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psyarxiv Life Sciences The Relationship between Presence of Meaning, Search for Meaning, and Subjective Well-Being: A Three-Level Meta-Analysis based on the Meaning in Life Questionnaire
biorxiv Structural Insights into GluK3-kainate Receptor Desensitization and Recovery
biorxiv A Simple Cross-Linking/Mass Spectrometry Workflow to Study System-Wide Protein Interactions
biorxiv Chaperone-mediated ordered assembly of the SAGA transcription complex
biorxiv GHOST: Recovering Historical Signal from Heterotachously-evolved Sequence Alignments
biorxiv sFlt-1 commutes unfolded protein response into endoplasmic reticulum stress in trophoblast cells in preeclamptic pregnancies
biorxiv Cortical tethering of mitochondria by the dynein anchor Mcp5 enables uniparental mitochondrial inheritance during fission yeast meiosis
biorxiv Genomics The KZFP/KAP1 system controls transposable elements-embedded regulatory sequences in adult T cells
biorxiv Molecular biology Combinatorial Treatment Increases IKAP Levels in Human Cells Generated from Familial Dysautonomia Patients
biorxiv Epidemiology Survival Analysis and Prognostic Factors of Time to First Domestic Violence after Marriage among Married Women in Africa
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Transcriptome analysis of the Molecular Mechanism underlying Immunity- and Reproduction trade-off in Locusta migratoria Infected by Micrococcus luteus
biorxiv Epidemiology China's Development Assistance for Health on Key Tropical Diseases: A SWOT Analysis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Prediction of a Rise in Antisocial Personality Disorder through Cross - Generational Analysis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Psychological Networks in Clinical Populations: A tutorial on the consequences of Berkson's Bias
biorxiv Neuroscience Current Models of Speech Motor Control: A Control-Theoretic Overview of Architectures & Properties
biorxiv Microbiology In vivo structure of the Legionella type II secretion system by electron cryotomography
biorxiv Neuroscience Domain-specific working memory, but not dopamine-related genetic variability, shapes reward-based motor learning
biorxiv Biophysics Nanoscopic Stoichiometry and Single-Molecule Counting
biorxiv Neuroscience Global and regional white matter development in early childhood
biorxiv Neuroscience Isogenic human iPSC pairs reveal a neuronal subtype-specific and genetic background-independent mechanism of SCN1A epilepsy
biorxiv Genetics Deep phenotyping of a healthy human HAO1 knockout informs therapeutic development for primary hyperoxaluria type 1.
biorxiv Genomics Accuracy of gene expression prediction from genotype data with PrediXcan varies across diverse populations
biorxiv Microbiology Characterization of the interactive effects of labile and recalcitrant organic matter on microbial growth and metabolism
biorxiv Ecology Accounting for imperfect detection in species with sessile life cycle stages: a case study of bumble bee colonies
biorxiv Molecular biology Nascent transcript analysis of glucocorticoid crosstalk with TNF defines primary and cooperative inflammatory repression
biorxiv Genetics A large-scale multivariate pQTL study sheds light on the genetic architecture of obesity
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Scavenging of reactive dicarbonyls with 2-hydroxybenzylamine reduces atherosclerosis in hypercholesterolemic Ldlr-/- mice
biorxiv Ecology Risks to pollinators from different land-use transitions: bee species' responses to agricultural expansion show strong phylogenetic signal
biorxiv Genetics Sequence based mapping identifies AWNS1, a candidate transcription repressor underlying awn suppression at the B1 locus in wheat
biorxiv Neuroscience Direct binding of the flexible C-terminal segment of periaxin to β4 integrin suggests a molecular basis for CMT4F
biorxiv Microbiology Rapidly processed stool swabs approximate stool microbiota profiles
biorxiv Genomics Genetic Nature or Genetic Nurture? Quantifying Bias in Analyses Using Polygenic Scores
biorxiv Genomics Comprehensive analysis of RNA-seq kits for standard, low and ultra-low quantity samples
biorxiv Genomics Identification and mitigation of pervasive off-target activity in CRISPR-Cas9 screens for essential non-coding elements
biorxiv Microbiology Closely related Cryptococcus neoformans strains possess differential virulence both in humans and the mouse inhalation model
biorxiv Microbiology The reconstitution of body mass index in HIV positive subjects under antiretroviral treatment in Kinshasa
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology The evolution of collective infectious units in viruses
biorxiv Genetics The landscape of SNCA transcripts across synucleinopathies: New insights from long reads sequencing analysis
biorxiv Genetics Investigating causal pathways between liability to ADHD and substance use, and liability to substance use and ADHD risk, using Mendelian randomization.
biorxiv Neuroscience Ontological Dimensions of Cognitive-Neural Mappings
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Comparative analyses of chromatin landscape in white adipose tissue suggest humans may have less beigeing potential than other primates
biorxiv Biochemistry Cysteine modification can gate non-equilibrium conformational dynamics during enzyme catalysis
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Widespread selection for high and low secondary structure in coding sequences across all domains of life
biorxiv Physiology Effects of Standing on Spinal Alignment and Lumbar Intervertebral Discs in Young, Healthy Individuals Determined by Positional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
biorxiv Neuroscience Transcriptomic correlates of electrophysiological and morphological diversity within and across neuron types
biorxiv Neuroscience Reproducibility of functional brain alterations in major depressive disorder: evidence from a multisite resting-state functional MRI study with 1,434 individuals
biorxiv Neuroscience Individual differences in the effects of priors on perception: a multi-paradigm approach
biorxiv Ecology Landscape-scale simulations as a tool in multi-criteria decision making for agri-environment schemes
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Purpose in life is associated with health outcomes among diabetic adults
psyarxiv Neuroscience Hypothesis: Transposons (TEs) may present a mechanism of adaptation to selective pressure of trauma and its inheritance
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Removing hand information specifically impairs emotion recognition for fearful and angry body stimuli
biorxiv Cancer Biology Acute Myeloid Leukemia Driven by the CALM-AF10 Fusion Gene is Dependent on BMI1
biorxiv Ecology Hellbender Salamanders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) Exhibit An Ontogenetic Shift In Microhabitat Use In A Blue Ridge Physiographic Region Stream
biorxiv Clinical Trials Human extinction learning is accelerated by an angiotensin antagonist via ventromedial prefrontal cortex and its connections with basolateral amygdala
biorxiv Neuroscience Line drawings reveal the structure of internal visual models conveyed by cortical feedback.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Perceived social support buffers decline in purpose among older adults
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Extinction Reveals the Episodic Nature of Pavlovian Conditioning
biorxiv Epidemiology Healthcare related activity following kidney transplantation: an observational cohort study.
biorxiv Developmental Biology The Prrx1 limb enhancer marks an adult population of injury-responsive, multipotent dermal fibroblasts
biorxiv Epidemiology Emergence of the Zika virus Asian lineage in Angola
biorxiv Epidemiology Knowledge, attitude and practices on dengue fever among paediatric and adult in-patients in Metro Manila, Philippines
biorxiv Epidemiology The effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a hospital avoidance program in a residential aged care facility
biorxiv Epidemiology Benefits of improved air quality on aging lungs. Impacts of genetics and obesity
biorxiv Epidemiology Enteropathogen seroepidemiology among children in low-resource settings
biorxiv Epidemiology Capturing multiple-type interactions into practical predictors of type replacement following HPV vaccination
biorxiv Clinical Trials Use of a pandemic H1N1 strain with updated haemagglutinin and neuraminidase results in increased nasopharyngeal shedding and improved immunogenicity to Russian-backbone live attenuated influenza vaccine among children aged 2 – 4 years old: an open label, prospective, observational, phase 4 study in The Gambia.
biorxiv Epidemiology Development of a Prediction Model for Incident Atrial Fibrillation using Machine Learning Applied to Harmonized Electronic Health Record Data
biorxiv Neuroscience RAI1 Regulates Activity-Dependent Nascent Transcription and Synaptic Scaling
biorxiv Epidemiology Effects of body mass index on relationship status, social contact, and socioeconomic position: Mendelian Randomization study in UK Biobank
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A measure of competitive access to destinations for comparing across multiple study regions
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Sizing up transport poverty: A national scale accounting of low-income households suffering from inaccessibility in Canada, and what to do about it
biorxiv Systems Biology A new image segmentation algorithm with applications in confocal microscopy analysis
biorxiv Neuroscience Tau pathology in early Alzheimer's disease disrupts selective neurophysiological networks dynamics
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Reproductive success in the barn owl is linked to partner compatibility in glucocorticoid levels
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Portion size does not influence food consumption in rats
biorxiv Neuroscience Thalamus drives two complementary input strata of the neocortex in parallel
biorxiv Neuroscience Distinct genetic signatures of cortical and subcortical regions associated with human memory
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Neoclassical Realism in the North Atlantic: Explaining Behaviors and Outcomes in the Cod Wars
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Big Data in Gerontology
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Dehumanization Effects on Agency Attributions, Retributive Justice judgments, and Resocialization Attitudes towards Former Perpetrators in Post-conflict
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics A comprehensive climate history of the last 800 thousand years
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Expansión de la esfera pública en Chile: Redes sociales, campañas electorales y participación digital
psyarxiv Psychiatry Premenstrual Disorders: A Primer and Research Agenda for Psychologists
biorxiv Neuroscience Ethanol-induced conditioned place preference and aversion differentially alter plasticity in the bed nucleus of stria terminalis
biorxiv Biochemistry Integrin cytoplasmic domain and pITAM compete for spleen tyrosine kinase binding
biorxiv Genetics LipoGlo: A sensitive and specific reporter of atherogenic lipoproteins
biorxiv Genetics S. cerevisiae Srs2 helicase ensures normal recombination intermediate metabolism during meiosis and prevents accumulation of Rad51 aggregates
biorxiv Developmental Biology SWI/SNF component BAF250a coordinates OCT4 and WNT signaling pathway to control cardiac lineage differentiation
biorxiv Genomics Distributed representations of protein domains and genomes and their compositionality
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Measuring amber initiator tRNA orthogonality in a genomically recoded organism
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Modelling the evolution of viral oncogenesis
biorxiv Ecology Metabolic rates of prokaryotic microbes may inevitably rise with global warming
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Survival of adult barn owls is linked to corticosterone levels
biorxiv Microbiology Microbial predictors of environmental perturbations in coral reef ecosystems
biorxiv Ecology Changes in fungal communities across a forest disturbance gradient
biorxiv Cell Biology MicroRNA-222 regulates fluid shear stress-induced human nucleus pulposus cells degeneration through affecting c-Fos expression
biorxiv Cell Biology Postnatal development of skeletal muscle in IUGR pigs: morphofunctional phenotype and molecular mechanisms
biorxiv Bioinformatics Managing genomic variant calling workflows with Swift/T
biorxiv Molecular biology Protein features for assembly of the RNA editing helicase 2 subcomplex (REH2C) in Trypanosome holo-editosomes
biorxiv Microbiology Direct visualization of membrane-spanning pores formed by a Leishmania amazonensis pore-forming cytolysin, as probed by atomic force microscopy
biorxiv Neuroscience Conformational coupling by trans-phosphorylation in calcium calmodulin dependent kinase II
biorxiv Ecology Ponds, puddles, floodplains and dams in the Upper Xingu Basin: could we be witnessing the 'lentification' of deforested Amazonia?
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Category Learning can alter perception and its neural correlates.
psyarxiv Meta-science Open Science: A Candid Conversation
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Joint action with iCub: a successful adaptation of a paradigm of cognitive neuroscience in HRI
biorxiv Genomics LINE-1 retrotransposition impacts the genome of human pre implantation embryos and extraembryonic tissues
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Statistical regularities induce spatial as well as feature-specific suppression
biorxiv Epidemiology Health workers' perspectives on the outcomes, enablers, and barriers to the implementation of HIV “Treat All” guidelines in Abuja Nigeria
biorxiv Microbiology Effect of ceftiofur cessation and substitution with lincomycin-spectinomycin on extended-spectrum-beta-lactamase/AmpC genes and multidrug resistance in E. coli from a Canadian broiler production pyramid
biorxiv Physiology Raman Spectroscopic comparative study of Oxytocin and Freeze-dried Extract of Uvariodendron anisatum Verdeck (Annonaceae) and their influence on diet induced obesity in Sprague Dawley rats
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences No clear advantage for high variability training during voice identity learning
biorxiv Bioinformatics ESUCA: a pipeline for genome-wide identification of upstream open reading frames with evolutionarily conserved sequences and determination of the taxonomic range of their conservation
biorxiv Neuroscience Affective reactivity during adolescence: Associations with age, puberty and testosterone
biorxiv Microbiology The role of Caulobacter cell surface structures in colonization of the air-liquid interface
biorxiv Microbiology Comparative analysis of ionic strength tolerance between freshwater and marine Caulobacterales adhesins
biorxiv Microbiology Ethanol stimulates trehalose production through a SpoT-DksA-AlgU dependent pathway in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
biorxiv Plant biology Environmental and epigenetic regulation of Rider retrotransposons in tomato
biorxiv Bioinformatics Usiigaci: Instance-aware cell tracking in stain-free phase contrast microscopy enabled by machine learning
biorxiv Bioinformatics PRISM: a comprehensive 3D structure database for post-translational modifications and mutations with functional impact
biorxiv Bioinformatics VPAC: Variational projection for accurate clustering of single-cell transcriptomic data
biorxiv Neuroscience A Spiking Neuron and Population Model based on the Growth Transform Dynamical System
biorxiv Microbiology Replicating Arabidopsis Model Leaf Surfaces for Phyllosphere Microbiology
biorxiv Microbiology Seasonal microbial dynamics on grapevine leaves under biocontrol and copper fungicide treatments
biorxiv Bioinformatics Identification of flavone and its derivatives as potential inhibitors of transcriptional regulator LasR of Pseudomonas aeruginosa using virtual screening
biorxiv Plant biology Systemic signalling through TCTP1 controls lateral root formation in Arabidopsis
biorxiv Neuroscience Heartbeat evokes a dynamically changing cortical theta-synchronized network in the resting state
biorxiv Cancer Biology Development of Human Neuroblastomas in Mouse-Human Neural Crest Chimeras
biorxiv Biophysics Organization and Regulation of Chromatin by Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences To /b/ or Not to /b/: Preparation of Contingent Phonological Starting Points in Word Production
psyarxiv Psychiatry Implicit attachment and substance use
biorxiv Biochemistry Compartmentalized Biosynthesis of Mycophenolic Acid
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology The Evolution of Genetic Bandwagoning
biorxiv Neuroscience A biologically-informed polygenic score identifies endophenotypes and clinical conditions associated with the insulin receptor function on specific brain regions
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Source rupture process of the 2017 Mw 6.5 Jiuzhaigou, China, earthquake derived from a modified-strategy joint inversion of seismological and geodetic data
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology A next generation approach to species delimitation reveals the role of hybridization in a cryptic species complex of corals
biorxiv Bioengineering Spatial control of oxygen delivery to 3D cultures alters cancer cell growth and gene expression
biorxiv Neuroscience Submicron Crystals of the Parkinson's Disease Substantia nigra: Calcium Oxalate, Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide
biorxiv Cell Biology An ESCRT-LEM domain inner nuclear membrane protein surveillance system is poised to directly monitor the integrity of the nuclear envelope barrier and nuclear transport system
biorxiv Genetics Targeted Long-Read RNA Sequencing Demonstrates Transcriptional Diversity Driven by Splice-Site Variation in MYBPC3
biorxiv Molecular biology A Pipeline for Fecal Host DNA Analysis by Absolute Quantification of LINE-1 and Mitochondrial Genomic Elements Using ddPCR
biorxiv Microbiology The symmetrical pattern of base-pair substitutions rates across the chromosome in Escherichia coli has multiple causes
biorxiv Bioinformatics On the Complexity of Sequence to Graph Alignment
biorxiv Neuroscience Aβ-Positivity Predicts Cognitive Decline but Cognition Also Predicts Progression to Aβ-Positivity
biorxiv Neuroscience Neural correlates of the effects of tDCS stimulation over the LIFG for phonological processing in dyslexia
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Genetically distinct behavioral modules underlie natural variation in thermal performance curves
biorxiv Genetics Synaptonemal complex proteins direct and constrain the localization of crossover-promoting proteins during Caenorhabditis elegans meiosis
biorxiv Synthetic Biology A model for the spatio-temporal design of gene regulatory circuits
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Oceanic salt spray and herbivore pressure contribute to local adaptation of coastal perennial and inland annual ecotypes of the Seep Monkeyflower (Mimulus guttatus)
biorxiv Molecular biology Induction of an alternative 5′ leader enhances translation of Inpp5e and resistance to oncolytic virus infection
biorxiv Bioengineering Ultra-fast fit-free analysis of complex fluorescence lifetime imaging via deep learning
biorxiv Physiology Exercise-stimulated muscle ROS production and glucose uptake requires NADPH oxidase 2
biorxiv Microbiology A Bimolecular Multicelular complementation system for the detection of syncytium formation: A new methodology for the identification of entry inhibitors
biorxiv Genomics An Improved Human smORF Annnotation Workflow Combining De Novo Transcriptome Assembly and Ribo-Seq
biorxiv Physiology Respiratory Muscle Training Improves Speech and Pulmonary Function in COPD Patients in a Home Health Setting - a Pilot Study
biorxiv Microbiology Unisexual reproduction promotes foraging for mating partners in the global human fungal pathogen Cryptococcus deneoformans
biorxiv Plant biology Plant seeds are primed by herbivore-induced plant volatiles
biorxiv Genetics High genetic diversity of Plasmodium falciparum in the low transmission setting of the Kingdom of Eswatini
biorxiv Neuroscience The differential contribution of pacemaker neurons to synaptic transmission in the pyloric network of the Jonah crab, Cancer borealis
biorxiv Bioinformatics Dynamic pseudo-time warping of complex single-cell trajectories
biorxiv Cell Biology Reconstruction of Par polarity in apolar cells reveals a dynamic process of cortical polarization
biorxiv Microbiology Ecological and microbiological diversity of chigger mites, including vectors of scrub typhus, on small mammals across stratified habitats in Thailand
biorxiv Paleontology How macroecology affects macroevolution: the interplay between extinction intensity and trait-dependent extinction in brachiopods
biorxiv Molecular biology A molecular phylogeny of Schizothoracinae (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) based on 12 protein-coding mitochondrial genes and RAG1 gene analysis
biorxiv Microbiology Select β-lactam combinations exhibit synergy against Mycobacterium abscessus in vitro
biorxiv Molecular biology DNA Gap Repair-Mediated Site-Directed Mutagenesis is Different from Mandecki and Recombineering Approaches
biorxiv Biochemistry X-ray structures of two active secreted Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron C11 proteases in complex with peptide-based inhibitors
biorxiv Molecular biology Comparative analysis of mitochondrial genome between UG93A and UG93B reveal common feature of 5′- end heterogeneity in mitochondrial genes of kenaf
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Eco-evolutionary feedbacks between predator's linkage disequilibrium and prey densities maintain diversity
biorxiv Ecology The Regime Shift Detector: a model to identify changes in dynamic rules governing populations
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Measurement Schmeasurement: Questionable Measurement Practices and How to Avoid Them
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Cultural evolution of emotional expression in 50 years of song lyrics
biorxiv Microbiology SpoIVA-SipL complex formation is essential for Clostridioides difficile spore assembly
biorxiv Genomics The diversity of antibiotic resistance and virulence genes are correlated in human gut and environmental microbiomes
biorxiv Neuroscience SHARQnet - Sophisticated Harmonic Artifact Reduction in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
biorxiv Genomics Physiological changes during cellular ageing in fission yeast drive non-random patterns of genome rearrangements
biorxiv Neuroscience Rethinking pain threshold as a zone of uncertainty
biorxiv De novo assembly of the Mongolian gerbil genome and transcriptome
biorxiv Neuroscience Hydraulic resistance of perivascular spaces in the brain
psyarxiv Neuroscience Getting to know me better: An fMRI study of intimate and superficial self-disclosure to friends during adolescence
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Network analyses reveal which symptoms improve (or not) following an Internet intervention (Deprexis) for depression
biorxiv Immunology Non-apoptotic pioneer neutrophils initiate an endogenous swarming response in a zebrafish tissue injury model
biorxiv Bioinformatics PrediTALE: A novel model learned from quantitative data allows for new perspectives on TALE targeting
biorxiv Microbiology Complete genome screening of clinical MRSA isolates identifies lineage diversity and provides full resolution of transmission and outbreak events
biorxiv Developmental Biology Phase separation during mouse early embryonic development and underlying genetic and epigenetic correlations
biorxiv Genomics Transposable elements drive reorganisation of 3D chromatin during early embryogenesis
biorxiv Ecology Mosquito and primate ecology predict human risk of yellow fever virus spillover in Brazil
biorxiv Neuroscience Single-neuron representations of spatial memory targets in humans
biorxiv Neuroscience Smoking and the risk for bipolar disorder: causal evidence from a bidirectional Mendelian randomization study
biorxiv Neuroscience Effects of Parcellation and Threshold on Brain Connectivity Measures
biorxiv Pathology Hippocampal morphometry in sudden and unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP)
biorxiv Neuroscience The time course of updating in running span
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Population persistence under high mutation rate: from evolutionary rescue to lethal mutagenesis
biorxiv Neuroscience A language-familiarity effect on the recognition of computer-transformed vocal emotional cues
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Excessive deliberation in social anxiety
biorxiv Neuroscience Attention Promotes the Neural Encoding of Prediction Errors
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Divergence of piRNA pathway proteins affects piRNA biogenesis but not TE transcript level
biorxiv Neuroscience The effects of aging on neural signatures of temporal regularity processing in sounds
biorxiv Neuroscience Motion perception in the common marmoset
sportrxiv Rehabilitation and Therapy The role of modality of exercise as a countermeasure to microgravity induced physical deconditioning: New perspectives and lessons learned from terrestrial studies
biorxiv Biophysics An integrated microfluidic platform for quantifying drug permeation across biomimetic vesicle membranes
biorxiv Bioengineering Differential Effector Response of Amnion- and Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Inflammation; Implications for Intradiscal Therapy
biorxiv Neuroscience Auditory-Visual Interactions in the Blind with Artificial Vision: Are Multisensory Perceptions Restored After Decades of Blindness?
biorxiv Neuroscience Repetitive mild concussion in subjects with a vulnerable cholinergic system: lasting cholinergic-attentional impairments in CHT+/- mice.
biorxiv Neuroscience Evolving super stimuli for real neurons using deep generative networks
biorxiv Neuroscience The behavioral phenotype of early life adversity: a 3-level meta-analysis of rodent studies
biorxiv Microbiology Complete genome sequence of Escherichia coli C – an old model organism with a new application in biofilm research
biorxiv Bioinformatics phyloFlash — Rapid SSU rRNA profiling and targeted assembly from metagenomes
biorxiv Microbiology The Efficacy of the Antimicrobial Peptide Melittin and the Enzyme DNase I Against E. coli Biofilms
biorxiv Neuroscience Better ears with eyes open: effects of multisensory stimulation with nonconscious visual stimuli on auditory learning
biorxiv Neuroscience Causal evidence supporting the proposal that dopamine transients function as a temporal difference prediction error
biorxiv Pathology A multimodal approach to identify clinically relevant parameters to monitor disease progression in a preclinical model of neuropediatric disease
biorxiv Biochemistry Mechanistic Analyses of Supercoiling Behaviors of DNA in Nucleosomes and Chromatins
biorxiv Neuroscience Predictive markers for Parkinson's disease using deep neural nets on neuromelanin sensitive MRI
biorxiv Neuroscience Cerebellar disruption impairs working memory during evidence accumulation
biorxiv Microbiology Genomic and epidemiological evidence of a dominant Panton-Valentine leucocidin-positive Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus lineage in Sri Lanka with spread to the United Kingdom and Australia
biorxiv Neuroscience NWB:N 2.0: An Accessible Data Standard for Neurophysiology
biorxiv Microbiology How sample heterogeneity can obscure the signal of microbial interactions
biorxiv Bioinformatics PaKman: Scalable Assembly of Large Genomes on Distributed Memory Machines
biorxiv Biophysics Instantaneous polarized light imaging reveals activity dependent structural changes of dendrites in mouse hippocampal slices
biorxiv Genomics Genome-wide epistasis and co-selection study using mutual information
biorxiv Ecology Dominant coral bacterium Endozoicomonas acroporae metabolizes DMSP
biorxiv Bioengineering Design principles for open source bioinstrumentation: the poseidon syringe pump system as an example
biorxiv Neuroscience Conjunction or co-activation? A multi-level MVPA approach to task set representations
biorxiv Biophysics Direct synthesis of EM-visible gold nanoparticles on genetically encoded tags for single-molecule visualization in cells
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Fear contagion in zebrafish: a behaviour affected by familiarity
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Financial Scarcity is Linked to Higher Emotional Turbulence and Reduced Well-Being
biorxiv Biophysics RPA phosphorylation regulates DNA resection
biorxiv Microbiology Development of an ELISA-Based Method for Testing Aflatoxigenicity and Aflatoxigenic Variability among Aspergillus species in Culture
biorxiv Immunology Molecular design, optimization and genomic integration of chimeric B cell receptors in murine B cells
biorxiv Ecology Understanding the variation in wood densities of trees and its implications for carbon assessments
biorxiv Cancer Biology Molecular and functional heterogeneity of cancer associated fibroblasts in high-grade serous ovarian cancer
biorxiv Neuroscience Sequence learning is driven by improvements in motor planning
biorxiv Genetics Improved polygenic prediction by Bayesian multiple regression on summary statistics
biorxiv Neuroscience Reconfiguration of neuronal subpopulation associated with disease-associated microglia in human Alzheimer's disease brain
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Persistent effects of the orexin-1 receptor antagonist SB-334867 on motivation for the fast acting opioid remifentanil
biorxiv Neuroscience Probing Neural Networks for Dynamic Switches of Communication Pathways
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Black sea cucumber (Holothuria atra Jaeger, 1833) protects Caenorhabditis elegans against Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection
biorxiv Neuroscience Conflicting Bottom-up and Top-down Signals during Misrecognition of Visual Objects
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Consistency of SVDQuartets and Maximum Likelihood for Coalescent-based Species Tree Estimation
biorxiv Plant biology A natural, conditional gene drive in plants
biorxiv Ecology Disharmony of the world's island floras
biorxiv Bioinformatics BigMPI4py: Python module for parallelization of Big Data objects
psyarxiv Neuroscience The role of conflict, feedback, and action comprehension in monitoring of action errors: Evidence for internal and external routes
biorxiv Cell Biology A gold standard method for human cell quantification after xenotransplantation
biorxiv Microbiology Inhibition of MreB and ftsZ proteins to minimize E. coli biofilm formation
biorxiv Neuroscience Selective targeting of unipolar brush cell subtypes by cerebellar mossy fibers
biorxiv Microbiology Epigenetic suppression of interferon lambda receptor expression leads to an enhanced HuNoV replication in vitro
biorxiv Neuroscience Category knowledge biases sensory representations in human visual cortex.
