SN 2012dn from early to late times: 09dc-like supernovae reassessed
Metadata about papers helps the algorithm bubble the most interesting papers to the top. Thank you in advance for helping by adding or correcting a paper's metadata here. Next to each block of metadata is a description and example of how the metadata should be formated.

If authors have a Twitter account, link to them here. For example, if the Twitter url for a user is https://twitter.com/fchollet, then their handle is fchollet.

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S. Taubenberger:
A. Floers:
C. Vogl:
M. Kromer:
J. Spyromilio:
G. Aldering:
P. Antilogus:
S. Bailey:
C. Baltay:
S. Bongard:
K. Boone:
C. Buton:
N. Chotard:
Y. Copin:
S. Dixon:
D. Fouchez:
C. Fransson:
E. Gangler:
R. R. Gupta:
S. Hachinger:
B. Hayden:
W. Hillebrandt:
A. G. Kim:
M. Kowalski:
P. -F. Leget:
B. Leibundgut:
P. A. Mazzali:
U. M. Noebauer:
J. Nordin:
R. Pain:
R. Pakmor:
E. Pecontal:
R. Pereira:
S. Perlmutter:
K. A. Ponder:
D. Rabinowitz:
M. Rigault:
D. Rubin:
K. Runge:
C. Saunders:
G. Smadja:
C. Tao:
R. C. Thomas:

If the paper has a Github repository that describes the work of the paper, link to it here. For example, if the link to the Github repository is https://github.com/tensorflow/cleverhans, then the github user is tensorflow and the github repo is cleverhans.
github user:
github repo:

If the paper has a YouTube link that describes the work of the paper, link to it here. For example, if the link to the Youtube video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aircAruvnKk then the video id is aircAruvnKk.
youtube video id: