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psyarxiv Neuroscience Event conjunction: How the hippocampus integrates episodic memories across event boundaries
biorxiv Plant biology Increasing plant group productivity through latent genetic variation for cooperation
biorxiv Microbiology Gateway mechanism confers ultrasensitivity on motor′s function
biorxiv Bioinformatics BiocPkgTools: Toolkit for Mining the Bioconductor Package Ecosystem
biorxiv Cancer Biology Knowledge-guided analysis of 'omics' data using the KnowEnG cloud platform
biorxiv Bioinformatics Analysis of Heterogeneous Genomic Samples Using Image Normalization and Machine Learning
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The influence of selection modality, display dynamics and error feedback on patterns of human foraging.
biorxiv Genetics Global distribution and evolution of Mycobacterium bovis lineages
biorxiv Microbiology Comparative analysis of neuroinvasion by Japanese encephalitis virulent and vaccine strains in an in cellulo model of human blood-brain barrier
biorxiv Neuroscience Accuracy of robotic coil positioning during transcranial magnetic stimulation
biorxiv Animal Behavior and Cognition Creatine transporter knockout mice (Slc6a8) show increases in serotonin-related proteins and are resilient to learned helplessness
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Larger head displacement to optic flow presented in the lower visual field.
biorxiv Neuroscience Divergent paths to seizure-like events.
biorxiv Physiology Physiological determinants of the increase in oxygen consumption during exercise in individuals with stroke
biorxiv Neuroscience Ex vivo 1H-MRS brain metabolic profiling in a two-hit model of schizophrenia-related alterations: effects of prenatal immune activation and peripubertal stress.
biorxiv Immunology Male sex exacerbates the plasticity and pathogenicity of Th17 cells in a chronic model of CNS autoimmunity.
biorxiv Neuroscience Caffeine-dependent changes of sleep-wake regulation: evidence for adaptation after repeated intake
biorxiv Ecology Microbial evolution reshapes soil carbon feedbacks to climate change
biorxiv Biochemistry Simple rules govern the diversity of bacterial nicotianamine-like metallophores
biorxiv Systems Biology Gut microbiome activity contributes to individual variation in glycemic response in adults
biorxiv Microbiology Regulation of the Erythrobacter litoralis DSM 8509 general stress response by visible light
biorxiv Genomics Casilio-ME: Enhanced CRISPR-based DNA demethylation by RNA-guided coupling methylcytosine oxidation and DNA repair pathways
arxiv Cryptography and Security To Warn or Not to Warn: Online Signaling in Audit Games
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Resonance $d^*(2380)$ and higher isospin states
arxiv Systems and Control Global analysis of synchronization performance for power systems: bridging the theory-practice gap
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Constraints on Bianchi type-I spacetime extension of the standard $Λ$CDM model
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Extreme CO Isotopologue Line Ratios in ULIRGS: Evidence for a top-heavy IMF
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Fractons from vector gauge theory
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Dark Matter Targets for Axion-like Particle Searches
arxiv Quantum Physics Interfering trajectories in experimental quantum-enhanced stochastic simulation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Prospects for Observing the Cosmic Web in Lyman-α Emission
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies AGN in Dusty Starbursts at Z=2: Feedback Still To Kick In
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Weak Gravity Conjecture, Black Hole Entropy, and Modular Invariance
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Hadron structure in high-energy collisions
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics A deep learning model to emulate simulations of cosmic reionization
arxiv Combinatorics Cometric Association Schemes
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Revealing the Stellar Mass and Dust Distributions of Submillimeter Galaxies at Redshift 2
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies CO Emission in Infrared-Selected Active Galactic Nuclei
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Angular momentum transport by the GSF instability: nonlinear simulations at the equator
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Duality Invariant Cosmology to all Orders in $α'$
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Broad-band X-ray analysis of local mid-infrared selected Compton-thick AGN candidates
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Perturbative Corrections to Heavy Quark-Diquark Symmetry Predictions for Doubly Heavy Baryon Hyperfine Splittings
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Magnetogenesis from rotating scalar: à la scalar chiral magnetic effect
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The complete theory of Maxwell and Proca fields
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The Maxwell-Proca theory: definition and construction
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Gapless topological phases and symmetry-enriched quantum criticality
arxiv Combinatorics The shuffle conjecture
arxiv Chemical Physics Assessing the Accuracy of the Jastrow Antisymmetrized Geminal Power in the H4 Model System
arxiv Applied Physics Energy-Efficient Micromixing in Paper Based Devices Mediated by the Interplay of Electrical and Thermal Fields
arxiv Cell Behavior Modeling cell migration regulated by cell-ECM micromechanical coupling
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics When the tale comes true: multiple populations and wide binaries in the Orion Nebula Cluster
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Auto-tuning of dynamic load balancing applied to 3D reverse time migration on multicore systems
arxiv Number Theory On the expansivity gap of integer polynomials
arxiv Statistics Theory The Empirical Saddlepoint Estimator
arxiv Systems and Control Randomized Algorithms for Data-Driven Stabilization of Stochastic Linear Systems
arxiv Materials Science Novel Hierarchical Correlation Functions for Quantitative Representation of Complex Heterogeneous Materials and Microstructural Evolution
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena GROWTH on S190426c. II. Real-Time Search for a Counterpart to the Probable Neutron Star-Black Hole Merger using an Automated Difference Imaging Pipeline for DECam
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition PoreNet: CNN-based Pore Descriptor for High-resolution Fingerprint Recognition
arxiv Machine Learning Efficient Deep Gaussian Process Models for Variable-Sized Input
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Exactly solvable Majorana-Anderson impurity models
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Jamming and Tiling in Fragmentation of Rectangles
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Holographic Entropy Relations Repackaged
arxiv Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Plastic-crystalline solid-state electrolytes: Ionic conductivity and orientational dynamics in nitrile mixtures
arxiv Cryptography and Security Learning from Context: Exploiting and Interpreting File Path Information for Better Malware Detection
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Classical gravity is safe from an ultraviolet catastrophe
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics An efficient general methodology to explore the high-temperature frontier in f-block molecular nanomagnets
arxiv Materials Science Resonant X-ray Emission and Valence-band Lifetime Broadening in LiNO$_3$
arxiv Software Engineering MSRBot: Using Bots to Answer Questions from Software Repositories
arxiv Medical Physics A computational model of radiolytic oxygen depletion during FLASH irradiation and its effect on the oxygen enhancement ratio
arxiv Quantum Physics Exceptional points of any order in a single, lossy, waveguide beamsplitter by photon-number-resolved detection
arxiv Combinatorics The covering lemma and $q$-analogues of extremal set theory problems
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Making ethical decisions for the immersive web
arxiv Classical Physics A Proof that Multiple Waves Propagate in Ensemble-Averaged Particulate Materials
arxiv Atomic Physics Polychromatic, continuous-wave mirrorless lasing from monochromatic pumping of cesium vapor
arxiv Functional Analysis Majorization bounds for Ritz values of Rayleigh quotients of self-adjoint matrices
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Gai Reply to Comment by Schumann et al. [arXiv:1904.03023]
arxiv Computation and Language IMHO Fine-Tuning Improves Claim Detection
arxiv Number Theory Equidistribution of Gross points over rational function fields
arxiv Computation and Language Towards Automatic Generation of Shareable Synthetic Clinical Notes Using Neural Language Models
arxiv Geometric Topology Coarse free products
arxiv Numerical Analysis High-Order Approximation of Gaussian Curvature with Regge Finite Elements
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition How do neural networks see depth in single images?
arxiv Machine Learning Efficient Optimization of Loops and Limits with Randomized Telescoping Sums
arxiv Chemical Physics Water as a Dynamic Polydisperse Branched Polymer: Polywater Revisited?
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Two-photon processes $γγ\rightarrowπ^+π^-,K^+K^-$ in the modified perturbative QCD approach
arxiv Physics and Society Interconnections between networks act like an external field in first-order percolation transitions
arxiv Optimization and Control A FISTA-type accelerated gradient algorithm for solving smooth nonconvex composite optimization problems
arxiv Quantum Physics Simulating realistic non-Gaussian state preparation
arxiv Robotics Understanding of Object Manipulation Actions Using Human Multi-Modal Sensory Data
arxiv Numerical Analysis An algorithm for the complete solution of the quartic eigenvalue problem
arxiv Cryptography and Security A Framework for Blockchain Interoperability and Runtime Selection
arxiv Probability The spectrum of the abelian sandpile model
arxiv Applied Physics Reply to arXiv:1810.11506: Size Effect According to the Critical Shear Crack Theory (CSCT) for Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs
arxiv Group Theory Deciding finiteness of matrix groups in positive characteristic
arxiv Optimization and Control Online Learning over Dynamic Graphs via Distributed Proximal Gradient Algorithm
arxiv Software Engineering TERMINATOR: Better Automated UI Test Case Prioritization
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Minimizing the Age of Information in Wireless Networks with Stochastic Arrivals
arxiv Dynamical Systems The existence of Zariski dense orbit for endomorphism of projective surface
arxiv Algebraic Geometry The Virtual Resolutions Package for Macaulay2
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Wyman's "other" scalar field solution, Sultana's generalization, and their Brans-Dicke and $R^2$ relatives
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Probing Galaxy Assembly Bias in BOSS Galaxies Using Void Probabilities
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Numerical insights on ionic microgels: structure and swelling behaviour
arxiv Machine Learning Fairness in Machine Learning with Tractable Models
arxiv Machine Learning Reduced-order modeling using Dynamic Mode Decomposition and Least Angle Regression
arxiv Artificial Intelligence A Correctness Result for Synthesizing Plans With Loops in Stochastic Domains
arxiv Accelerator Physics Tunable X-ray source by Thomson scattering during laser-wakefield acceleration
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Knowledge-Based Sequential Decision-Making Under Uncertainty
arxiv Quantum Algebra Support varieties for finite tensor categories: Complexity and tensor products
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Fourier frames for surface-carried measures
arxiv Machine Learning Vector Field Neural Networks
arxiv Machine Learning Non-negative matrix factorization based on generalized dual divergence
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Computing symmetric determinantal representations
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Freezing point depression and freeze-thaw damage by nano-fuidic salt trapping
arxiv Materials Science Lithium attachment to C60 and nitrogen- and boron-doped C60: a mechanistic study
arxiv Probability Excursions away from the Lipschitz minorant of a Lévy process
arxiv Machine Learning Utilizing Deep Learning Towards Multi-modal Bio-sensing and Vision-based Affective Computing
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Quantum Spin Liquids
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Conformal mechanics of space curves
arxiv Probability A spectral theoretical approach for hypocoercivity applied to some degenerate hypoelliptic, and non-local operators
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Fiduciary Bandits
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Stellar Flybys Interrupting Planet-Planet Scattering Generates Oort Planets
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics A Chandra Study: Are Dwarf Carbon Stars Spun Up and Rejuvenated by Mass Transfer?
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics The Sensitivity of Euro-Atlantic Regimes to Model Horizontal Resolution
arxiv Quantum Physics Classical and Quantum Bounded Depth Approximation Algorithms
arxiv Econometrics A Comment on "Estimating Dynamic Discrete Choice Models with Hyperbolic Discounting" by Hanming Fang and Yang Wang
arxiv Statistical Mechanics $q$-independent slow-dynamics in atomic and molecular systems
arxiv Populations and Evolution NANUQ: A method for inferring species networks from gene trees under the coalescent model
arxiv Dynamical Systems Multiflows: A New Technique for Filippov Systems and Differential Inclusions
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On the Well-posedness of a Nonlinear Fourth-Order Extension of Richards' Equation
arxiv Probability A Result of Metastability for an Infinite System of Spiking Neurons
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Are Automated Vehicles Safer than Manually Driven Cars?
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Inverse Compton scattering of starlight in the kiloparsec-scale jet in Centaurus A: The origin of excess TeV $γ$-ray emission
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Ultra-deep tidal disruption events: prompt self-intersections and observables
arxiv Applied Physics On-chip microwave-spin-plasmon interface (MSPI)
arxiv Image and Video Processing GlidarCo: gait recognition by 3D skeleton estimation and biometric feature correction of flash lidar data
arxiv Cryptography and Security Using Camouflaged Cyber Simulations as a Model to Ensure Validity in Cybersecurity Experimentation
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Asymptotic flatness of Morrey extremals
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Non-Parametric Priors For Generative Adversarial Networks
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Robust Principal Component Analysis for Particle Image Velocimetry
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing On the complexity of fault-tolerant consensus
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics The Need for Laboratory Measurements and Ab Initio Studies to Aid Understanding of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
arxiv Machine Learning Privacy Preserving Adjacency Spectral Embedding on Stochastic Blockmodels
arxiv Representation Theory On Multiplicity Formula for Spherical Varieties
arxiv Methodology Analytic Basis Expansions for Functional Snippets
arxiv Rings and Algebras Field of Iterated Laurent Series and its Brauer Group
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Boundary states of 4D topological matter: Emergence and full 3D-imaging of nodal Seifert surfaces
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics The Detectability and Characterization of the TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanet Atmospheres with JWST
arxiv Combinatorics Brualdi's conjecture is true for group-based latin squares
arxiv Machine Learning Dream Distillation: A Data-Independent Model Compression Framework
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Drag Coefficient of a Rigid Spherical Particle in a Near-Critical Binary Fluid Mixture beyond the Regime of the Gaussian Model
arxiv Optics Randomized Spectral Sampling for Efficient Simulation of Laser Propagation through Optical Turbulence
arxiv Information Retrieval Deep Unified Multimodal Embeddings for Understanding both Content and Users in Social Media Networks
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction TGView3D System Description: 3-Dimensional Visualization of Theory Graphs
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs On a generalized class of boundary-value problems with delayed argument
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Quantum transport in non-Hermitian impurity array
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Theoretical model for the structural relaxation time in co-amorphous drugs
arxiv Optics Fully-control of OAM vortex beam and realization of retro and negative reflection at oblique incidence using dual-band 2-bit coding metasurface
arxiv Statistical Finance Cointegration in high frequency data
arxiv Cryptography and Security The Audio Auditor: Participant-Level Membership Inference in Voice-Based IoT
arxiv Superconductivity Mapping Dynamical Magnetic Responses of Ultra-thin Micron-size Superconducting Films using Nitrogen-vacancy Centers in Diamond
arxiv Quantum Physics Spin coherent quantum transport of electrons between defects in diamond
arxiv Algebraic Geometry An Introduction to Modern Enumerative Geometry with Applications to the Banana Manifold
arxiv Pattern Formation and Solitons Dissipative cnoidal waves (Turing rolls) and the soliton limit in microring resonators
arxiv Quantum Algebra Free field approach to the Macdonald process
arxiv Machine Learning Sliced Score Matching: A Scalable Approach to Density and Score Estimation
arxiv Information Retrieval Exact-K Recommendation via Maximal Clique Optimization
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Two-dimensional active motion
arxiv Quantum Physics Guaranteed emergence of genuine entanglement in 3-qubit evolving systems
arxiv Pattern Formation and Solitons Nanoptera and Stokes Curves in the 2-Periodic Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou Equation
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics In-plane magnetoelectric response in bilayer graphene
arxiv Signal Processing A 300-500 MHz Tunable Oscillator Exploiting Ten Overtones in Single Lithium Niobate Resonator
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Predicting Solar Flares Using a Long Short-Term Memory Network
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics The Richardson-Lucy Deconvolution method to Extract LAMOST 1D Spectra
arxiv Information Theory Discussions on Signal Uncertainty Principle in Shannon Channel Capacity Equation and Research on Breaking Shannon Limit Method
arxiv Computation and Language Improving Question Answering over Incomplete KBs with Knowledge-Aware Reader
arxiv Chemical Physics Stochastic embedding DFT: theory and application to p-nitroaniline
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics A strategy to search for an inner binary black hole from the motion of the tertiary star I: a perturbative analytic approach to a coplanar and near-circular three-body system and its application to 2M05215658+4359220
arxiv Numerical Analysis Approximate Tensor Ring Decomposition
arxiv Machine Learning Mastering the Game of Sungka from Random Play
arxiv Methodology Model interpretation through lower-dimensional posterior summarization
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The Quantum Theory of Gravitation: I Quantization of Free Fields - II Proof of Renormalizability
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Orbits of particles and black hole thermodynamics in a spacetime with torsion
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology A combined analysis of $K N(\overline{K}N)$ scattering in the Regge realm
arxiv Machine Learning Online Multivariate Anomaly Detection and Localization for High-dimensional Settings
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Group Re-Identification with Multi-grained Matching and Integration
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Visualizing Topology of Real-Energy Gapless Phase Arising from Exceptional Point
arxiv Numerical Analysis A Priori Analysis of a Higher Order Nonlinear Elasticity Model for an Atomistic Chain with Periodic Boundary Condition
arxiv Machine Learning SSFN: Self Size-estimating Feed-forward Network and Low Complexity Design
arxiv Cryptography and Security A critique of the DeepSec Platform for Security Analysis of Deep Learning Models
arxiv Databases High Throughput Push Based Storage Manager
arxiv Combinatorics Simplicial generation of Chow rings of matroids
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Probing charge carrier movement in organic semiconductor thin films via nanowire conductance spectroscopy
arxiv Algebraic Geometry On the irreducibility of the Severi variety of nodal curves in a smooth surface
arxiv Signal Processing DSP Linearization for Millimeter-Wave All-Digital Receiver Array with Low-Resolution ADCs
arxiv Quantum Physics "B" is for Bohr
arxiv Combinatorics Tiling Enumeration of Hexagons with Off-central Holes
arxiv Differential Geometry Existence of infinitely many minimal hypersurfaces in low dimensions, after F.C. Marques, A.A. Neves et A. Song (Bourbaki Seminar)
arxiv Machine Learning Simple Black-box Adversarial Attacks
arxiv Numerical Analysis Strong convergence of a linearization method for semi-linear elliptic equations with variable scaled production
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Large time asymptotics for a cubic nonlinear Schrödinger system in one space dimension
arxiv Computational Geometry Variations of largest rectangle recognition amidst a bichromatic point set
arxiv Information Theory Joint Frequency-and-Phase Modulation for Backscatter-Tag Assisted Vehicular Positioning
arxiv Algebraic Geometry On the boundary components of arbitrary central streams
arxiv Applied Physics A self-sensing microwire/epoxy composite optimized by dual interfaces and periodical structural integrity
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Discovery prospects of dwarf spheroidal galaxies for indirect dark matter searches
arxiv Computation and Language ERNIE: Enhanced Language Representation with Informative Entities
arxiv Nuclear Theory Transport coefficients for multi-component gas of hadrons using Chapman Enskog method
arxiv Optics Interaction of OAM light with Rydberg excitons: Modifying dipole selection rules
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Fast Radio Burst Cosmology and HIRAX
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Exciton-exciton annihilation in hBN
arxiv Quantum Physics Separated Schmidt modes in the angular spectrum of biphotons
arxiv Computational Complexity Separating k-Player from t-Player One-Way Communication, with Applications to Data Streams
arxiv Machine Learning Biosignal Generation and Latent Variable Analysis with Recurrent Generative Adversarial Networks
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture FlexNGIA: A Flexible Internet Architecture for the Next-Generation Tactile Internet
arxiv Quantum Physics Solving systems of linear algebraic equations via unitary transformations on quantum processor of IBM Quantum Experience
arxiv Formal Languages and Automata Theory Simulations in Rank-Based Büchi Automata Complementation
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Counting quantum traffic: a summary and comparison of fixed-time and fluctuating-time statistics in electron transport
arxiv Digital Libraries Mining university rankings: Publication output and citation impact as their basis
arxiv General Topology On balanced coronas of groups
arxiv Information Theory Buffer-aided Resource Allocation for a Price Based Opportunistic Cognitive Radio Network
arxiv Signal Processing Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Channel Allocation for Wireless LANs with Graph Convolutional Networks
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Stay or Switch: Competitive Online Algorithms for Energy Plan Selection in Energy Markets with Retail Choice
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Large N Renormalization Group Flows in 3d $\mathcal{N}=1$ Chern-Simons-Matter Theories
arxiv Software Engineering Targeted Greybox Fuzzing with Static Lookahead Analysis
arxiv Functional Analysis Solution to the Stieltjes moment problem in Gelfand-Shilov spaces
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing End-to-end Adaptation with Backpropagation through WFST for On-device Speech Recognition System
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment CMS Higgs physics results
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Kramers-Fokker-Planck operators with homogeneous potentials
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture An Empirical View on Content Provider Fairness
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Embodied robots driven by self-organized environmental feedback
arxiv Medical Physics Resonant frequency analysis of dental implants
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology The Hawking--Page phase transitions in the extended phase space in the Gauss--Bonnet gravity
arxiv Mathematical Physics On Schrödinger and Dirac Operators with an Oscillating Potential
arxiv Statistics Theory Estimation of foreseeable and unforeseeable risks in motor insurance
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Trans-Neptunian objects and Centaurs at thermal wavelengths
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Colossal infrared and terahertz magneto-optical activity in a two-dimensional Dirac material
arxiv Computers and Society Exploration methods for simulation models
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Gridded and direct Epoch of Reionisation bispectrum estimates using the Murchison Widefield Array
arxiv Systems and Control Non-signaling Approximations of Stochastic Team Problems
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Measurement of $ZZ$ production in the $\ell\ellνν$ final state with the ATLAS detector in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV
arxiv Superconductivity Extended magnetic dome induced by low pressures in superconducting FeSe$_\mathrm{1\text{-}x}$S$_\mathrm{x}$
arxiv Quantum Physics Affinity-based measurement-induced nonlocality and its robustness against noise
arxiv Chemical Physics Field-induced diastereomers for chiral separation
arxiv Databases Keeping Track of User Steering Actions in Dynamic Workflows
arxiv Commutative Algebra Irreducibility and factorizations in monoid rings
arxiv Databases Concurrency Protocol Aiming at High Performance of Execution and Replay for Smart Contracts
arxiv Applied Physics Acoustic metamaterials with spinning components
arxiv Optimization and Control Homogenization of cohesive fracture in masonry structures
arxiv Applications Colombian Women's Life Patterns: A Multivariate Density Regression Approach
arxiv Computers and Society Between Discord and Deadlock: Consensus Under a Deadline
arxiv History and Philosophy of Physics Exploring Gravitational Lensing
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Large deviations conditioned on large deviations II: Fluctuating hydrodynamics