biorxiv Genomics GenomegaMap: within-species genome-wide dN/dS estimation from over 10,000 genomes
biorxiv Neuroscience Human and mouse iPSC-derived astrocyte subtypes reveal vulnerability in Vanishing White Matter
biorxiv Systems Biology 3D spatial organization and network-guided comparison of mutation profiles in Glioblastoma reveals similarities across patients
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Thiel Embalming Pre-Frozen Cadavers: A Mouse Model
biorxiv Microbiology Transcriptional analysis shows a robust host response to Toxoplasma gondii during early and late chronic infection in both male and female mice
biorxiv Plant biology Estimation the porosity of the valves of centric diatom Minidiscus vodyanitskiyi Lyakh & Bedoshvili using SEM images
biorxiv Genomics Gene Expression Predictions and Networks in Natural Populations Supports the Omnigenic Theory
biorxiv Microbiology Relating growth potential and biofilm formation of Shigatoxigenic Escherichia coli to in planta colonisation and the metabolome of ready- to-eat crops
biorxiv Immunology Identification of regulatory genes through global gene expression analysis of a Helicobacter pylori co-culture system
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Emerging, crystalizing, and changing psychological contracts over time: Introducing the iPC-network model
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Going beyond demographics: How social contexts shape individual attitudes
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Neuroscience of morality and teacher education
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Paradox of Inequality: Income Inequality and Belief in Meritocracy go Hand in Hand
psyarxiv Neuroscience Dysregulation of DNA methylation during development as a potential mechanisms contributing to obsessive compulsive disorders and autism
biorxiv Microbiology Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus (AMF) and reduction of arsenic uptake in lentil crops
biorxiv Microbiology EphA7 functions as a receptor for cell-to-cell transmission of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus into BJAB B cells and for cell-free virus infection by the related rhesus monkey rhadinovirus
biorxiv Microbiology Rcs phosphorelay activation in cardiolipin-deficient Escherichia coli reduces biofilm formation
biorxiv Epidemiology Space-time clusters of dengue, chikungunya, and Zika cases in the city of Rio de Janeiro
biorxiv Microbiology Carriage of a single strain of non-toxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae biovar Belfanti (Corynebacterium belfantii) in four patients with cystic fibrosis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Reaction times and other skewed distributions: problems with the mean and the median
biorxiv Developmental Biology Fetus-derived IGF2 matches placental development to fetal demand
biorxiv Biophysics The HCN Channel Voltage Sensor Undergoes A Large Downward Motion During Hyperpolarization
biorxiv Cell Biology CryoAPEX - an electron tomography tool for subcellular localization of membrane proteins
biorxiv Genetics Scarless Enriched selection of Genome edited Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Using Induced Drug Resistance
biorxiv Cell Biology Enhancing Cardiac Reprogramming by Suppressing Specific C-C Chemokine Signaling Pathways
biorxiv Biophysics Computational modeling reveals frequency modulation of calcium-cAMP/PKA pathway in dendritic spines
biorxiv Bioinformatics Feature Design for Protein Interface hotspots using KFC2 and Rosetta
biorxiv Biophysics A DNA-based voltmeter for organelles
biorxiv Cell Biology A novel technique for mapping viscosity in discrete subcellular locations with a BODIPY based fluorescent probe
biorxiv Neuroscience Cell Autonomous Neuroprotection by the Mitochondrial Uncoupling Protein 2 in a Mouse Model of Glaucoma
biorxiv Developmental Biology HMGB1 orchestrates uterine macrophage trafficking to safeguard embryo implantation
biorxiv Biophysics The GRASP domain in Golgi Reassembly and Stacking Proteins: differences and similarities between lower and higher Eukaryotes
biorxiv Developmental Biology KLF4 protein stability regulated by interaction with pluripotency transcription factors overrides transcriptional control
biorxiv Cell Biology Development and maintenance of synaptic structure is mediated by the alpha-tubulin acetyltransferase MEC-17/αTAT1
biorxiv Developmental Biology Cyto-architecture constrains a photoactivation induced tubulin gradient in the syncytial Drosophila embryo
biorxiv Neuroscience Dissociating Language and Thought in Human Reasoning
biorxiv Neuroscience Corazonin neuroendocrine pathway orchestrates stress-associated physiology in Drosophila
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Validation of a Novel Climate Change Denial Measure Using Item Response Theory
engrxiv Engineering Attitude Determination and Control System of ThinSats
psyarxiv Neuroscience Tulver, Aru, Rutiku & Bachmann (2018) - Individual differences in the effects of priors: a multi-paradigm approach
biorxiv Bioinformatics A normalized drug response metric improves accuracy and consistency of drug sensitivity quantification in cell-based screening
biorxiv Cancer Biology Multi-omic profiling of tyrosine kinase inhibitor-resistant K562 cells suggests metabolic reprogramming to promote cell survival
biorxiv Neuroscience Healthy ageing delays the neural processing of face features relevant for behaviour by 40 ms
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Investigating strategies of phonological processing in frontal aphasia through tDCS stimulation of the LIFG
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Learning Whether to Cooperate in Novel Social Interactions
biorxiv Biochemistry A mechanism for ligand gated strand displacement in ZTP riboswitch transcription regulation
biorxiv Bioengineering Bioproduction of single-stranded DNA from isogenic miniphage
biorxiv Molecular biology RNA Polymerase II is involved in 18S and 25S ribosomal RNA transcription, in Candida albicans
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Kin terms and fitness interdependence
biorxiv Neuroscience 10Kin1day: A bottom-up neuroimaging initiative
biorxiv Microbiology Early steps in the evolution of vertical transmission revealed by a plant-bacterium symbiosis
biorxiv Pathology Age-dependent characterization of the carotid and cerebral artery morphologies in a transgenic mouse model of sickle cell anemia using ultrasound and microcomputed tomography
biorxiv Immunology Maternal antibodies provide strain-specific protection against infection with the Lyme disease pathogen in a wild rodent
biorxiv Ecology Superadditive and subadditive dynamics are not inherent to the types of interacting threat
biorxiv Biophysics Calcium-driven regulation of voltage-sensing domains in BK channels
biorxiv Epidemiology Quality of life and satisfaction of users of total tissue-supported and implant-supported prostheses in the municipality of Macapá, Brazil
biorxiv Neuroscience Measuring vision using innate behaviours in mice with intact and impaired retina function
biorxiv Developmental Biology Identification of compounds that rescue otic and myelination defects in the zebrafish adgrg6 (gpr126) mutant
biorxiv Neuroscience Regulation of modulatory cell activity across olfactory structures in Drosophila melanogaster
biorxiv Physiology Phosgene Inhalation Causes Hemolysis and Acute Lung Injury
biorxiv Genomics First complete genome sequences of Zika virus from Midwest Brazil, 2015.
biorxiv Microbiology Chromosome dynamics in bacteria: triggering replication at opposite location and segregation in opposite direction
biorxiv Immunology Conserved transcriptomic profile between mouse and human colitis allows temporal dynamic visualization of IBD-risk genes and unsupervised patient stratification
biorxiv Bioengineering A 3D-printed hand-powered centrifuge for molecular biology
biorxiv Genomics The genomic sequence and comparative genomic analysis of cultivated passion fruit(Passiflora edulis L.)
biorxiv Physiology Investigation of the transcriptional profile of human kidneys during machine perfusion reveals potential benefits of haemoadsorption
biorxiv Microbiology Bacteriophage to Combat Biofilms in Hospital Drains
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Using digital organisms to investigate the effect of whole genome duplication in (artificial) evolution
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Genes lost during the transition from land to water in cetaceans highlight genomic changes involved in aquatic adaptations
biorxiv Plant biology Identification of the Calmodulin-dependent NAD+ kinase sustaining the elicitor-induced oxidative burst in plants
biorxiv Neuroscience Vibrotactile perception in the sole of the foot in people with normal glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes
biorxiv Cell Biology Image-derived Models of Cell Organization Changes During Differentiation of PC12 Cells
biorxiv Epidemiology How many days are needed to estimate accelerometry-assessed physical activity during pregnancy? Methodological analyses based on a cohort study using wrist-worn accelerometer
biorxiv Epidemiology Inquiry in Ridding the Democratic Republic of the Congo of sleeping sickness, a dream at our fingertips: comparing to the Epidemiology of human African trypanosomiasis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2002-2003
biorxiv Neuroscience Organization in complex brain networks: energy distributions and phase shift
biorxiv Biophysics Dynamic Change of Electrostatic Field in TMEM16F Permeation Pathway Shifts Its Ion Selectivity
biorxiv Biophysics Molecular recognition of M1-linked ubiquitin chains by native and phosphorylated UBAN domains
biorxiv Neuroscience LRRK2 modifies α-syn pathology and spread in mouse models and human neurons
biorxiv Biophysics Crystal Structure of the putative tail fiber protein gp53 from the Acinetobacter baumannii bacteriophage AP22
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences When Your Boo Becomes a Ghost: The Association Between Breakup Strategy and Breakup Role in Experiences of Relationship Dissolution
psyarxiv Life Sciences Modifying attitudes about modified foods: increased knowledge leads to more positive attitudes
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Early development of self-guided strategy improvements in children
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Episodic memory: mental time travel or a quantum `memory wave' function?
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Approaches to Modeling Interpersonal Complementarity in Intensive Longitudinal Data
biorxiv Cell Biology Tetraploidy in rodent cardiac stem cells confers enhanced biological properties
biorxiv Bioinformatics Assessing the performance of different approaches for functional and taxonomic annotation of metagenomes
biorxiv Neuroscience The self as a generative, teleological, and subjective prior: Mutually-modulated temporal agency
biorxiv Bioinformatics De Novo Peptide Sequencing Reveals a Vast Cyclopeptidome in Human Gut and Other Environments
biorxiv Genetics High-throughput allelic expression imbalance analyses identify candidate breast cancer risk genes
biorxiv Immunology Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) offer a drug tolerant and immune-privileged niche to Mycobacterium tuberculosis
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Killer whale genomes reveal a complex history of recurrent admixture and vicariance
biorxiv Bioinformatics Computational deconvolution of gene expression in leukemic cell hierarchies
biorxiv Microbiology Shedding light on biogas: a transparent reactor triggers the development of a biofilm dominated by Rhodopseudomonas faecalis that holds potential for improved biogas production
biorxiv Bioinformatics scruff: An R/Bioconductor package for preprocessing single-cell RNA-sequencing data
biorxiv Bioinformatics JuLI: accurate detection of DNA fusions in clinical sequencing for precision oncology
biorxiv Bioinformatics Intra-bin structural variant detection for whole genome sequencing data using U-net
biorxiv Bioinformatics Identification of potential new vaccine candidates in Salmonella typhi using reverse vaccinology and subtractive genomics-based approach
biorxiv Bioinformatics YAMB: metagenome binning using nonlinear dimensionality reduction and density-based clustering
biorxiv Cancer Biology Parallel signaling through IRE1α and PERK regulates pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor growth and survival
biorxiv Bioinformatics Scalable multi-component linear mixed models with application to SNP heritability estimation
biorxiv Systems Biology Emergence of non-genetic heterogeneity in metabolic reactions
biorxiv Neuroscience Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II regulates mammalian axon growth by affecting F-actin length in growth cone
biorxiv Bioinformatics Machine learning applied to predicting microorganism growth temperatures and enzyme catalytic optima
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Connecting micro and macroevolution using genetic incompatibilities and natural selection on additive genetic variance
biorxiv Developmental Biology Mature sperm small RNA profile in the sparrow: implications for transgenerational effects of age on fitness
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Macroevolution of dimensionless life history metrics in tetrapods
biorxiv Bioinformatics Biobtree: A tool to search, map and visualize bioinformatics identifiers and special keywords
biorxiv Bioengineering Dean flow assisted single cell and bead encapsulation for high performance single cell expression profiling
biorxiv Ecology Stridulations of Melolontha spp. larvae open up new possibilities for species-specific pest monitoring in soils
biorxiv Molecular biology Chromatin interactome mapping at 139 independent breast cancer risk signals
biorxiv Bioinformatics GuiltyTargets: Prioritization of Novel Therapeutic Targets with Deep Network Representation Learning
biorxiv Genomics Draft Genome Sequence and intraspecific diversification of the wild crop relative Brassica cretica Lam. using demographic model selection
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology A high throughput deep amplicon sequencing method to show the emergence and spread of Calicophoron daubneyi in United Kingdom cattle herds.
biorxiv Developmental Biology Cell cycle dynamics during diapause entry and exit in an annual killifish revealed by FUCCI technology
biorxiv Bioinformatics Probabilistic cell type assignment of single-cell transcriptomic data reveals spatiotemporal microenvironment dynamics in human cancers
biorxiv Bioinformatics Tumor Copy Number Deconvolution Integrating Bulk and Single-Cell Sequencing Data
biorxiv Immunology Alveolar macrophages up-regulate a non-classical innate response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in vivo
biorxiv Systems Biology Rapid microbial interaction network inference in microfluidic droplets
biorxiv Biochemistry A widespread Xrn1-resistant RNA motif composed of two short hairpins
biorxiv Molecular biology Retapamulin-assisted ribosome profiling reveals the alternative bacterial proteome
biorxiv Bioinformatics Distinguishing biological from technical sources of variation by leveraging multiple methylation datasets
biorxiv Molecular biology Homology-directed repair using transient CRISPR/Cpf1-geminiviral replicon in tomato
biorxiv Cell Biology Safety profiling of genetically engineered Pim-1 kinase overexpression for oncogenicity risk in human c-kit+ cardiac interstitial cells
biorxiv Bioinformatics KASP-Hedgehog: Efficient and routine tool for allele specific primer design using multidisciplinary data types.
biorxiv Cell Biology Genome-wide CRISPR screening identifies new regulators of glycoprotein secretion
biorxiv Biochemistry Fibril formation rewires interactome of the Alzheimer protein Tau by π-stacking
biorxiv Neuroscience Oxytocin reduces top-down control of attention by increasing bottom-up attention allocation to social but not non-social stimuli
biorxiv Cancer Biology SAMHD1 regulates human papillomavirus 16 induced cell proliferation and viral replication during differentiation of oral keratinocytes.
biorxiv Genomics High-quality genome assembly and high-density genetic map of asparagus bean
biorxiv Genomics PBMC Treatment Significantly Changes Gene Expression Regulation in Horses
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Язык прикосновений в свете последних открытий нейробиологии: интеграция семиотических, лингвистических, психологических и психофизиологических подходов
biorxiv Biophysics Molecular mechanism of TRPV2 channel modulation by cannabidiol
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Psychometric Evaluation of an Episodic Future Thinking Variant of the Autobiographical Memory Test (Episodic Future Thinking - Test; EFT-T)
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences When the lens is too wide: the visual dehumanization of refugees and its political consequences
bitss Social and Behavioral Sciences Predicting the Replicability of Social Science Lab Experiments
biorxiv Bioinformatics RNA design movesets and strategies from an Internet-scale videogame
psyarxiv Neuroscience lab.js: A free, open, online study builder
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Analyzing social media data: A mixed-methods framework combining computational and qualitative text analysis
biorxiv Neuroscience 3′UTR cleavage of transcripts localized in axons of sympathetic neurons
biorxiv Neuroscience Myopic control of neural dynamics
biorxiv Neuroscience A neural signature of pattern separation in the monkey hippocampus
biorxiv Microbiology Partitioning of microbial function among taxonomic ranks across the tree of life
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Children’s Vowel Spelling in Derived Words: Item-, Word- and Child-Level Predictors
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Computerised Memory Specificity Training (c-MeST) for the Treatment of Major Depression: A Study Protocol for a Randomised Controlled Trial
psyarxiv Neuroscience The Effect of Odor and Color on Chemical Cooling
biorxiv Genetics Fine-mapping of 150 breast cancer risk regions identifies 178 high confidence target genes
biorxiv Cancer Biology PIK3CA in KrasG12D/Trp53R172H Tumor Cells Promotes Immune Evasion by Limiting Infiltration of T Cells in a Model of Pancreatic Cancer
biorxiv Neuroscience Dissociable neural information dynamics of perceptual integration and differentiation during bistable perception
biorxiv Bioinformatics BEHST: genomic set enrichment analysis enhanced through integration of chromatin long-range interactions
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Black Protest Events In The Us 1994-2010: Issues, Campaigns And Trends
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Civil Service Models in Latin America
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Change Starts at Home: Baseline report of a trial to prevent intimate partner violence among married couples in Nepal
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Optimism Development Across Adulthood and Associations with Positive and Negative Life Events
biorxiv Neuroscience SGK1.1 activation causes early seizure termination via effects on M-current
biorxiv Biophysics Transient compartmentalization dynamics in the presence of mutations and noise
biorxiv Neuroscience The Drosophila ERG channel seizure plays a role in the neuronal homeostatic stress response
biorxiv Biophysics ICA512 RESP18 homology domain is a protein condensing factor and insulin fibrillation inhibitor
biorxiv Cell Biology The organization of leukotriene biosynthesis on the nuclear envelope revealed by single molecule localization microscopy and computational analyses
biorxiv Neuroscience NMDAR-activated PP1 dephosphorylates GluN2B to modulate NMDAR plasticity.
engrxiv Engineering Comfort, peak load and energy: Centralised control of water heaters for demand-driven prioritisation
biorxiv Cell Biology Autophagy regulates the localization and degradation of p16INK4a
biorxiv Microbiology Multiple phase-variable mechanisms, including capsular polysaccharides, modify bacteriophage susceptibility in Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron
biorxiv Plant biology Assessing the remarkable morphological diversity and transcriptomic basis of leaf shape in Ipomoea batatas (sweetpotato)
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Income Inequality and White-On-Black Racial Bias in the United States: Evidence from Project Implicit and Google Trends
biorxiv Genomics Signatures of replication, recombination and sex in the spectrum of rare variants on the human X chromosome and autosomes
biorxiv Developmental Biology β-catenin has an ancestral role in cell fate specification but not cell adhesion
biorxiv Developmental Biology Adapting the ELEAT: Early Life Exposure Assessment Tool) to Portugal – a pilot study to tackle gene-environment interactions in Autism Spectrum Disorder
biorxiv Neuroscience Diffusion Tensor Imaging connectivity analysis: detecting structural alterations and their underlying substrates for Optic Ataxia in correlations with "How" stream Visual Pathways
biorxiv Cell Biology Mechanism of microtubule plus-end tracking by the plant-specific SPR1 protein and its development as a versatile plus-end marker
biorxiv Genetics A role for gene-environment interactions in Autism Spectrum Disorder is suggested by variants in genes regulating exposure to environmental factors
biorxiv Physiology Constitutive Androstane Receptor contributes towards increased drug clearance in cholestasis
biorxiv Cancer Biology HDAC and MAPK/ERK Inhibitors Cooperate to Reduce Viability and Stemness Phenotype in Medulloblastoma
biorxiv Genetics Meiotic viral attenuation through an ancestral apoptotic pathway
biorxiv Microbiology Metabolic Modeling of Cystic Fibrosis Airway Communities Predicts Mechanisms of Pathogen Dominance
biorxiv Bioengineering Hip circumduction is not a compensation for reduced knee flexion angle during gait
biorxiv Biochemistry Stimulation of Gαq Promotes Stress Granule Formation
biorxiv Neuroscience Circular inference in bistable perception
biorxiv Neuroscience Binding of Filamentous Actin to CaMKII as a Potential Mechanism for the Regulation of Bidirectional Synaptic Plasticity by betaCaMKII in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells
biorxiv Neuroscience Involvement of gestational weight and body composition on autonomic recovery following aerobic exercise in children: a prospective, observational and analytical study
biorxiv Neuroscience Identification of Physiological Response Functions to Correct for Fluctuations in Resting-State fMRI related to Heart Rate and Respiration
biorxiv Genomics Locating a transgene integration site by nanopore sequencing
biorxiv Developmental Biology Cdk1 in germline and the dose of somatic EGFR signaling determine the rate of transit amplification
biorxiv Genetics Regulation of Parent-of-Origin Allelic Expression in Arabidopsis thaliana endosperm
biorxiv Biochemistry Chromokinesins NOD and KID Use Distinct ATPase Mechanisms and Microtubule Interactions to Perform a Similar Function
biorxiv Neuroscience Neuropathological validation of the MDS-PSP criteria with PSP and other frontotemporal lobar degeneration
biorxiv Biophysics Geometric control of frequency modulation of cAMP oscillations due to Ca2+-bursts in dendritic spines
biorxiv Neuroscience Spatial summation of individual cones in human color vision
biorxiv Cancer Biology Computational design of improved standardized chemotherapy protocols for grade II oligodendrogliomas
biorxiv Systems Biology Computation of stationary distributions in stochastic models of cellular processes with molecular memory
biorxiv Neuroscience The emergence of integrated information, complexity, and consciousness at criticality
biorxiv Genomics Development of a sequence-based reference physical map of pea (Pisum sativum L.)
biorxiv Molecular biology Use of FFPE-Derived DNA in Next Generation Sequencing: DNA extraction methods
biorxiv Bioinformatics Predicting disease-causing variant combinations
biorxiv Developmental Biology A new transgenic reporter line reveals Wnt-dependent Snail2 re-expression and cranial neural crest differentiation in Xenopus
biorxiv Genetics Genetic Variability and Correlation Coefficients of Major Traits in Early Maturing Rice under Rainfed Lowland Environments of Nepal
biorxiv Ecology Biotic interactions and climate in species distribution modelling
biorxiv Neuroscience The relationship between spatial configuration and functional connectivity of brain regions revisited
biorxiv Ecology Inferring wildlife poaching in Southeast Asia with multispecies dynamic site-occupancy models
biorxiv Plant biology Grass silica mineralizer (GSM1) protein precipitates silica in sorghum silica cells
biorxiv Biophysics Analytical expressions and physical principles for single-cell mRNA distributions of the lac operon of Escherichia coli
biorxiv Systems Biology A yeast phenomic model for the influence of Warburg metabolism on genetic buffering of doxorubicin
biorxiv Ecology Spatial synchrony in vegetation response
biorxiv Genomics Chromosome-level assembly of the common lizard (Zootoca vivipara) genome
biorxiv Cell Biology Quantitative Analysis of Global Protein Stability Rates in Tissues
biorxiv Developmental Biology Why does the zebrafish cloche mutant develop lens cataract?
biorxiv Neuroscience Coherent coding of spatial position mediated by theta oscillations in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Personality homophily affects male social bonding in wild Assamese macaques (Macaca assamensis)
biorxiv Neuroscience Nucleus accumbens cholinergic interneurons oppose cue-motivated behavior
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Attentional capture helps explain why moral and emotional content go viral
biorxiv Neuroscience Plasticity versus stability across the human cortical visual connectome
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Contextual recruitment of selective attention can be updated via changes in task-relevance
biorxiv Cancer Biology Genetic Landscape of Electron Transport Chain Complex I Dependency in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
biorxiv Cell Biology TORC2 Affects Endocytosis through Plasma Membrane Tension
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences From First Sight to Friendship: A Longitudinal Social Relations Analysis of Stability and Change in Interpersonal Attraction
psyarxiv Neuroscience Commentary: “Transcranial stimulation of the frontal lobes increases propensity of mind-wandering without changing meta-awareness”
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Supraglacial pond evolution in the Everest region, central Himalaya, 2015-2018.
biorxiv Cell Biology Nestin in immature embryonic neurons regulates axon growth cone morphology and Sema3a sensitivity
biorxiv Neuroscience Locus coeruleus integrity preserves memory performance across the adult life span
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology The necessary emergence of structural complexity in self-replicating RNA populations
biorxiv Epidemiology Inter-annual variation in seasonal dengue epidemics driven by multiple interacting factors in Guangzhou, China
biorxiv Neuroscience Quasi-periodic patterns contribute to functional connectivity in the brain
biorxiv Bioinformatics Inference of CRISPR Edits from Sanger Trace Data
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Hypnotic Clever Hands: Agency and Automatic Responding
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Sense of Agency Across Contexts: Insights from Schizophrenia and Hypnosis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Measuring Agency Change Across the Domain of Hypnosis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Increasing Anticipatory Pleasure and Behavioural Intention through Episodic Thinking
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Behavioral repeatability and foraging performance in wild free-flying nectarivorous bats (Glossophaga commissarisi)
biorxiv Bioinformatics Optimized functional annotation of ChIP-seq data
biorxiv Biophysics Functional Pathways of Biomolecules Retrieved from Single-particle Snapshots
biorxiv Genetics A pleiotropic chemoreceptor facilitates the coupling of pheromonal signal perception and production
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Confirmatory Study of the Relations Between Workplace Sexism, Sense of Belonging, Mental Health, and Job Satisfaction Among Women in Male-Dominated Industries
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Narcissism at Work Scale (NAWS)
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences No evidence of other-race effect for Chinese faces in Malaysian non-Chinese population
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Bayesian Analysis of Evidence in Support of the Null Hypothesis in Gerontological Psychology (or Lack Thereof)
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Impact of Expressive Writing on Math Anxiety in Preservice School Teachers
psyarxiv Life Sciences Temporal predictability does not impact attentional blink performance: Effects of fixed vs. random inter-trial intervals
biorxiv Cell Biology Epigenetic deregulation of lamina-associated domains in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome
biorxiv Biochemistry Discovery of a redox-thiol switch regulating cellular energy metabolism
biorxiv Cancer Biology SEMA4C is a novel target to limit osteosarcoma growth, progression, and metastasis
biorxiv Cancer Biology Wingless promotes JNK/MMPs positive feedback loop mediate tumour microtubes expansion, glioma progression and neurodegeneration
biorxiv Cell Biology Follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone increase Ca2+ in the granulosa cells of mouse ovarian follicles
biorxiv Neuroscience Sensory-motor brain dynamics reflect architectural affordances
biorxiv Neuroscience Conscious perception of natural images is constrained by category-related visual features
biorxiv Exaggerated in vivo IL-17 responses discriminate recall responses in active TB
biorxiv Cell Biology Impairments in contractility and cytoskeletal organisation cause nuclear defects in nemaline myopathy
biorxiv Genomics Alveolar macrophage chromatin is uniquely modified to orchestrate host response to Mycobacterium bovis infection
biorxiv Neuroscience Resting multivoxel activity patterns in human visual cortex are linked to patterns evoked by preferred visual stimuli
biorxiv Genetics Cross-talk of cellulose and mannan perception pathways leads to inhibition of cellulase production in several filamentous fungi
biorxiv Genetics A hypomorphic allele of telomerase reverse transcriptase uncovers the minimal functional length of telomeres in Arabidopsis.
