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#1. Morphology of the nervous system of monogonont rotifer Epiphanes senta with focus on sexual dimorphism between feeding females and dwarfed males
Ludwik Gąsiorowski, Anlaug Skjelbred Furu, Andreas Hejnol
Background: Monogononta is a large clade of rotifers comprised of diverse morphological forms found in a wide range of ecological habitats. Most of the monogonont species display a cyclical parthenogenesis, where generations of asexually reproducing females are interspaced by mixis events when sexual reproduction occurs between mictic females and dwarfed, haploid males. The morphology of monogonont feeding females is relatively well described, however data on male anatomy are very limited. Thus far, male musculature of only two species has been described with confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) and it remained unknown how dwarfism influences neuroanatomy of males. Results: Here, we provide a CLSM-based description of the nervous system of both sexes of Epiphanes senta, a freshwater monogonont rotifer. The general nervous system architecture is similar between males and females and shows same level of complexity. However, the nervous system in males is more compact and lacks its stomatogastric part. Conclusion: Comparison of...
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