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Effect of color on rapidity gap survival
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Side Window Filtering
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Signatures of primordial gravitational waves in matter power spectrum
arxiv Applied Physics Effect of nano-carbon dispersions on signal in silicon-based sensor structure with photoelectrical transducer principle
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter From thermal creeping to thermal weakening: How crushing plastic and unrolling tape unravels fracture physics
arxiv Category Theory Enriched pro-categories and shapes
arxiv Probability Reconstruction of a Riemannian manifold from noisy intrinsic distances
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Supersymmetric Indices of 3d S-fold SCFTs
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs On some frequent small Cantor spaces
arxiv Computation and Language Plotting Markson's 'Mistress'
arxiv Artificial Intelligence How Case Based Reasoning Explained Neural Networks: An XAI Survey of Post-Hoc Explanation-by-Example in ANN-CBR Twins
arxiv Machine Learning An Essay on Optimization Mystery of Deep Learning
arxiv Machine Learning Reference-Based Sequence Classification
arxiv Computation and Language Distant Learning for Entity Linking with Automatic Noise Detection
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory On some (integrable) structures in low-dimensional holography
arxiv Materials Science Origin of sawtooth domain walls in ferroelectrics
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Brownian Molecules Formed by Delayed Harmonic Interactions
arxiv Machine Learning MaMiC: Macro and Micro Curriculum for Robotic Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Methodology A Bayesian hierarchical meta-analytic method for modelling surrogate relationships that vary across treatment classes
arxiv Computation and Language CHiVE: Varying Prosody in Speech Synthesis with a Linguistically Driven Dynamic Hierarchical Conditional Variational Network
arxiv Geometric Topology Examples of character varieties in characteristic $p$ and ramification
arxiv Superconductivity Flux Flow Effects in Annular Josephson Tunnel Junctions
arxiv Image and Video Processing Mechanically Powered Motion Imaging Phantoms: Proof of Concept
arxiv Algebraic Topology A note on covers defining relative and sectional categories
arxiv Materials Science Anisotropy of electronic stopping power in graphite
arxiv Functional Analysis Embeddability of $\ell_{p}$ and bases in Lipschitz free $p$-spaces for $0<p\leq 1$
arxiv Robotics Training Object Detectors With Noisy Data
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Transfer Learning based Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy from Small Dataset
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Large-parameter asymptotic expansions for the Legendre and allied functions
arxiv Atomic Physics Elastic scattering of three ultracold bosons
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs On the computation and inversion of the cumulative noncentral beta distribution function
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Production of muons from heavy-flavour hadron decays in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=5.02$ TeV
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Charged-particle production as a function of multiplicity and transverse spherocity in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} =5.02$ and 13 TeV
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Study of the $Λ$-$Λ$ interaction with femtoscopy correlations in pp and p-Pb collisions at the LHC
arxiv Machine Learning Hybrid-FL: Cooperative Learning Mechanism Using Non-IID Data in Wireless Networks
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Inclusive J/$ψ$ production at mid-rapidity in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 5.02 TeV
arxiv Programming Languages Implementing a Library for Probabilistic Programming using Non-strict Non-determinism
arxiv Computation and Language Adaptation of Deep Bidirectional Multilingual Transformers for Russian Language
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Statics and Dynamics of Polymeric Droplets on Chemically Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Substrates
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Breaking of adiabatic invariance in the creation of particles by electromagnetic fields
arxiv Probability Sharp interface limit of stochastic Cahn-Hilliard equation with singular noise
arxiv Quantum Gases Morphological Superfluid in a Nonmagnetic Spin-2 Bose-Einstein Condensate
arxiv Methodology Functional Lagged Regression with Sparse Noisy Observations
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Resolving discrepancy in the pPN OH231.8+4.2
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Neither Global Nor Local: A Hierarchical Robust Subspace Clustering For Image Data
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Gauge Technique approximation to the $πγ$ production and the pion transition form factor
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Simultaneous Fitting of the Spectral Energy Density, Energy-dependent Size, and X-ray Spectral Index vs. Radius of The Young Pulsar Wind Nebula PWN G0.9+0.1
arxiv Combinatorics Separating many words by counting occurrences of factors
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Parallel decompression of gzip-compressed files and random access to DNA sequences
arxiv Metric Geometry On generalized median triangles and tracing orbits
arxiv Materials Science An Experimental and Theoretical Insights into the Colossal Permittivity Mechanism of (Li, Nd) Co-doped ZnO Ceramics
arxiv Space Physics Self-Similarity of ICME Flux Ropes: Observations by Radially Aligned Spacecraft in the Inner Heliosphere
arxiv Software Engineering Towards a Security-Aware Benchmarking Framework for Function-as-a-Service
arxiv General Physics Charged (A)dS black hole solutions in conformal teleparallel equivalent of general relativity
arxiv Signal Processing How to Calibrate your Adversary's Capabilities? Inverse Filtering for Counter-Autonomous Systems
arxiv General Physics Compact star in Tolman Kuchowicz spacetime in background of Einstein Gauss Bonnet gravity
arxiv General Physics Frozen SUSY with Susyons as the Dark Matter
arxiv General Physics Multiparticle fields on the subset of simultaneity
arxiv Machine Learning Comparison-Based Framework for Psychophysics: Lab versus Crowdsourcing
arxiv Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems When the goal is to generate a series of activities: A self-organized simulated robot arm
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Non-Abelian Vector Boson as FIMP Dark Matter
arxiv Machine Learning TBQ($σ$): Improving Efficiency of Trace Utilization for Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Commutative Algebra Reduced group schemes as iterative differential Galois groups
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Interaction distance in the extended XXZ model
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Computing: An Overview Across the System Stack
arxiv Quantum Physics Model of endogenous fluctuations of the norm of the wave function
arxiv Other Computer Science Quartierstrom - Implementation of a real world prosumer centric local energy market in Walenstadt, Switzerland
arxiv Combinatorics Daisy cubes: a characterization and a generalization
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Isabelle technology for the Archive of Formal Proofs
arxiv Machine Learning Scalable Graph Embeddings via Sparse Transpose Proximities
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Continuous magnetic phase transition in artificial square ice
arxiv Number Theory Third kind elliptic integrals and 1-motives
arxiv Optics Plasmon lifetime enhancement in a bright-dark mode coupled system
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Diffusion in binary mixtures: an analysis of the dependence on the thermodynamic factor
arxiv Plasma Physics High frequency mode generation by toroidal Alfven eigenmodes
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Evaporating black-to-white hole
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Spin-orbit coupling: atom versus semiconductor crystal
arxiv Materials Science Topological Crystalline Insulators with $C_2$ Rotation Anomaly
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter The role of surface roughness on the effective interactions and phase behaviour of calcium carbonate nanoparticles
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Scalar modes and the linearized Schwarzschild solution on a quantized FLRW space-time in Yang-Mills matrix models
arxiv Populations and Evolution Pattern formation induced by intraspecific interactions in a predator-prey system
arxiv Mathematical Finance A Nonlocal Approach to The Quantum Kolmogorov Backward Equation and Links to Noncommutative Geometry
arxiv Applied Physics Two-micron wavelength high speed photodiode with InGaAs/GaAsSb type-II multiple quantum wells absorber
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Texture Fields: Learning Texture Representations in Function Space
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Finite-size spherical particles in a square duct flow of an elastoviscoplastic fluid: an experimental study
arxiv Machine Learning KitcheNette: Predicting and Recommending Food Ingredient Pairings using Siamese Neural Networks
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Two loop calculation of Yang-Mills propagators in the Curci-Ferrari model
arxiv Image and Video Processing Single-shot non-invasive three-dimensional imaging through scattering media
arxiv Machine Learning Collaborative Interactive Learning -- A clarification of terms and a differentiation from other research fields
arxiv Optimization and Control A non-iterative reconstruction method for an inverse problem modeled by a Stokes-Brinkmann equations
arxiv Quantum Physics Frequency and phase relations of entangled photons observed by a two-photon interference experiment
arxiv Physics Education Secret objectives: promoting inquiry and tackling preconceptions in teaching laboratories
arxiv Differential Geometry Minimizing geodesic nets and critical points of distance
arxiv Dynamical Systems Orbifold expansion and entire functions with bounded Fatou components
arxiv Probability Rough nonlocal diffusions
arxiv Medical Physics Implementation of a Radiation Protection System at Four Hospitals in Ethiopia
arxiv Optics Investigating the use of the hydrogen cyanide (HCN) as an absorption media for laser spectroscopy
arxiv Cryptography and Security Finding Rats in Cats: Detecting Stealthy Attacks using Group Anomaly Detection
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Magnetism of the diluted Ising antiferromagnet in a magnetic field on the Kagome lattice: single-spin cluster approximation
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The hidden heart of the luminous infrared galaxy IC 860 I. A molecular inflow feeding opaque, extreme nuclear activity
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Bivariate Luminosity Function of Galaxy Pairs
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Testing the multipole structure and conservative dynamics of compact binaries using gravitational wave observations: The spinning case
arxiv Optics High-efficiency triple-resonant inelastic light scattering in planar optomagnonic cavities
arxiv Quantitative Methods Quantification of the morphological characteristics of hESC colonies
arxiv Quantum Physics Excitonic Wave Function Reconstruction from Near-Field Spectra Using Machine Learning Techniques
arxiv Quantum Physics Implementation of a two-qubit state by an auxiliary qubit on the three-spin system
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Tuning the mechanical and flow properties of colloidal gels with ultrasound
arxiv Combinatorics Flexible Schemes
arxiv Image and Video Processing Fidelity Imposed Network Edit (FINE) for Solving Ill-Posed Image Reconstruction
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Axiflavon-Higgs Unification
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A deep learning approach to detecting volcano deformation from satellite imagery using synthetic datasets
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition CNN-based Cost Volume Analysis as Confidence Measure for Dense Matching
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Approximation of the objective insensitivity regions using Hierarchic Memetic Strategy coupled with Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolutionary Strategy
arxiv Computation and Language Conversion Prediction Using Multi-task Conditional Attention Networks to Support the Creation of Effective Ad Creative
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition LiDAR Sensor modeling and Data augmentation with GANs for Autonomous driving
arxiv Applied Physics On the effect of surface recombination in thin film solar cells, light emitting diodes and photodetectors
arxiv Symplectic Geometry Classification of six dimensional monotone symplectic manifolds admitting semifree circle actions III
arxiv Machine Learning Weakly-Supervised Temporal Localization via Occurrence Count Learning
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Representation of solutions to wave equations with profile functions
arxiv Analysis of PDEs An example of failure of stochastic homogenization for viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations without convexity
arxiv Superconductivity Chiral p-wave superconductors have complex coherence and magnetic field penetration lengths
arxiv Machine Learning MOBA: A multi-objective bounded-abstention model for two-class cost-sensitive problems
arxiv Logic Generic derivations on o-minimal structures
arxiv Machine Learning Spectral Metric for Dataset Complexity Assessment
arxiv Differential Geometry LcK structures with holomorphic Lee vector field on Vaisman-type manifolds
arxiv Combinatorics $b$-invariant edges in cubic near-bipartite brick
arxiv Machine Learning Comparison of Machine Learning Models in Food Authentication Studies
arxiv Applied Physics A Theoretical Perspective on Transient Photovoltage and Charge Extraction Techniques
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Cosmological constraints of phantom dark energy models
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Universal power law decay of spin polarization in double quantum dot
arxiv Operator Algebras Unbounded Derivations in Algebras Associated with Monothetic Groups
arxiv Number Theory Low dimensional strongly perfect lattices IV: The dual strongly perfect lattices of dimension 16
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Neutron star cooling and GW170817 constraint within quark-meson coupling models
arxiv Functional Analysis The method of Chernoff approximation
arxiv Materials Science Novel MAB phases and insights into their exfoliation into 2D MBenes
arxiv Numerical Analysis Randomized algorithms for low-rank tensor decompositions in the Tucker format
arxiv Probability Isotropic covariance matrix functions on compact two-point homogeneous spaces
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Voyage Across the 2HDM Type-II with Magellan
arxiv Software Engineering The Essential Deployment Metamodel: A Systematic Review of Deployment Automation Technologies
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Nonrelativistic String Theory in Background Fields
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Twisted bilayer graphene with Kekule distortion: isolated flat band
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Nucleation of Spatio-Temporal Structures From Defect Turbulence in the Two-dimensional Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation
arxiv Machine Learning Stochastically Dominant Distributional Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Linearization of a nonautonomous unbounded system with nonuniform contraction: A Spectral Approach
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing EENA: Efficient Evolution of Neural Architecture
arxiv Computation and Language Availability-Based Production Predicts Speakers' Real-time Choices of Mandarin Classifiers
arxiv Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability The partial visibility curve of the Feigenbaum cascade to chaos
arxiv Materials Science Understanding the correlation between electronic coupling and energetic stability of molecular crystal polymorphs: The instructive case of quinacridone
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Irreducible representations of E theory
arxiv Machine Learning Lexicographic and Depth-Sensitive Margins in Homogeneous and Non-Homogeneous Deep Models
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Fractional Langevin equation from damped bath dynamics
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Multiwavelength Investigation of Pulsar Wind Nebula DA 495 with HAWC, VERITAS, and NuSTAR
arxiv Quantum Physics Work fluctuations in slow processes: quantum signatures and optimal control
arxiv Combinatorics The worst way to collapse a simplex
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory E theory in seven dimensions
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Z boson production in proton-lead collisions at the LHC accounting for transverse momenta of initial partons
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Semantic Analysis of Traffic Camera Data: Topic Signal Extraction and Anomalous Event Detection
arxiv Representation Theory Crystal of affine $\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}}_{\ell}$ and Hecke algebras at a primitive $2\ell$th root of unity
arxiv Quantum Physics Expanding possibilities of quantum state engineering and amplifying optical Schrodinger kitten state
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Description of CRESST-III Data
arxiv Analysis of PDEs The Gabor wave front set of compactly supported distributions
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Transient structures in rupturing thin-films: Marangoni-induced symmetry-breaking pattern formation in viscous fluids
arxiv Analysis of PDEs $W^{s,\frac{n}{s}}$-maps with positive distributional Jacobians
arxiv Machine Learning Decision-Oriented Communications: Application to Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology The two-body potential of Vainshtein screened theories
arxiv Symplectic Geometry Sheaves and symplectic geometry of cotangent bundles
arxiv Machine Learning Pair Matching: When bandits meet stochastic block model
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Does the evolution of complex life depend on the stellar spectral energy distribution?
arxiv Functional Analysis On semigroups generated by sums of even powers of Dunkl operators
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics $\texttt{fRevolution}$ $-$ Relativistic Cosmological Simulations in $f(R)$ Gravity I: Methodology
arxiv Machine Learning EmBench: Quantifying Performance Variations of Deep Neural Networks across Modern Commodity Devices
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Temporal changes of the flare activity of Proxima Cen
arxiv Quantum Physics Eternal life of entropy in non-Hermitian quantum systems
arxiv Differential Geometry Diameters of Ball Intersections
arxiv Machine Learning DeepSwarm: Optimising Convolutional Neural Networks using Swarm Intelligence
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Justification of the Point Vortex Approximation for Modified Surface Quasi-Geostrophic Equations
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology K-essence and kinetic gravity braiding models in two-field measure theory
arxiv Quantum Physics Observation of Multimode Strong Coupling of Cold Atoms to a 30-m Long Optical Resonator
arxiv Mathematical Physics A contact geometry framework for field theories with dissipation
arxiv Combinatorics A gap in the slice rank of $3$-tensors
arxiv Computation and Language Don't Blame Distributional Semantics if it can't do Entailment
arxiv Machine Learning Recurrent Kalman Networks: Factorized Inference in High-Dimensional Deep Feature Spaces
arxiv Computation and Language Learning Cross-lingual Embeddings from Twitter via Distant Supervision
arxiv History and Philosophy of Physics On the Philosophical Foundations of Physics: An Experimentalist's Perspective
arxiv Machine Learning Contrastive Fairness in Machine Learning
arxiv Quantum Physics Maximally correlated matter from many-body quantum coherence
arxiv Programming Languages Simple and Effective Relation-Based Approaches To XPath and XSLT Type Checking (Technical Report, Bad Honnef 2015)
arxiv Optimization and Control Towards robustness guarantees for feedback-based optimization
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Gapped Continuum Kaluza-Klein spectrum
arxiv Formal Languages and Automata Theory Abstraction Refinement Algorithms for Timed Automata
arxiv Machine Learning Stratospheric Aerosol Injection as a Deep Reinforcement Learning Problem
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors A buffer-free concept bubble chamber for PICO dark matter searches
arxiv Quantum Gases Feynman path-integral treatment of the Bose polaron beyond the Fröhlich model
arxiv Quantum Physics A Case of Quantum Scattering
arxiv Information Retrieval Cleaned Similarity for Better Memory-Based Recommenders
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Towards a complete next-to-logarithmic description of forward exclusive diffractive dijet electroproduction at HERA: real corrections
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology The fusion of hard and soft Pomerons: 3-jet diffractive production
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Online Hyper-parameter Learning for Auto-Augmentation Strategy
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Making Identity Count: UK 1960
arxiv Computation and Language Multi-hop Reading Comprehension across Multiple Documents by Reasoning over Heterogeneous Graphs
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition AM-LFS: AutoML for Loss Function Search
arxiv Machine Learning Integer Discrete Flows and Lossless Compression
arxiv Optimization and Control Solving Chance-Constrained Problems via a Smooth Sample-Based Nonlinear Approximation
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Black hole shadow with a cosmological constant for cosmological observers
arxiv Robotics Challenges in Collaborative HRI for Remote Robot Teams
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The Game of Triangles
arxiv Materials Science Symmetry-protected metallic and topological phases in penta-materials
arxiv Machine Learning Merging versus Ensembling in Multi-Study Machine Learning: Theoretical Insight from Random Effects
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Roadmap for Computational Communication Research
arxiv Numerical Analysis Superconvergent HDG methods for Maxwell's equations via the $M$-decomposition
arxiv Optics Ultra-high Purcell factor using long-range modes in asymmetric plasmonic waveguides
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Neural Message Passing on Hybrid Spatio-Temporal Visual and Symbolic Graphs for Video Understanding
arxiv Number Theory Extreme Covering Systems of the Integers
socarxiv Arts and Humanities Mirrors of Capitalist Modernization in Turkey: Review of Adalet, Begüm, Hotels and Highways: The Construction of Modernization Theory in Cold War Turkey
arxiv Machine Learning POPQORN: Quantifying Robustness of Recurrent Neural Networks
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Avalanches, thresholds, and diffusion in meso-scale amorphous plasticity
arxiv Machine Learning Online Distributed Estimation of Principal Eigenspaces
arxiv Accelerator Physics Theoretical and experimental electron diffraction intensity maps for single crystal silicon from an ultrafast source
arxiv Quantum Gases Thermodynamics of a one-dimensional Bose gas with repulsive contact interactions
arxiv Fluid Dynamics An embedded boundary approach for efficient simulations of viscoplastics and other generalised Newtonian fluids in non-trivial domains
arxiv Quantum Physics Efficient color code decoders in $d\geq 2$ dimensions from toric code decoders
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction MiSC: Mixed Strategies Crowdsourcing
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Interaction between Northern Coal Sack in the Cyg OB 7 cloud complex and the multiple super nova remnants including HB 21
arxiv Statistics Theory Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Toric Fano Varieties
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Blockchain Mining Games with Pay Forward
arxiv Quantum Physics Compensation of polarization dependent loss using noiseless amplification and attenuation
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics A Compact Millimeter-Wavelength Fourier-Transform Spectrometer
arxiv Systems and Control Sparsity-Promoting Optimal Control of Cyber-Physical Systems over Shared Communication Networks
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Spin-valley density wave in moiré materials
biorxiv Neuroscience Mind-wandering in Parkinson's disease hallucinations reflects primary visual and default network coupling
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology In the presence of population structure: From genomics to candidate genes underlying local adaptation
biorxiv Bioinformatics The classification of orphans is improved by combining searches in both proteomes and genomes
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Diversification or collapse of self-incompatibility haplotypes as outcomes of evolutionary rescue
biorxiv Bioinformatics Genotype Imputation and Reference Panel: A Systematic Evaluation
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Further support for the role of heroism in human mate choice
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Cultural Dimensions as Correlates of Favoritism and the Mediating Role of Trust
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The limits of far transfer in perceptual categorization
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The prevalence of loot boxes in mobile and desktop games
biorxiv Biophysics Effect of helical kink in antimicrobial peptides on membrane pore formation
biorxiv Biochemistry How thermophilic Gram-positive organisms perform extracellular electron transfer: characterization of the cell surface terminal reductase OcwA
biorxiv Biophysics The contribution of the ankyrin repeat domain of TRPV1 as a thermal module
biorxiv Cell Biology Golgi localized β1-adrenergic receptors stimulate Golgi PI4P hydrolysis by PLCε to regulate cardiac hypertrophy
biorxiv Physiology Yellow adipocytes comprise a new adipocyte sub-type present in human bone marrow
biorxiv Genomics Genetic variant pathogenicity prediction trained using disease-specific clinical sequencing datasets
biorxiv Cell Biology Bimodal Regulation of the PRC2 Complex by USP7 Underlies Melanomagenesis
biorxiv Developmental Biology The maternal-fetal interface of successful pregnancies and impact of fetal sex using single cell sequencing
biorxiv Biophysics Atomistic basis of opening and conduction in mammalian inward rectifier potassium (Kir2.2) channels
biorxiv Cell Biology Global analysis of epigenetic heterogeneity identifies divergent drivers of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
biorxiv Developmental Biology Electron transport chain biogenesis activated by a JNK-insulin-Myc relay primes mitochondrial inheritance in Drosophila
biorxiv Biophysics Leader cells in collective chemotaxis: optimality and tradeoffs
socarxiv Arts and Humanities The ties between Hathor and the weaver girl(织女)
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Does austerity really kill?