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Comparative genomics analysis reveals high levels of differential DNA transposition among primates
biorxiv Cell Biology Microtubule bundling by MAP65-1 protects against severing by inhibiting the binding of katanin
biorxiv Systems Biology Dynamics of transcriptional regulation from total RNA-seq experiments
biorxiv Genomics The Caudate Nucleus Undergoes Dramatic and Unique Transcriptional Changes in Human Prodromal Huntington's Disease Brain
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Age-Related Differences in Recall and Recognition: A Meta Analysis
psyarxiv Neuroscience Pubertal development mediates the association between family environment and brain structure and function in childhood
biorxiv Immunology Heparan sulfate expression on B cells modulates IgM expression in aged mice and steady-state plasma cells
biorxiv Biophysics Kinesin-5 promotes microtubule nucleation and assembly by stabilizing a lattice-competent conformation of tubulin
biorxiv Bioinformatics Recognizing off-sample mass spectrometry images with machine and deep learning
biorxiv Cell Biology Longitudinal Intravital Imaging of Biosensor-labeled In Situ Islet Beta Cells
psyarxiv Neuroscience Visuo-tactile Congruency influences the Body Schema during Full Body Ownership Illusion
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology The off-target kinase landscape of clinical PARP inhibitors
biorxiv Plant biology Molecular characterization of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii telomeres and telomerase mutants
biorxiv Physiology O-GlcNAc transferase suppresses necroptosis and liver fibrosis
biorxiv Bioinformatics ScaR - A tool for sensitive detection of known fusion transcripts: Establishing prevalence of fusions in testicular germ cell tumors
biorxiv Biophysics How many bits of information can be transferred within a protein and how fast?
biorxiv Epidemiology A novel blaSIM-1-carrying megaplasmid pSIM-1-BJ01 isolated from clinical Klebsiella pneumonia
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Validating Mouse-Tracking: How Design Factors Influence Action Dynamics in Intertemporal Decision Making
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Both semantic diversity and frequency influence children’s sentence reading
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Police Use of Background Information Related to Alleged Victims in Mock Evaluations of Child Sexual Abuse
biorxiv Ecology One-time Nitrogen Fertilization Shifts Switchgrass Soil Microbiomes within a Context of Larger Spatial and Temporal Variation
biorxiv Epidemiology Choice of birth place among antenatal clinic attendees in rural mission hospitals in Ebonyi State, South-East Nigeria
biorxiv Physiology PKC regulates the production of fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23)
biorxiv Biochemistry Peptidoglycan Mediates Loa22 and Toll-like Receptor 2 Interactions in Pathogenic Leptospira
biorxiv Neuroscience RHO-1 and the Rho GEF RHGF-1 interact with UNC-6/Netrin signaling to regulate growth cone protrusion and microtubule organization in C. elegans
biorxiv Epidemiology Pilot study to evaluate the effect of a calcium and vitamin D-containing oral bolus on serum calcium levels in early lactation Holstein dairy cows
biorxiv Biochemistry The generation of a comprehensive spectral library for the analysis of the guinea pig proteome by SWATH-MS.
biorxiv Physiology Training load and body composition in adults practicing cyclical exercises
biorxiv Genetics Genotype-by-environment interactions inferred from genetic effects on phenotypic variability in the UK Biobank
biorxiv Pathology A Zika vaccine based on chimpanzee adenovirus ChAdOx1 elicits lineage-transcending sterile immunity and prevents colonisation of brain and ovaries
biorxiv Developmental Biology The regulatory function of dIno80 correlates with its DNA binding activity
biorxiv Microbiology Dynamics of chromosome replication and its relationship to predatory attack lifestyles in Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus
biorxiv Bioinformatics Novel mutations within PRSS1 Gene that could potentially cause hereditary pancreatitis: Using Comprehensive in silico Approach
biorxiv Neuroscience A GWAS-Derived Polygenic Score for Interleukin-1β is Associated with Hippocampal Volume in Two Samples
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Changing environments and genetic variation: inbreeding does not compromise short-term physiological responses
biorxiv Genomics Genetic variants of calcium and vitamin D metabolism in kidney stone disease
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Bayesian Hypothesis Testing for Gaussian Graphical Models:Conditional Independence and Order Constraints
psyarxiv Psychiatry Investigating the role of psychogenic shivers in mental health
biorxiv Ecology Increase in stable isotope ratios driven by metabolic alterations in amphipods exposed to the beta-blocker propranolol
biorxiv Biophysics N-terminal mutants of human apolipoprotein A-I: structural perturbations associated to protein misfolding
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Multi-Lab Replication Reveals A Small but Significant Ego Depletion Effect
psyarxiv Neuroscience Priming intuition decreases endorsement of instrumental harm but not impartial beneficence
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Implicit alcohol-related expectancies and the effect of context
psyarxiv Neuroscience Emotions underlying early numerical cognition in humans
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Earthquakes within Earthquakes: Patterns in Rupture Complexity
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Digital Public Sphere of Bangladesh: Religious Confrontation and Domination
biorxiv Physiology Optical determination of absolute membrane potential
biorxiv Plant biology Comparative Population Genomics of Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Reveals Its Cultivation and Breeding History in China
biorxiv Neuroscience Improved state change estimation in dynamic functional connectivity using hidden semi-Markov models
biorxiv Cell Biology Impaired Regulation of Redox Transcriptome during the Differentiation of iPSCs into Induced Cardiomyocytes (iCMs)
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Interactions between glacier dynamics, ice structure, and climate at Fjallsjökul, south-east Iceland
biorxiv Neuroscience A single microRNA system controls complex movement in morphologically distinct forms of Drosophila
biorxiv Cancer Biology Antitumor effects of Tv1 venom peptide in liver cancer
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Inequality’s Association with Poor Educational Outcomes in U.S. States Relates to Interest in Academic Shortcuts
psyarxiv Psychiatry Profiles of emotion regulation in young people accessing youth mental health and drug treatment
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Effects of a 16-week Aerobic Exercise and Mindfulness-based Intervention on Chronic Psychosocial Stress: a Pilot Study
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Brechas, representación y congruencia élite-ciudadanía en Chile y Uruguay
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Race, Writing, and Computation: Racial Difference and the US Novel, 1880-2000
psyarxiv Psychiatry Overcoming the deficiency of refugee mental health research
biorxiv Genomics Beyond SNP Heritability: Polygenicity and Discoverability of Phenotypes Estimated with a Univariate Gaussian Mixture Model
biorxiv Genetics GWAS identifies nine nephrolithiasis susceptibility loci related with metabolic and crystallization pathways
biorxiv Genomics Dowsing for salinity tolerance related genes in chickpea through genome wide association and in silico PCR analysis
biorxiv Bioinformatics Fast and accurate reference-guided scaffolding of draft genomes
biorxiv Neuroscience Transcriptomic evidence for dense peptidergic neuromodulation networks in mouse cortex
biorxiv Biochemistry Structural basis of HMCES interactions with DNA reveals multivalent substrate recognition
psyarxiv Psychiatry Anticipatory Pleasure for Future Experiences in Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorders and Major Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
biorxiv Neuroscience Orientation-selective adaptation improves perceptual grouping
biorxiv Bioinformatics Memory-driven computing accelerates genomic data processing
biorxiv Genomics Genome-wide patterns of population structure and linkage disequilibrium in farmed Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
biorxiv Molecular biology Molecular Genetic Analysis of RB1 gene among Sudanese children with Retinoblastoma
biorxiv Microbiology Experimental and mathematical insights on the competition between poliovirus and a defective interfering genome
biorxiv Plant biology Genetic control of pod dehiscence in domesticated common bean: Associations with range expansion and local aridity conditions
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Behavioural Evaluation of the Anticonvulsant Properties of the Traditional Medicine Anonna Senegalensis on Parabss Drosophila melanogaster Mutants.
biorxiv Biochemistry In vitro and in silico identification of the mechanism of interaction of antimalarial drug - artemisinin with human serum albumin and genomic DNA
biorxiv Neuroscience Neural Mediators of Altered Perceptual Choice and Confidence Using Social Information
biorxiv Plant biology Molecular framework for TIR1/AFB-Aux/IAA-dependent auxin sensing controlling adventitious rooting in Arabidopsis
biorxiv Neuroscience Skeletal descriptions of shape provide unique and privileged perceptual information for object recognition
biorxiv Genetics Chromatin modifiers alter recombination between divergent DNA sequences
biorxiv Neuroscience Olfactory Co-Stimulation Influences Intranasal Somatosensory Perception
biorxiv Cancer Biology Pan-cancer genomic amplifications underlie a Wnt hyperactivation phenotype associated with stem cell-like features leading to poor prognosis
biorxiv Neuroscience A brainstem-central amygdala circuit underlies defensive responses to learned threats
biorxiv Plant biology Foliar fungi alter reproductive timing and allocation in Arabidopsis under normal and water-stressed conditions
biorxiv Bioinformatics A comprehensive evaluation of long read error correction methods
biorxiv Developmental Biology Single cell multi-omics profiling reveals a hierarchical epigenetic landscape during mammalian germ layer specification
biorxiv Plant biology Green-gradient based canopy segmentation: A multipurpose image mining technique with potential use in crop phenotyping and canopy studies
biorxiv Developmental Biology HSA+ immature cardiomyocytes persist in the adult heart and expand after ischemic injury
biorxiv Bioinformatics Semantic Integration of Clinical Laboratory Tests from Electronic Health Records for Deep Phenotyping and Biomarker Discovery
biorxiv Microbiology Evaluation of the novel culture-based FAST-T system allowing selection of optimal antibiotics for critically ill patients within 4 h (for other than bloodstream infectious).
biorxiv Microbiology Capturing the Diversity of Subsurface Microbiota – Choice of Carbon Source for Microcosm Enrichment and Isolation of Groundwater Bacteria
biorxiv Cancer Biology Transcriptional landscape of DNA repair genes underpins a pan-cancer prognostic signature associated with cell cycle dysregulation and tumor hypoxia
biorxiv Bioinformatics TooManyCells identifies and visualizes relationships of single-cell clades
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology A Data-Driven Transcriptional Taxonomy of Adipogenic Chemicals to Identify Emerging Metabolic Health Threats
biorxiv Bioinformatics Modelling TERT regulation across 19 different cancer types based on the MIPRIP 2.0 gene regulatory network approach
biorxiv Genomics Genetic dysregulation of gene expression and splicing during a ten-year period of human aging
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences An Assessment of the Measurement Validity of the Value-Relevant Involvement Scale
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A relative commitment approach to understand power in romantic relationships
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A meta-analysis and an experiment investigating the effects of speaker disfluency on persuasion
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Meta-Analysis of the Functional Matching Effect Based on Functional Attitude Theory
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Trim and Fill Examination of the Extent of Publication Bias in Communication Research
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Meta-Analyses of Sex Differences in Responses to Sexual Versus Emotional Infidelity: Men and Women are More Similar than Different
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Health Belief Model Variables in Predicting Behavior
biorxiv Ecology Fire ! The spread of the Caribbean fire coral Millepora alcicornis in the Eastern Atlantic.
biorxiv Neuroscience Genetic Risk for Rheumatoid Arthritis is Associated with Increased Striatal Volume in Healthy Young Adults
biorxiv Molecular biology Growth Factor Independence (GFI) 1B-mediated transcriptional repression and lineage allocation require Lysine Specific Demethylase (LSD)1-dependent recruitment of the BHC complex
biorxiv Neuroscience Motion direction representation in multivariate electroencephalography activity for smooth pursuit eye movements
biorxiv Genomics Benchmarking Database Systems for Genomic Selection Implementation
biorxiv Ecology Many unreported crop pests and pathogens are probably already present
biorxiv Cancer Biology Early urinary protein changes in the tumor-forming process of the NuTu-19 lung metastasis
biorxiv Cell Biology Novel signaling hub of insulin receptor, dystrophin glycoprotein complex and plakoglobin regulates muscle size
biorxiv Systems Biology Modeling the dynamics of Let-7-coupled gene regulatory networks linking cell proliferation to malignant transformation
biorxiv Immunology Repertoire-Based Diagnostics Using Statistical Biophysics
biorxiv Plant biology Rice annexin OsANN4 interacting with OsCDPK24, reduces root aerenchyma formation by modulating H2O2 under ABA treatment
biorxiv Bioinformatics GRep: Gene Set Representation via Gaussian Embedding
biorxiv Biophysics Characterizing and inferring epistasis via direct evolutionary couplings in models of allostery
biorxiv Neuroscience Attentional modulation of neural phase is enhanced by short-term training and linked to musical experience
biorxiv Genomics Highly-accurate long-read sequencing improves variant detection and assembly of a human genome
psyarxiv Neuroscience A dual-fMRI investigation of the iterated Ultimatum Game reveals that reciprocal behaviour is associated with neural alignment.
psyarxiv Neuroscience Social decision‐making in the brain: Input‐state‐output modelling reveals patterns of effective connectivity underlying reciprocal choices.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences You ≠ me: individual differences in the structure of social cognition.
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Supraglacial pond evolution in the Everest region, central Himalaya, 2015-2018.
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Genomic evidence of genetic variation with pleiotropic effects on caterpillar fitness and plant traits in a model legume
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Tackling the research capacity challenge in Africa: An overview of African-led approaches to strengthen research capacity
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Tracking the popularity and outcomes of all bioRxiv preprints
biorxiv Physiology Expression of glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptor genes co-vary with a stress-related colour signal in barn owls
biorxiv Neuroscience Does testosterone impair mens' cognitive empathy? Evidence from two large-scale randomized controlled trials
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Do Synthesis Centers Synthesize? A Semantic Analysis of Diversity and Performance
biorxiv Neuroscience Topographic organization of the third tier dorsomedial visual cortex in the macaque
biorxiv Ecology Acoustic community structure and seasonal turnover in tropical South Asian birds
biorxiv Genomics The genome of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata [L.] Walp.)
psyarxiv Meta-science A Primer on Practical Significance
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences (Ideo)Logical Reasoning: Ideology Impairs Sound Reasoning
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Brief Inductions in Episodic Past or Future Thinking: Effects on Episodic Detail, Problem-Solving, Self-Efficacy, and Predicted Coping
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Increasing Anticipatory Pleasure in Major Depression through Enhancing Episodic Future Thinking: A Randomized Single-Case Series Trial
biorxiv Epidemiology Prevalence and risk factors of postpartum depression among women living in urban slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh
biorxiv Neuroscience Stereotyped large amplitude cortical LFP events can be clustered and reveal precisely ordered phase-locking in neuronal populations
biorxiv Neuroscience A statistical modeling framework to assess cross-frequency coupling while accounting for confounding effects
biorxiv Bioinformatics Mitigating Data Scarcity in Protein Binding Prediction Using Meta-Learning
biorxiv Cancer Biology Targeting tumor intrinsic metabolic node in pancreatic cancer causes tumor regression, remodels extracellular matrix and sensitizes to anti-PD1 therapy.
biorxiv Epidemiology Understanding the survival of Zika virus in a vector interconnected sexual contact network
biorxiv Clinical Trials Effects of water, sanitation, handwashing and nutritional interventions on soil-transmitted helminth infections in young children: a cluster-randomized controlled trial in rural Bangladesh
biorxiv Epidemiology Plasmodium caprae infection is negatively correlated with infection of Theileria ovis and Anaplasma ovis in goats
biorxiv Epidemiology Determinants of Cancer-specific Quality of Life in Veteran Lung Cancer Survivors Eligible for Long-Term Cure
biorxiv Physiology Age-related kinematic behavior on fast head-neck rotation target task in non-painful individuals aged from 8 to 85 years old
biorxiv Bioengineering 3D-printing Enabled Micro-assembly of Microfluidic Electroporation System for 3D Tissue Engineering
biorxiv Clinical Trials Prevention of heart failure in hypertension: disentangling the role of evolving left ventricular hypertrophy and blood pressure lowering: the ALLHAT study
biorxiv Clinical Trials Integrating Quality of Life and Survival Outcomes Cardiovascular Clinical Trials: Results from the PARTNER Trial
biorxiv Epidemiology Comparison of antihypertensive drug classes for dementia prevention
biorxiv Epidemiology Grey Matter Age Prediction as a Biomarker for Risk of Dementia: A Population-based Study
biorxiv Epidemiology Modeling cholera transmission and vaccination in a refugee camp
biorxiv Epidemiology The projected economic and health burden of uncontrolled asthma in the United States
sportrxiv Sport and Exercise Science The effect of exercise referral schemes upon health and wellbeing: Initial observational insights using individual patient data meta-analysis from The National Referral database
sportrxiv Sport and Exercise Science Are exercise referral schemes associated with an increase in physical activity? Observational findings using individual patient data meta-analysis from The National Referral database
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Crowdsourcing Bike Share Station Locations: Evaluating participation and placement
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Cognitive Dissonance, Ego-Involvement, and Motivated Reasoning
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Connecting the Dots
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Crowdsourcing Bicycle Volumes: Exploring the role of volunteered geographic information and established monitoring methods
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Where does bicycling for health happen? Analysing volunteered geographic information through place and plexus
sportrxiv Sport and Exercise Science The National Referral Database: An initial overview
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Co-producing Mobility: Lessons from Ridesharing for a More Just and Sustainable Autonomous Future
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Limits of Commercialized Censorship in China
psyarxiv Neuroscience MatherArousalAgingChapter2019
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Religiosity As a Moderator between Income and Happiness
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Geography and Equity of Crowdsourced Public Participation for Active Transportation Planning
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Accountability in Congress, the Constituent’s Perspective
eartharxiv Life Sciences [Роль ионных каналов в биогеохимической эволюции таксонов и фенетическая систематика с использованием библиотеки ключей, основанной на фингерпринтинге баз регистрограмм патч-кламп-спектроскопии в условиях, моделирующих геохимическую среду. Часть 1]
eartharxiv Life Sciences [Emergence of a novel branch of polymer science called “polymeromics” and the research perspectives of its applications in the origin of biomolecular coding or biogeochemical templating and supramolecular code decoding].
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics [Native "mercury beating hearts" in geosphere and their synchronization by (geo)physico-chemical factors]
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics [Wave-like polarographic and tensammetric effects in Hg mineralogy and their synchronization by (geo)physico-chemical factors]
biorxiv Microbiology The Isolation and Identification of Fungi Gathered from Districts in Bangkok, Thailand Where Dengue Fever Is at Epidemic Levels
biorxiv Epidemiology Potential influence of school-based lifestyle strategies among Australian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children: a cross-sectional comparison of adiposity and weight related behaviors between 2010 and 2015.
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics [Chemmotology of mineral oils as a part of petroleomics, biocolloid paleochemistry and spectral bigeochemistry of native oils]
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics [Stable isotopic, radioisotopic and magneto-isotopic chemmotology]
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics [Multifactor structure-property (QSAR/QSPR-like) analysis in chemmotology (pseudo-spectral approaches)]
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics [The computer classifier, and database for selection of means of accelerating mass spectrometry for geoarchaeological and archaeomineral researches]
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics [Methods, approaches and tools of multifactorial chemoinformatics and bioinformatics in geoarchaeological and archaeomineral studies on spectroscopic and spectrographic basis]
psyarxiv Neuroscience [Матричные цифровые лаборатории на чипе для микрофлуоресцентного анализа и вживляемые камеры для прижизненной микроскопии на базе лабораторий на чипе с флуоресцентной визуализацией]
psyarxiv Neuroscience [Bifurcation effects, electrophysiological activity & axonal flow waves in a neuronal model, based on Schroedinger equation: computer simulation & empirical data]
psyarxiv Life Sciences [Volume projection neurogoniometery for confocal laser scanning microscopy]
psyarxiv Life Sciences [Towards the analytical neurogoniometry]
psyarxiv Neuroscience [Mechatronic neurogoniometer for brain slice analysis and stereotactic device-assisted measurements]
psyarxiv Life Sciences [Real-time on-chip patch-clamp automata with control feedback]
biorxiv Genetics Network-based hierarchical population structure analysis for large genomic datasets
biorxiv Bioinformatics Augmented Intelligence with Natural Language Processing Applied to Electronic Health Records is Useful for Identifying Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease at Risk for Disease Progression
biorxiv Neuroscience Happy you, happy me: expressive changes on a stranger's voice recruit faster implicit processes than self-produced expressions
biorxiv Neuroscience BAG3 and SYNPO (synaptopodin) facilitate phospho-MAPT/Tau degradation via autophagy in neuronal processes
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Phylogenomics reveals major diversification rate shifts in the evolution of silk moths and relatives
biorxiv Neuroscience Post-hoc modification of linear models: combining machine learning with domain information to make solid inferences from noisy data
biorxiv Neuroscience Artificial Dendritic Neurons Enable Self-Supervised Temporal Feature Extraction
biorxiv Microbiology Eurotium cristatum, a new fungi probiotic from Fuzhuan brick tea, alleviated obesity in mice by modulating gut microbiota
biorxiv Microbiology HLA alleles associated with risk of ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis influence the gut microbiome
biorxiv Genomics The genome of C57BL/6J "Eve", the mother of the laboratory mouse genome reference strain
biorxiv Systems Biology Signal integration and information transfer in an allosterically regulated network
biorxiv Developmental Biology A novel self-organizing embryonic stem cell system reveals signaling logic underlying the patterning of human ectoderm
biorxiv Neuroscience Prefrontal-posterior coupling mediates emotion transitions and their influence on executive function
biorxiv Neuroscience Targeting PFKFB3 alleviates cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in mice
biorxiv Neuroscience Attention differentially modulates the amplitude of resonance frequencies in the visual cortex
biorxiv Neuroscience Serotonergic Psychedelics LSD & Psilocybin Increase the Fractal Dimension of Cortical Brain Activity in Spatial and Temporal Domains
biorxiv Bioinformatics Drug Recommendation toward Safe Polypharmacy
biorxiv Molecular biology Splicing factor Rbm10 facilitates heterochromatin assembly in fission yeast
biorxiv Neuroscience How to test for oscillatory modulation of neural function and behaviour
biorxiv Immunology IFITM3 protects the heart during influenza virus infection
biorxiv Plant biology Bacterially produced spermidine induces plant systemic susceptibility to pathogens
biorxiv Bioinformatics Discovering Data Access and Use Requirements Using the Data Tags Suite (DATS) Model
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Mean-field computational approach to HIV dynamics on a fitness landscape
biorxiv Genetics Efficient estimation and applications of cross-validated genetic predictions
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Maternal investment, life histories, and the evolution of brain structure in primates
biorxiv Plant biology The Ptr1 locus of Solanum lycopersicoides confers resistance to race 1 strains of Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato and to Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum by recognizing the type III effectors AvrRpt2/RipBN
biorxiv Developmental Biology zGrad: A nanobody-based degron system to inactivate proteins in zebrafish
biorxiv Genomics Genetic association analyses highlight IL6, ALPL, and NAV1 as three new susceptibility genes underlying calcific aortic valve stenosis
biorxiv Neuroscience Inflammation and matrix metalloproteinase 9 (Mmp-9) regulate photoreceptor regeneration in the adult zebrafish
biorxiv Neuroscience Noninvasive sleep monitoring in large-scale screening of knock-out mice reveals novel sleep-related genes
biorxiv Bioinformatics Integrating past, present and future wheat research with Pretzel
biorxiv Microbiology Prediction of pyrazinamide resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis using structure-based machine learning approaches.
