear Theory Precision Predictions
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Proceedings of the AAAI-20 Workshop on Intelligent Process Automation (IPA-20)
arxiv Robotics Direct Visual-Inertial Ego-Motion Estimation via Iterated Extended Kalman Filter
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Structured GANs
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Dirac Eigenvalue spectrum of $N_f$=2+1 QCD towards the chiral limit using HISQ fermions
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Optimized implementation of the conjugate gradient algorithm for FPGA-based platforms using the Dirac-Wilson operator as an example
arxiv Mathematical Physics Weak pseudo-bosons
arxiv Combinatorics True complexity of polynomial progressions in finite fields
arxiv Materials Science Backward volume vs Damon-Eshbach: a travelling spin wave spectroscopy comparison
arxiv Social and Information Networks How many bots are you following?
arxiv Physics Education 'It's fundamental': Quantum dot blinking experiment to teach critical thinking
arxiv Accelerator Physics From precision physics to the energy frontier with the Compact Linear Collider
arxiv Optics C-RED 3: A SWIR camera for FSO applications
arxiv Applied Physics Microresonator-enhanced, Waveguide-coupled Emission from Silicon Defect Centers for Superconducting Optoelectronic Networks
arxiv Signal Processing Improved propagation models for lte path loss prediction in urban & suburban Ghana
arxiv Machine Learning Extreme Regression for Dynamic Search Advertising
arxiv Accelerator Physics Proposal for the experimental observation of twisted photons in transition and Vavilov-Cherenkov radiations
arxiv Formal Languages and Automata Theory Learning Concise Models from Long Execution Traces
arxiv Quantum Physics Sequences of Molmer-Sorensen gates can implement controlled rotations using quantum signal processing techniques
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Distributed Artificial Intelligence Solution for D2D Communication in 5G Networks
arxiv Social and Information Networks Detecting Mixing Services via Mining Bitcoin Transaction Network with Hybrid Motifs
arxiv Fluid Dynamics GPU acceleration of \emph{CaNS} for massively-parallel direct numerical simulations of canonical fluid flows
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Proton Decay and Axion Dark Matter in SO(10) Grand Unification via Minimal Left-Right Symmetry
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms A color-avoiding approach to subgraph counting in bounded expansion classes
arxiv Numerical Analysis Enhancing CFD predictions in shape design problems by model and parameter space reduction
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Moving Objects Detection with a Moving Camera: A Comprehensive Review
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Optimal Skeleton Huffman Trees Revisited
arxiv Cryptography and Security An n/2 Byzantine node tolerate Blockchain Sharding approach
arxiv Methodology High-Dimensional Changepoint Detection via a Geometrically Inspired Mapping
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Excitonic relaxation and transfer in semiconductor nanocrystals
arxiv Quantum Physics Time-resolved tomography of a driven adiabatic quantum simulation
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Emergence of weak pyrochlore phase and signature of field induced spin ice ground state in Dy$_{2-x}$La$_{x}$Zr$_{2}$O$_{7}$; x = 0, 0.15, 0.3
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Effects of depth and evolving rate on phytoplankton growth in a periodically evolving environment
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Single Image Dehazing Using Ranking Convolutional Neural Network
arxiv Quantum Physics How Does Adiabatic Quantum Computation Fit into Quantum Automata Theory?
arxiv Pricing of Securities Path-dependent volatility models
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Photocurrent measurements in topological insulator $\text{Bi}_2\text{Se}_3$ nanowires
arxiv Materials Science Replication and study of the colouration of Edmond Becquerel's photochromatic images
arxiv Social and Information Networks Evolution of Ethereum: A Temporal Graph Perspective
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Infinite Type D-modules and Higher Depth Mock Modular Forms I
arxiv Machine Learning Autoencoders as Weight Initialization of Deep Classification Networks for Cancer versus Cancer Studies
arxiv Software Engineering Integrating the Common Variability Language with Multilanguage Annotations for Web Engineering
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology The production of gauge bosons pairs $W^+W^-$ associated with 0, 1 and 2 jets in proton-proton collisions at LHC
arxiv Combinatorics Connectivity for an unlabelled bridge-addable graph class
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture A Software-Defined Networking approach for congestion control in Opportunistic Networking
arxiv Combinatorics A condition for Hamiltonicity in Sparse Random Graphs with a Fixed Degree Sequence
arxiv Probability The Stochastic Strichartz estimates and stochastic nonlinear Schrödinger equations driven by Lévy noise
arxiv Methodology Model-based Clustering for Multivariate Networks
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Characterization of lip sets
arxiv Logic Bi-interpretation in weak set theories
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Approximate Weighted First-Order Model Counting: Exploiting Fast Approximate Model Counters and Symmetry
arxiv Image and Video Processing Towards Deep Unsupervised SAR Despeckling with Blind-Spot Convolutional Neural Networks
arxiv Superconductivity Quantum Monte Carlo simulation of intervortex potential in superconductors
arxiv Information Retrieval Deep Learning for MIR Tutorial
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Correcting Decalibration of Stereo Cameras in Self-Driving Vehicles
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors AVOLAR. A high voltage generator for liquid argon time projection chambers
arxiv Quantum Physics Nonlinear Improvement of Qubit-qudit Entanglement Witnesses
arxiv Machine Learning Continuous-action Reinforcement Learning for Playing Racing Games: Comparing SPG to PPO
arxiv Multiagent Systems Sybil-Resilient Social Choice with Partial Participation
arxiv Computation and Language FGN: Fusion Glyph Network for Chinese Named Entity Recognition
arxiv Cryptography and Security BIS- A Blockchain-based Solution for the Insurance Industry in Smart Cities
arxiv Algebraic Geometry A characterization of projective spaces from the Mori theoretic viewpoint
arxiv Numerical Analysis Reactive flow in fractured porous media
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Cloudless Friend-to-Friend Middleware for Smartphones
arxiv Information Theory Model-Driven Beamforming Neural Networks
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment CLIC Higgs coupling prospects with a longer first energy stage
arxiv Robotics DGCM-Net: Dense Geometrical Correspondence Matching Network for Incremental Experience-based Robotic Grasping
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Double Higgs production as an exclusive probe for a sequential fourth generation with wrong-sign Yukawa couplings
arxiv Numerical Analysis Min-Max Elementwise Backward Error for Roots of Polynomials and a Corresponding Backward Stable Root Finder
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Behaviour of observables for neutral meson decaying to two vectors in the presence of $T$, $CP$ and $CPT$ violation in mixing only
arxiv Social and Information Networks NEW: A Generic Learning Model for Tie Strength Prediction in Networks
arxiv Computation and Language Improving Spoken Language Understanding By Exploiting ASR N-best Hypotheses
arxiv Computation and Language Detecting New Word Meanings: A Comparison of Word Embedding Models in Spanish
arxiv Computation and Language Exploring and Improving Robustness of Multi Task Deep Neural Networks via Domain Agnostic Defenses
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Spectrum and rearrangement decays of tetraquark states with four different flavors
arxiv Artificial Intelligence A Comprehensive Survey on the Ambulance Routing and Location Problems
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Selected applications of typicality to real-time dynamics of quantum many-body systems
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Morton Filters for Superior Template Protection for Iris Recognition
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Optimizing Fleet Staging of Air Ambulances
arxiv Computation and Language The empirical structure of word frequency distributions
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Lazy object copy as a platform for population-based probabilistic programming
arxiv Number Theory Distributions of differences of Riemann zeta zeros
arxiv Computation and Language Language Models Are An Effective Patient Representation Learning Technique For Electronic Health Record Data
arxiv Computation and Language Urdu-English Machine Transliteration using Neural Networks
arxiv Computation and Language Dialectal Layers in West Iranian: a Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Approach to Linguistic Relationships
arxiv Materials Science Exploring the stability of twisted van der Waals heterostructures
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Throughput Optimal Routing in Blockchain Based Payment Systems
arxiv Materials Science Magnesium Oxide at Extreme Temperatures and Pressures Studied with First-Principles Simulations
arxiv Mathematical Physics Dressing for a vector modified KdV hierarchy
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Testing tidal alignment models for anisotropic correlations of halo ellipticities with N-body simulations
arxiv Information Theory CRC-Aided Belief Propagation List Decoding of Polar Codes
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Computationally easy, spectrally good multipliers for congruential pseudorandom number generators
arxiv Superconductivity Stability and superconductivity of lanthanum and yttrium decahydrides
arxiv Combinatorics On the basic properties of $GC_n$ sets
arxiv Dynamical Systems Homoclinic dynamics in a spatial restricted four body problem blue skies into Smale horseshoes for vertical Lyapunov families
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Auto Completion of User Interface Layout Design Using Transformer-Based Tree Decoders
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Study of the semi-boosted topology in top anti-top quark pair spectra
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology DisCo Fever: Robust Networks Through Distance Correlation
arxiv Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability ABCNet: An attention-based method for particle tagging
arxiv Machine Learning Learning similarity measures from data
arxiv Computation and Language Tensor Graph Convolutional Networks for Text Classification
arxiv Computation and Language Embedding Compression with Isotropic Iterative Quantization
arxiv Computation and Language A Continuous Space Neural Language Model for Bengali Language
arxiv Computation and Language Authorship Attribution in Bangla literature using Character-level CNN
arxiv Machine Learning Two Cycle Learning: Clustering Based Regularisation for Deep Semi-Supervised Classification