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Using spatial release from masking to estimate the magnitude of the familiar-voice intelligibility benefit
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Dark carbon fixation contributes to sedimentary organic carbon in the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone
biorxiv Bioinformatics Mass spectra alignment using virtual lock-masses
biorxiv Epidemiology Starting antiretroviral therapy within seven days of a positive HIV test increased the risk of loss to follow up in a primary healthcare clinic: a retrospective cohort study in Masaka, Uganda.
biorxiv Immunology Multiplexed imaging of immune cells in staged multiple sclerosis lesions by mass cytometry
biorxiv Genetics Centromere-proximal meiotic crossovers in Drosophila melanogaster are suppressed by both highly-repetitive heterochromatin and the centromere effect
biorxiv Genetics Association analysis of loci implied in'buffering' epistasis
biorxiv Microbiology Discovery of compounds inhibiting the ADP-ribosyltransferase activity of pertussis toxin
biorxiv Biochemistry TDP-43 α-helical structure tunes liquid-liquid phase separation and function
biorxiv Microbiology PhenoGMM: Gaussian mixture modelling of microbial cytometry data enables efficient predictions of biodiversity
biorxiv Neuroscience High-throughput microcircuit analysis of individual human brains through next-generation multineuron patch-clamp
biorxiv Neuroscience Neuron-specific knockouts indicate the importance of network communication to Drosophila rhythmicity
biorxiv Microbiology Microbiome disturbance and resilience dynamics of the upper respiratory tract in response to influenza A virus infection in analog hosts
biorxiv Ecology Modeling Avian Full Annual Cycle Distribution and Population Trends with Citizen Science Data
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A Multilevel Analysis of Predictors of Modern Contraceptive Use among Reproductive Age Women in Sierra Leone: Insight from Demographic and Health Surveys.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Do Bilingual Infants Possess Enhanced Cognitive Skills?
engrxiv Engineering Uncovering the dynamic fracture behavior of PMMA
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences iCoRe: The GDELT Interface for the Advancement of Communication Research
biorxiv Genetics SYCP2 translocation-mediated dysregulation and frameshift variants cause human male infertility
biorxiv Molecular biology Varied effects of algal symbionts on transcription factor NF-κB in a sea anemone and a coral: possible roles in symbiosis and thermotolerance
biorxiv Ecology An Empiricist's Guide to Modern Coexistence Theory for Competitive Communities
biorxiv Neuroscience Optogenetically-Induced Population Discharge Threshold as a Sensitive Measure of Network Excitability
biorxiv Epidemiology A model of tuberculosis clustering in low incidence countries reveals more on-going transmission in the United Kingdom than the Netherlands between 2010 and 2015.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Implementation Science: The Key to Translating Psychological Science to Classroom Practice in Higher Education
biorxiv Genomics Characterization Of An Enhancer Element That Regulates FOXP2 Expression In Human Cerebellum
biorxiv Biochemistry A rationally designed and highly versatile epitope tag for nanobody-based purification, detection and manipulation of proteins
biorxiv Bioinformatics Modelling the population dynamics of Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes in humans during malaria infection
biorxiv Bioinformatics CCMetagen: comprehensive and accurate identification of eukaryotes and prokaryotes in metagenomic data
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Variability in Human Drug Metabolizing Cytochrome P450 CYP2C9, CYP2C19 and CYP3A5 Activities Caused by Genetic Variations in Cytochrome P450 Oxidoreductase
biorxiv Genetics Retrospective Association Analysis of Longitudinal Binary Traits Identifies Important Loci and Pathways in Cocaine Use
biorxiv Epidemiology Evolution and expansion of multidrug resistant malaria in Southeast Asia: a genomic epidemiology study
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Acute Thiamethoxam exposure in Apis mellifera : Absence of both stress-induced changes in mRNA splicing and synergistic effects of common fungicide and herbicide
biorxiv Neuroscience Effects of mid-frontal brain stimulation on sustained attention
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Cryptic host specialisation within Poecilochirus carabi mites explains population differences in the extent of co-adaptation with their burying beetle Nicrophorus vespilloides hosts
biorxiv Genomics Deep evolutionary origin of nematode SL2 trans-splicing revealed by genome-wide analysis of the Trichinella spiralis transcriptome
biorxiv Epidemiology Comparison of two individual-based models for simulating HIV epidemics in a population with HSV-2 using as case study Yaoundé-Cameroon, 1989-1998
biorxiv Bioinformatics mitoXplorer, a visual data mining platform to systematically analyze and visualize mitochondrial expression dynamics and mutations
biorxiv Biochemistry Chromatin structure-dependent histone incorporation revealed by a genome-wide deposition assay
biorxiv Biophysics POLARIS: path of least action analysis on energy landscapes
biorxiv Neuroscience Temporal signal-to-noise changes in combined multiband- and slice-accelerated echo-planar imaging with a 20- and 64-channel coil
biorxiv Ecology Spatiotemporal drivers of crop pests and pathogens abundance at the landscape scale
biorxiv Neuroscience MicroRNA miR-1002 enhances NMNAT-mediated stress response by modulating alternative splicing
biorxiv Immunology Follicular regulatory T cells can access the germinal centre independently of CXCR5
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Genetic and physiological mechanisms of freezing tolerance in locally adapted populations of a winter annual
biorxiv Bioinformatics COSS: A fast and user-friendly tool for spectral library searching
biorxiv Epidemiology Anopheles bionomic, insecticide resistance and malaria transmission in southwest Burkina Faso: a pre-intervention study
biorxiv Epidemiology Evaluating a digital sepsis alert in a London multi-site hospital network: a natural experiment using electronic health record data
biorxiv Microbiology Analysis tools to quantify dissemination of pathology in zebrafish larvae
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Multiple independent origins of apicomplexan-like parasites
biorxiv Cell Biology RNA promotes phase separation of glycolysis enzymes into yeast G bodies in hypoxia
biorxiv Immunology Toxoplasma gondii infection drives conversion of NK Cells into ILC1s
biorxiv Cell Biology Live-cell STED microscopy of mitochondrial cristae
biorxiv Zoology A Hotspot Atop: Rivers of the Guyana Highlands Hold High Diversity of Endemic Pencil Catfish
biorxiv Plant biology Characterizing the serotonin biosynthesis pathway upon aphid infestation in Setaria viridis leaves
biorxiv Neuroscience Increasing cerebral blood flow improves cognition into late stages in Alzheimer's disease mice
biorxiv Epidemiology Survival status and predictors of mortality among Breast cancer patients at Black lion specialized hospital, Adult oncology unit, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2018. A retrospective follow-up study with survival analysis
biorxiv Epidemiology Public health in genetic spaces: a statistical framework to optimize cluster-based outbreak detection
biorxiv Microbiology Tracking of quiescence in Leishmania by quantifying the expression of GFP in the ribosomal DNA locus
biorxiv Neuroscience Visual pathways of the secondary eyes in the brain of a jumping spider
biorxiv Neuroscience Rotational Dynamics Reduce Interference Between Sensory and Memory Representations
biorxiv Cell Biology Simultaneous 3D super-resolution fluorescence microscopy and atomic force microscopy: combined SIM and AFM platform for cell imaging
biorxiv Genomics De novo phased assembly of the Vitis riparia grape genome
biorxiv Neuroscience An optimized protocol for iDISCO+ rat brain clearing, imaging, and analysis
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Benchmarking software tools for detecting and quantifying selection in Evolve and Resequencing studies
biorxiv Clinical Trials Gene expression signatures predict response to therapy with growth hormone
biorxiv Neuroscience Metacognitive awareness of difficulty in action selection: the role of the cingulo-opercular network
biorxiv Microbiology Structural and functional characterisation of SiiA, an auxiliary protein from the SPI4-encoded type 1 secretion system from Salmonella enterica
biorxiv Neuroscience Diffuse TBI-induced expression of anxiety-like behavior coincides with altered glutamatergic function, TrkB protein levels and region-dependent pathophysiology in amygdala circuitry
biorxiv Molecular biology easyCLIP Quantifies RNA-Protein Interactions and Characterizes Recurrent PCBP1 Mutations in Cancer
biorxiv Bioinformatics Hairpin: a tool for predicting structural non-coding RNA genes ab initio
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences News Organizations’ Selective Link Sharing as Gatekeeping: A Structural Topic Model Approach
psyarxiv Engineering Psychology Suicidal Ideation in Elite Schools: A Test of the Interpersonal Theory and the Escape Theory of Suicide
biorxiv Molecular biology Three-gene PCR and high-resolution melting analysis for differentiating vertebrate species mitochondrial DNA for forensic and biodiversity research pipelines
biorxiv Epidemiology Risk Factors Associated to Types of Gallstone Diagnosed at Ibnsina Gastroenterology center, Sudan
biorxiv Biophysics Low-cost, open-access refractive index mapping of algal cells using the transport of intensity equation
biorxiv Epidemiology Adding noise to Markov cohort models
biorxiv Pathology Liraglutide improves hepatic steatosis and metabolic dysfunctions in a 3-week dietary mouse model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
biorxiv Genomics Intragenomic variability and extended sequence patterns in the mutational signature of ultraviolet light
biorxiv Epidemiology Drug safety in pregnancy: review of study approaches required by regulatory agencies
biorxiv Systematic interrogation of the distinct metabolic potential in gut microbiomes of inflammatory bowel disease patients with dysbiosis
biorxiv Nimodipine prevents the development of spasticity after spinal cord injury
biorxiv A cytomegalovirus immunevasin triggers integrated stress response-dependent reorganization of the endoplasmic reticulum.
biorxiv Neuron subtype-specific effector gene expression in the Motor Ganglion of Ciona
biorxiv Hermes: an ensemble machine learning architecture for protein secondary structure prediction
biorxiv Mouse and human microglial phenotypes in Alzheimer's disease are controlled by amyloid plaque phagocytosis through Hif1α
biorxiv Root microbiota assembly and adaptive differentiation among European Arabidopsis populations
biorxiv Individual differences in stereotypy and neuron subtype translatome with TrkB deletion
biorxiv Accuracy, Robustness and Scalability of Dimensionality Reduction Methods for Single Cell RNAseq Analysis
biorxiv Acid and inflammatory sensitisation of naked mole-rat colonic afferent nerves
biorxiv Shift in bacterial taxa precedes morphological plasticity in a larval echinoid
biorxiv Single-cell transcriptome analysis revealed a role of the transcription factor TOX in promoting CD8+ T-cell exhaustion in cancer
biorxiv Cooperation and spatial self-organization determine ecosystem function for polysaccharide-degrading bacteria
biorxiv The physiological effects of non-invasive brain stimulation fundamentally differ across the human cortex
biorxiv Simulated neutral metacommunities support the habitat amount hypothesis
biorxiv Composition of estuarine sediment microbiome from a chronosequence of restored urban salt marshes
biorxiv Non-replication of functional connectivity differences in ASD: a multi-site study
biorxiv Single-Cell, Human Sperm Transcriptomes and Variants from Fathers of Autistic and Healthy Children
biorxiv Small molecule inhibitors of G9a reactivate the maternal PWS genes in Prader-Willi-Syndrome patient derived neural stem cells and differentiated neurons
biorxiv BURMUDA: A novel deep transfer learning method for single-cell RNA sequencing batch correction reveals hidden high-resolution cellular subtypes
biorxiv National Wetland Map 5 - and improved spatial extent and representation of inland aquatic and estuarine ecosystems in South Africa
biorxiv Age at period cessation and trajectories of cardiovascular risk factors across mid and later life: a prospective cohort study
biorxiv Programmatic goals and spatial epidemiology influence the merit of targeted versus of population-wide interventions for yaws eradication
biorxiv Genetic overlap between psychiatric disorders and neuropsychiatric symptoms in HD
biorxiv Neuroscience Specialized medial prefrontal-amygdala coordination in prosocial and antisocial decision-making
biorxiv FoxMask: a new automated tool for animal detection in camera trap images
biorxiv Bioinformatics Interdependence of intra- and inter-domain motions in the PSD-95 PDZ12 tandem
biorxiv Bioengineering Distributed Biomanufacturing of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Antibiotic interactions shape short-term evolution of resistance in E. faecalis
biorxiv Neuroscience The Emerging Gait Dysfunction Phenotype in Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease
biorxiv Genetics Do available protein 3D structures reflect human genetic and functional diversity?
biorxiv Genetics Identification of pathogenic variant enriched regions across genes and gene families
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Assessment of chemotherapy-induced organ damage with 68Ga-labeled duramycin
biorxiv Bioinformatics Hierarchical Discovery of Large-scale and Focal Copy Number Alterations in Low-coverage Cancer Genomes
biorxiv Bioinformatics cRacle: R Tools for Estimating Climate from Vegetation
biorxiv Molecular biology The nucleosome acidic patch directly interacts with subunits of the Paf1 and FACT complexes and controls chromatin architecture in vivo
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Character-based Surprisal as a Model of Reading Difficulty in the Presence of Errors
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Why is "me-search" a Kiss of Death in mental health research
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Dynamics of Sociopolitical Evolution: First Grow, then Increase Processing Capacity, then Grow Some More
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Uneven Perils of Unemployment and Underemployment: The Role of Employment Structure in explaining Rural-Urban Poverty Differences, 1970-2018.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Investigating the impact of status and context on workplace incivility.
eartharxiv Engineering Using nano-XRM and high-contrast imaging to inform micro-porosity permeability during Stokes-Brinkman single and two-phase flow simulations on micro-CT images
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Constraining the Mechanism and Fluid Source of Hydrothermal Dolomitization in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Towards an Alternative Source of Magnesium
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Implementation Science: The Key to Translating Psychological Science to Classroom Practice in Higher Education
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Iconicity and Structure in the Emergence of Combinatoriality
biorxiv Biophysics Distinct antagonist-bound inactive states underlie the divergence in the structures of the dopamine D2 and D3 receptors
biorxiv Biophysics Allosteric modulation of local reactivity in DNA origami
biorxiv Biophysics Modeling tissue growth with the Stokes equation
biorxiv Bioinformatics A gene filter for comparative analysis of single-cell RNA-sequencing trajectory datasets
biorxiv Biophysics Characterization of Single Protein Dynamics in Cell Plasma Membrane Derived Polymer Cushioned Lipid Bilayers
biorxiv Genetics Sir2 is essential for intergenerational effects of parental diet on offspring metabolism in Drosophila
biorxiv Pharmacology and Toxicology Development of the first low nanomolar Liver Receptor Homolog-1 agonist through structure-guided design
biorxiv Biophysics Cell-sized confinement controls generation and stability of a protein wave for spatiotemporal regulation in cells
biorxiv Biophysics When will the cancer start? Elucidating the correlations between cancer initiation times and lifetime cancer risks
biorxiv Microbiology Development of a Covalent Inhibitor of Gut Bacterial Bile Salt Hydrolases
biorxiv Biophysics High-resolution and high-accuracy topographic and transcriptional maps of the nucleosome barrier
biorxiv Genetics Large eQTL meta-analysis reveals differing patterns between cerebral cortical and cerebellar brain regions
biorxiv Bioinformatics Reducing Unintentional Duplicate Orders using Passive Inline Just-in-Time Decision Support
biorxiv Biochemistry How ATP is used by P-glycoprotein to export multiple hydrophobic compounds
biorxiv Genomics Ultrastructural details of mammalian chromosome architecture
biorxiv Genomics Resolving the 3D landscape of transcription-linked mammalian chromatin folding
biorxiv Neuroscience Loss of interplay: Frontoparietal dynamics underlie working memory deficits in multiple sclerosis
biorxiv Genomics DNA accessibility is not the primary determinant of chromatin-mediated gene regulation
biorxiv Microbiology Genome replication dynamics of a bacteriophage and its satellite reveal strategies for parasitism and viral restriction
biorxiv Genomics Complex evolutionary origins of specialized metabolite gene cluster diversity among the plant pathogenic fungi of the Fusarium graminearum species complex
biorxiv Genomics Testing the omnigenic model for a behavioral trait in Drosophila melanogaster
biorxiv Genetics Single-cell Transcriptome Mapping Identifies Common and Cell-type Specific Genes Affected by Acute Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol in Humans
biorxiv Neuroscience Decoding images in the mind's eye: The temporal dynamics of visual imagery
biorxiv Neuroscience Distinct sensorimotor feedback loops for dynamic and static control of primate precision grip
biorxiv Neuroscience Disruption of the CSF-1-CSF-1R axis alters cerebellar microglia and is associated with motor and social interaction defects
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Complex ecological phenotypes on phylogenetic trees: a hidden Markov model for comparative analysis of multivariate count data
biorxiv Genomics Dissection of central clock function in Drosophila through cell-specific CRISPR-mediated clock gene disruption
biorxiv Genomics Tracking of antibiotic resistance transfer and rapid plasmid evolution in a hospital setting by Nanopore sequencing
biorxiv Synthetic Biology An automated model reduction tool to guide the design and analysis of synthetic biological circuits
lawarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Forecasting the Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicles on Energy Use: A Microeconomic Study of Induced Travel and Energy Rebound
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Hygiene Hampers Competitive Release Of Resistant Bacteria In The Commensal Microbiota
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Lexical landscapes as large in silico data for examining advanced properties of fitness landscapes
biorxiv Ecology Community structure ecosystem function relationships in the Congo Basin methane cycle depend on the physiological scale of function
biorxiv Ecology Fungal communities living within leaves of native Hawaiian dicots are structured by landscape-scale variables as well as by host plants
biorxiv Physiology Three-dimensional morphological analysis of the dynamic digestive system in the green brittle star
biorxiv Genetics High-Throughput Single-Molecule R-loop Footprinting Reveals Principles of R-loop Formation
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology The fitness cost of mismatch repair mutators in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: partitioning the mutational load
biorxiv Molecular biology Methods Matter -- Standard Production Platforms For Recombinant AAV Can Produce Chemically And Functionally Distinct Vectors
biorxiv Genomics New Approaches for Quantitative Reconstruction of Radiation Dose in Human Blood Cells
biorxiv Bioinformatics DNSS2: improved ab initio protein secondary structure prediction using advanced deep learning architectures
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Instability in Care and Living Arrangements: Putting Foster Youth in Context
psyarxiv Psychiatry Social Reinforcement Learning as a Predictor of Real-Life Experiences in Individuals with High and Low Depressive Symptomatology
biorxiv Molecular biology Trypanosoma brucei J protein 2 functionally cooperates with the cytosolic Hsp70.4 and Hsp70 proteins
biorxiv Physiology Deterioration of dry skin in arthritis model mice via stress-induced changes in immune cells in the thymus and spleen
biorxiv Ecology Changes in the microbial community of Lubomirskia baicalensis affected by Brown Rot Disease
biorxiv Systems Biology Integrating proteomics and genomics into systems genetics provides novel insights into the mechanisms of drought tolerance in maize
biorxiv Plant biology Overexpression of Medicago sativa glutamate-semialdehyde aminotransferase (GSA) gene in tobacco increased photosynthesis efficiency
biorxiv Plant biology Molecular and transcriptional structure of the petal and leaf circadian clock in Petunia hybrida
biorxiv Microbiology Sequence and immunologic conservation of Anaplasma marginale OmpA within strains from Ghana as compared to the predominant OmpA variant
biorxiv Immunology Paraoxonase and acylated homoserine lactones in urine from patients with urinary tract infections
biorxiv Microbiology Development of rice conidiation media for Ustilaginoidea virens
biorxiv Immunology A helminth chitinase structurally similar to mammalian chitinase displays immunomodulatory properties
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology A multi-level society comprised of one-male and multi-male core units in an African colobine (Colobus angolensis ruwenzorii)
biorxiv Cancer Biology Landscape of tumor-infiltrating immune cells in human immunogenic cancers: B cells are inversely associated with CD8T cells, but positively correlated with Treg cells
biorxiv Bioinformatics A general approach for identifying protein epitopes targeted by antibody repertoires using whole proteomes
biorxiv Plant biology A cereal aphid effector promotes barley susceptibility in a species-specific manner through suppression of defence gene expression.
biorxiv Biophysics Exploring the Mechanism of Olfactory Recognition at the Initial Stage by Modeling the Emission Spectrum of Electron Transfer
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biorxiv Plant biology A bacterial effector protein prevents MAPK-mediated phosphorylation of SGT1 to suppress plant immunity
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A pre-registered attempt to replicate the mortality salience effect in traditional and novel measures
biorxiv Neuroscience Topographic preservation of functional connectivity among the association areas in the human cerebral cortex
biorxiv Neuroscience Stereomotion processing in the non-human primate brain
biorxiv Microbiology Novel strategy for treating neurotropic viral infections using hypolipidemic drug Atorvastatin
biorxiv Microbiology Carbon starvation induces the expression of PprB-regulated genes in Pesudomonas aeruginosa
biorxiv Microbiology Dynamic Changes of G-CSF etc. Nine Cytokines in Mouse Bloodstream Infection Models of Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae and their Clinical Performances
biorxiv Bioinformatics comparative genomic and transcriptomic database for Plasmodium species
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biorxiv Evolutionary Biology The soursop genome and comparative genomics of basal angiosperms provide new insights on evolutionary incongruence
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biorxiv Neuroscience Neural oscillations while remembering traumatic memories in PTSD
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socarxiv Education Assessment and Evaluation Practices in Engineering Education: A Global Perspective
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Review of Castaneda's A Place To Call Home
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biorxiv Genomics Bayesian multivariate reanalysis of large genetic studies identifies many new associations
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biorxiv Neuroscience Transcriptional Signatures of the Hierarchical Chronnectome Organization in the Human Brain
biorxiv Microbiology Efficient horizontal transmission without viral super-spreaders may cause the high prevalence of STLV-1 infection in Japanese macaques
biorxiv Microbiology Sensitive cells extend antibiotic-driven containment of drug-resistant bacterial populations
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biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Hitting a moving target: Microbial evolutionary strategies in a dynamic ocean
biorxiv Bioengineering A Novel L-Serine Exporter and Its Positive Regulator in Corynebacterium glutamicum
biorxiv Neuroscience Task-Based Functional Connectomes Predict Cognitive Phenotypes Across Psychiatric Disease
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences When home is where the harm is: Family betrayal and posttraumatic outcomes in young adulthood
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Examining the Effects of Social Stories on Challenging Behavior and Prosocial Skills in Young Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
biorxiv Microbiology Rare microbes from diverse Earth biomes dominate community activity
biorxiv Neuroscience Regulation of CNS regeneration-associated genes is driven by a temporally changing cast of transcription factors
biorxiv Neuroscience A dynamical systems framework to uncover the drivers of large-scale cortical activity
biorxiv Systems Biology An All-to-All Approach to the Identification of Sequence-Specific Readers for Epigenetic DNA Modifications on Cytosine
biorxiv Ecology Human Demographic Outcomes of a Restored Agro-Ecological Balance
biorxiv Pathology Hemozoin produced by mammals confers heme tolerance
biorxiv Ecology Practical considerations for improved reliability and precision during compound specific analysis of δ15N in amino acids using a single combined oxidation-reduction reactor.
