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#1. Can barrier islands survive sea-level rise? Quantifying the relative role of tidal deltas and overwash deposition
Jaap Nienhuis, Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba
Barrier island response to sea-level rise depends on their ability to transgress and move sediment onto and behind the barrier, either through flood-tidal delta deposition, or via overwash. Our understanding of these processes over decadal or longer timescales, however, is limited and poorly constrained. Here we use a recently developed barrier island model (BRIE) to better understand the interplay between tidal dynamics, overwash fluxes, and sea-level rise on barrier coasts and barrier island stratigraphy. Model results suggest that in micro-tidal environments with large alongshore sediment transport fluxes, tidal inlets are ephemeral and migrate rapidly. These conditions lead to effective deposition of flood-tidal deltas and allow inlets to constitute most of the landward sediment flux. Flood-tidal delta deposition can also prevent barrier systems from drowning, likely making barrier islands with artificially stabilized inlets that cannot migrate (via jetty construction or maintenance dredging) more vulnerable to sea-level rise.
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ebgoldstein: Very cool @EarthArXiv preprint from @changing_shores and @JorgeLT000 : "Can barrier islands survive sea-level rise? Quantifying the relative role of tidal deltas and overwash deposition"
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