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#1. Event conjunction: How the hippocampus integrates episodic memories across event boundaries
Benjamin Griffiths, Lluís Fuentemilla
Our lives are a continuous stream of experience. Our episodic memories, however, have a definitive beginning, middle and end. Theories of event segmentation suggest that salient changes in our environment produce event boundaries which partition the past from the present and, as a result, produce discretised memories. However, event boundaries cannot completely discretise two memories; any shared conceptual link will eagerly integrate these memories. Here, we present a new framework inspired by electrophysiological research that resolves this apparent contradiction. At its heart, the framework proposes that hippocampal theta-gamma coupling maintains a highly abstract model of an ongoing event and serves to encode this model as an episodic memory. When a second but related event begins, this theta-gamma model is rapidly reconstructed within the hippocampus where new details of the second event can be appended to the existing event model. The event conjunction framework is the first electrophysiological explanation of how event...
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