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Assortative mating in hybrid zones is remarkably ineffective in promoting speciation
biorxiv Bioengineering Hip retraction enhances walking stability on a ramp: an equilibrium point hypothesis-based study
arxiv Signal Processing LEMO: Learn to Equalize for MIMO-OFDM Systems with Low-Resolution ADCs
arxiv Signal Processing Approximating the Ideal Observer and Hotelling Observer for binary signal detection tasks by use of supervised learning methods
arxiv Machine Learning LGM-Net: Learning to Generate Matching Networks for Few-Shot Learning
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Entropy-stability analysis of smoothed dissipative particle dynamics
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On Bernstein processes of maximal entropy
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology String percolation in AA and p+p collisions
arxiv Machine Learning Contextualized Spatial-Temporal Network for Taxi Origin-Destination Demand Prediction
arxiv Machine Learning FAT-DeepFFM: Field Attentive Deep Field-aware Factorization Machine
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies How Do Galaxies trace a large scale structure?: A case study around a massive protocluster at $z=3.13$
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Carnot heat engine efficiency with a paramagnetic gas
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology $R_2$ as a single leptoquark solution to $R_{D^{(*)}}$ and $R_{K^{(*)}}$
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Pair spin-orbit interaction in low-dimensional electron systems
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies On the formation of density filaments in the turbulent interstellar medium
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arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Neutrino-Dark Matter Connections in Gauge Theories
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Quantum chaos challenges many-body localization
arxiv Representation Theory Temperley-Lieb, Brauer and Racah algebras and other centralizers of su(2)
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Planetary Nebulae and How to Find Them: Color Identification in Big Broadband Surveys
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Direct Detection of Strongly Interacting Sub-GeV Dark Matter via Electron Recoils
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Valence parton distribution function of pion from fine lattice
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The First Law for Rotating NUTs
arxiv Mathematical Physics $\mathbb{C}P^{2S}$ sigma models described through hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials
arxiv Quantum Physics Number-State Preserving Tensor Networks as Classifiers for Supervised Learning
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Dynamical friction in slab geometries and accretion disks
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics The Case for a Large-Scale Occultation Network
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Strong Coupling Universality at Large N for Pure CFT Thermodynamics in 2+1 dimensions
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Catching butterflies in the sky: Extended catalog of winged or X-shaped radio sources from the latest FIRST data release
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Generating functional for gravitational null initial data
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Local Features and Visual Words Emerge in Activations
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Star-Convex structures as prototypes of Lagrangian coherent structures
arxiv Genomics The Energetics of Molecular Adaptation in Transcriptional Regulation
arxiv Cryptography and Security Secure and Utility-Aware Data Collection with Condensed Local Differential Privacy
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Multi-task Learning for Chest X-ray Abnormality Classification on Noisy Labels
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies SHARP $-$ VI. Evidence for CO (1$-$0) molecular gas extended on kpc-scales in AGN star forming galaxies at high redshift
arxiv General Finance Dynamic model of firms competitive interaction on the market with taxation
arxiv Digital Libraries Missing Movie Synergistic Completion across Multiple Isomeric Online Movie Knowledge Libraries
arxiv Optimization and Control Equivalences among the chi measure, Hoffman constant, and Renegar's distance to ill-posedness
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics VPLanet: The Virtual Planet Simulator
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Collaborative Global-Local Networks for Memory-Efficient Segmentation of Ultra-High Resolution Images
arxiv Metric Geometry When a spherical body of constant diameter is of constant width?
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Evidence for a circumplanetary disc around protoplanet PDS 70 b
arxiv Applied Physics Roadmap on Material-Function Mapping for Photonic-Electronic Hybrid Neural Networks
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Contrast Optimization And Local Adaptation (COALA) for HDR Compression
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Tunable valley Hall effect in gate-defined graphene superlattices
arxiv Representation Theory Tame cuspidal representations in non-defining characteristics
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Sinusoidal-gust generation with a pitching and plunging airfoil
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Topological surface states above the Fermi energy in $\textrm{Hf}_{2}\textrm{Te}_2\textrm{P}$
arxiv Biological Physics Limitations in Predicting Radiation-Induced Pharmaceutical Instability during Long-Duration Spaceflight
arxiv Differential Geometry Isometric Immersions and the Waving of Flags
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing ELIMINATION from Design to Analysis
arxiv Signal Processing Area Optimization with Non-linear Models in Core Mapping for System-on-Chips
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Tracking in Urban Traffic Scenes from Background Subtraction and Object Detection
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Fractal structure in Yang-Mills fields and non extensivity
arxiv Signal Processing Secure Beamforming Design in Relay-Assisted Internet of Things
arxiv Signal Processing Classification of Perceived Human Stress using Physiological Signals
arxiv Databases Schema-agnostic Progressive Entity Resolution (extended version)
arxiv Signal Processing Visualizations for Understanding SoC Behaviour
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On the Finite Time Blowup of the De Gregorio Model for the 3D Euler Equation
arxiv Robotics MAVBench: Micro Aerial Vehicle Benchmarking
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Polyfractal driving for engineering Hamiltonians and symmetries
arxiv Software Engineering Predicting Breakdowns in Cloud Services (with SPIKE)
arxiv Methodology The Statistical Finite Element Method
arxiv Superconductivity Optical control of the current-voltage relation in stacked superconductors
arxiv Machine Learning IPC: A Benchmark Data Set for Learning with Graph-Structured Data
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Tight Kernel Query Complexity of Kernel Ridge Regression and Kernel $k$-means Clustering
arxiv Numerical Analysis Finite element discretizations of nonlocal minimal graphs: convergence
arxiv Cryptography and Security Machine Learning-Based Delay-Aware UAV Detection and Operation Mode Identification over Encrypted Wi-Fi Traffic
arxiv Databases End-to-End Entity Resolution for Big Data: A Survey
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Study on CePtIn4 grown in a platelet-like morphology
arxiv Plasma Physics Laser frequency upconversion in plasmas with finite ionization rates
arxiv Methodology mRSC: Multi-dimensional Robust Synthetic Control
arxiv Computation and Language Correlating neural and symbolic representations of language
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Improved Safe Real-time Heuristic Search
arxiv Social and Information Networks InfoRest: Restricting Privacy Leakage to Online Social Network App
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Status of the GBAR experiment at CERN
arxiv Quantum Physics Extending the Quantum Coherence of a Near-Surface Qubit by Coherently Driving the Paramagnetic Surface Environment
arxiv Probability Transfer Entropy in Continuous Time
arxiv Computation and Language Controlled CNN-based Sequence Labeling for Aspect Extraction
arxiv Logic Smooth parameterizations of power-subanalytic sets and compositions of Gevrey functions
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Action Growth of Dyonic Black Holes and Electromagnetic Duality
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Low X-Ray Luminosity Galaxy Clusters. IV. SDSS galaxy clusters at z < 0.2
arxiv Applications Compound Dirichlet Processes
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Inclusive and differential W and Z at CMS and ATLAS
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Knowledge-based multi-level aggregation for decision aid in the machining industry
arxiv Complex Variables On the local and boundary behavior of mappings on factor-spaces
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies An Ultra diffuse Galaxy in the NGC 5846 group from the VEGAS survey
arxiv Optics Generation of Poincaré beams due to unfolding of fractional optical vortex beams and associated Geometric phase
arxiv Computers and Society Ethically Aligned Design: An empirical evaluation of the RESOLVEDD-strategy in Software and Systems development context
arxiv Quantum Gases Dipolar polaritons squeezed at unitarity
arxiv Dynamical Systems Asymptotic stability of robust heteroclinic networks
arxiv Systems and Control A Distributed Privacy-preserving Incremental Update Algorithm for Probability Distribution of Wind Power Forecast Error
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Quantifiability: Concurrent Correctness from First Principles
arxiv Numerical Analysis On the monotonicity and discrete maximum principle of the finite difference implementation of $C^0$-$Q^2$ finite element method
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena All at once: transient pulsations, spin down and a glitch from the Pulsating Ultraluminous X-ray Source M82 X-2
arxiv Machine Learning Meta reinforcement learning as task inference
arxiv Databases An Empirical Analysis of Deep Learning for Cardinality Estimation
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Irreversible aspects of nanoscale friction
arxiv Dynamical Systems Simultaneous occurrence of sliding and crossing limit cycles in piecewise linear planar vector fields
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Impact of Electrostatic Doping Level On Dissipative Carrier Transport In GNR TFET Devices
arxiv Physics and Society Impact of Network Topology on the Stability of DC Power Grids
arxiv Plasma Physics Thomson microwave scattering for electron number density diagnostics of miniature plasmas at low pressure
arxiv Machine Learning Classification via an Embedded Approach
arxiv Geometric Topology Legendrian Rack Invariants of Legendrian Knots
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Sharp ill-posedness and well-posedness results for dissipative KdV equations on the real line
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Intense CIV and HeII Emission in z~0 Galaxies
arxiv Machine Learning Dynamic Neural Network Channel Execution for Efficient Training
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Weak endpoint bounds for matrix weights
arxiv Software Engineering Specifying and Reasoning about Contextual Preferences in the Goal-oriented Requirements Modelling
arxiv Software Engineering Towards Measuring the Adaptability of an AO4BPEL Process
arxiv Atomic Physics A Scalable Quantum Computing Platform Using Symmetric-Top Molecules
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Discovery of a White Dwarf Companion to HD 159062
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Tangential approximation of analytic sets
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Fluorescence Image Histology Pattern Transformation using Image Style Transfer
arxiv Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability On the Automatic Parameter Selection for Permutation Entropy
arxiv Quantum Physics Quantum Non-demolition Measurement of a Many-Body Hamiltonian
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Using Acoustic Perturbations to Dynamically Tune Shear Thickening in Colloidal Suspensions
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Crack formation and self-closing in shrinkable, granular packings
arxiv Number Theory Strong Pseudo Primes to Base 2
arxiv Functional Analysis The Natural Greedy Algorithm for reduced bases in Banach spaces
arxiv Multiagent Systems An Online Pricing Mechanism for Electric Vehicle Parking Assignment and Charge Scheduling
arxiv Number Theory D-finiteness, rationality, and height
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Voltage gated inter-cation selective ion channels from graphene nanopores
arxiv Information Retrieval Revenue, Relevance, Arbitrage and More: Joint Optimization Framework for Search Experiences in Two-Sided Marketplaces
arxiv Quantum Physics Towards a Spectroscopic Protocol for Unambiguous Detection of Quantum Coherence in Excitonic Energy Transport
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Cosmic Shear Covariance Matrix in $w$CDM: Cosmology Matters
arxiv Machine Learning On Norm-Agnostic Robustness of Adversarial Training
arxiv Complex Variables Infinitesimal symmetries of weakly pseudoconvex manifolds
arxiv Social and Information Networks An interdisciplinary survey of network similarity methods
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Relaxed 2-D Principal Component Analysis by $L_p$ Norm for Face Recognition
arxiv Combinatorics Eulerian Properties of Design Hypergraphs and Hypergraphs with Small Edge Cuts
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Autonomous Membership Service for Enclave Applications
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics PhoSim-NIRCam: Photon-by-photon image simulations of the James Webb Space Telescope's Near-Infrared Camera
arxiv Computers and Society Data Markets to support AI for All: Pricing, Valuation and Governance
arxiv Computers and Society Why do you take that route?
arxiv Computers and Society Streetscape augmentation using generative adversarial networks: insights related to health and wellbeing
arxiv Computers and Society Modelling urban networks using Variational Autoencoders
arxiv Machine Learning Exploration-Exploitation Trade-off in Reinforcement Learning on Online Markov Decision Processes with Global Concave Rewards
arxiv Statistics Theory Moment-based Estimation of Mixtures of Regression Models
arxiv Systems and Control An Online Admission Control Mechanism for Electric Vehicles at Public Parking Infrastructures
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Doping induced Mott collapse and the density wave instabilities in (Sr$_{1-x}$La$_x$)$_3$Ir$_2$O$_7$
arxiv High Energy Physics - Lattice Nucleon--Pion States from 2+1+1-flavor Lattice QCD at Physical Pion Mass
arxiv Robotics Synthesis of Provably Correct Autonomy Protocols for Shared Control
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Critical point in a holographic defect field theory
arxiv Dynamical Systems Attractors and Attracting Neighborhoods for Multiflows
arxiv Image and Video Processing Optimizing MRF-ASL Scan Design for Precise Quantification of Brain Hemodynamics using Neural Network Regression
arxiv Optics Accurate metasurface synthesis incorporating near-field coupling effects
arxiv Optimization and Control Stop-and-Go Suppression in Two-Class Congested Traffic
arxiv Representation Theory Semi-infinite cohomology and the linkage principle for $W$-algebras
arxiv Quantum Gases Observing topological charges and dynamical bulk-surface correspondence with ultracold atoms
arxiv Information Theory Efficient Scheduling for the Massive Random Access Gaussian Channel
arxiv Databases The CEDAR Workbench: An Ontology-Assisted Environment for Authoring Metadata that Describe Scientific Experiments
arxiv Algebraic Geometry On the extension of holomorphic sections from reduced unions of strata of divisors
arxiv Information Retrieval Deep Session Interest Network for Click-Through Rate Prediction
arxiv Combinatorics Occurrence of distances in vector spaces over prime fields
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Semi-supervised learning based on generative adversarial network: a comparison between good GAN and bad GAN approach
arxiv Theoretical Economics Parallel Search for Information
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Distribuation of CM points of an infinite series of complete Calabi-Yau moduli spaces
arxiv Combinatorics Spectra of random regular hypergraphs
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Thermal Hall conductance and a relative topological invariant of gapped two-dimensional systems
arxiv Trading and Market Microstructure Interdependence of sectors of economic activities for world countries from the reduced Google matrix analysis of WTO data
arxiv Algebraic Geometry On the deformation rigidity of smooth projective symmetric varieties with Picard number one
arxiv Methodology Non-Asymptotic Inference in a Class of Optimization Problems
arxiv Cryptography and Security Speeding Up Elliptic Curve Multiplication with Mixed-base Representation for Applications to SIDH Ciphers
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Maximum principles and monotonicity of solutions for fractional p-equations in unbounded domains
arxiv Machine Learning Data Poisoning Attacks on Stochastic Bandits
arxiv Programming Languages Loop Summarization with Rational Vector Addition Systems (extended version)
arxiv Robotics Trajectory Generation for Underactuated Multirotor Vehicles with Tilted Propellers via a Flatness-based Method
arxiv Optics Large enhancement of the effective second-order nonlinearity in graphene metasurfaces
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Investigating Channel Pruning through Structural Redundancy Reduction - A Statistical Study
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Bimodal Stereo: Joint Shape and Pose Estimation from Color-Depth Image Pair
arxiv Multimedia EVSO: Environment-aware Video Streaming Optimization of Power Consumption
arxiv Computation The Kernel Interaction Trick: Fast Bayesian Discovery of Pairwise Interactions in High Dimensions
arxiv Quantum Physics Nonreciprocal photon blockade in a two-mode cavity with a second-order nonlinearity
arxiv Computational Complexity Parameterized Inapproximability of Exact Cover and Nearest Codeword
arxiv Systems and Control Principles of lossless adjustable one-ports
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning Robust 3D Face Reconstruction and Discriminative Identity Representation
arxiv Number Theory Farkas' identities with quartic characters
arxiv Optimization and Control The Search direction Correction makes first-order methods faster
arxiv Superconductivity Enhanced Superconductivity in Monolayer $T_d$-MoTe$_2$ with Tilted Ising Spin Texture
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition TRk-CNN: Transferable Ranking-CNN for image classification of glaucoma, glaucoma suspect, and normal eyes
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Efficiency limits of the three-sphere swimmer
arxiv General Topology Dualizable link homology
arxiv Computation and Language Incorporating Sememes into Chinese Definition Modeling
arxiv Information Theory An Unified Approach on Constructing of MDS Self-dual Codes via Reed-Solomon Codes
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition ReshapeGAN: Object Reshaping by Providing A Single Reference Image
arxiv Genomics ncRNA Classification with Graph Convolutional Networks
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory On The Behavior Of Gravitational Force At Small Scales
arxiv Machine Learning Additive Adversarial Learning for Unbiased Authentication
arxiv Systems and Control Efficient hinging hyperplanes neural network and its application in nonlinear system identification
arxiv Logic The Constituents of Sets, Numbers, and Other Mathematical Objects, Part Two
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Blockchain Goes Green? An Analysis of Blockchain on Low-Power Nodes
arxiv General Topology Gelfand-Naimark-Stone duality for normal spaces and insertion theorems
arxiv Differential Geometry Filling metric spaces
arxiv Quantum Physics Measurements of the branching ratios for $6P_{1/2}$ decays in $^{138}$Ba$^+$
arxiv Superconductivity Superconductivity in Uncollapsed Tetragonal LaFe2As2
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Search for stabilizing effects of $\bm{Z=82}$ shell closure against fission
arxiv Machine Learning Joint Learning of Neural Networks via Iterative Reweighted Least Squares
arxiv Machine Learning Meta Reinforcement Learning with Task Embedding and Shared Policy
arxiv Image and Video Processing Structure Label Prediction Using Similarity-Based Retrieval and Weakly-Supervised Label Mapping
arxiv Robotics Implementation 2D EKF-Based Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping for Mobile Robot
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics The Pressure and Temperature Limits of Likely Rocky Exoplanets
arxiv Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Data Processing Protocol for Regression of Geothermal Times Series with Uneven Intervals
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Incomplete equilibration in high-multiplicity pp and pPb events at LHC
arxiv Computation and Language Articulatory and bottleneck features for speaker-independent ASR of dysarthric speech
arxiv Populations and Evolution Getting a head start: the slime mold, Physarum polycephalum, tune foraging decision to motivational asymmetry when faced with competition
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Tunable Correlated Chern Insulator and Ferromagnetism in Trilayer Graphene/Boron Nitride Moiré Superlattice
arxiv General Economics Improving Regression-based Event Study Analysis Using a Topological Machine-learning Method
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition FH-GAN: Face Hallucination and Recognition using Generative Adversarial Network
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies On the Origin of the Dramatic Spectral Variability of WPVS 007
arxiv Dynamical Systems Two-Stroke Relaxation Oscillators
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A Non-Intrusive Method of Face Liveness Detection Using Specular Reflection and Local Binary Patterns
arxiv Biological Physics The living state: how cellular excitability is controlled by the thermodynamic state of the membrane
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Effective Field Theory after a New-Physics Discovery
arxiv Programming Languages Extending OCaml's 'open'
arxiv Programming Languages Effects Without Monads: Non-determinism -- Back to the Meta Language
arxiv Programming Languages Direct Interpretation of Functional Programs for Debugging
arxiv Programming Languages First-Class Subtypes
arxiv Biological Physics Deep-learning-assisted detection and termination of spiral- and broken-spiral waves in mathematical models for cardiac tissue
arxiv Mathematical Physics $\cal N$-Extension of duble-graded supersymmetric and superconformal quantum mechanics
arxiv Machine Learning TapNet: Neural Network Augmented with Task-Adaptive Projection for Few-Shot Learning
arxiv Systems and Control Graphical Models in Loopy Distribution Grids: Topology estimation, change detection and limitation
arxiv Chemical Physics Revisiting $π$ Backbonding: The Influence of $d$ Orbitals on Metal-CO Bonds and Ligand Red Shifts
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Stability criteria for second order linear ordinary differential equations
arxiv Optimization and Control Variable smoothing for convex optimization problems using stochastic gradients
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Controllability of the one-dimensional fractional heat equation under positivity constraints
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Theta Functions and Adiabatic Curvature on a Torus
arxiv Complex Variables Holomorphic approximation via Dolbeault cohomology
arxiv Combinatorics Signless Laplacian spectral radius and fractional matchings in graphs
arxiv Complex Variables Holomorphic approximation and mixed boundary value problems for $\partial$
arxiv Optics Effective-medium-cladded dielectric waveguides for terahertz communications
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Dust absorption and scattering in the silicon K-edge
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Total probability for fermion production in a magnetic field in de Sitter universe
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Building an Effective Intrusion Detection System using Unsupervised Feature Selection in Multi-objective Optimization Framework
arxiv Dynamical Systems M{ö}bius orthogonality in density for zero entropy dynamical systems
arxiv Probability Playing with ghosts in a Dynkin game
arxiv Combinatorics Kirchhoff index, multiplicative degree-Kirchhoff index and spanning trees of the linear crossed polyomino chains
arxiv Computation and Language HIBERT: Document Level Pre-training of Hierarchical Bidirectional Transformers for Document Summarization
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Deep Reference Generation with Multi-Domain Hierarchical Constraints for Inter Prediction
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Quality-based Pulse Estimation from NIR Face Video with Application to Driver Monitoring
arxiv Group Theory Association schemes for diagonal groups
arxiv Geometric Topology A note on chirally cosmetic surgery on cable knots
arxiv Optimization and Control Rank-one convexity implies quasiconvexity for two-component maps
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Search with $^{76}$Ge: Status and Prospect with LEGEND
arxiv Applied Physics 3D Nanoporous Antennas as a platform for high sensitivity IR plasmonic sensing
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Optical Photometric Variable Stars towards Cygnus OB7
arxiv Quantum Physics Discrete-time quantum walk algorithm for ranking nodes on a network
arxiv Machine Learning STAR: A Concise Deep Learning Framework for Citywide Human Mobility Prediction
arxiv Optimization and Control A tutorial on Zero-sum Stochastic Games
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Application of Onsager Machlup integral in solving dynamic equations in non-equilibrium systems
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology $TeV$-Scale Resonant Leptogenesis with New Scaling Ansatz on Neutrino Dirac Mass Matrix from $A_4$ Flavor Symmetry
arxiv Representation Theory Local Finiteness of the Twisted Bruhat Orders on Affine Weyl Groups
arxiv Physics and Society Control complexity: Diversity of structural controllability of complex networks with given degree sequence
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Moebius automorphisms of surfaces with many circles
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Non-perturbative de Sitter vacua via $α'$ corrections
arxiv Statistics Theory Adaptive estimation in the linear random coefficients model when regressors have limited variation
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Symmetry axes of Kerr-NUT-(A)dS spacetimes
arxiv Machine Learning On Conditioning GANs to Hierarchical Ontologies
arxiv Quantum Gases Dynamic response of spin-2 bosons in one-dimensional optical lattices
arxiv Optimization and Control General divergent stability conditions of dynamic systems
arxiv Information Retrieval Recent Advances in Diversified Recommendation
arxiv Quantum Physics Symmetry in a space of conceptual variables
arxiv Spectral Theory Efficiency and localisation for the first Dirichlet eigenfunction
arxiv Quantum Physics An epistemic interpretation and foundation of quantum theory
arxiv Numerical Analysis On the stability of a loosely-coupled scheme based on a Robin interface condition for fluid-structure interaction
arxiv Materials Science Tuning the work function of graphene toward application as anode and cathode
arxiv Combinatorics Trees whose even-degree vertices induce a path are antimagic
arxiv Computation and Language Joint Source-Target Self Attention with Locality Constraints
arxiv Machine Learning A Simple Dual-decoder Model for Generating Response with Sentiment
