Top 4 Arxiv Papers Today in Instrumentation And Detectors

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#1. Cheap and versatile humidity regulator for environmentally controlled experiments
F. Boulogne
The control of environmental conditions is crucial in many experimental work across scientific domains. In this technical note, we present how to realize a cheap humidity regulator based on a PID controller driven by an Arduino microcontroller. We argue our choices on the components and we show that the presented designs can serve as a basis to the reader for the realization of humidity regulators with specific requirements and experimental constraints.
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PhysicsPaper: Cheap and versatile humidity regulator for environmentally controlled experiments.
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#2. Gas equilibration gas modulation refractometry (GEq-GAMOR) for assessment of pressure with sub-ppm precision
Isak Silander, Thomas Hausmaninger, Clayton Forssén, Martin Zelan, Ove Axner
A novel realization of Gas Modulation Refractometry (GAMOR) that outperforms the original realization [Single Cavity Modulated GAMOR (SCM-GAMOR)], is presented. The reference measurements are carried out by equalizing the pressures in the two cavities. By this, the time it takes to reach adequate conditions for the reference measurements has been reduced. This implies that a larger fraction of the measurement cycle can be devoted to data acquisition, which reduces white noise and improves on short-term characteristics. The presented realization also encompasses a new cavity design with improved temperature stabilization and assessment. This has contributed to an improved long-term characteristics. The system was characterized with respect to a dead weight piston gauge. For short integration times (up to 10 min) it can provide a response that exceeds that of the original SCM-GAMOR system by a factor of two. For longer integration times, and up to 18 hours, the system shows, at 4303 Pa, an integration time independent Allan...
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PhysicsPaper: Gas equilibration gas modulation refractometry (GEq-GAMOR) for assessment of pressure with sub-ppm precision.
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#3. The design and performance of the EES Neutrino Super Beam project ESSνSB
Tord Ekelof, Marcos Dracos
The European Spallation Source linear proton accelerator will have a uniquely high power of 5 MW. The modifications and additions to the accelerator that are required to enable the generation of a uniquely intense neutrino Super Beam ESS{\nu}SB for measurement of leptonic CP violation using a large water Cherenkov detector are described. ESSnuSB is complementary to the other two proposed Super Beam experiments Hyper-K and DUNE by the fact that the resulting high neutrino beam intensity allows to place the neutrino detector at the second oscillation maximum. The simulated performance of the ESS{\nu}SB experiment is compared to the other two experiments under the assumption of the same systematic errors in all three experiments. The performance of ESS{\nu}SB for CP violation precision measurements is found to be highly competitive.
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#4. KLEVER: An experiment to measure \boldmath{${\rm BR}(K_L \to π^0 ν \overlineν)$} at the CERN SPS
M. W. U. van Dijk
The KLEVER experiment aims to measure ${\rm BR}(K_L \to \pi^0 \nu \overline{\nu})$, supplementing the ongoing NA62 measurement of ${\rm BR}(K^+ \to \pi^+ \nu \overline{\nu})$, to provide new input on CKM unitarity and potentially new physics. KLEVER is undergoing continuous development, with particular efforts focused on the design of the target and the beamline. As described here, adaptations are required relative to the K12 beamline in its current format, and a series of simulations has been performed to ensure that an adequate particle flux can be achieved while simultaneously suppressing problematic backgrounds.
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