First measurement of the form factors in $D^+_{s}\rightarrow K^0 e^+ν_e$ and $D^+_{s}\rightarrow K^{*0} e^+ν_e$ decays
We report on new measurements of Cabibbo-suppressed semileptonic $D_s^+$ decays using $3.19~\mathrm{fb}^{-1}$ of $e^+e^-$ annihilation data sample collected at a center-of-mass energy of 4.178~GeV with the BESIII detector at the BEPCII collider. Our results include branching fractions $\mathcal B({D^+_s\rightarrow K^0 e^+\nu_{e}})=(3.25\pm0.38({\rm stat.})\pm0.16({\rm syst.}))\times10^{-3}$ and $\mathcal B({D^+_s\rightarrow K^{*0} e^+\nu_{e}})=(2.37\pm0.26({\rm stat.})\pm0.20({\rm syst.}))\times10^{-3}$ which are much improved relative to previous measurements, and the first measurements of the hadronic form-factor parameters for these decays. For $D^+_s\rightarrow K^0 e^+\nu_{e}$, we obtain $f_+(0)=0.720\pm0.084({\rm stat.})\pm0.013({\rm syst.})$, and for $D^+_s\rightarrow K^{*0} e^+\nu_{e}$, we find form-factor ratios $r_V=V(0)/A_1(0)=1.67\pm0.34({\rm stat.})\pm0.16({\rm syst.})$ and $r_2=A_2(0)/A_1(0)=0.77\pm0.28({\rm stat.})\pm0.07({\rm syst.})$.
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11/07/18 06:02PM
hep_ex: [1811.02911] Ablikim, Achasov, Ahmed, Albrecht, Alekseev, Amoroso, An, An, Bai, Bakina, Ferroli, Ban, Begzsuren, Bennett, ... : First measurement of the form factors in $D^+_{s}\rightarrow K^0 e^+ν_e$ and $D^+_{s}\rightarrow K^{*0} e^+ν_e$ decays