biorxiv Microbiology Diversity decoupled from sulfur isotope fractionation in a sulfate reducing microbial community
biorxiv Genetics Complex-Traits Genetics Virtual Lab: A community-driven web platform for post-GWAS analyses
biorxiv Neuroscience Real-time Detection of Driver's Movement Intention in Response to Traffic Lights
biorxiv Genomics Cancer Classification from Healthy DNA using Machine Learning
biorxiv Genomics A Note on Computing Interval Overlap Statistics
biorxiv Microbiology SGI-4 in monophasic Salmonella Typhimurium ST34 is a novel ICE that enhances resistance to copper
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Exploring deep-time relationships between cultural and genetic evolution in Northeast Asia
biorxiv Genetics Hunter-gatherer genomes reveal diverse demographic trajectories following the rise of farming in East Africa
biorxiv Genomics Short Tandem Repeats Information in TCGA is Statistically Biased by Amplification
biorxiv Biochemistry rEXPAR: an isothermal amplification scheme that is robust to autocatalytic parasites
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Syntrophic co-culture amplification of production phenotype for high-throughput screening of microbial strain libraries
biorxiv Microbiology MetFish: A Metabolomics Platform for Studying Microbial Communities in Chemically Extreme Environments
biorxiv Neuroscience BDNF/TrkB.T1 signaling is a novel mechanism for astrocyte morphological maturation
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Evolution of the mating type locus with suppressed recombination
biorxiv Cell Biology Simulation of the mechanics of actin assembly during endocytosis in yeast
biorxiv Genomics Tumor mutational landscape is a record of the pre-malignant state
biorxiv Developmental Biology Pou5f3, SoxB1 and Nanog remodel chromatin on High Nucleosome Affinity Regions at Zygotic Genome Activation
biorxiv Neuroscience Insulin enhances presynaptic glutamate release in the nucleus accumbens via opioid receptor-mediated disinhibition
biorxiv Genetics Mutation Of MLH3 Endonuclease Motif Reveals Integration Between Crossover Pathways In Mammalian Meiosis
biorxiv Bioinformatics Data-driven robust detection of tissue/cell-specific markers
biorxiv Neuroscience Dissecting the neural focus of attention reveals distinct processes for spatial attention and object-based storage in visual working memory
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Homologous recombination substantially delays sequence but not gene content divergence of prokaryotic populations
biorxiv Neuroscience A heuristic feature cluster search algorithm for precise functional brain mapping
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Molecular evolution across developmental time reveals rapid divergence in early embryogenesis
biorxiv Genetics Cleaning genotype data from Diversity Outbred mice
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Recent origin of an XX/XY sex-determination system in the ancient plant lineage Ginkgo biloba
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition The visual social environment affects non-additively neighbor spacing and interaction time in zebrafish
biorxiv Neuroscience Acoustic and visual stimulus parameters underlying sound-symbolic crossmodal correspondences
biorxiv Plant biology Loss of a glutaredoxin gene underlies parallel evolution of trichome patter in Antirrhinum
biorxiv Bioengineering Alterations in ion channel expression surrounding implanted microelectrode arrays in the brain
biorxiv Ecology Kin-dependent dispersal influences relatedness and genetic structuring in a lek system
biorxiv Ecology Species dynamics and interactions via metabolically informed consumer-resource models
biorxiv Bayesian Confidence Intervals for Multiplexed Proteomics Integrate Ion-Statistics with Peptide Quantification Concordance
biorxiv Neuroscience Childhood urbanization affects prefrontal cortical responses to trait anxiety and interacts with polygenic risk for depression
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Iron-sequestering nanocompartments as multiplexed Electron Microscopy gene reporters
biorxiv Cancer Biology iPSC-derived Cancer Organoids Recapitulate Genomic and Phenotypic Alterations of c-met-mutated Hereditary Kidney Cancer
biorxiv Biochemistry Coupling of ATPase activity, microtubule binding and mechanics in the dynein motor domain
biorxiv Cell Biology Phosphorylation of the exocyst subunit Exo70B2 contributes to the regulation of its function
biorxiv Cancer Biology The CUL5 ubiquitin ligase complex mediates resistance to CDK9 and MCL1 inhibitors in lung cancer cells
biorxiv Developmental Biology Delta/Notch signaling controls neuroepithelial morphogenesis in the zebrafish spinal cord
biorxiv Developmental Biology Cell Fate Determining Molecular Switches and Signaling Pathway in Pax7-expressing Somitic Mesoderm
biorxiv Biochemistry Interactions between Viperin, IRAK1 and TRAF6 couple innate immune signaling to antiviral ribonucleotide synthesis
eartharxiv Life Sciences A new crustal fault formed the modern Corinth Rift
sportrxiv Sport and Exercise Science A Biomechanical Analysis into Backstroke Start Kinematics: The Influence of a Backstroke Start Device.
sportrxiv Sport and Exercise Science Transcranial direct current stimulation does not enhance cycling time-trial performance
biorxiv Molecular biology Topoisomerase 2[beta]-dependent nuclear DNA damage shapes extracellular growth factor responses through AKT phosphorylation dynamics to control virus latency
biorxiv Neuroscience Glycolysis upregulation is neuroprotective as a compensatory mechanism in ALS
biorxiv Biochemistry Structural basis for functional interactions in dimers of SLC26 transporters
biorxiv Neuroscience Network-targeted, multi-site direct cortical stimulation enhances working memory by modulating phase lag of low frequency oscillations
biorxiv Biochemistry Gene activation by a CRISPR-assistant trans enhancer
biorxiv Genetics Srs2 helicase prevents the formation of toxic DNA damage during late prophase I of yeast meiosis
biorxiv Cancer Biology Guanine content of microRNAs is associated with their tumor suppressive and oncogenic roles in lung and breast cancers
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Methylation and Gene Expression Differences Between Reproductive Castes of Bumblebee Workers.
biorxiv Microbiology In vitro synergy between Sodium Deoxycholate and Furazolidone against Enterobacteria via Inhibition of Multidrug Efflux Pumps
biorxiv Bioengineering In Vivo Monitoring of Rare Circulating Tumor Cell and Cluster Dissemination in a Multiple Myeloma Xenograft Model
biorxiv Bioinformatics Deep neural networks for interpreting RNA binding protein target preferences
psyarxiv Neuroscience The effect of trait anxiety on attentional mechanisms in combined context and cue conditioning and extinction learning
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Priming Effects on Subsequent Episodic Memory: Testing Attentional Accounts
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics The Urban Heat Island (UHI) is a major source of uncertainty in projections of population-weighted surface temperature under climate change.
biorxiv Cancer Biology Low-dose IFN-γ induces tumor cell stemness in tumor microenvironment of non-small cell lung cancer
biorxiv Microbiology Colistin heteroresistance in Enterobacter cloacae is mediated by PmrAB-independent 4-amino-4-deoxy-l-arabinose addition to lipid A
biorxiv Molecular biology Most of the deregulated CpG-island-controlled genes in glioma do not show DNA methylation defects
biorxiv Microbiology Control of Staphylococcus aureus quorum sensing by a membrane-embedded peptidase
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Localized Distributional Injustice: Wind Energy Siting in the Continental United States
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Task Duration and Task Order do not Matter: No Effect on Self-Control Performance
engrxiv Engineering Computations of heave added mass and damping coefficients of some axisymmetric bodies using WAMIT
biorxiv Neuroscience Dimensions of neighborhood tracts and their associations with mental health problems
biorxiv Molecular biology Targeted antifungal liposomes
biorxiv Cancer Biology CIC-DUX4 expression drives the development of small round cell sarcoma in transgenic zebrafish: a new model revealing a role for ETV4 in CIC-mediated sarcomagenesis
biorxiv Cancer Biology RBM10 variants and RBM5 involve in alternative splicing of RBM10v1 pre-mRNA: RBM10v1 includes its own exon 4, but RBM10v2 and RBM5 skip it.
psyarxiv Neuroscience Profiles of Autonomic Activity in Autism Spectrum Disorder with and without Anxiety
biorxiv Bioinformatics A substrate for modular, extensible data-visualization
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Economic Burden of Hypoglycaemia among Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Malaysia.
biorxiv Microbiology E6 proteins from high-risk HPV, low-risk HPV, and animal papillomaviruses activate the Wnt/β-catenin pathway through E6AP-dependent degradation of NHERF1
biorxiv Epidemiology Epidemic foci of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in Shandong Province, China, based on patients, rodents and molecular epidemiology characteristics, 2012-2015
biorxiv Zoology The Relationship between Parasitic Fleas and Small Mammals in Household of Western Yunnan Province, China
biorxiv Systems Biology Genome-wide Prediction of Potential Polycomb Response Elements and their Functions
psyarxiv Psychiatry Mindfulness-Based Crisis Interventions (MBCI) for psychosis within acute inpatient psychiatric settings; A feasibility randomised controlled trial
lawarxiv Law Behind the Mask of Method: Political Orientation and Constitutional Interpretive Preferences (with Joshua Ferguson and Linda Babcock)
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Organisatorisch gerahmte Interaktion. Überlegungen zu einer transsituativen Ethnographie der schulischen Bildung
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The role of social relationships in the adverse effect of unemployment on mental health – Testing the causal pathway and buffering hypotheses using panel data
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Role of Information Technology on Management of Risks in the Capital Market (Case Study: Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange)
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Motivated cognition, conspiratorial epistemology, and bullshit: A model of post-factual political discourse
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Who Feels It? Income Inequality, Relative Deprivation, and Financial Satisfaction in U.S. States, 1973–2012
socarxiv Education Bibliometric outlook of the most cited documents in business, management and accounting in Ibero-America
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Methodological factors involved in the study of temporal binding using the Open Source Software Labclock Web
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Predicting Future Study Success: How A Bayesian Approach can be of Help to Analyze and Interpret Admission Test Scores
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Are U-Th dates correlated with historical records of earthquakes? Constraints from co-seismic carbonate veins within the North Anatolian Fault Zone
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A study on congruency effects and numerical distance in fraction comparison by expert undergraduate students
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Is Action Execution Part of the Decision-Making Process? An Investigation of the Embodied Choice Hypothesis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Simultaneous Retrospective Prioritization of Multiple Working Memory Representations
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Robust modeling in cognitive science
engrxiv Engineering A framework for measuring the time-varying shape and full-field deformation of residual limbs using 3D digital image correlation
biorxiv Biochemistry The client-binding domain of the cochaperone SGTA/Sgt2 has a helical-hand structure that binds a short hydrophobic helix
biorxiv Neuroscience Dissociable electrophysiological correlates of semantic access of motor and non-motor concepts
biorxiv Microbiology Female lower urinary tract microbiota do not correspond to IC/PBS symptoms: a case-controlled study
biorxiv Microbiology Diversity, biogeography, and evidence for endemism of SAR11 bacteria from the Arctic Ocean
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Forearc high uplift by deep crustal flow during growth of the Anatolian margin
biorxiv Synthetic Biology A multi-reporter bacterial 2-hybrid assay for the fast, simple, and dynamic assay of PDZ domain - peptide interactions
biorxiv Cancer Biology Oxidized products of α-linolenic acid negatively regulate cellular survival and motility of breast cancer cells
biorxiv Neuroscience The effects of a TMS double lesion to a cortical network
biorxiv Neuroscience Hsc70 Ameliorates the Vesicle Recycling Defects Caused by Excess &#945-Synuclein at Synapses
biorxiv Cancer Biology A novel role for the tumor suppressor gene ITF2 in lung tumorigenesis through the action of Wnt signaling pathway
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Building a botanical foundation for perennial agriculture: Global inventory of wild, perennial herbaceous Fabaceae species
biorxiv Developmental Biology A direct and widespread role for the nuclear receptor EcR in mediating the response to ecdysone in Drosophila
biorxiv Neuroscience A Domain-general Cognitive Core defined in Multimodally Parcellated Human Cortex
biorxiv Developmental Biology Lactate and glycerol-3-phosphate metabolism cooperatively regulate growth and redox balance during Drosophila melanogaster larval development
biorxiv Systems Biology Stem-cell-ubiquitous genes spatiotemporally coordinate division through regulation of stem-cell-specific gene networks
biorxiv Neuroscience The time-course of component processes of selective attention
biorxiv Plant biology Natural variation for unusual host responses and flagellin-mediated immunity against Pseudomonas syringae in genetically diverse tomato accessions
biorxiv Ecology Seasonal and directional dispersal behavior in an ongoing dove invasion
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Transient rivers characterize evolving crustal-scale flexure in the Corinth Rift
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Evolving flexure recorded in continental rift uplifting landscapes - Corinth Rift, Greece
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Ramey, Yonelinas, & Henderson (2019) - Conscious and unconscious memory differentially impact attention: Eye movements, visual search, and recognition processes
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology On the evolutionary ecology of multidrug resistance in bacteria
biorxiv Immunology A human ex vivo dengue virus neutralization assay identifies priority antibodies and epitopes for vaccines and therapeutics.
biorxiv Ecology Probing complexity of microalgae mixtures with novel spectral flow cytometry approach and “virtual filtering”
biorxiv Ecology Drinking earth for wine. Estimation of soil erosion in the Prosecco DOCG area (NE Italy), toward a soil footprint of bottled sparkling wine production
biorxiv Systems Biology IMCC: Quantitative Analysis of the Inter-module Connectivity for Bio-network
biorxiv Epidemiology The persistent influence of caste on under-five mortality: Factors that explain the caste-based gap in high focus Indian states
biorxiv Epidemiology Assessment of the new World Health Organization's dengue classification for predicting severity of illness and level of healthcare required
biorxiv Neuroscience Comparison between diffusion MRI tractography and histological tract-tracing of cortico-cortical structural connectivity in the ferret brain
biorxiv Developmental Biology Left Pulmonary Artery in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. Echocardiographic evaluation in patients without cardiac defects and role of Tbx1 in mice.
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Analysis of the risk and protective roles of work-related and individual variables in burnout syndrome in nurses
biorxiv Genomics Kidney organoid reproducibility across multiple human iPSC lines and diminished off target cells after transplantation revealed by single cell transcriptomics
biorxiv Physiology Osmoregulation of glutamine synthetase from Giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) under osmotic stress
biorxiv Paleontology Inferring lifestyle for Aves and Theropoda: a model based on curvatures of extant avian ungual bones
biorxiv Cancer Biology Doublecotin-like kinase 1 increases chemoresistance of colorectal cancer cells through the anti-apoptosis pathway
biorxiv Genomics ATRAID, a genetic factor that regulates the action of nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates on bone.
biorxiv Ecology Modeling impacts of climate change on the potential habitat of an endangered Brazilian endemic coral: discussion about deep sea refugia
biorxiv Epidemiology Competency assessment of the medical interns and nurses and prevailing practices to provide family planning services in teaching hospitals in three states of India.
psyarxiv Neuroscience Age-related sensory deficits and their consequences
biorxiv Bioinformatics P53 Transposable Elements and Regulatory Introns Inform Codondex Cell Selection for Autologous Trigger of Immune Cascade
biorxiv Genetics Characterizing variants of unknown significance in rhodopsin: a functional genomics approach
biorxiv Molecular biology Non-invasive characterization of human bone marrow by cell free messenger-RNA reveals response to growth factor stimulation and hematopoietic reconstitution after transplantation
biorxiv Genetics DYRK1A-related intellectual disability: a syndrome associated with congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract
biorxiv Neuroscience Binding of Filamentous Actin to CaMKII as a Potential Mechanism for the Regulation of Bidirectional Plasticity by βCaMKII in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells
biorxiv Bioinformatics A deep learning approach to predict the impact of non-coding sequence variants on 3D chromatin structure
biorxiv Plant biology Candidate regulators and target genes of drought stress in needles and roots of Norway spruce
biorxiv Plant biology Shoot-to-root translocation of the jasmonate precursor 12-oxo-phytodienoic acid (OPDA) coordinates plant growth responses following tissue damage
biorxiv Microbiology Human Phageprints: A high-resolution exploration of oral phages reveals globally-distributed phage families with individual-specific and temporally-stable community compositions
biorxiv Genomics A Multi-Breed Reference Panel and Additional Rare Variation Maximizes Imputation Accuracy in Cattle
biorxiv Neuroscience No trace of phase: Corticomotor excitability is not tuned by phase of pericentral mu-rhythm
biorxiv Zoology Life on the margin: rainwater tanks facilitate overwintering of the dengue vector, Aedes aegypti, in a sub-tropical climate.
biorxiv Microbiology GFP transformation sheds more light on a widespread mycoparasitic interaction
biorxiv Epidemiology A configural model of expert judgement as a preliminary epidemiological study of injury problems: An application to drowning.
biorxiv Genomics Genetic and environmental perturbations drive modular transcriptome responses
biorxiv Bioinformatics HybridMolDB: a manually curated database dedicated to hybrid molecules for chemical biology and drug discovery
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Evolutionary Dynamics Do Not Motivate a Single-Mutant Theory of Human Language
biorxiv Neuroscience Analysis of Suicidal Patients Admitted to The Emergency Rooms and Their Intensive Care Requirements, A Double-Center Study in Turkey
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Live applications of norbormide-based fluorescent probes in Drosophila melanogaster
biorxiv Plant biology Temperature dependence of allelopathy duality and its influence on boreal forest succession-A case analysis of Picea schrenkiana
biorxiv Molecular biology Selection and validation of reference genes for quantitative Real-Time PCR in Arabis alpina
biorxiv Neuroscience Photoactivation of olfactory sensory neurons does not affect action potential conduction in individual trigeminal sensory axons innervating the rodent nasal cavity
biorxiv Neuroscience Attractor competition enriches cortical dynamics during awakening from anesthesia
biorxiv Cell Biology Unrestrained ESCRT-III drives chromosome fragmentation and micronuclear catastrophe
biorxiv Microbiology MroQ is a Novel Abi-domain Protein That Influences Virulence Gene Expression in Staphylococcus aureus via Modulation of Agr Activity
biorxiv Cell Biology Evolutionarily-conserved chromatin crosstalk generates a DOT1L-dose dependency in thymic lymphoma caused by loss of HDAC1
biorxiv Cancer Biology NEK10 tyrosine phosphorylates p53 and controls its transcriptional activity
biorxiv Bioinformatics EK-DRD: a comprehensive database for drug repositioning inspired by experimental knowledge
biorxiv Molecular biology Targeting of RBM10 to S1-1 Nuclear Bodies: Targeting Sequences and its Biological Significance
biorxiv Molecular biology Extensive splicing across the Saccharomyces genome
biorxiv Microbiology Effects of gut microbiota perturbation on Th1- and Th2-biased mice following treatment with Vancomycin
biorxiv Developmental Biology A genetic system for generating single-sex progeny in mice
biorxiv Cancer Biology APC2 is Critical for Ovarian WNT Signalling Control, Fertility and Tumour Suppression
biorxiv Cancer Biology Microhomology-mediated end joining drives complex rearrangements and over expression of MYC and PVT1 in multiple myeloma
biorxiv Cancer Biology From the clinic to the bench and back again in one dog year: identifying new treatments for sarcoma using a cross-species personalized medicine pipeline
biorxiv Neuroscience A Unified Theory of Early Visual Representations from Retina to Cortex through Anatomically Constrained Deep CNNs
psyarxiv Neuroscience Interactions between audition and cognition in hearing loss and aging
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Social Status Attribution: An Experiment Findings and Experimental Design
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Musical affect regulation in adolescents: A conceptual model
biorxiv Microbiology Introducing RpsA Point Mutation Δ438A or D123A into the Chromosome of M. tuberculosis Confirms its Role in Causing Resistance to Pyrazinamide
biorxiv Cell Biology Microtubules are necessary for proper Reticulon localization during mitosis
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics W Morocco shortening during the Central Atlantic early post-rift
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The relationship between response consistency in picture naming and storage impairment in people with semantic variant Primary Progressive Aphasia
psyarxiv Engineering Psychology Joint action with iCub: a successful adaptation of a paradigm of cognitive neuroscience in HRI
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Seismic and aseismic fault growth lead to different fault orientations
biorxiv Neuroscience Microglia motility depends on neuronal activity and promotes structural plasticity in the hippocampus
biorxiv Neuroscience Nucleus Accumbens Fast-Spiking Interneurons Constrain Impulsive Action
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Character displacement within the breeding area questions reinforcement in Ficedula flycatchers
biorxiv Cancer Biology E-cadherin represses anchorage-independent growth in sarcomas through both signaling and mechanical mechanisms
biorxiv Genetics A statistical framework for cross-tissue transcriptome-wide association analysis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Subjective Emptiness: A Clinically Significant Trans-diagnostic Psychopathology Construct
biorxiv Immunology Obesogenic diet exposure alters uterine natural killer cell biology and impairs vasculature remodeling in mice
bitss Social and Behavioral Sciences Subjective Emptiness: A Clinically Significant Trans-diagnostic Psychopathology Construct
psyarxiv Neuroscience The neural basis for auditory and audiovisual speech perception
psyarxiv Psychiatry iSense: App to Identify Linguistic Biomarkers of Mood Disorders
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Nominal (Im)Balances of the National Economy: The Construction of the National Income and Products Accounts System as a Macroeconomic Infrastructure
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Computational Register Analysis and Synthesis
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Machine Learning for Sociology
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Does temporary migration from rich to poor countries cause commitment to development? Evidence from quasi-random Mormon mission assignments
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Modeling epistemic communities
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Effect of Benefit Underreporting on Estimates of Poverty in the United States
biorxiv Developmental Biology Standardised imaging pipeline for phenotyping mouse laterality defects and associated heart malformations, at multiple scales and multiple stages
biorxiv Neuroscience Molecular Logic of Spinocerebellar Tract Neuron Diversity and Connectivity
biorxiv Neuroscience Electrophysiological measures of sleep pressure during wakefulness in the course of isolation at the Concordia Antarctica station and physical activity as a countermeasure
biorxiv Bioinformatics Challenges and opportunities for strain verification by whole-genome sequencing
biorxiv Neuroscience Individual-Specific fMRI-Subspaces Improve Functional Connectivity Prediction of Behavior
psyarxiv Life Sciences Language and aging
biorxiv Neuroscience The population dynamics of a canonical cognitive circuit
biorxiv Biochemistry Visualizing structural transitions of ligand-dependent gating of the TRPM2 channel
biorxiv Neuroscience Cue-reactivity in the ventral striatum characterizes heavy cannabis use, whereas reactivity in the dorsal striatum mediates dependent use
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology A simple genetic architecture and low constraint allows rapid floral evolution in a diverse and recently radiating plant genus
biorxiv Genetics The mir-35 family links maternal germline sex to embryonic viability in C. elegans
biorxiv Cell Biology Cell non-autonomous functions of S100a4 drive fibrotic tendon healing
biorxiv Neuroscience Multiple two-photon targeted whole-cell patch-clamp recordings from monosynaptically connected neurons in vivo
biorxiv Biochemistry Evaluation of a potential redox switch in blood coagulation tenase
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Phase separation during ion exchange controls collapse and induces ordering in hydrated montmorillonite
biorxiv Ecology A keeper of many crypts: the parasitoid Euderus set manipulates the behavior of a taxonomically diverse array of oak gall wasp species
biorxiv Systems Biology A 2.08 Å resolution structure of HLB5, a novel cellulase from the anaerobic gut bacterium Parabacteroides johnsonii DSM 18315.
biorxiv Genetics Long-read sequencing identifies GGC repeat expansion in human-specific NOTCH2NLC associated with neuronal intranuclear inclusion disease
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology The origin of the central dogma through conflicting multi-level selection
biorxiv Neuroscience Multiplexed temporally focused light shaping through a GRIN lens for precise in-depth optogenetic photostimulation
biorxiv Genomics Copy number aberrations drive kinase re-wiring leading to genetic vulnerabilities in cancer
biorxiv Neuroscience Robust parallel decision-making in neural circuits with nonlinear inhibition
biorxiv Microbiology Description of Klebsiella africanensis sp. nov., Klebsiella variicola subsp. tropicalensis subsp. nov. and Klebsiella variicola subsp. variicola subsp. nov.
biorxiv Genomics Genomic signatures of somatic hybrid vigor due to heterokaryosis in the oomycete pathogen, Bremia lactucae.
biorxiv Developmental Biology A zebrafish model for MonoMAC syndrome identifies an earlier role for gata2 in haemogenic endothelium programming and generation of haematopoietic stem cells
biorxiv Neuroscience Cortical network mechanisms of anodal and cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation in awake primates
biorxiv Genomics An X-specific condensin binds to gene regulatory elements and reduces histone modifications associated with active transcription in C. elegans
biorxiv Plant biology Chloroplasts navigate towards the pathogen interface to counteract infection by the Irish potato famine pathogen
biorxiv Cancer Biology Neuroendocrine negative SCLC is mostly RB1 WT and may be sensitive to CDK4/6 inhibition
biorxiv Genetics Exome sequencing of 457 autism families recruited online provides evidence for novel ASD genes
biorxiv Bioinformatics A comparative analysis of cannabis and tobacco smoke exposure on human airway epithelial cell gene expression, immune phenotype, and response to formoterol and budesonide treatment
biorxiv Bioinformatics Fungal Communities in Soybean Cyst Nematode-Infested Soil under Long Term Corn and Soybean Monoculture and Crop Rotation
biorxiv Molecular biology A Topological Data Analysis Network Model of Asthma Based on Blood Gene Expression Profiles
biorxiv Bioinformatics Statistical test with sample size and power calculation for paired repeated measures designs of method comparison studies
biorxiv Biophysics Effects of α-tubulin acetylation on microtubule structure and stability
biorxiv Genomics Vitamin D: marker, cause or consequence of depression? An exploration using genomics
biorxiv Genetics Association of variants within the GST and other genes with anti-tubercular agents related toxicity: a systematic review and meta-analysis
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Plasmids for independently tunable, low-noise expression of two genes
biorxiv Molecular biology The RNA-binding ubiquitin ligase MKRN1 functions in ribosome-associated quality control of poly(A)-translation
biorxiv Genetics A stress response that allows highly mutated eukaryotic cells to survive and proliferate
biorxiv Genomics Immune gene expression profiling reveals heterogeneity in luminal breast tumors
biorxiv Neuroscience An afferent white matter pathway from the pulvinar to the amygdala facilitates fear recognition
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The sense of should: A biologically-based theory of social pressure
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Parents’ Expectations for and Reactions to Children’s Racial Biases
biorxiv Neuroscience Multivoxel Pattern Analysis Reveals Dissociations Between Subjective Fear and Its Physiological Correlates
biorxiv Cell Biology Aurora B-INCENP localization at centromeres/inner kinetochores is essential for chromosome bi-orientation in budding yeast
biorxiv Developmental Biology Epithelial invagination by vertical telescoping
biorxiv Biochemistry Competing interactions modulate the activity of Sgs1 during DNA end resection
biorxiv Genetics Interactions between dosage compensation complex components Msl-1, Msl-2 and NURF component NURF301 with long non-coding RNA gene hsrω
biorxiv Neuroscience Precursors to Chunking Vanish When Working Memory Capacity is exceeded
biorxiv Biophysics Planar differential growth rates determine the position of folds in complex epithelia
biorxiv Synthetic Biology egKnock: identifying direct gene knockout strategies for microbial strain optimization based on metabolic network with gene-protein-reaction relationships
biorxiv Cell Biology Phosphorylation of mitochondrial matrix proteins regulates their selective mitophagic degradation
biorxiv Biophysics StormGraph: An automated graph-based algorithm for quantitative clustering analysis of single-molecule localization microscopy data
biorxiv Neuroscience Nedd4 E3 ligase and beta-arrestins regulate ubiquitination, trafficking, and stability of the mGlu7 receptor
biorxiv Neuroscience Parkinsons disease uncovers an underlying sensitivity of subthalamic nucleus neurons to beta-frequency cortical input
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Does concealing a sexual minority identity prevent exposure to prejudice?
