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#1. Using nano-XRM and high-contrast imaging to inform micro-porosity permeability during Stokes-Brinkman single and two-phase flow simulations on micro-CT images
Hannah Menke, Ying Gao, Sven Linden, Matthew Andrew
Carbonate rocks have particularly complex and multiscale pore systems which are weakly understood. In this study we use combined experimental, modelling, and pore space generation methods to tackle the impact of micro-porosity on the bulk flow properties of Estaillades limestone. First, a nano-core from a microporous grain of Estaillades Limestone was scanned using x-ray nano tomography (nano-XRM). The information from the nano-XRM scan was then used as input into an object-based pore network generator, on which permeability fields were simulated for a range of porosities, creating a synthetic Kozeny-Carman porosity-permeability relationship targeted for the specific micro porous system present in Estaillades. We found a good match between experimental and simulated Mercury Intrusion Capillary Pressure (MICP) range in the imaged geometry and a good match between the imaged and object generated permeabilities and MICP. A micro-core of Estaillades was then scanned using x-ray microtomography (μCT), the differential pressure was...
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