arxiv Machine Learning MoGlow: Probabilistic and controllable motion synthesis using normalising flows
arxiv Optimization and Control Rolling Optimization of Mobile Energy Storage Fleets for Resilient Service Restoration
arxiv Information Theory An Information Theoretic Interpretation to Deep Neural Networks
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Measuring Higgs self couplings in the presence of VVH and VVHH at the ILC
arxiv Optimization and Control Emergence of Exploitation as Symmetry Breaking in Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
arxiv Quantum Physics A Brief Review of the "ETH-Approach to Quantum Mechanics"
arxiv Software Engineering Making Agile Development Processes fit for V-style Certification Procedures
arxiv Optimization and Control Output Feedback Control for Irregular LQ Problem
arxiv Superconductivity Pressure-induced quantum critical point in a heavily hydrogen-doped iron-based superconductor LaFeAsO
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Heavy resonances (W', Z', jets) in ATLAS and CMS in Run 2
arxiv Quantum Physics Modulating quantum Fisher information of qubit in dissipative cavity by coupling strength
arxiv Computational Physics AlphaTwirl: A Python library for summarizing event data into multivariate categorical data
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Vector hidden-bottom tetraquark candidate: $Y(10750)$
arxiv K-Theory and Homology Hyperdescent and etale K-theory
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Slow-roll versus stochastic slow-roll
arxiv Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics The impact of stochastic physics on climate sensitivity in EC-Earth
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Search for the lepton-flavour-violating decays $B^{0}_{s}\toτ^{\pm}μ^{\mp}$ and $B^{0}\toτ^{\pm}μ^{\mp}$
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Gravitational Lensing in presence of Plasma: Strong Lens Systems, Black Hole Lensing and Shadow
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Electrical control of spins and giant g-factors in ring-like coupled quantum dots
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Quest for the tertiary component in Cyg OB2 #5
arxiv Social and Information Networks On the Fairness of Time-Critical Influence Maximization in Social Networks
arxiv Representation Theory From the potential to the first Hochschild cohomology group of a cluster tilted algebra
arxiv Computational Physics A multi-physics methodology for four-states of matter
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Origin and Evolution of the Multi-band Variability in the Flat Spectrum Radio Source 4C 38.41
arxiv Nuclear Theory Quantitative description of the $^{20}$Ne($p$,$pα$)$^{16}$O cross section for probing the surface $α$ amplitude
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Resolving the Innermost Geometry of Relativistic Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei
arxiv Quantum Physics Discord and entanglement in non-Markovian environments at finite temperature
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing MAIA: A Microservices-based Architecture for Industrial Data Analytics
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Two-sided profile-based optimality in the stable marriage problem
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Reasoning about Cognitive Trust in Stochastic Multiagent Systems
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Tunable Electronic, Optical and Transport Properties of Two Dimensional GaS Doped with Group II and Group IVa Elements
arxiv Computational Physics A multi-prediction implicit scheme for steady state solutions of gas flow in all flow regimes
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Detecting the General Relativistic Orbital Precession of the Exoplanet HD 80606b
arxiv Quantum Physics Deterministic transformations of three-qubit entangled pure states
arxiv Algebraic Geometry The direct image of generalized divisors and the Norm map between compactified Jacobians
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Driving an electrolyte through a corrugated nanopore
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena The TeV-emitting radio galaxy 3C 264. VLBI kinematics and SED modeling
arxiv Machine Learning Parsimonious Black-Box Adversarial Attacks via Efficient Combinatorial Optimization
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Heterogeneous Parallel Genetic Algorithm Paradigm
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Phase space analysis of quantum transport in graphene
arxiv Computation and Language Latent Universal Task-Specific BERT
arxiv Nuclear Theory Disentangling the pair and quartet condensates
arxiv Chemical Physics Reactivity of hydrated hydroxide anion cluster OH(H$_{2}$O)$_{n}^{-}$ with H and Rb: an ab initio study
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Edge-Assisted Hierarchical Federated Learning with Non-IID Data
arxiv Machine Learning The Incomplete Rosetta Stone Problem: Identifiability Results for Multi-View Nonlinear ICA
arxiv Computation and Language Machine Learning based English Sentiment Analysis
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics More current with less particles due to power-law hopping
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics The dynamics of the outer edge of Saturn's A ring perturbed by the satellites Janus and Epimetheus
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology BSM WW production with a jet veto
arxiv Computation and Language Using Entity Relations for Opinion Mining of Vietnamese Comments
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Remove Cosine Window from Correlation Filter-based Visual Trackers: When and How
arxiv Computation and Language What do Entity-Centric Models Learn? Insights from Entity Linking in Multi-Party Dialogue
arxiv Multimedia Reactive Video Caching via long-short-term fusion approach
arxiv Materials Science Excitonic magneto-optics in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides: From nanoribbons to two-dimensional response
arxiv Functional Analysis A Beurling Theorem for almost-invariant subspaces of the shift operator
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Robust Real-time Pedestrian Detection in Aerial Imagery on Jetson TX2
arxiv Accelerator Physics OPAL a Versatile Tool for Charged Particle Accelerator Simulations
arxiv Computation and Language Effective Sentence Scoring Method using Bidirectional Language Model for Speech Recognition
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition One-Shot Texture Retrieval with Global Context Metric
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Random discretization of O'Hara knot energy
arxiv Robotics Vision-based Robotic Grasping from Object Localization, Pose Estimation, Grasp Detection to Motion Planning: A Review
arxiv Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems Inverse Hasimoto Map and Deformed Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Beyond self-acceleration: force- and fluid-acceleration
arxiv Statistics Theory When random initializations help: a study of variational inference for community detection
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Amplitude analysis of the $B_{(s)} \to K^{*0} \overline{K}^{*0}$ decays and measurement of the branching fraction of the $B \to K^{*0} \overline{K}^{*0}$ decay
arxiv Probability Asymptotics of the overflow in urn models
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Energy deposition on nuclear emulsion by slow recoil ions for directional dark matter searches
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Hadroproduction of open heavy flavour for PDF analyses
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Distinct fingerprints of charge density waves and electronic standing waves in ZrTe$_3$
arxiv Signal Processing Low-Complexity OFDM Spectral Precoding
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Bisimulation Invariant Monadic-Second Order Logic in the Finite
arxiv Combinatorics On planar Cayley graphs and Kleinian groups
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Monte-Carlo sensitivity study for sterile neutrino search with $^{144}$Ce - $^{144}$Pr source and liquid scintillation detectors of various geometries
arxiv Algebraic Topology 2-Segal objects and algebras in spans
arxiv Materials Science Dramatic effects of vacancies on phonon lifetime and thermal conductivity in graphene
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Conformal Bootstrap in dS/CFT and Topological Quantum Gravity
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Spectrum and fraction of cosmic ray positrons: results of the anomalous diffusion approach
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology On the validity of Strong Cosmic Censorship Conjecture in presence of Dirac fields
arxiv Operator Algebras Embedding Semigroup $C^*$-algebras into Inductive Limits
arxiv Quantum Gases Quench dynamics of two component dipolar Fermions in a Quasiperiodic potential
arxiv Combinatorics Covers, orientations and factors
arxiv Information Theory Optimal Status Updating with a Finite-Battery Energy Harvesting Source
arxiv Computation Finding our Way in the Dark: Approximate MCMC for Approximate Bayesian Methods
arxiv Signal Processing A low-complexity WMMSE algorithm for power allocation in multicarrier NOMA-FD systems
arxiv Numerical Analysis On the Convergence of Adaptive Iterative Linearized Galerkin Methods
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Uneven illumination surface defects inspection based on convolutional neural network
arxiv Machine Learning Formal derivation of Mesh Neural Networks with their Forward-Only gradient Propagation
arxiv Cryptography and Security Efficient Attack Correlation and Identification of Attack Scenarios based on Network-Motifs
arxiv Information Theory On ZpZp[u, v]-additive cyclic and constacyclic codes
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Bound states for logarithmic Schrodinger equations with potentials unbounded below
arxiv Statistical Mechanics The low-temperature phase in the two-dimensional long-range diluted XY model
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Spectra of protons and nuclei in the energy range of ${10^{10}\div10^{20}}$ eV in the framework of Galactic cosmic ray origin
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Recent VLBI Results on SN 1986J and the Possibility of FRBs Originating from Inside the Expanding Ejecta of Supernovae
arxiv Quantum Gases A quasiclassical method for calculating the density of states of ultracold collision complexes
arxiv Combinatorics Antichain generating polynomials of posets
arxiv Superconductivity A Perspective on Conventional High-Temperature Superconductors at High Pressure: Methods and Materials
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Satellite monitoring of atmospheric temperature profiles and cloud cover over the Yakutsk EAS array and the TAIGA observatory
arxiv Applied Physics Anisotropic gradient driven domain wall motion in antiferromagnets
arxiv Optics Reconfigurable continuous-zoom metalens in visible
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Consistent treatment of charm production in higher-orders at tree-level within $k_T$-factorization approach
arxiv Algebraic Topology The circle action on topological Hochschild homology of complex cobordism and the Brown-Peterson spectrum
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Origin of hardening and universality of cosmic rays spectra in GV-PV rigidity region
arxiv Image and Video Processing Real-time 3D reconstruction of complex scenes using single-photon lidar: when image processing meets computer graphics
arxiv Number Theory Fields of dimension one algebraic over a global or local field need not be of type $(C_{1})$
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Stable exponential cosmological solutions with three factor spaces in $(1+ 3 + 3 +k)$-dimensional Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet model with a $Λ$-term
arxiv Signal Processing Dynamics of Quadrotor UAVs for Aerial Networks: An Energy Perspective
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Economic Viability of Data Trading with Rollover
arxiv General Physics Equivalence of the Gravitational Three-Body Problem and a Modified Schrödinger Equation Along Resonance Orbits
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Efficiently Generating Geometric Inhomogeneous and Hyperbolic Random Graphs
arxiv Machine Learning Inferring Javascript types using Graph Neural Networks
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Entanglement Entropy from String Field Theory (and a Higher-Spin Example)
arxiv Cryptography and Security Towards a Security Baseline for IaaS-Cloud Back-Ends in Industry 4.0
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Finite quotients of powers of an elliptic curve
arxiv Cryptography and Security On the Cost of Cyber Security in Smart Business
arxiv Robotics Autonomous Vehicle Control: End-to-end Learning in Simulated Urban Environments
arxiv Functional Analysis A note on the surjectivity of operators on vector bundles over discrete spaces
arxiv Materials Science Phase composition and transformations in magnetron-sputtered (Al,V)2O3 coatings
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Homegrown Governments: Visualizing Regional Governance in the United States
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction A Method to Discover Digital Collaborative Conversations in Business Collaborations
arxiv Software Engineering Multi Web Audio Sequencer: Collaborative Music Making
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Hot UV-bright stars of galactic globular clusters
arxiv Operator Algebras On Noncommutative Joinings
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Visual Analytics of Anomalous User Behaviors: A Survey
arxiv General Finance Unconventional Exchange: Methods for Statistical Analysis of Virtual Goods
arxiv General Finance The professional trader's paradox
arxiv Machine Learning Deep Compressed Sensing
arxiv Combinatorics On The Double Roman bondage numbers of Graphs
arxiv Operator Algebras Noncommutative Joinings II
arxiv Quantum Physics Sequential random access codes and self-testing of quantum instruments
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Plasmons in two-dimensional lattices of near-field coupled nanoparticles
arxiv Quantum Physics Implementing perceptron models with qubits
arxiv Operator Algebras The Modular Symmetry of Markov Maps
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Influence of clamp-widening on the quality factor of nanomechanical silicon nitride resonators
arxiv Machine Learning BrainTorrent: A Peer-to-Peer Environment for Decentralized Federated Learning
arxiv Software Engineering A Compositional Approach for Reliable Adaptation of Track-based Traffic Control Systems at Runtime
arxiv General Finance Options to Receive Employment Gratuity
arxiv Software Engineering Generating Pairwise Combinatorial Interaction Test Suites Using Single Objective Dragonfly Optimisation Algorithm
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Translational anomaly of chiral fermions in two dimensions
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics K2 rotation periods for low-mass Hyads and a quantitative comparison of the distribution of slow rotators in the Hyades and Praesepe
arxiv Computational Physics Excited states with selected CI-QMC: chemically accurate excitation energies and geometries
arxiv Optimization and Control Inexact Newton Methods for Stochastic Non-Convex Optimization with Applications to Neural Network Training
arxiv Materials Science Thickness-dependent electron momentum relaxation times in thin iron films
arxiv Optics Beamed UV sonoluminescence by aspherical air bubble collapse near liquid-metal microparticles
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition RGB-T Image Saliency Detection via Collaborative Graph Learning
arxiv Analysis of PDEs A second order gradient flow of p-elastic planar networks
arxiv Quantum Physics Exact relaxation dynamics and quantum information scrambling in multiply quenched harmonic chains
arxiv Signal Processing Forecasting Wireless Demand with Extreme Values using Feature Embedding in Gaussian Processes
arxiv Numerical Analysis Padé-type approximations to the resolvent of fractional powers of operators
arxiv Software Engineering A Road to Bio-inspired Software Engineering
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Inductive Guided Filter: Real-time Deep Image Matting with Weakly Annotated Masks on Mobile Devices
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Three-dimensional topological magnon systems
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Stroke extraction for offline handwritten mathematical expression recognition
arxiv Machine Learning Random Expert Distillation: Imitation Learning via Expert Policy Support Estimation
arxiv Numerical Analysis Computing homogenized coefficients via multiscale representation and hierarchical hybrid grids
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Average shape of longitudinal shower profiles measured at the Pierre Auger Observatory
arxiv Combinatorics Wiener Index and Remoteness in Triangulations and Quadrangulations
arxiv General Physics The Schrödinger Equation Describes a Particular Quantum Geometry
arxiv Quantum Physics Mode-Dependent Loss Model for Multimode Photon-Subtracted States
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Protocol for a resonantly-driven three-qubit Toffoli gate with silicon spin qubits
arxiv Probability Joint scaling limit of site percolation on random triangulations in the metric and peanosphere sense
arxiv Algebraic Topology Defect of Euclidean distance degree
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Coherent and incoherent vector meson electroproduction in the future electron - ion colliders: the hot - spot predictions
arxiv Databases Persistent Buffer Management with Optimistic Consistency
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Signatures for spinons in the quantum spin liquid candidate Ca$_{10}$Cr$_7$O$_{28}$
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Smartphone app with usage of AR technologies - SolAR System
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics ALMA detection of dark chromospheric holes in the quiet Sun
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning Visually Consistent Label Embeddings for Zero-Shot Learning
arxiv Quantum Physics Optimal distributed sensing in noisy environments
arxiv Quantum Physics No-cloning implies unalterability of the past
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Extension of the HCOOH and CO2 solid-state reaction network during the CO freeze-out stage: inclusion of H2CO
arxiv Software Engineering A New Hierarchical Software Architecture Towards Safety-Critical Aspects of a Drone System
arxiv General Physics An extension of the linear theory of isothermal sound propagation in an aerosol
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Osculating Versus Intersecting Circles in Space-Based Microlens Parallax Degeneracies
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Sherman's inequality and its converse for strongly convex functions with applications to generalized f-divergences
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Direct visualization of dynamic magnetic coupling in a Co/Py double layer with ps and nm resolution
arxiv Systems and Control Input Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification for Improving Volatile Residential Load Forecasting
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Richlt Activated Graph Convolutional Network for Action Recognition with Incomplete Skeletons
arxiv Nuclear Theory The onset of $ΛΛ$ hypernuclear binding
arxiv Materials Science Dimensional crossover and topological nature of the thin films of a three-dimensional topological insulator by band gap engineering
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Towards Comparing Programming Paradigms
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Global attractors and their upper semicontinuity for a structural damped wave equation with supercritical nonlinearity on $\mathbb{R}^{N}$
arxiv Functional Analysis On the harmonic extension approach to fractional powers in Banach spaces
arxiv Superconductivity Functional Form of the Superconducting Critical Temperature from Machine Learning
arxiv Differential Geometry Improved Beckner-Sobolev inequalities on Kähler manifolds
arxiv Software Engineering Identifying collaborators in large codebases
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Time-Energy Tradeoffs for Evacuation by Two Robots in the Wireless Model
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Harvesting Information from Captions for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Four Lectures on Closed String Field Theory
arxiv Optimization and Control Boundary control of partial differential equations using frequency domain optimization techniques
arxiv Dynamical Systems Generical behavior of flows strongly monotone with respect to high-rank cones
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Controlling secondary flow in Taylor-Couette turbulence through spanwise-varying roughness
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Phase behavior of flexible and semiflexible polymers in solvents of varying quality
arxiv General Physics Cosmological singularity as an informational seed for Everything
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Almost Unsupervised Text to Speech and Automatic Speech Recognition
arxiv Classical Physics Serrodyne frequency translation using time-modulated metasurfaces
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Distributions with Decay and Restriction Problems
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Ultra-compact photodetection in atomically thin MoSe$_2$
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Dark sector evolution in Horndeski models
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Non-equilibrium probability flux of a thermally driven micromachine
arxiv Optimization and Control Cutting plane oracles for non-smooth trust-regions
arxiv General Physics Boundary conditions in the variation of the EH action and unified description of quantum physics that includes gravitation
arxiv General Physics Extensions of the Schwarzschild solution into regions of non-zero energy density and pressure
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Nonclassical primordial gravitational waves from the initial entangled state
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Re-entrant motility induced phase separation in nematically aligning active polar particles
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing An Algebraic Approach to Fast Estimation of the Threshold Voltage of Junctionless Double Gate MOSFETs Using the Gram Schmidt Method
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Leverage eye-movement data for saliency modeling: Invariance Analysis and a Robust New Model
arxiv General Physics An idea of non-perturbative quantum field theory
arxiv General Physics Duality of field
arxiv General Physics Cosmological Constraints on Chiral Tensor Particles
arxiv General Physics Solar System and Atomic Stronger Bounds on Exotic Dyonic Matter and Non-associative Quantum Mechanics
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The Effect of Anisotropy on Holographic Entanglement Entropy and Mutual Information
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Occupancy Estimation Using Low-Cost Wi-Fi Sniffers
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Predicting Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt Mixture Using Data Obtained from Indirect Tension Mode of Testing
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Modern theory of hydraulic fracture modeling with using explicit and implicit schemes
arxiv Graphics Statistical Analysis and Modeling of the Geometry and Topology of Plant Roots
arxiv Combinatorics A Multiparametric Quon Algebra
arxiv Quantum Physics Experimental investigation of nonlocal advantage of quantum coherence
arxiv Probability Yang-Baxter random fields and stochastic vertex models
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Characteristics of extensive air showers around the energy threshold for ground-particle-based gamma-ray observatories
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Learning to Regress 3D Face Shape and Expression from an Image without 3D Supervision
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena A Search for High-Energy Counterparts to Fast Radio Bursts
arxiv Materials Science Outstanding strength, optical characteristics and thermal conductivity of graphene-like BC$_3$ and BC$_6$N semiconductors
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Dealing with Label Scarcity in Computational Pathology: A Use Case in Prostate Cancer Classification
arxiv Machine Learning Adaptive Sensor Placement for Continuous Spaces
arxiv Materials Science Quantifying the Plasmonic Character of Optical Excitations in a Molecular J-Aggregate
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Ricci Reheating
arxiv Probability Sample Paths Estimates for Stochastic Fast-Slow Systems driven by Fractional Brownian Motion
arxiv Hardware Architecture Fast TLB Simulation for RISC-V Systems
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics A chemical kinetics code for modelling exoplanetary atmospheres
arxiv Functional Analysis The Balian-Low theorem for locally compact abelian groups and vector bundles
arxiv Numerical Analysis Convergence of Heuristic Parameter Choice Rules for Convex Tikhonov Regularisation
arxiv Probability Stochastic precedence and minima among dependent variables. A study based on the multivariate conditional hazard rates
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Virtual classes of $\mathbb{G}_\text{m}$-gerbes
arxiv Computation and Language Towards Interlingua Neural Machine Translation
arxiv Logic Space and Time Complexity for ITTMs
arxiv Chemical Physics Towards the Efficient Local Tailored Coupled Cluster Approximation and the Peculiar Case of Oxo-Mn(Salen)
arxiv Complex Variables A complex analysis approach to Atangana-Baleanu fractional calculus
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Constraining a black hole companion for M87* through imaging by the Event Horizon Telescope
arxiv Machine Learning Stability of Linear Structural Equation Models of Causal Inference
arxiv Computation and Language Tracing cultural diachronic semantic shifts in Russian using word embeddings: test sets and baselines
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Pushing the Limits of the Coronagraphic Occulters on HST/STIS
arxiv Optimization and Control A numerical approach for solving fractional optimal control problems using modified hat functions
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Violation of the mean path length invariance property
arxiv Computational Physics Enforcing Statistical Constraints in Generative Adversarial Networks for Modeling Chaotic Dynamical Systems
arxiv General Physics On the dynamics of non-rigid asteroid rotation
arxiv Systems and Control Design and Experimental Validation of Tube-based MPC for Timed-constrained Robot Planning
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Reconfigurable Hardware Implementation of the Successive Overrelaxation Method
arxiv Machine Learning Bit-Swap: Recursive Bits-Back Coding for Lossless Compression with Hierarchical Latent Variables
arxiv Atomic Physics Trapping laser excitation during collisions limits the lifetime of ultracold molecules
arxiv Software Engineering Inferring Concise Specifications of APIs
arxiv Applied Physics Magnetization dynamics driven by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in the double-interface spin transfer torque magnetic tunnel junction
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Observations of Ultrafast Kelvin Wave Breaking in the Mars Thermosphere
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Improving strong scaling of the Conjugate Gradient method for solving large linear systems using global reduction pipelining
arxiv Image and Video Processing Domino successive-deviation ghost imaging
arxiv Cryptography and Security Blockchain-based Data Provenance for the Internet of Things
arxiv Cryptography and Security An Empirical Evaluation of Selfish Mining and Strategic Mining in Proof-of-Work Blockchain with Multiple Miners
arxiv Computational Physics Neutron Transmission Strain Tomography for Non-Constant Strain-Free Lattice Spacing
arxiv Populations and Evolution Identifying conversion efficiency as a key mechanism underlying food webs evolution: A step forward, or backward?