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Faster Regret Matching
arxiv Quantum Gases Interplay of phase separation and itinerant magnetism for correlated few fermions in a double-well
arxiv A Tree Adjoining Grammar Representation for Models Of Stochastic Dynamical Systems
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Efficient Opportunistic Vehicle-to-Cloud Data Transfer
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Meson masses in external magnetic fields with HISQ fermions
arxiv Probability Correlation decay for hard spheres via Markov chains
arxiv Social and Information Networks Tubes & Bubbles -- Topological confinement of YouTube recommendations
arxiv Number Theory On sums of four pentagonal numbers with coefficients
arxiv Computation and Language A BERT based Sentiment Analysis and Key Entity Detection Approach for Online Financial Texts
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Precision calculation of the axion-nucleon coupling in chiral perturbation theory
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Quantum computation of thermal averages in the presence of a sign problem
arxiv Quantum Gases Magnetic Feshbach resonances in $^{7}\text{Li}-^{133}\text{Cs}$ mixtures
arxiv Chemical Physics Thermodynamic stabilization of mixed-halide perovskites against phase segregation
arxiv Biological Physics Migration of Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes in 3D Collagen Matrices
arxiv Numerical Analysis A new finite element approach for the Dirichlet eigenvalue problem
arxiv Plasma Physics Effects of high intensity Lasers on the Entanglement fidelity of quantum plasmas
arxiv Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems A new matrix modified Korteweg-de Vries equation: Riemann-Hilbert approach and exact solutions
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Two-Step Electroweak Symmetry-Breaking: Theory Meets Experiment
arxiv Materials Science Zircon survival in shallow asthenosphere and deep lithosphere
arxiv Information Theory Secrecy and Accessibility in Distributed Storage
arxiv Logic Fences, their endpoints, and projective Fraïssé theory
arxiv Nuclear Theory Impact of the underlying O(4) criticality on net-proton number fluctuations
arxiv Numerical Analysis Finite Element Approximation of Transmission Eigenvalues for Anisotropic Media
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arxiv Materials Science Effective interaction model for coupled magnetism and phase stability in bcc Fe-Co systems
arxiv Machine Learning Causal Discovery from Incomplete Data: A Deep Learning Approach
arxiv Methodology Nonparametric tests of the causal null with non-discrete exposures
arxiv Materials Science Niobium doping induced mirror twin boundaries in MBE grown WSe2 monolayers
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum walks in weak electric fields and Bloch oscillations
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Holomorphic anomaly equation for $(\mathbb{P}^2,E)$ and the Nekrasov-Shatashvili limit of local $\mathbb{P}^2$
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing A Supervised Learning Algorithm for Multilayer Spiking Neural Networks Based on Temporal Coding Toward Energy-Efficient VLSI Processor Design
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Persistent oscillations after quantum quenches
arxiv Number Theory On Dirichlet biquadratic fields
arxiv Superconductivity Theory of magnetic response in finite two-dimensional superconductors
arxiv Chemical Physics DMRG-tailored coupled cluster method in the 4c-relativistic domain
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Overview of Recent Results from ATLAS
arxiv Cryptography and Security Multi-level trust-based intelligence schema for securing of internet of things (IoT) against security threats using cryptographic authentication
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Constraining the nuclear equation of state via gravitational-wave radiation of short gamma-ray burst remnants
arxiv Quantum Physics Contraction-free quantum state encoding by quantum tunneling in single molecules
arxiv Information Retrieval DSR: A Collection for the Evaluation of Graded Disease-Symptom Relations
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing A novel countermeasure technique to protect WSN against denial-of-sleep attacks using firefly and Hopfield neural network (HNN) algorithms
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arxiv Methodology Generalized Bayesian Quantification Learning
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Learning the Ising Model with Generative Neural Networks
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Théorie de Bruhat-Tits pour les groupes quasi-réductifs
arxiv Machine Learning Doubly Sparse Variational Gaussian Processes
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Solving connectivity problems parameterized by treedepth in single-exponential time and polynomial space
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory A note on unimodular $N=1, d=4$ AdS supergravity
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Structure functions from the Compton amplitude
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Kinetic Similarity between Extinction Strain Rate and Laminar Flame Speed
arxiv Dynamical Systems Minimal collision arcs asymptotic to central configurations
arxiv Cell Behavior Estimating the extent of glioblastoma invasion
arxiv Nuclear Experiment $K^{*}(892)^0$ meson production in inelastic p+p interactions at 158 GeV/$c$ beam momentum measured by NA61/SHINE at the CERN SPS
arxiv Machine Learning Right for the Wrong Scientific Reasons: Revising Deep Networks by Interacting with their Explanations