biorxiv Neuroscience The mGlu7 receptor provides protective effects against epileptogenesis and epileptic seizures
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Perception of naturally dead conspecifics impairs health and longevity through serotonin signaling in Drosophila
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Sexual selection and the evolution of male and female cognition: a test using experimental evolution in seed beetles
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Action biases perceptual decisions toward expected outcomes.
biorxiv Neuroscience Lower-limb rigidity is associated with frequent falls in Parkinson disease
biorxiv Neuroscience Sensitivity of single units in the LSO of decerebrate cat to sinusoidally amplitude modulated tones
biorxiv Neuroscience Effects of enucleation on the direct reciprocal corticocortical connections between primary visual and somatosensory cortices of the mouse
psyarxiv Engineering Psychology Humans socially attune to their “follower” robot
biorxiv Epidemiology Direct medical and non-medical costs of a one-year care pathway for early breast cancer: results of a French multicenter prospective study
biorxiv Developmental Biology Anterior Cleft Palate due to Cbfb deficiency and its rescue by folic acid
biorxiv Neuroscience The role of hippocampal spatial representations in contextualization and generalization of fear
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition From Habitat Use to Social Behavior: Natural History of a Voiceless Poison Frog, Dendrobates tinctorius
biorxiv Bioinformatics Prioritization of metabolic genes as novel therapeutic targets in estrogen-receptor negative breast tumors using multi-omics data and text mining
biorxiv Ecology Community size affects the signals of selection and ecological drift on biodiversity
biorxiv Biochemistry Partial ligand-receptor engagement yields functional bias at the human complement receptor, C5aR1
biorxiv Neuroscience Transcriptomics supports local sensory regulation in the antennae of the kissing bug Rhodnius prolixus
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Reversible silencing of endogenous receptors in intact brain tissue using two-photon pharmacology
biorxiv Microbiology Activity of a long-acting injectable bedaquiline formulation in a paucibacillary mouse model of latent tuberculosis infection
biorxiv Systems Biology Connectivity of variants in eQTL networks dictates reproducibility and functionality
biorxiv Neuroscience Modeling Primary Fields of TMS Coils with the Fast Multipole Method
biorxiv Systems Biology Transient Probability Distributions of Gene Regulatory Networks with Slow Promoter Kinetics
biorxiv Neuroscience The influence of image masking on object representations during rapid serial visual presentation
biorxiv Neuroscience Membrane potential resonance arising from responses of neuronal models to oscillatory inputs in current versus voltage clamp
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Complex pleiotropic genetic architecture of evolved heat stress and oxidative stress resistance in the nematode Caenorhabditis remanei
biorxiv Cancer Biology Castration-resistant prostate cancer: Androgen receptor inactivation induces telomere DNA damage, and damage response inhibition leads to cell death
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition An incremental training method with automated, extendible T-maze for training spatial behavioral tasks in rodents
biorxiv Biophysics Ion counting demonstrates a high electrostatic potential of the nucleosome
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology EvolvingSTEM: A microbial evolution-in-action curriculum that enhances learning of evolutionary biology and increases interest in STEM
biorxiv Bioinformatics CellSIUS provides sensitive and specific detection of rare cell populations from complex single cell RNA-seq data
biorxiv Ecology Microbial associations and spatial proximity predict North American moose (Alces alces) gastrointestinal community composition
biorxiv Neuroscience Dual-site high-density 4Hz transcranial alternating current stimulation applied over auditory and motor cortical speech areas does not influence auditory-motor mapping
biorxiv Microbiology Nonobese subjects of Bacteroides and Prevotella enterotypes responded differentially to calorie restriction intervention
biorxiv Neuroscience Sensorimotor functional connectivity in unilateral cerebral palsy: influence of corticospinal tract wiring pattern and clinical correlates
biorxiv Microbiology The Toxoplasma Vacuolar H+-ATPase regulates intracellular pH, and impacts the maturation of essential secretory proteins
biorxiv Genomics Rapidly evolving protointrons in Saccharomyces genomes revealed by a hungry spliceosome
biorxiv Biophysics Diverse stepping motions of cytoplasmic dynein revealed by kinetic modeling
biorxiv Microbiology Rapid and extensive karyotype diversification in haploid clinical Candida auris isolates
biorxiv Neuroscience Attention hinges on tuned normalization strength within human visual cortex
biorxiv Neuroscience Visual Entrainment at 10 Hz causes periodic modulation of the Flash Lag Illusion
biorxiv Neuroscience Dynamic coding of choice targets in the perirhinal cortex
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Calcitriol and Non-Calcemic Vitamin D Analogue, 22 Oxacalcitriol, Attenuate Developmental and Pathological Ocular Angiogenesis Ex Vivo and In Vivo
biorxiv Neuroscience False-positive neuroimaging: Undisclosed flexibility in testing spatial hypotheses allows presenting anything as a replicated finding
biorxiv Neuroscience Optical clearing of living brains with MAGICAL to extend in vivo imaging
biorxiv Microbiology Paracoccin overexpression in Paracoccidioides brasiliensis reveals the influence of chitin hydrolysis on fungal virulence and host immune response
biorxiv Microbiology Diversity and function of fungi associated with the fungivorous millipede, Brachycybe lecontii
biorxiv Physiology System analysis of the functional cross-talk between PPAR&#945, LXR and FXR in the human HepaRG liver cells
biorxiv Neuroscience Tau-mediated Disruption of the Spliceosome Triggers Cryptic RNA-splicing and Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's Disease
biorxiv Ecology Visual signal evolution along complementary color axes in four bird lineages
biorxiv Bioengineering A neuroprosthetic system to restore neuronal communication in modular networks
biorxiv Genomics Microarray analyses of liver and brain tissues after REM sleep deprivation in rats
biorxiv Neuroscience Cortisol associated with hypometabolism across the Alzheimer's disease spectrum
biorxiv Neuroscience Mice carrying a humanized Foxp2 knock-in allele show region-specific shifts of striatal Foxp2 expression levels
biorxiv Neuroscience Allele-Specific Expression and High-Throughput Reporter Assay Reveal Functional Variants in Human Brains with Alcohol Use Disorders
biorxiv Molecular biology Scc2 counteracts a Wapl-independent mechanism that releases cohesin from chromosomes during G1 but is unnecessary during S phase for establishing cohesion
biorxiv Bioinformatics RegSNPs-Intron: A Computational Framework For Prioritizing Intronic Single Nucleotide Variants in Human Genetic Disease
biorxiv Immunology Mycobacterium tuberculosis hijacks an evolutionary recent IFN-IL-6-CEBP axis linked to monocyte development and disease severity in humans
biorxiv Cancer Biology Frequency of mutations in 21 hereditary breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility genes among high-risk Chinese individuals
biorxiv Cell Biology Multiplexed electron microscopy by fluorescent barcoding allows screening for ultrastructural phenotype
biorxiv Immunology Intra-lineage Plasticity and Functional Reprogramming Maintain Natural Killer Cell Repertoire Diversity
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Sarcopenia is an independent predictor of hospitalization in chronic kidney disease outpatients
biorxiv Genetics Identification of seed coat pattern trait QTL and a description of seed coat development in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata [L.] Walp.)
biorxiv Genomics Comprehensive biodiversity analysis via ultra-deep patterned flow cell technology: a case study of eDNA metabarcoding seawater
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Performance in a novel environment subject to ghost competition.
biorxiv Bioinformatics Missense variants in health and disease target distinct functional pathways and proteomics features
biorxiv Epidemiology Dietary Vitamin A intakes among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care in Health Facilities: As a connotation for the progress of vitamin A Deficiency in Dessie Town, North East Ethiopia
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Depression and Anxiety in Healthcare Staffs in A Tertiary University Hospital in Luoyang, Henan Province: A Cross-Sectional Observational Study
biorxiv Epidemiology Understanding variation in maternal health service coverage and maternal health outcomes among districts in Rwanda
biorxiv Epidemiology Persistence of traditional and emergence of new structural drivers and factors for the HIV epidemic in rural Uganda; a qualitative study
biorxiv Epidemiology Absenteeism and indirect costs during the year following the diagnosis of an operable breast cancer
biorxiv Systems Biology Polymerase recycling contributes to transcriptional noise
biorxiv Neuroscience Validating indicators of CNS disorders in a swine model of neurological disease
biorxiv Cancer Biology MIR2052HG regulates ERα levels and aromatase inhibitor resistance through LMTK3 by recruiting EGR1
biorxiv Genomics Genomic analysis of natural intra-specific hybrids among Ethiopian isolates of Leishmania donovani
biorxiv Genomics Systematic analysis of dark and camouflaged genes: disease-relevant genes hiding in plain sight
biorxiv Biophysics Expanding the watch list for potential Ebola virus antibody escape mutations
biorxiv Microbiology Meta-analysis identifies microbial signatures of disease in murine models of inflammatory bowel disease
biorxiv Microbiology Modulation and recruitment of TRF2 at viral telomeres during human herpesvirus 6A/B infection
biorxiv Bioinformatics NanoR: An user-friendly R package to analyze and compare nanopore sequencing data
biorxiv Epidemiology Integrative methylome and transcriptome analysis of Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) skeletal muscle during development
biorxiv Ecology A simple and effective sampler to collect undisturbed cores from tidal marshes
biorxiv Biophysics Structural basis for selective stalling of human ribosome nascent chain complexes by a drug-like molecule
biorxiv Pathology Urinary proteome of dogs with kidney injury during babesiosis
biorxiv Epidemiology Spatial distribution of breast cancer in Sudan 2010-2016
biorxiv Neuroscience Afferent connections of the primary somatosensory cortex of the mouse for contextual and multisensory processing
psyarxiv Neuroscience Syllables are Retrieved before Segments in Mandarin Chinese Spoken Production: An ERP study
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Adolescents and loot boxes: Links with problem gambling and motivations for purchase
biorxiv Ecology Response relationships between CO2, CH4 and N2O emissions and microbial functional groups in wetland sediments after trace metal addition.
biorxiv Developmental Biology The transcription factor TCF7L2 functions as a terminal selector in thalamic and habenular regions of the brain
biorxiv Cell Biology ARID1a protects against steatosis and insulin resistance via PPARalpha-mediated fatty acid oxidation
engrxiv Engineering A new perspective on global renewable energy systems: why trade in energy carriers matters
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Body size after-effects are adult-like from 11 years onwards
lawarxiv Law Zuckerbrot oder Peitsche? - Open Access im juristischen Publikationswesen
biorxiv Neuroscience Whitening of odor representations by specific network connectivity
biorxiv Cancer Biology Control of MYC-dependent apoptotic threshold by a co-amplified ubiquitin E3 ligase UBR5
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A History of Meta-Regression: Technical, Conceptual, and Practical Developments between 1974 and 2018
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Current Practices in Meta-Regression in Psychology, Education, and Medicine
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Harnessing Wise Interventions to Advance the Potency and Reach of Youth Mental Health Services
biorxiv Neuroscience Light-mediated circuit switching in the Drosophila neuronal clock network
biorxiv Microbiology Phage-encoded cationic antimicrobial peptide used for outer membrane disruption in lysis
biorxiv Neuroscience Preoptic galanin neuron activation is specific to courtship reproductive tactic in fish with two male morphs
biorxiv Biophysics Single-molecule live-cell imaging reveals parallel pathways of prokaryotic nucleotide excision repair
biorxiv Microbiology Cryptococcus deuterogattii VGIIa infection associated with travel to the Pacific Northwest outbreak region in an anti-GM-CSF autoantibody positive patient in the United States
biorxiv Neuroscience Detecting M/EEG modular brain states in rest and task
biorxiv Bioinformatics Integrating Hi-C links with assembly graphs for chromosome-scale assembly
biorxiv Neuroscience Multiplex imaging of quantal glutamate release and presynaptic Ca2+ at multiple synapses in situ
biorxiv Bioinformatics TaxonKit: a cross-platform and efficient NCBI taxonomy toolkit
biorxiv Neuroscience Adrenergic activation of cardiac preganglionic neurons in nucleus ambiguous relies on persistent sodium current
biorxiv Genetics Genome-wide association analyses of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over 1 million individuals identify hundreds of loci and shared genetic influences
biorxiv Genomics Time- and cost-efficient high-throughput transcriptomics enabled by Bulk RNA Barcoding and sequencing
biorxiv Molecular biology Purification of Cross-linked RNA-Protein Complexes by Phenol-Toluol Extraction
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Genomic approaches reveal an endemic sub-population of gray wolves in Southern China
biorxiv Molecular biology Tristetraprolin/ZFP36 regulates the turnover of autoimmune-associated HLA-DQ mRNAs
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Neofunctionalisation of basic helix loop helix proteins occurred when plants colonised the land
biorxiv Biophysics Single-molecule imaging reveals molecular coupling between transcription and DNA repair in live cells
psyarxiv Psychiatry Self-Control and Health-Related Behavior: The Role of Implicit Self-Control, Trait Self-Control, and Beliefs in Self-Control
biorxiv Developmental Biology Defining the dynamic chromatin landscape of nephron progenitors
biorxiv Biochemistry Comprehensive substrate specificity profiling of the human nek kinome reveals unexpected signaling outputs
biorxiv Cell Biology Erythroid differentiation displays a peak of energy consumption concomitant with glycolytic metabolism rearrangements
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics The organic component of the earliest sulfur cycling
biorxiv Epidemiology The effect of pre-analytical conditions on blood metabolomics in epidemiological studies
biorxiv Epidemiology Circulating metabolites and the risk of type 2 diabetes: a prospective study of 11,896 young adults from four Finnish cohorts
biorxiv Cell Biology Mosaic origin of the eukaryotic kinetochore
biorxiv Biochemistry Post-translational modifications of Drosophila melanogaster HOX protein, Sex combs reduced
biorxiv Epidemiology Dynamic Predictive Accuracy of Electrocardiographic Biomarkers of Sudden Cardiac Death within a Survival Framework: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Local Perceptions of an Integrated School Health and Nutrition Programme involving WASH, school feeding and deworming in Southwest Ethiopia
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Review of Thomas W. Lippman, "Hero of the Crossing: How Anwar Sadat and the 1973 War Changed the World"
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Migration Diplomacy in the Global South: Cooperation, Coercion and Issue Linkage in Gaddafi’s Libya
engrxiv Engineering Determination of Detachment Frequencies of Ripe Coffee Fruits (Coffea Arabica Var. Colombia) by Means of a Numerical and Experimental Approach
engrxiv Engineering Upper Bound Method for Yield Design of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Using Conic Programming and an Adaptive Remeshing Strategy
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Neglected Intelligence Course: Needs and Suggested Solutions
engrxiv Engineering Estimation of Mechanical Parameters of Thin Films Using Finite Element Analysis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences At Least Bias Is Bipartisan: A Meta-Analytic Comparison of Partisan Bias in Liberals and Conservatives
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Unfairness During Unemployment – How Perceived Injustice Affects Mental Health Among Unemployed People
biorxiv Neuroscience Nonlinear transfer and temporal gain control in ON bipolar cells
biorxiv Cell Biology Mapping Structure and Biological Functions within Mesenchymal Bodies using Microfluidics
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Contribution of Lateral Gene Transfer to the evolution of the eukaryotic fungus Piromyces sp. E2: Massive bacterial transfer of genes involved in carbohydrate metabolism
biorxiv Neuroscience Parallel Visual Circuitry in a Basal Chordate
biorxiv Molecular biology Contesting the evidence for -1 frameshifting in immune-functioning C-C chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5) - the HIV-1 co-receptor
biorxiv Biochemistry The crystal structure of Klebsiella pneumoniae FeoA reveals a site for protein-protein interactions
biorxiv Ecology Bacterial community changes with cryoconite granule size and their susceptibility to exogenous nutrients on 10 glaciers in northwestern Greenland
biorxiv Ecology Joint seasonality in geographic and ecological spaces, illustrated with a partially migratory bird
biorxiv Biophysics Dissecting the energetics of subunit rotation in the ribosome
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology What drives phenotypic divergence among coral clonemates?
biorxiv Genetics Genetic predisposition to mosaic Y chromosome loss in blood is associated with genomic instability in other tissues and susceptibility to non-haematological cancers
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Transcriptomic basis and evolution of the ant social interactome
biorxiv Immunology Extracellular mycobacterial DNA triggers Caspase-11-dependent pyroptosis of infected macrophages and drives disease progression
biorxiv Neuroscience Diazepam Accelerates GABAAR Synaptic Exchange and Alters Intracellular Trafficking
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Using Risk Terrain Modeling to Predict Homeless Related Crime in Los Angeles, California
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Neural correlates of communicating emotion through facial expressions: A simultaneous fMRI and facial EMG study
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Class II contact-dependent growth inhibition (CDI) systems allow for broad-range cross-species toxin delivery
sportrxiv Sport and Exercise Science The mechanics of seated and non-seated cycling: A joint-level analysis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Predictive attentional bias modification induces stimulus-evoked attentional bias for threat
engrxiv Engineering Numerical modeling approach for the assessment of elastic properties of bi-layer thin films measured by bulge test
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Reducing Discrimination: A Bias Versus Noise Perspective
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Neglect: An Interpretative Phenomenological Investigation of Senior Care Professionals’ Experiences Working with Neglected Adolescents
biorxiv Genetics Are drug targets with genetic support twice as likely to be approved? Revised estimates of the impact of genetic support for drug mechanisms on the probability of drug approval.
biorxiv Biochemistry Systematic Development Of Sandwich Immunoassays For The Plasma Secretome
biorxiv Immunology Collagen Density Modulates the Immunosuppressive Functions of Tumor-Associated Macrophages
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Contribution of pretomanid to novel regimens containing bedaquiline with either linezolid or moxifloxacin and pyrazinamide in murine models of tuberculosis
biorxiv Microbiology Shigella flexneri adherence factor expression in in vivo-like conditions
biorxiv Neuroscience Cortical and Cardiovascular Regulation Support Adaptation to Ambient Sound Environment
biorxiv Ecology Cooperation and Stability for Complex Systems in Resource Limited Environments
biorxiv Bioinformatics MS-EmpiRe utilizes peptide-level noise distributions for ultra sensitive detection of differentially abundant proteins
biorxiv Cancer Biology NRF2-dependent metabolic reprogramming is required for tumor recurrence following oncogene inhibition
biorxiv Developmental Biology WNT/β-CATENIN modulates the axial identity of ES derived human neural crest
biorxiv Cancer Biology A single droplet digital PCR for ESR1 activating mutations detection in plasma
biorxiv Ecology First report of enhanced contents of nine macro- and micronutrients in gymnosperms via arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
biorxiv Immunology Efficacy and Safety of Immunosuppressive Treatment in IgA Nephropathy: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Immigration and establishment of urban Trypanosoma cruzi populations
biorxiv Ecology Deep-sea megabenthos communities of the Eurasian Central Arctic are influenced by ice-cover and sea-ice algal falls
biorxiv Bioinformatics The semantic segmentation approach for normal and pathologic tympanic membrane using deep learning
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Dispositional envy revisited: Unraveling the motivational dynamics of benign and malicious envy
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Evil Queen’s dilemma: Linking narcissistic admiration and rivalry to benign and malicious envy
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Data Games for Ecological Design
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics The ‘sediment dilemma’ in fossil microbialites: a review of the factors controlling the ‘trapping and binding’ process
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Causality Influences Children's and Adults' Experience of Temporal Order
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Are associations formed across word pairs? A test of learning by temporal contiguity in associative recognition
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Why would anyone elect a narcissistic untrustworthy leader? A behavioural ecology approach
eartharxiv Engineering Utilising the flexible generation potential of tidal range power plants to optimise economic value
psyarxiv Life Sciences Pan, Hutter, D'Andrea, Unwalla, and Rickard (2019) In search of transfer following cued recall practice: the case of biology concepts (preprint)
engrxiv Engineering Optimal operation of renewable energy irrigation system using particle swarm optimization
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Attentional bias and its temporal dynamics among war veterans suffering from chronic pain: investigating the contribution of post-traumatic stress symptoms
psyarxiv Neuroscience Ten simple rules for the computational modeling of behavioral data
psyarxiv Neuroscience The Misunderstood Higher-Order Approach to Consciousness
biorxiv Microbiology Trypanosoma brucei colonises the tsetse gut via an immature peritrophic matrix in the proventriculus
biorxiv Molecular biology Missense Mutations in the Human Nanophthalmos Gene TMEM98 Cause Retinal Defects in the Mouse
biorxiv Cell Biology Comparative analysis of Synthetic Physical Interactions with the yeast centrosome
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Craniofacial allometry is a rule in evolutionary radiations of placentals
biorxiv Molecular biology Hundreds of yeast mRNAs form a separately addressable, translation elongation-controlled regulon
biorxiv Ecology From individuals to populations: How intraspecific competition shapes thermal reaction norms
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Virus-host coexistence in phytoplankton through the genomic lens
biorxiv Neuroscience The interplay between multisensory integration and perceptual decision making
biorxiv Systems Biology Identification of a novel therapeutic agent for Inflammatory Bowel Disease guided by systems medicine
biorxiv Neuroscience Altered Motor Development Following Late Gestational Alcohol and Cannabinoid Exposure in Rats
biorxiv Cell Biology CHCHD4 confers metabolic vulnerabilities to tumour cells through its control of the mitochondrial respiratory chain.
biorxiv The antimicrobial peptide Defensin cooperates with Tumour Necrosis Factor to drive tumour cell death in Drosophila
biorxiv Neuroscience An EEG study of detection without localisation in change blindness
biorxiv Neuroscience Recruitment and disruption of value encoding during alcohol seeking
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Perceptions and Prospects in Life Sciences in a Heterogenous Latin American Population
biorxiv Microbiology Bacterioplankton dynamics driven by inter-annual variation in phytoplankton spring bloom communities in the Baltic Sea
biorxiv Developmental Biology Cyclin A2/Cdk1 is Essential for the in vivo S Phase Entry by Phosphorylating Top2a.
biorxiv Biophysics Multiple splitting of droplets using multi-furcating microfluidic channels
biorxiv Neuroscience The Effects of Alcohol and Cannabinoid Exposure during the Brain Growth Spurt on Behavioral Development in Rats
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Misperception of Racial Economic Inequality
biorxiv Bioengineering Species-specific enhancement of enterohemorrhagic E. Coli pathogenesis mediated by microbiome metabolites
biorxiv Bioinformatics RNAIndel: a machine-learning framework for discovery of somatic coding indels using tumor RNA-Seq data
biorxiv Molecular biology Therapeutic potential of inhibition of the neuroinflammation induced cathepsin X: in vivo evidence
biorxiv Cell Biology CRISPR-based platform for multimodal genetic screens in human iPSC-derived neurons
biorxiv Genetics The Nopp140 gene in Drosophila melanogaster displays length polymorphisms in its large repetitive second exon
biorxiv Epidemiology Acceptability of active case finding with a seed-and-recruit model to improve tuberculosis case detection and linkage to treatment in Cambodia: a qualitative study
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Epigenetic switching as a strategy for quick adaptation while constraining biochemical noise
biorxiv Biophysics Myosin Orientation in a Muscle Fiber Determined with High Angular Resolution Using Bifunctional Spin Labels
biorxiv Microbiology Growth-rate and protein-synthesis dynamics of single Bacillus subtilis cells along their cell-cycle
biorxiv Microbiology Reconciling the potentially irreconcilable? Genotypic and phenotypic amoxicillin-clavulanate resistance in Escherichia coli
biorxiv Microbiology Cycloheximide-Producing Streptomyces Associated with Xyleborinus saxesenii and Xyleborus affinis Fungus-Farming Ambrosia Beetles
biorxiv Zoology How conspicuous are peacock eyespots and other colorful feathers in the eyes of mammalian predators?
biorxiv Biophysics Ecological modeling of Long Interspersed elements reveals footprints of evolution and a role of chromatin in shaping their genome landscape in mammals.
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology MeshMonk: Open-source large-scale intensive 3D phenotyping
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Abandoning the concept of renewable energy
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences School autonomy and educational inclusion of children with special needs: Evidence from England
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The preparation of stewards with the Mastery Rubric for Stewardship: Re-envisioning the formation of scholars and practitioners
biorxiv Bioinformatics TargetSeeker-MS: A computational method for drug target discovery using protein separation coupled to mass spectrometry
biorxiv Immunology Airway epithelial integrin β4 suppresses allergic inflammation by decreasing CCL17 production
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Structurally Unjust: How Lay Beliefs about Racism Relate to Perceptions of and Responses to Racial Inequality in Criminal Justice
biorxiv Physiology Pain sensitivity and athletic performance
biorxiv Ecology Consideration of species-specific diatom indicators of anthropogenic stress in the Great Lakes
biorxiv Molecular biology Adenovirus-mediated expression of SIK1 improves hepatic glucose and lipid metabolism in type 2 diabetes mellitus rats
biorxiv Cell Biology LncRNA Dnmt3aos regulates Dnmt3a expression leading to aberrant DNA methylation in macrophage polarization
biorxiv Microbiology Dynamics, cariogenicity, and geographic distribution of Streptococcus mutans adhesin types suggest adaptation to individual hosts
biorxiv Genetics High-quality, genome-wide SNP genotypic data for pedigreed germplasm of the diploid outbreeding species apple, peach, and sweet cherry through a common workflow
biorxiv Neuroscience Stochastic neural field model of stimulus-dependent variability in cortical neurons
biorxiv Ecology Implementation and Integration of Microbial Source Tracking in a River Watershed Monitoring Plan
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Making social neuroscience less WEIRD: Using fNIRS to measure neural signatures of persuasive influence in a Middle East participant sample
biorxiv Cancer Biology A rabbit monoclonal antibody against the antiviral and cancer genomic DNA mutating enzyme APOBEC3B
biorxiv Cell Biology Combination image flow cytometry for single-cell analysis reveals novel methods for isolating subsets of megakaryocyte progenitor populations
biorxiv Cancer Biology Gene Panel Sequencing in a Chinese High-risk Breast Cancer Cohort
biorxiv Cancer Biology Pancreatic tumor organoids for modeling in vivo drug response and discovering clinically-actionable biomarkers
biorxiv Immunology Serodiagnostic potential of synthetic peptides derived from African swine fever virus putative protein pCP312R
biorxiv Cell Biology Compressive Stress Enhances Invasive Phenotype of Cancer Cells via Piezo1 Activation
biorxiv Microbiology Reference genome for the WHO reference strain for Mycobacterium bovis BCG Danish, the present tuberculosis vaccine
biorxiv Cell Biology Preparation of Organ Scaffolds by Decellularization of Pancreas and Re-functionalization
biorxiv Neuroscience VGF in cerebrospinal fluid, when combined with conventional biomarkers, enhances prediction of conversion from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer Disease.
