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#1. Rigor and Transparency Index, a new metric of quality for assessing biological and medical science methods.
Joseph Menke, Martijn Roelandse, Burak I Ozyurt, Maryann E Martone, Anita E Bandrowski
The reproducibility crisis in science is a multifaceted problem involving practices and incentives, both in the laboratory and in publication. Fortunately, some of the root causes are known and can be addressed by scientists and authors alike. After careful consideration of the available literature, the National Institutes of Health identified several key problems with the way that scientists conduct and report their research and introduced guidelines to improve the rigor and reproducibility of pre-clinical studies. Many journals have implemented policies addressing these same criteria. We currently have, however, no comprehensive data on how these guidelines are impacting the reporting of research. Using SciScore, an automated tool developed to review the methods sections of manuscripts for the presence of criteria associated with the NIH and other reporting guidelines, e.g., ARRIVE, RRIDs, we have analyzed ~1.6 million PubMed Central papers to determine the degree to which articles were addressing these criteria. The tool scores...
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