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Method for Estimating Reflectance map and Material using Deep Learning with Synthetic Dataset
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment The role of CLIC in Europe's course to the high-energy frontier
arxiv Optimization and Control Primal and dual algorithms for the minimum covering Euclidean ball of a set of Euclidean balls in $\mathbb{R}^n$
arxiv Artificial Intelligence AAAI FSS-19: Human-Centered AI: Trustworthiness of AI Models and Data Proceedings
arxiv Quantum Physics Evaluating the Advantage of Adaptive Strategies for Quantum Channel Distinguishability
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Density Matrix Renormalization Group Study of Nematicity in Two Dimensions: Application to a Spin-$1$ Bilinear-Biquadratic Model on the Square Lattice
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Coupling of Electromagnetic and Statistical Interactions for Two-Dimensional Electrons
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory A conformal $n$-point function in momentum space
arxiv Representation Theory Relatively Projectivity and the Green correspondence for complexes
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Analysis of Genetic Algorithm on Bearings-Only Target Motion Analysis
biorxiv Cell Biology The structure and global distribution of the endoplasmic reticulum network is actively regulated by lysosomes
arxiv Geometric Topology Conformal invariants of $3$-Braids and Counting Functions
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Film thickness of Pb islands on the Si(111) surface
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Modeling the spin-Peierls transition of spin-$1/2$ chains with correlated states: $J_1-J_2$ model, CuGeO$_3$ and TTF-CuS$_4$C$_4$(CF$_3$)$_4$
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Yttrium Iron Garnet Thickness Influence on the Spin Pumping in the Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonator
arxiv Materials Science Zinc-Blende group III-V/group IV epitaxy: importance of the miscut
biorxiv Systems Biology Individual yeast cells signal at different levels but each with good precision
biorxiv Genomics More filtering on SNP calling does not remove evidence of inter-nucleus recombination in dikaryotic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
arxiv Analysis of PDEs The primitive equations of the polluted atmosphere as a weak and strong limit of the 3D Navier-Stokes equations in downwind-matching coordinates
biorxiv Microbiology The WD and linker domains of ATG16L1 required for non canonical autophagy limit lethal influenza A virus infection at epithelial surfaces.
biorxiv Neuroscience A Connectivity-based Psychometric Prediction Framework for Brain-behavior Relationship Studies
biorxiv Molecular biology Human CTC1 primarily functions in telomere maintenance/protection and promotes CHK1 phosphorylation in response to global replication stress
arxiv Applications Estimation of Climbing Route Difficulty using Whole-History Rating
biorxiv Microbiology Role of astrogial Connexin 43 in pneumococcal meningitis and pneumolysin cytotoxicity
biorxiv Neuroscience Protrudin functions as a scaffold in the endoplasmic reticulum to support axon regeneration in the adult central nervous system
biorxiv Neuroscience Impact of b-value on estimates of apparent fibre density
biorxiv Bioinformatics Bayesian non-parametric clustering of single-cell mutation profiles
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Statistical analysis of no observed effect concentrations or levels in eco-toxicological assays with overdispersed count endpoints
arxiv Superconductivity Photo-molecular high temperature superconductivity
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Real Time Reasoning in OWL2 for GDPR Compliance
arxiv Optimization and Control Vector relative degree and funnel control for differential-algebraic systems
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Gravitational radiation by magnetic field: application to millisecond magnetars
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Forecast for cosmological parameter estimation with gravitational-wave standard siren observation from the Cosmic Explorer
arxiv Combinatorics Designing Progressive Dinner Parties
arxiv Nuclear Theory Exploring the partonic phase at finite chemical potential in and out-of equilibrium
arxiv Optimization and Control Loss Allocation in Joint Transmission and Distribution Peer-to-Peer Markets
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology SU(3)$_F$ Analysis for Beauty Baryon Decays
arxiv Materials Science Nonsaturating magnetoresistance, anomalous Hall effect, and magnetic quantum oscillations in ferromagnetic semimetal PrAlSi
arxiv Digital Libraries The Archives Unleashed Project: Technology, Process, and Community to Improve Scholarly Access to Web Archives
arxiv Other Computer Science Efficient Programmable Random Variate Generation Accelerator from Sensor Noise
arxiv Machine Learning Support recovery and sup-norm convergence rates for sparse pivotal estimation
arxiv Discrete Mathematics 1-planar graphs with minimum degree at least 3 have bounded girth
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Black Holes as a Gateway to the Quantum: Classical and Semi-Classical Explorations
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Studies of $η^{(')}π$ Final States Using GlueX Data
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Heterogeneous accretion of Earth inferred from Mo-Ru isotope systematics
arxiv Robotics 3D Object Segmentation for Shelf Bin Picking by Humanoid with Deep Learning and Occupancy Voxel Grid Map
arxiv Machine Learning Automated extraction of mutual independence patterns using Bayesian comparison of partition models