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Late time evolution of a nonminimally coupled scalar field system
arxiv Optimization and Control Application of support vector machine for the fast and accurate reconstruction of nanostructures in optical scatterometry
arxiv Numerical Analysis Simplicial splines for representation of density functions
arxiv Combinatorics Doubly transitive lines II: Almost simple symmetries
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Speaker-Independent Speech-Driven Visual Speech Synthesis using Domain-Adapted Acoustic Models
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Gauged Supergravity from the Lunin-Maldacena background
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena New Chandra observations of PG 1116+215 to investigate an extragalactic OVIII WHIM absorption line
arxiv Information Retrieval Modeling the Dynamics of User Preferences for Sequence-Aware Recommendation Using Hidden Markov Models
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Consistency of CMB experiments beyond cosmic variance
arxiv Functional Analysis On quantum Strassen's theorem
arxiv Materials Science Competition between canted antiferromagnetic and spin-polarized quantum Hall states at $ν$ = 0 in graphene on a ferrimagnetic insulator
arxiv Quantum Physics Manipulating photonic quantum states with long-range interactions
arxiv Logic Some computability-theoretic reductions between principles around $\mathsf{ATR}_0$
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics A Temporary Epoch of Stalled Spin-Down for Low-Mass Stars: Insights from NGC 6811 with Gaia and Kepler
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Spatial Statistics in Star Forming Regions: Testing the Limits of Randomness
arxiv Computers and Society Artificial intelligence technology in oncology: a new technological paradigm
arxiv Software Engineering Better Security Bug Report Classification via Hyperparameter Optimization
arxiv Computers and Society DAS3H: Modeling Student Learning and Forgetting for Optimally Scheduling Distributed Practice of Skills
arxiv Information Retrieval Behavior Sequence Transformer for E-commerce Recommendation in Alibaba
eartharxiv Physical Sciences and Mathematics Well-being loss: a comprehensive metric for household disaster resilience
arxiv Computers and Society A Clinical Approach to Training Effective Data Scientists
arxiv Computers and Society From What to How. An Overview of AI Ethics Tools, Methods and Research to Translate Principles into Practices
arxiv Medical Physics Transscleral Optical Phase Imaging of the Human Retina - TOPI
arxiv Quantum Physics Probing qubit memory errors at the part-per-million level
arxiv Numerical Analysis Multigrid-reduction-in-time for Eddy Current problems
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Demonstration of microwave multiplexed readout of DC biased superconducting nanowire detectors
arxiv Quantum Physics Practical figures of merit and thresholds for entanglement distribution in large-scale quantum repeater networks
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment First Results from ABRACADABRA-10cm: A Search for Low-Mass Axion Dark Matter
arxiv Artificial Intelligence TraceWalk: Semantic-based Process Graph Embedding for Consistency Checking
arxiv Materials Science Excitons in two-dimensional atomic layer materials from time-dependent density functional theory
arxiv Optimization and Control The dual Z-property for the Lorentz cone
arxiv Machine Learning AlgoNet: $C^\infty$ Smooth Algorithmic Neural Networks
arxiv Quantum Physics Probing Quantum Optical Excitations with Fast Electrons
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Study of Sunspot Penumbra to Umbra Area Ratio using Kodaikanal White-light Digitized Data
arxiv Optics Deep Learning Reveals Underlying Physics of Light-matter Interactions in Nanophotonic Devices
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Quantizing a solitonic string
arxiv Optimization and Control On the spherical quasi-convexity of quadratic functions on spherical self-dual convex sets
arxiv Rings and Algebras Group-twisted Alexander-Whitney and Eilenberg-Zilber maps
arxiv Machine Learning Leveraging exploration in off-policy algorithms via normalizing flows
arxiv Discrete Mathematics Fake news and rumors: a trigger for proliferation or fading away
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Switches in Eulerian graphs
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Target Set in Threshold Models
arxiv Optics Light propagation in inhomogeneous media, coupled quantum harmonic oscillators and phase transitions
arxiv Nuclear Theory Effect of in-medium $π$ and $η$ propagators to charge symmetry breaking interaction
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Norm Inequalities for the Fourier Coefficients of Some Almost Periodic Functions
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Derived Codebooks for High-Accuracy Nearest Neighbor Search
arxiv Superconductivity Coexistence of ferromagnetic fluctuations and superconductivity in the actinide superconductor UTe2
arxiv Image and Video Processing X2CT-GAN: Reconstructing CT from Biplanar X-Rays with Generative Adversarial Networks
arxiv Quantum Physics Magic State Distillation: Not as Costly as You Think
arxiv Numerical Analysis Rank-1 lattices and higher-order exponential splitting for the time-dependent Schrödinger equation
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The S-matrix Bootstrap IV: Multiple Amplitudes
arxiv Computation and Language Gated Convolutional Neural Networks for Domain Adaptation
arxiv Machine Learning Learning discriminative features in sequence training without requiring framewise labelled data
arxiv Superconductivity Unveiling the vortex glass phase in the surface and volume of a type-II superconductor
arxiv Superconductivity Crystal growth and characterization of the antiperovskite superconductor MgC1-xNi3-y
arxiv Quantum Gases The one-dimensional Bose-Fermi-Hubbard model in the limit of fast fermions
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing StashCache: A Distributed Caching Federation for the Open Science Grid
arxiv Quantum Physics Time-frequency encoded single-photon sources and broadband quantum memories based on a tunable one-dimensional atom
arxiv Machine Learning Deep Learning for Multi-Scale Changepoint Detection in Multivariate Time Series
arxiv Quantum Physics Placing Kirkman's Schoolgirls and Quantum Spin Pairs on the Fano Plane: A Rainbow of Four Primary Colors, A Harmony of Fifteen Tones
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Gas engaged in noncircular motions in LITTLE THINGS dwarf irregular galaxies
arxiv Machine Learning Fooling Computer Vision into Inferring the Wrong Body Mass Index
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Separating Structure from Noise in Large Graphs Using the Regularity Lemma
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Did we miss the "melting" of partons in pp collisions?
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Uniqueness of dissipative solutions to the complete Euler system
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory On the entanglement and complexity contours of excited states in the holographic CFT
arxiv Analysis of PDEs The compactness and the concentration compactness via $p$-capacity
arxiv Machine Learning On Variational Bounds of Mutual Information
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Error generation and propagation in Majorana-based topological qubits
arxiv Numerical Analysis Quasi-optimal mesh sequence construction through Smoothed Adaptive Finite Element Method
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory On unfolded off-shell formulation for higher-spin theory
arxiv Combinatorics Homotopy Type of Independence Complexes of Certain Families of Graphs
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Early Low-Mass Galaxies and Star-Cluster Candidates at z~6-9 Identified by the Gravitational Lensing Technique and Deep Optical/Near-Infrared Imaging
arxiv Quantum Physics Characterizing quantum states via sector lengths
arxiv Optics Arrays of optical tweezers based on 3D-printed microlens arrays
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology A factorization theorem connecting the light-cone distribution amplitudes of heavy-flavor mesons in QCD and HQET
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology On Geometry and Symmetries in Classical and Quantum Theories of Gauge Gravity
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Strong gravitational lensing by wormholes
arxiv Computation and Language Dynamically Fused Graph Network for Multi-hop Reasoning
arxiv Applied Physics Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue by ZnO/NiFe2O4 Nanoparticles
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Electron Densities and Nitrogen Abundances in Ionized Gas Derived Using [NII] Fine-structure and Hydrogen Recombination lines
arxiv Applied Physics Kinetic studies on using photocatalytic coatings for removal of indoor volatile organic compounds
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Monocular Plan View Networks for Autonomous Driving
arxiv Applied Physics Chemical vapor deposition of hexagonal boron nitride and its use in electronic devices
arxiv Computation and Language The Materials Science Procedural Text Corpus: Annotating Materials Synthesis Procedures with Shallow Semantic Structures
arxiv Probability Liouville dynamical percolation
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Is there weak birefringence of light in vacuo?
arxiv Information Theory Random Sampling for Distributed Coded Matrix Multiplication
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Fractional Exclusion Statistics as an Occupancy Process
arxiv Software Engineering Harvey: A Greybox Fuzzer for Smart Contracts
arxiv Chemical Physics Uncertainty quantification of molecular property prediction using Bayesian neural network models
biorxiv Synthetic Biology Ordered insertional mutagenesis at a single genomic site enables lineage tracing and analog recording in mammalian cells
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Interpersonal Violence and Substance Use Among Female Sexual Minorities
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences The Individual True and Error Model: Getting the Most out of Limited Data
biorxiv Genetics Association of NQO1 C609T (Pro187Ser) with risk of Oral Submucous Fibrosis in Eastern Indian population
biorxiv Developmental Biology The Polycomb group protein Ring1 regulates dorsoventral patterning of the mouse telencephalon
psyarxiv Neuroscience Space and Memory (far) beyond the Hippocampus: Many Subcortical Structures also Support Cognitive Mapping and Mnemonic Processing
biorxiv Neuroscience Synaptic Proteome Alterations in the Primary Auditory Cortex of Schizophrenia
biorxiv Cell Biology Identification of microRNA-target interactions for antioxidant defense response under drought stress by high-throughput sequencing in Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim.
psyarxiv Neuroscience A Patient-Centered Perspective on the Future of Tic Disorder Diagnosis: Response to “Tic disorders revisited: Introduction to the term ‘tic spectrum disorders” by Müller-Vahl et al.
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences When do people use containment heuristics for physical predictions?
psyarxiv Life Sciences Threat Appraisals Have Causal Effects on Intrusive Memories: An Experiment with Replication
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Mapping visual features onto numbers
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Vagal suppression moderates the relationship between psychological flexibility and observed parenting in combat deployed fathers
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Social Resonance: Acoustic Information about Upper Limb Movement in Voicing
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Evidence Accumulation Models: Current Limitations and Future Directions
psyarxiv Neuroscience The Neural Representation of Mental Models Across Content Type: A Common Spatial Structure
biorxiv Microbiology Genome-wide increased copy number is associated with emergence of super-fit clones of the Irish potato famine pathogen Phytophthora infestans
biorxiv Biophysics Size and structure of the sequence space of repeat proteins
biorxiv Immunology Novel differential linear B-cell epitopes to identify Zika and dengue virus infections in patients
biorxiv Neuroscience NMDA receptor activation induces long-term potentiation of glycine synapses
biorxiv Microbiology Alteration of Gut Microbiome in Lung Cancer Patients
biorxiv Neuroscience The calcium channel subunit α2δ-3 organizes synapses via a novel activity-dependent, autocrine BMP signaling pathway
biorxiv Biophysics Helix formation during the coupled binding and folding of intrinsically disordered proteins monitored by synchrotron-radiation circular dichroism spectroscopy
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences What's new in Psychology? Open Science!
psyarxiv Psychiatry Which Positive Psychological Intervention would work for Osteoarthritis? A study identifying positive traits that are associated with physical and psychological well-being
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences A gifted SNARC? Directional spatial-numerical associations in gifted children do not differ from controls
biorxiv Genetics Gene knock-ins in Drosophila using homology-independent insertion of universal donor plasmids
biorxiv Neuroscience Intrinsic functional reorganization of the attention network in the blind
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Selective sweeps under dominance and inbreeding
biorxiv Plant biology ARGONAUTE5 Mediates Fine-Tuning of Vegetative-to-Reproductive Phase Transition Through Its Interaction with miR156 in Arabidopsis
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Kin selection and sexual conflict: male relatedness and familiarity do not affect female fitness in seed beetles
biorxiv Bioinformatics A web-server framework to explore and visualize large genomic variation data in lab and its applications to wheat and its progenitors
biorxiv Neuroscience Prefrontal attentional saccades explore space at an alpha rhythm
biorxiv Bioengineering A microparticulate based formulation to protect therapeutic enzymes from proteolytic digestion: phenylalanine ammonia lyase as case study
biorxiv Microbiology Nutritional Immunity and Antibiotic Drug Treatments Influence Microbial Composition but Fail to Eliminate Urethral Catheter Biofilms in Recurrently Catheterized Patients
biorxiv Evolutionary Biology Diversification in evolutionary arenas — assessment and synthesis
biorxiv Microbiology Clinical Efficacy and Adverse Effects of Antibiotics Used to Treat Mycobacterium abscessus Pulmonary Disease
biorxiv Immunology Systemic sclerosis is a disease of a prematurely senescent, inflammatory and activated immunome
biorxiv Immunology In silico characterization of a ″universal″ Treg signature reveals the proenkephalin gene as a novel Treg marker
biorxiv Molecular biology A novel workflow to improve multi-locus genotyping of wildlife species: an experimental set-up with a known model system
biorxiv Developmental Biology Analysis of Finnish blue mussel (Mytilus edulis L.) shell: Biomineral ultrastructure, organic-rich interfacial matrix and mechanical behavior
biorxiv Genomics BaRTv1.0: an improved barley reference transcript dataset to determine accurate changes in the barley transcriptome using RNA-seq
biorxiv Neuroscience A new model for the implementation of positive and negative emotion recognition
biorxiv Neuroscience Modality-specific circuits for skylight orientation in the fly visual system
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Could Eye-Tracking Solve Virtual Reality’s Distance Problem?
engrxiv Engineering Design and analysis of the porous ZrO2/(ZrO2+Ni) ceramic joint with load bearing-heat insulation integration
engrxiv Engineering Load distribution in threads of porous metal-ceramic functionally graded composite joints subjected to thermomechanical loading
biorxiv Bioengineering Quantitative and rapid Plasmodium falciparum malaria diagnosis and artemisinin-resistance detection using a CMOS Lab-on-Chip platform
psyarxiv Neuroscience Ubiquitous enhancement of spatial hearing in congenitally blind people
biorxiv Microbiology Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus infection in HIV patients: potential role of HIV-associated extracellular vesicles
biorxiv Genetics Transgenerational inheritance of betaine-induced epigenetic alterations in estrogen-responsive IGF-2/IGFBP2 genes in rat hippocampus
biorxiv Cancer Biology PITX1 protein interacts with ZCCHC10 to regulate hTERT mRNA transcription
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Prestige does not affect the social transmission of controversial arguments
biorxiv Ecology Bridging the gap between theory and data: the Red Queen Hypothesis for sex
biorxiv Bioinformatics Causal network perturbations for instance-specific analysis of single cell and disease samples
biorxiv Bioinformatics DDAP: docking domain affinity and biosynthetic pathway prediction tool for type I polyketide synthases
biorxiv Microbiology Temporal Gut Microbial Changes Predict Recurrent Clostridium difficile in Patients with and without Ulcerative Colitis
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Is there evidence for cross-domain control adaptation? A replication of Kan et al. (2013)
biorxiv Biochemistry Structural basis for tetherin antagonism as a barrier to zoonotic lentiviral transmission
biorxiv Physiology Ablation of tanycytes of the arcuate nucleus and median eminence increases visceral adiposity and decreases insulin sensitivity in male mice.
biorxiv Biochemistry Role of Water Mediated Interactions in Calcium-Coupled Allostery of Calmodulin Domains
biorxiv Cell Biology Lysosomal enzyme tripeptidyl peptidase 1 plays a role in degradation of beta amyloid fibrils
biorxiv Ecology Spatial structures of fungal DNA assemblages revealed with eDNA metabarcoding in a forest river network in western Japan
biorxiv Developmental Biology A Hox code defines spinocerebellar neuron subtype regionalisation
biorxiv Cell Biology Binding partner regulation of Myosin VI: Loss of tumour-suppressor Dab2 leads to enhanced activity of nuclear myosin
biorxiv Biochemistry Lithium-ATP: structure characterization and lithium binding
biorxiv Biophysics Two dynamical behaviours of the microtubules at cell cortex reveal pulling and pushing forces that position the spindle in C. elegans embryo.
biorxiv Genomics Genome Sequencing Unveils a New Regulatory Landscape of Platelet Reactivity
biorxiv Cancer Biology CELF1 is an EIF4E binding protein that promotes translation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition effector mRNAs
biorxiv Biochemistry Activation loop dynamics are controlled by conformation-selective inhibitors of ERK2
biorxiv Developmental Biology Chromatin accessibility established by Pou5f3, Sox19b and Nanog primes genes for activity during zebrafish genome activation
biorxiv Cancer Biology Abnormal morphology biases haematocrit distribution in tumour vasculature and contributes to heterogeneity in tissue oxygenation
biorxiv Biophysics Real-time optoacoustic tracking of single moving micro-objects in deep tissue-mimicking phantoms
biorxiv Cancer Biology Myeloid Lineage Enhancers Drive Oncogene Synergy in CEBPA/CSF3R Mutant Acute Myeloid Leukemia
biorxiv Cell Biology Mammalian retromer is an adaptable scaffold for cargo sorting from endosomes
biorxiv Cell Biology Integrins control tissue morphogenesis and homeostasis by sustaining the different types of intracellular actin networks
biorxiv Biophysics Fast, Accurate Polarization and Polarity Imaging with Polarized Structured Illumination
biorxiv Genetics Clinical manifestations and phenotypic analysis of new ANK1 gene mutations in 12 Chinese children with hereditary spherocytosis
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Reinforcing at the Top or Compensating at the Bottom? Family Background and Academic Performance in Germany, Norway, and the United States
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Computational observation: Challenges and opportunities of automated observation within algorithmically curated media environments using a browser plug-in
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences An Experimental Study of Recommendation Algorithms for Tailored Health Communication
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Learning Geographical Manifolds: A Kernel Trick for Geographical Machine Learning
socarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences Effect Decomposition in the Presence of Treatment-induced Confounding: A Regression-with-residuals Approach
psyarxiv Social and Behavioral Sciences What information shapes and shifts people’s attitudes about capital punishment?
biorxiv Neuroscience Programmed Switch in The Mitochondrial Degradation Pathways During Human Retinal Ganglion Cell Differentiation from Stem Cells is Critical for RGC Survival
biorxiv Microbiology Stochastic exits from dormancy give rise to heavy-tailed distributions of descendants in bacterial populations
biorxiv Neuroscience The rodent hippocampus as a bilateral structure: A review of hemispheric lateralization
biorxiv Biophysics The Energetics of Molecular Adaptation in Transcriptional Regulation
biorxiv Cell Biology Actin chromobody imaging reveals sub-organellar actin dynamics
engrxiv Engineering A Solution for Dynamic Spectrum Management in Mission-Critical UAV Networks
arxiv Quantum Physics Effect of incoherent pump on two-mode entanglement in optical parametric generation
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Homogenisation of one-dimensional discrete optimal transport
arxiv Chemical Physics Vibrational Stark Spectroscopy on Fluorobenzene with Quantum Cascade Laser Dual Frequency Combs
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Solar flare forecasting using morphological properties of sunspot groups
arxiv Applications Shifting attention to old age: Detecting mortality deceleration using focused model selection
arxiv Machine Learning Online Anomaly Detection with Sparse Gaussian Processes
arxiv General Physics Covariant Quantum-Mechanical Scattering via Stueckelberg-Horwitz-Piron Theory
arxiv Rings and Algebras Double Magma associated with Ward and double Ward quasigroups
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory An Inflationary Probe of Cosmic Higgs Switching
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Quantum Complexity of Time Evolution with Chaotic Hamiltonians
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Predicting the density profiles of the first halos
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Deep Neural Network Classifier for Variable Stars with Novelty Detection Capability
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory The entanglement spectrum of chiral fermions on the torus
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics The Photon Spectrum of Asymmetric Dark Stars
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Reheating constraints to WIMPflation
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Gauging fractons: immobile non-Abelian quasiparticles, fractals, and position-dependent degeneracies
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Detecting 21 cm EoR Signal using Drift Scans: Correlation of Time-ordered Visibilities
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Peculiar outbursts of an ultra luminous source likely signs of an aperiodic disc-wind
arxiv Machine Learning Robust Neural Network Training using Periodic Sampling over Model Weights
arxiv Quantum Physics Benchmarking quantum processors with a single qubit
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Light Dark Matter from Inelastic Cosmic Ray Collisions
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics A Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background Lensing Potential and Power Spectrum from 500 deg$^2$ of SPTpol Temperature and Polarization Data
arxiv Machine Learning Misleading Failures of Partial-input Baselines
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Opacity and Effective Field Theory in Anti-de Sitter Backgrounds
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Stronger Constraints on the Evolution of the $M_{\rm{BH}}-σ_*$ Relation up to $z\sim0.6$
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Fractional $θ$ angle, 't Hooft anomaly, and quantum instantons in charge-$q$ multi-flavor Schwinger model
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Disentangling Sources of Quantum Entanglement in Quench Dynamics
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Symmetry breaking bias in the dynamics of a quantum phase transition: a shortcut to adiabaticity?