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Coupled fast and slow feedbacks lead to continual evolution: A general modeling approach
biorxiv Neuroscience Dissociating orexin-dependent and -independent functions of orexin neurons using novel orexin-Flp knock-in mice
biorxiv Immunology Inhibition of miR-22-3p reduces kidney disease associated with systemic lupus erythematosus
biorxiv Microbiology A Preliminary Occurrence of Extended-Spectrum and AmpC Beta-Lactamases in Clinical Isolates of Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli in Najaf, Iraq
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Evaluation of liver protective activity of Moringa oleifera bark extract in paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity in rats.
biorxiv Microbiology Time- and size-resolved bacterial aerosol dynamics in highly polluted air: new clues for haze formation mechanism
biorxiv Immunology Integrated multi-omics analysis to study the effects of simulated weightlessness on rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
biorxiv Bioinformatics Detecting convergent adaptive amino acid evolution
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Mülleriann mimicry in bumble bees is a transient continuum
biorxiv Neuroscience Visual-olfactory integration in the human disease vector mosquito, Aedes aegypti
biorxiv Neuroscience Computing Hubs in the Hippocampus and Cortex
biorxiv Biophysics Buckling of epithelium growing under spherical confinement
biorxiv Developmental Biology Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Biosynthesis and Remodeling are Required for Neural Crest Cell, Cardiac and Neural Development.
biorxiv Cell Biology CHCHD4 regulates a proliferation-EMT switch in tumour cells, through respiratory complex I mediated metabolism.
biorxiv Genomics Genomic analyses of sibling honey bee ectoparasitic mite species show divergent strategies of adaptation
biorxiv Developmental Biology A Reaction Norm Perspective on Reproducibility
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Indolergic receptors of the elephant mosquito Toxorhynchites amboinensis
biorxiv Bioinformatics ELECTOR: Evaluator for long reads correction methods
biorxiv Molecular biology NOTCH assembles a transcriptional repressive complex containing NuRD and PRC1 to repress genes involved in cell proliferation and differentiation.
biorxiv Neuroscience Internally coupled middle ears enhance the range of interaural time differences heard by the chicken
biorxiv Microbiology Soil Bacterial and Fungal Response to Wildfires in the Canadian Boreal Forest Across a Burn Severity Gradient
biorxiv Genomics Whole Genome Doubling mitigates Muller's Ratchet in Cancer Evolution
biorxiv Neuroscience Intrinsic plasticity of cerebellar Purkinje cells in motor learning circuits
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Diversity patterns in parasite populations capable for persistence and reinfection
biorxiv Plant biology Berry and pip form covariation in wild and domesticated grapevines: eco-evo-devo implications and archaeobotanical perspectives
biorxiv Neuroscience GABA neurons in the ventral tegmental area regulate non-rapid eye movement sleep in mice
biorxiv Biochemistry Active site plasticity and possible modes of chemical inhibition of the human DNA deaminase APOBEC3B
biorxiv Neuroscience In-silico Exploration of Mouse Brain Dynamics by Stimulation explains Functional Networks and Sensory Processing
biorxiv Pathology Effects of high iodine containing low osmolar contrast agent (visipaque) on thyroid function tests
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Dark Triad and Facebook Surveillance: How Machiavellianism, Psychopathy, But Not Narcissism Predict Using Facebook To Spy On Others
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Aftereffects of self-control: The reward responsivity hypothesis
biorxiv Molecular biology Enhancer transcription identifies cis-regulatory elements for photoreceptor cell types
biorxiv Plant biology Characterization of a novel vascular bundle localizing Gossypium hirsutum NAC4 transcription factor promoter for its role in environmental stress responses
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Can Sexual Selection Cause Divergence In Mating System-Related Floral Traits?
biorxiv Cell Biology Minimal membrane interactions conferred by Rheb C-terminal farnesylation are essential for mTORC1 activation
biorxiv Ecology Range-wide variation in local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity of fitness-related traits in Fagus sylvatica and their implications under climate change
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Developing individual differences in primate behavior: The role of genes, environment and their interplay
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Moving beyond “Us” versus “Them”: Social identities in digital gaming
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Problems with centrality measures in psychopathology symptom networks: Why network psychometrics cannot escape psychometric theory
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Stereotype Threat May Not Impact Women’s Inhibitory Control or Mathematical Performance: Providing Support for the Null Hypothesis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Alcohol-related attentional bias in a gaze contingency task: Comparing appetitive and non-appetitive cues
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psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Generalised inhibitory impairment to appetitive cues: From alcoholic to non-alcoholic visual stimuli
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psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Processing Speed, Working Memory, and Executive Functions: Independent or inter-related predictors of general intelligence
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psyarxiv Neuroscience Math anxiety and executive function: Neural influences of task switching on arithmetic processing
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Structural evolution and medium-temperature thermochronology of central Madagascar: implications for Gondwana amalgamation
biorxiv Immunology Splicing inhibition enhances the antitumor immune response through increased tumor antigen presentation and altered MHC-I immunopeptidome
biorxiv Microbiology Multilocus sequence analysis, a rapid and accurate identification tool for taxonomic classification, evolutionary relationship and population biology of the genus Shewanella.
biorxiv Microbiology The gut microbiota is associated with clearance of Clostridium difficile infection independent of adaptive immunity
biorxiv Microbiology The Proteome of Tetrasphaera elongata is Prepadapted to Changing Environmental Conditions in Wastewater Treatment Plants
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biorxiv Immunology Tumors escape immunosurveillance by overexpressing the proteasome activator REGγ
biorxiv Neuroscience Evaluation of self-generated behavior: untangling metacognitive read-out and error-detection.
biorxiv Genetics Budding yeast centromeric DNA and A+T rich bacterial DNA can function as centromeres in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
biorxiv Molecular biology A ribosome assembly stress response regulates transcription to maintain proteome homeostasis
biorxiv Ecology Colonial ascidians strongly preyed upon, yet dominate the substrate in a subtropical fouling community
biorxiv Neuroscience All-optical interrogation of a direction selective retinal circuit by holographic wave front shaping
biorxiv Immunology Estimating residence times of lymphocytes in ovine lymph nodes
biorxiv Molecular biology The Largest Subunit of Human TFIIIC Complex, TFIIIC220, a Lysine Acetyltransferase Targets Histone H3K18
biorxiv Bioinformatics scSVA: an interactive tool for big data visualization and exploration in single-cell omics
biorxiv Neuroscience Protein Co-Evolution Strategies Detect Predicted Functional Interaction Between the Serotonin 5-HT2A and 5-HT2C Receptors
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Correspondence: The Taupo eruption occurred in 232 ± 10 CE, and not later
biorxiv Cancer Biology Longitudinal single cell profiling of regulatory T cells identifies IL-33 as a driver of tumor immunosuppression
engrxiv Engineering High-Precision Laser Conditioning of Diamond Grinding Wheels
biorxiv Bioinformatics DO-MS: Data-Driven Optimization of Mass Spectrometry Methods
biorxiv Biophysics Active cargo positioning in antiparallel transport networks
biorxiv Developmental Biology A contractile acto-myosin belt promotes growth anisotropy during the early stages of pectoral fin development in zebrafish.
biorxiv Developmental Biology Evolutionary loss of foot muscle during development with characteristics of atrophy and no evidence of cell death
biorxiv Cell Biology Microtubule plus-end dynamics link wound repair to the innate immune response
biorxiv Biochemistry Hypoxia induces rapid changes to histone methylation reprogramming chromatin for the cellular response
biorxiv Cell Biology Cdc42 promotes epithelial morphogenesis by coupling Par-complex and Crumbs recruitment via Par6-aPKC
biorxiv Biophysics Rigorous equations for isothermal titration calorimetry: theoretical and practical consequences
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences No country for asylum seekers? How short-term exposure to refugees influences attitudes and voting behavior in Hungary
engrxiv Engineering Potential of neural networks for maximum displacement predictions in railway beams on frictionally damped foundations
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eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Source rupture process of the 2017 Mw 6.5 Jiuzhaigou, China, earthquake derived from a modified-strategy joint inversion of seismological and geodetic data
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biorxiv Neuroscience Sensitive periods for white matter plasticity and reading intervention
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Neoproterozoic glacial origin of the Great Unconformity
biorxiv Bioinformatics Drug target identification and virtual screening in pursuit of phytochemical intervention of Mycobacterium chelonae
biorxiv Neuroscience Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) over the left prefrontal cortex does not affect time-trial self-paced cycling performance: Evidence from oscillatory brain activity and power output.
biorxiv Neuroscience Classical conditioning in oddball paradigm: A comparison between aversive and name conditioning
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socarxiv Arts and Humanities Using Task-Based Learning with Students of Academic English
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socarxiv Arts and Humanities A Training Program in the Framework of Rogers’ Theory of Blended Learning: A Case of Teachers of Information Technology in Oman
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Indonesian Teachers’ Perception on the Implementation of Lesson Study:Exploring Teachers’ Awareness of Pedagogical Knowledge
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Syntactic Errors in an Arab EFL Postgraduate Student’s Spoken English during a Thesis Supervision Session
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Professional Learning through Coaching: toward the Enhancement of the Teachers’ Pedagogical Competence
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socarxiv Arts and Humanities An Analysis of the Use of English with Political Correctness: A Case Study of Graduate Students in Thailand
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Peculiarities of Ethnic Stereotypes Usage in English Political Discourse
socarxiv Arts and Humanities WhatsApp: An Online Platform for University-Level English Language Education
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biorxiv Microbiology Comprehensive mapping of avian influenza polymerase adaptation to the human host
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The primacy of the student in the age of consumer driven higher education
biorxiv Microbiology The Replication-Competent HIV-1 Latent Reservoir is Primarily Established Near the Time of Therapy Initiation
biorxiv Neuroscience MATRIEX Imaging: Multi-Area Two-photon Real-time In-vivo Explorer
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Ecological causes of uneven diversification and richness in the mammal tree of life
biorxiv Microbiology Influenza A virus surface proteins are organized to help penetrate host mucus
biorxiv Microbiology Pseudomonas aeruginosa Can Inhibit Growth of Streptococcal Species via Siderophore Production
biorxiv Neuroscience Social touch observation in adults with autism: intact neural representations of affective meaning but lack of embodied resonance
biorxiv Neuroscience The Trouble Interpreting fMRI Studies in Populations with Cerebrovascular Risk: The Use of a Subject-Specific Hemodynamic Response Function in a Study of Age, Vascular Risk, and Memory
biorxiv Cancer Biology iTALK: an R Package to Characterize and Illustrate Intercellular Communication
biorxiv Microbiology Automation for the identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Comparison of TDR-300B, VITEK®2, and VITEK®-MS
biorxiv Neuroscience Individual listening success explained by synergistic interaction of two distinct neural filters
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biorxiv Bioinformatics A pitfall for machine learning methods aiming to predict across cell types
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Kinome-wide activity classification of small molecules by deep learning
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Characterizing gene tree conflict in plastome-inferred phylogenies
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biorxiv Genetics Population-based Relative Risks for Specific Family History Constellations of Breast Cancer
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biorxiv Systems Biology Integrative Computational Framework for Understanding Metabolic Modulation in Leishmania
biorxiv Cell Biology IFT88 controls NuMA enrichment at k-fibers minus-ends to facilitate their reincorporation into mitotic spindles
biorxiv Cell Biology Rtn4a promotes exocytosis in mammalian cells while ER morphology does not necessarily affect exocytosis and translation
biorxiv Immunology Mixture of Experts for Predicting Antibody-Antigen Binding Affinity from Antigen Sequence
biorxiv Genetics Genetic dissection of femoral and tibial microarchitecture
biorxiv Neuroscience Systematic errors in connectivity inferred from activity in strongly coupled recurrent circuits
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biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Post exam analysis: Implication for intervention
biorxiv Cell Biology β-glucan dependent shuttling of conidia from neutrophils to macrophages occurs during fungal infection establishment
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Drug combination sensitivity scoring facilitates the discovery of synergistic and efficacious drug combinations in cancer
biorxiv Molecular biology Combined Transcriptomics and Proteomics Forecast Analysis for Potential Genes Regulating the Columbian Plumage Color in Chickens
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biorxiv Cancer Biology Modelling the transport of fluid through heterogeneous, whole tumours in silico
biorxiv Biophysics Structural Differences Between the Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus Core Protein in Dimer and Capsid States Indicate Entropic and Conformational Regulation of Assembly
biorxiv Microbiology Dynamics of bacterial cell proliferation inhibited by specific proteins for effective horizontal transmission of the integrative and conjugative element ICEclc
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Applying Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) in EFL Teaching
socarxiv Arts and Humanities A Corpus-assisted Critical Discourse Analysis of the Discursive Representation of Immigration in the EU Referendum Debate
socarxiv Arts and Humanities The Speech Act of Complimenting as Part of the Ukrainian, Russian and English-Speaking Communities: Ukraine and the USA
socarxiv Arts and Humanities EFL Teachers’ Attitudes toward Commercial Textbooks in EFL Programs
socarxiv Arts and Humanities The Englishization of Materiality in the Linguistic Landscape of a Southern Jordanian City
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Intercultural Competence in ELT Contexts: A Study of EFL Teachers’ Perceptions
biorxiv Bioinformatics Mobile learning for English language learning assessment and evaluation: A review
biorxiv Neuroscience Are sleep spindles poised on supercritical Hopf bifurcations?
biorxiv Microbiology Viral infection enhances vomocytosis of intracellular fungi via Type I interferons
biorxiv Neuroscience Experimentally-constrained biophysical models of tonic and burst firing modes in thalamocortical neurons
biorxiv Epidemiology The impact of Temporal Artery Biopsy for the diagnosis of Giant Cell Arteritis in clinical practice in a tertiary University Hospital
biorxiv Ecology Forest canopy, a proxi of light intensity, arrests Pinus radiata invasion: basic science to conserve the Coastal Maulino forest, Central Chile.
biorxiv Microbiology The evolution of a super-swarm of foot-and-mouth disease virus in cattle
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Buoyancy driven distributed chaos and ensemble weather forecasting
psyarxiv Psychiatry Consequences of not planning ahead: Reduced proactive control moderates longitudinal relations between behavioral inhibition and anxiety
biorxiv Bioinformatics A Hybrid Deep Clustering Approach for Robust Cell Type Profiling Using Single-cell RNA-seq Data
biorxiv Biochemistry A device to collect exhaled breath to study biomarkers in small animal models
biorxiv Cancer Biology Distinguishing Closely Related Pancreatic Cancer Subtypes In Vivo by 13C Glucose MRI without Hyperpolarization
biorxiv Plant biology An EDS1-SAG101 complex functions in TNL-mediated immunity in Solanaceae
biorxiv Cell Biology Abl signaling shapes the intrinsic fluctuations of actin to direct growth of a pioneer axon in Drosophila
biorxiv Plant biology Role of MPK4 in pathogen-associated molecular pattern-triggered alternative splicing in Arabidopsis
biorxiv Systems Biology Controlling noisy expression through auto regulation of burst frequency and protein stability
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education The California Environmental DNA "CALeDNA" Program
biorxiv Ecology LIDAR explains diversity of plants, fungi, lichens and bryophytes across multiple habitats and large geographic extent
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Distributed DNA-based Communication in Populations of Synthetic Protocells
biorxiv Neuroscience Rapid memory reactivation at movie event boundaries promotes episodic encoding
biorxiv Microbiology Investigating the influence of extraction methodology, and certain other experimental parameters on bacterial response to selected quorum-modulatory plant extracts
biorxiv Biophysics Coupling water fluxes with cell wall mechanics in a multicellular model of plant development
biorxiv Neuroscience Data-driven spectral analysis for coordinative structures in periodic systems with unknown and redundant dynamics
biorxiv Ecology Divergence in gut microbial communities mirrors a social group fission event in a black-and-white colobus monkey (Colobus vellerosus)
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biorxiv Neuroscience Increased spontaneous EEG signal diversity during stroboscopically-induced altered states of consciousness
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Phylogenomics within the Anthonotha clade (Detarioideae, Leguminosae) reveals a high diversity in floral trait shifts and a general trend towards organ number reduction
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socarxiv Arts and Humanities Diversity of Artists in Major U.S. Museums
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Where Immigration Enforcement Agreements Stalled: The Location of Local 287(g) Program Applications and Inquiries (2005-2012)
socarxiv Education CyberSecurity and Technology: How Do They Fit into a Science Classroom?
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Diverging by Gender: Syrian Refugees’ Divisions of Labor and Formation of Human Capital in the United States
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biorxiv Genomics Somatic mutation landscape reveals differential variability of cell-of-origin for primary liver cancer
biorxiv Biophysics Discovery of New Classes of Glycine transporter 2 (GlyT2) Inhibitors and Study of GlyT2 Selectivity by Combination of Novel Structural Based Virtual Screening Approach and Free Energy Perturbation (FEP+) Calculations
biorxiv Genomics Insulator Activities of Nucleosome-Excluding DNA Sequences Without Bound Chromatin Looping Proteins
biorxiv Biophysics Recording of "sonic attacks" on U.S. diplomats in Cuba spectrally matches the echoing call of a Caribbean cricket
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Effects of phenotypic robustness on adaptive evolutionary dynamics
biorxiv Neuroscience Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) informed neurofeedback: regional-specific modulation of lateral orbitofrontal activation and cognitive flexibility
biorxiv Cell Biology ABC transporters confer multidrug resistance to Drosophila intestinal stem cells
biorxiv Genomics Genomics and transcriptomics to unravel sex determination pathway and its evolution in sand flies
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Children's use of race and gender as cues to social status
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psyarxiv Neuroscience Clear judgments based on unclear evidence: Person evaluation is strongly influenced by untrustworthy gossip
engrxiv Engineering Generation of sanitation system options for urban planning considering novel technologies
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Switching attention from internal to external information processing: a review of the literature and empirical support of the resource sharing account
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Development of an inversion method to extract information on fault geometry from teleseismic data
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biorxiv Microbiology Aggregation-prone peptides modulate interferon gamma functionality in naturally occurring protein nanoparticles
biorxiv Cell Biology Tumor Necrosis Factor induces pathogenic programmed macrophage necrosis in tuberculosis through a mitochondrial-lysosomal-endoplasmic reticulum circuit
biorxiv Biochemistry Identification of Factors Complicating Bioluminescence Imaging
biorxiv Genomics Differential expression feature extraction (DEFE) and its application in RNA-seq data analysis
biorxiv Immunology Dissecting the heterogeneity of DENV vaccine-elicited cellular immunity using single-cell RNA sequencing and cellular metabolic profiling
biorxiv Biochemistry Structure and function of a 9.6 megadalton bacterial iron storage compartment
biorxiv Biophysics Professional Swimmers and Normal Populations have Different Patterns of Epidermal Green Autofluorescence
biorxiv Cell Biology β1 integrin is a sensor of blood flow direction
biorxiv Molecular biology iDamage: a method to integrate modified DNA into the yeast genome
biorxiv Neuroscience Associations between vascular risk factors and brain MRI indices in UK Biobank
biorxiv Microbiology Toxoplasma F-Box Protein 1 is Required for Daughter Cell Scaffold Function During Parasite Replication
biorxiv Biochemistry WDR76 promotes MLL-rearranged leukemia via selective recognition of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in DNA
biorxiv Bioinformatics YeasTSS: An Integrative Web Database of Yeast Transcription Start Sites
biorxiv Biophysics The axonal actin-spectrin lattice acts as shock absorbers to protect neurons from stretch-induced damage
biorxiv Bioinformatics Generating real-world tumor burden endpoints from electronic health record data: Comparison of RECIST, radiology-anchored, and clinician-anchored approaches for abstracting real-world progression in non-small cell lung cancer
biorxiv Cancer Biology Mitotic gene bookmarking by RUNX1 contributes to stabilization of the normal mammary epithelial phenotype
biorxiv Neuroscience Combining 3D-MOT with motor and perceptual decision-making tasks: conception of a life-sized virtual perceptual-cognitive training paradigm
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Bilingual toddlers' comprehension of mixed sentences is asymmetrial across their two languages
biorxiv Microbiology Selection and characterization of a reovirus mutant with improved thermostability
biorxiv Neuroscience Macrophages enforce the blood nerve barrier
biorxiv Neuroscience Changes in behavioral state account for the modulation of cerebellar learning by cannabinoid receptors
biorxiv Bioengineering Multiplexed, sequential secretion analysis of the same single cells reveals distinct effector response dynamics dependent on the initial basal state
biorxiv Cell Biology Cytoplasmic volume and limiting nucleoplasmin scale nuclear size during Xenopus laevis development
biorxiv Epidemiology Using Twitter To Generate Signals For The Enhancement Of Syndromic Surveillance Systems: Semi-Supervised Classification For Relevance Filtering in Syndromic Surveillance
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Difficulties in Teaching English Modal Auxiliaries to Turkish Students: A Cognitive Pragmatic Approach
socarxiv Law Exploration of Differences in Offender Characteristics Across Aspiring, Probable, and Successful Serial Homicide Offenders: The Importance of an Inclusive Approach to the Study of Homicide
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Emergence of Systemic Risk: Federal Reserve, Bailouts, and Monetary Government at the Limits
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Applying Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) in EFL Teaching
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lawarxiv Law The "Too Big To Fail" Problem
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Expressions of Gratitude Applied to Business: A Lesson for Managing Online Reviews
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psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Comparing psychological characteristics of monogamous and non-monogamous practitioners: Personality, sexual satisfaction, dominance and jealousy
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Wandering Circles: A Flicker-Rate and Contour Dependent Motion Illusion
biorxiv Neuroscience Glia-neuron interactions underlie state transitions to generalized seizures
biorxiv Microbiology An improved control efficacy against tobacco bacterial wilt by an engineered Pseudomonas mosselii expressing the ripAA gene from phytopathogenic Ralstonia solanacearum
biorxiv Plant biology Assessment of gibberellin (GA4+7) mediated changes on grain filling, hormonal behaviour and antioxidants in high-density maize (Zea Mays L.)
biorxiv Genetics Demographic and genetic structure of a severely fragmented population of the endangered hog deer (Axis porcinus) in the Indo- Burma biodiversity hotspot
biorxiv Genetics Dissection and validation of minor quantitative trait loci (QTLs) conferring grain size and weight in rice
biorxiv Microbiology Carbohydrate, glutathione, and polyamine metabolism are central to Aspergillus flavus oxidative stress responses over time
biorxiv Biochemistry The UTX Tumor Suppressor Directly Senses Oxygen to Control Chromatin and Cell Fate
biorxiv Epidemiology Factors Associated with Suicidal Ideation and Suicidal Attempts among Adolescent Students in Nepal: Findings from Global School Based Students Health Survey
biorxiv Genetics Contrasting paternal and maternal genetic histories of Thai and Lao populations
biorxiv Plant biology Doubled haploid based parental lines are most suitable in predicting heterosis using microsatellites and in development of highly heterotic F1 hybrids in Brassica oleracea
biorxiv Neuroscience Rigid Foot Soles Improve Balance in Beam Walking
biorxiv Neuroscience Variation in reported human head tissue electrical conductivity values
biorxiv Bioinformatics OGRE: Overlap Graph-based metagenomic Read clustEring
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Computational modeling of anthocyanin pathway evolution
biorxiv Neuroscience Fundamental Law of Memory Recall
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Schacter & Margolin, Social Development, Preprint
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Comparing psychological characteristics of monogamous and non-monogamous practitioners: Personality, sexual satisfaction, dominance and jealousy
biorxiv Ecology Variation in Melitaea cinxia gut microbiota is phylogenetically highly structured but only mildly driven by host plant microbiota, sex or parasitism.
biorxiv Systems Biology Meta-analysis of the human brain transcriptome identifies heterogeneity across human AD coexpression modules robust to sample collection and methodological approach
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition High innate preference for black substrate in the chive gnat, Bradysia odoriphaga (Diptera: Sciaridae)
biorxiv Epidemiology Inclusive medical rehabilitation for persons with disability due to leprosy, lymphatic filariasis, and diabetes mellitus: Mapping the gap in three leprosy endemic districts in Indonesia
biorxiv Microbiology Informal genomic surveillance of regional distribution of Salmonella Typhi genotypes and antimicrobial resistance via returning travellers
biorxiv Bioinformatics CSynth: A Dynamic Modelling and Visualisation Tool for 3D Chromatin Structure
biorxiv Genomics Discovery of New Mycoviral Genomes Within Publicly Available Fungal Transcriptomic Datasets
biorxiv Genomics Kinetics of Xist-induced gene silencing can be predicted from combinations of epigenetic and genomic features
biorxiv Bioengineering Optimization of the experimental parameters of the ligase cycling reaction
biorxiv Bioengineering Multi-ATOM: Ultrahigh-throughput single-cell quantitative phase imaging with subcellular resolution
biorxiv Immunology Low Replication Capacity Virus Is Preferentially Transmitted In Mother-To-Child-Transmission But Not In Adult-To-Adult-Transmission Of HIV-1
biorxiv Neuroscience Reduced structural connectivity in Insomnia Disorder
biorxiv Neuroscience Influence of Vocal Feedback on Emotions Provides Causal Evidence for the Self-Perception Theory
biorxiv Cell Biology Mitochondrial Ca2+ influences photoresponse recovery, metabolism, and mitochondrial localization in cone photoreceptors
biorxiv Systems Biology Functional dissection of Alzheimer's disease brain gene expression signatures in humans and mouse models
biorxiv Immunology BCR analysis of single-sorted, putative IgE+ memory B cells in food allergy: an ephemeral existence?