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Bottomonium spectrum with a Dirac potential model in the momentum space
arxiv Quantum Physics Reservoir engineering with localized dissipation: dynamics and pre-thermalization
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Ultrafast strong-field absorption in gapped graphene
arxiv Machine Learning Lipschitz Lifelong Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Intensity-Modulated Fiber-Optic Voltage Sensors for Power Distribution Systems
arxiv Group Theory Approximating nonabelian free groups by groups of homeomorphisms of the real line
arxiv Social and Information Networks Unbiased evaluation of ranking metrics reveals consistent performance in science and technology citation data
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Transverse spin effects in hard semi-inclusive collisions
arxiv Quantitative Methods Supercritical angle microscopy and spectroscopy
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Polynomial Invariants and SAGBI Bases for Multi-screws
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Time-information uncertainty relations in thermodynamics
arxiv Machine Learning Deep Residual Flow for Novelty Detection
arxiv Probability Extremes and regular variation
arxiv Geometric Topology A basis for the Kauffman skein module of the product of a surface and a circle
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Indoor Layout Estimation by 2D LiDAR and Camera Fusion
arxiv Mathematical Physics Integrable symplectic maps associated with discrete Korteweg-de Vries-type equations
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Scout: Rapid Exploration of Interface Layout Alternatives through High-Level Design Constraints
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition UnOVOST: Unsupervised Offline Video Object Segmentation and Tracking
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Leidenfrost temperature in sprays: role of the substrate and liquid properties
arxiv Dynamical Systems On the Independence of Fundamental Decompositions of Power-Law Kinetic Systems
arxiv Number Theory Distribution of Frobenius elements in families of Galois extensions
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Local-global principles for curves over semi-global fields
arxiv Neurons and Cognition A Real-Time Retinomorphic Simulator Using a Conductance-Based Discrete Neuronal Network
arxiv Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems Fifth-order generalized Heisenberg supermagnetic models
arxiv Category Theory Homotopy theory of algebras of substitudes and their localisation
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Cyclic variations in the main components of the solar large-scale magnetic field
arxiv Numerical Analysis On the discretization of Laplace's equation with Neumann boundary conditions on polygonal domains
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Linear and fully nonlinear elliptic equations with $L_{d}$-drift
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Limits on the Electromagnetic Counterpart to S190814bv
arxiv Numerical Analysis Time evolution of the characteristic and probability density function of diffusion processes via neural networks
arxiv Information Theory Low Complexity Distributed Computing via Binary Matrices with Extension to Stragglers
arxiv Signal Processing System Energy-Efficient Hybrid Beamforming for mmWave Multi-user Systems
arxiv Differential Geometry Soft construction of Floer-type homologies
arxiv Quantum Physics Robust control of a NOT gate by composite pulses
arxiv Materials Science First-Principles Investigation of Anchoring Behavior of WS2 and WSe2 for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
arxiv Machine Learning Robotic Grasp Manipulation Using Evolutionary Computing and Deep Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Applications Spillover Effects in Experimental Data
arxiv Materials Science Direct evidence of weakly dispersed and strongly anharmonic low frequency optical phonons at low temperature in hybrid organolead perovskites
arxiv Social and Information Networks What Contributes to a Crowdfunding Campaign's Success? Evidence and Analyses from GoFundMe Data
arxiv Image and Video Processing Segmentation and Generation of Magnetic Resonance Images by Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Algebraic Topology Higher Independence Complexes of graphs and their homotopy types
arxiv Robotics CIAO$^\star$: MPC-based Safe Motion Planning in Predictable Dynamic Environments
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Algebraic foliations and derived geometry: the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Improvement of an Approximated Self-Improving Sorter and Error Analysis of Its Estimated Entropy
arxiv Machine Learning The Gossiping Insert-Eliminate Algorithm for Multi-Agent Bandits
arxiv Number Theory Strong rational Diophantine D(q)-triples
arxiv Statistics Theory Profile least squares estimators in the monotone single index model
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Gaia-DR2 extended kinematical maps. Part II: Dynamics in the Galactic disk explaining radial and vertical velocities
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Star-disk alignment in the protoplanetary disks: SPH simulation of the collapse of turbulent molecular cloud cores
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Simulating cilia-driven mixing and transport in complex geometries
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Inducing Cooperation in Multi-Agent Games Through Status-Quo Loss
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Reference Architecture for Plausible Threat Image Projection (TIP) Within 3D X-ray Computed Tomography Volumes