arxiv Quantum Physics Enhancing quantum transport efficiency by tuning non-Markovian dephasing
arxiv Chemical Physics Multi-reference quantum chemistry protocol for simulating autoionization spectra: Test of ionization continuum models for the neon atom
arxiv Software Engineering Software Engineering for Fairness: A Case Study with Hyperparameter Optimization
arxiv Machine Learning Combining Parametric and Nonparametric Models for Off-Policy Evaluation
arxiv Algebraic Topology Stable components and layers
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Breakdown of electroneutrality in nanopores
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons A UV perspective on mixed anomalies at critical points between bosonic symmetry-protected phases
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Thermodynamics of symmetric spin--orbital model: One- and two-dimensional cases
arxiv Other Computer Science Simulation Typology and Termination Risks
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Mather Measures and Ergodic Properties of Kantorovich Operators associated to General Mass Transfers
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Evidence of Systematic Errors in $Spitzer$ Microlens Parallax Measurements
arxiv Optics Broadband Coherent Perfect Absorber with PT-Symmetric 2D-Materials
arxiv Optimization and Control Approximating Orthogonal Matrices with Effective Givens Factorization
arxiv Signal Processing Robust Precoding Design for Coarsely Quantized MU-MIMO Under Channel Uncertainties
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Solving the gamma-ray radiative transfer equation for supernovae
arxiv Optics Lasing with Topological Weyl Semimetal
arxiv Programming Languages Proving Unrealizability for Syntax-Guided Synthesis
arxiv Formal Languages and Automata Theory Preservation of normality by non-oblivious group selection
arxiv Numerical Analysis Efficient Numerical Strategy for High Dimensional Stochastic Problems
arxiv Applications Multivariate Modeling for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Systems and Communities
arxiv Functional Analysis A Beurling-Lax-Halmos theorem for spaces with a complete Nevanlinna-Pick factor
arxiv Numerical Analysis Elementary numerical methods for double integrals
arxiv Group Theory On spectral measures for certain unitary representations of R. Thompson's group F
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory 3d dualities from 2d free field correlators: recombination and rank stabilization
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Radio Universe at Low Surface Brightness: Feedback & accretion in the circumgalactic medium
arxiv Machine Learning Learning Policies from Self-Play with Policy Gradients and MCTS Value Estimates
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Pointing task on smart glasses: Comparison of four interaction techniques
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Electromagnetic Backgrounds and Potassium-42 Activity in the DEAP-3600 Dark Matter Detector
arxiv Computation and Language Multi-task Learning for Multi-modal Emotion Recognition and Sentiment Analysis
arxiv Pricing of Securities The connection between multiple prices of an Option at a given time with single prices defined at different times: The concept of weak-value in quantum finance
arxiv Theoretical Economics The paradox of monotone structural QRE
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Investigating the origin of the spectral line profiles of the Hot Wolf-Rayet Star WR2
arxiv Computation and Language Curriculum Learning for Domain Adaptation in Neural Machine Translation
arxiv Numerical Analysis 3D-VAR for Parametrized Partial Differential Equations: A Certified Reduced Basis Approach
arxiv Computation and Language Ontology-Aware Clinical Abstractive Summarization
arxiv Optics Tailoring the spatio-temporal distribution of diffractive focused ultrashort pulses through pulse shaping
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Reconstruction-Aware Imaging System Ranking by use of a Sparsity-Driven Numerical Observer Enabled by Variational Bayesian Inference
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics A Chromaticity Analysis and PSF Subtraction Techniques for SCExAO/CHARIS data
arxiv Information Theory Performance Analysis of Non-DC-Biased OFDM
arxiv Dynamical Systems An Analysis of a Fishing Model with Nonlinear Harvesting Function
arxiv Machine Learning Counterfactual Off-Policy Evaluation with Gumbel-Max Structural Causal Models
arxiv Probability A Rough Super-Brownian Motion
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The fundamental metallicity relation emerges from the local anti-correlation between star formation rate and gas-phase metallicity existing in disk galaxies
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Discriminative Sleep Patterns of Alzheimer's Disease via Tensor Factorization
arxiv Statistics Theory Minimax rates of estimation for smooth optimal transport maps
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Modeling the Protoplanetary Disks of Two Brown Dwarfs in the Taurus Molecular Cloud
arxiv Applications Combining Representation Learning with Tensor Factorization for Risk Factor Analysis - an application to Epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Effect of Strain on Charge Density Wave Order in the Holstein Model
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Visual binary stars with partially missing data: Introducing multiple imputation in astrometric analysis
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Supervised Learning of the Next-Best-View for 3D Object Reconstruction
arxiv Geophysics Evidence for crisis-induced intermittency during geomagnetic superchron transitions
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Using Bursty Announcements for Early Detection of BGP Routing Anomalies
arxiv Operator Algebras Contractive projections and real positive maps on operator algebras
arxiv History and Overview The Voronoi Cell in a saturated Circle Packing and an elementary proof of Thue's theorem
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Magnetic phase diagram of the infinite-U Hubbard model with nearest- and next nearest-neighbor hoppings
arxiv Social and Information Networks Planted Hitting Set Recovery in Hypergraphs
arxiv Machine Learning A Learning based Branch and Bound for Maximum Common Subgraph Problems
arxiv Portfolio Management Efficient computation of mean reverting portfolios using cyclical coordinate descent
arxiv Optimization and Control The Penetration Rate Effect of Connected and Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic Routing
arxiv Machine Learning Task-Driven Data Verification via Gradient Descent
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Faraday instability on a sphere: Floquet analysis
arxiv Analysis of PDEs A note on time analyticity for ancient solutions of the heat equation
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Fast Wiener filtering of CMB maps with Neural Networks
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Singularity Properties of Graph Varieties
arxiv Optics Vignetted-aperture correction for spectral cameras with integrated thin-film Fabry-Pérot filters
arxiv Machine Learning Interpretable Deep Neural Networks for Patient Mortality Prediction: A Consensus-based Approach
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Primordial scalar gravitational waves produced at the QCD phase transition due to the trace anomaly
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Exploring Interactions with Voice-Controlled TV
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Influence of transverse field on the spin-3/2 Blume-Capel model on rectangular lattice
arxiv Numerical Analysis Reconstructing high-dimensional Hilbert-valued functions via compressed sensing
arxiv Optimization and Control On Structured Lyapunov Functions and Dissipativity in Interconnected LTI Systems
arxiv Quantum Gases New perspectives on superfluidity in resonantly--driven polariton fluids
arxiv Quantum Physics Single-photon-level light storage in cold atoms using the Autler-Townes splitting protocol
arxiv Machine Learning Variational Regret Bounds for Reinforcement Learning
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Hyperbolic Nodal Band Structures and Knot Invariants
arxiv Quantum Physics Alternative Decohering Histories in Quantum Mechanics
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Synchronization to big-data: nudging the Navier-Stokes equations for data assimilation of turbulent flows
arxiv Image and Video Processing From Brain Imaging to Graph Analysis: a study on ADNI's patient cohort
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Optimizing Ground-based Observations of O2 in Earth Analogs
arxiv Systems and Control Achieving Convergence and Synchronization in Networks of Piecewise-Smooth Systems via Distributed Discontinuous Coupling
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Constraints and Horizons for de Sitter with Extra Dimensions
arxiv Machine Learning Nonlinear Semi-Parametric Models for Survival Analysis
arxiv Differential Geometry Einstein-like doubly warped product manifolds
arxiv Quantum Algebra On Borel subalgebras of quantum groups
arxiv Optimization and Control Graph-Theoretic Small-Gain Theorems for Metzler Matrices and Monotone Systems
arxiv Classical Physics Average Transition Conditions for Electromagnetic Fields at a Metascreen of Vanishing Thickness
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Orbital stability in the Solar System for arbitrary inclinations and eccentricities: planetary perturbations versus resonances
arxiv Classical Physics Average Transition Conditions for Electromagnetic Fields at a Metascreen of Nonzero Thickness
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory An Algebraic Classification of Exceptional EFTs Part II: Supersymmetry
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics $Spitzer$ Parallax of OGLE-2018-BLG-0596: A Low-mass-ratio Planet around an M-dwarf
arxiv Numerical Analysis On the Convergence Rate of Variants of the Conjugate Gradient Algorithm in Finite Precision Arithmetic
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Multiwavelength radio observations of a Brightest Cluster Galaxy at z=1.71: Detection of a modest Active Galactic Nucleus and evidence for extended star formation
arxiv Methodology Fast and robust model selection based on ranks
arxiv Computation and Language Extraction and Analysis of Clinically Important Follow-up Recommendations in a Large Radiology Dataset
arxiv Metric Geometry On the isometric conjecture of Banach
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing Zero-Shot Voice Style Transfer with Only Autoencoder Loss
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Budget-aware Semi-Supervised Semantic and Instance Segmentation
arxiv Machine Learning Resource-aware Elastic Swap Random Forest for Evolving Data Streams
arxiv Machine Learning Kernel Mean Matching for Content Addressability of GANs
arxiv Quantum Physics Entanglement of indistinguishable particles: a comparative study
arxiv Methodology Approximate Bayesian computation via the energy statistic
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Diagonal Acceleration for Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategies
arxiv Rings and Algebras Factorizations of skew braces
arxiv Quantum Physics Search by Lackadaisical Quantum Walk with Nonhomogeneous Weights
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Generative Design in Minecraft: Chronicle Challenge
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition DARNet: Deep Active Ray Network for Building Segmentation
arxiv Optics Optical excitation of surface plasmons and terahertz emission from metals
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Crowd Density Estimation using Novel Feature Descriptor
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Pareto-Optimal Allocation of Transactive Energy at Market Equilibrium in Distribution Systems: A Constrained Vector Optimization Approach
arxiv Applied Physics The Experimental Realization of an Artificial Low-Reynolds-Number Swimmer with Three-Dimensional Maneuverability
arxiv Machine Learning Online Normalization for Training Neural Networks
arxiv Machine Learning Addressing the Loss-Metric Mismatch with Adaptive Loss Alignment
arxiv Cryptography and Security Threats on Logic Locking: A Decade Later
arxiv Machine Learning Transferable Clean-Label Poisoning Attacks on Deep Neural Nets
arxiv Logic Compact Sets of Baire Class One Functions and Maximal Almost Disjoint Families
arxiv Superconductivity Electronic structure of Bi2Te3/FeTe heterostructure: implications for unconventional superconductivity
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Kepler Planet Occurrence Rates for Mid-Type M Dwarfs as a Function of Spectral Type
arxiv Machine Learning Learning What and Where to Transfer
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Pin TQFT and Grassmann integral
arxiv Applied Physics A tunable ferroelectric based unreleased RF resonator
arxiv Hardware Architecture Indicating Asynchronous Array Multipliers
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Polarization of Astrophysical Events with Precessing Jets
arxiv Information Theory Time-Varying Downlink Channel Tracking for Quantized Massive MIMO Networks
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Roles of crust and core in the tidal deformability of neutron stars
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Task-Driven Modular Networks for Zero-Shot Compositional Learning
arxiv Programming Languages Proceedings ML Family / OCaml Users and Developers workshops
arxiv Information Retrieval Passage Ranking with Weak Supervsion
arxiv Pricing of Securities Reduced Form Capital Optimization
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Multi-Scale Theory of Elasticity for Geomaterials
arxiv Optics Structural Color 3D Printing By Shrinking Photonic Crystals
arxiv Information Theory Deep Reinforcement Learning for Scheduling in Cellular Networks
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Lijiang 2.4-meter Telescope and its Instruments
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unsupervised Deep Power Saving and Contrast Enhancement for OLED Displays
arxiv Machine Learning Adaptivity and Optimality: A Universal Algorithm for Online Convex Optimization
arxiv Machine Learning A Neural Network-Evolutionary Computational Framework for Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Mechanical Systems
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics In-Plane Field-Induced Quantum Anomalous Hall Plateau Transition
arxiv Optimization and Control Hybrid Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithms for Stochastic Nonconvex Optimization
arxiv Medical Physics A Modified Mixed Domain Method for Modeling Acoustic Wave Propagation in Strongly Heterogeneous Media
arxiv Computer Science and Game Theory Multi-Cap Optimization for Wireless Data Plans with Time Flexibility
arxiv Superconductivity Stability of Disordered Topological Superconducting Phases in Magnet--Superconductor Hybrid Systems
arxiv Dynamical Systems Revolving Fractals
arxiv Multimedia SmartBullets: A Cloud-Assisted Bullet Screen Filter based on Deep Learning
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Connectivity-Aware UAV Path Planning with Aerial Coverage Maps
arxiv Machine Learning Game Theoretic Optimization via Gradient-based Nikaido-Isoda Function
arxiv Machine Learning Rethinking the Usage of Batch Normalization and Dropout in the Training of Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Machine Learning Orthogonal Deep Neural Networks
arxiv Quantum Physics Genuinely Nonlocal Product Bases: Classification and Entanglement Assisted Discrimination
arxiv Computational Finance What is the Minimal Systemic Risk in Financial Exposure Networks?
arxiv Quantum Physics Multicore fber-based quantum access network
arxiv Complex Variables An example of a symmetric homeomorphism of the real line with non-symmetric inversion
arxiv Machine Learning EigenDamage: Structured Pruning in the Kronecker-Factored Eigenbasis
arxiv Methodology Simultaneous Inference Under the Vacuous Orientation Assumption
arxiv Functional Analysis Decomposable operators, local S-spectrum and S-spectrum in the quaternionic setting
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Singularity formation in the harmonic map flow with free boundary
arxiv Applications Automated detection of business-relevant outliers in e-commerce conversion rate
arxiv Mathematical Physics Expectation variables on a para-contact metric manifold exactly derived from master equations
arxiv Robotics Explorations and Lessons Learned in Building an Autonomous Formula SAE Car from Simulations
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Constrained low-tubal-rank tensor recovery for hyperspectral images mixed noise removal by bilateral random projections
arxiv Computational Physics Persistent homology analysis of protein folding
arxiv Group Theory Automaticity for graphs of groups
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Electric-field-induced Z2 topological phase transition in strained single bilayer Bi(111)
arxiv Statistics Theory Measuring Bayesian Robustness Using Rényi's Divergence and Relationship with Prior-Data Conflict
arxiv Robotics Depth map estimation methodology for detecting free-obstacle navigation areas
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Joint haze image synthesis and dehazing with mmd-vae losses
arxiv Differential Geometry Mabuchi's soliton metric and relative D-stability
arxiv Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems Semiclassical Phase Reduction Theory for Quantum Synchronization
arxiv Computation and Language BERT Rediscovers the Classical NLP Pipeline
arxiv Materials Science Interlayer decoupling in twisted bilayers of $β$-phosphorus and arsenic: a computational study
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Strain-Fluctuation-Induced Near-Quantization of Valley Hall Conductivity in Graphene Systems
arxiv Image and Video Processing Learning-based Single-step Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping Reconstruction Without Brain Extraction
arxiv Complex Variables Few results in connection with sum and product theorems of relative $(p,q)$-$\varphi$ order, relative $(p,q)$-$\varphi$ type and relative $(p,q)$-$\varphi$ weak type of meromorphic functions with respect to entire functions
arxiv Social and Information Networks GhostLink: Latent Network Inference for Influence-aware Recommendation
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Hybrid ED/DMRG approach to the thermodynamics of 1D quantum models
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing DoubleSqueeze: Parallel Stochastic Gradient Descent with Double-Pass Error-Compensated Compression
arxiv Information Theory An Energy-Efficient Controller for Wirelessly-Powered Communication Networks
arxiv Optics Modal Group Velocity Mismatch Induced Intermodal Modulation Instability in Step-index Fiber
arxiv Optics A complete theoretical analysis of cavity solitons under various perturbations
arxiv Computers and Society Demographic Inference and Representative Population Estimates from Multilingual Social Media Data
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The Apache Point Observatory Catalog of Optical Diffuse Interstellar Bands
arxiv Computation A New Estimation Algorithm for Box-Cox Transformation Cure Rate Model and Comparison With EM Algorithm
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Deep Kinship Verification via Appearance-shape Joint Prediction and Adaptation-based Approach
arxiv Cryptography and Security Autonomous Penetration Testing using Reinforcement Learning
arxiv History and Philosophy of Physics On Symmetry and Duality
arxiv Atomic Physics Observation of indirect ionization of W7+ in an electron-beam ion-trap plasma
arxiv Combinatorics Comparing Wiener complexity with eccentric complexity
arxiv Atomic Physics Selective reflection from a Potassium atomic layer with a thickness as small as $λ/13$
arxiv Logic in Computer Science holpy: Interactive Theorem Proving in Python
arxiv Functional Analysis Orlicz Modules over Coset Spaces of Compact Subgroups in Locally compact Groups
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Photonic realization of the deformed Dirac equation via the segmented graphene nanoribbons under inhomogeneous strain
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On the renormalization property and entropy conservation laws for the relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell system
arxiv Probability Localization on 5 sites for vertex reinforced random walks: Towards a characterization
arxiv Cryptography and Security Neverland: Lightweight Hardware Extensions for Enforcing Operating System Integrity
arxiv Statistics Theory Information criteria for non-normalized models
arxiv Optimization and Control Structured real radius of controllability for higher order LTI systems
arxiv Probability Sharp threshold for the Ising perceptron model
arxiv Computation and Language When a Good Translation is Wrong in Context: Context-Aware Machine Translation Improves on Deixis, Ellipsis, and Lexical Cohesion
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Arbitrary Shape Scene Text Detection with Adaptive Text Region Representation
arxiv Databases Improving Distributed Similarity Join in Metric Space with Error-bounded Sampling
arxiv Numerical Analysis A complete data-driven framework for the efficient solution of parametric shape design and optimisation in naval engineering problems
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Semi-algebraic properties of Minkowski sums of the bounded twisted cubic
arxiv Cryptography and Security Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions: Hybrid Concepts for Industrial Intrusion Detection
arxiv Computers and Society A Preliminary Theory for Open Source Ecosystem Micro-economics
arxiv Combinatorics Edge Disjoint Caterpillar Realizations
arxiv Machine Learning EasiCS: the objective and fine-grained classification method of cervical spondylosis dysfunction
arxiv History and Philosophy of Physics Tokyo Wheeler or the Epistemic Preconditions of the Renaissance of Relativity
arxiv Atomic Physics High harmonic generation with nearly circular polarized pulses
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Global stabilization of the full attraction-repulsion Keller-Segel system
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Magnetic ionization-thermal instability
arxiv Systems and Control Deep reinforcement learning for scheduling in large-scale networked control systems
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Stellar Wind Accretion and Raman Scattered O VI Features in the Symbiotic Star AG Draconis
arxiv Analysis of PDEs The kinetic Fokker-Planck equation with general force
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Unified first law for traversable wormholes in non-minimal coupling of curvature and matter
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena A model for the radio/X-ray correlation in three neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries 4U 1728-34, Aql X-1 and EXO 1745-248
arxiv Optics Focusing light with a deep parabolic mirror
arxiv Multimedia Statistical Learning Based Congestion Control for Real-time Video Communication
arxiv Cryptography and Security A Deep Dive into Bitcoin Mining Pools: An Empirical Analysis of Mining Shares
arxiv Combinatorics Ramsey numbers and monotone colorings
arxiv Dynamical Systems Generic Birkhoff Spectra
arxiv Machine Learning Simitate: A Hybrid Imitation Learning Benchmark
arxiv Probability A Tight Bound of Tail Probabilities for a Discrete-time Martingale with Uniformly Bounded Jumps
arxiv Machine Learning Domain Adaptive Transfer Learning for Fault Diagnosis
arxiv Machine Learning Geometric Losses for Distributional Learning
arxiv Dynamical Systems Cauchy and uniform temporal functions of globally hyperbolic cone fields
arxiv Materials Science Prediction on Elastic Properties of Nb-doped Ni Systems
arxiv Signal Processing Integration of SCADA services in cross-infrastructure holistic tests of cyber-physical energy systems
arxiv Chemical Physics Structural Characterization of an Ionic Liquid in bulk and in nano-confined environment from MD simulations
arxiv Machine Learning Automatic Model Selection for Neural Networks
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Improving the NRTidal model for binary neutron star systems
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Origami Inspired Solar Panel Design
arxiv Differential Geometry Geometric Algorithm of Schrödinger Flow on a Sphere
arxiv Mathematical Physics Reduced qKZ equation: general case
arxiv Chemical Physics Quasi-Phase-Matching in Chiral Materials
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Geometry of universal embedding spaces for almost complex manifolds
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies The ALMA Discovery of the Rotating Disk and Fast Outflow of Cold Molecular Gas in NGC~1275
arxiv Machine Learning Can Graph Neural Networks Go "Online"? An Analysis of Pretraining and Inference
arxiv Numerical Analysis On the multi-symplectic structure of Boussinesq-type systems. II: Geometric discretization
arxiv Networking and Internet Architecture Cooperative Relaying in LoRa Sensor Networks
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Study of electromagnetic dipole moment, electric quadrupole moment and weak T-odd (CP-odd) interactions of high energy short-lived particles in straight crystals
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing When Internet of Things Meets Blockchain: Challenges in Distributed Consensus
arxiv Machine Learning Distribution Calibration for Regression
arxiv Superconductivity $d$-wave superconducting gap observed in the protect-annealed electron-doped cuprate superconductors Pr$_{1.3-x}$La$_{0.7}$Ce$_{x}$CuO$_{4}$
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Common envelope to explosion delay time of type Ia supernovae
arxiv Chemical Physics Nonlinear optical response of a gold surface in the visible range: A study by two-color sum-frequency generation spectroscopy. II. Model for metal nonlinear susceptibility
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Electrical control of lifetime-limited quantum emitters using 2D materials
arxiv Representation Theory On tame strongly simply connected algebras
arxiv Chemical Physics Non-Uniqueness of Parameters Extracted from Resonant Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopies
arxiv Optimization and Control On the Optimal Ergodic Sublinear Convergence Rate of the Relaxed Proximal Point Algorithm for Variational Inequalities
arxiv Combinatorics Strong chromatic index and Hadwiger number
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors Modelling the Nonlinear Response of Silicon Photomultipliers
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Large-time behavior of the $H^{-m}$-gradient flow of length for closed plane curves
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Quantum States with Nonabelian or Anyonic Symmetries
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Ground-based follow-up observations of TRAPPIST-1 transits in the near-infrared
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Robust profile decomposition for large extragalactic spectral-line surveys
arxiv Econometrics Analyzing Subjective Well-Being Data with Misclassification
arxiv Neurons and Cognition Phase-locked states in oscillating neural networks and their role in neural communication
arxiv Applied Physics A pseudo-capacitive chalcogenide-based electrode with dense 1-dimensional nanoarrays for enhanced energy density in asymmetric supercapacitors
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Unconventional Hall Effect induced by Berry Curvature
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Sign choices for orientifolds
arxiv Biological Physics Strong plasmonic fluorescence enhancement of individual plant light-harvesting complexes
arxiv Superconductivity Universal behavior of the IMS domain formation in superconducting niobium
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Single Leptoquark Solutions to the $B$-physics Anomalies
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Total derivatives of eigenvalues and eigenprojections of symmetric matrices
arxiv Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Towards high-resolution astronomical imaging
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Supervised deep learning in high energy phenomenology: a mini review
arxiv Materials Science Materials property prediction using symmetry-labeled graphs as atomic-position independent descriptors