biorxiv Microbiology Bacterial Diversity in Feces of Wild Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures and Common Ravens from the Pacific Northwest Coast, U.S.A.
biorxiv Plant biology Integrated high-resolution phenotyping, chlorophyll fluorescence induction kinetics and photosystem II dynamics under water stress and heat in Wheat (Triticum aestivum)
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Molecular evolution in large steps - Codon substitutions under positive selection
biorxiv Microbiology Construction of synthetic microbiota for reproducible flavor metabolism in Chinese light aroma type liquor produced by solid-state fermentation
biorxiv Cancer Biology Overexpression of long noncoding RNA GAS5 suppresses tumorigenesis and development of gastric cancer by sponging miR-106a-5p through the Akt/mToR pathway
biorxiv Cell Biology A free-running oscillator times and executes centriole biogenesis
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Multi-locus characterization and phylogenetic inference of Leishmania spp. in snakes from Northwest China
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Evolution in small steps - A nearly-universal rule of negative selection on codons
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology The evolution of life history theory: Bibliometric analysis of an interdisciplinary research area
biorxiv Physiology Oxidative Stress and Biomarker Responses in the Atlantic Halibut After Long Term Exposure to Elevated CO2 and a Range of Temperatures
biorxiv Biochemistry Generating quantitative binding landscapes through fractional binding selections, deep sequencing and data normalization
biorxiv Neuroscience Faster Cognitive Decline in Dementia due to Alzheimer Disease with Clinically Undiagnosed Lewy Body Disease
biorxiv Systems Biology Computational Intractability Law Molds the Topology of Biological Networks
psyarxiv Life Sciences The Process of Reinventing a Job: A Meta–Synthesis of Qualitative Job Crafting Research
biorxiv Biochemistry A staphylococcal cyclophilin carries a single domain and unfolds via the formation of an intermediate that preserves cyclosporin A binding activity
biorxiv Epidemiology Sedentary behavior, physical inactivity and body composition in relation to idiopathic infertility among men and women
biorxiv Developmental Biology Redox signaling via lipid peroxidation regulates retinal progenitor cell differentiation
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics The impulsive source of the 2017 (MW =7.3) Ezgeleh, Iran, earthquake
sportrxiv Sport and Exercise Science Moving Sport and Exercise Science Forward: A Call for the Adoption of More Transparent Research Practices
biorxiv Developmental Biology Differential expression of BMP antagonists, gremlin and noggin in hydra: antagonism between Wnt and BMP pathways
biorxiv Microbiology Ephrin receptor A4 (EphA4) is a new Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus virus entry receptor
biorxiv Developmental Biology Polar-like trophoblast stem cells form an embryonic-abembryonic axis in blastoids.
biorxiv Neuroscience General visual and contingent thermal cues interact to elicit attraction in female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
biorxiv Neuroscience A novel small molecule screening platform for disrupting toxic tau oligomers in cells
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Wet rice cultivation was the primary cause of the earthquake-triggered Palu landslides
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Normative data for two tests of face matching under ecological conditions - Stacchi, Huguenin-Elie, Caldara & Ramon (2019)
engrxiv Engineering Clustering image noise patterns by embedding and visualization for common source camera detection
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Characterizing user-defined objects from outcrop and modern system interpretations for stochastic object-based reservoir modelling
sportrxiv Sport and Exercise Science The ‘Lift Big-Get Big’ culture: Impact of images of hyper-muscular bodies and training information upon resistance training beliefs in males
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Smiles of Affiliation and Dominance when competing for Leadership: The effect of gender in the 2016 US Presidential Debates
engrxiv Engineering A Research Framework for Supervised Image Classification For Tornado Chaos Phenomena
biorxiv Biophysics Tau local structure shields amyloid motif and controls aggregation propensity
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Misperception of the Asian-White Wealth Gap
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Evaluation of academic behavior in high school biology with online form-styled homework
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Studying the dawn of de novo gene emergence in mice reveals fast integration of new genes into functional networks
biorxiv Ecology Causes Of Death And Failures To Reproduce, Limiting Resources, Ecological Dynamics, And Selection: How To Evolve A Low Predation Guppy, And Cause A Trophic Cascade
biorxiv Molecular biology Spatial single-cell profiling of intracellular metabolomes in situ
biorxiv Neuroscience Left anterior temporal lobe is necessary for efficient lateralised processing of spoken word identity
biorxiv Genetics Noncanonical contributions of MutLγ to VDE-initiated crossovers during Saccharomyces cerevisiae meiosis
biorxiv Neuroscience Dynamic causal modeling for calcium imaging data reveals differential effective connectivity for sensory processing in a barrel cortical column
biorxiv Microbiology Effects of partial, combined and total replacement of sodium chloride in beef sausage on microbial load, sensory acceptability and physical properties
biorxiv Neuroscience Enjoy The Violence: Is appreciation for extreme music the result of cognitive control over the threat response system?
biorxiv Developmental Biology Self-organization of post-implantation-like embryonic tissues from blastoids
biorxiv Developmental Biology Altering nuclear import in early Xenopus laevis embryos affects later development
biorxiv Biochemistry In vitro analysis of RNA polymerase II elongation complex dynamics
biorxiv Bioinformatics Personalized Tumor Growth Prediction with Multiscale Tumor Modeling
biorxiv Neuroscience The influence of kinesthetic motor imagery and effector specificity on the long-latency stretch response
biorxiv Developmental Biology Wheat VRN1 and FUL2 play critical and redundant roles in spikelet meristem identity and spike determinacy
biorxiv Neuroscience Novel, non-nitrocatechol COMT inhibitors modulate dopamine neurotransmission in the frontal cortex and improve cognitive flexibility
biorxiv Cell Biology The nucleoporin ELYS regulates nuclear size by controlling NPC number and nuclear import capacity
biorxiv Cell Biology Phosphorylation-mediated interactions with TOPBP1 couple 53BP1 and 9-1-1 to control the G1 DNA damage checkpoint
biorxiv Neuroscience Evidence of a Functionally Segregated Pathway from Lateral Superior Olive to Inferior Colliculus
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Unbinding Kinetics and Multiple Pathways of p38 MAPK Inhibitors
biorxiv Genetics Trapping a somatic endogenous retrovirus into a germline piRNA cluster immunizes the germline against further invasion
biorxiv Microbiology Bacillus clarus sp. nov. is a new Bacillus cereus group species isolated from soil
biorxiv Neuroscience Modulation of tonotopic ventral MGB is behaviorally relevant for speech recognition.
biorxiv Cell Biology Organism-wide single-cell transcriptomics of long-lived C. elegans daf-2 mutants reveals tissue-specific reprogramming of gene expression networks
biorxiv Genetics Pleiotropic effects for Parkin and LRRK2 in leprosy type-1 reactions and Parkinson's disease
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The role of developmental change and linguistic experience in the mutual exclusivity effect
biorxiv Genomics qDSB-Seq: quantitative DNA double-strand break sequencing
biorxiv Immunology HIV-1-induced cytokines deplete homeostatic ILCs and expand TCF7-dependent memory NK cells
biorxiv Pathology The function of macromolecular complex of CFTR-NHERF2-LPA2 in inflammatory responses of intestinal epithelial cells
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences University Elections and Political Socialization in the Developing World
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Developmental Level of Moral Judgment Influences Behavioral Patterns during Moral Decision-making
psyarxiv Neuroscience Developing a reflective mind: the emergence of core metacognition
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics CCAF-DB: The Caribbean and Central American Active Fault Database
biorxiv Cell Biology STAM Interaction with Hrs Controls JAK/STAT Activation by Interferon-α at the Early Endosome
biorxiv Bioinformatics Detecting Circular RNA from High-throughput Sequence Data with de Bruijn Graph
biorxiv Microbiology Integration of gut microbiome, host biomarkers, and urine metabolome data reveals networks of interactions associated with distinct clinical phenotypes
biorxiv Immunology The Molecular Landscape of Anti-Drug Antibodies Reveals the Mechanism of the Immune Response Following Treatment with TNF-alpha Antagonist
biorxiv Microbiology A 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA synthase-based probe for the discovery of the acyltransferase-less type I polyketide synthases
biorxiv Bioinformatics Sensitivity analysis of agent-based simulation utilizing massively parallel computation and interactive data visualization
biorxiv Systems Biology Computational Analysis of Insulin-Glucagon Signalling Network: Implications of Bistability in Metabolic Homeostasis and Disease states
biorxiv Microbiology A novel defective recombinant porcine enterovirus G virus carrying a porcine torovirus papain-like cysteine protease gene and a putative anti-apoptosis gene in place of viral structural protein genes
biorxiv Microbiology High prevalence and diversity of Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase and emergence of Carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriaceae spp in wildlife in Catalonia
biorxiv Microbiology Remodeling of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lipids regulates prpCD during acid growth arrest
biorxiv Neuroscience Exploring Frequency-dependent Brain Networks from ongoing EEG using Spatial ICA during music listening
biorxiv Bioinformatics SpliceV: Analysis and publication quality printing of linear and circular RNA splicing, expression and regulation.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Moral Reasoning Performance Determines Epistemic Peerdom
biorxiv Cancer Biology Cyclin F-Chk1 synthetic lethality mediated by E2F1 degradation
biorxiv Genetics Genetic interactions of histone acetyl-transferase enzymes encoding genes Gcn5 and Mof with hsrω lncRNA gene
biorxiv Microbiology The respiratory virome and exacerbations in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Antagonistic coevolution between multiple quantitative traits: matching interactions can be subsets of difference interactions
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Knock-knock, who's there: Sex-coding, competition and the energetics of tapping communication in the tok-tok beetle, Psammodes striatus (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Locally Fixed Alleles: A method to localize gene drive to island populations
biorxiv Neuroscience Context-specific modulation of intrinsic coupling modes shapes multisensory processing
biorxiv Biophysics Identifying multiple kinetic populations of DNA binding proteins in live cells using single-molecule fluorescence imaging
biorxiv Cell Biology A pseudo-meiotic centrosomal function of TEX12 in cancer
biorxiv Physiology Turning mechanics of the bipedal hopping Desert kangaroo rat (Dipodomys deserti).
biorxiv Immunology Spatial and temporal localization of immune transcripts defines hallmarks and diversity in the tuberculosis granuloma
biorxiv Bioinformatics BioSAILs: versatile workflow management for high-throughput data analysis
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Plasticity in evolutionary games
biorxiv Physiology History-dependent perturbation response in limb muscle
biorxiv Plant biology BjuWRR1, a CC-NB-LRR gene identified in Brassica juncea, confers resistance to white rust caused by Albugo candida
biorxiv Bioinformatics MetaDome: Pathogenicity analysis of genetic variants through aggregation of homologous human protein domains
biorxiv Systems Biology Spatial organization of the transcriptional regulatory network of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
biorxiv Neuroscience Sensory feedback independent pre-song vocalizations correlate with current state of motor preparation
biorxiv Microbiology Disparate evolution of virus populations in upper and lower airways of mechanically ventilated patients
biorxiv Bioinformatics Meta-analysis of targeted metabolomics data from heterogeneous biological samples provides insights into metabolite dynamics
biorxiv Biophysics Base-pair mismatch can destabilize small DNA loops through cooperative kinking
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Birth-and-death evolution of the fatty acyl-CoA reductase (FAR) gene family and diversification of cuticular hydrocarbon synthesis in Drosophila
biorxiv Cell Biology Fanconi anemia proteins are required to maintain nucleolar homeostasis.
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Self-determination motivation theory in R: The software package SDT
biorxiv Microbiology Fecal microbiota dysbiosis in macaques and humans within a shared environment
biorxiv Bioengineering Spring-loaded inverted pendulum goes through two contraction-extension cycles during the single stance phase of walking
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Corpus Colossal: A Bibliometric Analysis of Neuroscience Abstracts and Impact Factor
biorxiv Neuroscience Increased signal diversity/complexity of spontaneous EEG in humans given sub-anaesthetic doses of ketamine
biorxiv Immunology Chandipura virus requires pro-survival RelA NF-κB function for its propagation
biorxiv Biophysics Protein Fold Determination by Assembling Extended Super-Secondary Structure Motifs Using Limited NMR Data
biorxiv Microbiology The virome in adult monozygotic twins with concordant or discordant gut microbiomes
biorxiv Neuroscience Early-generated interneurons regulate neuronal circuit formation during early postnatal development
biorxiv Zoology Proximate causes and consequences of intergenerational influences of salient sensory experience.
biorxiv Neuroscience Cognitive vulnerability to sleep deprivation is robustly associated with two dynamic connectivity states
biorxiv Biophysics The green autofluorescence intensity and asymmetry of older men is significantly higher than those of older women in their fingernails and certain regions of skin
biorxiv Bioinformatics Disentangling sRNA-Seq data to study RNA communication between species
lawarxiv Law THE RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN: An analysis from an American perspective and what it means for the U.S. to adopt it
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Still No Evidence That Exergames Improve Cognitive Ability: A Commentary on Stanmore et al. (2017)
biorxiv Biophysics Mammalian Amoeboid Swimming is propelled by molecular and not protrusion-based paddling in Lymphocytes
biorxiv Microbiology Kinetic Analysis of Bacteriophage Sf6 Binding to Outer Membrane Protein A Using Whole Virions
biorxiv Biophysics Different integrins mediate haptotaxis of T lymphocytes towards either lower or higher adhesion zones
biorxiv Cell Biology Image-based metric of invasiveness predicts response to adjuvant temozolomide for primary glioblastoma
biorxiv Bioengineering Nano-enhanced optical gene delivery to retinal degenerated mice
biorxiv Biochemistry Simultaneous proteomics and three PTMomics characterization of pro-inflammatory cytokines stimulated INS-1E cells using TiO2 enrichment strategy
biorxiv Bioengineering Microextrusion Printing Cell-Laden Networks of Type I Collagen with Patterned Anisotropy and Geometry
biorxiv Biophysics Effect of Adhesion and Substrate Elasticity on Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation
biorxiv Neuroscience Differential regulation of native and learned behavior by creb1/crh-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans
biorxiv Developmental Biology Scarless whole-body regeneration in the absence of a blastema requires cell division in the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi.
biorxiv Biochemistry Cysteine oxidation triggers amyloid fibril formation of the tumor suppressor p16INK4A
biorxiv Cancer Biology Intermittent hormonal therapy shows similar outcome than SOC in ER+ breast cancer preclinical model.
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Long-term and inter-annual mass changes in the Iceland ice cap determined from GRACE gravity
biorxiv Molecular biology Secretion of an Argonaute protein by a parasitic nematode and the evolution of its siRNA guides
biorxiv Neuroscience Gain-of-function mutations in the UNC-2/CaV2α channel lead to hyperactivity and excitation-dominant synaptic transmission in Caenorhabditis elegans
biorxiv Cell Biology Neural differentiation is increased by GSK-3β inhibition and decreased by tankyrase inhibition in human neural precursor cells
biorxiv Genomics Whole-genome sequencing of rare disease patients in a national healthcare system
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Division III Study: Does Being a Collegiate Athlete Cause Lower GPAs, While Also Causing Negative Treatment in the Classroom by Other Students?
biorxiv Microbiology Removal of a subset of non-essential genes fully attenuates a highly virulent Mycoplasma strain
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Prior knowledge facilitates recollection and the formation of durable memories.
biorxiv Bioinformatics Cell Lineage and Communication Network Inference via Optimization for Single-Cell Transcriptomics
biorxiv Developmental Biology Mechanical instabilities of aorta drive blood stem cell production: a live study
biorxiv Cell Biology Automated methods for 3D Segmentation of Focused Ion Beam-Scanning Electron Microscopic Images
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Highly Heritable and Functionally Relevant Breed Differences in Dog Behavior
psyarxiv Neuroscience Neural dynamics underlying coherent motion perception in children and adults
engrxiv Engineering IoT Based Smart Garbage Monitoring System
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Pull out all the stops: Textual analysis via punctuation sequences
engrxiv Engineering Comparison of Various Encryption Algorithms for Securing Data
biorxiv Neuroscience Synaptic vesicles undock and then transiently dock after an action potential
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Episodic evolution of a eukaryotic NADK repertoire of ancient provenance
biorxiv Neuroscience Accurate Modeling of Brain Responses to Speech
biorxiv Molecular biology Detection of circulating extracellular mRNAs by modified small RNA-sequencing analysis
biorxiv Biochemistry A complex containing lysine-acetylated actin inhibits the formin INF2
biorxiv Neuroscience Bioluminescent Multi-Characteristic Opsin for monitoring visual cortical activity upon optical stimulation
biorxiv Bioinformatics Comprehensive analysis of tumour initiation, spatial and temporal progression under multiple lines of treatment
biorxiv Neuroscience Comparing Task-Relevant Information Across Different Methods of Extracting Functional Connectivity
engrxiv Engineering Humidification requirements in economizer-type HVAC systems
biorxiv Cell Biology Structure-guided design of a pure orthosteric antagonist of integrin αIIbβ3 that inhibits thrombosis but not clot retraction
biorxiv Molecular biology PTBP1 mRNA isoforms and regulation of their translation
biorxiv Biophysics A Bistable Mechanism Mediated by Integrins Controls Mechanotaxis of Leukocytes
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Wahlheim, Alexander, & Kane (forthcoming) - Interpolated retrieval effects on list isolation: Individual differences in working memory capacity
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Awareness of danger inside the egg? Evidence of innate and learned predator recognition in cuttlefish embryo.
biorxiv Epidemiology FinDonor 10 000 study: A cohort to identify iron depletion and factors affecting it in Finnish blood donors
biorxiv Epidemiology Characterization of Dyspnea in Lung Cancer Survivors Following Curative-Intent Therapy
biorxiv Bioinformatics A new convolution model for effective bio-motif detection via rationally design the "black box"
biorxiv Microbiology Physicochemical and microbiological profile of the potable water of Eastern Himalayan State Sikkim: An Indication of Severe Fecal Contamination and Immediate Health Risk
biorxiv Neuroscience Configural properties underlie the perceived faceness of a stimulus
biorxiv Neuroscience Fundamental bounds on learning performance in neural circuits
biorxiv Neuroscience Speech Fine Structure Contains Critical Temporal Cues to Support Speech Segmentation
biorxiv Epidemiology Determinants of Heart Rate Recovery and Heart Rate Variability in Lung Cancer Survivors Eligible for Long-Term Cure
biorxiv Neuroscience Loud music and the specific sound stress open the blood-brain barrier: new fundamental, biomedical, and social aspects
biorxiv Neuroscience Object naming is facilitated by semantic richness but inhibited by semantic density: Electrophysiological and behavioral evidence
biorxiv Paleontology Crustaceans as hosts of parasites throughout the Phanerozoic
biorxiv Neuroscience Combinations of low-level and high-level neural processes can account for distinct patterns of context-dependent choice
biorxiv Epidemiology Predictive modeling of susceptibility to substance abuse, mortality and drug-drug interactions in opioid patients
biorxiv Biochemistry The third-generation tetracycline, KBP-7072, exploits and reveals a new potential of the primary tetracycline binding pocket
biorxiv Microbiology Epstein-Barr virus reprograms human B-lymphocytes immediately in the pre-latent phase of infection
biorxiv Genetics Duffy Antigen Expression in Erythroid Bone Marrow Precursor Cells of Genotypically Duffy Negative Individuals
biorxiv Neuroscience Glutamatergic and cholinergic metabotropic modulation induces plateau potentials in hippocampal OLM interneurons
biorxiv Cancer Biology Dysregulation of splicing-related proteins in prostate cancer is controlled by FOXA1
biorxiv Neuroscience Novel KCNJ10 mutation identified in a SeSAME family compromise channel function and impairs Drosophila locomotor behavior
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Structural variants, clonal propagation, and genome evolution in grapevine (Vitis vinifera)
biorxiv Paleontology The Long Limb Bones of the StW 573 Australopithecus Skeleton from Sterkfontein Member 2: Descriptions and Proportions
biorxiv Bioinformatics SingleCellNet: a computational tool to classify single cell RNA-Seq data across platforms and across species
biorxiv Bioinformatics A network-based integrated framework for predicting virus-host interactions with applications
biorxiv Bioinformatics Bi-clustering based biological and clinical characterization of colorectal cancer in complementary to CMS classification
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Emergence of Big Gods in the Ancient Mediterranean
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Criminality racializes, achievement homogenizes: Narratives shape cognitive representations of immigrants
biorxiv Microbiology Pulsating transcriptional dynamics generates cell-to-cell variability in E. coli flagellum synthesis
biorxiv Bioinformatics Cysteine proteases of human hookworm Necator Americanus as virulence factors and implications for drug design with anti-heparin and heparin analogs: A bioinformatics study
biorxiv Ecology Eco-evolutionary significance of 'loners'
biorxiv Bioinformatics dmrff: identifying differentially methylated regions efficiently with power and control
biorxiv Bioinformatics Leveraging protein dynamics to identify cancer mutational hotspots in 3D-structures
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Can coherence-based interventions change dogged moral beliefs?
biorxiv Ecology More than a flying syringe: Using functional traits in vector borne disease research
biorxiv Neuroscience Identifying Changepoints in Biomarkers During the Preclinical Phase of AD
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Genome assembly of the A-group Wolbachia in Nasonia oneida and phylogenomic analysis of Wolbachia strains revealed genome evolution and lateral gene transfer
biorxiv Neuroscience Neural response variability and divisive normalization
biorxiv Genomics Automated nuclear cartography reveals conserved sperm chromosome territory localization across 2 million years of mouse evolution
biorxiv Genomics Somatic LINE-1 retrotransposition in cortical neurons of Rett patients and healthy individuals
biorxiv Neuroscience Parallel spatial channels converge at a bottleneck in anterior word-selective cortex
biorxiv Neuroscience Comparison of the structural organisation of reeler hippocampal CA1 region with wild type CA1.
biorxiv Bioinformatics WBC-Profiler: an Unsupervised Feature Learning System for Leukocytes Characterization and Classification
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Hybridisation or Incomplete Lineage Sorting: The convoluted story about the origin of the capped-golden langur lineage (Cercopithecidae: Colobinae)
biorxiv Ecology 31° South: Dietary niche of an arid-zone endemic passerine
biorxiv Neuroscience Comparing the aftereffects of motion and causality across visual co-ordinates
biorxiv Genomics Transcriptome landscape of a thermal-tolerant coral endosymbiont reveals molecular signatures of symbiosis and dysbiosis
biorxiv Neuroscience Therapeutic suppression of proteolipid protein rescues Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease in mice
biorxiv Plant biology A novel role for Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Ion Channel 2 (DND1) in auxin signaling
biorxiv Microbiology Mutations close to the peptidoglycan-binding region of the stators of the bacterial flagellar motor influence phenamil resistance
biorxiv Genomics Mapping and characterization of structural variation in 17,795 deeply sequenced human genomes
biorxiv Genetics Local decondensation at double-stranded DNA breaks modifies chromatin at long distances and reduces encounter times during homology search
lawarxiv Law The "Expanding First Amendment" in an Age of Free Speech Paradox
lawarxiv Law Federal Policy Making By Consent Decree: An Analysis of Agency and Judicial Discretion
biorxiv Cell Biology HOOK3 is a scaffold for the opposite-polarity microtubule-based motors cytoplasmic dynein and KIF1C
biorxiv Biophysics Combinatorial Control through Allostery
biorxiv Genomics Live cell monitoring for factors affecting genome variation
biorxiv Biophysics Structural basis of recognition and destabilization of histone H2B ubiquitinated nucleosome by DOT1L histone H3 Lys79 methyltransferase
biorxiv Biophysics Molecular Crowding Tunes Material States of Ribonucleoprotein Condensates
biorxiv Cancer Biology Multiple mutations acquired into canine RecQ-like helicases encoded by the aneuploid genome of transmissible sarcoma
biorxiv Cell Biology High-resolution bladder morphology in the intact mouse bladder: an intravital two-photon study
biorxiv Cell Biology MARK2/Par1b present at retraction fibres corrects spindle off-centering induced by actin disassembly
biorxiv Developmental Biology Rab converter DMon1 constitutes a novel node in the brain-gonad axis essential for female germline maturation
biorxiv Cell Biology Functional systemic CD4 immunity is a differential factor for clinical responses to PD-L1/PD-1 blockade therapy in lung cancer
biorxiv Molecular biology Aberrant chromatin resolution in G2/M leads to chromosome instability
biorxiv Immunology Clustering of activated CD8 T cells around malaria-infected hepatocytes is rapid and is driven by antigen-specific T cells
biorxiv Cell Biology Identification of SNA-I-positive cells as stem-like cells in an established cell line using computerized single-cell lineage tracking
biorxiv Cell Biology An approach for accelerated isolation of genetically manipulated cell clones with reduced clonal variability
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Collaboration in the context of integration: a Social Dominance Experiment
psyarxiv Psychiatry The Relation Between the Degree of Synaesthesia, Autistic Traits, and Local/Global Visual Perception
biorxiv Bioinformatics Identification and design of vinyl sulfone inhibitors against Cryptopain1-a cysteine protease from cryptosporidiosis-causing Cryptosporidium parvum
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Carbon, carbides, carbonates and carbonatitic melts in the Earth’s interior
psyarxiv Psychiatry Making Meaning Together: Embodied narratives in a case of severe autism
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Unity and diversity of executive functions in creativity
psyarxiv Neuroscience The Invariance of Recognition to the Stretching of Faces is Not Explained by Familiarity or Warping to an Average Face
engrxiv Engineering Beyond signal quality: The value of unmaintained pH, dissolved oxygen, and oxidation-reduction potential sensors for remote performance monitoring of on-site sequencing batch reactors
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The effect of economic situation on time and risk preferences: Does financial literacy matter?