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The Origin of the Six-Gluon Amplitude in Planar $\mathcal{N}=4$ SYM
arxiv Accelerator Physics Advanced Control Methods for Particle Accelerators (ACM4PA) 2019 Workshop Report
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Offline Grid-Based Coverage path planning for guards in games
arxiv Emerging Technologies Survey on STT-MRAM Testing: Failure Mechanisms, Fault Models, and Tests
arxiv Optics Intense Anti-Stokes Emission of Erbium Ions in Gallium Lanthanum Sulphide-Oxide Glass in Visible Spectral Range
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Evolution of Stokes V area asymmetry related to a quiet Sun cancelation observed with GRIS/IFU
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Strong integrability of the bi-YB-WZ model
arxiv Computation and Language AvgOut: A Simple Output-Probability Measure to Eliminate Dull Responses
arxiv Optics Matters Arising: Modeling and observation of mid-infrared nonlocality in effective epsilon-near-zero ultranarrow coaxial apertures
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Cosmological constraints on dark energy in light of gravitational wave bounds
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Transport signatures of topological phases in double nanowires probed by spin-polarized STM
arxiv Information Theory Fundamental Limits of Age-of-Information in Stationary and Non-stationary Environments
arxiv Quantum Physics Machine learning transfer efficiencies for noisy quantum walks
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Metal enrichment in the circumgalactic medium and Lyα haloes around quasars at z $\sim$3
arxiv Quantum Physics Correlation-induced steady states and limit cycles in driven dissipative quantum systems
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Dimensional crossover and the link between thermodynamics and dynamics: the case of Ising models at complex temperature
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Real-time Dynamics of Plasma Balls
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Blow-up criteria below scaling for defocusing energy-supercritical NLS and quantitative global scattering bounds
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Exploring phase space with Neural Importance Sampling
arxiv Optics A Nonlinear Enhanced Microresonator Gyroscope
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Inflation without gauge redundancy
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Neutral and charged excitons interplay in non-uniformly strain-engineered WS$_2$
arxiv Quantum Physics Quaternionic quantum theory admits universal dynamics only for two-level systems
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Phonon magnetochiral effect in chiral Weyl semimetals
arxiv Machine Learning Bridging Convex and Nonconvex Optimization in Robust PCA: Noise, Outliers, and Missing Data
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Review and Examination of Input Feature Preparation Methods and Machine Learning Models for Turbulence Modeling
arxiv Computational Physics i-flow: High-dimensional Integration and Sampling with Normalizing Flows
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies SOFIA/FORCAST Galactic Center Legacy Survey: Overview
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition EEV Dataset: Predicting Expressions Evoked by Diverse Videos
biorxiv Genetics Color Data v2: a user-friendly, open-access database with hereditary cancer and hereditary cardiovascular conditions datasets
biorxiv Neuroscience 25-Hydroxycholesterol amplifies microglial IL-1β production in an apoE isoform-dependent manner
biorxiv Neuroscience Prospective rewards enhance motor skill performance and skill coding in LPFC
biorxiv Ecology Carbon limitation leads to thermodynamic regulation of aerobic metabolism
biorxiv Cancer Biology Human Telomerase Expression is under Direct Transcriptional Control of the Telomere-binding-factor TRF2
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Negative linkage disequilibrium between amino acid changing variants reveals interference among deleterious mutations in the human genome
biorxiv Genetics ATF4 mediates fetal globin upregulation in response to reduced β-globin
biorxiv Bioinformatics d-PBWT: dynamic positional Burrows-Wheeler transform
biorxiv Cell Biology The Flemmingsome reveals an ESCRT-to-membrane coupling required for completion of cytokinesis
biorxiv Cell Biology Pyruvate kinase controls signal strength in the insulin secretory pathway
biorxiv Molecular biology An ancient satellite repeat controls gene expression and embryonic development in Aedes aegypti through a highly conserved piRNA
biorxiv Genomics Reconstructing Genotypes in Private Genomic Databases from Genetic Risk Scores
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Linked-read sequencing enables haplotype-resolved resequencing at population scale
biorxiv Neuroscience Time course and shared neurocognitive mechanisms of mental imagery and visual perception
biorxiv Cell Biology Quantifying Epithelial Plasticity as a Platform to Reverse Epithelial Injury
biorxiv Molecular biology Polycomb regulation is coupled to cell cycle transition in pluripotent stem cells
biorxiv Biochemistry Characterization of Prenylated C-terminal Peptides Using a Novel Capture Technique Coupled with LCMS
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Diversified Learning Environment Alleviates Learning Impairment Caused by Contextual Stress
biorxiv Neuroscience Can we predict real-time fMRI neurofeedback learning success from pre-training brain activity?
biorxiv Neuroscience Dynamics of sphingolipids and the serine-palmitoyltransferase complex in oligodendrocytes during myelination.