arxiv Geophysics Approaching Earth's core conditions in high-resolution geodynamo simulations
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Induced Gravitational Collapse, Binary-Driven Hypernovae, Long Gramma-ray Bursts and Their Connection with Short Gamma-ray Bursts
arxiv Probability Transfer of regularity for Markov semigroups
arxiv Machine Learning Survival of the Fittest in PlayerUnknown BattleGround
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Robust zero-energy modes in an electronic higher-order topological insulator: the dimerized Kagome lattice
arxiv Machine Learning Ignorance-Aware Approaches and Algorithms for Prototype Selection in Machine Learning
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Tuning the distance to a ferromagnetic quantum critical point in A2Cr3As3
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Thermal properties of slowly rotating asteroids: Results from a targeted survey
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Background-subtracted Solar Activity Maps
arxiv Image and Video Processing Blur resolved OCT: full-range interferometric synthetic aperture microscopy through dispersion encoding
arxiv Functional Analysis Variational solutions to the abstract Euler equation
arxiv Quantum Physics Emission spectrum of broadband quantum dot superluminescent diodes
arxiv Nuclear Theory Bound to unbound states transitions of heavy quarkonia in the cooling phase of QGP
arxiv Logic Embeddings into outer models
arxiv Representation Theory The Super Orbit Challenge
arxiv Analysis of PDEs On O'hara knot energies I: Regularity for critical knots
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Coupled Colloidal Quantum Dot Molecules
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Revisiting the wave optics effect on primordial black hole constraints from optical microlensing search
arxiv Logic On configurations concerning cardinal characteristics at regular cardinals
arxiv Quantum Physics Radiation Reaction of a Jiggling Dipole in a Quantum Electromagnetic Field
arxiv Classical Physics Kramers-Kronig relations beyond the optical approximation
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Star-planet tidal interaction and the limits of gyrochronology
arxiv Algebraic Topology Vietoris-Rips Persistent Homology
arxiv Probability Moments of moments of characteristic polynomials of random unitary matrices and lattice point counts
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Connecting neutral current $B$ anomalies with the heaviness of the third family
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter A new approach for the interpretation of the dynamic and mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites above and below the glass transition region
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Measurements of the transverse-momentum-dependent cross sections of $J/ψ$ production at mid-rapidity in proton+proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 510 and 500 GeV with the STAR detector
arxiv Machine Learning Expressive Priors in Bayesian Neural Networks: Kernel Combinations and Periodic Functions
arxiv Robotics Learning Active Spine Behaviors for Dynamic and Efficient Locomotion in Quadruped Robots
arxiv Classical Analysis and ODEs Jacob's ladders and infinite set of transmutations of asymptotic complete hybrid formula on level curves in Gauss' plane
arxiv Optics Non-adiabatic ponderomotive effects in photoemission from nanotips in intense mid-infrared laser fields
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Solvable self-dual impurity models
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition User profiles matching for different social networks based on faces embeddings
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Modelling baryonic feedback for survey cosmology
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory BKM Lie superalgebras from counting twisted CHL dyons -- II
arxiv Data Structures and Algorithms Restricted Max-Min Allocation: Approximation and Integrality Gap
arxiv Combinatorics An infinite family of $m$-ovoids of $Q(4,q)$
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena An Analytical Solution to the Coalescence Time of Compact Binary Systems
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Byzantine Consensus in the Common Case
arxiv Artificial Intelligence Neural-Symbolic Computing: An Effective Methodology for Principled Integration of Machine Learning and Reasoning
arxiv Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Electre-Score: A first outranking based method for scoring actions
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Electronic Structure Shift of Deep Nanoscale Silicon by SiO$_2$- vs. Si$_3$N$_4$-Embedding as Alternative to Impurity Doping
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors NbxTi1-xN low timing jitter single-photon detectors with unity internal efficiency at 1550 nm and 2.5 K
arxiv Numerical Analysis High-order accurate entropy stable finite difference schemes for one- and two-dimensional special relativistic hydrodynamics
arxiv Dynamical Systems Trees are nilrigid
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Enhancing the dipolar coupling of a $S$-$T_0$ qubit with a transverse sweet spot
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Mechanisms of astrophysical jet formation, and comparison with laboratory experiments
arxiv Nuclear Theory Statistical properties of thermal neutron capture cross section calculated with randomly generated resonance parameters
arxiv Machine Learning Iterative Alpha Expansion for estimating gradient-sparse signals from linear measurements
arxiv Differential Geometry Möbius invariant metrics on the space of knots
arxiv Information Theory MmWave UAV Networks with Multi-cell Association: Performance Limit and Optimization
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Thermalization of small quantum systems: From the zeroth law of thermodynamics
arxiv Quantum Physics Maximal quantum Fisher information for mixed states
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction Frontal Screens on Head-Mounted Displays to Increase Awareness of the HMD Users' State in Mixed Presence Collaboration
arxiv Systems and Control Closed Loop Load Model Identification Using Small Disturbance Data
arxiv Computational Complexity About a certain NP complete problem
arxiv Machine Learning Accelerating Deterministic and Stochastic Binarized Neural Networks on FPGAs Using OpenCL
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Higher-order realizable turbulence modeling based on the square root tensor of the Reynolds stress
arxiv Dynamical Systems Counting and ordering periodic stationary solutions of lattice Nagumo equations
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Singlet-doublet/triplet dark matter and neutrino masses
arxiv Information Retrieval A New Anchor Word Selection Method for the Separable Topic Discovery
arxiv Fluid Dynamics On exact laws in incompressible Hall magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
arxiv Probability Ergodicity of affine processes on the cone of symmetric positive semidefinite matrices
arxiv Information Retrieval Detecting Vietnamese Opinion Spam
arxiv Robotics Human Motion Trajectory Prediction: A Survey
arxiv Information Retrieval Semantic Search using Spreading Activation based on Ontology
arxiv Information Retrieval Naive Bayes with Correlation Factor for Text Classification Problem
arxiv Physics and Society BuSCOPE : Fusing Individual & Aggregated Mobility Behavior for "Live" Smart City Services
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Notes on Projective, Contact, and Null Curves
arxiv Sound Learning to Groove with Inverse Sequence Transformations
arxiv Computational Physics Entropy: The former trouble with particles (including a new numerical model computational penalty for the Akaike information criterion)
arxiv Optics A plasmonic ellipse resonator possessing hybrid modes for ultracompact chipscale application
arxiv Quantum Physics Generation and Detection of Quantum Correlations and Entanglement on a Spin-Based Quantum Information Processor
arxiv Cryptography and Security On the Cost of Security Compliance in Information Systems
arxiv Quantum Gases Dynamics of an itinerant spin-3 atomic dipolar gas in an optical lattice
arxiv Cryptography and Security Towards a Security Cost Model for Cyber-Physical Systems
arxiv Machine Learning Distributional Reinforcement Learning for Efficient Exploration
arxiv Earth and Planetary Astrophysics The role of small telescopes as a ground-based support for exoplanetary space missions
arxiv General Mathematics A Conjecture Regarding the Riemann Hypothesis
arxiv Space Physics First Results of Arar-Magnetometer Station in Saudi Arabia
arxiv Atomic and Molecular Clusters Coherent multidimensional spectroscopy in the gas phase
arxiv Computational Physics A non-empirical free volume viscosity model for alkane lubricants under severe pressures
arxiv Quantum Physics Defining what is Quantum: Not all what matters for physical phenomena is contained in space-time
arxiv Physics and Society Dynamical stability of water distribution networks
arxiv Image and Video Processing Multi-scale Dynamic Graph Convolutional Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
arxiv Information Retrieval Recommending Dream Jobs in a Biased Real World
arxiv Materials Science Key signal contributions in photothermal deflection spectroscopy
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Conformal invariants from nodal sets II. Manifolds with boundary
arxiv Probability Modified log-Sobolev inequalities and two-level concentration
arxiv Formal Languages and Automata Theory Abelian periods of factors of Sturmian words
arxiv Computation and Language Aligning Visual Regions and Textual Concepts: Learning Fine-Grained Image Representations for Image Captioning
arxiv Materials Science Hybrid-functional and quasi-particle calculations of band structures of Mg2Si, Mg2Ge, and Mg2Sn
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Aspects of the QCD $θ$-vacuum
arxiv Social and Information Networks The Mobility Network of Scientists: Analyzing Temporal Correlations in Scientific Careers
arxiv Logic in Computer Science A Non-wellfounded, Labelled Proof System for Propositional Dynamic Logic
arxiv Robotics Feedback MPC for Torque-Controlled Legged Robots
arxiv Probability On convergence rate for homogeneous Markov chains
arxiv Analysis of PDEs The obstacle problem for a class of degenerate fully nonlinear operators
arxiv Machine Learning Embeddings and Representation Learning for Structured Data
arxiv Audio and Speech Processing A general-purpose deep learning approach to model time-varying audio effects
arxiv Fluid Dynamics On-demand contact line pinning during droplet evaporation
arxiv Mathematical Physics Global existence and uniqueness of weak solutions to a generalized Camassa-Holm equation
arxiv Number Theory On ternary Egyptian fractions with prime denominator
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Thin domain limit and counterexamples to strong diamagnetism
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics The Theory of Scanning Quantum Dot Microscopy
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Vanishing viscosity of one-dimensional isentropic Navier-Stokes equations with density dependent viscous coefficient
arxiv General Mathematics Some convolution inversion questions
arxiv Computational Physics RMT: R-matrix with time-dependence. Solving the semi-relativistic, time-dependent Schrodinger equation for general, multi-electron atoms and molecules in intense, ultrashort, arbitrarily polarized laser pulses
arxiv General Mathematics New Laplace-type integral transform for solving steady heat-transfer problem
arxiv Nuclear Theory Rossby modes in neutron stars as sources of gravitational waves
arxiv Machine Learning Deep Neural Architecture Search with Deep Graph Bayesian Optimization
arxiv Category Theory A constructive account of the Kan-Quillen model structure and of Kan's Ex$^{\infty}$ functor
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies Hunting for open clusters in \textit{Gaia} DR2: the Galactic anticentre
arxiv Atomic Physics Exit momentum and instantaneous ionization rate of nonadiabatic tunneling ionization in elliptically polarized laser fields
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Bulk-boundary correspondence in soft matter
arxiv Mathematical Physics Higher order corrections to the mean-field description of the dynamics of interacting bosons
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics New Approach for Determination of Stellar Nucleosynthesis Abundances
arxiv Physics and Society Computational Socioeconomics
arxiv Databases A Survey of Blocking and Filtering Techniques for Entity Resolution
arxiv Chemical Physics Coupled Cluster Benchmark of New Density Functionals and Domain Pair Natural Orbital Methods: Mechanisms of Hydroarylation and Oxidative Coupling Catalyzed by Ru(II) Chloride Carbonyls
arxiv Software Engineering Process Mining for Python (PM4Py): Bridging the Gap Between Process- and Data Science
arxiv Databases MinoanER: Schema-Agnostic, Non-Iterative, Massively Parallel Resolution of Web Entities
arxiv Number Theory Geometric Polynomials: Properties and Applications to Series with Zeta Values
arxiv Chemical Physics Some Observations on the Performance of the Most Recent Exchange-Correlation Functionals for the Large and Chemically Diverse GMTKN55 Benchmark
arxiv Physics and Society Experimental study on the evading behavior of individual pedestrians when confronting with an obstacle in a corridor
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Unsteady flow, clusters and bands in a model shear-thickening fluid
arxiv Artificial Intelligence TSXplain: Demystification of DNN Decisions for Time-Series using Natural Language and Statistical Features
arxiv Physics Education Exploring the Structure of Misconceptions in the Force Concept Inventory with Modified Module Analysis
arxiv Numerical Analysis Non-intrusive uncertainty quantification using reduced cubature rules
arxiv Differential Geometry Higgs bundles and flat connections over compact Sasakian manifolds
arxiv Machine Learning Differentiable Linearized ADMM
arxiv Combinatorics Cyclic cycle systems of the complete multipartite graph
arxiv Algebraic Topology On formal groups and geometric quantization
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Post-inflationary phases stiffer than radiation and Palatini formulation
arxiv Statistical Mechanics An empirical partition function for the simple cubic Ising Model with a zero external magnetic field
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Extensions to Justification Theory
arxiv Statistical Mechanics On the Gibbs-Liouville theorem in classical mechanics
arxiv Social and Information Networks TAPESTRY: A Blockchain based Service for Trusted Interaction Online
arxiv Statistical Mechanics On the ergodic theorem and information loss in statistical mechanics
arxiv Classical Physics The Magnetic Eisenhart lift Part 1: point particle mechanics
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Tuning topology in thin films of topological insulators by strain gradients
arxiv Superconductivity Novel Fe-based superconductor LaFe2As2 in comparison with traditional pnictides
arxiv Dynamical Systems Wave propagation and its stability for a class of discrete diffusion systems
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Mechanised Assurance Cases with Integrated Formal Methods in Isabelle
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Experimental signature of a topological quantum dot
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Theory of double Cooper-pair tunneling and light emission mediated by a resonator
arxiv Algebraic Topology On the Universal Property of Derived Manifolds
arxiv Computation and Language Dual Supervised Learning for Natural Language Understanding and Generation
arxiv Atomic Physics State-selective single-electron capture in 30 keV N3+-He collisions
arxiv Quantum Physics Almost Markovian maps and entanglement-based bound on corresponding non-Markovianity
arxiv Geometric Topology Agol's theorem on hyperbolic cubulations
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology A Local Resolution of the Problem of Time. I. Introduction and Temporal Relationalism
arxiv Statistics Theory Robust change point tests by bounded transformations
arxiv Dynamical Systems Uniqueness of the measure of maximal entropy for singular hyperbolic flows in dimension 3 and more results on equilibrium states
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition VICSOM: VIsual Clues from SOcial Media for psychological assessment
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing DeXTT: Deterministic Cross-Blockchain Token Transfers
arxiv Information Theory Massive MIMO for Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology A Local Resolution of the Problem of Time. II. Configurational Relationalism via a generalization of Group Averaging
arxiv Probability Asymptotics of correlations in the Ising model: a brief survey
arxiv Statistics Theory A New Confidence Interval for the Mean of a Bounded Random Variable
arxiv Machine Learning Neural Query Language: A Knowledge Base Query Language for Tensorflow
arxiv Materials Science Negative-U and polaronic behavior of the Zn-O divacancy in ZnO
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Complexity and typical microstates
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology A Local Resolution of the Problem of Time. III. The other classical facets piecemeal
arxiv Probability Inverting the Markovian projection, with an application to local stochastic volatility models
arxiv Machine Learning GMNN: Graph Markov Neural Networks
arxiv Combinatorics Counting degree-constrained subgraphs and orientations
arxiv Statistical Mechanics Information thermodynamics for interacting stochastic systems without bipartite structure
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Integral of two-loop modular graph functions
arxiv General Physics w=1/3 to w=-1 evolution in a Robertson-Walker space-time with constant scalar curvature
arxiv High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Novel ideas in nonleptonic decays of double heavy baryons
arxiv Machine Learning Cluster, Classify, Regress: A General Method For Learning Discountinous Functions
arxiv Computation and Language Selection Bias Explorations and Debias Methods for Natural Language Sentence Matching Datasets
arxiv Complex Variables Transcendental holomorphic maps between real algebraic manifolds in a complex space
arxiv Quantum Physics Geometry of the set of synchronous quantum correlations
arxiv Statistics Theory Revisiting High Dimensional Bayesian Model Selection for Gaussian Regression
arxiv Applications Signal detection in extracellular neural ensemble recordings using higher criticism
arxiv Analysis of PDEs Symmetric properties for Choquard equations involving fully nonlinear nonlocal operator
arxiv Optics Theoretical and experimental study of photoacoustic excitation of silica-coated gold nanospheres in water
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Significance of parallel computing on the performance of Digital Image Correlation algorithms in MATLAB
arxiv Graphics Toward Standardized Classification of Foveated Displays
arxiv Machine Learning Spectral Clustering of Signed Graphs via Matrix Power Means
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 3D Semantic Scene Completion from a Single Depth Image using Adversarial Training
arxiv Optimization and Control Identification of Disturbed Control Systems
arxiv Logic in Computer Science Generic Encodings of Constructor Rewriting Systems
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Optimizing the Linear Fascicle Evaluation Algorithm for Multi-Core and Many-Core Systems
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Analysis of Pipelined KATAN Ciphers under Handle-C for FPGAs
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Scaling Distributed Training of Flood-Filling Networks on HPC Infrastructure for Brain Mapping
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Implementation of functions in R tool in parallel environment
arxiv Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Exploiting Fine-Grain Ordered Parallelism in Dense Matrix Algorithms
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Searches for physics beyond the standard model at the LHC
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Diffusion-limited Relic Particle Production
arxiv Computation and Language Representing Schema Structure with Graph Neural Networks for Text-to-SQL Parsing
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Budget-Aware Adapters for Multi-Domain Learning
arxiv Algebraic Geometry On the profinite homotopy type of log schemes
arxiv Algebraic Geometry Crepant resolutions and Hilb^G(C^4) for certain abelian subgroups for SL(4,C)
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Depth of maximum of air-shower profiles: testing the compatibility of measurements performed at the Pierre Auger Observatory and the Telescope Array experiment
arxiv Machine Learning Detection of Review Abuse via Semi-Supervised Binary Multi-Target Tensor Decomposition
arxiv Machine Learning Multiple perspectives HMM-based feature engineering for credit card fraud detection
arxiv Functional Analysis Orlicz_Spaces and Orlicz_Sobolev_space
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Genesis beyond Horndeski with GR asymptotics
arxiv Differential Geometry The index of exceptional symmetric spaces
arxiv High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Measurements and tests of hadronic interactions at ultra-high energies with the Pierre Auger Observatory
arxiv Neural and Evolutionary Computing Regularized Evolutionary Algorithm for Dynamic Neural Topology Search
arxiv Probability Phase transition in random intersection graphs with communities
arxiv Quantum Physics Complementary observables in quantum mechanics
arxiv Materials Science Atoms to topological electronic materials: A bedtime story for beginners
arxiv Databases A Scalable Learned Index Scheme in Storage Systems
arxiv Quantum Gases Linearized regime of the generalized hydrodynamics with diffusion
arxiv Group Theory The group $J_4 \times J_4$ is recognizable by spectrum
arxiv Machine Learning Function Space Pooling For Graph Convolutional Networks
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics The Shape Dependence of Vainshtein Screening in the Cosmic Matter Bispectrum
arxiv Methodology Simultaneous Inference for Pairwise Graphical Models with Generalized Score Matching
arxiv Machine Learning SMART: Semantic Malware Attribute Relevance Tagging
arxiv Optimization and Control Predictive Online Convex Optimization
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Majorana Fermion Quantum Mechanics for Higher Rank Tensors
arxiv Machine Learning Stochastic approximation with cone-contractive operators: Sharp $\ell_\infty$-bounds for $Q$-learning
arxiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Dust Polarization in Four Protoplanetary Disks at 3 mm: Further Evidence of Multiple Origins
arxiv Fluid Dynamics Condensate formation and multiscale dynamics in two-dimensional active suspensions
arxiv Methodology False Discovery Rates to Detect Signals from Incomplete Spatially Aggregated Data
arxiv Multimedia Food Recommendation: Framework, Existing Solutions and Challenges
arxiv Instrumentation and Detectors A Laser-based Time Calibration System for the MEG II Timing Counter
arxiv Materials Science Gas-induced segregation in Pt-Rh alloy nanoparticles observed by in-situ Bragg coherent diffraction imaging
arxiv Quantum Physics Dissipative dynamics in a tunable Rabi dimer with periodic harmonic driving
arxiv Materials Science Crossover from 2D metal to 3D Dirac semimetal in metallic PtTe2 films with local Rashba effect
arxiv Machine Learning Reinforcement Learning for Robotics and Control with Active Uncertainty Reduction
arxiv Optimization and Control General Convergence Rates Follow From Specialized Rates Assuming Growth Bounds
arxiv Optimization and Control Robust feedback control of nonlinear PDEs by numerical approximation of high-dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi-Isaacs equations
arxiv Quantum Algebra The PBW basis of $U_{q,\bar{q}}(\ddot{\mathfrak{gl}}_n)$
arxiv Analysis of PDEs A remark on triviality for the two-dimensional stochastic nonlinear wave equation
arxiv Accelerator Physics An X-Ray Regenerative Amplifier Free-Electron Laser Using Diamond Pinhole MIrrors
arxiv Cryptography and Security Trustee: Full Privacy Preserving Vickrey Auction on top of Ethereum
arxiv Category Theory Towards a constructive simplicial model of Univalent Foundations
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Non-collinear magnetic structure and anisotropic magnetoelastic coupling in cobalt pyrovanadate Co2V2O7
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Power-spectrum simulations of radial redshift distributions
arxiv High Energy Physics - Experiment Measurement of $CP$-violating and mixing-induced observables in $B_s^0 \to φγ$ decays
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Gauged Sigma Models and Magnetic Skyrmions
arxiv Sound End-to-End Multi-Channel Speech Separation
arxiv Machine Learning Output-Constrained Bayesian Neural Networks
arxiv Astrophysics of Galaxies A near-infrared study of the multi-phase outflow in the type-2 quasar J1509+0434
arxiv Human-Computer Interaction A Human-Centered Approach to Interactive Machine Learning
arxiv Computation and Language A Surprisingly Robust Trick for Winograd Schema Challenge
arxiv Optimization and Control Timescale Separation in Autonomous Optimization
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 3D Point Cloud Generative Adversarial Network Based on Tree Structured Graph Convolutions
arxiv Discrete Mathematics Perfect Italian domination on planar and regular graphs
arxiv General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology A Local Resolution of the Problem of Time. IV. Quantum outline and piecemeal Conclusion
arxiv Number Theory Sup-norms of eigenfunctions in the level aspect for compact arithmetic surfaces, II
arxiv Combinatorics Rainbow Numbers of $\mathbb{Z}_p$ and $\mathbb{Z}_{pq}$ for $a_1x_1+a_2x_2+a_3x_3 =b$
arxiv High Energy Physics - Theory Marginal Deformations of 3d N=4 Linear Quiver Theories
arxiv Analysis of PDEs C^1-Regularity of planar \infty-harmonic functions - REVISIT
arxiv Nuclear Theory Model-independent form-factor constraints for electromagnetic spin-1 currents
arxiv Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Stochastic inflation beyond slow roll
arxiv Molecular Networks Tunability of the Dual Feedback Genetic Oscillator Modeled by the Asymmetry in Transcription and Translation
arxiv Information Theory Performance Analysis of SPAD-based OFDM
arxiv Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Manipulating multi-vortex states in superconducting structures
arxiv Combinatorics Partitions and the maximal excludant
arxiv Systems and Control An assisting Model Predictive Controller approach to Control over the Cloud
arxiv Applications A multiple-frame approach of crop yield estimation from satellite remotely sensed data
arxiv Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems Coupled Oscillators as a model of Olfactory Network. Importance in Pattern Recognition and Classification tasks
arxiv Nuclear Experiment Energy of the $^{229}$Th nuclear clock transition
arxiv Strongly Correlated Electrons Gauging permutation symmetries as a route to non-Abelian fractons
arxiv Applications Fast Parameter Inference in a Biomechanical Model of the Left Ventricle using Statistical Emulation
arxiv Other Computer Science Inquiry of P-reduction in Cook's 1971 Paper -- from Oracle machine to Turing machine
arxiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition BiRA-Net: Bilinear Attention Net for Diabetic Retinopathy Grading
arxiv Soft Condensed Matter Laminar Flow and Backrind Formation in Molding of Viscoelastic Silicone Rubber
arxiv Other Computer Science Transfer and Online Reinforcement Learning in STT-MRAM Based Embedded Systems for Autonomous Drones
arxiv Computational Finance Higher order approximation of call option prices under stochastic volatility models
arxiv Computation and Language What do you learn from context? Probing for sentence structure in contextualized word representations
arxiv Nuclear Theory Extrapolation of nuclear structure observables with artifical neural networks
arxiv Statistics Theory Which principal components are most sensitive to distributional changes?