biorxiv Cancer Biology Prohibitin is a prognostic marker of relapse and therapeutic target to block chemotherapy resistance in Wilms tumor
biorxiv Bioinformatics Phenotypic, functional and taxonomic features predict host-pathogen interactions
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Effects of Pre-salt Relief on Salt Tectonics on the São Paulo Plateau and Implications for the Albian Gap
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics The Impact of Pre-salt Rift Topography on Salt Tectonics: a Discrete-Element Modelling Approach
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Emotion perception in habitual players of action video games
biorxiv Neuroscience Neural ensemble dynamics in dorsal motor cortex during speech in people with paralysis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Ontological Completion in the Adult-Infant System
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Video Chat Platform for Developmental Research
biorxiv Cancer Biology Proteasome inhibitor-induced modulation reveals the spliceosome as a specific therapeutic vulnerability in multiple myeloma
biorxiv Cell Biology Rescue of DNA damage in cells after constricted migration reveals bimodal mechano-regulation of cell cycle
biorxiv Biophysics Cryo-EM Structure of OSCA1.2 from Oryza sativa: Mechanical basis of hyperosmolality-gating in Plants
biorxiv Developmental Biology Reconstruction of the global neural crest gene regulatory network in vivo
biorxiv Developmental Biology Mutations in the zebrafish hmgcs1 gene reveal a novel function for isoprenoids during red blood cell development.
biorxiv Biochemistry Cation binding to SERCA
biorxiv Molecular biology Human RAD51 paralogue, SWSAP1, fosters RAD51 filament by regulating the anti-recombinase, FIGNL1 AAA+ ATPase
biorxiv Biochemistry Biophysical characterizations of the recognition of the AAUAAA polyadenylation signal
biorxiv Bioengineering Multi-plane Imaging of Neural Activity From the Mammalian Brain Using a Fast-switching Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator
biorxiv Molecular biology Fluorescence Microscopy of Piezo1 in Droplet Hydrogel Bilayers
biorxiv Bioengineering Efficient peripheral nerve firing characterisation through massive feature extraction
biorxiv Biochemistry Structural basis of sterol recognition by human hedgehog receptor PTCH1
biorxiv Cancer Biology Autocrine STAT3 activation in HPV positive cervical cancer through a virus-driven Akt - NF?B - IL-6 signalling axis
biorxiv Ecology Kinetics and identities of extracellular peptidases in subsurface sediments of the White Oak River Estuary, NC
biorxiv Neuroscience Sensitivity to statistical structure facilitates perceptual analysis of complex auditory scenes
biorxiv Genomics The allotetraploid origin and asymmetrical genome evolution of common carp Cyprinus carpio
biorxiv Cell Biology KGF induces podosome formation via integrin-Erk1/2 signaling in human immortalized oral epithelial cells
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Polite speech emerges from competing social goals
biorxiv Neuroscience Delay activity dynamics: task dependent time encoding and low dimensional trajectories
biorxiv Zoology Wolbachia induce cytoplasmic incompatibility and affect mate preference in Habrobracon hebetor to increase the chance of its transmission to the next generation
biorxiv Neuroscience Attention enhances LFP phase coherence in macaque visual cortex, improving sensory processing
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education Analysis of >30,000 abstracts suggests higher false discovery rates for oncology journals, especially those with low impact factors
biorxiv Biophysics Glioma cell migration in confined microchannels via a motor-clutch mechanism
biorxiv Neuroscience Crowding and binding: Not all feature-dimensions behave in the same way
biorxiv Bioinformatics Imputation of single-cell gene expression with an autoencoder neural network
lawarxiv Law Специальные административные районы – российский офшор?// FUNDAMENTAL AND APPLIED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: сб.науч.тр./ OEAPS Inc.; редкол.: Флора Бертран (отв.ред.) [и др.]. - Берлин, Германия : OEAPS Inc., 2018. - С. 8-12.
biorxiv Systems Biology Estrogen receptor alpha controls gene expression via translational offsetting
biorxiv Genomics Chlamydia pan-genomic analysis reveals balance between host adaptation and selective pressure to genome reduction.
biorxiv Immunology Protect, Modify, Deprotect (PMD): A strategy for creating vaccines to elicit antibodies targeting a specific epitope
biorxiv Ecology Flowers respond to pollinator sound within minutes by increasing nectar sugar concentration.
biorxiv Genetics TIGAR: An Improved Bayesian Tool for Transcriptomic Data Imputation Enhances Gene Mapping of Complex Traits
biorxiv Bioinformatics Human microbiome aging clocks based on deep learning and tandem of permutation feature importance and accumulated local effects
biorxiv Neuroscience Natural selection subsumes and unites multiple theories of perceptual compression
biorxiv Ecology The dimensionality of biological diversity revisited.
biorxiv Plant biology The sounds of plants – Plants emit remotely-detectable ultrasounds that can reveal plant stress
biorxiv Neuroscience A pairwise maximum entropy model uncovers the white matter scaffold underlying emergent dynamics in intracranial EEG
biorxiv Neuroscience Compress global, dilate local: Intentional binding in action-outcome alternations
biorxiv Systems Biology On the Periodic Gain of the Ribosome Flow Model
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Are signals of aggressive intent less reliable in urban habitats?
biorxiv Bioinformatics miRsponge: an R/Bioconductor package for the identification and analysis of miRNA sponge interaction networks and modules
biorxiv Neuroscience Mitf links neuronal activity and long-term homeostatic intrinsic plasticity
biorxiv Neuroscience Inception in visual cortex: in vivo-silico loops reveal most exciting images
biorxiv Neuroscience Prefrontal pathways provide top down control of memory for sequences of events
biorxiv Genetics Genetics of fasting indices of glucose homeostasis using GWIS unravels tight relationships with inflammatory markers
biorxiv Microbiology LEMMI: A Live Evaluation of Computational Methods for Metagenome Investigation
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Impact of Kuntai Capsules on LIF, IGF-1 and EGF Expression in the Implantation Window of Endometrium in Mice
biorxiv Neuroscience Rat orbitofrontal ensemble activity contains a multiplexed but value-invariant representation of task structure in an odor sequence task
biorxiv Genetics Novel Dual Labeled Fluorescence Probe Based Assay to Measure the Telomere Length
biorxiv Neuroscience Sex differences in cocaine self-administration behaviour under Long Access versus Intermittent Access conditions
biorxiv Genomics Accurate tracking of the mutational landscape of diploid hybrid genomes reveals genetic background effects
biorxiv Genomics High throughput genotyping of structural variations in a complex plant genome using an original Affymetrix® Axiom® array
biorxiv Immunology Synapse propensity of human memory CD8 T cells confers competitive advantage over naïve counterparts
biorxiv Plant biology A generalist pathogen view of plant evolution
biorxiv Cancer Biology Super-enhancer impairment is a link between MLL4 inactivated lung tumors and their vulnerability to glycolysis pathway inhibition
biorxiv Cancer Biology MYC Functions as a Switch for Natural Killer Cell-Mediated Immune Surveillance of Lymphoid Malignancies
biorxiv Scientific Communication and Education The MooSciTIC project: a booster shot of science for West African research and higher education actors
biorxiv Biophysics Past-future information bottleneck framework for simultaneously sampling biomolecular reaction coordinate, thermodynamics and kinetics
biorxiv Cancer Biology The mutational features of aristolochic acid-induced mouse and human liver cancers
biorxiv Neuroscience An increase in spontaneous activity mediates visual habituation
biorxiv Developmental Biology Tissue repair in the mouse liver following acute carbon tetrachloride depends on injury-induced Wnt/β-catenin signaling
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Mediators of the associations between parents’ conditional regard and the quality of their adult-children’s peer relationships
psyarxiv Neuroscience Cognitive heterogeneity among community-dwelling older adults with Cerebral Small Vessel Disease
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Vector-Mediated Transport Producing Drug-like Peptides
biorxiv Biochemistry Structure and mechanism of TagA, a novel membrane-associated glycosyltransferase that produces wall teichoic acids in pathogenic bacteria
biorxiv Biochemistry A tRNA modification balances carbon and nitrogen metabolism by regulating phosphate homeostasis, to couple metabolism to cell cycle progression.
biorxiv Biophysics Spontaneous Resolution in Racemic Solutions of N-trifluoroacetylated α-aminoalcohols
biorxiv Biochemistry Deciphering copper coordination in the animal prion protein amyloidogenic domain
biorxiv Bioinformatics Disruption of ubiquitin mediated proteolysis is a widespread mechanism of tumorigenesis
biorxiv Cell Biology Highly multiplexed in situ protein imaging with signal amplification by Immuno-SABER
biorxiv Biophysics The complete structure of the human TFIIH core complex
biorxiv Genetics Genetically regulated gene expression underlies lipid traits in Hispanic cohorts
biorxiv Genomics Sex-specific regulatory mechanisms underlying Hepatocellular Carcinoma
biorxiv Neuroscience Affective bonding explains post-traumatic behavioral development in adult mice
biorxiv Ecology Enriched pathogen diversity under host-type heterogeneity and immune-mediated competition
biorxiv Genetics A new Approximate Bayesian Computation framework to distinguish among complex evolutionary models using whole-genome data
biorxiv Genetics RLIM enhances BMP signalling mediated fetal lung development in mice
biorxiv Genomics epiTAD: a web application for visualizing high throughput chromosome conformation capture data in the context of genetic epidemiology
biorxiv Zoology Influence of season, tourist activities and camp management on body condition, testicular and adrenal steroids, lipid profiles, and metabolic status in captive bull elephants in Thailand
biorxiv Microbiology Nitrogen- and phosphorus-starved Triticum aestivum show distinct belowground microbiome profiles
biorxiv Plant biology A quantitative medico-botanical expedition of Fairy Meadows National Park, Diamir, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Premeiotic and meiotic failures associate with hybrid male sterility in the Anopheles gambiae complex
socarxiv Arts and Humanities The Comparison between Human Sacrifice in Egypt and that in China
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Adding rooms onto a house we love: Central banking after the Global Financial Crisis
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Unusually devastating tornadoes in the United States: 1995--2016
biorxiv Microbiology Extensive Transmission of Microbes along the Gastrointestinal Tract
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology A complex copy number variant underlies differences in both colour plumage and cold adaptation in a dimorphic seabird.
biorxiv Neuroscience Spontaneous behaviors drive multidimensional, brain-wide population activity
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Disposisi Berpikir Terbuka secara Aktif: Definisi, Pengukuran, dan Kaitannya dengan Prestasi Akademik
lawarxiv Law Abbey Road: The (Ongoing) Journey to Reliable Expert Evidence
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Exceptional retreat of Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier, east Greenland, between 2016 and 2018
biorxiv Neuroscience Controlling seizure propagation in large-scale brain networks
biorxiv Neuroscience Neocortical layer 4 in adult mouse differs in major cell types and circuit organization between primary sensory areas
biorxiv Neuroscience Reconfigurations within resonating communities of brain regions following TMS reveal different scales of processing
biorxiv Cancer Biology A machine-learning classifier trained with microRNA ratios to distinguish melanomas from nevi
biorxiv Cancer Biology Nongenic cancer-risk SNPs affect oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, and immune function
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Evaluative conditioning of artificial grammars: Evidence that non-conscious structures bias affective evaluations of novel stimuli
biorxiv Microbiology Interspecies Social Spreading: Interaction between two sessile soil bacteria leads to emergence of surface motility
biorxiv Physiology The effect of ocean warming on black sea bass (Centropristis striata) aerobic scope and hypoxia tolerance
biorxiv Cancer Biology Enhancer Reprogramming Confers Dependence on Glycolysis and IGF signaling in KMT2D Mutant Melanoma
biorxiv Microbiology Human, Nonhuman Primate, and Bat Cells Are Broadly Susceptible to Tibrovirus Particle Cell Entry
biorxiv Molecular biology Selective kinase inhibition shows that Bur1 (Cdk9) phosphorylates the Rpb1 linker in vivo
biorxiv Neuroscience Salience-driven value construction for adaptive choice under risk
biorxiv Cancer Biology Cooperation of dominant oncogenes with regulatory germline variants shapes clinical outcomes in childhood cancer
biorxiv Neuroscience Altered resting state functional connectivity in a thalamo-cortico-cerebellar network in patients with schizophrenia
biorxiv Physiology Measuring urinary cortisol and testosterone levels in male Barbary macaques: A comparison of EIA and LC-MS
biorxiv Neuroscience An efficient analytical reduction of nonlinear detailed neuron models
biorxiv Physiology RMI-chip: a microfluidics setup for functional imaging of microbial interactions with tree roots
biorxiv Cancer Biology Wnt signalling is a major determinant of neuroblastoma cell lineages
biorxiv Genomics A thorough RNA-seq characterization of the porcine sperm transcriptome and its seasonal changes
biorxiv Bioinformatics scCapsNet: a deep learning classifier with the capability of interpretable feature extraction, applicable for single cell RNA data analysis
biorxiv Molecular biology Elucidating genomic patterns and recombination events in plant cybrid mitochondria
biorxiv Neuroscience Influence of expected reward on perceptual decision making
biorxiv Epidemiology Causes of death among hospitalized adults with dengue fever in Tainan, 2015: emphasis on cardiac events and bacterial infections
biorxiv Neuroscience Variation of HbA1c affects cognition and white matter microstructure in healthy, young adults
biorxiv Ecology How differing modes of transgenerational inheritance affect population viability in fluctuating environments
biorxiv Neuroscience Coding advantage of grid cell orientation under noisy conditions
biorxiv Bioinformatics Consistency, Inconsistency and Ambiguity of Metabolite Names in Biochemical Databases Used for Genome Scale Metabolic Modelling
biorxiv Ecology Assessing the bioenergy potential of grassland biomass from conservation areas in England
biorxiv Genetics Identification of TTN as a novel candidate gene for atrioventricular block in a Chinese pedigree by whole-exome sequencing
biorxiv Genomics Genomic Prediction of Complex Disease Risk
biorxiv Cancer Biology BRG1 is a prognostic indicator and a potential therapeutic target for prostate cancer
biorxiv Microbiology Mantoniella beaufortii and Mantoniella baffinensis sp. now. (Mamiellales, Mamiellophyceae), two new green algal species from the high Arctic
biorxiv Molecular biology PLZF limits enhancer activity during hematopoietic progenitor aging
biorxiv Neuroscience Energy Optimization is a Major Objective in the Real-Time Control of Step Width in Human Walking
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition A Mathematical Modeling Approach to The Cort-Fitness Hypothesis
biorxiv Neuroscience Differential expression of microRNAs in Alzheimer's disease brain, blood and cerebrospinal fluid: a systematic review and meta-analysis
biorxiv Cell Biology Inhibition of mitochondrial permeability transition by deletion of the ANT family and CypD
biorxiv Genomics Analysis of 100 high coverage genomes from a pedigreed captive baboon colony
biorxiv Cell Biology HSF2 protects against proteotoxicity by maintaining cell-cell adhesion
biorxiv Bioinformatics ChIA-PIPE: A fully automated pipeline for ChIA-PET data analysis and visualization
biorxiv Physiology Pupillary responses to affective words in bilinguals' first versus second language
biorxiv Epidemiology Low back pain among nurses working in a clinical settings of Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysis of a 19 years of studies
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Yes, Psychologists Must Change the Way They Analyze Their Data: Clarifications for Bem, Utts, and Johnson (2011)
biorxiv Molecular biology Study of the binding mechanisms between palytoxin and its aptamer by docking and molecular simulation
biorxiv Genetics A novel nonsense mutation c.424G>T (p. G142X) in the first exon of XLas leading to osteopetrosis
biorxiv Biophysics Searching the optimal folding routes of a Complex Lasso protein
biorxiv Neuroscience Increased hippocampal GABAergic inhibition after long-term high-intensity sound exposure
biorxiv Epidemiology Progress towards lymphatic filariasis elimination in Ghana from 2000-2016: analysis of microfilaria prevalence data from 430 communities
biorxiv Microbiology The antiparasitic drug atovaquone inhibits arbovirus replication through the depletion of intracellular nucleotides.
biorxiv Bioengineering A multi-scale sub-voxel perfusion model to estimate diffusive capillary wall conductivity in multiple sclerosis lesions from perfusion MRI data
biorxiv Microbiology Temporal modulation of host aerobic glycolysis determines the outcome of M. marinum infection
biorxiv Bioinformatics HiCluster: A Robust Single-Cell Hi-C Clustering Method Based on Convolution and Random Walk
biorxiv Microbiology Antimicrobial activity of Mycobacteriophage D29 Lysin B during Mycobacterium ulcerans infection
biorxiv Epidemiology Clinical diagnosis of TIA or stroke and prognosis in patients with neurological symptoms: a rapid access clinic cohort
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Structural and functional impact of non- synonymous SNPs in the CST complex subunit TEN1: Structural genomics approach
biorxiv Plant biology Co-allocation Action of Azospirillum brasilense Inoculation and Seed Priming for Improving Germination and Seedling Growth in Aged Grass Seeds
biorxiv Bioinformatics Decrypting protein surfaces by combining evolution, geometry and molecular docking
biorxiv Developmental Biology miRNAs, target genes expression and morphological analysis on the heart in gestational protein-restricted offspring
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Bourdieu and Genette in Paratext: How Sociology Counts in Linguistic Reasoning
lawarxiv Law Международное российско-китайское партнерство в рамках Шанхайской Организации Сотрудничества на современном этапе// ECONOMICS, POLITICS, LAW: TRENDS AND PROSPECTS: сб.науч.тр./ OEAPS Inc.; редкол.: Флора Бертран (отв.ред.) [и др.]. Берлин, Германия : OEAPS Inc., 2018. С. 8-15.
engrxiv Engineering Neural network-based analytical model to predict the shear strength of steel girders with a trapezoidal corrugated web
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology The protective effect of Capheic acid phenyl ester on hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury in cholestatic rats
biorxiv Molecular biology MAVS polymers smaller than 80 nm induce mitochondrial membrane remodeling and interferon signaling
biorxiv Bioinformatics S3norm: simultaneous normalization of sequencing depth and signal-to-noise ratio in epigenomic data
biorxiv Genomics Single-cell multi-omic profiling of chromatin conformation and DNA methylome
biorxiv Genetics Pedigree-based estimation of human mobile element retrotransposition rates
biorxiv Cell Biology An acute immune response underlies the benefit of cardiac adult stem cell therapy
biorxiv Systems Biology Not by systems alone: replicability assessment of disease expression signals
lawarxiv Law Introduction – “The Future of Online Journalism: News, Community, and Democracy in the Digital Age
lawarxiv Law Foreword: The NSA and the Legal Regime for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
lawarxiv Law Signed Under Protest: A Database of Presidential Signing Statements, 2001-2009
lawarxiv Law Ambiguity and Policy Making: A Cognitive Approach to Reconciling Chevron and Mead
lawarxiv Law Foreword: Big Data Future and the First Decade of an Interdisciplinary Journal
lawarxiv Law Noel Canning v. NLRB: Should Courts Police the Recess Appointments Power?
biorxiv Bioengineering Simulation of transcranial magnetic stimulation in head model with morphologically-realistic cortical neurons
biorxiv Microbiology σ54 (σL) plays a central role in carbon metabolism in the industrially relevant Clostridium beijerinckii
biorxiv Neuroscience A Novel Animal Model Of Somatosensory-Evoked Reflex Seizures Induced By Peripheral Stimulation
biorxiv Plant biology Spatiotemporal Integration in Plant Tropisms
biorxiv Ecology Climatic limits for the present European distribution of hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), with special reference to Ukraine
biorxiv Neuroscience Anticipatory adjustment of mechanical properties for motor stabilisation
biorxiv Bioinformatics Predicting DNA accessibility in the pan-cancer tumor genome using RNA-seq, WGS, and deep learning
biorxiv Ecology Urbanization drives the acoustic diversity of mangrove anurans and avifauna in Puerto Rico
biorxiv Bioinformatics CNN-based radiographic acute tibial fracture detection in the setting of open growth plates
biorxiv Ecology Data paper: FoRAGE (Functional Responses from Around the Globe in all Ecosystems) database: a compilation of functional responses for consumers and parasitoids
biorxiv Microbiology C19ORF66 broadly escapes viral-induced endonuclease cleavage and restricts Kaposi Sarcoma Associated Herpesvirus (KSHV)
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Global invasion history of the world's most abundant pest butterfly: a citizen science population genomics study
biorxiv Genomics Direct Repeats Co-occur with Few Short Dispersed Repeats in Plastid Genome of A Spikemoss, Selaginella vardei (Selaginellaceae, Lycophyta)
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Coordinated emergence of hippocampal replay and theta sequences during post-natal development
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology A bird's white-eye shot: looking down on a new avian sex chromosome evolution
biorxiv Genomics The Unique Evolutionary Trajectory and Dynamic Conformations of DR and IR/DR-coexisting Plastomes of the Early Vascular Plant Selaginellaceae (Lycophyte)
biorxiv Bioinformatics ReALLEN: structural variation discovery in cancer genome by sensitive analysis of single-end reads.
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology A Darwinian Uncertainty Principle
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Impact of mitochondrial epistatic interactions on evolution of different human subpopulations
biorxiv Bioinformatics Extension of Colijn-Plazotta tree shape distance metric to unrooted trees
biorxiv Ecology Strong Patterns of Intraspecific Variation and Local Adaptation in Great Basin Plants Revealed Through a Review of 75 Years of Experiments
biorxiv Biophysics The Division of Amyloid Fibrils
biorxiv Neuroscience ORGaNICs: A Canonical Neural Circuit Computation
biorxiv Microbiology Epistatic interactions can moderate the antigenic effect of substitutions in hemagglutinin of influenza H3N2 virus
biorxiv Ecology Mangrove leaf and root traits and their relation to urbanization
biorxiv Microbiology From the inside out: An epibiotic Bdellovibrio predator with an expanded genomic complement
biorxiv Bioinformatics Cloud Bursting Galaxy: Federated Identity and Access Management
biorxiv Neuroscience Anticipatory adjustments of posture allow elderly fallers to achieve a balance recovery performance equivalent to elderly non-fallers
biorxiv Neuroscience Where does time go when you blink?
biorxiv Neuroscience A new test of value-modulated attentional bias in mice
biorxiv Bioinformatics TOMVi: A Tool for Overviewing Metadata Visualization
biorxiv Developmental Biology Dynamics of Spaetzle morphogen shuttling in the Drosophila embryo shapes pattern
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Polygenic adaptation to an environmental shift: temporal dynamics of variation under Gaussian stabilizing selection and additive effects on a single trait
biorxiv Microbiology Microcapsuled entomopathogenic fungi against fire ants
biorxiv Neuroscience Gpr158 deficiency impacts hippocampal CA1 neuronal excitability, dendritic architecture, and affects spatial learning
biorxiv Microbiology Microbiome and Antimicrobial Resistance Gene Dynamics in International Travelers
biorxiv Genomics Genome-wide association study identifies common genetic risk factors for alcohol, heroin and methamphetamine dependence
biorxiv Cancer Biology The miR-338-3p involve in response to acute radiation syndrome by targeting DYRK2 in Tibet minipig
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Effects of Pronominal Arguments on Dative Comprehension
biorxiv Neuroscience Transcriptional activation of DBP by hnRNP K facilitates circadian rhythm.
lawarxiv Law Learning McNamara's Lessons: How the War Powers Resolution Advances the Rule of Law
lawarxiv Law A Detour into Constitutional Absurdity
lawarxiv Law A Little Knowledge: Privacy, Security and Public Information After September 11
lawarxiv Law Voting Rights and the “Statutory Constitution”
lawarxiv Law Negotiating for Knowledge: Administrative Responses to Congressional Demands for Information
biorxiv Cell Biology Cytoplasmic self-organization established by internal lipid membranes in the interplay with either actin or microtubules
biorxiv Systems Biology Small Cell Lung Cancer subtypes identified by systems-level modeling of transcription factor networks
biorxiv Developmental Biology Prediction and control of symmetry breaking in embryoid bodies by environment and signal integration
lawarxiv Law The Non-Constitutional Non-Crisis
lawarxiv Law Political Accountability in a System of Checks and Balances: The Case of Presidential Review of Rulemaking
lawarxiv Law The U.S. Supreme Court’s Big Immigration Case Wasn’t About Presidential Power
lawarxiv Law Constitutionalism and War Making
lawarxiv Law Independent Policymaking and Presidential Power: A Constitutional Analysis
lawarxiv Law Article II, Section 2, Paragraphs 2-3 (with John McGinnis)
lawarxiv Law Conventionalism in Constitutional Interpretation and the Place of Administrative Agencies
biorxiv Biochemistry Higher-order epistatic networks underlie the evolutionary fitness landscape of a xenobiotic- degrading enzyme
biorxiv Developmental Biology CBP/EP300-dependent acetylation and stabilization of HSF2 are compromised in the rare disorder, Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome
biorxiv Genomics De novo genome assembly of the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae) developed through a combination of linked-reads and long-read technologies
biorxiv Microbiology Complete genome sequence of a divergent strain of Tibetan frog hepatitis B virus associated to concave-eared torrent frog Odorrana tormota
biorxiv Cell Biology Non-FG-Nups, ELYS and Nup35, coordinate an ordered assembly of FG-Nups on the scaffold of the nuclear pore complex
biorxiv Microbiology Non-helical Helicobacter pylori show altered gland colonization and elicit less gastric pathology during chronic infection
biorxiv Developmental Biology CDX4 regulates the progression of neural maturation in the spinal cord
biorxiv Bioinformatics AIControl: Replacing matched control experiments with machine learning improves ChIP-seq peak identification
biorxiv Genetics Genome-wide association analysis of 350,000 Caucasians from the UK Biobank identifies novel loci for asthma, hay fever and eczema.
psyarxiv Engineering Psychology Electromagnetic Analysis of a Wireless Power Receiver
biorxiv Neuroscience Serial synapse formation through filopodial competition for synaptic seeding factors
biorxiv Neuroscience Measurements of Subthreshold and Fast Population Neuronal Activity with Genetically Encoded Calcium Indicator GCaMP-6f