biorxiv Plant biology Target of Rapamycin: function in abiotic stress tolerance in Arabidopsis and its involvement in a possible cross-talk with ribosomal proteins
biorxiv Should I shrink or should I flow? - body size adjustment to thermo-oxygenic niche
biorxiv Distinct signals in medial and lateral VTA dopamine neurons modulate fear extinction at different times
biorxiv Parallel evolution in the integration of a co-obligate aphid symbiosis
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Chemical constituents involved in e-cigarette, or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI)
biorxiv Genetics Investigating the Genetic Architecture of Non-Cognitive Skills Using GWAS-by-Subtraction
biorxiv Neuroscience From thoughtless awareness to effortful cognition: alpha - theta cross-frequency dynamics in experienced meditators during meditation, rest and arithmetic
biorxiv Bioengineering Removable cranial window for sustained wide-field optical imaging in mouse neocortex
biorxiv Biophysics Quantification of amyloid fibril polymorphism by nano-morphometry reveals the individuality of filament assembly
biorxiv Genetics Theoretical and empirical quantification of the accuracy of polygenic scores in ancestry divergent populations
biorxiv Immunology Specificity and effector functions of non-neutralizing gB-specific monoclonal antibodies isolated from healthy individuals with human cytomegalovirus infection
biorxiv Neuroscience Complementary effects of adaptation and gain control on sound encoding in primary auditory cortex
biorxiv Neuroscience Development of Microstructural and Morphological Cortical Profiles in the Neonatal Brain
biorxiv Neuroscience Distinct components of photoperiodic light are differentially encoded by the mammalian circadian clock
biorxiv Neuroscience Efficient Coding in the Economics of Human Brain Connectomics
biorxiv Ecology A global map of root biomass across the world's forests
biorxiv Genomics scTPA: A web tool for single-cell transcriptome analysis of pathway activation signatures
biorxiv Bioinformatics Longitudinal cancer evolution from single cells
biorxiv Neuroscience Rod phototransduction and light signal transmission during type 2 diabetes
biorxiv Biochemistry Development of novel anti-malarial from structurally diverse library of molecules, targeting plant-like Calcium Dependent Protein Kinase 1, a multistage growth regulator of P. falciparum
biorxiv Deep Brain Stimulation: Imaging on a group level
biorxiv Neuraminidase activity mediates IL-6 production through TLR4 and p38/ERK MAPK signaling in MRL/lpr mesangial cells
biorxiv SREBP1 regulates mitochondrial metabolism in oncogenic KRAS expressing NSCLC
biorxiv Expanding the Genetic Architecture of Nicotine Dependence and its Shared Genetics with Multiple Traits: Findings from the Nicotine Dependence GenOmics (iNDiGO) Consortium
biorxiv Glucocorticoid Receptor ablation promotes cardiac regeneration by hampering cardiomyocyte terminal differentiation
biorxiv Differences in mitochondrial activity trigger cell competition during early mouse development.
biorxiv Evolutionary causes of lifespan extension by dietary restriction: linking theory and mechanisms
biorxiv Mining downy mildew susceptibility genes: a diversity study in grapevine.
biorxiv Distinct neural signals in speech preparation differentially modulate auditory responses
biorxiv Creation of a novel trigeminal tractography atlas for automated trigeminal nerve identification
biorxiv Ignoring fossil age uncertainty leads to inaccurate topology and divergence times in time calibrated tree inference
biorxiv Controlling water hyacinth infestation in Lake Tana using fungal pathogen from Laboratory level up to pilot scale
biorxiv Genomics Genome wide sequencing provides evidence of adaptation to heterogeneous environments for the ancient relictual Circaeaster agrestis (Circaeasteraceae, Ranunculales)
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Online Timing Accuracy and Precision: A comparison of platforms, browsers, and participant's devices
biorxiv Dispersal limitation and fire feedbacks maintain mesic savannas in Madagascar
biorxiv Cell Biology Fast and efficient generation of knock-in human organoids using homology-independent CRISPR/Cas9 precision genome editing
biorxiv Microbiology Functional gene categories differentiate maize leaf drought-related microbial epiphytic communities
biorxiv Physiology Roles of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ ATPase pump in the impairments of lymphatic contractile activity in a metabolic syndrome rat model
biorxiv Cell Biology Reduced PABPN1 levels causes cytoskeleton disorganization and aberrant differentiation
psyarxiv Meta-science Sharing and organizing research products as R packages
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The role of indexical cues in the distributional learning of phonetic categories.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Foraging Tempo: Human run patterns in multiple target search are constrained by the rate of successive responses.
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition What drives male association tendencies in wild zebrafish? Role of female and vegetation densities
biorxiv Microbiology Dynamin-like proteins are essential for vesicle biogenesis in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
biorxiv Neuroscience A regulatory domain in the K2P2.1 (TREK-1) carboxyl-terminal allows for channel activation by monoterpenes
biorxiv Genomics Sampling artifacts in single-cell genomics cohort studies
biorxiv Neuroscience Modulation of white matter bundle connectivity in the presence of axonal truncation pathologies
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Synthesis of geological and comparative phylogeographic data point to climate, not mountain uplift, as driver of divergence across the Eastern Andean Cordillera
biorxiv Genomics Genetic associations at regulatory phenotypes improve fine-mapping of causal variants for twelve immune-mediated diseases
biorxiv Bioinformatics TOP the Transcription Orientation Pipeline and its use to investigate the transcription of non-coding regions: assessment with CRISPR direct repeats and intergenic sequences.
biorxiv Neuroscience Sources of Off-Target Effects of Vagus Nerve Stimulation Using the Helical Clinical Lead in Domestic Pigs
biorxiv Neuroscience Physiological significance of proteolytic processing of Reelin revealed by cleavage-resistant Reelin knock-in mice
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Early metazoan origin and multiple losses of a novel clade of RIM pre-synaptic calcium channel scaffolding protein homologues
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Initial virome characterization of the common cnidarian lab model Nematostella vectensis
biorxiv Microbiology Deletion of RsmE 16S rRNA methyltransferase leads to low level increase in aminoglycoside resistance in Mycobacterium smegmatis
biorxiv Genomics Complex sex-specific age-related changes in DNA methylation including variability, epimutations and entropy
biorxiv Zoology Age-Stage, Two-Sex Life Table of the Menochilus sexmaculatus (Coccinellidae: Coleoptera) Feeding on Different Aphid Species
biorxiv Systems Biology Molecular Pathways Resultant in Fever due to Inhibitory Effects of Binding PGE2 to Glucocorticoid Receptors
biorxiv Bioinformatics The synergistic actions of hydrolytic genes in coexpression networks reveal the potential of Trichoderma harzianum for cellulose degradation
biorxiv Genomics SMRT sequencing of the Oryza rufipogon genome reveals the genomic basis of rice adaptation
biorxiv Microbiology Architecture and self-assembly of the Clostridium sporogenes/botulinum spore surface illustrate a general protective strategy across spore formers
biorxiv Neuroscience LRP::FLAG reduces phosphorylated tau levels in Alzheimer's Disease
biorxiv Microbiology Biodiversity Of Bacteriophages From Lysed Batch Culture Of Recombinant Escherichia Coli BL21(DE3) Examined By Anion Exchange Chromatography And TEM
biorxiv Neuroscience A Temporal Quantitative Profiling of Newly Synthesized Proteins during Aβ Accumulation
biorxiv Cancer Biology Loss of mitochondrial localization of human FANCG causes defective FANCJ helicase
biorxiv Bioengineering Plant-derived Cellulose Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering.
biorxiv Immunology Phosphatidylinositol Acyl Chains Configure TLR-Dependent Priming and Activation of the NLRP3 Inflammasome
biorxiv Developmental Biology Hedgehog signaling is required for endomesodermal patterning and germ cell development in Nematostella vectensis
biorxiv Biophysics Transport Phenomena in Fluid Films with Curvature Elasticity
biorxiv Immunology Development of humanized mouse and rat models with full-thickness human skin and autologous immune cells
biorxiv Neuroscience Loss of the Er81 Transcription Factor in Cholinergic Cells Alters Striatal Activity and Habit Formation
biorxiv Microbiology Non-invasive monitoring of drug action: a new live in vitro assay design for Chagas' disease drug discovery
biorxiv Bioinformatics Predicting transcription factor binding in single cells through deep learning
biorxiv Physiology Sponge Physioecology On Moorea, French Polynesia: Local Distribution And Filtration Efficiency Of Lamellodysidea Under Varying Temperatures
biorxiv Cancer Biology Quantitative Analysis of Tissue Secretome Reveals the Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Carbonic Anhydrase II in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
biorxiv Systems Biology Identification of phosphosites that alter protein thermal stability
biorxiv Systems Biology The Nonequilibrium Mechanism of Noise Enhancer synergizing with Activator in HIV Latency Reactivation
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology High evolutionary potential in the chemical defenses of an aposematic Heliconius butterfly
biorxiv Characterisation of the genetic architecture of immune-mediated disease through informed dimension reduction
biorxiv Biophysics Harnessing intrinsic fluorescence for typing of secondary structures of DNA
biorxiv Bioengineering Mechanical Regulation of Microvascular Angiogenesis
biorxiv Bioinformatics A Bayesian nonparametric semi-supervised model for integration of multiple single-cell experiments
biorxiv Cancer Biology PAX2 Induces Tubular-Like Structures in Normal and Ovarian Cancer Cells
biorxiv Cell Biology Protein kinase Cϵ activation induces EHD-dependent degradation and downregulation of KATP channels: Implications for glucose stimulated insulin secretion
biorxiv Cancer Biology Nobiletin Affects Circadian Rhythms and Oncogenic Characteristics in a Cell-Dependent Manner
biorxiv Biophysics Bioluminescence dynamics in single germinating bacterial spores reveal metabolic heterogeneity
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Evolutionary forces on A-to-I RNA editing revealed by sequencing individual honeybee drones
biorxiv Neuroscience Neuronal LXR Regulates Neuregulin-1 Expression and Sciatic Nerve-Associated Cell signaling
biorxiv Bioinformatics Quantifying the impact of Human Leukocyte Antigen on the human gut microbiome